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'your tax deductible benefit ticket helps fund needed improvements to our park' - OSA

Williamsburg Waterfront (more by Bao Nguyen)
Pool Party

"The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) does fund raising for North Brooklyn parks and works with Jelly and the East River State Park in producing the Pool Parties on Sundays. Each week OSA makes available VIP tickets to the Pool Parties. Purchase of VIP Benefit tickets to the free concerts at the East River State Park/Williamsburg Waterfront include entrance through the VIP entrance at North 7th Street without waiting in line [P.S. you must be 21 or older to use the VIP Benefit ticket...]. Access the area next to the stage where the artist & production team hang, enjoying the waterfront view and New York City skyline with a couple hours of complimentary beer and sangria. Have fun while doing good: your tax deductible benefit ticket helps fund needed improvements to our park."
Those tickets are available for the three remaining Pool Parties this summer.
Sunday, Aug 16 - Del the Funky Homosapien & Prince Paul & Gravy Train! & DD/MM/YY & Kenan Bell (VIP tix)
Sunday, Aug 23 - Girl Talk, Max Tundra and Wiz Khalifa (VIP tix)
Sunday, Aug 30 - Grizzly Bear and Beach House (VIP tix)
$50 seems really pricey for this, but I'm not going to knock a charity (and it's tax deductible). Check out a video from OSA and a clip from the Fiery Furnaces' August 9th set below...

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photos by Bao Nguyen

DOWNLOAD: Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (feat. Beth Ditto) (MP3)

Finger on the PulseFinger on the Pulse

"On what was expected to be a rainy Sunday, it turned out to be a hazy day at the Brooklyn Pool Party where Fiery Furnaces performed and Simian Mobile Disco spun some music.

If you haven't already heard this new track from SMD's upcoming album Temporary Pleasure, then have a listen." [Persona Sauna]

That new SMD track features none other than Beth Ditto of the Gossip (who have some shows coming up too). Download above. More pictures from Sunday's Pool Party (8/9), below...

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words by Andrew Frisicano, photos by Bao Nguyen

Brooklyn Bowl

Some people waited in the rain, some grabbed their wrist band and ran home, one person I saw even constructed a counterfeit entry pass out of tape and markers for fear of getting shut out. Others just walked right in. Whatever your experience, if you made it to the August 2nd Jelly NYC Pool Party show, it was worth the mess. The decision to call off the event's East River State Park/Williamsburg Waterfront location was made by the State Parks Dept. around 3pm, a fact that highlights a point made earlier in week by the Times -- that putting on outdoor concerts in NYC is often a bureaucratic and logistical nightmare.

Nonetheless, the show was moved to the nearby Brooklyn Bowl - a recently opened nearby venue - and doubled into a late and early show (both still all-ages). At 10:45pm I walked up to the Brooklyn Bowl without a wristband and by 11pm I was inside. I hear it wasn't as easy for those who opted for the 6:00pm show, though the late show was still packed.

After an opening set by a DJ/guitarist laying Eastern-sounding scales over looped beats, Ed Schrader, another opening act, took the stage armed with just a floor tom and his voice. Ed pointed his unhinged gaze, vaguely reminiscent of Charles Manson, at the audience and ably pounded the drum while delivering lines about "beautiful transvestites in the rain." The tunes were energetic and immediate -- enough so that some crowdmembers caught on to the repetitive hooks and sang along.

The headliners, a triple bill of Deerhunter, No Age and Dan Deacon (without his ensemble), managed to fit a full two hour, "round robin" set into the late show, which finished just shy of 2am. They traded off single songs at first (one Deerhunter, one No Age, one Deacon, etc..), then after two or so go-arounds, played songs in pairs. The latter set-up eased the jolting shifts in energy, and was more forgiving to Deerhunter, who was by far the most subdued of the three.

More than once, Dan Deacon's mountainous beats gave way in deadening fashion to a florid but not as physically propulsive Deerhunter jam. While his songs were up, Deacon engaged in his usual audience participation games (which hopefully get some kind of update if they come back again). Those included touching your neighbor's head, group miming, and a "London Bridge"-like chain of people that snaked across the Bowl and gave a nice tour of the space's different rooms. He remarked that it'd most likely be his last NYC show this year, and paused one song mid-beat to make an announcement about not running across the stage.

The groups collaborated at the beginning and end (with some touches in between) and celebrated the finale of a long day by throwing their instruments and whatever else (I think I saw a tour manager) into the crowd. They all milled around afterward to chat and give out high fives.

This was a review of the late show. More pictures from the early show below...

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Polvo @ Brooklyn Bowl on Friday (iPhone pic by windupgodzilla)

Like Friday's free Polvo & Obits show, today's free Dan Deacon, Deerhunter & No Age Pool Party show has been moved from the Williamsburg Waterfront to Brooklyn Bowl due to rain. Doors are at 6pm, sets will start at 7pm. Full lineup ("Special round robin set including Ed Schrader, White Rainbow, Infinite Body"). FREE. ALL AGES. First come, first served.

photos by Bao Nguyen

DOWNLOAD: Almighty Defenders - Bow Down And Die (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Black Lips - Drop I Hold featuring GZA (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Black Lips - I'll Be With You (MP3)

'my first time seeing black lips live and i never thought i'd see a group of energetic white teens mosh to a song about hurricane katrina.' - eric p

Black Lips
Black Lips
Black Lips
Black Lips

"Was anyone else shocked by the NYPD? I saw them arresting 2 hipsters, and the cops were quite aggressive and violent, like one guy was put down, and the other one had his arm twisted in his back and it looked painful. I am sure there were some kind of legit reasons for taking these hipsters away, but not so violently!!!" [pilou]
Unlike Trail of Dead, but like HEALTH (and Grupo Fantasma) the Black Lips played a set at the JellyNYC Pool Party at the Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday (7/26). Black Lips return to NYC in September to open for Yo La Tengo at Roseland Ballroom. Tickets are on sale.

In related news, the Black Lips are also now members of the Almighty Defenders supergroup. More pictures from the Watefront, the new video for "Drugs", and all tour dates, below...

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photos by Bao Nguyen


"Speaking of Northside Piers, its access to the Burg waterfront might be harmful to your health, but only if you're hungry. A tipster writes: "The Northside Piers pier has all sorts of signs warning pregnant women, women of childbearing age, and children against eating the eels in the East River. Which sort of implies that the Williamsburg waterfront is rife with mutant eels? Eels or no, the pier is actually a pretty great addition to the neighborhood." This is the type of story that needs visual accompaniment. Luckily, we've got it!" [Curbed]
Unlike Trail of Dead, HEALTH played a set at the Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday (as did Grupo Fantasma and the Black Lips).
"What's the deal with everyone so in love with some generic 50's garage rock with a southern twang. I thought HEALTH was way cooler and way more interesting although I'll admit they're probably better suited for a dark dingy inside venue. Their market hotel show was amazing." [DM]
If you missed HEALTH, they are back on tour in September with Pictureplane. Tickets are still on sale for a September 24th show at Bowery Ballroom (much more dark and dingy and mutant eel-free). More pictures from the Watefront, with all tour dates, below...

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photos by Chris La Putt, words by Andrew Frisicano

Crystal Antlers
The Dirty Projectors

"This is the first outdoor New York show we've played where it hasn't rained," said Dirty Projectors' Dave Longstreth (or something like it) of the sunshine and light clouds that soared over his band, and both of Sunday's openers, Magnolia Electric Co. and Crystal Antlers (who replaced White Denim on the bill). (it rained during Dirty Projectors' Sumerstage show in June and their lightning-backed Seaport gig last year.)

It was the second Jelly NYC Pool Party at the Williamsburg Waterfront aka East River State Park where activities include dodgeball, basketball, and drinking beer in a roped off area (but not slip n slide). The view of Manhattan, Empire State Building included, along with the breeze from the water make it a great place for spending the day outdoors. The live music makes it even better.

After the inaugural Waterfront event on July 12th, the July 19th show was more of a laid back affair -- a vibe carried by the organ-driven sound of Jason Molina and Magnolia Electric Co., who went on around 4:30pm. The band from Indiana made it clear they were very happy to be there and having a great time. After their set you could catch them behind their own merch table until the end of the show.

From the opening notes of "Two Doves" at 6:15, Dirty Projectors' set got off to a slow start (that opener being one of the most low energy songs on either of their last two albums). The band continued with new-album material before launching into a mid-set stretch of older songs. I was wondering how they'd rearrange the older material, it turns out they didn't. The band played the Rise Above and before material with their two new touring members (singer Haley Dekle and bassist Nat Baldwin) off the stage. The combination of "Fucked for Life," "Gimme Gimme Gimme," "Thirsty & Miserable" and "Rise Above" injected some much-needed energy into the crowd. In my opinion, the tension and drama in those is unmatched by anything on the (still good) new record. From there, single "Stillness Is the Move" solicited cries of excitement and applause. That song led a straight shot through the Dirty Projectors' poppiest numbers, closing with a two song encore and Dark Was the Night track "Knotty Pine" (though without David Byrne there to sing his part like he did at Radio City and Bonnaroo).

I was a bit farther back, but upfront Chris had a different view of something I missed... (of someone who wasn't content yelling his marriage pleas from the crowd).

"It was a blur. During the Dirty Projector's set a man managed to get into the photographer's pit and attempted to rush the stage. He climbed onto one of the speakers in front of the stage nearly toppling it over before security managed to pull him off and escort him out of the pit."

Crystal Antlers opened the show, but I personally got there too late to see them. Chris did get pictures though. More of them, along with an attempt at the DP setlist, below...

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White DenimAs previously mentioned, White Denim has been replaced by Crystal Antlers on the bill of the July 19th JellyNYC Pool Party. They'll join Magnolia Electric Co. and Dirty Projectors at the free show. The Crystal Antlers released their debut record, Tentacles, earlier this year. Full tour dates for the band are below.

White Denim's Fits came out in the UK in June. That record will see a US release on October 20th through Downtown Records (home of Major Lazer, Santigold, Art Brut, Miike Snow, Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, Justice and more).

The band recently toured Europe, which included a July 12th show at London's Heaven...

Freewheeling stoners, [White Denim] refused to heed the usual convention of making songs sound roughly similar to their recorded versions. What they did instead was play two clumps of music that lasted exactly 20 minutes each (plus 10-minute encore), sandwiching 14 songs together with only the briefest break halfway through. They deserve top marks for stamina, if nothing else, particularly drummer Josh Block, who often stood up to pound out his vicious beats. [Guardian UK]
A series of clips from that overseas trip, with Crystal Antlers dates, below...

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photos by Bao Nguyen

"that guy from fucked up is fucking hot" - nicholas

Fucked Up
Jemina Pearl

On Sunday afternoon, the young and not-so-young of indie Brooklyn convened along the Williamsburg waterfront for the first of this summer's relocated Pool Parties concerts. For the last three years the shows were the miracle of McCarren Park Pool, turning a civic ruin each weekend into an instant oasis of loud -- loud music, loud fashion, loud shouts from the dodgeball court. But with McCarren booked for a $50 million renovation, the Pool Parties were moved to East River State Park, a seven-acre chunk of grass and concrete flanked by luxury condo buildings. (Kind of like McCarren, actually.) Would they still have the magic?

For the 6,000 or more who came out on Sunday for Mission of Burma, Ponytail, Jemina Pearl and a certain hardcore band from Toronto led by a big bear named Pink Eyes, the prevailing feeling about the new space seemed to be positive. But opinion was divided along two lines: those who considered its view and riverside breeze a delicious improvement, and those who found it nice but lacking the character of McCarren.

"I like this much better," said Sacha Chernoff, a teacher who lives in Carroll Gardens. "The water, the view -- it's beautiful." [NY Times]

The NY Times is not allowed to say "Fucked Up".
crowded: yes
lines to get in: no
separate area for booze: yes
[Anonymous | July 13, 2009 10:58 AM]
Videos, reviews, and setlists from Sunday's show are HERE. The entire summer Pool Party schedule is HERE. The Mission of Burma pics (and info on a new album) are HERE. The rest of the pictures are below...

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photos by Bao Nguyen

DOWNLOAD: Mission of Burma - 1, 2, 3, Partyy! (MP3)

Mission of Burma

On October 6, Matador will be releasing Mission Of Burma's fourth studio LP, The Sound The Speed The Light. Recorded in Boston with Bob Weston at the controls, the record is a departure from the pinned-needles roar of 2006's The Obliterati. The new album sounds far more spacious and dynamic. It is more or less divided into 4 sets or suites of 3 songs. Each suite explores a set of moods or colors, across the usual dizzying array of lyrical topics, from alcoholism to fleshly concerns.
The album opener, "1, 2, 3, Partyy!" was also the band's opener at their Williamsburg Waterfront show on June 12th (the JellyNYC 'Pool Party'). An mp3 of that song is above. Pictures from that show are above and below.

Before the album's release, Matador will be putting out a 7-inch single on August 18th with two bonus tracks, "Innermost" and "Here It Comes."

The band has been keeping track of the recording process on their website. On March 22nd, they wrote," And we decided against a couple of album titles: 'The Only Band the Mutters' was one which we, after much deliberation, decided was too obvious. What about 'Mr. Spock?' Uh..."

Album and single artwork, with the rest of the Pool Party pics, below...

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Dont bring these things

"The emails have been piling up and everyone's asking, "dude, what's up with the Pool Parties?" Well DUDE, so sorry to keep you waiting, but here at JELLY we've been working our asses off to bring you one of the greatest free concert series in history. The Pool Parties are going to be extremely crucial this year, "epic" or "amazing" as you people say these days. Seriously, eight weeks of FREE shows on the waterfront of Williamsburg? Does it get any better? You might be thinking "waterfront"? Yeah, in case you didn't hear the McCarren Pool's closed so get over it :) , and yeah we kept the name Pool Parties even though the East River's not at a pool, so what? We've still got DODGEBALL, basketball, DJ's, bands, burgers the works! We love you more than your parents ever could, and if you want to have fun and hang out with us this summer. [Full schedule below]. Bring your friends but please don't bring these things [pictured above]. As you can see below, underage drinking will not be tolerated. . You guys wouldn't do that though, so there's nothing to worry about. Thank you for visiting and stay tuned!!" -Jelly
The big news here is that they finally announced! As far as this year's lineup, well, we figured most of that out already. The Black Lips will also play the show with Trail of Dead, HEALTH, and Grupo Fantasma. Jemina Pearl is also on the bill of the first show on July 12th (Mission of Burma). Full lineup poster and a video below...

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Grupo Fantasma

"Grupo Fantasma (in U.S.A.) is an 11 piece latin funk orchestra from Austin, Texas. Formed in 2000 from the merger of two Austin acts, The Blue Noise Band and The Blimp, the band emerged with a sold out show at the former Empanada Parlour on 6th Street in Austin. The band is best known for their exuberant live shows and their recent association with Prince and his 3121 Club in Las Vegas. The band has backed Prince on numerous occasions, including his performance on the ALMA Awards in 2007, and often perform at his afterparty jam sessions." [Wikipedia]
Assuming it is actually still happening, you can add another band to the list of bands playing the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn this summer. Oddly, Grupo Fantasma are on the same bill as HEALTH. All dates and some videos below...

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DOWNLOAD: Fiery Furnaces - The End is Near (MP3)

The Fiery Furnaces @ Middle East Downstairs (6/12/09) (gikthechamp)
Fiery Furnaces

"Eleanor kept mentioning how most of the new songs were about ex-boyfriends, and at one point was almost apologizing for that fact, joking that they were now out of ideas. She shouldn't be so concerned. I love the more obscure and whimsical topics that have come up in past Furnaces releases, but I welcome this more straightforward, emotionally driven material. They've done it before, but it's never been as bittersweet as this, nor as neat and soulful. It was time to shift gears, and they made exactly the right decision -- their melodic sensibility is front and center, the preciousness is dialed down considerably." [Fluxblog]
Fluxblog's review refers to the June 11th show at Le Poisson Rouge where the Fiery Furnaces played a complete and re-arranged version of their new album I'm Going Away (out July 21 on Thrill Jockey). Setlist below. New studio-recorded track from that album, above.

Three days later, Matt's other band King's Crescent played a Martin Bisi-curated Northside Festival show at Spike Hill. Lucid Culture writes that they "flipped the script and played a joyous, virtuosic, completely in-the-pocket set of vintage Meters covers."

On August 9th, the Fiery Furnaces will join Simian Mobile Disco (who are playing DJ) on the bill of the free JellyNYC Pool Party at the Williamsburg Waterfront. Finger on the Pulse are also DJing at this one. All FF dates below...

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White Denim

"The genre that was once called "college rock" is currently drifting in a distinctly post-graduate direction. But for those who find 2009's US indie vanguard (the Grizzly Animal Projectors, the Dirty Bear Collective, those guys) a little too ethereal for their tastes, this down and dirty Austin, Texas power trio offer a marvellously rocking reality check." [Guardian]
White Denim's new album Fits will be released in the UK on June 22nd. NME is even streaming it (though us in North America only get 30 second clips). Unfortunately though, at the moment at least, there is no info on a release in the band's own country.

To go along with that record, White Denim will be touring the UK/Europe from June 23rd until at least July 11th, and that will give them enough time to get back here for their only scheduled US show that I know about at the moment, which will be free in Brooklyn on July 19th at the Williamsburg Waterfront on a bill with Magnolia Electric Co. and Dirty Projectors. This NYC show is one of eight Jelly NYC Pool Parties that will happen this summer, all of which are currently still, sort of unannounced.

New White Denim video and all dates below...

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photos by Chris Graham

listening to Beach House @ the Sasquatch Festival
Beach House

Beach House are opening for Grizzly Bear on August 30th at the Williamsburg Waterfront which means we'll probably get some Victoria Legrand action. Grizzly Bear are currently on tour and gave the Toronto crowd some hometown Feist action. Over Memorial Day weekend, both Beach House and Grizzly Bear played the Sasquatch Festival. All BH tour dates, and more pics of them at Sasquatch, below...

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HEALTH @ Knitting Factory in November (more by Ryan Muir)

HEALTH's previously announced NYC show on Saturday, June 20th will be happening at 979 Broadway Backyard, the same outdoor space that hosted Dan Deacon in May. Also on the bill for that New York Night Train-hosted gig are Awesome Color, Kid Congo Powers, Anna Copa Cabanna, Lone Wolf and Cub, more (poster below).

On Sunday, July 26th, HEALTH will be playing one of this summer's free JellyNYC 'Pool Parties' at the Williamsburg Waterfront. (Dan Deacon plays his own Pool Party with No Age and Deerhunter the week after, on August 2nd.) More Waterfront gigs are listed HERE.

Then, after a string of August European shows, HEALTH will tour North America in September. That tour includes a Thursday, September 24th show at the Bowery Ballroom with tourmates Pictureplane. Tickets for that show will go on sale Friday, June 12th at noon.

HEALTH's new disc, GET COLOR, comes out September 8th on Lovepump United. The first single from that, "DIE SLOW," is out now.

All tour dates and NY Night Train show flyer below...

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photos by Chris Graham

Girl Talk

"Now this was THE dance party of the weekend. The set started with dozens of fans on the stage dancing, and about an hour of almost non-stop music followed. For those not familiar, Girl Talk is Gregg Gillis, a DJ who just does crazy mashups -- and people love it. The set at the Wookie Stage was way crowded, and not a soul was still.

It was just great to hear how Gillis could somehow fit in classic riffs like Weezer's "Say It Ain't So" or GNR's "Sweet Child of Mine" with all kinds of rap beats or hooks. It was great to hear the crowd scream and holler whenever a sample of something they recognized came on, then sing along at the top of their lungs (who knew "Jessie's Girl" worked well with dance beats?)." [Ear Candy]

Girl Talk played the Sasquatch Festival in Washington on Memorial Day. A few days later he played a more intimate, indoor gig at Hiro Ballroom in NYC.

This summer he'll be back for something much larger, much more public, outdoors, and totally free (I think). Girl Talk will be playing the "Pool Party" at Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday, August 23rd. And (I think) the openers are Max Tundra and Wiz Khalifa.

After this post, I'll be updating the master list of shows taking place at the same venue this summer. More GT tour dates and pictures from Sasquatch below...

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Dirty Projectors @ Housing Works in May (more by Ryan Muir)
Dirty Projectors

So as it turns out, the June 19th Dirty Projectors date that has been sitting out there for a month, is in fact WRONG. They are not playing the Williamsburg Waterfront on June 19th. They are playing it on JULY 19 aka Sunday, July 19th aka the free show (Pool Party) that Magnolia Electric Co. are also playing!

Dirty Projectors will play a NYC show on June 19th though. It will just be much, much, much smaller and harder to get into.... Dirty Projectors are playing an instore at Other Music on 6/19 at 9pm. "Buy 'Bitte Orca' on cd or lp and recieve 1 ticket for the instore. Limit 2 purchases/tickets per person." The store will start selling the album on Friday, 6/5 at noon TONIGHT, JUNE 3rd.

Speaking of Bitte Orca, NPR is now streaming it.

Dirty Projectors' next NYC show is this Friday (June 5) with TV on the Radio at Central Park Summerstage. The show is sold out. If you're going and you want to see DP, get there early - they are the only opener, and "Show 6:30 PM".

If you don't have a ticket, and want to see TV on the Radio (who just played Sasquatch), tickets are still on sale for the show they are playing later in the summer at Prospect Park.

DP/TVOTR dates HERE. More Williamsburg Waterfront shows are listed HERE.

Check out video from the Take Away Show DP filmed in 2007, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Magnolia Electric Co - Josephine (MP3)

The Donkeys @ Radio Room in Austin (a BV SXSW party) (more by Leia Jospe)
The Donkeys

"We are proud to announce the first details of Magnolia Electric Co.'s Josephine (released July 21 in the US and July 20 in the UK), the prolific band's first longplayer since 2006. Josephine is a weighty, mature album about real loss and dislocation, bringing forth a more minimalist aesthetic than the band has attempted to date. For Josephine, the band teamed once again with engineer Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago for what proved to be an emotional recording session." [Secretly Canadian]
In support of that new album, Magnolia Electric Co. will be going out on tour with their label-cousins The Donkeys (they're on Dead Oceans) this summer. And though the date has since mysteriously disappeared from Magnolia's list of tour dates, Pitchfork's list did reveal (thanks Eric and Tom) that the bands will be playing a "Pool Party" in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, July 19th. That said, The Donkeys are listing that they play Union Hall in Park Slope on that date, so maybe it's just Magnolia that play the big, free JellyNYC show in Williamsburg.

New MP3 above. New cover art, track list, and all tour dates below....

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Dan Deacon @ Broadway Backyard in May (more by Tim Griffin)
Dan Deacon

"When we talked with No Age's Randy Randall recently, he explained that his band's forthcoming tour with Dan Deacon and Deerhunter wouldn't simply be a round robin, with each band taking turns. Instead, all three bands will collaborate on a seamless piece of music, with everyone helping out with everyone else's songs: "We're looking to really kind of meld together the ideas that currently exist in one band's song, and then augment them, either by having other members play together or adding something new to the song that'll transition to another song. So you'll still hear Deerhunter and Dan Deacon and No Age songs, but they'll be boosted in a way by having other members play in them as well." [Pitchfork]
A total of seven of these collaborative dates have been announced, and one is in Pennsylvania, one is in New Jersey, and one is in Brooklyn, NY.

The Brooklyn show is Sunday, August 2nd at "Jelly Space 2009". That of course means it will be a free show at the Williamsburg Waterfront! The NJ show is one night earlier, and... HERE! Maybe there will be Pool Parties again this summer afterall..

Flying W Airport & Pool in Medford, NJ
Flying W

Pitchfork also notes that, "Unless otherwise noted, Dan Deacon will do all the [other] shows below with his ensemble, which means there's going to be a ton of dudes onstage at these shows.". All dates for all three bands below...

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photos by Chris Graham

Grizzly Bear

Before both shows at Town Hall and last night's Music Hall of Williamsburg show, Grizzly Bear flew to Washington State to play at set on Day Three (Memorial Day) at this year's Sasquatch Festival. I'm pretty sure Grizzly Bear's next NYC show will be a free one at the Williamsburg Waterfront (aka a Pool Party which may or may not be what they're still calling them). I don't know the date, but it will be a Sunday some time after the free Mission of Burma show.

Grizzly Bear are now on tour and hit the 9:30 Club in DC tonight (6/1). More pictures from Sasquatch below...

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Topshop (TURBOW)

There's a free show Saturday, April 25th at The Shank (98 Bayard St @ Leonard St) with Crystal Stilts, Wavves, These Are Powers, Crash Diet Crew, and Muggabears (who are apparently now called Grooms).

It's free...but you have to have a ticket. The Topshop/Topman store in Soho will be giving the tickets away on Friday, April 24th between 2-7pm to those who present a college ID.

Crystal Stilts also have shows coming up at Maxwell's, The Bell House, and Cake Shop. WAVVES, who lives in California, was just here in March.

Topman flyer below...

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Williamsburg Waterfront

"McCarren Park Pool, the crumbling, Depression-era public swimming pool on the border between Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, is set to become a swimming spot again, but the concerts that put it on the rock map over the last three summers are set to move to the Williamsburg waterfront. Stephanie Thayer, executive director of the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, a nonprofit group that coordinated last year's concerts, said that a strip along the East River between North Eighth and North Ninth Streets that was designated a New York State park a few years ago will have concerts this summer, with room for 6,000 fans. The news was confirmed by the office of State Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol, who represents Greenpoint and Williamsburg. "This is the continuation of McCarren Park Pool," Ms. Thayer said. "It's different, but it has its own exquisite beauty, with the waterfront and the skyline of Manhattan." She added that she plans to work with many of the promoters who put on events at the pool, but that if enough sponsorship money comes through, she hopes to also put on classical and opera concerts as well. Ms. Thayer, who in addition to her role with the Open Space Alliance is an administrator with the City Parks Department, said that renovations on McCarren Pool were set to begin on schedule this summer." [NY Times]
The new location (where the Boredoms' 88 Boadrum took place in August) was being discussed as a possibility last summer, so this official confirmation is great news.

above photo by Ryan Muir

Black Lips @ Lollapalooza 2008 (more by Zach Dilgard)
Black Lips

Black Lips, Japanese Motors and The Teenagers are playing two Toyota parties during CMJ this year. Japanese Motors are also playing a VICE late night party @ The Studio. PLEASE NOTE the corrected lineups for that... and the Toyota Antics flyer below...

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photos (all but one) by Jason Bergman

NJ Ira (this photo by Paul Bachmann)
Yo La Tengo @ McCarren Pool

I'm always running late, so I unfortunately didn't get to the Pool on Sunday (Aug 24, 2008) until Yo La Tengo was about to go on. That was right around the time they also shut the gates for being at capacity. It was also when I saw Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz walk in. I heard he was supposed to introduce Yo La Tengo, but he got there a minute too late.

Yo La Tengo are such a great live band - from beginning to end, but the highlight of my 90 minutes at the Pool (which were also the final 90 minutes of JellyNYC's 3-year run of Pool Parties at McCarren) was, when during Yo La Tengo's encore, fellow NJ band Titus Andronicus joined them on stage to do a cover of "Where Eagles Dare" by Misfits (who were also from NJ) ("I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch, You better think about it baby"). Ira announced that now that Brooklyn was over (a joke referring to the end of the pool), NJ is where it's at. Titus' frontman also held up a NJ flag in Jersey's honor and then draped it over Ira's back (see above).

Obama was barely in the house. More of Jason's pictures below...

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