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photos by Lori Reyes

"Stood in front row, cried during 'Into Dust', and witnessed Hope Sandoval be her perfect self. Mazzy Star, thank you for tonight." - Janet Jackson

"I'm not too manly to say that I cried at the Mazzy Star concert tonight. And also before it a lot. And also still right now." - Rich Karski

Mazzy Star @ Terminal 5 in NYC
Mazzy Star

""Seasons of Your Day," Mazzy Star's first album since 1996, reunites the dreampop duo of Hope Sandoval and David Roback. Despite the long hiatus, not much has changed about the group's sound: The new album highlights Sandoval's wistful, melancholic vocals and Roback's shoegazy guitars." [Washington Post]
Though they reformed to play Coachella and a handful of West Coast dates in 2012, Mazzy Star played their first NYC show in 15 years on Wednesday night (11/20). It seemed unfortunate that the band, who sounds best when you're laying down, chose Terminal 5, such a large standing-room-only venue, but at least a lot of people got to to see them; the sold out multi-level room was packed in every direction. Amazingly, the room was also completely silent at times, such as during "Into Dust" which was my favorite moment of the 75 minute, 15 song show. Due to the size of the venue and the bars in the perimeters, you could hear people talking during less-adored songs, but the shear amazingness of so many quiet people during other parts, not to mention the chance to see Mazzy Star at all, made up for it (note: I would have been freaking out in anticipation even more than I was about the show, but I managed to get my first live reunion fix in June 2012, when I traveled to London to catch them as part of a trip that also included a wedding and some sightseeing).

There was also an amazingly few amount of cell phone screens visible in the crowd, which means people really heeded the warnings, and probably because they knew that not listening could cause their show to end early for one reason or another. Many cell phone videographers still couldn't resist when hit song "Fade Into You" was played towards the end of the pre-encore set, but even that was minimal in comparison to normal shows, though that didn't stop Hope Sandoval from breaking her stage banter silence once. The NY Times says:

For the length of its set on Wednesday night, Mazzy Star managed to suspend time in all but one aspect. Despite the efforts of the club's security staff, the band couldn't entirely prevent the use of cellphones, prompting Ms. Sandoval to break her onstage reticence to complain about "those jackass flash phones you all have." The band performed in dim light, with members' faces in shadow; a video screen showed starscapes, rippling coastal waters or old stereoscope images. There was just enough visual information to keep the focus on the songs.
Despite the main set only being an hour, Mazzy Star played three encores. Each was one song which included the full band walking on and off the stage each time.

I wish they acknowledged the recent passing of Lou Reed during their rare Velvet Underground-influenced set in Lou's hometown, and I wish they played longer, but their final song choice of "California", the single off the new record, still left me leaving the show in a great mood. To quote Jon Parales from the NY Times one more time,

Pedal steel guitar hovered over the folk-rock of "Disappear," as Ms. Sandoval sang, "I'll never be what you want me to be/No, I can't disappear." But she was exactly what Mazzy Star fans have wanted her to be: back and unchanged. Mazzy Star has applied the hovering, meditative stasis of its music to its career.
Mazzy Star complete their tour in Philly and MD on Friday and Saturday, and then return to NYC for a Jimmy Fallon taping Monday.

Unrelated, but a big-but-small tribute to Lou Reed is happening in NYC on Sunday.

Mariee Sioux and Psychic Ills are touring with Mazzy and opened the Terminal 5 show, but I missed them.

Pictures are not allowed at Mazzy Star shows, but they did have their own photographer who took the few pictures in this post. A sneaky person also managed to get a video of "So Tonight That I Might See" and posted it online. The video, more pictures and NYC setlist, below...

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Mazzy Star

The recently-released "California" is one of ten songs set to appear on "Seasons of Your Day", Mazzy Star's first full length album since 1996's Among My Swan. Check out the full tracklist for the self-produced album below, 2011 songs "Common Burn" and "Lay Myself Down" included. That's the cover art above. It almost looks like it could be a brightened and close up of a part of the "So Tonight That I Might See" art. The new album is being released on Sept. 24 on their own label Rhymes Of An Hour Records, distributed through INgrooves. Formats will include CD, 180g vinyl double LP, and digital download.

Guests joining Hope Sandoval and David Roback on the new record include Colm O'Ciosoig of My Bloody Valentine and Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions, and Bert Jansch who collaborated with Hope and David a bunch of times before he passed away in 2011. On "Seasons of Your Day" he's featured in a guitar duet with David Roback on the song "Spoon".

Stay tuned for a North American and European fall tour announcement (in 2012 they only played Europe and California), and for a new video for the song "California" which you can meanwhile listen to with the full tracklist below...

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Jack White @ Roseland Ballroom 5/22/12

So far we've seen Dominick Mastrangelo, Dana (distortion) Yavin, Amanda Hatfield and Fred Pessaro // BBG's favorite photos that they took in 2012, and now comes a set from the great David Andrako.

The photos are not in any particular order. Jack White above. More below...

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Mazzy Star/Hope Sandoval @ Coachella Week 2 (more by David Andrako)
Mazzy Star

One of my all time most anticipated reunions happened earlier this month when Mazzy Star (a band, not a person) once again took the stage six times across California (two of those times were Coachella). The touring continues this summer with a few select shows and festivals in Europe - Oya, Primavera Sound, Field Day, Optimus Alive, and Way Out West included. All dates are listed below. While we patiently await for more North American dates to be announced, let's recap what the reunion has looked (and sounded) like so far.

To quote Wikipedia, "On October 12, 2011, [it was] confirmed the duo would release their first new material in fifteen years later that same month. The double a-sided single 'Common Burn/'Lay Myself Down' was released digitally on October 31, 2011. A limited edition blue-coloured 7" vinyl was also announced for release on November 8, though a manufacturing delay resulted in its release being pushed back to January 24, 2012. Their fourth studio album is expected to be released in the latter half of 2012, following completion of a tour earlier in the year."

The first live show was April 6th in Petaluma, CA, and the live lineup for all six shows has been primary Mazzy Star writer, producer and band member David Roback along with vocalist Hope Sandoval, original keyboardist Suki Ewers, original drummer Keith Mitchell, and two more touring musicians playing bass and guitar: Paul McQuillan and Colm Ó Cíosóig. You also know Colm as the drummer of My Bloody Valentine and 1/2 of Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions (who were active again in 2009 and 2010).

The setlists were very similar at all the shows and ranged between 9 songs (Coachella week one) to 12 songs (Sacramento and Santa Cruz). The setlists included new/unreleased songs "Spoon" and "Flyin' Low", and every show got hit song "Fade Into You". Check out the exact setlists below.

Audio, video and pictures of the shows have been popping up, and I compiled a lot of it in this post too. Previously posted week 2 Coachella pics are HERE and week 1 Coachella pics are HERE. The rest, including bootleg links, full videos, the setlists and tour dates, below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin

M83 / The Black Keys / Refused
Coachella 2012 - Day 1
Coachella 2012 - Day 1
Coachella 2012 - Day 1

"Coachella's new dueling weekends have unwittingly started a bitter turf war between those at the festival now and those who plan to come next week.

In years past, if you were the socially adept, party-minded type, you could pretty much bank on the fact that all the cool kids in your social satellite system would be somewhere on the Empire Polo Field, in line for Spicy Pie pizza, or wearing next-to-nothing at the Ace pool party.

This year, however, a text bearing the age-old Coachella rallying cry, "Dude! VIP lounge, now. Shots!" has a 50% chance of being met with the reply, "Dude. I'm coming next weekend. Too bad for you cuz it's so cold there right now."" [LA Times]

After sets by Jimmy Cliff, Madness, Kendrick Lamar, Jimmy Cliff, Arctic Monkeys, EMA, Ximena Sarinana, Gary Clark Jr, Death Grips, and many more, night fell and the massive crowds at Coachella's first of two Fridays were treated to sets by Pulp (setlist & video HERE), Mazzy Star (more on their set in a second), Refused (more on their set HERE), The Black Keys (setlist below), M83, Amon Tobin (more about him HERE), and others (that we didn't get pictures of).

Our first set of Coachella Friday pics is HERE. The rest, along with the Black Keys setlist, below...

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Mazzy Star

Four more Mazzy Star California shows, all before Coachella (still none in NY). All on sale today/Friday (2/3), and listed with ticket links below...

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Mazzy Star

While uses of songs I like in commercials can sometimes make me want to puke, I admittedly have been dusting off my Mazzy Star albums a bunch lately thanks to that commercial for the "Dust to Dust" video game which leaves me feeling teased and wanting more every time I see it. You can see it for yourself below.

In more exciting news, HopeSandoval.com reports that "Hope and David Roback are back as Mazzy Star! Two songs will be released digitally on October 31, 2011. There will also be a limited edition color vinyl released on November 8, 2011!" That's the cover art above, and you can find the two songs on Amazon.

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words and photos by BBG, more photos by Samantha Marble

Thurston & Jim @ ATP NY (photo by Abbey Braden for ATP)

My 11 Most Notable Moments at ATP NY 2010 by Adrienne Day

(11) Book club with Samantha Hunt and Luc Sante. Apparently Nikola Tesla thought he was married to a pigeon. #ThingsIlearnedatATP

(10) Jim Jarmusch and Thurston Moore's silly but entertaining exchange about "weird New York"

(9) @janelerner's Mary-Poppins-like bag with its bottomless supply of comforts from home

(8) Sleep's defibrillating two-hour-plus set

(7) Blagdon Lake at dusk: http://twitpic.com/2m59gh

(6) Beak> opening with the terrific "Blagdon Lake" and keeping it surprisingly cohesive / groove-able for the whole set

(5) Injuries sustained while losing at air hockey: a heavily bruised knee and what feels like a torn rotator cuff

(4) Years of incontinence producing an unmistakably ripe aroma in Kutsher's front elevator

(3) Stooges scholarship ("Williamson should go back to designing computer chips"; "Iggy's slowed down a bit but still, holy shit")

(2) This little pumin has apparently already been featured on Brooklyn Vegan: http://twitpic.com/2m59bb

(1) no wifi as its own time warp, leading to in-depth convos and contemplative gazing on the lake

Our own ATP NY review now concludes with a recap of Sunday. If you're just joining us, start with Friday and then read Saturday, before continuing...

Ron Jeremy & new friend @ ATP NY Sunday night

How do you get out of a conversation with Ron Jeremy? It's 1:30 AM on Monday (Sunday night), my friends are talking to the porn legend, and all I can think about is rest. It's been a brutal weekend of fantastic performances, great conversation, contact highs, 30 packs of beer, fantastic people, not to mention great music. But by the end of Sunday (the final day of ATP NY 2010), I just needed some Zs.

After a day-opening set of psychedelia from White Hills on stage two (which I enjoyed though it didn't manage to give me the kick in the ass I needed), The Greenhornes held down my interest for what I caught of their set. The Detroit Cincinnati band's garage pop played to one of the biggest early day crowds that I had seen on all three days. Kurt Vile's garagey punk followed on the second stage, sounding much heavier live than I had anticipated.

Fucked Up was next on the main stage, so I made sure to secure a primo slot for the mayhem. Madman Pink Eyes, who sang 2/3 of the show from the crowd, did all of the following during his set in the Stardust Room: crushed a coke can like Stone Cold Steve Austin, sprinkled Cocoa Puffs on the crowd, smeared himself with Oreos, performed all of "Crusades" with a plastic bag on his head, laid down in the center of the crowd, instigated a group hug of 20-30 people, and took audience members on piggy back rides. After two days of festival madness, it was definitely the shot in the arm I needed. Vivian Girls, who followed them on the second stage, was a bit of a comedown, but then again who wouldn't be?

GZA's set was moved to later that night on stage two (which I would end up missing due to Altar), so his stage one slot was filled by comedian Hannibal Burress who had also performed Friday night. I missed his set and ended up catching Wooden Shjips' powerful psychedelic set on the second stage. There were many retro-leaning bands playing over the course of the weekend. My favorite sets in that category came from Dungen and The Black Angels. Powerful, trippy and fantastic.

With the lights down low, Hope Sandoval played xylophone and crooned with her enchanting voice to the Stardust Stage crowd. On any other occasion, I might have found the set mesmerizing, but at that moment another pick me up was needed and I surprisingly found that in Girls's sunny Elvis Costello brand of pop directly afterward. With all of the recent brutality (Fucked Up, Wooden Shjips, and in a much different way, um, Vivian Girls) it was a fun change to see the band run through tracks like "Laura" from their recent LP. Great set from this Cali crew.

T Model Ford
T Model Ford

Of all the artists walking around Kutshers during ATP weekend, the two that seemingly had the most fans/people clamoring to meet them were Sunday's curator Jim Jarmusch, and T-Model Ford. It didn't hurt that T-Model was apt to take his guitar out and play anywhere with a little battery-powered amp. The bluesman finally got his time under the lights of the second stage on Sunday night though, and the adoration continued, with people cheering while he tuned (multiple times).

Raekwon took the stage a touch late with an introduction from Ron Jeremy, running through the classic Wu material: "Protect Ya Neck", "C.R.E.A.M.", "Ice Cream", set opener "Motherless Child", "House of Flying Daggers" and many more. Though I nerd out to the tracks and even ODB classic-that-felt-like-set-filler-in-a-Raekwon-show "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" on the Stardust Room system, the set felt phoned in. Not to sound insensitive, but is a few-minute shout out to your grandfather who is buried in Monticello really necessary? GZA, Kim Gordon, and Thurston Moore watched the set from the sides of the stage.

I missed GZA's rescheduled set completely on the second stage (because of Altar), but he reportedly delivered a freestyle-heavy set. The Wu-tang rep later showed up at The Deep End Bar to greet the legendary Kool Herc who was DJing late-night...

GZA & Kool Herc ATP (Kory Grow)

Partway into [Kool Herc's] set, in walked Wu-Tang Clan's GZA, who had played a sort-of aggressive set at the same time as Altar (I went back and forth between the two.) ...in the presence of Herc, he was nothing but reverent. He nonchalantly stepped behind the turntables and said hello. ...It was one of those rare moments where you felt like you were seeing something rare and historic. GZA grabbed the mic and talked about what a legend Kool Herc was and thanked him before leaving.-
[Sadness Is Delicious]
After leaving Altar, I spent a good portion on my way out saying goodbyes to the many new friends I had made at ATP. The festival is more than a string of shows, a worn-down hotel, and a few too many beers; it's a community of like-minded and friendly people that I have not experienced anywhere else. ATP New York was tons of fun, and I spent a good portion of Sunday lamenting that my experience was almost over and I'd have to wait another year. But I'll definitely be there.

Pictures from Friday HERE and Saturday HERE, and the rest of Sunday, below...

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by BBG

Kurt Vile at Brooklyn Masonic Temple (more by Lori Baily)
Kurt Vile

It's almost final and official, ATP New York is ruling. The best Hudson Valley festival to ever be held in a 1960s time capsule has announced the "final additions" including two comedians chosen by Syd Butler of Les Savy Fav (more to come... that's all "so far"), as well as a few new and interesting additions to the Jim Jarmusch curated date. Behold:

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Hope Sandoval

Make sure you're somewhere comfortable, preferably heavily sedated in a large comfortable bed (or at least reclining), and check out the new Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions video below...

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Boris @ ATP NY 2009 (more by Ryan Muir)

There aren't many music news items that get me excited as ATP lineup additions. This one is no different. Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Torotoise, Bardo Pond, Beak> featuring Geoff Barrow of Portishead, Sleepy Sun, Avi Buffalo, Sunn O)) & Boris performing material from their collaborative album Altar, Dungen, and White Hills have all been added to the already-stellar bill of the 2010 festival at Kutsher's Country Club in Monticello, NY (Sept 3-5). All confirmed artists and more details below...

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Massive Attack

Trip-Hop legends Massive Attack have released their new video for "Paradise Circus" (ft. Hope Sandoval) in support of their album, Heligoland, set to release February 9th via EMI's Virgin Records. The Toby Dye directed video features former porn star, Georgina Spelvin, and her candid look on filming the infamous adult film, The Devil in Miss Jones. Original shots of the '73 hit (NSFW) are interlaced with Spelvin's honest take on her physical and emotional state during the production of the film nearly forty years ago.

Heligoland, Massive Attack's highly-anticipated 5th studio album, will feature guest vocals from Damon Albarn, Marina Topely-Bird, Guy Garvey and Tunde Adebimpe. Longtime cohort, Horace Andy, is also set to return alongside Massive Attack founding members Robert Del Naja (3D) and Grand Marshall (Daddy G). The prelude to Heligoland, the Splitting the Atom EP, is available now.

It feels like forever that I've been waiting to hear the new Hope Sandoval-contributed Massive Attack track and it's well worth the wait though I could do without the distracting commentary by Georgina. I hope there's a version without her. I don't really think that The xx sound like Hope Sandoval, but this song definitely sounds a little like The xx. Listen/watch (NSFW) the video with the album art and tracklist, below...

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photos by Toby Tenenbaum

DOWNLOAD: Asobi Seksu - Suzanne (Hope Sandoval cover) (MP3)

Asobi Seksu @ Joe's Pub
Asobi Seksu

"Brooklyn dream-pop outfit Asobi Seksu just released a 10" anchored by "Transparence," a standout from this February's Hush LP. Before the clock strikes '10 they'll have a third release on the year by way of Rewolf, an LP offering acoustic versions of Seksu songs spanning their three albums, including a few b-sides and this cover "Suzanne." As headlined, the source comes not from Leonard Cohen but rather the recently reactivated Mazzy star Hope Sandoval's 2002 album Bavarian Fruit Bread. The warmly narcotic, Velvet-undertoned original is classic Sandoval, but the reverent, acoustic and glockenspiel-tinkled cover is atypical Asobi, a band better known for its shoegaze atmospherics and coruscating waves of James Hanna's guitars." [Stereogum]
The Anna Ternheim + Asobi Seksu + Loney Dear tour is just about complete. Tonight (10/15) they play Maxwell's in Hoboken, and then its second to last stop is Friday (10/16) at Bowery Ballroom. Bowery Ballroom is where Hope Sandoval just played her 2nd of two NYC shows, both of which included "Susanne" in the setlist. Download Asobi's cover above.

Back on September 16th, Asobi Seksu played their own show at Joe's Pub (acoustic). A few more pictures from that set, below...

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Hope Sandoval

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions kicked off their second NYC show in three days much like they did the first, with the song "Blanchard" and with not enough vocals in the speakers. By song three, an early highlight ("Courtin Blues"), the sound was better. Hope's vocals were coming through loud and clear. I wasn't as close to the stage as I was at Music Hall, so maybe my perspective was different, but the Manhattan crowd seemed way happier to be there than the Brooklyn crowd. The cheers seemed louder and more in line with the return of someone who we haven't seen in seven years. Song four was "Willow" and all signs pointed towards a great show. The projections, though exactly the same at Music Hall, were maybe even better because Bowery Ballroom seemed to have a bigger screen.

Then, 3.5 songs in, all of a sudden the music stopped. Hope couldn't hear herself in the monitors. Some audience members, possibly misunderstanding the problem, started screaming that it sounded great. They weren't lying and it didn't help. Hope continued to stand there. She was growing increasingly frustrated as she expected someone to make it work again. She said she was sorry for embarrassing everyone, and mentioned that they had spent three hours soundchecking earlier in the day.

"It's OK Hope, we love you," someone screamed. "I'm on the verge of throwing a tantrum," Hope replied. Killing time, someone asked if she loved NY. Unexpectedly, Hope answered, "I absolutely fucking hate NY... but I love everyone who is here. I'm a country girl". She may have lost a few people there, and then she spoke again. It was definitely the most I've ever heard her talk on stage. "There's gonna be some heads chopped off... Sorry about this you guys," she said. Someone else yelled, "We love you Hope". Then next thing you know, faster than you can say Fiona Apple, Hope made one final frustrated gesture forward, and then stormed off the stage. Her confused band followed soon after.

continued below...

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Hope Sandoval @ Music Hall of Williamsburg, Saturday night (by Anonymous)
Hope Sandoval
Hope Sandoval

"While Federal government offices in Washington, D.C. are closed for Columbus Day, students in Maryland, just a few miles away, have a full school day. What was once a guaranteed day off from work is now a gamble, with many schools and workplaces open on Columbus Day.

Columbus Day is not commemorated universally. Federal and state offices are closed, the United States Postal Service will not deliver mail, and many banks are shuttered.

But public schools in large cities like Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas are open, while in Washington, DC, New York City and Chicago they are closed" [ABC]

tonight in NYC
* Spike Jonze @ The Apple Store
* Burlesque @ Public Assembly
* Lenny Kravitz @ Irving Plaza
* Rev. Vince Anderson @ Union Pool
* Kylie Minogue @ Hammerstein Ballroom
* Sarah Cahill, Rachel Grimes @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Built To Spill, Disco Doom, Violent Soho @ Webster Hall
* Fugitive Souls, Fan-Tan, Future Future @ Studio at Webster Hall
* Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Dirt Blue Gene @ Bowery Ballroom
* Precious Metal w/ the_Network, Robotosaurus, Tiger Flowers, My America @ Lit
* Small Beast w/ Carol Lipnik, Julia Kent, Paul Wallfisch, Rebecca Cherry @ Delancey

Lenny Kravitz and Kylie Minogue play tonight at Irving Plaza and Hammerstein Ballroom, respectively. Pics from Kylie's show last night are HERE.

Rev. Vince Anderson & The Love Choir perform at their regular Monday night gig at Union Pool. Reverend Vince recently joined The Roots at a show in another Brooklyn venue.

A Storm of Light was scheduled to play Ace of Clubs tonight, but it's been postponed to November 18th. Their video for "Tempest" was premiered here back in September.

Built To Spill plays Webster Hall tonight and tomorrow, and Music Hall of Williamsburg the two nights after that, with Disco Doom and Violent Soho (plus the MHOW shows have a "Post Show DJ set By Doug Martsch.")

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions and Dirt Blue Gene play again at Bowery Ballroom. Leave the camera at home.

Major Lazer's video for "Keep It Goin' Louder" is below. They were in town for Hard Fest this past weekend.

What else?

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Hope Sandoval

LA Weekly spent a considerable portion of their Hope Sandoval cemetery show review talking about the NO-photo policy. Now I know why. Hope Sandoval didn't just deny photo passes. She didn't just post warning signs all over the venue (see above). She didn't just have someone give a stern, pre-show announcement. Hope basically had her own security detail on hand to blind and humiliate would-be-photographers (and anyone near them) with flashlights. During the second song, one of the security guys actually jumped into the crowd and rammed through a group of people to stop someone.

Ironically the security was just as distracting as people who hold cameras over their heads, but all in all it probably made for a nicer show since I think everyone learned their lesson by song three... well (speaking of irony), except the people who were being paid to video the show. They blatantly moved around the crowd near the stage. One audience member got so angry that he started motioning towards the flashlight police and pointing at the video guy's head who was at that point right in front of him. I imagine he was mouthing something like, "Where are you now? Why is this even-more-annoying guy allowed to bother us with his camera???".

Speaking of filming the show, there was also a stationary video camera back by the soundboard. I asked someone after the show, and they said the footage is going to be used for music videos that will be released online soon, not for a DVD. I also asked if the photo policy was related to their own official filming, and they basically admitted that, "no, that would be Hope".

Speaking of Hope, she is of course the star of the show, the reason approximately 600 people packed into Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday night (10/10) (the first of two sold out NYC shows), and she can basically do and say whatever she wants and we'll still love her. Someone (a few people actually) yelled, "I love you Hope!", which was followed by one of her rare speaking moments: "If you love me, then get the people talking to shut up." (or something like that) After an awkward silence in the crowd, Hope followed that with something about sending those talkers... "to the corn"!! My new favorite line, I've already used it a few times since the show.

Irish band Dirt Blue Gene opened the night and then returned to play, along with My Bloody Valentine's Colm O'Ciosoig, as Hope's backing band (aka The Warm Inventions). They were a very capable band, running through 13 psychedelic songs (2 of which were during the encore) of the the dreamiest dream pop with Hope on xylophone, harmonica, and most importantly vocals. There were many highlights throughout the set. If I was better with song names I would mention more, but "Susanne" (the "hit" off the first record) was definitely one of them.

"The set was drawn mostly from her newest CD with a few from her first. What stuck out was "Trouble" off of the new CD. Yeah brah, that song was so erie live and had this sort of smokey sexuality to it. Speaking of sexuality, Hope had on a flower dress that was pretty short on her, I couldn't help from checking out her legs, but of course I restrained myself from looking up her skirt (I'm into her, but I'm not a creep either)." [Alex Caprio]
Um... No comment on that guy, but it's safe to say that there was plenty to look at during the show, not the least of which was the stunning visuals being projected on to a white sheet on the back of the stage, all seemingly-perfectly synced with the songs they were playing. I can't wait to see the videos (and the show again at Bowery).

There were a few technical issues - the mic in front of Hope's harmonica wasn't working at one point which caused her to get frustrated. She kept motioning at the sound person until she finally walked over to him (side stage), but I think the problems and funny moments only add to the show. If everything went perfectly, Hope would just stand there, quietly, do her thing, and then exit the stage as quickly as possible (which would be fine too).

Like in 2002 (when photography also wasn't allowed) (when Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions played two nights in a row at Bowery Ballroom), they didn't play even one Mazzy Star song, but like Anonymous said, it didn't matter. The new songs are great, as is most anything Hope sings on. For Mazzy, we'll have to wait for the reunion (side note: I was thinking how Hope is probably not that famous because everyone always used to think her name was Mazzy Star... "Hope Sandoval".. "who?"... "Mazzy Star"... "OHHHH".)

They do it again tonight (10/12) at Bowery Ballroom . A picture of the merch and the setlist from Music Hall (and a video), below...

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Hope Sandoval @ Hollywood Forever Cemetery - September 29 (by Luz Gallardo)
Hope Sandoval

"There was no photography allowed in the venue when Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions, the band featuring the revered Mazzy Star vocalist and My Bloody Valentine's Colm Ó Cíosóig, played Hollywood Forever [on September 29th] in a concert marking the release of its latest album Through the Devil Softly. Absolutely none. This rule was stated no fewer than six times on printouts that lined the entrance and parlor room. Perhaps that was for the best. The glare of camera flashes and cell phones pointed toward the stage might have ruined the carefully crafted ambience of the gathering.

With its stone facade, a courtyard lined with twinkling palm trees and mosaic floors, the venue looked like a cross between an Old Hollywood apartment building and a mausoleum. This was seemingly appropriate, as there are probably more than a few people who did time in art deco structures off of Vine or Gower or Franklin who now spend eternity interred in this famed cemetery." [LA Weekly]

The above-described show happened only a couple days after Bon Iver's graveyard show in the same exact location, but got almost no attention (compared to the Bon Iver show anyway). That's partially due to the no-photography thing I guess, but still sad (I wish I planned a vacation around going to both).

Anyway, Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions' new album is out now on Nettwerk who also re-released 2001's Bavarian Fruit Bread. Buy it so that Hope knows people care and she keeps making music (though she has already admitted plans for more Mazzy Star).

Her long-awaited return to NYC kicks off with a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight (10/10). It's sold out, but Monday's show at Bowery Ballroom isn't (UPDATE: also sold out).

Dirt Blue Gene is an Irish shoegaze band that is on tour with Hope, and shares members with her band. Some recent live videos, the setlist from San Francisco, and all dates below...

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Amazon is streaming Through The Devil Softly (it will be released September 29th). Tour dates and more info HERE.

Massive Attack

"Legendary trip-hop duo Massive Attack have announced the release of their first new material in three years - an EP of four new tracks due for release on October 6th from Virgin Records. The lead song "Splitting The Atom" features Robert Del Naja (3D), Grant Marshall (Daddy G) and Horace Andy, while TV On The Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe guests on "Pray For Rain". The EP also has remixes of two new tracks; "Psyche" featuring Martina Topley-Bird is given the re-rub by Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid who have recently remixed Bat For Lashes and The Big Pink, while the Guy Garvey fronted "Bulletproof Love" is stripped back to a minimalist reworking by Christoff Berg, who alongside Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid produced the Fever Ray eponymous album.

Massive Attack will release their much anticipated fifth studio album In February, 2010. This time around sees collaborations with Damon Albarn, Hope Sandoval, Martina Topley-Bird, Guy Garvey and Tunde Adebimpe.

Over the last three years Robert Del Naja has written and produced soundtracks for a number of films and documentaries, including 'Trouble In The Water', '44 Inch Chest', 'In Prison My Whole Life' and 'Gamorra', the latter for which he won the David Di Donatello Award for Best Song. Earlier this year, Massive Attack won the Outstanding Contribution to British Music Award at the Ivor Novello Awards. Massive Attack will headline this year's Bestival on Friday, September 11th ahead of their first full UK tour in three years that begins on September 17th in London."

In related news, Hope Sandoval has a new Warm Inventions album and is touring, and says Mazzy Star will be back.

Rusty needles

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Hope Sandoval shows happening at Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Sonic Youth/Dinosaur Jr. show at Terminal 5.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the two Royskopp shows coming up at Webster Hall.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Dirty Projectors shows happening at Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Camera Obscura show happening at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Friendly Fires / xx show happening at Webster Hall. Tickets are also on sale for the xx show at Mercury Lounge.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for both Cribs (with Johnny Marr) shows happening at Bowery Ballroom.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Charles Bissel / Nada Surf / They Might Be Giants show happening at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Frank Black / Joseph Arthur show happening at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Decemberists LOTTERY (not "request") show happening at Terminal 5.

Tickets are on presale (@ noon) for the 50 Cent show happening at the Beach on Governors Island.

R. Kelly is playing the WaMu Theater At Madison Square Garden on October 16th. Tickets are on sale.

Tickets are on sale for the Basement Jaxx DJ set at Santos Party House.

Tickets are on sale for the 3rd (actually 1st) Ray LaMontagne show happening at Beacon Theatre.

Tickets are on sale for the Neko Case show at the Beacon Theatre.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Clem Snide show at Mercury Lounge.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Kurt Vile show at Mercury Lounge.

Tickets are on sale (@ noon) for the Rural Alberta Advantage show happening at Bowery Ballroom.

Vulture Whale play Maxwell's tonight (8/21).

The Charlatans canceled their whole tour.

Placebo did too.

An encore presentation of Antony & the Johnsons' new video for "Crazy in Love" below...

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Hope Sandoval

Even more Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions North American tour dates were just announced. These are in addition to the handful that I posted yesterday. Tickets to the NYC show will go on sale this Friday at noon. Irish band Dirt Blue Gene will be accompanying Hope and Colm on tour. All dates below...

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Hope Sandoval

"Hope formed The Warm Inventions and released their first album called Bavarian Fruit Bread, in 2001. This album sounds little different in terms of theme, voice, and instrumentation from that of her work with Mazzy Star. Subsequently, The Warm Inventions released three EPs but received very little commercial success, one video on MTV, and very little radio play. Hope recorded a song, "Wild Roses", for a compilation CD released by Air France titled In The Air (2008). Hope and The Warm Inventions will release their second album, Through The Devil Softly, on September 29, 2009. In live performance, Hope prefers to play in near darkness with only a dim backlight." [Wikipedia]
As promised, Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions will be supporting their new album on a tour of North America this fall. All dates haven't been announced, but a few are being released here and there including October 10 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg and October 12 at Bowery Ballroom!! Tickets for the NYC shows are on sale Friday at noon. All other known dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions - Blanchard (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions - Wild Roses (MP3)

Colm & Hope...
Hope Sandoval

Below, you can see the artwork for Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions' new record, Through The Devil Softly, out September 29th (changed from the original 9/15 date) on Nettwerk Records. You can pre-order the album at Amazon starting Wednesday.

The album's first single, "Blanchard" is posted above. The album's first single, "Blanchard," and its second track, "Wild Roses," are posted above. "Blanchard" is the track we posted with the album announcement. "Wild Roses" is actually from that Air France compilation, but is also on the new album (it's possible the album version is slightly different) (though they are definitely both the same length).

"The Warm Inventions" pairs Sandoval with My Bloody Valentine drummer Colm Ó Cíosóig. Colm plays with My Bloody Valentine this weekend at All Points West (and Thursday in Virginia).

Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions have a set of UK & Ireland tour dates scheduled for the fall (below). North American dates are still TBA.

Hope hasn't given up working with her other band, Mazzy Star, either! Rolling Stone wrote on July 7th...

Sandoval confirms her and her bandmate David Roback haven't called it quits and they are still working on their anticipated fourth album. But she declines to give many specifics. "It's true we're still together," she says. "We're almost finished [with the record]. But I have no idea what that means."
Warm Inventions cover art, tracklist and tour dates, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions - Blanchard (NEW MP3)

"New Warm Inventions record is coming out in September. Honest. - Anonymous | July 7, 2009 1:01 PM"

Hope Sandoval

"Since the release of Mazzy Star's debut album She Hangs Brightly, Hope Sandoval has defined the sound and style of California psychedelic dream pop. The world took notice when the breakthrough single "Fade Into You" (from sophomore album So Tonight That I Might See) hit the airwaves and MTV heavy rotation.

Sandoval's trademark vocals helped to make her a modern day music icon. Now the revered singer returns along side My Bloody Valentine's Colm O'Ciosoig to deliver her long awaited sophomore album Through The Devil Softly on September 15.

Over the past decade, the sought after vocalist has collaborated with artists from across the musical landscape: The Jesus & Mary Chain, Air, Death in Vegas, The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack and Bert Jansch, to count a few.

In 2001, she joined Colm O'Ciosoig to form Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions and release their debut Bavarian Fruit Bread. Now on Through The Devil Softly, the definitive star of the Paisley Underground scene reignites her trademark sound in an epic journey across the 11-song album. The project continues the laid-back, slowcore sound they are renowned for and places Sandoval's sensuous, hypnotic voice in the forefront. Recorded in both Northern California and the Wicklow Mountains of Ireland, the spare, subtle arrangements reinforce Sandoval's gentle vocal style.

An extensive North American tour is planned for Fall 09, with dates in the UK and Europe to follow. -[Nettwerk Records]

It was just two months ago when I last stalked Hope. I had no clue at the time that she was coming back so completely. According to the newly redesigned HopeSandoval.com, the shows will be Hope on vocals, glockenspeil, harmonica, and Colm O'Ciosoig on drums. I wonder where they'll play. In 2002 it was two awesome nights at Bowery Ballroom.

Track one from the new album is available for download above.
Full album track list, and some older videos, below...

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