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"the blueprint for greatness" (Marianne O'Leary)
Blueprint of Greatness

"Shares of Madison Square Garden Inc, which owns the New York Knicks, dropped nearly 4 percent early on Friday, the day after superstar LeBron James spurned the basketball team to sign with the Miami Heat.

James announced on Thursday evening that he would join the Heat in his quest to win a National Basketball Association title, leaving his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. However, the Knicks had cleared salary-cap space on its roster in the hopes of attracting James, who has twice won the most valuable player award." [Reuters]

Phoenix and Dirty Projectors play the less-valuable Madison Square Garden on October 20th. Tickets go on AmEx presale July 12th at 10am and general sale Saturday, July 17 at 10am. (Lady Gaga plays there again tonight).

and yeah, Jay-Z didn't get Lebron either.


"Just hours after presale tickets for Eminem and Jay-Z's "Home And Home" tour went on sale today (June 24), another show has been added in Detroit at Comerica Park on Friday, September 2 and in New York at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday, September 14. Tickets go on sale to the public tomorrow, Friday, June 25, 2010" [Billboard]
All four dates listed below...

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Tickets for the September 13th Jay-Z/Eminem show at the new Yankee Stadium go on presales @ 10am. I say "presales" because the list of them is rocawear, roc4life, jay-z, venue, live nation, radio, and Yankees.com registered users. PASSWORD = NYYJAYZ for one of the presales, and also try "tickets" for the Live Nation presale.

here are two pictures...

Jay Z and Eminem

Jay Z and Eminem

After the city denied Jay-Z and Eminem from performing on the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater, they just moved their Letterman taping to the roof of the building. The above pictures were taken earlier this evening, Monday, June 21st. The mini-concert will air on Letterman on Friday night.

And as I type this, Red Bull is hosting an event in Bowery Ballroom named "Red Bull Emsee: The Road to 8 Mile". Not surprisingly (based on that event name, their promise of "Special Guest Performances", and Eminem's location earlier today), Eminem is rumored to be making an appearance (after midnight). Maybe Jay-Z will stop by too?

Eminem did in fact play Bowery Ballroom. a picture below.

Tickets to Eminem and Jay-Z's upcoming show at Yankee Stadium go on sale soon.

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Ed Sullivan

Mayor Bloomberg was in no Empire State of Mind yesterday.

Jay-Z had planned to put on a surprise performance atop the marquee of the Ed Sullivan Theater Monday but the Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting put the kibosh on it yesterday.

Like Paul McCartney last year, the Brooklyn-born rap superstar had planned to use his appearance on the "Late Show with David Letterman" to give a show in the middle of rush-hour Midtown.

"There was discussion of a concert, and ultimately it was decided there would be no permit," said Julianne Cho, spokeswoman for the film office.

The mini-concert was axed abruptly after weeks of planning and negotiations, sources said.

The decision came on the heels ofa free performance by rapper Drake at the South Street Seaport that was canceled Tuesday after 10,000 people -- triple what was expected -- grew unruly when the entertainer kept them waiting for 90 minutes.

Six people suffered minor injuries. Two people were arrested.

Sources told The Post that a permit for Jay-Z's performance would have been granted only if organizers could keep the show secret, but word of the show leaked out yesterday.

"Many permits are granted on the condition that the event is not made public beforehand for capacity and security reasons," Cho said. "This event was made public." [NY Post] (via)

Note that the NY Post says "10,000 people -- triple what was expected" which is different than that NY Times article which said "The concert space at the Seaport can hold about 10,000 people, but far more came on Tuesday. The police did not release a crowd estimate, but some reports have put it at 25,000..." Which is it?

That said, I wouldn't exactly start caling this the end of free shows in the city. Jay-Z for free in midtown doesn't really seem like it was ever a great idea, Drake show or not.

Speaking of free shows, JG Thirlwell leads an orchestra in Prospect Park tonight (6/18). Morning Benders, Freelance Whales & Wild Nothing play Governors Island on Saturday.

And in related news, tickets to see Jay-Z play Yankee Stadium go on sale in a week.

Jay-Z @ Bonnaroo 2010 (ladymelisande)
Jay Z

Tickets for the JAY-Z and Eminem concert on September 13 at Yankee Stadium will go on sale on June 25 at 10:00 a.m. online at Ticketmaster, phone at (800) 745-3000, via Ticketmaster TTY at (800) 943-4327 and at select area Ticketmaster outlets.

It will be the second of a home-and-home series of shows for New York City-native JAY-Z and Detroit-area-native Eminem, as the pair will also perform at Detroit's Comerica Park on September 2.

You'll have to wait until June 25th to get tickets to Jay-Z & Eminem at Yankee Stadium, though tickets to the December 30th New Era Pinstripe Bowl go on sale today, June 15th, at noon.

Jay-Z was one of the headliners of Bonnaroo over the weekend. NPR isn't streaming his set, but they do have Nas & Damian Marley, and you can watch some high quality Jay-Z Bonnaroo videos below...

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Jay-Z @ Coachella (more by Rachel Carr)

Jay-Z and Eminem appeared at last night's Yankees game in Detroit (we destroyed them) to announce co-headlining NYC & Detroit shows. They'll be in Comerica Park on September 2nd and Yankee Stadium on September 13th. The show will be the first concert in the new Yankees stadium. Ticket info TBA. A video of the pair on ESPN announcing the shows, and one from the first time Jay-Z performed at the stadium, is below...

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Betty White

Betty White killed it all-episode long Saturday night, with one major highlight of course being the death metal tribute to the Golden Girls. Check it out, if you haven't already, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

Freddy's last night... (pexy)

"Today is a sad day for a lot of people who live close to Flatbush Ave. Fort Greene, Park Slope and further. In fact for a lot of Brooklyn. It is sad because Freddy's is closing. It's closing because greedy, glutinous rich people think they know what's best for this neighborhood & are erecting some god awful monstrosity that is going to turn this Neighborhood in to a Manhattan-esque commercial nightmare.

The Barclay's Arena.

Freddy's is the bar where so many people have partied in Brooklyn. Some have had too much to drink, have danced way too long and accidentally torn muscles. Some even made out with people because their beer goggles were on super tight. But that's what happens when you're with friends creating memories that last a lifetime. To be honest, the fight to keep Freddy's isn't all about these memories. It's about the rights of the people to live in their homes, drink in their bars, and love their neighborhood.

Unfortunately, we lost the fight to big business and millions of dollars. The organizers say a giant arena is supposed to give back to the city. Some people say that Ratner is a huge philanthropist and that the arena is intended to revitalize the community. I'm going to put my money on the memories to revitalize rather than basketball scores.

We're going to miss you Freddy's. You always knew how to make us feel like old friends." [pexy]

The above letter and picture were posted to Flickr by David Pexton, along with the tags "Freddy's Bar", "Bar", "Ratner", "Jay Z", "Fuck You Jay Z", "Eminent Domain Abuse", and others.

Freddy's Bar & Backroom, the Prospect Heights bar forced out by the Atlantic Yards project, had its final nights on Friday and Saturday. Friday was supposed to be the last hurrah, but the bar was open for business on Saturday too...

Freddy's packed Bar - Saturday, May 1, 2010 (by Tracy Collins)

The decidedly upbeat crowd, crammed into Freddy's to celebrate, commiserate, and pay their respects. They treated to ridiculousness that only happens at Freddy's. Speeches by bartenders professing love for each other and fake marriage proposals, a constant stream of women dancing on the bar, a fire dancer that twirled flaming torches and the frequent "DON-ALD! DON-ALD!" chants, cheering Manager Donald O'Finn, that interrupted its dance friendly music selection were just a few of the highlights.

The patrons, who poured in from all parts of Brooklyn and the rest of the City, spanned every age, neighborhood, and ethnicity danced the night away and purposefully ignored the smoking ban, lighting up cigarettes all night long. The ridiculously hot backroom was somehow even hotter as the sweaty band and patrons rocked. [NY Drinker]

That description is from the bar's Saturday night party. Friday's scene was very much the same (though Friday the fire dancer was outside), with the bar already starting to run out of some of its booze. A band in the back played originals and covers (Dylan, etc.) until around 3:30am when the tired staff cleared everyone out. Saturday had a more varied entertainment lineup.

More pictures from Saturday, like the one above, can be seen at Tracy Collins' Flickr. One more, with the full entertainer list from Saturday night (including Alex Battles and a skimpily dressed Anna Copa Cabana), is below.

Freddy's had planned to move to a new location on Union St and 4th Avenue (about 10 blocks into Park Slope), but NYDrinker (the site quoted above) says that playn has fallen through. Admittedly I did get nervous when I read the bar owner's recent (and still posted), and apparently premature, letter that said, "Currently we are negotiating a new location near Union Street and 4th Avenue. We'll be open as soon as time and paperwork allows, hopefully in about 2 or 3 months."

Some videos of the bar's last night (music, dancing, open flames) are also below...

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photos by Rachel Carr

Coachella 2010 Outtakes

"An aggregate 225,000 people bought tickets to see a [Coachella] roster headlined by Jay-Z, Muse and Gorillaz during the April 16-18 event at the Empire Polo Grounds in Indio.

The previous attendance record was set in 2007, when the headliners included a reunited Rage Against the Machine. Final figures are still being tallied, but AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips said the gross will exceed $20 million.

Phillips said the future looked bleak for AEG Live's nascent All Points West festival, which took place in 2008 and 2009 across the Hudson River from lower Manhattan at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, N.J.

"We're probably going to kill it," said Phillips. "As beautiful as (the site) is, it's very hard to get New Yorkers to cross that river. All Points West is an experiment that just didn't work." [Reuters]

The 2010 edition of Coachella actually began excactly one week ago today, and we already posted full picture sets from: DAY ONE, DAY TWO and DAY THREE. Now here is one last group that contains unposted outtakes from all three...

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photos by Rachel Carr, words by Daiana Feuer

Jay-Z, Beyonce & Johnny Rotten
Coachella 2010
Coachella 2010

This year, the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival reveals that tattoos are more ubiquitous among social scenes than ever before. A walking museum of quotes and legendary faces from Jesus to Michael Jackson decorates the backs, shoulders, calves and fingers of people fashionably reliving their favorite historical decades at this heat-stroke inducing music marathon.

I thought Wale didn't show up, but later found out that he showed up late. Baroness demonstrated the art of rocking out at least three to five times before each song reached a satisfied climax. Metal can be a real turn on, especially surrounded by sweaty good-looking people. Deer Tick performed an R+B version of "Ashamed" followed by John McCauley caressing his nipples. LA band Iglu and Hartly had enthusiasm, but is this Mickey Avalon without the drugs and prostitutes? Which leaves what? Sleigh Bells began with a booty melting bass line palpable from the VIP section across the field, soon overtaken by hipster hop metal pop for people that like beaches and children. The Avett Brothers made an exciting second Coachella appearance on the Outdoor Stage. Two years ago, the band played Sunday gospel time, all manners and simplicity, but the Bros returned with a full band, and a few thousand people singing every word, stomping to the banjo, and hugging during the sweet parts. The banjo will take over America. Just wait. Country music is infiltrating avant-garde and above ground indie worlds alike.

Standing midway between the big stages, just a few feet from yet another girl with the words "Have u seen my friend Molly?" scrawled on her back, the Avett Brothers' heart-wrenching "January Wedding" got a reggaeton remix from Calle 13 booming on the Main Stage. This Puerto Rican dancefloor marvel used a tea kettle for a mic effect, and taught the audience to say "No me jodas las pelotas" against negativity ("Don't fuck my balls"). Speaking of balls, Yeasayer's crowd went absolutely nuts screaming, but the guys barely seemed aware, transported as they were to some space station cloud. The harmonies rocked like angelic aliens-but, smile, guys. Hockey demonstrated a genuine interest in moving indie rock standards forward, especially attracting the PG-13 festival contingency. M. ward raspy singing "Roll Over Beethoven" during She & Him's set delivered tingly shivers, but Zooey Deschanel's approach to "I Put A Spell On You" did not crumble souls. Her jazzy voice and bouncy energy otherwise made for a good time that elicited repetitive shouts of "I Love You!" from the first row.

Gil Scott-Heron
Coachella 2010

Music should be at least marginally weird or infinitely classic, but Tom Morello's band, Street Sweeper Social Club, brings nothing new to either category and so seems a waste of great musicians. Get weird or the future will never arrive. That being said, the musicians Coachella digs up from history often present the most exciting moments. Rock steady ska pioneers The Specials sent a crispy, warm message to Rudy that every witness appreciated immensely, but it was outrageous that barely any photographers showed up for Gil Scott-Heron's smooth, soulful set [editor's note: ours did!]. The man is partly responsible for getting Martin Luther King, Jr. a holiday, godfathered hip hop, and that doesn't merit attention? A large crowd attended his every word, but the photos won't show it. Later on, James Murphy screamed Gil Scott-Heron's name during "Losing My Edge" as if it were the name of God. Glad he gets it. LCD Soundsystem's first single in 2002, "Losing My Edge" is a historical document worth preserving for the ages, an essence that speaks to what Coachella seems bent on capturing and rewriting every year. Echo & The Bunnymen rode the high-hat zealously-as many have copied since-giving chapped lips sugar kisses. Public Image, Ltd., could not take Jay-Z's audience away from him nor unglue Fever Ray fans from Karin Dreijer Andersson's encompassing fog spell, but I'll be damned if PiL wasn't the best show all day. John Lydon's hair stood on edge and he rolled his rrrr's heroically. His gang of old men put the good junk in post-punk.

As this first 12 hour music summary comes to a close, a few acts remain worth giving a hoot about. Grizzly Bear's hypnotic power hardly needs mentioning and Vampire Weekend knows you love "Horchata." New cool La Roux magnetizes with a disco flavor that Anita Ward might approve. As hoped, Little Dragon's gentle fire breathing soul pop fronted by Yukimi's sexy voice and adorable stage presence comes in as Friday's second favorite. The music's weird enough, bent on discovering surprises. One-woman band Imogen Heap, as well, is the queen of surprises. She moves around her instruments, looping this and dubbing that as if casually mixing a magic potion or prepping a sandwich. Jay-Z's "On To The Next One" is an appropriate theme song for the attention span needed to get your money's worth at Coachella. And then Beyonce came out. We all bowed down before her short shorts.

Them Crooked Vultures, Passion Pit, Dillinger Escape Plan, Yo Gabba Gabba, and The Whitest Boy Alive also played sets on Friday. The Cribs were among those who could not. Coachella continues for a second day today/Saturday (Record Store Day). More pictures and videos and stuff from the first day, below...

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Say Yeah Yeah!
Posted on: Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Wow...we [Hypnitic Brass Ensemble] missed our flight to Ireland, some quick thinking got us on a flight to Kerry! We stayed and practiced in Dolans on Monday and then hit the radio and colleges on Tuesday Afternoon. The last two shows in Limerick were aiiight, but fuck, for a Tuesday, this even blew us away, thanks to Joe & his team in Limerick, we really love it here, it just keeps getting better and better.
We should have bought a house here, cause we have more fans and friends here than anywhere in the world...

...Looking forward to Galway & Cork and praying the volcanic ash does not prevent us from getting to Coachella for the Gorillaz show..peace

That's a message Hypnotic Brass Ensemble posted on Thursday. It was confirmed today that the ash did in fact keep them from Coachella. Same goes for Talvin Singh. Along with Gary Numan, Bad Lieutenant, Frightened Rabbit, The Cribs, and Delphic, that's at least seven volcanic Coachella cancellations this year.

That obviously isn't stopping the California festival from continuing. There are more than enough artists to go around, and Frank Turner and RX Bandits just kicked off the second day. You can see the full schedule HERE, and start streaming today's performances around 7PM EST.

Video of Beyonce performing with Jay-Z, and Public Image Ltd performing Death Disco, during their respective Day One headlining sets last night, below...

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Stevie Wonder

After a hectic day of updating the constantly updating Bonnaroo lineup page, the entire thing has been announced. Gwar, Norah Jones, and the rest of the lineup below...

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by Ryan Barkan

Tracy Morgan & Stevie Wonder (picture via Hipster Runoff)
Stevie Wonder and Tracy Morgan

Super Bowl XLIV (44) took place Sunday night in Florida between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. The Saints semi-upset the Colts to win the big game for the first time in the franchise's history. This post is a special edition of the long lost "Week In Music Licensing" post and as such, that's the last you will hear about the game. Grizzly Bear, Arcade Fire, many videos and more below...

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David Byrne

Eclectic rocker Neil Young, who has made no secret of his disdain for the Grammys, finally won a coveted trophy on Sunday for the first time in a career spanning almost 50 years.

Fittingly, the Canadian singer/songwriter was honored for a long-delayed boxed set collecting more than 120 tracks from his early days.

"Neil Young Archives Vol. 1 (1963-1972)" won the Grammy for best art direction on a boxed or special limited-edition package. Young, 64, shared the award with fellow art directors Gary Burden and Jenice Heo.

"Thanks a lot, everybody," Young said as he accepted his statuette.

He also competed for best solo rock vocal Grammy but lost to Bruce Springsteen, whose career total rose to 20.

On Friday he was honored by the music industry at its annual MusiCares charity fundraiser in recognition of his annual concerts for the Bridge School for disabled children.

The 10-disc "Archives" boxed set has been in the works for years, with Young frequently delaying its release so that technology could catch up with his vision. It boasts studio and live tracks, demos, outtakes and other rarities, as well as videos and the first digital release of his directing debut, "Journey Through the Past."

Fans have the choice of three configurations: CD, DVD and Blu-ray -- the most expensive at more than $200. [Reuters]

Kings of Leon won three. MGMT won none. Loudon Wainwright, Steve Earle, Levon Helm, Steve Martin (bluegrass), and Michael J Fox all won Grammys. Phoenix won for best Alternative Music Album. David Byrne & Brian Eno's CD won for 'Recording Package'. Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Les Paul and Michael Jackson were honored. Stephen Colbert won in the comedy category which came later in the show than his iPad bit. Video of that with the full list of winners below...

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Wow...Public Image Ltd, The Specials, Grizzly Bear, Passion Pit, Echo and the Bunnymen, Grace Jones, Fever Ray, Devo, Hot Chip, Phoenix, Orbital, Spoon, Sly and the Family Stone, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Sunny Day Real Estate, Yo La Tengo, Mew, Camera Obscura, Gil Scott-Heron, The xx, John Waters, Dillinger Escape Plan, Deer Tick, Gary Numan... Full Coachella 2010 lineup below....

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Julian Casablancas @ Downtown Palace Theater in L.A. (more by Darren Kim)
Julian Casablancas

CNN: What was your reaction when NME called "Is This It" the album of the decade?

Casablancas: Unbelievable. I hadn't thought about it, but it's really weird. I like it, though.

CNN: What stood out for you in this life-changing decade?

Casablancas: Probably that: having people or magazines say that your album is the best of the decade. That's not something I ever thought in my wildest dreams.

Julian Casablancas played a five-show run at L.A.'s Downtown Palace Theatre in November. Back then it was reported (by Julian in the NY Times) that he'd be doing a "New York residency" in January, but it looks like he changed his mind. It's been announced that he'll play Terminal 5 on Thursday, January 14th. There's a pre-sale for tickets happening now. Tickets go on general sale Friday, December 11th at noon. More shows TBA?

What about the band with NME's album of the decade?

Julian Casablancas, the front man of the Strokes, told Billboard that the group would headline the Isle of Wight festival in Britain on June 12, alongside Jay-Z; the performance will probably be followed by other summer concert appearances in Europe and North America. "When we meet with the band and talk and play music, it's just a different level of ease and comfort," Mr. Casablancas told Billboard. "Everyone's more easygoing and everyone feels more confident and just trusts each other a little bit." [NY Times]
Hopefully Julian doesn't change his mind about that too.

One of the bonus tracks on Julian's Phrazes For The Young is a cover of the SNL song "I Wish It Was Christmas Today" (it's also a limited 7"). Both versions of the track (videos) and all tour dates (he has a string of Europe/UK shows this December) are below...

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Jayz and Jeezy

In the midst of his first college tour, promoting his latest #1 album The Blueprint 3 and his recently released video game sensation "DJ Hero: Renegade Edition," the unstoppable JAY-Z confirms North American tour dates for 2010's BP3 tour. The Live Nation-produced tour will come to the NY area for two dates - March 6 at Izod Center and March 12 at Nassau Coliseum. JAY-Z will be joined by Grammy-nominated rapper Young Jeezy who will open all dates on the tour.

Tickets for the Izod Center performance are $139.50, $99.50, $69.50 and $39.50. Tickets for the Nassau Coliseum performance are $129, $99, $69 and $39. Both shows go on sale to the public Saturday, November 21 at 10am.

Tickets to all shows are currently on Citi Cardmember presale.

The Nassau Coliseum date is new since my last post. Jay also canceled all four 2009 dates that were listed in that post. He cited "unforeseen scheduling conflicts." All dates below...

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photos by V. Marc Fort (American-Statesman critic & Norushi Minx bassist)


When Jay-Z wasn't showing the Texans how his crew does it in Brooklyn, he spoke from the heart during his between song banter. "I know it sounds cliche, but don't let any haters block your dream," Hova said earnestly during one of the final breaks. Another one of the show's more intimate moments came when he brought up vocalist Bridget Kelly for two songs. After her inspired assist on "Empire State of Mind," Jigga Man smiled his biggest smile of the evening and said, "Damn...she put something extra on it for Texas...she put some extra bar-b-que sauce on it for Texas!" - V. Marc Fort
N.E.R.D. opened the show at the Frank Erwin Center at the University of Texas in Austin on Tuesday (11/10). The full setlist and more pictures below. A couple of weeks earlier Jay-Z did "Empire State of Mind" (the new 'New York, New York'?) with Alicia Keys at Yankees Stadium to kick off Game 2 of the World Series. That video is below too.

Jay-Z returns to Austin for another show on November 22nd (November 22nd was moved to November 10th). It's one of four more shows he has this month. Then in February of 2010 he'll get on the road again with a NYC-area show announced for March 6th at the Izod Center in NJ. Tickets for that show go on Citi Cardmember Presale on Tuesday, 11/17 @ 10am. That's followed by an "Internet Presale" two days later which is followed by general sale two days after that (Sat, 11/21 @ 10am). All dates, with the other stuff, below...

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Neko CaseNeko Case

Best of 2009: Top 10 Amazon Picks

1) Neko Case
2) Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3) Phoenix
4) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
5) The Avett Brothers
6) Girls
7) Animal Collective
8) K'Naan
9) Jay-Z
10) Camera Obscura
Two of Amazon's Top 10 bands are playing shows in NYC tonight (11/6): Girls and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

rainy Yankees Stadium (Kevin H.)

The lyrics to Jay'z "Empire State of Mind" are sometimes as raw as New York, but it looks like the rapper will clean up that language when he performs his city anthem at the World Series.

A source close to the rapper who requested anonymity because the person was not authorized to speak on the matter says Jay-Z won't utter curses or other raw language included in his hit, which has been blasted by the New York Yankees during their playoff run.

Jay-Z and fellow New Yorker Alicia Keys were due to perform "Empire" before Game 1 between the Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday at Yankee Stadium. But because of rainy weather, their performance will now be on Thursday. It's not clear if Game 1 will be postponed. [AP]


On the World Series, which he'll be kicking off on Wednesday with a performance of "Empire State of Mind":

Jay-Z: I actually predicted the Yankees in six with the Angels, so I think I'm like Jigga the Greek. I'm gonna say, Phillies are a bit tougher than the Angels. I'm gonna take Yankees in seven. Dramatic A-Rod walk-off at the end of the game redeeming him for all the time the papers and the media vilified him. Is that specific enough?"

Yes, Jay-Z will be performing "Empire State of Mind" with Alicia Keys before Game 1 on Wednesday. The video for that song below...

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Daft Punk

Daft Punk's first album had helped refresh house music in the mid 1990s; the second went further, rewriting electronic pop's pleasure principles to such a degree that when it came out a lot of people thought Discovery must be a put-on. They took the joy in the record for irony. Rather, the band had simply plunged into the raw popstuff of their 70s childhoods, from AOR to disco, Buggles to Manilow, rock to robotics. They wanted their listeners to get the rush of context-free delight they had hearing music as kids, and on "Aerodynamic" and "Digital Love" they succeeded wildly, dissolving a decade-plus of dance music good taste. And not all of Discovery looked back. The middle of the album is house music as string theory, with the duo finding dimensions of pleasure coiled within the tiniest loops: "Crescendolls" releases an awesome, gleeful energy by repeatedly triggering one five-second sample.

Discovery was simply the decade's best good-times record, with Daft Punk as pyramid-toting party wizards and the chipmunk Kraftwerk of "Harder Better Faster Stronger" their anthem. But this most celebratory of records has a bittersweet streak, too: Daft Punk know that a rush always carries the risk of exhaustion. Perhaps the album's most underappreciated track is the sad but gorgeous "Short Circuit", a three-minute robot graveyard of crumbled transistors and dying LEDs. But from Romanthony's first blissful, vocoded shout of "one more time!" the dominant emotion on Discovery is joy. A joy that wasn't afraid to be sentimental and funny as well as hard and futuristic, and is all the better for that. When a generation looks back and tries to catch a fuzzy hold of the music that made them happy this decade, Daft Punk's will be top of the list. --Tom Ewing [Pitchfork]

Daft Punk grabbed the #3 spot on Pitchfork's list of the Top 200 albums of the 2000s (now fully announced) (yesterday they were only up to #21). The top 20 are also listed below...

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photos by Brian Ach/WireImage

Jay z
Jay z

"It was 09.09.09, a date burned into the popular consciousness as an almost astrological convergence of music and technology marketing. The date had been set, the branding tie-ins had been tied in, and the product was all set to go on sale to a salivating public.

No, not The Beatles: Rock Band. And not Apple's latest iTunes tweaks, either. Rather, it was time to promote "The Blueprint 3," the latest release in the ever-expanding franchise known as Jay-Z.

For the occasion Jay-Z performed a guerrilla show on Wednesday night at the Blender Theater at Gramercy, a 600-capacity club on East 23rd Street in Manhattan, with help from MySpace Music and DJ Hero, a new video game that adapts the Guitar Hero model for hip-hop. It was announced barely 24 hours before, and 250 fans were given free tickets. (The other 350 or so in attendance were assorted V.I.P.'s from the companies involved, and from the news media. They didn't pay, either.)

Jay-Z's 74-minute, 25-song set, played with a 10-piece band that included two drummers and a three-part horn section, was a muscular, virtuosic and totally satisfying performance, both in older hits like "Big Pimpin'" and "99 Problems" that are now hip-hop standards, and in material from "The Blueprint 3." But that was only part of the experience. Before his set the audience was held captive to a demonstration of DJ Hero -- its controller resembles a turntable and crossfader, and the player scratches virtual vinyl..." [NY Times]

9/9/9 also marked a performance of Boadrum 9 by the Boredoms and the opening of the new Knitting Factory in Brooklyn (not to mention the date of a Motorhead concert at Roseland Ballroom). There was also a spotting of the mysterious Jeff Mangum on that date (last night) which is a nice addition to the overall mythology (apparently he was in the crowd, but unfortunately not on stage, at the Circulatory System show at Le Poisson Rouge) (he appears on their new album) (more on that later).

More Jay-Z show pictures below...

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