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Harlem Shakes

Not long after releasing catchy gem Technicolor Health in 2009 (stream it at Spotify), NYC band The Harlem Shakes,broke up. The album didn't break them through to the other side and there were many other life options calling their name.

Where are they now? Some of them still make music. We caught up with the group's guitarist Todd Goldstein who now writes, performs and records as ARMS and asked him. "Jose's finishing up grad school, Lexy's a writer, Kendrick has a family, and Brent is writing a novel and recording excellent albums as Thunder & Lightning. I'm actually in grad school now myself, too. We're all still in touch to varying degrees. Jose and I go to techno parties together on a regular basis."

More interestingly, I was entertained to learn via Buzzfeed that the Harlem Shakes are suddenly experiencing a sudden rebirth of sorts thanks to, yep, viral hit the Harlem Shake. So I asked Todd a few questions about that too...

BV: When did you first hear Baauer's Harlem Shake?

Todd: I found out about all this ridiculousness when my old Harlem Shakes google alert, which had been lying dormant forever, started blowing up on a pretty-much-hourly basis. I finally got curious and watched that first big video, the one with the costumed kids. The song is so generic I just sort of assumed it was a joke or some kind of obscurity, and the video seemed so tame I figured it was some kind of one-off. HOW WRONG I WAS."

How has the Harlem Shake craze changed your life?

Todd: It hasn't really changed my life so much as given my a funny story to trot out at parties. 3 months into the year, Harlem Shakes' old Twitter account has about 20,000 new followers and rising -- a mix of robots, old fans reconnecting, and (i'd hope) new fans who stumbled upon the band while trying to find another stupid dancing video. Lots of calls to reunite, a couple of offers to buy our Twitter handle, and the big one, in which the Guardian accidentally ran an old picture of us under the headline "Harlem Shakes - #1 in the US." We joked we'd "finally made it"... which was both genuinely hilarious and more than a little bittersweet. We've been broken up for 4 years! It's like someone famous having your name.

Harlem Shakes

BV: Has all the new-found attention and Twitter followers inspired any reunion talks?

Todd: I doubt the band will be getting back together any time soon, no. We're all too deep into our own post-Harlem Shakes lives these days.


Bummer, however there are plenty of ways to currently experience ARMS. Todd says they "just finished a new EP we're quite excited about--it's really rough, catchy, more immediate than our last record I think. Self-recorded it over the last few months. We're playing Cameo on April 30th for the wonderful band Brazos' residency. Maybe some shows outdoors this summer? Mostly looking forward to playing some new songs live and writing another full-length as soon as I find some time."

Watch a video of Todd performing one of those new songs stripped down, below...

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photos by Jessica Amaya, words by Bill Pearis


Week two of ARMS' residency at Pianos was a super strong line-up of local talent and one of the better overall shows I've been to in a long time.

Much of ARMS' set was new songs from the band's proper debut, a "sci-fi break up album" that's due, hopefully, this summer. Judging by what we got last night, ARMS are definitely reaching for the stratosphere and may well achieve liftoff. The new songs sound big, with equal-sized hooks, played with an assurance. I was really impressed by their set -- they could be this year's Antlers with whom they occupy the same sonic space. You've got two more chances to see ARMS' during their February residence, you should really go if you can.

Hospitality almost stole the show for me. It had been a while since I'd seen this trio, who only gig sporadically but must practice often because they were tight, confident and surprisingly loud. While some of their music leans in the demure, Belle & Sebastian direction, some of the new material kinda rocked in an undistorted kind of way. They played a number of new songs I hadn't heard before, all of which were good. Hospitality's long-overdue debut is coming out this summer. 2011 could really be their year too.

Somehow I'd never seen Radical Dads before despite them gigging all the time. I'd always assumed Robbie Guertin played guitar for the band, as he does for Uninhabitable Mansions and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. But he's actually their drummer -- and a really good one. Musically, the bassless trio sorta reminded me of the early '90s DC indie, and could have fit on Simple Machines Records alongside Liquorice, Tsunami or Scrawl.

Openers were Translations, whose bassist also plays in ARMS. Their double A-side debut was one of my favorite singles of last year and this was my first time seeing them. There's a sort of dustbowl sound to them, a little Dwayne Eddy twang that works well with Andrew Fox's vocals that are part Robert Pollard and part Don Henley. There's a new wave bent to them as well and at times -- like on the sprawling "The M.O." -- it really opens up and soars. The band have new singles out this spring, something to look forward to.

Next week's ARMS residency is with The Silent League, Your Youth, Inlets and Thunder & Lightning (which is the new band from Brent Katz who was Todd Goldstein's bandmate in Harlem Shakes).

Jessica Amaya shot some great (looking and sounding) video of ARMS and Hospitality which you can see below, along with more pictures of all the bands from last night.

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photos by Stephen Kosloff

Happy Holidays! I take on more than I can handle. That results in a lot of unposted content. In the name of catching up, while also taking it easy during this final week of the year, here's some of that lost material.

Jason Trachtenburg & Rebecca Schiffman
showpaper benefit

On Saturday, September 26, the Red Hook-based gallery and artist collective Kidd Yellin, where I am an "artist-in-residence," hosted a benefit concert for ShowPaper, a free bi-monthly print-only newspaper which lists all-ages music and art events in the tri-state area and features a work of art on each cover.

The event was a collaborative mix of musicians and artists. Shilpa Ray (sans all-male "Happy Hookers") was backed by friends- including Kendrick Strauch (of the recently dissolved Harlem Shakes which featured my fellow Dalton alum, Lexi Benaim). Jason Trachtenburg played keyboard on two of my songs and Rachel Trachtenburg played drums for Kendrick Strauch, before the the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players' own set, which also featured Tina Trachtenburg playing the slide projector. Sarah and Michelle Cagianese opened the concert with pretty songs using vocal and cello harmonies, and Your Nature closed the evening with a hard rockin' bang! - Rebecca Schiffman

More pictures and some video from the event (and about Showpaper), below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Arms - Tiger Tamer (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Arms - Kids Aflame (MP3)

Arms (photo by Elizabeth Weinberg)

Normally, this is where a little bio of the band would go, but Todd pretty much does that himself in answering the first question of our end-of-year survey. We should note that his band ARMS open for Passion Pit at Terminal 5 on January 8 (sold out). So without further ado:

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DOWNLOAD: Arms - Tiger Tamer (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Arms - Kids Aflame (MP3)

The face of Arms...

Arms (Todd Goldstein, guitar player of the defunct Harlem Shakes) will be playing a NYC CD release show at Pianos on Thursday, November 12th for his full-length debut, Kids Aflame, which is out now on Gigantic Music. Two songs from the record are posted above, with a video and info below. Goldstein debuted his three-piece band that fills out his bedroom-recorded album at CMJ this year.

Strange Glue: Have you been to CMJ before and what are your thoughts about playing such a vibrant festival?

Todd: I've played several CMJs, now - although I have to say i've never been to a CMJ show other than my own. I never have time.

SG: Is it just you performing the Arms set or are you joined by any other talented musicians?

Todd: It'll be me, a drummer, and a bassist/singer. The harmonies alone are worth the price of admission.

Tickets for the Pianos show are on sale.

Also at the gig will be an acoustic set by Dave Monks, frontman of Tokyo Police Club. Monks will be playing some songs off Tokyo Police Club's forthcoming, second record, due in early 2010 on mom+pop.

mom+pop was formed in 2008 by Cliff Burnstein, Peter Mensch and Michael Goldstone. Burnstein and Mensch are the owners of Qprime, one of music's most respected management firms, with a roster featuring the likes of Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Snow Patrol, Muse, Silversun Pickups, and The Mars Volta, among others. Goldstone is a veteran A&R exec whose most recent tenure at Sire saw him sign Regina Spektor and Tegan and Sara. In August 2008, he inked Joshua Radin as the first artist on the mom+pop label. Radin's album, Simple Times, released 21 days later on September 9, has since sold over 100,000 units and 400, 000 tracks. Other mom+pop artists include An Horse, signed to the label by Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara. mom+pop is a fully staffed label distributed independently by RED.
Radical Dads, another group that shares members (Robbie and Chris are in Uninhabitable Mansions, and Robbie, again, plays with Clap Your Hands Say Yeah), are also playing, with Sherlock's Daughter (who have a residency at the club) opening.

Dave Monks recently posted a cover he did of Harlem Shakes' "Strictly Game," as well as a new TPC song. Those and more Arms below...

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DOWNLOAD: Kendrick Strauch - 48 Hour Fever (SENDSPACE ZIP LINK)

Issue 61 (out now) - cover by Aron Wahl of Big A little a

Showpaper, "the volunteer-run, free, and one-of-a-kind 'DIY' newsprint of concert, art, and film listings," is hosting a benefit for itself on Saturday, September 26th (7pm) at Kidd Yellin Gallery (133 Imlay St in Red Hook, Brooklyn).

The excellent musical lineup includes Your Nature, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Shilpa Ray, Rebecca Schiffman, Sarah & Michelle Cagianese, and Kendrick Strauch. Kendrick is the keyboard player of the now-broken-up Harlem Shakes. Earlier this year, before the Shakes left for tour with Passion Pit in May, Kendrick spent two days recording a cover version of the entirety of Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Fever to Tell. All he used was "a beat-up piano and a dinky drum machine".

"So Fever to Tell by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is the best album to have sex to of all time. I can't play drums, I can't play guitar, and I'm not a banshee of a girl. But I wanted to cover it because I like it, and because I wanted to win a bet. So here is my impressionistic, masturbatory act of devotion. I recorded it in a noisy rehearsal studio with whatever was laying around. I only had two weekend days and a case of Sparks (which I supplemented with a bottle of Old Granddad Sunday) before I was leaving town, so now I know what my inebriated intuition sounds like. So I hope you like this Christmas Card to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Listen to the songs I put up, if you like them, I put a sendspace link where you can download the whole album" - Kendrick
Check it out above.

In addition to the music, there'll be artwork from Gibby Haynes of Butthole Surfers, covers of the paper and other art and photos on display. A flyer and more info are below...

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DOWNLOAD: Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game (Kids At The Bar Remix) (MP3)

Harlem Shakes @ Highline Ballroom in March (more by Ryan Muir)
Harlem Shakes

About a month ago I heard the Harlem Shakes were on "hiatus" which usually doesn't mean much. Last night I heard that, like Pela, it's actually over. And just when they started to get some momentum going with a great new album. RIP.

Meanwhile, there is at least one still-active Shakes side project (which according to one commenter actually pre-dated the band anyway). Arms (aka Todd Goldstein) plays a free afternoon show at The Bell House in Brooklyn on October 3rd. Arms' full-length debut, Kids Aflame, currently only available on import through Melodic Records in the UK, will be released (with new bonus tracks) digitally through Gigantic Music on October 27th.

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Jay Reatard
Jay Reatard in a LOVVERS shirt

Harlem Shakes @ Southpaw in February (more by Jonny Leather)
Harlem Shakes

tonight in NYC
* Vanilla Ice @ Iving Plaza
* The Roots @ Highline Ballroom
* Jay Reatard @ Music on the Oval
* Amateur Night @ Apollo Theater
* Todd Barry @ Carolines on Broadway
* Canada's Birthday Bash @ Joe's Pub
* Kria Brekkan & Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdótir @ Sycamore
* Leona Naess, Jess Harris @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Apollo Run, The Hard Lessons @ The Bell House
* MGMT, Kuroma, Suckers @ Prospect Park Bandshell
* Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, Poison @ PNC Bank Arts Center
* Ravens & Chimes, Soy Un Caballo, Rich Bennett @ Union Hall
* Trevor Exter, Steve Waitt, The NY Howl @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Harlem Shakes, Motel Motel, Superhuman Happiness @ Bowery Ballroom
* Clair Lynch Band, Missy Raines & The New Hip @ Madison Square Park
* Tift Merritt, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion @ Stuyvesant High School
* A Big Yes and a Small No, Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers, Wild Yaks, Linfinity @ Southpaw

Vanilla IceVanilla Ice is playing Irving Plaza. True Story.

On the same night Def Leppard and Poison are co-headlining PNC Bank Arts Center. Decisions, decisions.

Happy Canada Day!

Tonight's free outdoor shows include Jay Reatard at the Stuy Town Oval, Clair Lynch Band and Missy Raines & The New Hip at Madison Square Park, and the formerly-outdoor show with Tift Merritt and Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion which was moved to Stuyvesant High School.

The Celebrate Brooklyn show tonight with MGMT, Kuroma and Suckers at the Prospect Park Bandshell is happening, but, like Gang Gang Dance and TV on the Radio, isn't one of the series' free concerts.

TV Smith won't be at the Mercury Lounge tonight because of visa problems. He is expected to make his Thursday gig at the MHOW with Jay Reatard and Screaming Females though. At the Mercury Lounge you can still catch Fake Problems, Kiss Kiss, Paper and Sand, and Alone at 3am.

Jay Reatard is wearing a Lovvers shirt in that picture up there. Lovvers are visiting the US later this month.

Keith Fullerton Whitman was supposed to play the Issue Project Room. The venue's website reads, "TONIGHT'S CONCERT IS CANCELLED. MANY APOLOGIES."

Original Múm member and Avey Tare collaborator Kria Brekkan will join Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdótir at Sycamore tonight.

Tonight's Amateur Night at the Apollo will feature a Moonwalk contest tonight.

Harlem Shakes headline the Bowery Ballroom tonight. See their brand new video, for the song "Strictly Game," below.

What else?

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photo by Ryan Muir

Motel Motel

Gothamist: How did the band come together, and where did the name come from?

Motel Motel member: Well, I was depressed and without any friends, like a lot of people are when they first move to New York. I met Eric Engel and Timo Sullivan at The New School in September of '06. All three of us were students there. That was the beginning of the band.

Currently on a tour of the Carolinas, Motel Motel played a Northside Festival show at Public Assembly on Saturday, June 13th. Their next NYC show will be opening for the Harlem Shakes at Bowery Ballroom on July 1st. All MM dates and more pictures from Brooklyn, below...

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Harlem Shakes @ Highline Ballroom (more by Ryan Muir)
Harlem Shakes

Well... our van was broken into in Richmond, VA. It sucks. The crackhead stole some of Jose's clothes and his passport, a microkorg keyboard, our sampler, and Todd's extra strings (!?). We're getting everything sorted now -- new passport expedited, new sampler sent out to Chicago where we'll be for friday (RIBFEST) -- but godDAMN it never feels good to be robbed. Violating, angry-making and all that. Anyway, things seem to be righting themselves (knock on wood), but if you see us in the coming final week of our tour, come give us a hug. We could use it, bigtime.


Tickets are still on sale for the show Harlem Shakes are playing at Bowery Ballroom in July.

Mutek banner in Montreal - May 27, 2009 (bneely)

Mutek, the electronic music festival celebrating its tenth year, is currently underway in Montreal. The five-day fest runs to Sunday, May 31st, and it's streaming online. Moderat, the Modeselektor & Apparat supergroup, performed at Mutek on Thursday, May 28th; the group plays NYC's Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday, May 30th (the show was originally planned for Webster Hall). Tickets are still on sale.

Speaking of parties up North this summer... three other biggies are Ottawa Bluesfest (July 8th-19th), Vancouver Folk Music Festival (July 17-19th) and Calgary Folk Music Festival (July 23rd-26th). Each of those suitably transcend the "blues" and "folk" labels, hosting bands like The Dead Weather and Yeah Yeah Yeahs (in Ottawa), The Weakerthans and Rock Plaza Central (in Vancouver), and The Decemberists, Apostle of Hustle, Kid Koala and Akron/Family (in Calgary). Full lineup for the Calgary Fest (Ottawa in particular is much too massive to post) and ticket info below.

And don't forget about the previously reported Breeders-headlined Sled Island Fest in Calgary on June 24th-27th, Montreal's Osheaga, NXNE, and Toronto's Olympic Island Fest on July 11th, which will host Broken Social Scene and its Arts & Crafts cohorts.

Across the pond, UK's Glastonbury Festival, which runs from June 24th to 28th, has been sold out since February even though the full lineup wasn't announced until this week. Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, and Blur will be joined by The Specials, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Spinal Tap, Jarvis Cocker, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Madness, Tom Jones, Animal Collective and many others.

And finally in the States, Monolith Festival, which runs from September 12th to 13th at Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Colorado, has announced its intial lineup, Girl Talk, Passion Pit, and The Walkmen included. The whole thing is posted below.

The weekend before Monolith, Bumbershoot will take place in Seattle (September 5th-7th). That fest's lineup has been updated too. New additions include Vivian Girls, Akron/Family, and Elvis Perkins. All new additions, with previously announced acts, are below. Tickets are still on sale.

In Michigan, the Rothbury Festival over July 4th weekend will feature the only summer fest performance by The Dead, as well as sets by Bob Dylan, String Cheese Incident, Broken Social Scene and more. A few more jam-friendly acts were also just added to the bill. Full lineup below. Tickets are on sale.

Info on all the above fests, with ticket info, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sean Bones - Easy Street (MP3)

Harlem Shakes @ Highline Ballroom (more by Ryan Muir)
Harlem Shakes

The lineup at Pianos tonight (5/6) at has had some changes since we last wrote about it.

Harlem Shakes are still playing a free early show with The Cringe and Sean Bones, but Japandroids, who were originally scheduled to play the show's late set, had to reschedule all of their dates because of illness. They'll be in town instead on July 10th and 11th. Heavenly States canceled as well. Instead, we have the Octagon, Electric Owls, and Stars Like Nesseth for the post-Shakes late show (10pm start).

The Shakes have been busy since the release of Technicolor Health on Gigantic Music in March. I caught their show at the Starr Space on Thursday, April 23rd, where the band closed the night. The late Harlem Shakes set was persuasive enough to convince most of the crowd to stick around and sacrifice a totally alert work/school day. Accordingly, the front of the room was packed with people dancing to the band's new album songs, which they played as A Christmas Story rolled on the projector. The hardwood surface of the Starr Space were less than ideal acoustically (the PA speakers mounted behind the crowd didn't help either), but no one seemed to notice -- most were more interested in the party anthem choruses of songs like "Strictly Game" and "Sunlight."

At the end of May, the band heads out on tour with Passion Pit and Cale Parks across North America. After that, the Harlem Shakes will headline a July 1st show at the Bowery Ballroom. Tickets are still on sale.

Max & Willow (Sean Bones & Norah Jones in Wah Do Dem)
Sean Bones

Also playing the free show tonight (7pm, you better hurry) is Sean Bones, "solo project of Sean Sullivan aka the guitarist of Sam Champion." He's set to release his debut LP (a reggae album), Rings, July 21st on Frenchkiss Records. Coming up, Bones will also play the Delancey on May 20th, open for the 1990s at the Mercury Lounge on May 28th, and perform at the Frenchkiss Records Northside Fest showcase at Bruar Falls on June 12th.

Sean Bones stars with Norah Jones in the indie flick Wah Do Dem, premiering at the LA Film Festival in June. Jones also sings on "Turn Them," the closing track on Bones' new disc.

You might recognize the other band on tonight's bill, The Cringe, as the group that features Rachael Ray's husband, guitarist/singer John Cusimano. The group has performed at Ray's pre-SXSW Santos show and SXSW BBQ in March of this year, her 2008 SXSW party, and other Ray-sponsored gigs. She's also hosting tonight at Pianos (Watch Entertainment = her production company) (flyer posted again below).

Two new clips from the Harlem Shakes' record release party at MHOW on March 26th, and the Sean Bones record track list and and IFC interview, and the trailer for Wah Do Dem, below...

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Friedmans music store

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for Wilco's show at Keyspan Park in Brooklyn.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for both of Kings of Leon's upcoming NYC-area shows - the Izod Center and Nassau Coliseum.

Tickets are on on sale (@ noon) for the Phoenix show at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Juan Maclean / Field show at Webster Hall.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Apostle of Hustle / Forro in the Dark show at Bowery Ballroom.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Harlem Shakes show at Bowery Ballroom.

PJ Harvey tickets went on sale earlier.

DOWNLOAD: Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game (MP3)

Harlem Shakes @ Highline Ballroom (more by Ryan Muir)
Harlem Shakes

Harlem Shakes' new album, Technicolor Health, is out now on Gigantic. The disc's first single , "Strictly Game," which we've posted before, is posted again above.

The band has upcoming May/June tour dates with Passion Pit and Cale Parks, though none in New York. But that doesn't mean there aren't any Harlem Shakes shows to be had.

First the band plays a "Big Ups to Jules De B." show at Bushwick's Starr Space on Thursday, April 23rd with LD Beghtol (Magnetic Fields, Flare), Hospitality, and Mr. Dream. That show is a party for Jules De Balincourt, who did the artwork for the band's newest record. (More details and artwork below.)

Then the band has a free early show at Pianos on Wednesday, May 6th with The Cringe and Sean Bones. (That's before the Japandroids, The Octagon, Heavenly States show the same night.) Poster for the Shakes gig below.

Then, after a May 16th Sarah Lawrence show (in Westchester County) and the Passion Pit/Cale Parks tour, Harlem Shakes return for a July 1st show at the Bowery Ballroom. Tickets go on sale Friday, April 24th at noon. Openers aren't announced yet.

Before embarking on that tour, Cale Parks (you may know him as one of the guys who plays percussion/piano/vibes in Aloha) is performing at Santos Party House on Saturday, May 9th with Cymbals Eat Guitars, So So Glos, Real Estate and Luke Temple (Here We Go Magic). The show, hosted by Andrew WK, is a benefit for DKMS, which is the world's largest bone marrow donor center. Tickets for that show are on sale.

One day after finishing their tour with the Harlem Shakes, Passion Pit play two headlining shows of their own at Bowery Ballroom (both now sold out).

Video from the Harlem Shakes' March 26th MHOW gig, details on the band's Bushwick show, and all upcoming tour dates below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Harlem Shakes

Suckers have been added as opener to the March 26th Harlem Shakes show at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Tickets are still on sale. Harlem Shakes were the opener this past Saturday (3/14) at Highline Ballroom. They opened for Bell XI (who we didn't wait around for). More pictures from that show, and all dates, below...

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photos by Natasha Ryan

Tokyo Police Club

"One of the highlights was the score of new tracks like "Breakneck Speed" and "Favorite Color". The most memorable moment was without a doubt the encore as the band stepped back onstage calling the Born Ruffians back out to play a new song, "Spark" which they recently wrote together. The track is really interesting with the merger of TPC's Dave Monks unique vocal sound pairing up with Born Ruffians singer Luke LaLonde. They closed it out in style inviting the Harlem Shakes out onto the already crowded stage for a classic rendition of the Clash's "Train In Vain"." [Chewy Donuts & Evil Bunnies]
Tokyo Police Club headlined Webster Hall on Wednesday night (2/25). Harlem Shakes opened and are currently on the road with the Canadian band. Tickets go on sale today at noon for an upcoming Harlem Shakes show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Born Ruffians also opened the Webster Hall show. Watch a UK commercial featuring the Canadian band's music HERE. Watch videos from the NYC show (Clash cover and new songs included), and see more pictures, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game (MP3)

photos by Jonny Leather

Harlem Shakes

Now officially a fan of the Harlem Shakes since listening to the new record, it was great to see them live back on Valentine's Day at Southpaw right after the rockin' set by Shilpa Ray (who is also a HS fan..)...

My pals the Harlem Shakes are gonna take the stage and they haven't played live in New York in two years! I'm so wired to see them again! I recently heard a track off their new record and so surprised with how much their sound evolved from their first EP. Though both styles are great, I have so much admiration for artists who constantly take risks and disregard formulas on how to be an artist. Shakes, if you're reading this your new sound is crazy awesome and I can't wait to see you guys live! It's been too long. [Shilpa Ray]
Overall a great, crowded, fun, and late night. As Shilpa pointed out, it was the first show Harlem Shakes had played in NYC in a while. The size of the crowd (it was very sold out), and the amount of cheering and dancing made me realize how many people were waiting for their return - and the new record isn't even out until March 24th (they apologized at one point for playing songs people may not have known).

Tonight at Webster Hall (2/25) they are the opener. Ends up they go on at 8pm, followed by Born Ruffians at 9, and then Tokyo Police Club at 10. Then they are opener again on the previously announced March 14th Bell XI show at Highline Ballroom. Then it's headliner again... Tickets go on sale Friday at noon for a March 26th show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The last one is in honor of their album that comes out two days before that.

Some more pictures from Southpaw, and all tour dates, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game (MP3)

Technicolor Health

"Technicolor Health was made after and during some tough times (involving serious sickness) for the [Harlem Shakes]. The record captures the weary, hopeful, and sometimes triumphal vibe of that period in their lives. Above all, the album is about surviving abject shittiness. But it's also about what new-wave bands and new-wave revival bands call, "modern life," as lived by five thoughtful men in their early and mid-twenties during a weird, sometimes miserable, mostly thrilling historical moment. Harlem Shakes have been obsessed by pop music their whole lives, and after all the reiterations, they still have great faith in its power to make you and them feel a little better about things, and to say something vital, and God willing, maybe even enduring."
Technicolor Health is a really good album. Gigantic Music doesn't release it until March 24th, but you can (legally) download one of the tracks from the album above. It's the same song they're currently streaming at their MySpace.

On February 24th Harlem Shakes leave on tour with Tokyo Police Club. February 25th, one day later, is the NYC show at Webster Hall that Born Ruffians are also playing. Tickets are still on sale. You don't have to wait that long to see HS though. They're also playing this Saturday night, February 14th, Valentine's Day, at Southpaw with Shilpa Ray and Phil and the Osophers. It's a late show. You can go to dinner and be done with Valentine's Day before doors even open at 10PM. The early show in the same venue is the one Jennifer O'Connor is playing with Mascott. And like tonight's Motel Motel / Holly Miranda show at the same venue, it's part of the Sounds Like Brooklyn festival (as is the Clap Your Hands Say Yeah / Chairlift show tonight at BAM).

Harlem Shakes are also playing a few shows with Bell XI in March. Tickets are on sale for a March 14th show at Highline Ballroom. All dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Arms - Kids Aflame (MP3)

Eartha Kitt
Eartha Kitt

today in NYC
* Arms @ Pianos
* Pogo in Togo party @ Cake Shop
* Okkervil River @ The Bell House
* Thunderant, Max Silvestri & others @ MoMA
* Jason Webley, Sxip Shirey & Corn Mo @ Zipper Factory
* Glasvegas & Angela McClusky @ Bowery Ballroom
* Tall Firs, White/Light, Marcia Bassett & Tom Carter, Steve Gunn @ Glasslands

Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys was born today in 1986.

Chris Stein of Blondie was born yesterday in 1950.

I hope Steve Jobs is doing okay.

Arms = Harlem Shakes guitarist Todd Goldstein (TG).

I was on a computer fast when Eartha Kitt passed away. RIP Eartha. Videos below...

What else?

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TPC @ MSG (more by Chris La Putt)
Tokyo Police Club

Having just completed an extensive North American tour supporting Weezer and currently staring down a Dec. 12-23 tour of their native Canada, the four young men of Tokyo Police Club continue to laugh in the face of road fatigue: The band has announced one more run of U.S. dates beginning February 24, 2009 in Providence RI.

In other news, Tokyo Police Club will make its return to the small screen next week, following up a recent DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES cameo with a Dec. 10 late night (or early Dec. 11 for those who feel the need to be technical) performance on the LATE LATE SHOW WITH CRAIG FERGUSON.

Following the completion of the dates below, Tokyo Police Club plans to begin work on the follow up to its acclaimed debut full length Elephant Shell, which was released April 22 of this year on Saddle Creek.

The NYC show is February 25th at Webster Hall (the venue they were supposed to play before they cancelled to go on tour with Weezer). Born Ruffians are opening. Stay tuned for ticket info. All dates and openers below...

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Harlem ShakesWhite Rabbits & Harlem Shakes are playing a show together with the Subjects at Bowery Ballroom on December 13th. Tickets are on sale.

KEXP has video from a performance by the Harlem Shakes at CMJ. The Village Voice just named them the "Best Neo-Britpop/Northern Soul Revival/art- Damaged Band Comprising Some Ex-Yalies Who Now Live In Brooklyn" (I'm pretty sure they weren't "formed a year or so ago" though). Stream their new EP here.

Both bands also have other shows coming up. All dates below....

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