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Chicago musician Nnamdi Ogbonnaya may be a familiar name to anyone who lives in Chicago or follows their music scene. He's a former member of My Dad, has ties to the Swerp Records collective, and also currently plays in The Para-Medics, Pisces at the Animal Fair, The Scooper Swag Project and Nervous Passenger, as well as leading his own solo project, Nnamdi's Sooper-Dooper Secret Side Project. That project's somewhere between avant-rap and art pop, but thanks to his ties to the indie rock scene, he's got contributions from Maps & Atlases' Dave Davison, Joan of Arc/Make Believe's Bobby Burg, Make Believe/Birthmark's Nate Kinsella, Peter Helmis of Algernon Cadwallader, members of Meat Wave, Johnny Foreigner and more. Those all appear on his 2013 album, Bootie Noir, which you can stream below.

That album also features Ratboys singer Julia Steiner, who appears once again on "Sit Tight" off his more recent album, Feckin Weirdo. You can stream that below too, and also check out the brand new video for "Sit Tight" which premieres in this post.

Speaking of Ratboys, the newly Topshelf-signed band brings their tour to NYC tonight (5/26) at Bushwick Public House (1288 Myrtle Ave). That's $7 at the door.

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by Andrew Sacher

Johnny Foreigner

UK indie rockers Johnny Foreigner put out You Can Do Better, their followup to 2011's Johnny Foreigner vs Everything, in the UK earlier this year and they've since announced that they've signed to Lame-O Records (The Weaks, previously home to Modern Baseball) who are giving the album a stateside release (pick up yours). The band also made a video for one of the album's tracks, "Stop Talking About Ghosts" (Matt Diegan & Francis Newall), a great example of the new album's punky indie rock and infectious male/female vocal harmonies. That video premieres in this post.

You can watch it, with a full stream of the album, below...

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Johnny Foreigner

UK indie rockers Johnny Foreigner are currently touring North American and will play NYC tonight (11/6) at Glasslands with Motive and Rumors. Tickets are still available. All upcoming tour dates are below.

The group haven't toured this side of the Atlantic in a couple years. Maybe some of you, like me, caught them at CMJ 2008. I saw JF at a day party at Public Assembly and my main recollection from that show -- besides them being pretty good -- was that singer Alexei Berrow was absolutely drenched in sweat by the second song. They put their all into it. You can stream Johnny Foreigner's 2011 album, Johnny Foreigner vs Everything, below and is recommended for fans of Los Campesinos! (with whom they've toured) and other spazzy/anthemic guitar pop.

Album stream and tour dates are listed below.

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photos by Amanda Hatfield

"at music hall WAY early for los campesinos. not early enough for open tables, but early enough for $3 @magichat #9. fruity! bam." - eatdrinksnack

"Playing with Los campesinos! tonight at music hall of wburg. We have the Big Girl 7". Come hang" - darlings

Los Campesinos! @ Music Hall of Williamsburg - 10/16/10
Los Campesinos

We performed in Johnny Brenda's (Philadelphia on 10/12) on a incredibly impractical stage and my increasingly chirpy mood was nearly threatened by a man shouting out "You looked better when you were Blonde!" at me whilst I was tuning up. I thought about explaining to him that blonde hair was really expensive and hard to upkeep but i figured that would be a really long retort so i settled with "I liked you better when you had hair," because he was bald.

This was cheap a shot and didn't even make much sense because we had never met before, but I had to say something to combat the fact he thought his comment was an okay thing to shout at me.

I continued tuning up and he added "your still hot though," so I felt better about pointing out the fact he was bald.

He did try and buy me a drink afterwards to apologize, but he still seemed confused as to why I didn't appreciate his commentary on my evolving style. Whilst I do not care whether this man preferred having masturbatory fantasies over me when I had bleach in my hair, I still get slightly thrown by such a comment, I am as insecure as the next person and sometimes I am not in the mood for that kind of rudeness (especially before a show).

I liked being blonde, I like being a brunette but I do my hair for myself, not for anyone else (apart from maybe Tyra Banks if I was on ANTM) and just because I am on a elevated platform in front of you (that stage was really high) does not mean you have more of a right to shout something negative at me.

Dick. -[Ellen of Los Campesinos]

No reported heckling, cat-calling, or comments on dye-jobs at either of the Los Campesinos dates at Music Hall of Williamsburg (on 10/15 and 10/16). The UK band, who are currently on a tour that ends next week in Iowa City, was joined by Darlings and Johnny Foreigner on 10/16 (where these pictures were shot) and are on the road to support their new All's Well That Ends EP.

More pictures from Saturday's show are below...

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