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photo: Incantation in LA in 2012 (more by Adam Murray)

US death metal vets Incantation are still kicking, and will go on another tour in support of last year's Dirges of Elysium this spring. The tour includes a run with FaithXtractor, which hits NYC on April 24 at Saint Vitus, with Putrisect also on board. Tickets for that show are on sale now. All dates are listed below.

The lineup of Incantation has changed many times over the years. Phoenix New Times asked John McEntee about that. He said:

The vibe is great now. You never know what's going to happen with people and that's one of the reasons why we've had a ton of lineup changes. I think part of the problem is that I'm a really easy-going guy, and unfortunately I gave too many people opportunities to play in the band when they actually weren't musically capable. We rushed on a lot of people actually for touring, and we never had time to get to know them or see if they were capable and jam. Then you go out, and realize you don't get along. Plus I was a lot younger and when you're younger... well I didn't deal with situations like I do now. As a person I'm more mature and I understand how to handle situations.

I have learned over the years that when you have good people to work with and enjoy it, it makes sense to go above and beyond to make sure it works. I'm a visionary with music. Which that's important for me; I have to know I'm expressing myself with the band, and if the members can't feel that way, it's best that they move on to something where they can express themselves.

List of dates, and a full stream of Dirges of Elysium, below...

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Metal mag Decibel has published their Top 40 Albums of 2014 list in their newest issue, which you can check out in more detail if you're a subscriber. And thanks to Stereogum who transcribed it, you can also browse the full thing below. Though Decibel have tended to lean towards veterans for their top spot, a much newer band takes the #1 album this year. And if you're into modern metal, their choice is pretty hard to argue. Those big veteran comeback albums show up soon after though, with At the Gates taking #2 and Godflesh coming in at #5. There's plenty more on there too -- see for yourself below.

At the Gates, related band Vallenfyre (#8 on this list), and 2012 winners Converge will head out on the 2015 Decibel tour next year. As discussed, that hits NYC on April 12 at Webster Hall. Tickets for that one are still available.

Decibel's Top 40 Albums of 2014 below...

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by Ian Chainey

Incantation in LA in 2012 (more by Adam Murray)

We're up to our neck in Incantation clones, so it's certainly nice to see the real diabolical conquistadors back in action. The Pennsylvanian punishers have a new album on the way titled Dirges of Elysium and it sounds as filthy as ever. The record drops via Listenable Records on June 24 (preorder). Of course, as bands with a new record often do, Incantation are also hitting the road. They'll be playing dates with Macabre.

Indeed, Incantation and the serial-murderer-obsessed death/thrashers from Illinois have scheduled shows together to happen this summer. It's something of a special jaunt for the death-/grind-influencing Macabre as their 'murder metal' turns 30 this year. The band has cut a slew of fun records, but they're a special treat live. Incantation, too, excel in the concert element, with John McEntee providing some of the best death metal song intros in the scene. Sorry, let me rephrase that: BEEEEEEEEEST DEATH METAL INNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTROS IN THE SCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENE. A full tour hasn't been announced yet, but a few dates for this monstrous bill have popped up including a NYC show happening on June 30 at Saint Vitus. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

All currently known dates are listed, with a couple live videos of these two shaking their surroundings, below...

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by Ian Chainey

Incantation in Columbus, Ohio, 2013 (more by Matt Mohr)

Old school death metal standbys, and noted mustache aficionados, Incantation have unleashed the first sonic evidence of their new album Dirges of Elysium, which will be available in the US through Listenable Records on June 24. The song arrives at the perfect hour, just as metalheads are underlining acts to catch at Maryland Deathfest. Incantation will be playing on Friday, May 23 at Rams Head Live. See the rest of the set times here.

In a career spanning 25 years, Incantation has become an American death metal institution, earning their share of copycats in the way re-thrash aims for the Big 4 and bands with buzzsaw guitar tones go for Entombed or Grave. "Carrion Prophecy" continues their legacy, crushing cochleas with killer grooves, slowmo crawls, and amps caked in murky filth. Dirges of Elysium will be the trio's 10th studio album and first since 2012's Vanquish in Vengeance.

Growl along with John McEntee below and get pumped for MDF with a fan video of Incantation's 2010 MDF appearance. Black Sabbath cover! Dio alert!

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By Doug Moore

Behemoth at Irving Plaza, 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)

Behemoth frontman Nergal is kind of a badass -- he's an extremely gifted musician and a live-performance powerhouse who's played an important role in putting the potent Polish metal scene on the international map over the past 20 years. He's also a cancer survivor; after his 2010 leukemia diagnosis, he underwent chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Two years later, Behemoth were back on the road and plowing through high-energy live sets like nothing had happened. Again, badass.

Behemoth announced a 2014 release for The Satanist -- their tenth album, and their first in half a decade -- a few months ago. I admittedly haven't been too excited by their last few efforts, but after watching the NSFW video for leadoff single "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel" (streaming below), my enthusiasm for the band has been rekindled. It's far moodier and more patient composition than the cluttered, robotic death/black metal that they've produced recently. They can still put the hammer down when they need to, though; the song's final minute is both the catchiest and most intense moment I've heard them produce since the mid-aughts. The video is pretty cool too, especially if you're into artsy black-and-white shots of evil rituals happening in slow motion.

In related news, Behemoth were also recently announced as part of the initial lineup for the 2014 edition of France's Hellfest, which will take place from June 20 through 22 (6/20-6/22). The lineup so far is huge and crazy: there's a "huge rock band" stage, featuring Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Soundgarden, among others; a big-name thrash/black metal stage that spotlights Slayer, Death Angel, Emperor, Iced Earth, Behemoth, and more; a death metal stage that will include Death To All, Carcass, Opeth, Nile, Gorguts, Hail of Bullets, and Weekend Nachos; a smaller black metal stage topped off by Watain, Gorgoroth and 1349; a sludge/stoner stage featuring Electric Wizard, Monster Magnet, Unida, Kylesa, Godflesh, and Clutch; and a punk stage topped by Walls of Jericho, Millencolin, and Turbonegro. Wow. You can reserve tickets now, if you feel like parsing the Google-Translated ticket page.

Check out the Behemoth video and the full set of Hellfest announcements below.

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by Doug Moore

Immolation @ Gramercy, 2013 (more by Greg Cristman)

The Maryland Deathfest lineup for 2014 grows ever spookier. The fest's organizers have taken advantage of Samhain to announce a whole string of new bands -- no huge names in this round, but there are a bunch of notables, including Castevet (who just played an IO-sponsored record release show), Sweden's Entrails and the hilarious Birdflesh, Germany's Necros Christos, Japan's Coffins, Canada's Mitochondrion, Austrialia's Whitehorse, plus local favorites Immolation, Incantation, and Mutilation Rites. That's a lot of -ations.

This announcement is extra noteworthy because it included venue details, which have been the subject of much speculation since the fest announced that it would not return to the former Sonar compound. The short version is that MDF 2014 will take place in three places: a parking lot a few blocks from Sonar, the Baltimore Soundstage (again), and the Rams Head Live. Here's the full announcement:

3 stages, including the 2 main stages, will be located at 545 N. High Street (Edison Parking lot), which is 1-2 blocks from the old location of Sonar. The setup at the Edison space will eliminate a variety of logistical problems and will ultimately lead to a better experience for you at MDF next year. This space has an approved capacity that is significantly higher than what we're used to, we can open the entrance 2 hours before the first band each day, we won't be getting in the way of the Farmers Market on Sunday, we don't have to close off streets, and once again, we will have MORE space. In addition to adding more shaded areas, there is already existing shade here, so if it gets hot, you won't be roasting on concrete all day. As far as parking goes, there is an enormous parking lot next to the space we're using that you'll be able to park at, and as always, metered parking is possible under the highway that everyone is familiar with from previous years.

On Thursday, bands will only be playing at Rams Head Live, located in the Power Plant Live! section of downtown Baltimore at 20 Market Pl. On Friday-Sunday, bands (death and black metal) will be playing at Rams Head Live between the hours of 10 pm - 2 am, (bands will conclude at the Edison parking space at 11 pm).

On Friday-Sunday, once again, we are doing a grind/hardcore/punk/crust stage at Baltimore Soundstage, located across the street from Rams Head Live at 124 Market pl. Unlike last year, bands will play here all day/night and there won't be any large gaps between bands.

Generally speaking, this setup was the most sensible solution for us, as it allows us to book a lot of bands, give bands respectable set lengths, eliminate many issues/concerns from last year, and keep the fest close to hotels and other downtown conveniences that everyone is used to.

As early as next week, we will break everything down so you know who is playing where. We will also announce more bands at that time. We still have a few up our sleeve for the main stages, but mostly, we're down to rounding out the Soundstage billing before being completely finished with booking.

The parking lot in question was in use as an actual, y'know, parking lot at this year's festivities. Some of you undoubtedly drank beers out of a cooler there. The prospect of an mostly outdoor version of MDF makes me a little nervous, given the mid-Atlantic's rainy late spring, but we all survived last year, right?

Check out the full list of newly announced bands and the complete lineup to date below...

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Death metal favorites Incantation will again bless NYC on March 30 at Saint Vitus as part of a strong bill with funeral doomers Evoken, reactivated DM crew Derketa, and Rellik. Tickets are on sale. The appearance from the DM favorites is part of a rare tour -- their last being part of a semi-disasterous appearance at Europa in 2010 where they were scheduled to perform all of their classic Onward to Golgatha (they played most of it).

Incantation released Vanquish in Vengeance late last year. Stream that LP in full below alongside a list of all tour dates.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

One Tail One Head at Inferno Festival, April 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
One Tail One Head

2012 was a year of considerable personal growth for me, as a person, a photographer and a music fan. As I recounted in my favorite photos of 2012, I got to shoot some of my favorite bands of all time and travel the globe in search of new ones. The beginning of the year was spent dealing with personal drama, and if it werent for key records in my life I shudder to think at where I would be right now. To every band on this list and many who aren't, I cant thank you enough.

First order of business, my musical pallette is much much larger than just a series of metal records. This is NOT a list of my favorite records of the year, because that would surely include other entries from across many different genres. This is, however, a list of some of my favorite heavier records.

To me, the term "heavy" can be defined in many ways, from the elongated riff on a doom record to a noise squall to a particularly punishing punk-rock beatdown. While most of the following records are "heavy" in the traditional "distortion and loud guitars" sense, a few are not. You'll see metal, you'll see deathrock, you'll see raw punk, you'll see hardcore, and many spots in between in the numbered list below. And to answer your question, yes you'll see Swans... right beside D-Clone and Asphyx.

My favorite records of 2012 are below. Hopefully you'll see a connection in favorites or maybe discover something new. Regardless, I hope you found your own favorites of the year whether in this list or outside of it.

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Pallbearer at Knitting Factory, September 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

Decibel Magazine has compiled their annual list of top 40 albums of the year. As usual, there are some surprises but the 2012 top ten is basically a list of nine veterans with only a single newcomer to the bunch. The full list of top records of the year according to Decibel Magazine is below, along with a tweet from the winning band. Buy your copy HERE.

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photos by Adam Murray, words by BBG

Autopsy @ the Gathering of The Beastial Legion
Gathering of Beastial Legion

Death metal greats Autopsy have released the title track, which you can listen to below, from their forthcoming All Tomorrow's Funerals LP due via Peaceville on February 28. The record collects previous EPs and includes re-recorded tracks. Check out the tracklisting and album art below too.

Autopsy spent January 14th in Los Angeles performing at The Gathering of The Beastial Legion V at Echo/Echoplex, where they teamed with Incantation, Acheron, Sanguis Imperium, HOD, Crypt Infection, and many more. Pictures from that day-long festival are below. Chicago-ans can look for Autopsy to play their fair city on May 5th, while Maryland Death Fest participants can expect them soon as well.

That song stream, tracklisting, album art, and more pictures from The Gathering of The Beastial Legion, including one of Autopsy's setlist, are below.

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photos by Suren Karapetyan, words by BBG


"When I arrived at the venue, California's Fatalist had set up their guitars and banner, but there wasn't a single amplifier on the stage. Not a good sign... Just when it appeared all was lost and the show would be canceled, Incantation showed up with the gear. Mortician set up directly, meaning Fatalist and Funerus wouldn't get to go on... Knowing their time was short, Mortician ripped open a casket of gore with "Zombie Apocalypse." The crowd, who had been standing around for several hours making liberal use of the bar, erupted into an immediate pit... Unfortunately, the set couldn't have lasted more than 15 minutes.

Incantation took agonizingly long to set up, perhaps disbelieving the strict curfew. When they ripped into the succulent opening riff of "Golgotha," all else was forgotten. The decently sized crowd seemed cowed into passivity for a moment, but erupted into mayhem at the first lumbering groove...I was quite interested to see who would be on stage for this show. No band seems to have had more line-up changes in their history than Incantation. John McEntee handled the vocals ably. He dispensed serpentine riffage while growling out gobs of incomprehensible lyrics. The crowd reacted with rapture to each track, hair flying and pit raging. Several erudite fans yelled along, displaying the improbable knowledge of all the album's lyrics...

I know I should be upset that only seven out of the ten original Onward to Golgotha tracks were performed... But it was still a good time, and an experience I won't soon forget. -[MetalInjection]

Unfortunately, due to Incantation arriving at the venue four hours after their scheduled arrival time, the fact that they were supplying equipment for all four bands on the bill, and that Europa had a strict curfew in place, Fatalist and Funerus were unable to perform on 11/20, and Mortician's set was cut to 15 minutes in order to make sure Incantation had time to play (though as it says above, they didn't actually get to finish playing all of Onward to Golgotha). More pictures from Europa are below...

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by BBG

Cough at CMJ (more by Keith Marlowe)

Did I book this show and not realize it? Cough will team up with Naam and Batillus to play The Charleston on 12/11. If you missed them at the BV-BBG show, this is an excellent chance to catch Cough in a small (and suuuper loud) environment. Must.

The previously discussed Incantation-plays-all-of-Onward to Golgotha show with Mortician, Funerus, and Fatalist has a new home :Europa on 11/20 (tickets) (a BrooklynVegan/1000Knives production). The show is the day before Gaza teams up with Tiger Flowers and Meek is Murder at Cake Shop.

Nachtmystium will hit Best Buy Theater on March 3rd, 2011 supporting Cradle of Filth, with Turisas and Daniel Lioneye as part of the "Creatures From The Black Abyss Tour" which also hits Starland Ballroom on March 5th . Tickets are on sale. All dates below.

Those looking to get away from their families after Christmas can scoot on down to Best Buy Theater to join Gwar with The Casualties, Infernaeon, and Mobile Deathcamp on 12/26. Tickets are on sale. Both Gwar and The Casualties will also play this weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest (11/5 - 11/7, tickets). Gwar's new album, Bloody Pit of Horror hits store shelves next week via Metal Blade. They recently appeared on Fallon. Video of that with all dates below.

Speaking of FFFF, Suicidal Tendencies are on tour and will play the fest this weekend and are scheduled to play Terminal 5 on 11/14 with Cro-Mags, Underdog and Death Before Dishonor. Tickets are still available or you can try your luck at winning a pair! Details are at the bottom of this post with updated dates.

Dub Trio will play Mercury Lounge with CSC Funk Band on November 10th. Tickets are on sale.

Great day show at ABC No Rio on 11/13 with Cali killers Punch and Loma Prieta teaming up with the great Vaccine and Death First. Shows start early, and this is a pretty killer bill so get there!

Kayo Dot will support Newspeak at a record release party for the band's new album Sweet Light Crude. loadbang will support at the Littlefield shindig on November 14th. Tickets are on sale for $8 or you can buy entry with a CD for $15.

All tour dates, details on how to enter the Suicidal Tendencies contest, and some video is below.

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by BBG


The tongue-wagging vocalist Frank Mullen will return to NYC, as NYDM gods Suffocation, The Faceless, and Decrepit Birth will team up with Fleshgod Apocalypse and Through The Eyes Of The Dead to soil Gramercy Theater on 10/16. Tickets are on sale. The show is part of a greater tour for the bands dubbed the Decibel Defiance tour. Full dates are below.

And while we're on the subject of classic 90s death metal, Incantation have announced that Mortician, Fatalist (who we profiled here), and Funerus will open the NYC show at Rebel on 11/20. Ticket info still unavailable. The show will be part of a short stint of dates for Incantation, Fatalist, and Funerus.

All dates and some videos below...

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by BBG


The sound of being swallowed whole into the bowels of hell -- a fitting description of the grotesque sounds that New Jersey lads Incantation captured on their debut album, 1992's Onward to Golgotha. Death metal at its most extreme, Onward to Golgotha does not let up one iota in its intensity -- evidenced in the vocal growls, manic riffing, and wicked drumbeats -- from beginning to end. - [allmusic]
Incantation will head to Rebel NYC to perform all of their 1992 classic Onward to Golgotha on November 20th. Ticket info is forthcoming. It's one of only three shows on the calendar for Incantation, with the other two being festival appearances at Hostile City Death Fest next weekend (8/27) and Noctis IV Metal Festival in Calgary on 9/24 with Sodom, Midnight, Rotten Sound, The Devil's Blood, Root, and many many more.

by BBG

Watain (photo by Steven Brown)

The Lawless States of Heretika Tour will envelope the nation in darkness, featuring Watain and headliner Behemoth along with Withered and Black Anvil. The tour will include a NYC stop at Irving Plaza on Dec 2nd. Tickets for that show go on AMEX presale at 10AM on Thursday (8/5), with general sale kicking off at 10AM the next day. All tour dates for the trek are below.

Before that campaign of destruction kicks off in November, Black Anvil will play Hostile City Deathfest in Philadelphia on August 27th - 29th. Featuring headlining sets from Incantation, Hate Eternal, and Exodus, the fest will also feature appearances from Origin, Enthroned, Destroyer 666, Pathology, and many others. Full details, including set times are below.

Speaking of Enthroned, Destroyer 666 and Black Anvil, their show with Pathology that was scheduled to take place at Europa in Brooklyn tonight, August 4th, has been postponed to August 31st. Estuary was also on the bill, but has to drop off the new date. Advanced tickets will be honored at what will be Enthroned's first NYC show in nine years.

We interviewed Erik from Watain earlier this year, shortly before the release of their new LP Lawless Darkness. Black Anvil have a record of their own on the way in Triumvirate, due via Relapse on 9/28. BV SXSW alums Withered are currently working on their new LP, the follow-up to the massive Folie Circulaire.

Full tour dates, Hostile City Deathfest details and some video below...

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by Justina Villanueva

Eyehategod on a Rocks Off Boat (more by Chloe Rice)

Before I dive into quotes and explanations, I would like to thank twitter and my cellphone for allowing me to take notes at the most inconvenient of times -- like being smushed in between a bunch of big and way-too-stoked hardcore dudes at the Burnt By the Sun show. Because I was a stupid stoner as a teenager, its pretty hard to remember all the stuff I see at shows...

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