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DOWNLOAD: The Thermals - I Don't Believe You (MP3)

The Thermals @ Brooklyn Bowl in April (more by Andrew Frisicano)
The Thermals

The Thermals will release a new album entitled "Personal Life" on September 7th via Kill Rock Stars...

"For their upcoming album Personal Life, The Thermals re-teamed with producer Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie). Walla and The Thermals have a long history together - Chris mixed the first Thermals LP (More Parts Per Million, 2003) and produced their second LP (Fuckin' A, 2004). Walla brought his signature brand of crisp, shiny pop production to Personal Life, as he has done for records by Tegan and Sara and Telekinesis, to name just a few. Personal Life was recorded to 2" tape and mixed to 1/2" tape, and vinyl enthusiasts will be happy to know the vinyl was mastered straight from tape, with no computers involved.

Sonically, Personal Life continues the Thermals tradition of high-energy punk/power/pop while also exploring darker, more introspective territory. Lyrically, Personal Life obsesses over love and lies with the same passion The Thermals have reserved for politics and death in the past.

The lead-off single from Personal Life, "I Don't Believe You" will be released as a 7" and digitally by Kill Rock Stars on August 10th, 2010."

Download that track for free above.

September is also when the Portland band will start playing shows again including a pre-tour performance at the Bumbershoot Festival, and a during-tour show at Irving Plaza in NYC on October 13th. That show, like many on the tour, is with Cymbals Eat Guitars who just played Siren Fest and Irving Plaza before that (weird for an "indie" band to play there even once these days). Tickets for the NYC show go on sale Monday at noon.

All dates below....

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photos by Gabi Porter

US Air Guitar

Face-melting faux guitar and a pair of furry red legwarmers led Matt "Romeo DanceCheetah" Cornelison to victory at the National Finals of the U.S. Air Guitar Championships at Irving Plaza Thursday night.

DanceCheetah, from Milwaukee, will go on to represent the United States at the World Championships in Oulu, Finland. He played Daft Punk's "Robot Rock" on his way to the title.

The champion came dressed in cheetah-print leggings, a flare-collared top and a massive belt buckle emblazoned with his initials.

"My mom helped me out with this belt," he said.

Cornelison beat out Ryan "Dreamcatcher" Laman, who played The Eagles' "Witchy Woman" in the final air-off.

The event's judges were comedian Myk Kaplan, talk-show host Rachel Maddow and her on-air contributor Kent Jones, and "Daily Show" correspondent Jason Jones. [DNA Info]

The US Air Guitar Finals took place Thursday night at Irving Plaza, one night after a related event happened at Lukcy Cheng's. More pictures from the show below...

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photos by Gabi Porter


I don't even fully understand what the "Fung Wah Metrocard Dark Horse Invitational" is, but it happened at Lucky Cheng's last night, and is somehow related to the Air Guitar National Finals happening at Irving Plaza tonight (7/22). So in honor of that, here are Gabi's pictures from it...

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Irving Plaza - June 23, 2010 (EV Grieve)
Irving Plaza

Previously: Irving Plaza is getting its name back

photos by David Andrako

DOWNLOAD: The Morning Benders - Cold War (Wallpaper. Winter Remix) (MP3)

Broken Bells Shin James Mercer @ Irving Plaza
Broken Bells

"Well this concert was amazing. After waiting for a good hour looking at some Mario/WWII footage combined with trippy backwards synth music on a screen, it's safe to say the audience was ready for the opening act. I'll be honest, I had no idea the Morning benders were playing, and although I have heard of them I didn't really know any of their songs. When they came on, to be honest I thought they were some local high school band, aged 14 tops. But the lead singers voice is really something- it captivated most in the audience (especially a drunk girl next to me who seemed to know all their songs - and subsequently left when they finished). Their music was tight - the bass and drum parts really fed off each other and the singers voice tied it all in. Their final song, Excuses featured them looping their voices and a huge cresendo where they all collapsed and finished. Although it was a little gimmicky, the levels were perfect and they executed it well.

Of course, the Broken Bells made us wait another hour and a bit until they were "ready". By the time they came on we had been standing for 2 and a half hours, making the opening notes of "October" sound even sweeter. Honestly I expected this concert to be meh..." [The Blue Radio]

The Morning Benders & Broken Bells tour ends this Friday, June 11th, in Athens. This past Saturday, June 5th, they stopped by Irving Plaza (yes, that's the venue's name) in NYC. That review and the pictures in this post are from that show.

The Morning Benders' next NYC show will be a free one on Governors Island with Freelance Whales and Wild Nothing. They're also back in NYC (where they live) for two shows at Summerstage with the Black Keys in July.

MB's full list of updated tour dates, the new Broken Bells video, the Broken Bells Irving setlist, and more pictures from the show, below...

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Irving Plaza

"...the new name never caught on with fans, and now, bending to what it says has been unrelenting demand, Live Nation is restoring the old name and installing a replica of the old marquee. The first show at the new Irving Plaza will be on June 23, with Taking Back Sunday, a Long Island emo band.

"It's always going to be Irving Plaza in New Yorkers' minds," said Kevin Morrow, president of Live Nation's New York division. "That's where the mistake was made: taking a name and putting it on a building that already had a history and emotional ties with the local music scene."

The change is a rare admission of misjudgment by Live Nation, a giant worldwide promoter. But since the company merged with Ticketmaster this year, its every move has been scrutinized, and Mr. Morrow -- who began running Live Nation's operations in New York a few months after the name change -- said the restoration of the old name was part of a companywide effort to improve its image..." [NY Times]

Irving Plaza became The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza back in 2007, but we never stopped calling it just plain old "Irving Plaza" (which makes it really easy to deal with this official change back).

photos by Toby Tenenbaum

Echo and the Bunnymen

There was nothing wrong with the Bunnymen show [in Washinton DC] on Friday [April 30th]. OK, that's not exactly true. We could have done without some of those meandering medleys that seemed to exist just so Ian McCulloch could sing a verse of "Walk on the Wild Side." The band sounded fine, Will Sergeant still plays great guitar, McCulloch still earns the right to wear sunglasses (and smoke) indoors. We put up with a handful of new tunes and they played all the hits everyone came to hear: "Bring on the Dancing Horses," "Seven Seas," "Villiers Terrace," "Lips Like Sugar," "The Killing Moon," etc.

A few dudes in their 40s and 50s wearing Docksides danced and played air guitar. It was fun, but all nostalgia, as it goes for an increasing number of shows these days. At these kinds of shows expectations will often be met, but rarely exceeded. (Note: This is not a cut-and-dried rule and when you hear me claim that the Clean played show of the year on Friday night, feel free to call me out.) [Washington Post]

Echo and the Bunnymen played two nights in a row at Irving Plaza, May 1st and 2nd, a pair of shows that wrapped up their post-Coachella North American tour. The first was with Kelly Stoltz instead of Hatcahm Social and the second was opened by Apollo Heights.

All upcoming tour dates, a new Blogotheque session and more pictures from the second NYC show, below...

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"No smoking at the Buzzcocks show, apparently there's a bomb scare outside. Fuckbeans..." - Joey Outten

Irving Plaza - 5/13/2010 (pics via tonearmmgmt & domifanotherkid)

"New York City police evacuated several floors of a building and several streets were blocked off near Manhattan's Union Square after a Thursday night report of a suspicious vehicle with two gas cans found in the back seat.

The bomb squad suited up and began an investigation of the 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, which was found in front of the Con Edison utility building around 10 p.m.

Chief police spokesman Paul Browne said several floors of a high-rise residential building were evacuated and some streets in the area were blocked off as a precaution. It wasn't immediately clear if the vehicle was a threat.

Union Square, located on Manhattan's East Side, is a major pedestrian and tourist thoroughfare. New York University, Greenwich Village, and the landmark Flatiron building are nearby." [AP]

Also nearby: Irving Plaza where last night's Buzzcocks show was happening at the same time as the bomb scare. Mikey reports that "they stopped mid-song (E.S.P.) to say the police want the owner of a 91 blue cutlass to move his car. Then finished the song..." and that "The announcement was made around 1130 and they continued playing untli midnight." Rob confirms that "Brilliant Buzzcocks show goes on despite bomb scare right outside. Surreal coming out into the street jammed w/bomb squad, cops, fireman." And finally, Michaela reports:
Amazing show tonight, truly did both albums and long, long encore. (Irving Plaza's crappy sound system was just an insult!) And yes to Anon 2:25, no Howard Devoto, but Diggle did a rabid Harmony in My Head. Glorious, and they too seemed to have had a great time!
The albums they played were Another Music in a Different Kitchen and Love Bites, and if you missed it, they aren't going very far. The next two stops on their 22-date North American tour are Friday night in Philly and Saturday in Farmingdale, NY! Videos from Wednesday's Baltimore show below...

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"Why I didn't get Echo and the Bunnymen tickets for tonight is beyond me"
- Nicole Atkins

Echo & the Bunnymen @ Coachella (more by Rachel Carr)
Echo and the Bunnymen

"One of the few U.K. post-punk bands still kicking around, Echo and the Bunnymen launched their new tour with a performance at Coachella earlier this month and then hit stateside clubs in support of their most recent album, last year's The Fountain, a moody, atmospheric record that sounds a lot like their subdued releases from the middle of the decade.

Singer Ian McCulloch and guitarist Will Sergeant are the only remaining original members. They've fleshed out the lineup with a group of capable young hired hands." [Cleveland Scene]

Luckily for Nicole, and anyone else who wants to see Echo and The Bunnymen but missed Saturday night's show at Irving Plaza, they (and opener Hatcham Social?) play the same venue again Sunday (a date that was added since the the original tour announcement). Tickets are still on sale.

by Dominick Mastrangelo

Los Campesinos

Midway through "We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed", Los Campesinos! lead-singer Gareth speaks the line, "I taught myself the only way to vaguely get along in love/ is to like the other slightly less than you get in return" which seems like sound advice until the next line, "I feel like I'm being undercut!"

And so it is with the Welsh band who filled their show with those mantras and credos at Irving Plaza on Monday (4/26). It was the their first show in NYC since releasing Romance Is Boring, their second official full length. It was also their first show here with new member, Gareth's sister, Kim following the departure of Aleks last year. And though I missed seeing Aleks on stage, Kim more than held her own.

The band finally made it to New York having rescheduled the show from last Thursday due to the volcano in Iceland that disrupted many European bands with touring plans in the States. During a break, a few people in the crowd started chanting, "Fuck volcanoes! Fuck volcanoes!" And there were still some peripheral signs that all was not totally up to speed with their tour when Gareth mentioned they only had shirts to sell at the merch table. "We don't have any records for you. They're in Canada. And Canada won't let us have them."

But their set was killer. Going for just over an hour, it ended with half of the band (Gareth, Kim, Neil and touring member, Rob) in the crowd for the encore, "Broken Heartbeats Sound Like Breakbeats" and its own one-liner, "I'm taking far too many chances on these less than idealistic romances." It was those cathartic and anthemic moments that the crowd devoured, shouting along with Gareth, "We need more post-coital and less post-rock!" on "Straight in at 101" or "Can we all please just calm the fuck down!" n "There is a Flag. There is no wind."

The danciest number was always going to be "You! Me! Dancing!" and the build up was fantastic with Gareth up on the riser for Ollie's drum kit banging away at his cymbals. They followed that with the title track from "We Are Beautiful" and then into the slow, devastating burn of "The Sea Is a Good Place to Think of the Future." "She said one day to leave her /sand up to her shoulders / Waiting for the tide / To drag her to the ocean, to another sea's shore / This thing hurts like hell," Gareth sang alternating between a primal scream and painful calmness only for the crowd to join him in another cathartic line "But what did you expect?" before the song exploded with Harriet's violin and Rob's synths pulling the song's chorus along.

Cymbals Eat Guitars opened the show and is on tour with the European band now. More pictures and the setlist from Irving Plaza below...

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Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone's annual birthday party is happening at Irving Plaza on Wednesday, May 19th. The lineup has been announced and acts in attendance include Hank III, Ronnie Spector,Batusis (NY Dolls' Sylvain Sylvain and Cheetah Chrome of Rocket From the Tombs/Dead Boys), Sic F*ucks, ex-Voidoid Ivan Julian and The Independents, Heap. Tickets are on sale (the show is a benefit for lymphoma research).

Sylvain Sylvain also has a show coming up with the Dolls in Brooklyn in May. David Johansen plays a solo one in June.

Videos of those acts, the Ramones and Adam West's original Batusi are below...

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photos by Brian Reilly

Gogol Bordello

While the crowd waited for Gogol to come on stage, they were entertained by trippy videos, along with hip-hop and world music from Haiti I believe? At least that's what I thought Eugene Hutz said. Gogol Bordello came on at 9:30pm and rock Irving Plaza like they always do! Eugene came out and started to play "Illumination," slowly more members came out to play along...At some point they played "Pala Tute" which is the song they performed with Madonna at Live Earth in 2007. That song I believe, is on their new album.

After that, "Not A Crime" was played and the crowd went insane. Same goes with "Wonderlust King." I noticed throughout the concert that Pedro was more involved than the last time I saw the band, and Pamela wasn't really as involved as Elizabeth was. Pedro was playing the drum and bongos a lot more, and the girls were in the background for majority of the set. Eugene is such a unique and energetic frontman that it's hard not to keep your eyes off him. Sergey is an exciting fiddle player as well. Without a doubt, Gogol is still one of the best live acts in the world right now. [Read Junk]

The above review and the pictures here are from Gogol Bordello's March 9th show at Irving Plaza, which Jesse Malin and St. Mark's Social opened.

Gogol Bordello have tour dates in North America and Europe scheduled around the release of their new record, Trans-Continental Hustle, which comes out April 27th on American Recordings.

More pictures from the show and the full setlist are below...

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble

Dillinger, moving in speeds unfathomable by the naked eye
Dillinger Escape Plan

The Dillinger Escape Plan played Irving Plaza as part of an ongoing tour to promote Option: Paralysis, their new LP due out this week on Season of Mist. Joined by DC's Darkest Hour, the tech-y Animals as Leaders, and the atrocious iwrestledabearonce, the band played a set that varied across their entire career to the backdrop of flashing coordinated LEDs. Both awesome and an eyesore, it went along with the band's blitzkreig set and malfunctioning computer aesthetic (maybe they got some tips from their friend Trent Reznor)... Incredible set from these greats.

Check out the video for DEP's "Farewell Mona Lisa", as well as some pics of DEP and Darkest Hour (Samantha missed the others) below...

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photos by Benjamin Lozovsky, words by Andrew Frisicano


Devo will be performing at the Olympic medal ceremony tonight (2/22) in Whistler, BC, at 10:30pm. They aren't the only band to play the daily ceremonies - Feist and Stars and Wilco already performed and there is still a full schedule of performances through Feb. 27th (The Roots and Burton Cummings both play on February 25).

The Akron band will be putting new song "Fresh" up on its website as a free download after their performance. The site is currently hosting a "color study," which is a survey that asks you to match colors with various scenarios ("What color is this neglected step-child's hair?" is one). It's part of a larger market/faux marketing campaign by the band that's connected to their forthcoming album. They'll also be unveiling new costumes and songs at the Olympic performance.

After conferring with Warner Bros. Records and Mother LA we have decided to permit Devo to debut some new songs and a new look at their Olympics concert. We couldn't have wished for a better testing ground from such a fantastically diverse crowd.

Shortly there after Devo will have the opportunity to adjust their set and songs driven by the Olympics crowd input so they can present a truly "kick ass" show (pardon me) as they say, at Coachella. Their desert show will also coincide with the pre-release of new, focus group approved songs from their forthcoming 12 song CD.

There's one problem however. Right now, Devo is committed to more songs than the new release allows. Word from on high is that songs must be removed from the new CD. 12 is the target number. Help DEVO Inc. and its corporate partners to determine the outcome of the album by participating in the proven system of focus-group testing at the Devolution tent. Your involvement is essential and will grant you a free Energy Dome for your efforts.

A video from Devo Inc.'s COO is below.

Devo played two shows at Irving Plaza on November 20th and 21st. The second night they performed Freedom of Choice in full, photographed here. The first night was Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! , which is pictured in this post. More pictures, videos and dates are below...

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The annual Joey Ramone Birthday Bash at Irving Plaza is happening on May 19th. So far no artists have been announced for the festivities, but tickets are on sale. In related news, Joey Ramone could be heard rolling in his grave last night as Axl Rose performed a late night set in the former home of CBGB. Video of the Ramones playing there 33 years ago, below...

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DOWNLOAD: You Say Party! We Say Die! - Laura Palmer's Prom" (Los Campesinos Remix) (MP3)

Los Campesinos!
Los CampesinosLos Campesinos

Los Campesinos just released their third record, Romance Is Boring, on Arts & Crafts at the end of January. It's their first LP since keyboardist Aleks left the band to go back to school last year. She's been replaced by frontman Gareth's sister Kim on keys and vocals. A video for the record's title track is below.

Speaking of Arts & Crafts, it seems like the Canadian label has been especially busy lately. Upcoming album releases for them include Jason Collett and Zeus, and most excitingly, Broken Social Scene.

Los Campesinos! plays the UK and Europe in February and March before coming stateside in April. They'll be in NYC for an April 22nd show at Irving Plaza. Tickets are on sale.

The above-linked MP3 is a new remix LC! did for Canadian band You Say Party! We Say Die! (that's a lot of !'s). YSP!WSD! has an upcoming tour as well. Dates (in full below) include SXSW and a March 29th show at Pianos in NYC. Speaking of SXSW!, it was just announced that !!! will actually be there too.

The LC! tracklist for their new record, new video and all tour dates are below...

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photos by Paul Birman

Cheap Trick

Audi of America today announced that it will advertise during Super Bowl XLIV, the brand's third consecutive time in the Super Bowl. The spot will highlight the Audi A3 TDI, recently named by Green Car Journal as the 2010 "Green Car of the Year" and will have a fun, tongue-in-cheek environmental theme. Rock legends Cheap Trick will reinterpret one of their classic pieces as the soundtrack to the commercial.

Returning to the Super Bowl after a nearly 20-year hiatus, the 2008 Audi spot delivered a parody of the movie "The Godfather" and signaled that the brand was ready to challenge the perceived luxury leaders. The 2009 effort featured actor Jason Statham in a series of high-speed chase scenes involving recent luxury models, sending the dual message that some things are best left in the past and luxury is evolving, with Audi at the forefront. This year, Audi will demonstrate its leadership position within the luxury segment with a brand spot that delivers the message that being environmentally conscious might not be easy, but the Audi A3 TDI clean diesel is now a proven environmental solution. [press release]

Not counting a 'Best of', Cheap Trick's latest release is a live CD & DVD from a show where they performed the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band track for track with "the New York Philharmonic orchestra, an Indian music ensemble and an array of several very special guests". It was released in 2009 just a couple of months after they also put out a new album of their own material (called "The Latest").

Monday night (1/25), Cheap Trick played a show at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza here in NYC (they also played a private/taped shows at St Ann's Warehouse in Brooklyn the night after that). More pictures from Irving along with the setlist and all future tour dates (they have a gig coming in Atlantic City soon), below...

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by BBG

Mayhem at Irving Plaza (more by Paul Birman)

Mayhem. Krallice. Tombs. Ludicra. Each one of these four bands have delivered some of my favorite records and performances of the past few years. And now, all FOUR bands will team up for a tour and a NYC show TOGETHER! BrooklynVegan is beyond proud to present the return of Norwegian black metal legends Mayhem with Ludicra, Krallice, and Tombs at Irving Plaza on April 8th, one show of an overall US campaign to level the musical landscape of all suckas. NYC tickets will be on sale soon. Must.... calm... down..... excitement.... overtaking.....

In addition, we are happy to announce that Tombs honcho Mike Hill will pen a tour diary for BV along the way. You can see his prior dispatches from the road on his website or on Decibel's blog.

Of the participating bands, Ludicra is the only one with a new album imminent; make sure and pick up The Tenant via Profound Lore on 3/2 and dig on an interview that drummer Aesop Dekker did with Brandon Stosuy. Mayhem's last release was 2007's Ordo Ad Chao and both Krallice and Tombs released great LPs in 2009.

Many show going New Yorkers can attest to the greatness of this lineup, as all of these bands have played shows recently. Tombs played Union Pool on 1/22 with Rosetta, City of Ships and Battlefields (pics are on the way). Krallice just decimated the Knit with Crucifist. Ludicra beatdown Santos with John Cobbett's other project, Hammers of Misfortune. And of course Mayhem famously toured sans Marduk, but with Withered, Cephalic Carnage and others. That NYC show was also at Irving Plaza.

Ludicra is one of many bands on board for Scion Rock Fest 2010 in Columbus Ohio. Look for Tombs at SXSW this year.

Some videos of all bands, including a Tombs video from Union Pool, and all tour dates are below...

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photos by Jen Mazer

Happy Holidays! I take on more than I can handle. That results in a lot of unposted content. In the name of catching up, while also taking it easy during this final week of the year, here's some of that lost material.

Femi Kuti

ModernGhana: Afrobeat musician, Femi Anikulapo-Kuti speaks with ADEOLA BALOGUN about his recent nomination for a Grammy and sundry issues. How does it feel like to be nominated in the Grammy awards?

Femi: I am so glad. It shows that I have been working very hard outside Nigeria. The fact that the Nigerian music industry has failed me does not mean that the rest of the world has done the same thing. I signed a contract six months ago for the same album to be released here in Nigeria, but the records company has not released it. It is the problem that I have been having in my career. It shows that the music industry in Nigeria still has a very long way to go.

When do you think the company will release your album?

Femi: I do not know. The album was released in America in January. It was released in Europe in November last year and the rest of the world has been dancing to it. The Grammy is not about Nigeria. It is an American award. So it is the American establishment that is nominating me for the award.

Femi Kuti played a show at Irving Plaza in NYC on June 4th. Some more pictures from that show below...

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NYC photos by Chris La Putt, Philly photos by Diana Zadlo

Gwar @ Irving Plaza in NYC Sunday

At most metal shows, the dress code is "none more black." At GWAR shows, however, if your shirt isn't covered in blue blood and green bile, you weren't really at a GWAR show, were you? The group of intergalactic badasses, led by vocalist and Fox News' Red Eye's interplanetary correspondent Oderus Urungus, always bring a hellishly good show with them, where no human goes unsacrificed. GWAR brought their freak show to the Gothic Theatre on November 11 in support of Lust in Space, and global destruction almost materialized.

...Most GWAR concerts and albums are based around a story, and this time, GWAR are forced to once again combat Cardinal Syn, from the Ragnarock album. Cardinal Syn is an evil Catholic robot on a quest to homogenize the universe and turn GWAR into a Christian rock band. Complicating matters was that Oderus Urungus has lost the Cuttlefish of Cthulhu, either because he left it in the ass of a transvestite or a clerical error in Tulsa, Oklahoma (crack affects your memory, you know.) As a result, he was forced to use a human penis to perform such daily tasks as raping babies and forcing members of the audience to give fellate him. In the end, however, Cardinal Syn went down and GWAR scored themselves a boulder of crack. Overall, the story wasn't as tight-knit as the stories from the Beyond Hell and election tours ("Hilary Clinton" getting her tits ripped off is still one of my favorite GWAR moments), but it was still entertaining to see a Catholic robot get his ass kicked. -[Crustcake]

The spaceship has left for parts unknown. Gwar finished up a month long tour (which included Gothic Theatre in Denver, discussed above) with a string of east coast dates which concluded at Irving Plaza in NYC on Sunday (12/13), with a show in Philly at the Electric Factory one night before that. Pictures from both shows adorn this post. Support for the dates included Job For A Cowboy and The Red Chord, who recently dropped their highly celebrated LP Fed Through the Teeth Machine.

Tons more pics and some video from the band when they hit Fuel TV are below...

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photos by Tim Griffin


Devo performed two nights in a row at Irving Plaza in NYC over the weekend. And like they did on their whole current tour, they played a diffferent full album each night. Not coincdentally, those two albums were both just reissued as deluxe editions and just in time for the holidays...

Devo, Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! and Freedom of Choice Deluxe Editions
Depending on who you ask, art-rock godfathers Devo are either one of the greatest and most innovative bands of all time, or just one of New Wave's most memorable one-hit wonders. Both camps will be satisfied with the band's reissues of the two records that best of exemplify both aspects of their legacy--their quirky 1978 debut Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! and 1980's classic Freedom of Choice. The cherry on top: a "Mongoloid"/"Jocko Homo" 7-inch that accompanies the limited edition color vinyl version of ...Are We Not Men?. [Nashville Scene]
Friday night was the Are We Not Men show. Saturday was Freedom of Choice. Full review from both days, and pictures from the first night, coming shortly. More pictures from the second night (they changed outfits to match the album), below...

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photos by Lori Baily

Jesus Lizard

"How can it be that in the wake of the ten year absence of this band, there's really yet to be a front man as captivating, ferocious, unnerving and entertaining? Sure there's Matt Korvette of PISSED JEANS and Eugene from OXBOW as current torch bearers, and I'm not sure that the world needs another GG Allin. Actually, scratch that...I am sure we don't need another GG. But those bands can't hold a 5W bulb to the music of the Jesus Lizard, and Yow's the propellant that gets it all going. He spent probably as much time in/on the crowd as on stage, and never missed a note while singing propped up by the hands of strangers. Highlights? Truly, there were no lulls. How can there be when you've got the mutated hybrid of "Chrome" coming at you, or the manic "Bloody Mary," or the insistent throbbing of "Gladiator"?" [Big Takeover]
The Jesus Lizard came to town. Night one pictures and discussion HERE. Night two setlist picture and more discussion HERE. Pictures from when they played a show on Halloween HERE. A whole bunch of pictures from the secomd night at Irving Plaza (11/17), with opener Noveller (aka Sarah Lipstate who also plays in Parts & Labor), below...

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photos by Justina Villanueva

Jesus Lizard

""I had not seen the Jesus Lizard since Lollapalooza 1995 - the last year I choose to think of as being remotely true to what that festival was about. As hard as it is to believe that was 14 years ago, it is even harder to understand how frontman David Yow & Co. have managed to bring back this band - essentially dormant since 1999 - with this much ferocity. Yow may be 14 years older and a bit worse for wear, but the man caterwauls with an intensity that most 20 year old pretty boys will never match. The Irving crowd - a good portion of whom, at this 16+ show, were not even born when this band began in 1987 - remained in a frenzy throughout the set, turning the Irving floor into a thrashing sea of bodies, flying beers and more than a few sets of broken eyeglasses. While Yow stage-dove, mic in hand, the band delivered their tightly wound hardcore like the experts they are. Covering a range of the band's catalog and with two encores, the 23-song set gave audience members a lot to scream about."
[acidjack @ NYCTaper where you can download a recording of the show]
You saw a picture of the setlist from the second night (11/17). The first night's setlist (11/6) with more pictures, below...

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Gwar's new album "Lust in Space" was released in August, and theyre' now on tour to support it. That tour ends in NYC with a show at Irving Plaza on December 13th. Tickets are on sale. All dates and some videos of Oderus appearing on Fox and Sirius, below...

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Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin - Nov 7, 2009 (by Chad Wadsworth)
Fun Fun Fun Fest

There have been plenty of chances to catch The Jesus Lizard since they reunited. They've played Europe and a bunch of festivals. They played the Pitchfork Festival, Fun Fun Fun Fun Fest, and even ATP NY just a short drive north of the city. They even played in NYC on Halloween at a Vice party. They have not however yet played a completely public show as a reunited band in NYC. That is until tonight, 11/16, at Irving Plaza with Skeleton Key (and tomorrow at the same venue with Noveller). Tickets are still available for both shows (though only a "handful" left for tonight at the door).

If you stand close to the stage, be ready to catch David Yow. He is known to jump the second they hit the stage. Above picture from Day One of Fun Fun Fun Fest. Video and all dates below...

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