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Speaking of the Morgan, Jelly's "Rock Yard" continues this Saturday (8/20) at The Morgan (25 Bogart entrace). The lineup includes Danny Brown, Action Bronson, Maffew Ragazino (who's collaborated with Action Bronson), Delicate Steve, and others. Admission is free and doors are at 2 PM. A flier for this show is below. Delicate Steve meanwhile play another free show TONIGHT (8/18).

Loud mouthed rapper Danny Brown released a new mixtape, XXX, earlier this week via Fool's Gold. You can download the entire thing for free at Fool's Gold and stream it below. The album features production by Squadda B, Brandun Deshay, and DJ HouseShoes, and guest vocals by Dopehead and Chip$. Danny also contributed to the new Das Racist album and will go on a tour with them and Despot that kicks off with a record release show at Bowery Ballroom on September 12. Tickets for that show are still on sale.

In other hip hop news, NYC indie hip hop label QN5's annual QN5 Megashow is coming to Highline Ballroom on Friday (8/19) and Kreayshawn plays Highline Ballroom tonight (8/18). Tonight's show is sold out but limited tickets will be available at doors, which open at 8 PM. The bill also includes Smoke DZA, Phony PPL, Roach Gigz, and Moe Green.

You can also catch Smoke DZA on the Smokers Club Tour this fall with Big K.R.I.T., Method Man, Curren$y, and others.

All dates, stream, and flier below...

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Rock Yard

Just one day after all the commotion related to whether "Rock Beach" was a success, Jelly slightly redesigned their rockbeach.us website to remove mention of their sponsor Top Man (they taped over their name) and announce that they're bringing back a more conveniently located "Rock Yard", but not in the same location it was last year since that location is now a restaurant. That's their flyer above.


Gothamist writes:

"Last we spoke to JellyNYC's jack-of-all-trades Chris Goldstein, he had high hopes for the agency's second go of Rock Beach, a free series of concerts at the Aviator Sports Complex adjacent to the Rockaways. At the first date on July 9, Goldstein said "around 500 or so people" showed up, which may have been considerably less than their Pool Parties, but around what they were seeing at their Rock Yard events in Williamsburg. But according to the Brooklyn Paper, Rock Beach's second effort on July 24 was a "beach-blanket bomb" after "little more than 150 people showed up.""
Gothamist asked Chris for his reaction to the Brooklyn Paper. Chris said:
"People keep blaming the turnouts on the bands. We stand behind our booking and feel we deserve some respect for our booking history. Give us the PS1 MOMA or the waterfront venue, we'll see how much the booking matters when hoards of euro-trash and weekend warriors fill up the space. One of the coolest things about New York is that you see bands before your friends do in Po-Dunk, Iowa. You can then send them some message online being like, "You have got to check out Death Grips." Fast forward 6 months from now and you get a call from your old drunk friend and they are like, "Death Grips" is the shit!" And your like, "No shit, I told you that six months ago. Have fun in loser-ville with the wife/kid combo.""
Our own suggestion to Jelly wouldn't necessarily be to book different bands, but to let people know who the bands are! A peak at Rock Beach's website right now lists NONE of the upcoming lineups or dates even, and it barely lists what or where Rock Beach even is. "Click here for more information" just enlarges the July 24th flyer (today is August 2nd).

DOWNLOAD: YACHT - "Utopia" (Miracles Club Remix) (MP3)

Miracles Club

The Miracles Club will play a few NYC shows this month including their previously mentioned PS1 show this Saturday (7/23) with Gang Gang Dance (DJ), Syd tha Kyd (OFWGKTA), Laurel Halo, and others. The next day (7/24), they'll play a Jelly RockBeach show with Death Grips, Bass Drum of Death, MNDR, and Night Manager. Check out a video from the first RockBeach show below.

The following week, Miracles Club will play two more NYC shows: July 28 at Glasslands with Vockah Redu and a FIXED party on July 29 at Public Assembly with Midnight Magic and Trap.Avoid. The Glasslands show is presented by MyOpenBar and tickets are on sale. You can also get advanced tickets for the Public Assembly show.

The Miracles Club also played with Midnight Magic during Northside at the DFA Showcase. YACHT, who headlined that show, was recently remixed by The Miracles Club. They put their twist on the title track of YACHT's recently released apocalyptic concept album Utopia. Grab that above.

VockahSissy Bounce artist Vockah Redu (pictured), who is on the Glasslands bill with The Miracles Club, also play PS1 one week later (7/30) with XXXY and Holy Other. Vanity Fair says, "Vockah's shows are elaborately choreographed and costumed, like how Ziggy Stardust would've ended up if he'd been raised in the Magnolia Houses."

All tour dates and video below...

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Rock Beach

After an online leak that included false information about big headliners (like The Strokes, Odd Future, Fleet Foxes, Gayngs, Dan Deacon), and then a promised-but-never-happened announcement about something right after that, NYC show promoters Jelly have officially announced a series of shows at "RockBeach"...

TOPMAN and JELLY have announced their partnership to bring you 'ROCKBEACH'- a brand new festival concept taking place from July to September this summer in the Rockaways of Brooklyn. The series of six free weekend events will deliver the hottest acts and new talent from its brand new home and will also - for the first time ever - offer festival camping for the last three events in the series at the Floyd Bennett Field - the setting of New York's first ever airport.

"After 5 years of Pool Parties in Williamsburg, we are very excited to be moving out to the Aviator Sports Complex near one of our favorite summer destinations, Fort Tilden Beach. We are looking forward to leaving Bedford Ave behind offering an ultimate weekend destination and adventure for all ages." - JELLY

The whole ROCKBEACH experience will deliver weekends of the coolest music and total fun to festival-goers with the likes of slip n slides, dodgeball, beach volleyball and most importantly - swimming pools filled with ice cold water and giant inflatables.

Entry to the festival is free - all festival-goers need to do is register online at WWW.ROCKBEACH.US In addition, there will be a ROCKBEACH festival shuttle bus with roundtrip rides costing $20 - but there are 100 lucky bus tickets up for grabs for each event which can be won by registering online at WWW.ROCKBEACH.US.

The first ROCKBEACH will take place on Saturday 9th July 2011 and will include performances from Penguin Prison, Wild Yaks, Janka Nabay and The Bubu Gang, and Monogold.

The July 9th date is the only one with a lineup, but there's also a less-specific flyer that has a big list of bands, and then there's a list of dates with no bands attached. All of that is below...

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actual JELLY NYC e-flyer for 5/27 party @ Bruar Falls:

Just for the record, Jelly never actually announced anything, though they did make the above flyer for a 5/27 event with screenshots of the BV post that questioned what they were going to announce.

Floyd Bennett

Yesterday Brooklyn365 and Gothamist reported that JellyNYC of Pool Party fame was throwing shows at a place called "Rock Beach" at Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn this summer (pictured above). They got their info from an HTML'd Powerpoint-like document on Jelly's website that wasn't meant to be seen by the public (and has since been taken down), but did give the impression at first glance that it was some sort of announcement.

At second glance though it looked more like a proposal document that was meant only for potential sponsors. There were prices and levels of sponsorship. On the "dates and artists" page, it listed artists like The Strokes, Odd Future, Fleet Foxes, Gayngs, Dan Deacon, JEFF the Brotherhood and many other bands whose agents quickly told me they never heard of Rock Beach and that their bands were definitely not playing those shows. The list of bands was probably meant to represent what Jelly wants to pull off, and what a sponsor might get out of participating, but not what is actually happening. Jelly themselves told me the articles were "not true" and then "incorrect and misleading." I asked if there were any shows at all being planned at Rock Beach since the document itself was clearly on their website and an actual proposal of some sort. I haven't heard back.

If there's anything we can get out of all that, it's that Jelly still does exist, and that they are planning or trying to plan something.

And now Jelly just tweeted that "TONIGHT<>10PM<>BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS" at this event (further proof there's still a Jelly):


10PM is just five hours from now, so we'll wait and see, though we at least know the announcement will not have anything to do with the Williamsburg Waterfront or any other pieces of land that OSA is involved with. Hopefully the announcement involves more free shows, and maybe even Rock Beach.

UPDATE: They never announced anything?!?


I just spoke to the Open Space Alliance who oversee all concerts in North Brooklyn parks (and do a whole lot of other park stuff too). They assured me that, despite what may or may not have gone down at the community board meeting last night, there will be concerts at the Williamsburg Waterfront this summer. In fact, the plan is to have 10 ticketed shows and 5 free shows, though none on weekends in July and August (a state rule related to staffing and other costs). The total number of shows this year is also related to state rules.

The five free concert dates are still TBD, but one will be of a classical/philharmonic nature, and one will be geared towards kids. The free shows may or may not be on Sundays or even on weekends, and they will definitely not have anything to do with Jelly who promoted the free 'Pool Parties' in the space last year.

The ten ticketed concerts, like in the past, will be promoted/booked by AEG. Part of the money earned goes towards improving the parks and to fund the free events (though there will also be some sponsors). Some of the money from last year's concerts was used to purchase solar lighting that now allows the Williamsburg Waterfront park to stay open later at night.

OSA has no plans of stopping concerts at Williamsburg Waterfront either. The outdoor state park venue, a North Brooklyn alternative to Central Park Summerstage and Prospect Park's 'Celebrate Brooklyn' series, is still in its infancy and there seems to be optimism that it will only get better year after year.

Also, they say ex-Pool Party venue McCarren Pool is on track to be a pool again in 2012, and that the blacktop space in McCarren Park that is being used for the Northside Festival shows will not be used for any other concerts this summer.

Stay tuned for more info on the shows (like which artists are playing them).

MAJOR UPDATE: There will be concerts @ Williamsburg Waterfront this summer! (ticketed and free)

Williamsburg Waterfront concert in 2010 (more by Chris Doss)
Williamsburg Waterfront

Brooklyn 11211 blog writes about what went down at last night's CB1 meeting...

"A number of local residents got up during the public session (which usually happens after most of the public has left) and complained about the concerts at East River State Park (the "OSA" concerts). Basically, their complaint was that all the things that Greenpoint residents were afraid would happen if the Brooklyn Night Bazaar went down were already happening to them. Loud music (very loud music if you happen to live right there). Crowds of people walking to and from concerts (and much less steadily on the from side). In other words, a regular shitshow 10 or 15 times each summer.

So, the Community Board voted (unanimously) to ban the waterfront concert series from East River State Park.

It happened before an empty house - I guess the press left before the news happened."

huh? Brooklyn 365 also has the same story...
"After the crowd cleared out the public was allowed to voice their opinions. What came up was the waterfront concert series held at the Williamsburg Waterfront / East River State Park and the cluster-fuck it causes every Saturday and Sunday. The throngs of people ebbing and flowing and the VERY loud music being pumped through the sound stage were the biggest issue and as such, the board voted to ban the waterfront concert series at East River State Park (Williamsburg Waterfront)."
First of all, that sucks. But this is confusing...
  1. Are they differentiating between the free Sunday "OSA concerts" (Jelly concerts) and ticketed AEG-produced concerts? The one article does say "every Saturday and Sunday". The articles make it sound like they mean all concerts, but don't know that last year was not just one "'series." update: After I wrote that I realized that technically all the shows fall under OSA. OSA works/worked with both Jelly and AEG.
  2. No free concert series has been announced in that location for 2011, but if it had been, or if it's secretly being planned, the board is potentially saying "we don't care if you already spent lots of money and planned all these concerts and booked bands already and rented stages and hired staff, etc, etc... concerts cancelled...."
  3. The rumor is that OSA was already looking elsewhere, McCarren Park for instance.
  4. You'd think that they couldn't just ban established concerts without getting both sides of the story first, or at least without letting all interested parties know in advance. update: They maybe can't. See below.
  5. There are supposedly concerts happening at the waterfront this year, but AEG ticketed ones (not Jelly ones). Many of them are most likely already booked. It's hard to believe that if AEG does already have concerts booked there, that this community board meeting decision will cause them to be cancelled. There will be a battle at least...
...lots is unclear actually, and I'm just thinking out loud (and I know nothing about how these things work, and I only just read those two blog articles so details might be missing.). Am I missing anything? To be continued...

UPDATE: Someone wrote in and told me, "I was at the meeting. The board voted for the ban. Not sure whether it's a final thing or not. I would say that its not looking good though. People are ridiculous. Williamsburg neighborhood backlash will get much worse over the next few years."

UPDATE 2: A commenter asks, "do the community boards actually have the power to ban concerts? I was under the impression that they don't have direct power over anything, but that they make recommendations that are usually followed by the relevant City agencies." That makes sense. "Voting to ban" is probably different than actually banning it, though the titles of the two linked blog posts above are "Williamsburg Community Board BANS Waterfront Concerts" and "WILLIAMSBURG BANS MUSIC."

MAJOR UPDATE: There will be concerts @ Williamsburg Waterfront this summer! (ticketed and free)

In related news, the beginning of the same community board meeting (the part that had the big crowds and press) is where they discussed not allowing any more liquor licenses in Williamsbrg.

McCarren Park

It will look much prettier when they build a stage and stuff, but those asphalt softball fields are where Beirut is playing on June 17th (tickets) and Guided by Voices & Wavves are playing on June 18th (tickets). The "Open Space Alliance benefit shows" are both part of the 2012 Northside Festival for which you can also buy a badge.

Whether OSA has plans to use the 'McCarren Park' space on other dates this summer remains to be seen, but there have been rumors of OSA trying to "sponsor their own concert series ten blocks down" from a waterfront area that was being proposed for a controversial "Brooklyn Night Bazaar."

I'm assuming the OSA "concert series" is not the JellyNYC Williamsburg Waterfront Pool Parties which are probably not returning this summer after much controversy last year. That controversy was especially related to Jelly's relationship with OSA.

There will reportedly still be concerts at Williamsburg Waterfront again this year though, but probably not free ones. McCarren Pool meanwhile (Jelly's original free show location), also part of McCarren Park, is still being wasted I think.

Stay tuned for more updates on all of this.

photos by Andrew St. Clair

guys... hey guys... my head guys...

After playing a killer set at the BV/Converse Day Party at Public Assembly on Saturday, 10/23 (pics coming), and then another at Knitting Factory for the Panache showcase the same night, Heavy Cream (and Andrew St. Clair) headed over to Brooklyn warehouse space the Shank ("under new management and new and improved) for a Jelly-produced "Wig & Make Up Party" (3 shows in one day for Heavy Cream).

Other artists on the Shank bill were Jackie Chain, Mr. A*OK, Pujol, Turbo Fruits, Heavy Cream, Ghoul Poon, Snakes say Hisss, Circle Pit, Darlings, and Rusty Lazer (who also played our Saturday day party, with Big Freedia). The show, which went on until the wee hours of sunday morning, featured reduced admission for those wearing a wig.

More Shank party pictures, and the flyer for a Mischief Night party happening in the same space (at the very end of the post), below...

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Previously unannounced, the lineup for today's free Rock Yard show is listed on the flyer below (it's going to be a party)....

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photos by Chris Doss

DOWNLOAD: Dominique Young Unique - Show My Ass (MP3)

"Jelly pool party was historic/epic. DMC + Andrew WK + Les Savy Fav+Doug E Fresh : unforgettable. Gucci mane is the gertrude stein of hip hop" -erikhinton

Gucci Mane @ Williamsburg Waterfront Sunday
Gucci Mane

When they said "surprise" they meant it, though as rumored (and here), Gucci Mane was on the lineup of the final Jelly Pool Party on Sunday, August 29th, at Williamsburg Waterfront. Andrew WK hinted at his participation the night before, but for the most part, the lineup remained a rumor until the artists hit the stage. Featuring DJ sets by The Rub and Smalltown DJs, Sunday's Pool Party-that-almost-didn't-happen featured performances from DMC (of Run DMC), Andrew WK (and Cherie Lilly), Doug E Fresh, Doug's son's group, Big Freedia (and dancer), The Cool Kids, Tim Harrington (of Les Savy Fav), and Atlanta MC Gucci Mane in addition to the previously announced Dominique Young Unique and Delorean.

Unlike Run, Andrew WK and Tim Harrington helped DMC perform "It's Tricky" and "Walk this Way". Delorean, already headlining multiple nights at 600+ capacity venues in NYC, played 2nd on the bill after an opening set by Dominique Young Unique who was busting out of her top as she played songs like "Show My Ass" (download that song above).

Dominique Young Unique
Dominique Young Unique

But Dominique's outfit was nothing compared to the stage show of New Orleans's Big Freedia who brought "Ass Everywhere" to a NYC crowd for the third time in two days (Freedia also performed at PS1 on Saturday and at Coco66 later that night) (Dominique also played again later Sunday night at Brooklyn Bowl).

So was it the final pool party ever?

...Series' co-founder, Sarah Hooper, has said that she "hates" what the beloved Pool Parties have become: lame concerts with muted speakers, too many security guards and too much oversight from the state and its patron, Open Space Alliance. She even hinted that Jelly's current side-project, a six-show free series called "Rock Yard" on Wythe Avenue, could replace the Pool Parties (so named because they began at the McCarren Park pool).

Hooper didn't fork over any of the juicy details when she took the stage on Sunday to give a crammed park its final farewell.

"Thank you so much, we love being in Brooklyn," she said to a roaring crowd. "Don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't be yourself." -[Brooklyn Paper]

By the way, Chuck Schumer was there again too. Until next year?

More pictures and some videos from the whole day, below...

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photos by Bao Nguyen & Chris Gersbeck

"Chromeo + Williamsburg Waterfront + Dance Party x Torrential Downpour = best summer show ever" - Diego

"chromeo killed it at the waterfront yesterday. who knew that umbrellas could be a dancing accessory?" - marc koz

"Chromeo was RIDICULOUS!!! Dancing in the rain at Brooklyn waterfront. Never had a better Sunday" - Ali


Despite the rain and potential lightning (Jelly can't catch a break), all four acts scheduled to play the free Pool Party at the Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday got to play their sets. The bands, chosen by A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs' label Fool's Gold, were Telephoned, The Suzan, Kid Sister and Chromeo.

Senator Chuck Schumer, who earlier that day announced he helped restore the final Pool Party which is happening this coming Sunday (8/29) (Gucci Mane rumored to be one of the special guests), also made another appearance.

Pictures continue below...

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Schumer @ the 1st Pool Party of 2010 (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)

Summary: Senator Chuck Schumer (says he) saved the final, August 29th, Pool Party (that had been cancelled), OSA points out that they also found other financial donors to cover part of Jelly's tab, Assemblyman Lentol was working on this too, and OSA Board member Adam Perlmutter said "OSA looks forward to presenting diverse free programming in the future, from Chromeo to Copland". Today's Pool Party (with Chromeo) happens in the rain?

Press releases from Schumer and from OSA, in full below...

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Outside a Pool Party, July 2010 (more by Kurt Christensen)
Pool Party

""The whole goal of Jelly was to be this umbrella situation where all of our cool, artistic friends were able to make money off of doing the things we love," [Sarah Hooper, the co-owner of Jelly NYC] says. "I kind of hate the Pool Parties now. They make us all really sad when we go on site. And then I go to a Mad Decent block party or our things at Rock Yard, and it's exactly how it used to be."" [NPR, August 11, 2010]
PREVIOUSLY: Final Pool Party cancelled, OSA blatantly blames/hates Jelly

OSA Presents @ The Williamsburg Waterfront (more by Chris La Putt)

Whoah. Earlier today I got a tip, from someone that would know, that the final (August 29th) Pool Party has been cancelled. While trying to confirm that tip, I got the below insane press release from the "Law Offices of Adam D. Perlmutter, P.C.". Adam also happens to be on the board of OSA

"The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) is a nonprofit that raises funds and works with our community, elected officials and the New York City Parks Department, to improve existing parks and help create new parks in North Brooklyn."
There are some weird dates mentioned in the release (update: a fixed press release was sent out), but its consistent with my tip. The press release (which I confirmed with a 3rd source after it was sent) also says August 29th is cancelled. That's the day that was billed like this:
August 29th
Dominique Young Unique
Basically the press release says that OSA hates Jelly and so no more Pool Parties (except August 22nd with Chromeo which is still apparently happening). I wonder what Schumer thinks. Check it out in full below...

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photos by Tear-n Tan

Nic Offer of !!! (chk chk chk) @ Williamsburg Waterfront

"You were near the front at chk chk chk today, dancing all silly with your friends.
I was in a white t shirt and jeans, to your left. Thought we made eye contact a couple times.

Just wanted to say: you're a cutie."
[pink and stripes brunette at !!! - m4w (waterfront)]

Chk Chk Chk brought the dance party to the rainy Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday (8/15). The free JellyNYC 'Pool Party' headliners played a mix of old and new to the energetic crowd in front of the stage, and to those choosing alcohol off to the side in the designated drinking area. Shannon Funchess, also now known for her group Light Asylum, seems to be a full fledged member of the live band, singing her own parts, and those that were originally John Pugh's (he left in 2007 to focus on his group Free Blood and other things). Frontman Nic Offer still has the moves.

Last we spoke, Chk Chk Chk announced plans to return to Brooklyn (their favorite place to play because they can say "What's up Brooklyn?!") in October to play one show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Ends up that's TWO shows at the Williamsburg venue. The dates are October 6th and 7th, and tickets go on sale Friday at noon (like they do for the BrooklynVegan CMJ showcase happening at the same venue in the same month). They'll also be selling a $40 2-day pass which will save you $4+fees if you want to go both nights.

No openers have been announced for the Brooklyn shows, though maybe Light Asylum will open like they did when LCD Soundystem played that venue earlier in the year.

!!! also played a secret warm-up show Saturday night at Union Pool where they reportedly played six songs.

All the rest of the !!! tour dates are HERE. More pictures and some videos from the Pool Party, below...

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photos by Benjamin Lozovsky

"the memory tapes / cut copy show was pretty epic tonight. i was in the air half the time, jumping with the rest of the crowd. so. good." - Chris Casual

Cut Copy
Cut Copy

"Cut Copy went on about a quarter after 6, opening with "Lights & Music." This is one of their most popular songs and a great opener. The group was fully into it, head banging and jumping to their own music. I love when a band feels what they're doing and you feel it too. You could never tell that they had just flown in from Chicago and had barely slept. Other hits were "Nobody Lost, Nobody Found" and "So Haunted." The sound system was more to be desired - and bassist Tim Hoey's mike was too low for the first few songs - but a small setback.

The band brought a nice surprise when they played 2 new songs off of their untitled upcoming album. "Where I'm Going" was an instant crowd pleaser. It's a blend of 60's beach/psychedelia harmonies and poppy rhythms. Later they played "Blink and You'll Miss the Revolution," and I just have to say wow. You can tell a new song is a success when the audience is dancing uncontrollably. It's much heavier on the drum and bass than their typical stuff, yet still maintains an essence of 80's nuwave. This will definitely be one of the hits off the album.

Cut Copy ended after an hour long set, an encore, and soaking through their shirts. It was a great day, an outstanding show." [guilt free pleasures]

Cut Copy headlined Sunday's Pool Party at Williamsburg Waterfront. Memory Tapes, Glasser, Restless People and Punches (technically the DJs) also played. More pictures and videos (including one of tortillas flying through the air, and one of the new songs) from the day below...

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DOWNLOAD: Endless Boogie - Tarmac City (MP3)

Endless Boogie

The rumor as to why Jelly couldn't do the Pool Party at Williamsburg Waterfront this weekend is because the state, OSA or someone made up a rule that said no more than two shows can happen at the space per weekend, and OSA & AEG had already booked Primus/Gogol Bordello on Friday (tonight) and Nas & Damian Marley on Saturday. By the way, both of those shows are sold out. I am told that there will be no tickets at the door (except maybe from scalpers/people with extras).

The Pool Party this weekend is instead at Brooklyn Bowl.

Pavement play a ticketed show at Williamsburg Waterfront on September 19th. Tickets are actually still available, but that hasn't stopped Rocks Off from offering an alternative way to see the show...

"Wanna see Pavement's show at the Williamsburg Waterfront? Too bad sucka - it sold out quicker than you could say "step on a crack and break yo mamma's back." But lucky for you the stage faces the water.. and its fucking LOUD - we know, we tested it our during the Faith No More show. Took a boat out to watch and listen for ourselves. In fact, all the shows that happen there, we can hear all the way across the river at our marina at East 23rd Street. So we KNOW you're gonna be able to hear and see from the boat. And guess what... you can drink $5 beers on the boat. And you won't have to get a wristband from one vendor to then buy drink tix from another venndor to then walk through gated turnstiles and turn the ticket in for beer from yet a third vendor. Then you gotta stay in the penn and drink that shit like the piggy in Animal Farm. Fun Fun fun Til Your Daddy Takes the 12 Ounce Away.

We gonna make it nice and easy. And for only TWENTY BUCKS. Fuck man. We'll probably even be sure to leave late enough to make you not have to sit through that whiny chick from the Wizard. Come on out with us so we can point and laugh at the suckas who paid twice our price!" [Rocks Off]

Tickets for the boat are on sale.

Speaking of Pavement, more openers have been confirmed. Endless Boogie open the Summerstage show on Thursday, September 23rd. The Beets open Friday, September 24th. Openers for the other three NYC shows are listed HERE, but maybe there will be two openers for each show because Endless Boogie (who just released a new album on Tuesday - MP3 above) tell me that they may be opening at the Waterfront show too, and Slothbear say they're also opening the 23rd.

Ted Leo @ Siren Fest (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)
Ted Leo

So the rumored headliner for the Sunday, August 1st Pool Party at Brooklyn Bowl isn't a rumor any more. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists will be headlining the free show - their second in Brooklyn in as many weeks. Also on the bill are two of Brooklyn's own, Darlings and ArpLine. The venue reports that doors are at noon, show at 6pm. It's not clear if the show is taking place outside, but it has been billed as a "block party" up until now.

Jelly also has music at the Rock Yard the day before, with Skeletons Big Band, Priestbird (do you remember what they used to be called?), Family Band and PC Worship.

Future Pavement opener Thee Oh Sees opened the bi-weekly venue on Saturday, July 17th. Download their set, recorded by Newtown Radio, here.

Ted Leo videos and the flyer for Saturday's Rock Yard show, and the flyer for the block party happening in Philly this weekend, are below...

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laptop thieflaptop thief

According to a police report, the thief likely climbed up the two-story building's fire escape near Union Avenue after 3 am.

After entering Jelly's second-floor office's unlocked door, the thief grabbed three computers: a Macbook Pro, a laptop used by Jelly promoters, and an employee's personal computer.

Jelly co-founder Alexander Kane lamented the loss of his work computer, calling its content "irreplaceable."

"It's not about the monetary loss," said Kane. "Blood, sweat and tears are not easily quantified. There's also the feeling of being violated when someone came into this space." [Brooklyn Paper] (via)

That sucks! Beware of any suspcious tweets and/or emails.

The shows will go on though. This weekend Jelly hosts two more parties. The first is the second edition of Rock Yard on Saturday (lineup at the link). The second is Sunday's Pool Party which this week is a "Block Party" and is scheduled to take place at/outside Brooklyn Bowl instead of Williamsburg Waterfront. The Sunday "block party" still has no announced lineup though (but Siren co-headliner Ted Leo is a rumor).

This week's Pool Party/Block Party has always been planned for Brooklyn Bowl unlike last weekend's which was forced to move there at the last second.

This weekend's Block Party is one of two upcoming "block parties" that Jelly has planned for us this summer. The next one will take place at South Street Seaport in NYC (and in three other states as well).

Video of cops busting/searching people at the July 18th Pool Party while Murder City Devils plays in the background (the 9 minute video is titled "Waste of Time: 9 Pigs to sniff out 1 Roach"), below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Cap'n Jazz @ Brooklyn Bowl....
Cap'n Jazz

Sunday was an eventful day. TheDeathSet kicked off the 'Pool Party' at Williamsburg Waterfront in the afternoon, but was quickly told to stop due to rain. The organizers got on stage and announced that the free show was moving to Brooklyn Bowl, and the race was on. Those lucky enough to get to Brooklyn Bowl quick enough were let in before the show reached capacity, but thousands of others who had planned on seeing Lightning Bolt, No Age... and the only NYC appearance of the reunited Cap'n Jazz, were out of luck.

Luckily Cap'n Jazz was also playing that night at Maxwell's in NJ, and No Age were playing Death By Audio, so a few more people got to see each of them (especially Cap'n Jazz) (though you had to decide between Cap'n Jazz and Universal Order of Armageddon).

Back to Brooklyn Bowl though...

"Cap'n Jazz was amazing, no better word for it. Tim Kinsella's stage presence was ridiculous and prickish in the best way possible. When people jumped on the stage to crowd surf, he'd push them before they were ready. He rolled on the crowd while he sang, grabbed the shoe off one guy as he floated past, held the French horn comically high above him when he played, and was just all around entertaining. Davey von Bohlen was also really into it. He thrashed on the guitar, rocked out with the drummer, and was having a blast.

The audience loved it too and knew every word. A high note was during "In the Clear" when Kinsella was supposed to scream the alphabet. He couldn't seem to find his microphone in time and everyone picked up the slack, "A! B! C!" Kinsella shrugged.

"Oh Messy Life" and "Little League" were other high points to the show, the audience seemed to go most crazy for Cap'n Jazz's only cover song, "Take On Me." People danced and screamed the words, the same words Kinsella read from a paper as he sang." [NY Press]

Hopefully Cap'n Jazz announce more dates for those who missed them.

For No Age, this was the second year in a row that they played a Pool Party in Brooklyn Bowl due to rain,

More pictures and some Cap'n Jazz videos from Sunday's show at Brooklyn Bowl (and Williamsburg Waterfront), below...

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Diesel block parties

"What began as a spontaneous event for friends and neighbors outside the label's Philadelphia headquarters and grew in 2 short years to the largest block party in city, the MAD DECENT BLOCK PARTY is nothing short of a legend. Now in the event's 3rd summer, Mad Decent has teamed with Diesel and JELLY to bring the MAD DECENT BLOCK PARTY magic across the country! Starting in Philadelphia and traveling to New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago over 4 consecutive Saturdays from July 31st to August 21st, the MAD DECENT BLOCK PARTY promises banging music, carnival games, yummy food, super secret guests and all for FREE!"
The NYC show will take place at South Street Seaport. More details below...

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