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photo: Iron Maiden in Austin in 2013 (more by Tim Griffin)
Iron Maiden

Iron Miaden singer Bruce Dickinson was sadly diagnosed with cancer, but the good news is that they've caught it in the early stages and he's expected to make a full recovery. Via the band's website:

Just before Christmas, Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson visited his doctor for a routine check-up. This led to tests and biopsies which revealed a small cancerous tumour at the back of his tongue. A seven week course of chemotherapy and radiology treatment was completed yesterday. As the tumour was caught in the early stages, the prognosis thankfully is extremely good. Bruce's medical team fully expect him to make a complete recovery with the all clear envisaged by late May. It will then take a further few months for Bruce to get back to full fitness. In the meantime we would ask for your patience, understanding and respect for Bruce and his family's privacy until we update everyone by the end of May. Bruce is doing very well considering the circumstances and the whole team are very positive.
Here's to a speedy recovery, Bruce! Fuck cancer.

Watch some classic Iron Maiden videos below...

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by Rob Sperry-Fromm

Iron Maiden in Austin in 2013 (more by Tim Griffin)

MetalSucks has been spending the past month releasing a list of the 25 greatest metal bands of all time, counting down to number 1 with a new band each day. They polled a pretty broad array of metal experts, ranging from critics to music industry types to musicians that run the gamut from Chuck Billy of Testament to Anatamy of Habit's Mark Solotroff. They released number 2, Iron Maiden, earlier today which came in ahead of other huge/classic bands like Slayer, Metallica, Pantera, Judas Priest and Megadeth. Number 1 gets revealed tomorrow, and considering Black Sabbath have yet to make this list, we think we may have a hunch as to who it's going to be.

The list slants pretty heavily towards classic thrash and death metal bands, with Sabbath being the only doom band in sight. In addition to the obvious classic bands in the top 10, there are some modern genre-busters (Opeth, Meshuggah), foundational death and grind (Napalm Death, Morbid Angel), and some good old 80s theatricality (Dio, Mercyful Fate). Limiting the list to 25 means there are going to be a ton of omissions, but still maybe Neurosis, Converge or Mastodon could've made it instead of Ozzy getting on there twice?

The legacies of classic bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Sepultura, which many would say have taken a hit in recent years, appear untainted here considering they still all take high slots. Something else of note is that there's not one single solitary black metal band on this list. I guess Lamb of God are more important to this panel anyway.

Check out the full list below, and check MetalSucks tomorrow for the inevitable Sabbath reveal.


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by Ian Chainey


The above pic was posted on Slayer's Instagram earlier in the week. Does it herald, as many expect, a new Slayer album in 2015? Is it the genesis of their pivotal post-Hanneman/Lombardo/Rubin album? Or is Kerry King just a huge Fraiser fan? I guess we'll let time decide.

At least we know Dave Lombardo isn't planning a Slayer comeback. He's more than content with his current project PHILM, telling Metal Hammer regarding a possible return to Slayer's drummer's stool: "No. That's it. I'm done now. I've got lots of other things on my plate and I now know that, when it comes to money, you don't have any friends in this business. I won't ever be going back." No friends in this business? Maybe my friend George Washington will change your mind! (Sorry, I need that back for the parking meter.)

Speaking of money, here's a name that might send shivers down the spine of your PayPal account: Blake Judd. The Nachtmystium frontman is again accused of making away with fans' money without delivering the merch. Whether or not there's any validity to the allegations, the Nachtmystium Facebook page is no more.

As for albums that have a good chance of finding your hands, Iron Maiden have embarked on a huge reissue project. Not only will their entire '80s run get repressed on vinyl, but the original singles are making their way back in print, too. Check out the details plus release schedule below along with a shot-for-shot LEGO remake of Maiden killing "The Wicker Man" from Rock in Rio. Everything is awesome.

Corrosion of Conformity will also be reissuing two of their albums on wax, 1991's Blind and 1994's breakout Deliverance. The band is set to hit the road with GWAR later this year.

For new stuff, the mighty Moss will be putting out an EP on the perfect date of October 31 via their own Stone Tapes. Check out "Carmilla (Marcilla)" below. The adventurous Manes have penciled in October 10 as the day for Be All End All through Debemur Morti. And Orange Goblin will add to the mountainous October pile of anticipated releases with the long-awaited Back From The Abyss, out on October 7 through Candlelight Records.

In live show notes, the first round of bands for Roadburn 2015 have been announced, tapping cowgoths Fields Of The Nephilim along with stoners Monolord and Electric Citizen. In other fest news, Housecore Horror Fest lost Satyricon and gained Napalm Death and Origin. Satyricon had to kill all of their US dates, so, alas, they will not be playing Knotfest.

If you were catching some High-A baseball action, you may have seen Exmortus shredding through "The Star-Spangled Banner." Sleepy Hollow has taught me that Francis Scott Key probably would've been like, "Hell yeah," before punching a demon in the face. History, man.

Finally, in more serious news, former Metal Maniacs editor Katherine Ludwig has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Metal Maniacs certainly helped school a generation of extreme metalheads before the Internet. Check out her Facebook page for more information including donations. Wishing her the best.

YOB's 'Clearing The Path To Ascend' artwork

Now that you're, ahem, fully briefed, let's recap all of the A/V transmissions.

Full albums first: YOB streamed the entirety of Clearing The Path To Ascend at Pitchfork (September 2, Neurot Recordings - preorder). And OSDMers Disinterred have put up Live at Vlamrock 2014 for 'name your price' at their Bandcamp. Stream the latter below.

For single tracks and videos, Opeth gave the audio of "Eternal Rains Will Come" a visual. Consult your doctor before taking all of the drugs. Anaal Nathrakh have unveiled "Idol" from Desideratum (October 28, Metal Blade - preorder). They'll be playing Maryland Deathfest 2015. Obituary are also showing off the first cut from Inked in Blood (October 28, Relapse - preorder). They'll be touring later this year with Death to All along with dates with Carcass. 1349 have stirred the pot for Massive Cauldron of Chaos and "Exorcism" spilled out (September 30, Season of Mist - preorder). And Old Wounds -- who are heading out on an Invisible Oranges presented tour -- dropped "Ritual" from Death Projection (September 16, Good Fight - preorder). Stream all of the tracks below.

Got it? Good. To shows we go:

TODAY (FRIDAY 8/29): Provided you're not following up on your dream last night where Crüe played, today is loaded. Mouth of the Architect, Set And Setting, So Hideous, and Hush are at the Acheron (tickets). Meanwhile, the Paper Box has the enormous bill of Foreign Sounds, Sol y Nieve, Red Stream, Inc, Krieg, Horrendous, Wastelander, Sacristy, Human Bodies, and Dweller In The Valley (tickets). For those that like it with a more traditional/thrash lean, there's Fantom Warior, Castrator, Sacrificial Blood, Devolving Messiah, and Maximum Oversatan at Saint Vitus (tickets).

SATURDAY (8/30): Okay, deep breath. Punk? You got it: Negative Approach, Agitätor, Go Deep, and Spewing Cum at the Grand Victory (tickets). Want a slightly more metallic edge? Modern Life Is War, Nothing, Give, and The Land of Blood & Sunshine at the Bowery Ballroom (tickets). But if you're here for metal -- and of course you are -- there's Dehumanized, Scaphism, Necroptic Engorgement, Corpse Hoarder, and Lethal Entity at the Acheron (tickets). More? Sure: Pentacle, Perversion, Mutant Supremacy, and Hypoxia at Saint Vitus (tickets). And if you you just need volume, J Mascis' psychedelic blues jam project Heavy Blanket play Union Pool's backyard in the afternoon for free.

Looking for late adds and dates ahead? NYC Metal Show Calendar has got you covered.

Let's talk IO: We dredged the new release lake in Upcoming Metal Releases. We had premieres from Falls of Rauros, Nightbringer, Sandworm, and Myopic. And we got our transcribed talk on with Austin Lunn of Panopticon and wrestler UltraMantis Black.

Alright, consider the decks cleared. What did we miss? What are your Labor Day Weekend plans? Let us know and catch the reams of streams, and other noted details below.

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by Wyatt Marshall

Iron Maiden at Austin's 360 Amphitheatre in 2013 (more by Tim Griffin)

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson had some choice words about punk music in an interview with The Guardian a few days back. In a Q&A with Frank Turner (who definitely has some punk roots), Dickinson compares punk and metal in relation to the cultural mainstream and the "art establishment," then goes on to imply punk musicians were a bunch of no-talent hacks (because apparently it's still 1980). Here's an excerpt:

The closest the "art establishment" ever came to embracing metal was punk. The reason they embraced punk was because it was rubbish and the reason they embraced rubbish was because they could control it. They could say: "Oh yeah, we're punk so we can sneer at everybody. We can't play our fucking instruments, but that means we can make out that this whole thing is some enormous performance art." Half the kids that were in punk bands were laughing at the art establishment, going: "What a fucking bunch of tosspots. Thanks very much, give us the money and we'll fuck off and stick it up our nose and shag birds." But what they'd really love to be doing is being in a heavy metal band surrounded by porn stars."

Not to say there was any animosity between Dickinson and Turner. Turner is a self-professed big fan of Iron Maiden and the two will be playing the same stage at the Sonisphere festival, where noted pilot Dickinson will pilot a vintage World War I airplane--the model used by The Red Baron--in a simulated dogfight above the audience before Iron Maiden plays. There are some other memorable quotes, including some words of wisdom about fame:

I'm not interested in being famous. Fame is the excrement of creativity, it's the shit that comes out the back end, it's a by-product of it.I'm not interested in being famous. Fame is the excrement of creativity, it's the shit that comes out the back end, it's a by-product of it.
And a funny story about Maiden's legendary Rock in Rio show:
At Rock in Rio, the first time we played it in '84, I was playing this nice guitar and the monitors just were not to my liking. It was only 500,000 people at the biggest rock gig in the world ever, we'd had three days of madness down there, proper Beatlemania, and we run onstage and I'm thinking: "Fucking hell, it sounds like shit!" I run over to the monitor desk and I'm yelling at the guy: "Your monitors suck, you cunt!" and I smashed the guitar in half over the top of his monitor desk to make the point, which didn't really solve anything. First of all I'd destroyed a perfectly good guitar, and the monitors were still shit. So I go back onstage in front of 500,000 people and kick the monitors off the front of the stage, so now there are no monitors. Worse than bad monitors is no monitors.
Read the whole interview at The Guardian.

by Ian Chainey

Harp Twins
Harp Twins

Just when you thought the week was going to pass without an Iron Maiden dual harp cover, the Harp Twins deliver a suitably angelic performance of "Dance of Death." Wait. . .what? Indeed, worry not, I didn't mistakenly huff ether: The Harp Twins are a real thing. Perhaps you've even heard selections from the Double Mint-identical sisters, Camille and Kennerly Kitt, playing at finer buffets. They've cut two records, Harp Attack (hard rock covers) and Harp Fantasy (movie/TV covers), and have upped the harp equivalent of irons before, previously plinking "Fear of the Dark." Their fingers are nimble, though the 'we're on a boat!' stage presence might need a little work. (Same goes for the 'that's not my fart' head movements, but, hey, maybe I'm jealous.) Still, if you forgot to get a May Day present for your bud before the Wicker Man burning, here it is. Stream it below.

Of course, the Harp Twins aren't alone. Welcome to the wonderful world of weird metal covers. Heck, in the past two weeks, we've seen a flood of new stars. Chicago's Rob Scalon recently turbo-picked through Slayer's "War Ensemble," utilizing the bane of every bus commuter: the ukulele. It's actually not as horrifying as that reads. Plus, his squeaky clean execution goes a ways to move it beyond novelty.

That said, it can't even step to The Soft Pink Truth for pure bananarama-ness. Why do the Heathen Rage?, the newest album from Drew Daniels of Matmos, might inspire a kvlt kvetch conniption, taking black metal standards and re-doing them as Hi-NRG rave bangers. Corpse paint to day glo in mere seconds. (The record is subtitled ""Electronic Profanations of Black Metal Classics.") The record features guest vocals from Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons), Terence Hannum (Locrian), Jenn Wasner (Wye Oak) and more. Thrill Jockey will release that one into the wild on June 17. Preorders are up now.

Poking around, one finds a ton of this stuff, since there's nothing like tweaking the over-serious by trading br00ful timbres for the incongruous. Soon, you gravitate to favorites and have trouble listening to the originals after indulging. For example, it's difficult to separate Gleb Kanasevich's clarinet cover of Necrophagist's "Fermented Offal Discharge" from Muhammed Suiçmez's O.G. shred fest after hearing it once. Same goes for Opium Jukebox's Bhangra Bloody Bhangra, the record nerd curio that de-blackened Sabbath classics and redid the doomfathers as bhangra body-movers. But, lest you think these covers are solely the domain of outsiders, there's Mr. Fog. Last year, his group, the UK black metallers Ewigkeit, turned a Burzum tremor into. . .wait for it. . .a dubbed out reggae slow jam. Well played, sir. Well played.

And, yes, we've only dug down as far as our pinky nail here. Hopefully more weird is yet to come courtesy of those with inexhaustible free time.

All of the metal covers mentioned in this post are streamable below.

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By Doug Moore

Behemoth at Irving Plaza, 2012 (more by Greg Cristman)

Behemoth frontman Nergal is kind of a badass -- he's an extremely gifted musician and a live-performance powerhouse who's played an important role in putting the potent Polish metal scene on the international map over the past 20 years. He's also a cancer survivor; after his 2010 leukemia diagnosis, he underwent chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. Two years later, Behemoth were back on the road and plowing through high-energy live sets like nothing had happened. Again, badass.

Behemoth announced a 2014 release for The Satanist -- their tenth album, and their first in half a decade -- a few months ago. I admittedly haven't been too excited by their last few efforts, but after watching the NSFW video for leadoff single "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel" (streaming below), my enthusiasm for the band has been rekindled. It's far moodier and more patient composition than the cluttered, robotic death/black metal that they've produced recently. They can still put the hammer down when they need to, though; the song's final minute is both the catchiest and most intense moment I've heard them produce since the mid-aughts. The video is pretty cool too, especially if you're into artsy black-and-white shots of evil rituals happening in slow motion.

In related news, Behemoth were also recently announced as part of the initial lineup for the 2014 edition of France's Hellfest, which will take place from June 20 through 22 (6/20-6/22). The lineup so far is huge and crazy: there's a "huge rock band" stage, featuring Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Soundgarden, among others; a big-name thrash/black metal stage that spotlights Slayer, Death Angel, Emperor, Iced Earth, Behemoth, and more; a death metal stage that will include Death To All, Carcass, Opeth, Nile, Gorguts, Hail of Bullets, and Weekend Nachos; a smaller black metal stage topped off by Watain, Gorgoroth and 1349; a sludge/stoner stage featuring Electric Wizard, Monster Magnet, Unida, Kylesa, Godflesh, and Clutch; and a punk stage topped by Walls of Jericho, Millencolin, and Turbonegro. Wow. You can reserve tickets now, if you feel like parsing the Google-Translated ticket page.

Check out the Behemoth video and the full set of Hellfest announcements below.

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by Doug Moore

Overkill at Stage 48 (more by Kassandra Carmona)

This past weekend was extended by the food / booze / football bacchanalia that is Thanksgiving, which is pretty metal as far as holidays go. Still, a bunch of noteworthy stuff happened before you made a home on the couch. Here's what you might've missed:

Some not-quite-metal but sufficiently heavy show announcements saw the light of day: Converge/Cave In side project Mutoid Man's record release party (and full album stream); Goblin and Zombi's not-unexpected NYC tour stop; and Pissed Jeans in February. We also reminisced a bit about Overkill, Kreator, and Warbringer's two-night stand at Stage 48 the weekend before.

Not a bad short week over at Invisible Oranges, either. We talked to Integrity about their Systems Overload revamp (and streamed the whole thing). We also found out that people like novelty yacht rock covers of Iron Maiden songs way more than we thought. We streamed new music by suicidal sludgesters Servants of the Mist, majestic black metallers Ered Wethrin, and local no-guitar weirdos Geryon.

We also debuted two live Judas Priest videos from US Fest '83: "You've Got Another Thing Coming" on IO with a great writeup by longtime contributor Richard Street-Jammer, and another of "Breaking the Law" here on BV with a much lamer writeup by me. On our East Village Radio show, we chatted with IO contributor Beth Winegarner about her upcoming book, The Columbine Effect. (Don't forget to tune into the show every Tuesday at 10pm.) And, as ever, we ran down every noteworthy metal release of the week.

What did we miss?

by Wyatt Marshall

Iron Maiden at Austin's 360 Amphitheatre on Monday (more by Tim Griffin)
Iron Maiden

A spokesperson for Iron Maiden denied that noted pilot Bruce Dickinson received a $500 million contract from the United States military to manufacture drones after the blog Dorset Eye alleged that the singer accepted the money to manufacture "lighter-than-air" drones. The Dorset Eye, in a post titled "Bruce Dickinson: Rock 'n' Roll Warmonger," cited a post on the website of Conference Speakers International, a "speaker and entertainment bureau in South Africa," as the source of the information. The alleged post has since been removed.

In a statement to NME, the spokesperson said Bruce Dickinson and Iron Maiden manager Rod Smallwood were early investors in Hybrid Air Vehicles, a company that manufactures aircraft that utilize "lighter-than-air" technology. The spokesman called the Dorset Eye article "spurious" and stressed that the aircraft made by Hybrid Air Vehicles are not drones and are non-violent in nature. Read more of the statement over at NME.

Iron Maiden are currently wrapping up a few North American dates, which included Austin earlier this week.


Clive Burr, the former drummer of Iron Maiden, died last night at the age of 56. Burr had been suffering from multiple sclerosis, and he died in his sleep.

"This is terribly sad news," said Maiden founder/bassist Steve Harris on the group's official site. "Clive was a very old friend of all of us. He was a wonderful person and an amazing drummer who made a valuable contribution to Maiden in the early days when we were starting out. This is a sad day for everyone in the band and those around him and our thoughts and condolences are with his partner Mimi and family at this time." - [Rolling Stone]

The world is a little less thunderous now. Rest in peace, Clive. Video of Clive in action is below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Swimmers for the annual Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge
Chris' Top 12 Photos of 2012

Longtime BV contributor Chris La Putt weighed in on his favorite photos that he took in 2012, dropping off the following, unnumbered list. La Putt joins the list of BV photographers Dominick Mastrangelo, Dana (distortion) Yavin, Amanda Hatfield, David Andrako, Jessica Amaya , Caroline Harrison, and Fred Pessaro // BBG who have all weighed in on their favorite photos of 2012.

La Putt's year in pictures and favorite songs of 2012 is below.

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Check out the entire list of 2013 Grammy Nominations below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Iron Maiden
Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper

Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper brought their tour to Newark's Prudential Center last night (7/2), after playing Jones Beach last week. Like the Jones Beach show (and other shows on the tour), Alice Cooper played a hits heavy set, delivering tracks like "I'm Eighteen," "No More Mr. Nice Guy," "Billion Dollar Babies," and ending with "School's Out," which included the chorus of "Another Brick In The Wall" (you'll hear more of that song when Roger Waters performs The Wall at Yankee Stadium this weekend).

Like they've been doing on the whole tour, Iron Maiden focused the show most heavily on their 1988 album, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, giving us songs like the album's title track, "Can I Play With Madness," "Moonchild," "The Clairvoyant," and "The Evil That Men Do." And of course we were given other favorites as well, like the ever popular "Run to the Hills," "The Number of the Beast," and more.

More pictures and setlists of both bands from last night's show are below...

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photos by Dana (distortion) Yavin ; words by Fred Pessaro/BBG

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden teamed with Alice Cooper to play Jones Beach last night (6/28), the first of two NYC area shows for the pair as part of their tour together. The bands play Newark, NJ at Prudential Center on July 2nd (tickets).

Due to traffic issues (read: getting pulled over), I missed most of Alice Cooper's set, settling into my seat in time to watch an on-stage beheading (seriously). Clad in studded leather, Cooper finished out his set with the fan favorite "School's Out" (on the last day of NYC public schools) which worked in the "Another Brick In The Wall" chorus.

Iron Maiden entered shortly therafter, performing with a large elevated section made to look like ice and mimic the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son LP background. The Maiden England tour was focused on the era, so the LP was more than adequately represented (more than half, namely, "Moonchild", "Can I Play With Madness?", "The Evil That Men Do", "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son", "The Clairvoyant") along with early favorites ("Iron Maiden") and just plain classics ("Aces High", "The Number of the Beast", "Run To The Hills", etc). Every song was accompanied by its own separate backdrop, set of pyrotechnics, and insanely-energetic Bruce Dickinson cardio workouts and costumes. Just a phenomenal set from the metal legends, but that comes as no surprise. Full setlist is below.

Iron Maiden

Lets be fair though, the show wasn't just a string of superlatives. The sound from my seat was rather abysmal (elevated at an outdoor concert, go figure) and the entire set was peppered with mini bouts of feedback. Guitarist Janick Gers seems pretty much wholly unnecessary, save for theatricality like the occaisonal guitar toss, double jump-kick, and guitar spin (his solos aren't as bountiful as either Adrian Smith or Dave Murray). And sadly, its clear that Bruce Dickinson can't hit those high notes quite as easily anymore.

Nevertheless, for one picturesque night on the shores of Long Island, Iron Maiden ruled all. And in the spirit of the Nostradamus-focused material on Seventh Son, I predict they'll rule Prudential Center too.

Pictures and setlists from Jones Beach are below.

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Iron Maiden at Madison Square Garden in 2010 (more by Justina Villaneuva)
Iron Maiden

IRON MAIDEN are back on the road this summer with a series of Arena, Amphitheatre and Festival shows in the U.S.A. and Canada, opening in Charlotte, NC, U.S.A. on June 21, and finishing in Houston, TX, on Aug 18 (dates listed below), to be followed by further dates around the World in 2013. The MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR will closely mirror, in terms of production and content, the original 1988 concert video of the same name, shot on the "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Tour".
Iron Maiden will play shows with Alice Cooper on some dates and Coheed & Cambria on others. Look for Alice Cooper at both NYC area shows: June 28th at Jones Beach and July 2nd at Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. Maiden will release details on fan presales in the near future via their website, but ticketing info is otherwise unavailable.

Alice Cooper is also playing Bonnaroo this year.

All Iron Maiden tour dates and some video from that production in 1988, below.

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photos by Justina Villanueva


"Last night at MSG -- in between hopping around the stage like an eager So You Think You Can Dance contestant and sharing the spotlight with a ten-foot, ax-shredding demon creature -- Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson demonstrated that not even front men for legendary British metal bands were able to avoid The Decision. During a bit of stage banter, Dickinson mentioned the band had just played New Jersey and promptly received a hearty impromptu round of boos. "It's real easy to wind you up, isn't it?" Dickinson responded. "How would you feel if I mentioned LeBron James?" More boos! (By the way, you haven't heard anyone say "LeBron James" until you've heard them say "LeBron James" in a theatrical British accent from the stage at MSG). Dickinson moved on, touching on the band's recent Canadian trek ... and got even more boos! "Wow!" a genuinely surprised Dickinson shot back. "You hate Canada even more than you hate LeBron James!"" [NY Magazine]
Dream Theater opened for Iron Maiden last night, July 12th, at Madison Square Garden (the very venue Wavves will open for Phoenix at in October). The two bands are on tour together, and as NY Mag pointed out, their show one night earlier was in NJ (at PNC Bank Arts Center). More pictures and the setlist from both shows (well, they were the same), below...

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by BBG

Bruce Dickinson shows his patriotism (more by Hardcore Shutterbug)
Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden are back on the road for a string of US dates in support of The Final Frontier, their new LP due in "late summer". The tour will stretch from June through July with Dream Theater and include PNC Bank Arts Center on 7/11 and MSG on July 12th. Fanclub presales are ongoing, and the general public get a crack at them on Saturday (3/6) at 10 AM.

About the shows the band says:

"We're still working on the set list for these summer shows, but this time it will cover the whole history of the band, and I can hint that we will be playing a taster from the new album. We already have the designs for the new Final Frontier stage show which we are building to bring out with us, so this summer tour will be a bit of a preview for the fans. It's certainly looking very spectacular at this stage and with a brand new Eddie and an amazing light show!"

"We are also trying to ensure that our fans get the tickets they want close to the stage without paying over the odds to ticket scalpers. This is something our manager Rod is working hard on so we hope to see many more familiar faces down the front having a great time. We will see you all soon"

I just have one question... with all these tour dates, are they using the plane? Full dates and some videos are below...

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Slayer and Lady Gaga

As previously mentioned, Lady Gaga added two NYC shows at Radio City Music Hall making her grand total a crazy four nights in a row at the prestigious venue. Kid Cudi opens all of them. Tickets for the two new ones (1/23 & 1/24) are on sale (@ 10am).

Tickets are also on sale (@ 10am) for the upcoming Slayer, Megadeth and Testament show at the Izod Center in NJ - part of the "American Carnage Tour".

In somewhat related news, Paul Di'Anno (the original Iron Maiden vocalist) is playing BB King's on January 27th. Tickets are on sale.

Tickets are now on sale for the two upcoming Tinariwen shows in NYC: Highline Ballroom & The Bell House.

Tickets are also still on sale for the David Johansen show coming up at Highline Ballroom.

Popo played Le Poisson Rouge with Sleigh Bells last night. Popo has been added as opener on the December 13th Lee Scratch Perry show at Highline Ballroom. Tickets are still on sale.

Tickets are also still on sale for the Slits show happening at Highline Ballroom one day later.

Tickets are also still on sale for the Life of Agony show happening at the same venue one day after the Slits.

Blind Pilot and Laura Veirs play Friday night (tonight - 11/20) at the Bell House. Tickets are still on sale.

A video of Maiden performing "Phantom of the Opera" when Paul was still in the band, and the audio of Paul covering Megadeth, below...

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Paul Weller and Adele @ the Brits
Paul Weller and ADele

Success in the Brits - 18th Feb 2009

Evening all,

As you probably know by now, PW was successful in tonight's Brit Awards winning Best Male Solo Artist. OK so he wasn't there to collect it in person but we did get a video with Adele passing the award over.

What can you say? Well deserved for a top year.

Well done feller.

That message was posted in the news section of Paul Weller's official website. Other 2009 Brit Award winners were Duffy, Kings of Leon, Katy Perry, Iron Maiden (for best live act), Elbow, Florence and the Machine, Kanye West, and Girls Aloud. Pet Shop Boys were also honored at the event.

As previously announced, PW will be visiting the United States to play Coachella on April 19th. Add to that trip a pre-Coachella San Francisco show, and an April 24th show at Nokia Theatre in NYC. Tickets for the latter go on sale Friday at noon. All known dates below...

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by Ryan Barkan

Gogol Bordello @ Irving Plaza (more by Jefferson)
Gogol Bordello

The second edition of this controversial new feature is back. "It's Not Selling Out Anymore" (or is it?)...

Pacific RiftAggressive racing game, Motorstorm, was one of the most successful titles for the Playstation 3 in 2007 (selling over three million copies world wide). It was only natural then, that Sony Computer Entertainment would get a sequel out in 2008. Enter Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. The game recently hit shelves in the US at end of October and in the UK this past week. The TV spot announcing the new game brilliantly matched Motorstorm's crazy, edgy style of racing on tracks in exotic locations with the "authentic energy" of Gogol Bordello's "Wonderlust King." Watch the video of the commercial below. Gogol Bordello tour dates are HERE.

While Gogol did not make the in-game soundrack, David Bowie, Clutch, Megadeth, The Hives, Simian Mobile Disco, Death From Above 1979, and more all made the cut. Eight of the forty-five songs are exclusive to the game including a remix by Diplo of Nirvana's "Swap Meet" *.

Thurston MooreSpeaking of exclusives, The Ramones' classic jam "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker" was covered by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and singer Jemina Pearl (from the now defunct Be Your Own Pet). Their version exclusively premiered in this past week's episode of Gossip Girl. Love & Rockets made the episode too...though not as an exclusive.

Other Notable Licensing News:

On the tube, One Tree Hill had songs by Ra Ra Riot and Margot & the Nuclear So-So's; 90210 had Florence & The Machine, The Raconteurs, and The Bravery; Grey's Anatomy had The Bird And The Bee, Whitest Boy Alive, and Brett Dennon.

M83's "You, Appearing" provides a solemn background to a French commercial for Douleurs' "Pain Without Borders" commercial. Watch the video below. M83 is currently on a tour of the US (and in NYC this week).

Cadbury's new "Favourites" commercial features the song "Stars and Sons" by Canadian supergroup Broken Social Scene. Watch the video below. Pics from the band's recent show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple can be seen HERE.

Bad Brains

Supreme continues its love for musical collaborations with the announcement of a Bad Brains x Supreme collection. The line consists of a couple hoodies, a t-shirt, and two different styles of Vans shoes. Bad Brains have been busy lately playing shows in Austin, NYC and elsewhere.

Iron MaidenVans recently released its fourth Iron Maiden tribute shoe, this time featuring the artwork from the Powerslave album. The Sk8-Hi and slip on models are available at the vans online store as well as local distributors.

Videos below...

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Iron Maiden kicking a ball after blowing the speakers
Iron Maiden @ MSG

The sound suddenly and unexpectedly went off during Iron Maiden's set at their sold out show in NYC last night (June 15, 2008). One second there was really loud heavy metal blasting out to 20,000 headbanging fans at Madison Square Garden. The next second it got really quiet from the stage and then stayed that way for about 10 minutes. With music out of the question and technicians scrambling around the stage, the band entertained us by showing off their (and their mummy's) skills at football (they're from the UK)....

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: The Sword - "Fire Lances Of The Ancient Hyperzephyrians" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Soilent Green - "Antioxidant" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Iron Maiden - "Intro", "Aces High", & "Two Minutes To Midnight", Live in Tokyo Feb 16th, 2008 (VIDEO, WMV)

SVT New Album

Neurot Recordings have announced details for THREE Neurosis-related releases in the next two months! First up, a new solo album from the mighty Scott Kelly, who will release The Wake on May 5th, his first release in the seven years since his debut Spirit Bound Flesh. Two weeks later, the world's most intense elementary school teacher Steve Von Till drops A Grave is a Grim Horse, his first non-Harvestman release in six years (Harvestman recently collabo'd with Fear Falls Burning). More details on A Grave Is A Grim Horse can be found here. The third we knew about, but has now gone official: A Storm Of Light's debut And We Wept the Black Ocean Within will be released on June 2nd. Read our recent interview with Josh Graham here.

Tickets for the previously mentioned second At The Gates show go on sale Thursday April 3rd at 10 AM here. Tomas Lindberg's other band, the mighty Disfear, have announced a few more dates, including another show in Brooklyn at Europa on May 22nd with Trap Them and Bloodhorse! Ticket info for Disfear at Europa isn't available, but there are still tickets for their show at the Knitting Factory. New tour dates are down below.

MUCH MORE..............

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by Black Bubblegum, photos by Hardcore Shutterbug

Eddie, Back From Somewhere In Time

You had a giant set made to look like a pyramid tomb, a setlist of songs from the 80s, old dudes in leather pants and cut-off tees, multiple costume changes, pyro, coordinated guitar line dances, the guitar-as-machine-gun poses, and fog machines galore (with all the fog on stage, I half-expected the guys to break out into "Stonehenge").

The Trooper

As a sum of those parts, it is easy to see how Iron Maiden's March 14th show at the Izod Center could have been utter "fromage", but when you are dealing with a band as tight as Maiden, a fanbase as rabid as theirs, and a setlist culled from the elite of arguably the best era of their career, you can only expect an excellent show (which it definitely was).


In related news, May 13th will see the release of Somewhere Back In Time, a "best of the 80s" comp that will be offered as a free download of "high quality WMA files" that expire after three plays. It comes out on CD the same day. Check it out and then work them vertebrae at one of their newly announced shows (an extension of the previously mentioned tour) including one night at MSG in NYC (on June 15) and another at PNC Bank Arts Center in NJ (on June 14). A Fan Club only presale begins today (3/19) at 10AM, a ticketmaster presale begins Friday (password=rock), and tickets go on regular sale on Saturday (3/22).

More photos from the Izod Center show, the 'best of' tracklist, and all tour dates, below......

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Disfear - The Cage from "Live The Storm" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Saviours - Cavern Of Mind from "Into Abandon" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wolves in the Throne Room - I Will Lay Down My Bones Among the Rocks and Roots from "Two Hunters" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Kylesa - Where The Horizon Unfolds from "Time Will Fuse Its Worth" (MP3)


Disfear will bring "The Storm" across North America in April, including an appearance at the New England Hardcore & Metal Festival (that bill is unbelieveable), the Maryland Deathfest, and the Knitting Factory on April 16th with Bloodhorse. Tickets are on sale.

Unfortunately, the obituary (not the legendary band) section for this week is way too big. Modern Life Is War has called it a day, their recently announced spring tour will be their last. Check out tour dates below and get out to the show! Prog-metal legends Voivod have announced that their next LP for The End, constructed by riffs left behind by Dennis "Piggy" D'Amour, will be their last. Piggy succumbed to colon cancer in 2005. Current members Snake, Away, and Jasonic (aka Jason Newsted, ex-Metallica), will join ex-members Blacky and E-Force to put together the final 13 songs, and possibly do some farewell shows.

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Tickets are on pre-sale for the NJ show. (code=manjiai) (thx Mischa!)


To tie in with forthcoming 2008 releases on DVD of the classic "Live After Death" concert video (full details coming soon) this tour, aptly entitled "Somewhere Back In Time", will revisit the band's history by focusing almost entirely on the '80s in both choice of songs played and the stage set, which will be based around the legendary Egyptian production of the 1984-85 "Powerslave Tour". This will arguably be the most elaborate and spectacular show the band have ever presented, and will include some key elements of their "Somewhere In Time" tour of 1986/7, such as the Cyborg Eddie. [Blabbermouth]
Tickets for the March 14th show at the Izod Center aren't on Ticketmaster yet, but California & Toronto go on sale soon. There's also a fan-club-only pre-sale on Tuesday. All tour dates below....

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