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by Rob Sperry-Fromm


San Francisco's Vastum traffic in slow, down-tuned death metal about sex. If the first single from their upcoming album Hole Below, out November 6 on 20 Buck Spin, is any indication, this isn't changing any time soon. The song is called "Sodomitic Malevolence," and its a typically gnarled, brutal entry in Vastum's catalogue. Its heavy on the double-bass, grotesque lyrics, and general air of dread that has pervaded everything they've done. It's pretty great, and you can stream it below.

Vastum are going on a quick run of east coast dates that will take them through NYC to play The Acheron on November 5 with Trenchgrinder. That show will also feature support from Infernal Stronghold and Coagula, and they're billing it as a Martyrdoom Fest pre-party. Tickets are on sale now.

Check "Sodomitic Malevolence" and upcoming dates for Vastum and Trenchgrinder below...

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Excruciating Terror

LA death-grinders Excruciating Terror were around in the '90s before members went on to play in Bloody Phoenix, Asesino, Endless Demise and others, and they reunited in 2013 for their first time in 15 years. They were supposed to play NYC around the time they played Maryland Deathfest 2014, but ended up canceling all non-MDF shows that spring. Now they've got plans to make it over here once again, this time at Saint Vitus on April 11 with Hemdale, Stapled Shut, Infernal Stronghold and Mother Brain. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

All known dates are listed, with a stream of their 1996 debut LP, Expression of Pain, below...

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Infernal Stronghold at Rites of Darkness 2011 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)
Infernal Stronghold

Philadelphian black metal favorites Infernal Stronghold have ripped stages at Rites of Darkness and Maryland Deathfest this year, but now the band will spend the fall in the van. Starting things off with a hometown show on 9/15, look for IS to play shows from coast to coast including a stop at Saint VItus on September 18 with Geryon and Grudges. Tickets are on sale.

All tour dates are listed below along with a couple music streams. So far no word on any additional IS recordings (their last release was a split with Absu), but we'll keep a look out.

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by BBG

Trey Azagthoth of Morbid Angel
Maryland Death Fest

May 26th was a day of firsts for me at the tenth annual Maryland Deathfest. It was the first time I saw Confessor, Deviated Instinct and Haemorrhage. The first time I heard "new" material from death-doom godsWinter. The first time I saw Noothgrush with new live vocalist Dino Sommese (Ghoul, Dystopia, etc). And maybe most memorably, the first time I witnessed a man whip out his junk out on stage, piss in his cupped hand and wipe his face with it.

The latter first came care of Horna, who's lead singer Spellgoth performed the "urine baptism" at center stage (pictures below, NSFW?) and was one of several notable black metal-influenced performances (Archgoat, Tsjuder, Black Witchery) on that brutally hot Saturday. The moment wasn't noticed by many, but the foul stench of old blood and human fluids left a trail throughout the indoor stage.

My mid-afternoon arrival at Sonar meant that I sadly missed sets by Infernal Stronghold, Bloody Phoenix, and Looking for an Answer, and not-so-sadly missed October 31 (members Deceased) and Anvil (the former being eons better than the latter). The remainder of the sweltering hot day was largely a string of successes with stellar sets from crusty thrashers Hellbastard, UK's Dragged into Sunlight, deliciously obnoxious goregrind from Haemorrhage, death-doom pioneers Winter (who played unearthed songs at MDF), thrash from Morbid Saint and an impressive set from the reunited technical-doom crew Confessor.

Reunited crust-death metal crew Deviated Instinct wins for my favorite of the daytime performances (they played at close to the same time as The Devil's Blood), and though bassist David Vincent gave me a bit of a Nikki Sixx douche-chill during Morbid Angel's headlining set, the band's performance of the early classics absolutely murdered. Brujeria, the supercrew made up of members of Napalm Death, Carcass and more, were great headliners for the opposing outdoor stage but I opted for Noothgrush.

More pictures from day three at Maryland Deathfest are below. If you missed them, check out day one pictures HERE, a set of Rorschach's pictures HERE, and day two pictures HERE.

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words by Kim Kelly, photos by BBG

Adorior @ Rites of Darkness
Rites of Darkness

Rites of Darkness is in full swing, with both pre-fests done and dusted (check out photos of the Bond's show here) and Day 1 still ringing in our ears. On Friday evening, doors opened at 4pm and the opening band, Houston death metallers Warmaster, got short shrift: the line of black leather-clad punters wound 'round the outside of the building waited impatiently for the singular door-person to check their IDs well into and past their set (from what we could hear, their crushing, Bolt Thrower-inspired cacophony deserved better).

Philly black-thrashers Infernal Stronghold (who just got back from a short tour with Absu) ripped through a short set of urban blasphemy, taunting the still-lethargic crowd ("I didn't realize we were gonna be playing a fuckin' nursing home!") until the room filled up and the front row got violent. Ritual Necromancy brought the Incantation worship (filtered through a few grimy layers of doom and blackness), then Grave Upheaval filled the entire fucking room with (funeral) fog, which helped distract a bit from the monotony of their muddy, unfocused material.

Dispirit, who had appeared at the prefest and were hastily added to the fest proper, were once again at the top of their game; their hypnotic, atmospheric black metal rituals captivated and impressed. London horde Adorior, one of the most anticipated acts of the fest, delivered a wickedly intense, utterly savage set of thrashy death/black. Their imposing, leather-and-spike-clad frontwoman Melissa screamed bloody gore, sneering and mocking the "whiners and bitches" who'd been complaining about the fest and unveiling a new song: "This one's about fucking surviving, you know? This is "Gutters of Cum."

Canadian black/death cult Weapon were up next. This was their first-ever time playing the United States, and the maniacs down the front made their appreciation known, as a sea of fists and deafening roars greeted the quartet between every merciless cut of raw, sinewy death, blackened and tempered with shades of Middle Eastern melody. Afterwards, the mighty Demigod, Finnish gods of death, took the stage to play their seminal classic Slumber of Sullen Eyes in its entirety. "Amazing" is the only word that comes to mind; they were utterly on point, totally focused, and devastatingly heavy - a well-oiled war machine. The show closed out with two-man black metal institution Inquisition (who recently laid waste to NYC with Disma). Dagon's vocals, always a matter of contention, were a bit too loud, but the overall effect was fluid and damn near trance-inducing.

Stay tuned to BrooklynVegan for continuing coverage from Rites of Darkness 2011. Check out more pictures from Day 1 below...

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photos by Stephanie Crumley, Villains photos by BBG

Proscriptor McGovern of Absu by Stephanie

Absu headlined Europa on National Metal Day (11/11/11) as part of a string of dates with Infernal Stronghold. Absu played a 75 minute set of old and new material (like "Earth Ripper" in the video below), some from their latest Abzu out now via Candlelight, and some from their contribution to a tour-only split with tour-mates Infernal Stronghold (available at the show).

Local blackened-sleaze favorites Villains supported Absu/Infernal Stronghold, and pictures/video of them and all other bands are below..

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by BBG

Exclusive look at Absu/Infernal Stronghold flexi cover by Dilek
Absu / Infernal Stronghold flexi cover

Absu is commemorating their string of dates with Infernal Stronghold in physical form.

For the upcoming tour, the bands have self-released a split flexi that will only be available at these few shows. It will not be available for sale through other mediums whatsoever. one new song from each band on clear vinyl and 4 different colored silk-screened covers. Limited to 250 copies.
Get your copy of the tour-only flexi at one of their six east coast dates which kick off TONIGHT at Strange Matter in Richmond, VA, including on Friday 11/11/11 at Europa with Villains. The NYC show is a BrooklynVegan/Order Of The Serpent production.

In January Absu heads to Australia for a string of dates with Portal. Check out our just-posted interview with Portal's Horror Illogium (and the accompanying remix he did for Bloody Panda).

All Absu tour dates, the show flyer, and some streams from Absu's latest LP Abzu (as well as other material) is below...

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by BBG

Absu at Gramercy Theater (more by Greg Cristman)

Mythological occult metal trio Absu will hit the road for some dates with Infernal Stronghold that will include a show at Europa on 11/11/11. Tickets for the Brooklyn show are on sale. All dates are listed below.

Absu's sixth LP Abzu is due on 10/4/11 via Candlelight. The LP marks the recording debut of guitarist Vis Crom (also Rumplestiltskin Grinder) and is the second of a planned trilogy of recordings that started with 2009's Absu. The band is also preparing to re-release The Sun of Tiphareth as a 3xLP box set with bonus tracks via Dark Symphonies/The Crypt. Look for more reissues via the label in 2012, including The Third Storm of Cythraul and Tara.

Meanwhile get familiar with Absu with a mixtape and Infernal Stronghold's latest split with Pizza Hi-Five, both streamable below. All tour dates down there too...

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by BBG

Napalm Death at Gramercy (more by Justina Villanueva)
Napalm Death

The tenth edition of Maryland Deathfest (May 24-27, 2012) has expanded further, adding names like Autopsy, Napalm Death, Noothgrush, Rwake, Deviated Instinct, Cough, Coke Bust, Infernal Stronghold, Backslider and Castevet to its already impressive lineup (Godflesh, Electric Wizard, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, etc). Full lineup is below. Tickets will go on sale in the coming months.

Cough and CT of Rwake will meanwhile appear at the Slow Southern Steel film premiere at Knitting Factory on August 13th with The Gates of Slumber and Earthling. Tickets are on sale.

Autopsy recently played Slaughter In The Water and Chaos in Tejas 2011.

Noothgrush plays several Power of The Riff shows in the second week of August. The band is preparing to re-release Erode the Person via Parasitic Records.

Full lineup and some video is below.

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Nick and Lev of Krallice / Bloody Panda (more by Greg Cristman)

Krallice have spent some time away from the live stage as of late, but will return on October 7th for a show with incredible blackened blasters Infernal Stronghold and Concussion at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn. The band has been working their follow-up to Dimensional Bleedthrough for Profound Lore Records, though no word on a date or the current state of the release. - BBG

In related news, Nick McMaster of Krallice appears on Nader Sadek's new In the Flesh.

And speaking of Shea Stadium, Pygmy Shrews, Unnatural Helpers, and the Babies play there tonight (8/30). It will be the Unnatural Helpers' 2nd of four NYC-area shows. On Saturday they played Dead Herring because that's where their show scheduled for Bruar Falls was moved to. Tuesday, 9/1, they're at Maxwell's and Wednesday is Cake Shop. More info in This Week in Indie.

by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Final - "Wrong Signal (alt. mix)" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Laudanum - "Invoke" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Infernal Stronghold - "Destruction of Life...Unworthy of Life!" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Infernal Stronghold - "Curb The Trend" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Rot In Hell - "Black Omega" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Tournament - "Something Temporary" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Jesu - "Deflated" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Mother Of Mercy - "Back To The Agony" (MP3)

Laudanum cover art

Laudanum, who released the stunning Sacred Death split with Stormcrow earlier in the year, has released The Coronation on 20 Buck Spin. Featuring members of the much revered Graves At Sea as well as Pig Heart Transplant, The Coronation is a downtuned massive slab of doom interrupted by ominous dark ambient passages. Pick up The Coronation NOW at 20 Buck Spin and dig on one of those tracks, "Invoke", above.

Speaking of Stormcrow, that band along with Converge, Malevolent Creation, Naglfar, Wolbrigade, Deceased, Rompeprop, Gorod, and Nazxul have all been added to the Maryland Deathfest 2010 lineup!

A BIG FAT congratulations goes out to Salome who have signed to Profound Lore! If you missed it, Salome are hitting the road with Batillus and Hull.

French shoegazey black-metaller Alcest is preparing a new album which will contain six tracks, four new and two of which will be re-recorded from the Le Secret EP. Alcest, aka Neige also of Amesouers and Pest Noire fame, will employ Winterhalter (also Peste Noire, et al) to handle drum duties on the release, which should appear in January of 2010. Alcest's last LP was the critically acclaimed Souvenirs D'un Autre Monde

Who likes Dio? Who likes Black Sabbath? Who likes 'em both TOGETHER? I have one pair of tickets to see Heaven & Hell with Coheed & Cambria at the WaMu Theater @ MSG on August 25th! Details on how to win are at the bottom of this post.

In case you missed it, Shrinebuilder are coming to NYC!

Pennsylvania band Mother of Mercy, who features members of the great Blacklisted, recently dropped their killer album III via Six Feet Under Records. This is one seriously pissed off hardcore record... highly recommended! One track, "Divide", is streaming here but you can also download "Back To The Agony" above!

Rot In Hell's 2006-2008 discography, Hallways of The Always, is out NOW via A389 Recordings (vinyl) and Grot Records (CD). The UK band follows a similar path as Integrity and Ringworm... a sick/bleak metallic hardcore, and this LP is a must have for Holy Terror fans before they drop their debut LP on Deathwish! Download a song from Hallways of The Always, "Black Omega", above.

Prepare for another Aaron Turner (Isis) supergroup... Jodis featuring James Plotkin and Tim Wyskida of Khanate! Their debut LP, Secret House, will be released via Hydra Head on 10/27.

Lately, I have been giving the new Infernal Stronghold LP alot of burn. The project, which shares a drummer with the black metal monsters in Woe, treads an old school black metal-punk aesthetic and is one of those bands that can usually be seen at an ABC No Rio matinee. And that's where you can see them on October 3, when the band lands in NYC supporting Cannabis Corpse at one of two shows that day, at the Charleston and ABC No Rio (matinee). Infernal Stronghold's new LP Godless Noise is out NOW via Forcefield Records. Check out a pair of tracks, "Curb the Trend" and "Destruction of Life...Unworthy of Life!", available for download above!

Javelina is currently streaming "Black Blizzard" from their upcoming monster Beasts Among Us, the tracklisting of which is below!

If you have been to a single underground metal or punk show in NYC, chances are you have seen Tournament (though I missed their set at Union Pool on Sunday night). The band's Swordswallower EP was a fave, but now they have a NEW baby, Years Old, out NOW via Forcefield Records. Check out "Something Temporary" available for download above and check out the band at either the Chronic Youth Launch party with Cannabis Corpse on 8/21 or at the recently added Dark Castle show on 9/13 at The Charleston. Flyer is below.

A video from Fuck The Facts, news on Jesu/Final, Goes Cube, Pig Destroyer, Weekend Nachos, and much more as This Week In Metal continues...

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