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Photos by Greg Cristman; words by Doug Moore

Gnaw @ Acheron, 1/18/2014

Insect Ark is a one-woman band -- Dana Schechter, a former member of Michael Gira's post-Swans project Angels of Light and the animating force in Bee and Flower. Though Schechter has a beautiful singing voice, Insect Ark is instrumental; she builds eerie, driving noise tapestries out of electronic loops, bass riffs, and delay-washed lap steel guitar lines. It's always fascinating to watch solo musicians manage so many different sounds at once, and Schechter is an animated performer -- she exudes nervous energy even when she's twiddling control knobs.

Alan Dubin is best known for his tortured vocal performances in Khanate, but he gets to do even more with his voice in Gnaw. Dubin isn't the most versatile metal vocalist in the world, but he's incredibly smart with the way he uses his voice -- he knows when to sing and how to deliver his words for maximum impact. In keeping with his bandmates, he also uses technology to get more mileage out of his throat; he electronically manipulates his vocals in real time, looping in tape-delayed rasps and moans.

You don't see much of that kind of thing from live metal bands, which strikes me as odd in a genre so obsessed with gear. I suspect that it's a traditionalist thing -- harsh vocalists are supposed to be wildmen, and wildmen don't fuck around with poncey FX boxes onstage. But you can't mess with results, and Dubin sounded great. - [Invisible Oranges]

Noise/doom creeps Gnaw played their second recent area show at the Acheron on Saturday (1/18); Insect Ark (who also have a few out of town dates coming up, including a Philly show with Gnaw), Prana-Bindu, and Sonic Suicide Squad offered support.

We've got a full writeup and photo set over at Invisible Oranges which is quoted above. You can check out more pics from the show, plus music by both Gnaw and Insect Ark & their upcoming out-of-town dates, below...

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by Doug Moore

Gnaw at Europa in 2011 (more by Greg Cristman)

Gnaw, the thoroughly unsettling noise troupe fronted by ex-Khanate shrieker Alan Dubin, have announced a smattering of East Coast dates in support of their excellent new album, Horrible Chamber. The four-date run includes two NYC dates: one at Trans Pecos in Queens on 12/5 alongside Psalm Zero (who also have a new album to support) and The Notekillers; and a second appearance at The Acheron on 1/18 with Sonic Suicide Squad, Insect Ark, Xaddas, and Prana Bindu. No tickets available yet, but keep an eye out.

Check out the full run of dates and stream the Gnaw tune we debuted at Invisible Oranges a few weeks back, below...

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Photos by Greg Cristman; words by Fred Pessaro

Aidan Baker @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge, 3/30/2013
Aidan Baker

One artist releasing two records on a single day is a big deal, but for a guy like Aidan Baker, you might just call that "Monday." April 15 will see the release of Already Drowning AND Souvenirs Of The Eternal Present by Baker and are recommended for fans of post-rock, ambient noise and the like. You can stream them both below.

Aidan Baker, also of Nadja and too many collaborative projects to mention, teamed with Insect Ark and Yoshiko Ohara (of Bloody Panda) to play Big Snow Buffalo Lodge on March 30, part of his string of East Coast dates. A belated set of pictures from that appearance is below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Homewrecker at A389 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro // BBG)

Ohio hardcore crew Homewrecker are currently out on a short string of winter dates, but will head down to NYC to play a show at Death By Audio on Jan 30. Look for the band to be joined by Death First and Trenchgrinder. In related news, Trenchgrinder and Mutant Supremacy share a drummer, and you can catch them at Acheron on Saturday (1/26) with Organ Donor and Flaming Tusk. Other Homewrecker dates are below.

Punk crew Who Killed Spikey Jacket? will headline a Sad Boys record release show, alongside appearances from Perdition, Goosebumps and Murderer at 285 Kent on Friday, February 1.

And last but certainly not least, Rhode Island doomers Pilgrim will team with Occultation, Insect Ark and Balam for a show at Bowery Electric on February 6.

All EVILLIVE-approved shows for the next two weeks, plus video from the A389 anniversary, are below.

What did I miss?

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