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by BBG

Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel
Maryland Death Fest

May 26th was a day of firsts for me at the tenth annual Maryland Deathfest. It was the first time I saw Confessor, Deviated Instinct and Haemorrhage. The first time I heard "new" material from death-doom godsWinter. The first time I saw Noothgrush with new live vocalist Dino Sommese (Ghoul, Dystopia, etc). And maybe most memorably, the first time I witnessed a man whip out his junk out on stage, piss in his cupped hand and wipe his face with it.

The latter first came care of Horna, who's lead singer Spellgoth performed the "urine baptism" at center stage (pictures below, NSFW?) and was one of several notable black metal-influenced performances (Archgoat, Tsjuder, Black Witchery) on that brutally hot Saturday. The moment wasn't noticed by many, but the foul stench of old blood and human fluids left a trail throughout the indoor stage.

My mid-afternoon arrival at Sonar meant that I sadly missed sets by Infernal Stronghold, Bloody Phoenix, and Looking for an Answer, and not-so-sadly missed October 31 (members Deceased) and Anvil (the former being eons better than the latter). The remainder of the sweltering hot day was largely a string of successes with stellar sets from crusty thrashers Hellbastard, UK's Dragged into Sunlight, deliciously obnoxious goregrind from Haemorrhage, death-doom pioneers Winter (who played unearthed songs at MDF), thrash from Morbid Saint and an impressive set from the reunited technical-doom crew Confessor.

Reunited crust-death metal crew Deviated Instinct wins for my favorite of the daytime performances (they played at close to the same time as The Devil's Blood), and though bassist David Vincent gave me a bit of a Nikki Sixx douche-chill during Morbid Angel's headlining set, the band's performance of the early classics absolutely murdered. Brujeria, the supercrew made up of members of Napalm Death, Carcass and more, were great headliners for the opposing outdoor stage but I opted for Noothgrush.

More pictures from day three at Maryland Deathfest are below. If you missed them, check out day one pictures HERE, a set of Rorschach's pictures HERE, and day two pictures HERE.

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by BBG


Nominon will bring a dose of icy Swedish death metal to a sizzling Bowery Electric on July 6th as part of a tour with Infinitum Obscure and Quinta Essentia. The bill will be rounded out by the dark blackened doom forces of Evoken (who cancelled their Roadburn appearance due to volcanic ash) and thrashers Mutant Supremacy. Tickets are on sale. The show marks Nominon's first foray into the US since the release of their new album Monumentomb, out now on Ibex Moon.

It's not the only show that Mutant Supremacy has laid out, as the band is also scheduled to play Europa twice in the coming months. First, look for the Brooklyn team on June 20th with At War, Midnight, Crucifist, and others as part of a post-Punk Island show (tickets). After that, make sure and catch them when the band opens for Floridian dark lords Malevolent Creation and Gigan on July 29th as part of a larger tour for the duo. Tickets are on sale.

Mutilation Rites are also scheduled to play that June 20th show before hitting the road through early July, eventually playing Union Pool on July 17th with The Funeral Pyre and Early Graves. In addition, the band will play Lit Lounge with Valdur on July 19th and Europa TWO more times: with Belgian black metallers Enthroned (their first show since 2001) and Destroyer 666 (!) on August 4th (tickets) and then with Hellbastard and Atakke on Oct 8th (tickets). The Enthroned date at Europa is part of a larger US tour with D666, and a world tour for Enthroned.

Malevolent Creation is also scheduled to play NYC again, this time supporting Exodus alongside Holy Grail and Bonded By Blood at Gramercy Theater on August 28th. Tickets are on sale.

Full tour dates for all bands and some videos, including the new video from Hellbastard are below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Ryan Muir


"Charleston show was hands down the best show I have ever seen. I still cant comprehend it. It was so jam packed, that if you made it on top of the crowd you were just kinda up there for a bit. Played essentially the same set too but in different order and a bit shorter I think. Hellbastard headlined too.

Rorschach opening with "Raw Nerve" at Santos Party House and later doing "Mandible" right into "In Ruins" blew my fucking mind. Un fucking real." [p @ theB9]

After a triumphant set at Santos, the rough got rougher and sweatier when Rorschach hit up the Brooklyn Vegan/Chronic Youth co-sponsored show at The Charleston, a venue around 1/5 of the size. This "secret show" was hinted at heavily, and then fully announced on Friday. It also featured an appearance from crusty UK thrashers Hellbastard who were on their first EVER US tour after reuniting a couple years ago after a 10+ year hiatus. Like Rorschach, Hellbastard also played a show earlier in the evening. There's was at Europa.

Psychic Limb opened the show at The Charleston. Unfortunately, Ryan Muir and I both missed them (I was at Santos & Europa, he at Julian Plenti), but Klaus Kinski affectionately referred to them as sounding like "old Napalm Death".

Then came Rorschach. Though they had only left the stage at Santos less than two hours earlier, none of their energy had dissipated. In fact, (and I could be biased here) I feel like Rorschach, considering their salad days at ABC No Rio and similar small venues around the tri-state, was probably more in their element at the basement of The Charleston. The crowd in the packed room, which included Ted Leo (who sang at the first show) and Tim Harrington among many others, enjoyed a somewhat shorter set than Santos, but a powerful one. People even crowdsurfed despite the the low 10 foot ceilings above. Amazing show, amazing setlist, and any doubters can check out the video below.

After a mix-up with the Hellbastard folks that caused a delay in their already-late-show start time, the UK band eventually hit the stage and burned out a set of crust-meets-early-Celtic-Frost pummel to the remaining spectators (the room was still about 2/3 full). They definitely won over some of the unconverted.

Reformed U.K. thrash metal/crust punk band HELLBASTARD has inked a deal with Poland's Selfmadegod Records. The label will issue "The Need to Kill" on CD, as well as the newly recorded "Eco-War" CD EP, in late October 2009. "The Need to Kill" features six re-recorded HELLBASTARD ragers, while the six-track "Eco-War" release includes a track originally on the band's 1986 demo as well as a SLAYER cover. [Blabbermouth]
Full picture set, and a video of Rorschach performing "Checkmate", "Someone", "Raw Nerve","Impressions", "21st Century Schizoid Man" and "My War" at The Charleston, below...

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