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by Andrew Sacher


'90s-era AmRep vets Hammerhead have been reunited and releasing new music for a few years now, and they'll put another new EP, Global Depression, on September 9 via Learning Curve Records (preorder). We've got the premiere of its new single, "Outer Rim," which has that classic Hammerhead sound and should appeal to longtime fans of the band as well as new ones. If you're unfamiliar, but you're into newer stuff like METZ, you should check this out too.

Stream it below...

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photos by Samantha Marble

The Melvins Lite at Lit, 6/30/2012

Melvins (in "Lite" formation) played the shoebox that is Lit Lounge on Saturday night (6/30), joined by Hammerhead, Gay Witch Abortion and Seawhores. Much like they did at the Am-Rep anniversary show two years ago, Melvins switched things up by playing first. Pictures from the art exhibition/show are in this post.

The show was filmed by The Color of Noise crew, who are currently seeking funding for their Amphetamine Reptile documentary. The Kickstarter is currently only $2,700 away from their goal, with 48 hours left until it closes. Contribute if you can, the crew recently added more "rewards" for contribution.

The show was one of two for Hammerhead (who played DbA on Friday, 6/29) and Gay Witch Abortion (who played Union Pool on Sunday, 7/1).

There are more chances to see Melvins soon: they'll will be in your state this fall as part of their World Record attempt at "Fastest U.S. tour by a band.".

More pictures from Lit Lounge are below.

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Hammerhead at Death By Audio, 2010 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

Just like last time, Hammerhead have announced a last minute show tonight at Death by Audio (6/29), tagging support from Seawhores, White Suns and Queening. $10 gets you in. The show is the day before the band's now sold-out appearance with Melvins at Lit Lounge tomorrow (6/30) and two days before Gay Witch Abortion (who are also on the Lit show) plays Union Pool (on 7/1).

John Stanier of Battles/Tomahawk (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)

Tomahawk is back! The supercrew featuring Mike Patton (Faith No More, Fantomas, etc), Duan Denison (The Jesus Lizard), Trevor Dunn (Melvins Lite, Fantomas) and John Stanier (Battles, Helmet) has returned with a new LP Oddfellows, due this January via Ipecac. Check out an album teaser below.

So far Tomahawk has only one US date scheduled, at Voodoo this year. The show will be their first in nine years. Pray for a round two on the East side.

UPDATE: Tomahawk are playing Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin too.

In the meantime, Mike Patton is still cranking out releases like his name was Robert Pollard. Luciano Berio Laborintus II is Patton's latest opus, due on 7/3 via Ipecac, and features the eclectic musician's reinterpretation of Luciano Berio's "Laborintus II". Get your copy at Ipecac.

Faith No More also have some shows scheduled this summer, as do Faith No More member Roddy Bottum's band Imperial Teen.

In related news: Melvins tickets for motherf*ckin' 6/30 Lit Lounge show go on sale today at the venue at 7PM. In still more related news, Gay Witch Abortion, who is also on the show, will play Union Pool the next night (July 1st) as part of a bill with Fashion Week and Gentlemen. $8 gets you in. Melvins also have lots more dates coming up too.

Tomahawk teaser is below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Your ticket into Melvins at Lit Lounge.
Melvins at Lit

June 30th, its on. Melvins, Hammerhead, Gay Witch Abortion and Seawhores will take over Lit Lounge (not lying) for a rare and ridiculously intimate show at the space as part of the "Post Moral Neanderthal Retardist Pornography" art show.

ART SHOW @ TT Underground Gallery
LIVE MUSIC SHOW @ Lit Lounge (right next door)
- Occurring simultaneously - Saturday, JUNE 30 -

Melvins • Hammerhead • Gay Witch Abortion • Seawhores
Lit Lounge • 7pm • JUNE 30th/Saturday

1) Go to Lit Lounge on THURSDAY June 28th at 7pm
2) Buy a hyper-limited hand-made 12" ($50) to get your name on the list to attend the live show
3) Come back on Sat. and enjoy seeing the Melvins • Hammerhead • Gay Witch Abortion • Seawhores

Uber-rare vinyl pressing. Uber-rare show in a tiny shoebox (175 capacity at Lit Lounge seems a bit generous). Win-win. Flyer and more details on the show are below.

The Color of Noise crew will be at Lit Lounge that night, filming for their previously discussed documentary. The doc's Kickstarter is still ongoing and just added additional "rewards" for contribution. Whether you make it to Lit or not, contribute if you can.

if you miss the Lit Lounge show, Melvins ("Lite") also have PLENTY of other dates coming up including one at Maxwell's which is still on sale and one at Music Hall of Williamsburg too.

Full details on that Lit Lounge show are below.

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Here is the initial lineup for Willamette Week's MusicfestNW, scheduled for Sept. 7-11, 2011 in Portland, Oregon, and it's pretty great. The multi-venue fest includes big outdoor performances by Band of Horses (Sunday, Sept. 11), Explosions in the Sky (Saturday, Sept. 10), and Iron & Wine (Friday, Sept. 9), in addition to shows with everyone from Archers of Loaf to Big Freedia to Butthole Surfers to Neurosis. Tickets go on sale Friday, June 3rd. Check out the full list below...

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by BBG

Hammerhead at Death By Audio (more by BBG)

After reuniting last year and playing new material at Death By Audio and Am-Rep anniversary, Hammerhead have officially returned with a new EP called Memory Hole which is currently available at their bandcamp and streaming below. No word on tour dates, but we'll keep a look out.

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photos by Michael Darpino, words by BBG

Today is the Day celebrating AmRep

Today Is The Day

BrooklynVegan/AEG Live/1000Knives are proud to announce, that in addition to the recently-added Keelhaul (and as hinted in that piece), Today is The Day will play the Corrosion of Conformity show at Highline Ballroom on 10/10. Tickets are still available.

Today is the Day recently played a show at Santos Party House with A Storm of Light (who played last night with Sleep, pics forthcoming), but also played the AmRep Anniversary Party in late August. More pics from the show (the first set is here) are below....

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photos by Taylor Keahey, words by BBG

God Bullies
God Bullies

On what was a perfect day to celebrate anyone's anniversary, a sold-out crowd gathered at Grumpy's in downtown Minneapolis to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the legendary local label Amphetamine Reptile Records. It was an all-day event (on 8/28) that honored and saluted an influential and groundbreaking scene, as well a bunch of bands that perhaps never got their due back in the day. All the groups played to a large, receptive crowd that was, if not trying to turn back time a bit to see a bunch of bands that they never had a chance to, than maybe just feel younger for one day at least. Everywhere you looked there were old friends running into each other for the first time in years, and there were broad smiles plastered on everyone's faces (due in no small part to the $5 Surly's). It was a glorious commemoration of a label that still packs quite a punch and knows how to throw one hell of a party. -[City Pages]
The above review comes from the second day of the AmRep Anniversary show, which featured a headlining set from Boss Hog, as well as appearances from Melvins, Vaz, White Drugs, Gay Witch Abortion, Thrown Ups (with Mudhoney's Mark Arm and Steve Turner), Today Is the Day (who play NYC Friday), Shannon Selberg (Cows) with AmRep founder Tom Hazelmyer, God Bullies, and Hammerhead (who played DBA recently). The first night featured performances from Unsane (who just played Santos) and Lollipop.

Pics of both day one and two, as well as some video, continue below.

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words and photos by BBG

the hammerhead reunion at death by audio ruled so fucking hard #the90s #olddudes #shredding #ripping -erikinternet


Hammerhead played a "one time only NYC reunion" set at Death By Audio last night (6/24), with support from Pink Reason, CCR Headcleaner, Bogan Dust, and Divorce Money as part of an Under Aurora production. The show was the first in NYC in a long while and one of two dates the band had scheduled, with the high-profile Am-Rep Anniversary gig (with Unsane, Melvins, Today Is The Day and more) serving as the second.

Speaking of Unsane, they are scheduled to play Santos Party House all of Scattered Smothered & Covered on August 5th alongside Keelhaul, Pigs, and Disappearer. Tickets are on sale.

Unfortunately, I arrived at Death by Audio moments into the last Pink Reason song, so no pics of the remainder of the support, but pics of Pink Reason and Hammerhead, as well as video of Hammerhead are below...

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by BBG


As early as 1989 or 1990, a band came out of the moderately sized North Dakota town of Fargo. They were called Hammerhead. The line up was Paul Sanders on guitar and vocals, Paul Erickson on bass and vocals, and Jeff Morridian Jr on drums. At some point early on they relocate to Minneapolis, Minnesota...[where] they hooked up with Amphetamine Reptile Records, the invincible indie label that rose from the ashes of Treehouse Records and Glitterhouse Records. Between 92' and 96', Hammerhead released 4 full length albums, including many singles and comp songs as well... [helping to] propel Amrep to greater heights of popularity, and ...define that "minneapolis/amrep" sound of the early 90's. Some time in 96', however, Hammerhead suddenly broke up [as] Paul Sanders left the band. ...About a year later, word started to spread of a new band, called Vaz, featuring Paul Erickson on vocals, guitar and bass, and Jeff Morridian Jr on drums and vocals. Paul Sanders [reemerged] ...with The Heroine Sheiks, that disbanded in 2009.
You won't have to fly to Minneapolis or wait until August to catch the return of AmRep badasses Hammerhead, as the band will play a reunion show on THURSDAY (6/24) at Death By Audio alongside Pink Reason, CCR Headcleaner (ex-Long Legged Woman, ex-Hospitals), Bogan Dust, and Divorce Money. According to Pink Reason, the show will be a "one time only NYC reunion gig", so get there! (thx Mark!)

The only other tour date on the sked for BOTH Hammerhead and Vaz is the AmRep anniversary show in Minneapolis on August 28th alongside Melvins (who just played two shows with Isis), Boss Hog, Today Is The Day, and many esteemed others.

Some classic videos from Hammerhead are viewable below...

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by BBG

Arab on Radar
Arab on Radar

Arab on Radar are a Providence, Rhode Island based noise rock band founded in the mid-1990s. They went on hiatus in 2002. Members of the band went on to form or join the bands The Chinese Stars, Athletic Automaton, Made in Mexico... Arab on Radar's early sound was typified by thickly distorted, repeated bass grooves, 4/4 drum beats, and two deafening guitars that employed contrasting melodies and near-unison chords that drew comparisons to the Contortions.
Arab on Radar will reform to headline Dudefest 2010 in Indianapolis, Indiana on July 9th and 10th. The band will join a stacked lineup that includes Municipal Waste (playing Knitting Factory Thursday, tix), Trap Them, Voetsek, Landmine Marathon, Weekend Nachos, Get Rad, Coffinworm, and many notable others. Full lineup for the show is below. More info is forthcoming.

It's one of two notable shows recently announced for the Midwest this summer, with the incredible 25th anniversary of Amphetamine Reptile being the second! That show goes down in Minneapolis at Grumpy's on 8/28, and features a plethora of the label's greats including Melvins, Boss Hog, Today Is The Day, God Bullies, a Hammerhead reunion, and many others. For those considering the trek to Minnesota, the label has set up group rates for a hotel. Show flyer is below. Somewhere I hope that Unsane and pre-Betty Helmet's phone is ringing....

The Melvins are touring and playing NYC with Isis. Tickets for Webster Hall are still on sale. The Melvins will welcome their new LP, The Bride Screamed Murder via Ipecac on June 1st.

Weekend Nachos have a new EP on the way, while Get Rad was recently profiled in the latest edition of Short Wave Warfare.

Full dudefest lineup and AmRep flyer/more detals are below.

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