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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Sir Richard Bishop - Kaddak el Mayass (MP3)

Om in Brooklyn 9/23/08

On September 8th, Drag City will proclaim that God is Good. The duo of Al Cisneros (who recently played his final show in Sleep) and Emil Amos (also of Grails/Holy Sons) will release their new four track LP of that name, their first LP together and the first Om LP since 2007's Pilgrimage. More details on the Steve Albini-produced album to come.

Transmissions in SinaiIn addition to the new Om album, Al Cisneros has also helmed a new compilation for Arthur Magazine. Entitled Transmissions from Sinai and featuring art from the legendary Arik Roper, the disc contains contributions from some of the usual Cisneros suspects (Current 93, Scott Kelly, Holy Sons, Grails, Wino) as well as previously unreleased tracks from J. Mascis, Six Organs of Admittance, Lichens, and Sir Richard Bishop. The full tracklisting is below. For more information and to order that disc, head to Arthur.

A few contributors to Transmissions From Sinai will be in NYC in the VERY near future! Lichens has a show at Cake Shop on June 15th with New Zealand's Bachelorette and Pikelet.

     Sir Richard Bishop
Sir Richard Bishop

Arthur CD contributor, Sun City Girl, and Om's Drag City label-mate, Sir Richard Bishop double teams NYC in the coming days, with a show on June 13th at The Studio @ Webster Hall with Zaimph, and then two nights later with Bill Callahan (and a BV photo show) at MHOW. Sir Richard Bishop's new album THE FREAK OF ARABY was released by Drag City in May. All of his tour dates are below.

Om's previously mentioned live document, Live Conference, will be released (vinyl only!) via Important Records in the coming weeks.

Current 93 recently dropped Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain, as well as Monohallucinatory Mountain, the mono version of said record. Pick that up at David Michael Tibet's site. Spanning eight tracks over it's 53+ minutes, the LP features contributions from James Blackshaw, William Breeze (ex-Coil), Ossian Breeze (Coil), Rickie Lee Jones, Matt Sweeney, Andrew WK, Sasha Grey, and many many others.

Holy Sons (aka Emil Amos of Om / Grails) recently dropped Drifter's Symphony

Grouper recently toured with Animal Collective, and has a few additional tour dates in the Northwest laid out through the summer.

All tour dates and stuff below...

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mike watt & the missingmen
Mike Watt and the missingmen

I put the missingmen together in the summer of 2006 in order to bring forth my third punk rock opera "hyphenated-man" (the first two being 1997's "contemplating the engine room" and 2004's "the secondman's middle stand"). whereas "...engine room" dealt w/my pop's life in the navy as a metaphor for the story of the minutemen and "...middle stand" was a parallel to dante's "comedia" dealing w/an illness that almost killed me in 2000, this third opera will be quite different in that it has no standard narrative (libretto!) meaning no regular beginning-middle-end and will be as it were "simultaneous" in the way a mirror from just inside my head - right in this middle-age moment of mine - was then shattered into thirtynine pieces, each showing a piece of my state of mind (or out-of-mind) as of now. "thirty tunes?" yes, they're little ones. too heavy to really hear minutemen stuff for many years, I had to face myself and get the nerve up to hear it again when I agreed to let keith scheiron and tim irwin make the "we jam econo" documentary (many thanks to them and all who helped out on that). I even did a few gigs w/george hurley w/us as a duet doing the old tunes and it was trippy for me, like I was digging on how "econo" those tiny tunes were - no filler, right to point. a big influence was those little creatures in those old hieronymus bosch painting - I read a theory about them maybe being visualizations of proverbs or aphorisms and me, not knowing much about sixteenth century dutch/flemish culture, made up my own meanings! -Mike Watt
Mike Watt (of the Minutemen) has a bunch of shows scheduled over the next few months - some with the Secondmen, and some with the Missingmen.

UPDATE: All upcoming Mike Watt shows are Missingmen dates.

Dates includes May 7th at Maxwell's in Hoboken (tickets on sale now), May 8th at Mercury Lounge in NYC (tickets on sale at noon), a bunch of other headlining dates, and a bunch of shows opening for Dinosaur Jr. (J Mascis and Mike Watt together again).

There's a small gap in Mike's schedule at the beginning of May. I thought maybe new dates would show up, but according to an update I got from Mike himself after I first published this: "in the middle, may 3-4-5 has me three days in the studio w/them to record my third opera at tony maimone's studio in brooklyn (studio g)." Them = the missingmen. Also, Mike's calling the trip "'prac for the 3rd opera' tour 2009."

Dinosaur Jr's. tour starts not long after SXSW..

Having recently signed with Jagjaguwar, Dinosaur Jr will be hitting the road in April to road test new material in a town near you in cozier environs than you might expect. For the fortunate fans who score tickets to these select shows, they will also receive either a limited edition, tour-only 7" or a digital download code with the purchase of a ticket. The songs on this release were recorded live during a Pitchfork.tv feature at J Mascis' own Bisquiteen Studios.
You can watch those and other videos, and see all tour dates, below...

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by Black Bubblegum


Witch and Earthless will team up for a short tour in February 2009. That includes a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on the 25th. Tickets go on sale 12/23 at noon.

Witch dropped Paralyzed in March, and it was recently named as one of the best heavy albums of the year by Decibel.... check out that full list below. Look for a few of those to repeat on my own top metal list, coming very soon.

We knew that Witch counts J. Mascis as a member, but the band also contains (or, rather attempts to contain) Kyle Thomas, AKA King Tuff. King Tuff recently dropped his debut Was Dead on October 7th via Tee Pee which is also Witch's label.

J Mascis also recently released an album of his own, and on his own label... Baked Goods. Out now, J + Friends Sing + Chant for Amma is a "collection of devotional songs dedicated to the living Indian Saint, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi (Amma)" with all of the proceeds going towards "a vast range of humanitarian projects, including orphanages, charitable hospitals and free homes for the homeless". For more on Amma, head here.

Earthless (mem of Rocket From The Crypt, Hot Snakes, Black Heart Procession) recently dropped their live album Live at Roadburn, captured at the ridiculawesome festival that will include Saint Vitus, Amon Duul II, Neurosis, and many other greats in 2009.

All lists and dates below...

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Photos by Edwina Hay

DOWNLOAD: Fucked Up - No Epiphany (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Fucked Up - Twice Born (MP3)

Fucked Up

Fucked Up

Fucked Up

In order to capture as much of the 12 hour show that the band Fucked Up played at the Rogan Store on the Bowery near where CBGB used to be yesterday (10/14), we set up photographic shifts. Ryan was 4-6, Chris was 6-8, Edwina was 8-midnight and Tim was midnight until 2am. We failed at getting anyone there from 2-4 in the afternoon when it started. We also ended up with overlap because naturally, people stayed longer than their alotted time period, especially Ryan who was there for 8 hours. That's Jon Josef of Cro-Mags and Cro-Mags (jam) fame above in the red t-shirt (not the first time a hardcore/punk legend has joined FU on stage). The rest of Edwina's pics are below...

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Photos by Ryan Muir

Fucked Up

Ryan's official shift at the 12-hour Fucked Up show was really only 4-6, but he got there a little late and stayed much longer. John Joseph did two Cro-Mags songs with Fucked Up ("Malfunction" and "Life of My Own"). Tim Harrington sang "Over the Edge" by Underdog, "Victim in Pain" by Agnostic Front, and then moshed while someone grabbed the mic and sang Agnostic Front's "Last Warning" F'd Up played "Blitzkrieg Bop" by the Ramones twice. First with Moby singing and then later with Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend singing. Moby also did "12XU" by Minor Threat and "Nervous Breakdown" by Black Flag. Ezra also sang "Parents" by the Descendents and a Blitz song. J. Mascis did "Chunks" by Last Rites (a song D Jr often covers) with them while Matador's Gerard was on guitar and then J. played drums while Fucked Up played "I Saw It" by Deep Wound. Fucked Up of course played lots of hardcore and punk covers on their own too, and even some originals. Pictures of it all below...

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Photos by Tim Griffin

Fucked Up

The 12 hour Fucked Up show yesterday (10/15) was much more than just a Fucked Up show. Not only, as advertised, were there plenty of special guests over the course of the day, other bands did their own sets while F'd Up took breaks. We were there in shifts. Tim Griffin got there around 11:45pm and stayed until the 2am end. During that time the (comedian) Jeff Jensen project played, Endless Boogie played, and J Mascis returned for a second time. More pictures from that part below...

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photos by Abbey Braden for atp 2008

Dinosaur Jr. @ ATP NY
Dinosaur Jr

The Meat Puppets @ ATP NY
Meat Puppets

Sep 24 - Dinosaur Jr & Om @ the Stone Pony (tonight)
Sep 24 - Built to Spill & Meat Puppets @ Ram's Head Live (Baltimore)
Sep 25 - Dinosaur Jr, Meat Puppets & Built to Spill @ Terminal 5 (TICKETS)
Sep 26 - Dinosaur Jr, Meat Puppets & Built to Spill @ Terminal 5 (SOLD OUT)
Sep 27 - Dinosaur Jr, Meat Puppets & Built to Spill @ Orpheum Theatre (Boston)

Built to Spill performed Perfect From Now On at ATP on Friday. Meat Puppets performed Meat Puppets II on the same night. Dinosaur Jr. didn't perform an album, but they did also play ATP. On Thursday and Friday of this week all three bands perform on the same bill at Terminal 5 in NYC. Dates above. More ATP pics, including one of the DJ setlist, below....

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someone let Witz on the stage last night @ Roseland Ballroom in NYC
My Bloody Valentine @ Roseland

The Wounded Knees (with special guest J Mascis), My Bloody Valentine and Le Volume Courbe played Roseland Ballroom in NYC last night (9/22). The above picture is proof.

Formed in Dublin in 1984, [My Bloody Valentine] developed its initial sound as a reaction against what other bands were doing, Mr. Shields said. Most were using the cushy sounds of flangers and chorus pedals; My Bloody Valentine, using an effect called reverse reverb, strove for something "ambient but upfront, with a dryness," Mr. Shields said. Later the band would pile up countless other effects -- loops, echoes, distortion boxes -- creating the sonic onslaught that has been cited as an influence by virtually every collegiate or indie-rock band that knows how to set off feedback. [NY Times]
Le Volume Courbe (here from the UK initially to play the MBV-curated day at ATP Sunday) will play two more NYC shows before they leave. Those, and other dates are below.

Friend-of-MBV Gemma Hayes plays the Virgin Megastore in NYC today (9/23). Last night she was at Mercury Lounge. On Sunday she was at ATP. More pictures from her ATP performance are below too.

My Bloody Valentine do it (Roseland) again tonight (9/23) with Lilys. From there MBV move on to Toronto. MBV ATP setlist & pics are HERE (along with lots of Roseland reviews in the comments). More Lilys ATP pics are, also, below...

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photos by Lori Baily

Fender anniversary party

Fender anniversary party

"There was really nothing to complain about if your expectations were correct when you got there. Verlaine did the same boring crap he has been doing for 10 years. The SY set could have been longer and contained at least SOME melody. Their set was the only disappointed of the night. Nels set was great, but only because of the pairing with Norton Wisdom. Very nice. J ripped it like always, he was never one to noodle. Dave Schools of Widespread Panic ripped it up on bass." [Anonymous 1]


"wtf that review is just WRONG. It was cool and fun to see all these guys doing their Jazzmaster thing. Lee and Moore's set disappointing I don't think anyone there would agree with that. Mascis was more disappointing after setting up 3 huge stacks of amps on stage to get just an ok sound out of all that. Nels Cline nothing without the painter? come on man, get off your ass and listen." [Anonymous 2]

More picture from Friday's Fender party at Knitting Factory, below...

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Thurston Moore in Battery Park - July 4, 2008 (more by Jason Bergman)
Sonic Youth

It's happening September 12th @ Knitting Factory in NYC and tickets are on sale!

by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Graveyard - Thin Line from their self-titled LP (mp3)


J.Mascis's other other band, the doom-inspired Witch, will do a short stint of dates this month, opening their tour at the aforementioned Tee Pee Records showcase on March 12 and concluding on March 20, two days after the release of their killer record Paralyzed. Check them out at Luna Lounge in Brooklyn on March 19 (tickets here). Swedish 70s throwback rockers (NOT Witchcraft) Graveyard will open the show, playing tunes off of their grand self-titled effort. DEFINITELY a recommended album for fans of that other swedish 70s doom band or fans of Pentagram. Video and tour dates below....

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BSS ("Spirit If") @ The Metro, Chicago - Nov 3, 2007 (CRED)
Broken Social Scene in Chicago

J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr), Scott Kannberg (Pavement), James Shaw (Metric) and Emily Haines (Metric) will all be joining Kevin Drew & friends on stage tomorrow night at Webster Hall in NYC. (Nov 14, 2007). Arthur & Yu are opening. Tickets are still on sale. I definitely want to go now. Updated tour dates below...

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Feist listens to J Mascis rock out (CRED)
Feist & J Mascis

Rock out like J. Mascis with the new J. Mascis Jazzmaster Fender guitar. Rock out with J. Mascis at Webster Hall on September 3rd - Dinosaur Jr. just added more tour dates, and tickets for the NYC show go on sale Wednesday.

Kevin Drew rocks outJ's friend Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene just posted a new streaming "exclusive b-side" to his MySpace. That makes three new songs total that you can hear there - two of which will appear on his new album 'Spirit If'. That's the album he'll be performing at McCarren Park Pool with a band supposedly known as 'Broken Social Scene', and a bill that includes his girlfriend Feist, and Brooklyn's own Grizzly Bear.

Kevin also made a new video for one of those new songs, and J. Mascis sings and plays guitar in the song, and in the video. VIDEO & TOUR DATES BELOW....

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J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. plays a CBGB benefit show on September 11th. (guests & ticket info. TBA)

Old Skull is reuniting at the Exploited show on September 8th.

September 3rd is listed like this..."HARLEY'S WAR Featuring Harley Flanagan and Hard core Allstars and special cromag guests!!! Playing ALL "ORIGINAL CRO-MAGS AND HARLEY'S WAR SONGS!!!!"

We're all Broken and BlackoutPack are are opening for Thursday on August 25th.

All benefit shows below...

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