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photo: Yuck @ River Rocks 2015 (more by Amanda Hatfield)

CMJ is just barely behind us, and now it's time to start thinking about SXSW who have just announced their first round of showcasing artists. Acts include, Alex G, Crystal Castles, Yuck, Micachu & the Shapes, Barry Adamson, Anamanaguchi, PUP, The Spook School, Wildhoney, Sunflower Bean, Pure Bathing Culture and lots more. The music portion of SXSW 2016 happens March 15 - 20 in Austin, TX. The entire list of Round One artists is below...

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Chicago musician Nnamdi Ogbonnaya may be a familiar name to anyone who lives in Chicago or follows their music scene. He's a former member of My Dad, has ties to the Swerp Records collective, and also currently plays in The Para-Medics, Pisces at the Animal Fair, The Scooper Swag Project and Nervous Passenger, as well as leading his own solo project, Nnamdi's Sooper-Dooper Secret Side Project. That project's somewhere between avant-rap and art pop, but thanks to his ties to the indie rock scene, he's got contributions from Maps & Atlases' Dave Davison, Joan of Arc/Make Believe's Bobby Burg, Make Believe/Birthmark's Nate Kinsella, Peter Helmis of Algernon Cadwallader, members of Meat Wave, Johnny Foreigner and more. Those all appear on his 2013 album, Bootie Noir, which you can stream below.

That album also features Ratboys singer Julia Steiner, who appears once again on "Sit Tight" off his more recent album, Feckin Weirdo. You can stream that below too, and also check out the brand new video for "Sit Tight" which premieres in this post.

Speaking of Ratboys, the newly Topshelf-signed band brings their tour to NYC tonight (5/26) at Bushwick Public House (1288 Myrtle Ave). That's $7 at the door.

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photo: Tim Kinsella w/ Owls in Chicago in 2014 (more by Jeff Ryan)
Tim Kinsella

Tim Kinsella, who fronts (or fronted) Joan of Arc, Owls, Cap'n Jazz and more, has always stayed prolific (including his new position as Joyful Noise's 2015 Artist In Residence) and now he's getting ready to head out on his first solo tour in a while.

Tim comes to NYC on June 21 at Rough Trade. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (4/24) at noon. The solo tour comes before he heads to the UK with Joan of Arc. All dates are listed below.

In (literally) related news, Tim's brother Mike's band American Football recently added more international dates to their reunion tour since we last spoke. Those are listed below.

In sadder news, Tim's bandmate Victor Villarreal was just in town over the weekend for two New York shows and unfortunately had his guitar stolen on Saturday.

Watch video of an older Tim Kinsella solo set, with the lists of dates, below...

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Tim Kinsella

Joyful Noise's 2015 "Artist In Residence" will be the influential Tim Kinsella of Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Owls and more. The announcement reads:

Throughout his 2015 residency, Tim will be creating a plethora of new music, words, and art, including 2 full-length albums on colored vinyl, a 10" EP, a 7", a book, & a surprise art object - all featuring screen-printed artwork, packaged inside a custom wooden box.

All vinyl releases will be pressed on colored vinyl, limited to 300 copies, featuring custom screen-printed jackets, and packaged inside a wooden screen-printed box set (which is numbered and signed by Tim Kinsella). Purchase also includes MP3 and WAV download of all recorded material, and then some.
One-time purchase includes quarterly shipments throughout the year. Items & download codes will be sent approximately every 3 months, with the first release scheduled for April. The limited edition vinyl will not be sold individually apart from the box set (though non-limited editions of some of the songs may be released at some point).

You can subscribe here.

Tim's only upcoming dates at the moment are part of The Joan of Arc Gang Chicago Residency this March, which includes sets from Joan of Arc, Owls, Owen (playing Dinosaur Jr) and more.

Watch a video of Tim performing with Owls during their 2014 reunion tour below...

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by Andrew Sacher


Victor Villarreal of Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Owls and other bands, will release a new solo album, Sleep Talk, the followup to 2012's Invisible Cinema, next week (2/3) via Joyful Noise (pre-order). Like his last album, it's mostly him and an acoustic guitar or a soft/clean electric guitar, but his dizzying fretwork is still as impressive as his work in the fuller-sounding bands he's in. A full stream of the album premieres in this post and can be listened to below.

His only solo date at the moment is in his hometown of Chicago on March 24 at The Hideout during "The Joan of Arc Gang"'s residency at the venue that also includes sets from Owen (playing Dinosaur Jr), Joan of Arc, Owls and more.

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by Andrew Sacher


Yesterday, American Football expanded their reunion tour and today they've announced the openers for their four-night New Year's run in Chicago which are all pretty amazing. Almost all of them in some way hail from the same influential emo scene as AF themselves -- night 1 gets fellow reunited '90s Champaign, IL/Polyvinyl band Braid, night 2 gets a reunion from their other Polyvinyl labelmates Pele (!) and S. Carey (who also opened for them in NYC), night 3 gets Joan of Arc (the band led by AF singer Mike Kinsella's brother Tim, which Mike and their cousin/current AF bassist Nate have both played in), and night 4 gets Maritime, whose singer Davey von Bohlen played in Cap'n Jazz with Mike. Night 4 is sold out, but if you're in Chicago or traveling there for the holidays (this would be a very good reason to do that), you can still get tickets to nights 1, 2 and 3.

So yeah all of those are stacked, but the one that sticks out the most is Milwaukee's Pele, who have been broken up since 2004. They put out a handful of excellent albums in the late '90s and 2000s, including a few on Polyvinyl, as well as a split with another now-reunited band, Toe, whose recent NYC show was opened by Nate Kinsella. With a sound somewhere between post-rock and math rock, their complex guitar parts foreshadowed the current trend of noodly emo bands, much like American Football's did. They also shared member Scott Beschta with another Milwaukee group, Davey Von Bohlen's post-Cap'n Jazz, pre-Maritime band The Promise Ring.

Since breaking up, drummer Jon Mueller formed Collections of Colonies of Bees, the band who later teamed with Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon to form Volcano Choir. And it's Bon Iver sideman Sean Carey aka S. Carey who's also on the bill with Pele and American Football, so maybe S. Carey doesn't feel like the odd one out after all.

Hopefully this means more shows on the horizon for Pele. Revisit their 2000 album, The Nudes, below. Also, Mike Kinsella recently covered The Promise Ring for the upcoming Owen covers album. Listen to that below too...

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photos by Dylan Johnson, words by Andrew Sacher

Perfect Pussy / Joanna Gruesome @ Shea - 8/26/14
Perfect Pussy
Joanna Gruesome
Perfect Pussy

The stacked Perfect Pussy / Joanna Gruesome / Potty Mouth / The Love of Everything tour kicked off last night (8/26) with a sold out show at Brooklyn's tiny Shea Stadium. It was a great show all around, and packed almost the entire time. Pictures are in this post.

The Love of Everything, aka Joan of Arc's Bobby Burg, kicked things off with a one-man-band set consisting of Bobby's voice, guitar, bass, synths, and a crude drum machine all going through a loop pedal. In a way, Love of Everything was the odd band out on the bill. It was the only one that wasn't a "band" in the traditional sense, and the only one whose songs didn't revolve around briskly strummed distorted guitars. But what he did have in common with the rest of the bill is his music came from a place of rawness and passion, rather than a traditional idea of "technique," something Bobby is undeniably a veteran of.

The energy level began to rise when Potty Mouth followed with their set of poppy punk, but really rose once Joanna Gruesome took the stage for one of the best sets I've seen of theirs yet. Joanna Gruesome are equal parts twee pop and more aggressive punk, but the energy of the latter is what wins out at their shows. All band members thrash around the stage like a hardcore band while singer Alanna McCardle stands at the mic, commanding the crowd with ease. For one song during this set, she took her mic off the stand and gave her wildest performance of the night. The rowdiness of the crowd matched that of the band, at one point causing Alanna to ask them to chill with the moshing ("that's fun for about five of you... and there's way more than five of you here").

There was a pause in the show after Joanna Gruesome, because Perfect Pussy were running late. But once they finally got there, they ran up on stage without a soundcheck and got the room going as nuts as it was for JG. Perfect Pussy's sets are short, but they pack more uninhibited aggression in 15 minutes than many rock bands can in double or triple that time. Last night was no exception, as the band went hard with minimal breaks from start to finish, and it ended with noise guy Sean Sutkus making controlled feedback minutes after the rest of the band had left the stage.

The tour continues, and splits this Friday (8/29), as Joanna Gruesome return to NYC on their own to headline a free South Street Seaport show with Big Ups, and Perfect Pussy/Potty Mouth play Asbury Park. Potty Mouth will also be back for a Cake Shop (9/3) show next week.

More pictures from Shea, below...

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Wedding Dress in Chicago in April (more by Zach Pollack)
Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress is the new-ish band of Maps & Atlases member Erin Elders and Joan of Arc member Bobby Burg, plus Mike Russell and Matt Lemke (both of Suns). The math rock and eccentricities of Maps & Atlases and Joan of Arc aren't to be found here though. Instead, this project gives the members a chance to make more laid back indie pop. The band just put out a 7" for their "Loom" b/w "Heavy Earth" single on Lovitt Records and will release a full length, Desperate Glow, on the label this November. Meanwhile, they've made a video for "Loom" which premieres in this post and can be watched below.

Wedding Dress also have a tour coming up which hits NYC for shows on September 6 at Cake Shop with BELLS≥ and September 7 at Baby's All Right. All dates are listed, with the new video, below...

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Jade Tree

We were just saying Jade Tree Records is back (though they say don't call it a comeback). The label has now uploaded their entire catalog to bandcamp with full streams of all the albums and downloads available for $5 or less.

That means if your iTunes is missing say, The Promise Ring's Nothing Feels Good, Lifetime's Jersey's Best Dancers, Jets to Brazil's Orange Rhyming Dictionary, Pedro the Lion's Control, Cap'n Jazz's Analphabetapolothology, Owls' self-titled, Fucked Up's Hidden World, Joan of Arc's How Memory Works, Avail's 4AM Friday, New End Original's Thriller, Paint It Black's Paradise, Kid Dynamite's self-titled, or Young Widows' Settle Down City, you can now easily remedy that. Plus there's tons more, including new releases like the upcoming Dark Blue single.

In related news, Owls are touring and hitting NYC on July 11 at Bowery Ballroom with Hop Along and Glocca Morra (tickets). And you can hear Pedro the Lion frontman David Bazan reworking some of that band's material on his new album and tour with the Passenger String Quartet.

Check out their bandcamp here and stream a few of the classics below...

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Joan of Arc

The catchiest song on Arcade Fire's new album "Reflektor", cleverly set to footage from "The Passion of Joan of Arc" (1928), directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer; Jeanne d'Arc (1900), directed by Georges Méliès; and Häxan: Witchcraft Through the Ages (1922), directed by Benjamin Christensen. Watch below...

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by Andrew Sacher

Joan of Arc in Chicago in 2012 (more by Grant MacAllister)
Joan of Arc

Long-running math rock eccentrics Joan of Arc are set to release their new album, Testimonium Sons, on July 30 via Polyvinyl and as a limited edition (100 pressings) cassette via Joyful Noise. Regarding the new album, the band writes:

Testimonium Songs collects the song cycle composed by Joan of Arc (Tim Kinsella, Bobby Burg, and Theo Katsaounis) to be performed live in Testimonium, a work of performance by well-respected experimental theater ensemble Every house has a door.

Testimonium responds -- both in substance and in style -- to Charles Reznikoff's monumental work Testimony, a translation into poetry of courtroom transcripts of witness and victim testimonies in criminal cases and cases of workplace negligence, in the US, spanning the years 1885 to 1915.Performances of Testimonium incorporate modern dance, theater, and original songs written and played by Joan of Arc.

In a departure for the band, these highly structured compositions, developed over a two-year rehearsal period, emulate Reznikoff's poetics by shaping themselves according to a mosaic method - rotating a fixed set of musical units in warping permutations.

The lyrics re-invent the strategies of Objectivist poetry, by turns surreal, ordinary, testimonial, and explosive, releasing the undercurrent of emotion in the poems while (almost) never quoting them directly.

The cover art, tracklist, and a stream of the opening track, "Amelia," are below.

Joan of Arc also have a tour scheduled for this August, which includes two NYC shows. First they'll play Shea Stadium on August 25 and then Mercury Lounge on August 26 with electronic musician Co La, whose new album, Moody Coup, is out now, and who will certainly help make that Mercury Lounge those shows diverse ones. Tickets for the Mercury Lounge show go on sale Friday (6/7) at noon and more info on the Shea show TBA.

UPDATE: Co La opens both NYC shows.

All dates are listed, along with the album artwork, tracklist, and song stream, below...

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Tim Kinsella
Tim Kinsella

Joan of Arc, the primary project of Tim Kinsella, is set to release his/their gazillionth album on November 27 via Joyful Noise (not Polyvinyl, who released most of their recent output). The album is self titled but also known as Charlie Chaplin and The Elephant Man and is made up mostly of Tim's acoustic guitar and voice. You can get your first taste of the album by watching the video for "King Song," which premiered today on Noisey, below. Also below is the album's cover art and tracklist.

Tim will be taking the album on a solo tour where he plans to perform in various living rooms across the US. That tour hits Brooklyn on November 5 and Asbury Park on November 7. Exact living room locations TBA. Tickets for the whole tour are on sale now.

Tim's brother Mike, aka Owen, just announced some shows too.

A list of all Joan of Arc dates, cover art, tracklist and video are below.

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Love of Everything
Love of Everything

Joan of Arc/Make Believe member Bobby Burg's Love of Everything project will be heading out on a tour with Earthquake Party later this summer which brings both bands to NYC on September 6 at Glasslands with Air Waves and Future of What and September 7 at Pianos with Gemini Club and Nolita Knights. Tickets for the Glasslands show and the Pianos show are on sale now. All Love of Everything dates are listed below.

In related news, fellow Joan of Arc member Mike Kinsella aka Owen will be in NYC this week on his tour with Braid which hits Bowery Ballroom on Thursday (8/9) with Laura Stevenson and the Cans and Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday (8/11). Aficionado opens both NYC shows (and others on the tour) too. Tickets for both shows are still available.

Another fellow Joan of Arc member Nate Kinsella aka Birthmark will be in NYC next week when his tour hits Pianos (8/17) and The Rock Shop (8/18).

A list of all dates and Love of Everything and Earthquake Party videos below...

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: Birthmark - "Stuck" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Birthmark - "Shake Hands" (MP3)


Brooklyn's Nate Kinsella -- who has been a member of Joan of Arc with his cousins Tim and Mike Kinsella, Make Believe with Tim, and has assisted Mike with his Owen project, among other bands/projects -- records solo material under the moniker Birthmark. He recently released, Antibodies, his third album for the project and first for Polyvinyl Records (where most Kinsella projects tend to call home). Like other projects Nate has been involved in, Antibodies embraces playfully weird indie pop but is more relaxed than the math-based Joan of Arc or Make Believe. You can stream the entire album HERE and download two of its tracks, "Stuck" and "Shake Hands," above.

Birthmark played a record release show for Antibodies this past May at The Stone in NYC. Check out a video of Nate performing "Please Go Away" accompanied by string players, percussionists, and other instrumentalists at that show below. Nate is continuing to tour in support of the album, and he'll be back in NYC for two more shows which happen on August 17 at Pianos with Phone Home, Big Black Delta, Late Guest at the Party, Leaves of Green, and one more TBA, and August 18 at The Rock Shop. Tickets for the Pianos show and the Rock Shop show are on sale now.

A list of all dates and video below...

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: Victor Villarreal - "Enters" (MP3)

Victor Villarreal

Victor Villarreal, who played guitar in Cap'n Jazz, as well as a number of its spinoff bands including Joan of Arc, Owls, and Ghosts & Vodka, is releasing his first solo album, Invisible Cinema, on January 24 via Joyful Noise. The album's first track, "Enters" is available for download at the top of this post, and can be streamed below. Like his guitar work in his previous bands, "Enters" is filled with math rock noodling through pretty chord progressions. The largely acoustic guitar and string arrangement-led track is most reminiscent of fellow Cap'n Jazz member Mike Kinsella's work in Owen, but when the vocals finally come in at the end, he reveals a much starker voice than Owen's brokenhearted throb. You can pre-order the album at the Joyful Noise webstore and check out the artwork and tracklist below.

Victor will go on a tour in support of the album with Meryll that includes a Brooklyn show at The Rock Shop on February 10. Tickets for the show are on sale now and Victor has also launched a Kickstarter campaign to help support the tour. He says:

There are many costs associated with touring, even when travelling as a solo musician. I have decided to engage in this Kickstarter campaign to help ensure that my first tour as a solo musician is possible and that I am able to cover my estimated expenses for 3 weeks on the road.
All dates, stream, album art and tracklist below...

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Joan of Arc

Speaking of the Polyvinyl anniversary show, Joan of Arc, who are also on the Pygmalion bill, have added dates to their tour with Implodes. The new dates include a NYC show on August 9 at Glasslands, the day before their previously announced Mercury Lounge show (8/10). Exitmusic open the Glasslands show. Tickets are on sale now. Tickets are also still available for the Mercury show.

All tour dates below...

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by BBG

Joan of Arc in 2008 (more by Leia Jospe)
Joan of Arc

After dates on their current southwestern tour and a forthcoming UK tour come to an end, Joan of Arc will kick off another leg of dates in Pontiac, MI with Implodes heading toward the East Coast before looping back to a tour-ending show in St. Louis. NYC will get an appearance on that journey at Mercury Lounge on August 10th. Tickets are currently on AmEx presale and go on regular sale at noon on Friday (5/20)

Mike Kinsella of Joan of Arc/Cap'n Jazz will bring his side/solo/other project Owen to one upcoming date in Champaign, IL in September at the Pygmalion Music Festival. There Owen will share a stage with Cut Copy, Explosions in the Sky, Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, Asobi Seksu, Japandroids, and the reunited Braid. So far no other dates Braid dates have emerged, but we'll be on the look out.

Implodes released their new LP Black Earth via Kranky in April. Check out the shoegaze-y burner "Marker" streaming below alongside alll tour dates and some video.

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These Arms Are Snakes at Shea Stadium (more by Chloe Rice)
These Arms Are Snakes

Shea Stadium have posted more than 50+ hours of audio culled from live performances at the Brooklyn venue which was named after the old Mets baseball stadium. Compiling full sets, single songs, and everything in between, the archive inclues performances from bands like Screaming Females, Anamanaguchi, Circle Pit, Devin Therriault, Hunx & His Punx, Krallice, and literally hundreds more. Head to the Live at Shea Stadium site for a full listing.

Speaking of Hunx, Hardly Art will be releasing Young To Be In Love on March 29, 2011. The full tracklist of that record is below.

Joan of Arc plays Shea Stadium TONIGHT (1/20) with Soft Circle and La Big Vic. It's the official kick-off of a tour for the band who will be back in NYC to play the previously-mentioned Mercury Lounge show on 2/1. All Joan of Arc dates, and a full list of upcoming events at Shea, which also includes Suuns on 1/26, and X-Ray Eyeballs on 1/28 is below.

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Cap'n Jazz at Brooklyn Bowl over the summer (more by Leia Jospe)
Capn Jazz

Joan of Arc play Columbia, Missouri tomorrow (11/2) as part of a string of US dates leading up to a November 6th appearance at the Mohawk in Austin for a Fun Fun Fun Fest after-party event (Tim Kinsella's other project Cap'n Jazz will play FFF proper the same weekend). A couple weeks later, Joan of Arc will blast off to the EU for a string of dates with Joan of Arc/Make Believe member Bobby Burg's other project Love of Everything.

Then after some time off, Joan of Arc will return east for for a NYC appearance at Mercury Lounge on February 1st, 2011 with Soft Circle. Tickets go on presale Wednesday, 11/3 at noon, and general sale Friday 11/5 at noon. The show looks to be part of a TBA tour with Philly and DC dates also scheduled so far (they're listed below).

Joan of Arc recently dropped a cassette box set of their recorded output to date on Joyful Noise Recordings (listing is below). The full set is sold out, but tapes (with lossless MP3s) of all the LPs are still available. Order them now while you still can.

Joan of Arc also recently released the new Meaningful Work 7" (with download codes) via Polyvinyl (cop it). And Joan of Arc's 11th LP is on the way too... that's if the band can muster up the cash for it via Kickstarter. Steve Albini will produce and although it looks like the band is well on the way towards that goal, contribute to the cause if you can and get some merch and rarities in return.

Though Devo, Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls, and Cold Cave have all cancelled their appearances at Fun Fun Fun Fest, (they were all replaced and) you can see Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, Descendents, Weird Al Yankovic, Mastodon, Scream, Floor, Cults, The Antlers, and even BrooklynVegan at Fun Fun Fun Fest and its associated after-parties this coming weekend. Tickets are still available.

All Joan of Arc tour dates and some video below...

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DOWNLOAD: Cap'n Jazz - Oh Messy Life (MP3)

Cap'n Jazz

Jade Tree is thrilled to announce that one of our most influential and popular titles, Cap'n Jazz's seminal discography Analphabetapolothology, will be released on vinyl for the very first time on June 15th. A little over ten years have passed since the original CD release and we are proud to give the record the proper full featured vinyl issue that it deserves. As Cap'n Jazz has grown in popularity, so has the demand for the anthology on vinyl and we are more than happy to combine our efforts to put together a package well worth the wait...

There is more. As you may have heard, Cap'n Jazz played a short surprise set in January. Well, the show went so well that the band has decided to reunite again, starting at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago on July 17th with select dates soon to follow. This is a one time reunion and this summer will be your one chance to see the band live, so don't miss it. We'll see you there!

Video from that reunion show, which happened Friday, January 22nd as part of Joan of Arc's Don't Mind Control Variety Show at Chicago's Empty Bottle, is below. Time Out Chicago wrote of their four-song set: "Though the group's once-spastic youthful energy was slightly tempered with age, it was replaced with noticeably improved musicianship. Die-hard fans may have missed hallmarks of the group's heyday like Tim's trumpet honking, but the capacity audience didn't seem to mind the omission, opting instead to revel in the intense nostalgia of it all."

A track off the soon-to-be-on-vinyl Analphabetapolothology is above.Cap'n Jazz's next and only currently scheduled reunion show takes place July 17th at the Bottom Lounge in Chicago (same night and city as Pitchfork Music Fest). It's already sold out. Stay tuned for more dates to be announced including a show in NYC.

Joan of Arc, Tim Kinsella, put out Don't Mind Control on Polyvinyl in January. That album is "41+ members strong -- the Joan of Arc extended family comes together for 18 exclusive songs curated by Joan of Arc frontman Tim Kinsella. Joan of Arc Presents: Don't Mind Control features new songs by Tim Kinsella, Owen, Cale Parks, Vacations (ex-Chin Up Chin Up), Ghosts and Vodka (ex-Cap'n Jazz), Euphone, The Cairo Gang, and many more. All bands feature members who have played in Joan of Arc at one time or another."

Joan of Arc will be at SXSW for a show on Saturday, March 20th at Galaxy Room (formerly Radio Room).

Mike Kinsella also has upcoming shows as Owen; dates and videos are below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Ponytail / crowd / The Mae Shi
Ponytail @ Market Hotel
The Mae Shi @ Market Hotel
The Mae Shi @ Market Hotel

Hot, sweaty, Market Hotel Monday night (July 21, 2008). More pics below...

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DOWNLOAD: Joan of Arc - Fleshy Jeffrey (MP3)

Joan of Arc

The Ponytail / Joan of Arc show that was supposed to be at The Yard on Monday has moved to Market Hotel and merged with The Mae Shi show that was supposed to already be there, but Japanther are not playing it. TheDeathSet who are NOT playing Cake Shop with The Mae Shi tonight are playing it instead. In other words, Mae Shi, Imaad Wasif & DD/MM/YYY (and nobody else) at Cake Shop TONIGHT, AND:

Monday July 21st @ MARKET HOTEL

:::: MAE SHI
:::::::: PONYTAIL
:::::::::: Joan of Arc ---> mems Cap 'N Jazz, Make Believe, Love of Everything
:::::::::::: Totally Michael

Ponytail and Joan of Arc are also playing Knitting Factory on Tuesday.

DOWNLOAD: Ponytail - Celebrate the Body Electric (It Came From an Angel) (MP3)


The MP3 up there is off Baltimore band Ponytail's new album coming out on June 17th on the We Are Free label - the home of Yeasayer and Indian Jewelery. It's Ponytail's second album and the title of it is "Ice Cream Spiritual".

Ponytail have five NYC shows coming up. The first is this Saturday night in the Knitting Factory Tap Bar (May 31) with WZT Hearts and Thank You who recently signed to Thrill Jockey. The second is at Manhattan DIY space Less Artists More Condos. The third is part of the After the Jump Festival. The fourth and fifth are with Chicago's Kinsella-family band Joan of Arc at the Knitting Factory and The Yard respectively. All dates below...

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Tickets are on sale for a 2nd Cursive show AT MERCURY LOUNGE, one day before their sold out Bowery Ballroom show (thx ondal). Make Believe are opening for Cursive on their tour. Joan of Arc are playing some shows in September. All those dates below...

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