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by BBG

Saint Vitus @ Irving Plaza in 2011 (more by BBG)
Saint Vitus

Chaos in Tejas (May 31-June 3 in Austin) have announced ANOTHER batch of bands to add to their ridiculous lineup including Saint Vitus, Church of Misery, No Statik, Toys That Kill, Pegasus, Martial Canterel, Anasazi, Bloodwing (mems of The Spits, who are on tour soon), Harm's Way, Hatred Surge, the Hex Dispensers, John Wesley Coleman, Joyce Manor, and many many others. The current full lineup and flyer is below and tickets are FINALLY going on sale TODAY (1/31).

Doom legends Saint Vitus are currently preparing their new LP Lillie: F-65 for Season of Mist. The record, their eighth and first in seventeen years (!), is tentatively set for release at the end of March. More details are forthcoming.

In related news, members of Mind Eraser also serve as personnel in Magic Circle, another Chaos in Tejas band. Look for Magic Circle to team with Pilgrim (who we recently interviewed), Windhand, and Natur at Public Assembly on March 1st.

The updated Chaos in Tejas lineup is below along with the flyer.

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by BBG

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists at Bell House (more by Erik Erikson)
Ted Leo

The Chaos in Tejas lineup expands more with another round of additions including the first Breakdown show in 25 years with the 87 demo lineup, Ted Leo & The Pharmacists (one of two upcoming Austin shows for Ted), the Clean (first Texas show ever), Deviated Instinct, Death Evocation (1st show), Mass Grave, Pierced Arrows, Australian garage rockers Royal Headache, No Fucker, New Orleans Bounce artist Katey Red, the Impalers, Cold World, Creem, Avon Ladies, Backtrack, Bi-Marks, Phobia and many others. Full list of new additions and the latest flyer is below.

The additions joined previously announced bands like Antisect, Winter, The Mob, Varukers, Best Coast, Moss Icon, Dropdead, Ringworm, Midnight, and many more.

Chaos in Tejas will add another 40+ bands in the coming weeks and tickets will go on sale on January 31st. More details are forthcoming.

Show flyer, video, and the list of all new additions below...

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photos by Tim Griffin & BBG, words by BBG

Chaos in Tejas

An uber-late Thursday night with Tragedy and Origin of M ruined me for Friday day shows (and daylight, for that matter), but I was not going to miss one of my favorite two-pieces, Iron Lung at Emo's outdoors on the 2nd day of Chaos in Tejas 2011 (June 3rd). The band was third on the bill that hot and sticky night. They played after Hatred Surge and Cider, and were followed by an amazing lineup of fast/brutal featuring Innumerable Forms, Extortion, Citizens Arrest, and the piece de resistance, a headlining set from none other than Autopsy. The show was a stark contrast to what was happeing on the inside state: Lower Dens, Milk Music, The Young, and Unholy Two. Allo Darlin' were supposed to play too, but they cancelled (their NYC shows seem to still be happenning though).

My "day" started with a mix of witty banter and powerviolence brutality from Iron Lung, the first of what would be several pits of the evening. The duo are bulldozer-strength despite their numbers, and incited stage dives & pits despite the early hour. After a set from the dependably great Innumerable Forms (though we need some new mat'l gentlemen!), which featured Justin of Mind Eraser backed by Mammoth Grinder, Extortion took the stage to play a fastball of a set to a highly responsive (and stagedive-y) crowd. The band's clean tone fast-core was great, and the band delivered a more powerful set than at Maryland Deathfest... possibly due to the lack of barrier?

Citizens Arrest followed Extortion. It was the NYC hardcore greats' last set in the foreseeable future, and the fans at Chaos in Tejas were definitely more receptive than the MDF bunch (also, barrier?). The show resembled the band's showing at Knitting Factory in December with plenty of stage dives, dancing, and general mayhem. Many of the dancing few were from band's themselves, so it was awesome to see members of great bands going apeshit just like the rest of us. Awesome set.

Citizens Arrest
Chaos in Tejas

Autopsy headlined the evening, sitting comfortably in the middle ground between wide-eyed maniac and perfectly executed death metal veterans. The band played material from their latest Macabre Eternal, as well as earlier material during their hour+ set. From the moment that the band's intro music came on, the crowd was pressed up against each other in the front rows, with the audience swaying from side to side and front to back in the humidity. It was hot, but not hot enough for me to take my eyes off of Autopsy. Awesome set.

During Autopsy I poked my head into the Emo's indoor room where a sparsely populated crowd were enjoying Lower Dens (catch them on tour with Cass McCombs). I enjoyed the air-conditioning.

Chaos in Tejas Day One pictures are HERE and HERE. Our first set from Day Two (all from Emo's) continue below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Mammoth Grinder - "Surveilled" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Hatred Surge - "Invega" (MP3)

Innumerable Forms @ Acheron (more)
Innumerable Forms

Yet ANOTHER MDF-related tour to get excited about, as Hatred Surge, Mammoth Grinder, and Innumerable Forms (who all toured together last year) will hit the road with Miasmal (mem Martyrdöd) for a string of US dates that will include shows at Maryland Deathfest and Chaos in Tejas. Those dates kick off in Austin and include a Brooklyn show at Acheron on May 24th.

Meanwhile, Mammoth Grinder and Hatred Surge (who now have Rahi of Insect Warfare on vocals) have a split LP on the way via Cyclopean Records. The split is currently on preorder via the label, and features three songs from Mammoth Grinder and four from Hatred Surge. Download a pair of tracks from that record above and stream the entire thing below. Both Mammoth Grinder & Hatred Surge, as well as Scapegoat & Iron Lung will be featured on the upcoming Brutal Supremacy double 7" compilation due via Painkiller Records.

In related news, Cyclopean will also release the final (?) recordings by Iron Age:

The last Iron Age release will be available on March 1st. It will be a 2 song demo tape, and limited to 300 copies. The "Saga Demos" are essentially excerpts taken from our unfinished album "Fate in the Shadow of Eluvimal". They were recorded in our practice space last October and will finally see the light of day before we play our last couple of shows this Spring/Summer. Stay tuned for more info.
No word on if "last couple of shows" means another NYC date. We'll keep you up to date, but until then, the Hatred Surge/Mammoth Grinder split is streaming below, alongside all tour dates...

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words by Lindsay Maharry, photos by BBG

Mammoth Grinder
Mammoth Grinder

Last night (7/29), Mammoth Grinder and Innumerable forms shredded The Acheron. There weren't enough people there, but it didn't matter.

Mammoth Grinder is another great band out of Austin's thriving metal scene. Despite their van breaking down in Jersey the night before, they made the trek with a rental, thanking the show's promoter Ian Dickson. Viva Hardcore Gig Volume! They began with a track off their new EP Obsessed with Death, put out by Hell Massacre/Painkiller. Vocalist/guitarist, Chris Ulsh (Hatred Surge), growled through pummeling riffs and heavy breakdowns, forcing the relatively mild crowd to move. Drummer, Brian Boeckman, fucking killed it; fast as hell.

After their set, MG members backed Justin Detore (Mind Eraser, Righteous Jams, Mental), and became Innumerable Forms. Detore, who's progressed from straight edge hardcore to death metal in the past years, writes all Innumerable Forms material, using fill ins for shows. While on tour with Mammoth Grinder (until their Montreal date on the 31st), they back his vicious vocals. Mammoth Grinder's set was great, but Detore's presence was harder, though the set was much shorter. Innumberable Forms played the driving, unrelenting new EP Dark Worship (also put out by Hell Massacre/Painkiller) start to finish. A faulty mic marred what was an otherwise seriously fantastic performance.

Looking forward to hearing more from Innumerable Forms (maybe an LP?) and seeing Mammoth Grinder, as they seem to play Brooklyn on every tour.

More Mammoth Grinder/Innumerable Forms pics (we missed Longpigs and Naughty Girls), as well of some video of Innumerable Forms and Mammoth Grinder doing a new song from their upcoming split with Hatred Surge, is below.

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Mob 47
Mob 47

Mob 47 are one of the most widely known and loved Swedish hardcore bands. Their sound was remarkable because they combined a strong Discharge influence with the speed of the fastest US hardcore bands, such as DRI and Gang Green. Unlike Gang Green or Neos, for example, Mob 47 were never sloppy; the result is some of the most brutal hardcore ever created, faster and rawer than nearly anything before or since. -[Shit-Fi]
Mob 47's influence extends much further than just the hardcore/crust community. Reformed in 2005, now the band is poised to play their first NYC show (!) at Knitting Factory on November 11th with Parasytic, Crazy Spirit, Nomad, and Mutant Supremacy. Tickets are on sale. The show is less than two weeks before Parasytic plays another incredible gig at Knit time with A.G.E. and Hellshock on 10/30.

In other news, the previously discussed Venomous Concept show at Europa just got nuttier with the addition of the great Nails, who will support the grind supergroup alongside Strong Intention. Tickets are on sale. Nails released their Unsilent Death LP earlier this year and Obscene Humanity 12" last year via Six Feet Under. Pick up a copy, and while you're there, pre-order your copy of the new Rival Mob 7", Hardcore For Hardcore. Stream tracks by Rival Mob and Nails at the Six Feet Under site.

Nails will perform at This is Hardcore alongside another notable band who is on their way back to NYC, Starkweather. Along for the ride at The Acheron on 8/28 will be Raw Radar War (with Jonah Jenkins of Only Living Witness), The Communion, and Panzerbastard. Starkweather's new LP This Sheltering Night is out now via Deathwish, it comes highly recommended.

On August 1st, Gray Ghost will play The Acheron alongside Tournament, Unreal City, and Ominous Order of Filthy Mongrels. Gray Ghost released their awesome Deep In The Shallow End in hard forms via Chainsaw Safety last year (download a copy), and has the new Succubus 7" out now via Chainsaw Safety/A389 Records (digital/vinyl respectively).

And last but not least, Innumerable Forms has a killer 7" out now on Painkiller Records, Dark Worship. The band, which features Justin Detore of Mind Eraser (and session player on Funebrarum), is old school death metal at it's brutal finest and the band will wreck The Acheron on July 29th when they play with Naughty Girls.

Some tour dates and video is below...

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