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the new House of Yes (photo via Facebook)
House of Yes

After a long road to finding a new venue, performance collective House of Yes's new space is finally up, running, and legal. After being unable to renew their lease at 342 Maujer Street back in 2013, the collective had been on the hunt for a new location, landing on a spot at 2 Wyckoff/408 Jefferson in Bushwick back in 2014. It now appears that they've finally gotten through all the red tape and are officailly up and running. As Bedford + Bowery writes:

It's been a long time coming, and even though House of Yes officially opened on New Year's Eve, the Bushwick performance collective's brand new (and impressive) space is finally complete, with all the the licenses and permits it ever dreamed of, and it appears to be running on schedule, no less. Kae Burke- the co-founder of House of Yes along with Anya Sapozhnikova- played host last night and, strutting across the stage in impossible heels and sequined bikini number, reminded the audience, "This is our first variety show in two-and-a-half years."
B+B also has some pictures of the new space up at their site. Check out House of Yes' upcoming schedule, including burlesque shows, a Bernie Sanders party, and more, here.

In other Bushwick nightlife news, Brownstoner reports that renderings were recently released for a new nightclub at 599 Johnson. The existing 13,866-square-foot structure is set to expand by 21,815 square feet and include three bars. There's one in the first floor, alongside offices, a restaurant, and performances spaces; one the second floor with a kitchen; and one on the roof. As that article points out, this is just one of a few culture projects planned for the non-residential area.

by Wyatt Marshall

"Lady Circus octopus massage" at Fundraiser bash (via @mattxs)

Brooklyn's arts/performance space/circus/venue House of Yes has successfully funded their Kickstarter campaign to pay for a new Bushwick home for the venue, a little over a year after shutting its doors on its old East Williamsburg location. To celebrate, House of Yes threw a party on Friday night (8/1) on a rooftop near the Morgan L (not actually at the new venue spot) with fire-breathers, contortionists (see above) and more..

The new location -- signed to a ten year lease and will be legit -- is at 408 Jefferson Street  (at Wyckoff Ave) and is scheduled to open in November. A bit about the new space from House of Yes's Kickstarter page:

The new House of Yes will be a venue where artists can create and present work and audiences can celebrate, socialize and be inspired. The 5,000 sq ft space will have a theater that seats 200, and a standing room of 400!!!
House of Yes was asking to raise $60,000 of a projected $105,100 budget, and, having made their initial goal, they have upped their aim to $90,000 to make the "best venue and theater ever." They're well on their way--they've raised nearly $80,000 as of the time of posting.

House of Yes in 2009 (more by Ryan Muir)
House of Yes

Dear House of Yes patrons, party goers, performers, students and friends,

Five years ago, we signed a lease on decrepit building in the depths of East Williamsburg, and turned it into a castle of creative forces, an incubator for ideas and for many... a place to call home.

This week, we learned that we were unable to renew our lease at 342 Maujer Street. While we were initially shocked and saddened by this news, we have now come to realize that this is the perfect opportunity to take things to the next level.

We are looking to create North Brooklyn's first proper theater, a versatile event venue and an aerial training facility. We will be a more polished, professional, and larger House of Yes.

5 years ago we embarked on this project with extremely limited resources and know how. Now we head into the future with incredible potential. We stand ready and eager, backed by a community of thousands, with a whole lot of experience under our belts.

These past five years in this space has generated more joy than some see in an entire lifetime. We are forever grateful for every second anyone has ever spent at House of Yes- Every audience member. Every party goer. Every performer. Every aerialist. Every person reading this. Every person who made the House of Yes a thriving hive of art, energy, performance and family.

The House of Yes was never a building- it was always a community of creatives, fueled by a desire to work, make and share their gifts with New York City and the world.


the House of Yes Crew.

The above message was posted by the people at Brooklyn performance space/arts venue House of Yes, which has hosted the Mister Saturday Night parties, Lady Circus, and more. They've got a couple more events left at the current space, and then will be looking for a new Brooklyn location.

Information on what they're looking for in terms of a new space below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Jacques Renault
Jacques Renault

Pitchfork posted a story yesterday on The New Electronic Brooklyn Underground, where they highlighted the thriving dance parties, labels, and producers that have been coming up in Brooklyn for a few years now and have been experiencing even greater success lately. Some of what they highlighted, like record label UNO and especially their artist Mykki Blanco, have been working their way up so much, they may not even be able to be considered "underground" anymore.

Mykki Blanco is also part of NYC's rising underground rap scene, and along with Angel Haze, CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, and The Underachievers, Mykki is being featured in Spit Gold Under An Empire, a new documentary on the NY rap scene directed by Montreal's Emily Kai Bock, who directed Grimes' "Oblivion" video (via FACT). You can watch the trailer video below.

But back to the electronic stuff. UNO is also responsible for putting out releases by other great artists like Jacques Greene, CFCF, Fatima Al Qadiri, Arca, Gobby, and more. Jacques Greene, who resides in Montreal, is on tour of the US now and he'll be in NYC for a show on February 9 at 88 Palace with Dark Disco and Martyn. All Jacques Greene dates are listed below.

Another party highlighted in the Pitchfork article was Let's Play House, which is a party run by Jacques Renault (not to be confused with Jacques Greene) and Nik Mercer. They've got two upcoming events this month -- first they'll do a free one on January 24 at The Woods (48 S 4 St) with Stockholm producer HNNY (who also plays Le Baron on 1/22 while he's in NYC), and then a co-presented party with The Dog & Pony show at Le Poisson Rouge on January 26 with The Revenge (UK), Mark E, Jacques Renault, and Paul Raffaele (tickets). The flyers for those shows are below. Jacques Renault also has a show tonight (1/18) at The Counting Room (44 Berry St) with Miss Sabado and Son of Sound. Admission is $10 at the door or $5 with RSVP to resonate@misssabado.com.

Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin
Mister Saturday Night

The article also highlights the Mister Saturday Night party, which is run by Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin. They have a bunch of parties coming up, and one of the most interesting ones is FaltyDL (who has an album coming out next week) at House of Yes on January 26. More info on that show and a list of all upcoming Mister Saturday NIght events are below.

The article also talks about Aurora Halal's Mutual Dreaming party, which doesn't have any upcoming events at the moment, but you may remember it from the Hieroglyphic Being show at 285 Kent over the summer.

Lists of dates, video, streams, and flyers below...

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A Mister Saturday Night loft party in 2010 (more by Chris Doss)
Mister Saturday Night

Yesterday, we listed a bunch of New Year's Eve options taking place in New York City. Here's one more. On New Year's Eve (12/31), Mister Saturday Night (aka Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin) will be taking over House of Yes (342 Maujer St., Brooklyn, NY) for a party and will be playing records all night. In order to keep the party intimate, they're requiring that you buy advance tickets, which are on sale now. They say: "No waiting for a drink for an hour at the bar, no standing in crazy lines at the bathroom, and no coat check debacles. Just you, us, some friends and some dancing. And a champagne toast at midnight, of course." The flier for the show is below.

Mister Saturday Night are also throwing a loft party in Brooklyn on February 11 at 12-Turn-13 on 172 Classon Ave. with Four Tet. It isn't clear whether or not he will be DJing or playing live.

Four Tet also plays NYC a month after that at Le Poisson Rouge on March 10. Tickets are still available.

All Four Tet dates and Mistery Saturday Night NYE flier below...

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Mac & Keith (photo by Andrew St. Clair)

We have a full post with pictures and review of last night's show at House of Vans coming, but meanwhile check out a video of 2/3 of Superchunk's encore, aka the part where (Off!'s) Keith Morris came out and performed Gimme Gimme Gimme (Black Flag) and Where Eagles Dare (Misfits) with Mac and band. It was pretty amazing (especially the Misfits part, no offense Keith). Video below...

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Cirque yes

More info on the Brooklyn show @ the websites of Lady Circus & Fuct.

photos by Ryan Muir

Jordann Baker
Lady Circus

Lady Circus is a performing arts troupe in New York City composed of nine ladies who perform solo, in small groups, or in a variety show setting in their entirety. Founded by New York based Anya Sapozhnikova in 2007.

Lady Circus, self-described as "an intoxicating cocktail of riot and glamour," considers themselves to be, "a mix of sideshow, brooklyn grit, and 1920's gilded decadence finished off with a modern edge." Their performances use circus arts to entertain and address political and social issues. Members have been sighted using stilts, hula hoops, fire fans, poi, aerial silk, lyra, trapeze, contortion, glass walking, sword swallowing, fire eating, rhythmic gymnastics and combinations thereof across a variety of venues including warehouse parties, galas, benefits, parades, art openings, and private events presenting a diverse skill-set.

Lady Circus performed traditionally one gig at a time, tailoring their acts to each performance space and purpose. As their rehearsal space at The House of YES became rebuilt after a devastating fire in April 2008, their ability to create a full stage show came to fruition.

January 2009: Lady Circus completes first full stage production for The Sky Box Aerial Theatre that operates at the new House of YES. The show is titled "Lady Circus and The Mickey Western Band Present: The Rusted Gun Saloon" A tumultuous tale of love, jealousy, greed, and violence. Including live music and circus in the sky and on the ground!

Lady Circus performed The Rusted Gun Saloon four times (so far). The final show was January 24th. That's the one Ryan and I both went to. The live music, the Lady Circus performers, the DIY space, the original story, the homemade costumes, the $20 ticket price... everything was great, In case they do it again, I don't want to spoil it any more than the pictures already do. More of them (NSFW), below...

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burnt laptops inside the House of Yes (Kae Burke)
House of Yes

The House of Yes was a Brooklyn venue (sorta) that was not as lucky as Zebulon and Webster Hall.

Since its conception last May, it has hosted within its walls decadent dance parties, hip-hop throw downs, burlesque birthdays, recording sessions, sing-alongs, circus rehearsals, decoration creation, costume workshops, family brunches, and quality conversation. The eights people who lived and worked out of the space were not just roomates. We became a real family of unique individuals who took care of each other and loved each other like the brothers and sisters that we became. Luckily, we still have each other.

As the House of Yes burnt down, we didn't only lose our cat, our home and our workspace.
We lost our ability to host weekly yoga sessions, circus skill share, and sewing workshops.
We lost sound equipment, cameras, books, heirlooms, toys, papers, furniture, and clothes.
We lost the tools and materials that we all used to make art and our community with. [The House of Yes]
Help them get some stuff back by attending the benefit this Saturday at the Pussycat Lounge in Manhattan (May 3, 2008). There will be music, circus acts, dancing (some nude), a silent auction and much, much more.

More pictures of the fire @ Flickr.

House of Yes (kmeuse)
House of Yes

Some one just told me about last night's fire (on Troutman St). A search brought up this blog post about it:

Fire at the House of Yes, Literally.
Normally, this is the kind of fire at Brooklyn's House of Yes.

But last night, it was a seemingly innocuous toaster and a five foot paper puppet goblin head hung on the wall above that began a dangerous dance of flames that engulfed the enclave of a dozen or more artists. The enormous loft, performance space and living quarters located near flushing and metropolitan was a well loved and respected community that regularly hosted fun gatherings for the purposes of making fun and art.

I had been once only to pickup up some things to bring to another event. I was welcomed graciously and fed breakfast before I was allowed to leave on my errand way. It felt like Home for my few minutes of mealtime.

Last night, I had just arrived at party hosted by another collective and underground live music and late night party promise land. The host alerted me to the fact that there had been a fire and asked if I could drive his van to them to load out any salvaged belongings.

So I jump in the van, whip across Brooklyn and arrive at the two story building, to a see people scattered about placing things out on the streets. I walk up the dark stairs and wade through ankle high pools of ashen water. We carry out as many things as we can before the landlord comes to board up the doors to prevent looting.

Spirits remain high despite the tragic events of the evening. We gather up things, jump in the vans drive off to not so distant Dumbo. The party continues past dawn, until eventually the House of Yes members crash on couches to dream away the day. [iLiveInMyTruck dot com]

Nobody was physically hurt.