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by Andrew Sacher

Greys (photo by Jesse Crowe)

Toronto noise punks Greys formed about two years ago when singer/guitarist Shehzaad Jiwani teamed up with high school pal Cam Graham (guitar) and began playing the type of abrasive guitar-based rock they grew up on. They eventually brought in drummer Braeden Craig and bassist Colin Gillespie, and turned Greys into the four-piece touring force that they are. They surfaced with the Ultra Sorta EP in 2011, followed by the Easy Listening EP in 2012, and they're about to drop their heaviest release yet, the Drift EP, on February 12 via their new home, Kind of Like Records. It was recorded by Josh Korody (of Beliefs) at Toronto studio Candle Recording (Owen Pallett, Austra, Doldrums, and more). That EP is making its premiere in this post, and you can stream it in its entirety below.

An easy comparison to make for Greys is their Toronto neighbors METZ (who're touring), but like that band, Greys have reached back to the noise rock-meets-post hardcore of early '90s bands like Drive Like Jehu, The Jesus Lizard, Unsane... the list goes on. You'll also hear elements of My War-era Black Flag sludge, Seattle scene grunge, and straight-ahead fast punk. Plus, the band are working on a full length right now and according to Shehzaad, one of the songs they're working on "sounds like early Sloan, or Guided by Voices, or Pavement."

Greys might look to the past for influence, but not without a wink in their eye. "Hey, we're late to the party," they shout on "Drag," with the sort of post-modern notion that nothing's really original anyway. And they do this while playing with the kind of urgency where nothing in the world matters for two and a half minutes except playing the hell out of their songs. The guitars are thick, the drums pound away in fury, and Shehzaad shouts with a burning passion as he delivers lines like, "We have no marching song to overthrow our leadership/We have no teenage anthem to make ourselves feel like shit," on "Drag," which itself could end up making a pretty good case for being either of those things. "Drag" is the EP's second track, and it's sandwiched between the fast-paced opener "Carjack" and the notably longer closing track, "Pill," a song about medical issues which opens with a discordant swagger and ends with the band literally sounding like they're drowning and screaming out for help.

Greys don't have a tour booked at the moment, but they're expected to head to the US and stop in Manhattan and Brooklyn this March, so stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, I just spoke to Shehzaad about the making of the EP, the Toronto scene that they come from, and a pretty crazy experience the band had the last time they played NYC. You can head below to read that interview and listen to a stream of the Drift EP.

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: Beliefs - "Catch My Breath" (MP3)


Toronto shoegazers Beliefs are made up primarily of Josh Korody (who runs the studio Candle Recording, and has recorded Owen Pallett, Austra, Doldrums, and many more) and Jesse Crowe, but also feature other musicians both live and in the studio. Their self titled debut full length comes out on March 5 in the US via Manimal. No Pain in Pop will release it in Europe and Hand Drawn Dracula in Canada. They recently revealed the album's single, "Gallows Bird," but over the course of the last year or so they dropped other tracks from the album like "Catch My Breath" (which there's a video for), "Iron Streams," and digital bonus track, "Violets." And they also have recorded live video sessions for Exclaim! TV of two other album cuts, "Lily" and "Dead Water."

They definitely have a big love for the dreamy shoegaze of Slowdive, Ride, and of course My Bloody Valentine (who they've covered). If you like to describe your favorite guitar sounds as "swirling" and prefer your reverb with a side of vocals, this band is for you. You can download "Catch My Breath" at the top of this post, and stream it, along with those other tracks and videos, below.

Beliefs are working on putting together a short North American tour this year, and while all of the dates aren't finalized yet, we know that they'll be coming to NYC for shows on March 6 at Death by Audio with Heliotropes and Quiet Loudly and March 23 at Shea Stadium. Those shows fall on either side of SXSW where the band will be too, so if you're going, look out for them there.

Meanwhile, you can catch Heliotropes in NYC even sooner when they play The Paper Box on February 8 with JCK Davey, Dead Stars, The Veda Rays, and Strangers. Advance tickets for that show are on sale now.

Song streams, videos, and album info below...

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