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Peter Hook Substance Tour

Peter Hook continues to feud with (and sue) his former New Order bandmates and continues to play New Order and Joy Division albums in full on tour. His current tour has him playing both New Order and Joy Division's Substance singles compilations. That tour will be in North America this fall, kicking off with two nights at NYC's Webster Hall on September 22 & 23. Tickets for those shows go on sale Friday (1/22) at noon.

All tour dates are listed, along with streams of both Substance LPs, below...

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Hook with New Order in 1985

Former New Order bassist Peter Hook's quarrels with his former bandmates continue. He's now sued New Order, claiming he's lost £2.3m since the other three members of the band set up a new company in 2011 to handle New Order's income. From the BBC:

Hook parted company with the band in 2007, but the other members carried on without him and continued to use the New Order name.

Hook owns 25% of Vitalturn but was absent when the other three - who own 75% - set up a new company, New Order Ltd, in 2011.

They granted the new company worldwide exclusive rights to the New Order name and the related sources of income for 10 years.

Hook's barrister Mark Wyeth QC said the "clandestine, premeditated and deliberate" move had cost the bassist £2.3m by October last year and his losses were continuing.

Mr Wyeth said: "It was as though George Harrison and Ringo Starr had got together at George's house one Friday night and had acted together to divest Paul McCartney of his shareholding in the Beatles, and didn't tell Yoko about it either."

New Order Ltd has generated £7.8m income over four years, the court heard. Hook is receiving 1.25% of the band's royalties and other income from merchandising and performances. But he wants up to 12.5%.

New Order released Music Complete, their first album without Hook, earlier this year.

Hook, meanwhile, continues to play New Order and Joy Division songs with his band The Light. After touring New Order's Low-Life and Brotherhood in 2015, they're currently performing both New Order and Joy Division's Substance compilations in full. No North American dates at the moment.

by Rob Sperry-Fromm

photo: Sannhet at MHOW in August (more by PSquared)

Local industrial metal artists Sannhet (who were recently named "Best Metal Band in NYC" by the Village Voice) have released a cover of Joy Division's "The Eternal." The cover features Josh Strawn of Vaura on lead vocals, and its a good one: a creepy, moody take on the moody (and sometimes creepy) band, arriving just in time for Halloween. Sannhet's command of atmosphere (no pun intended) is on full display here, as they manage to make the rare cover that sounds fully in the spirit of the original band while being unmistakably the work of a new artist.

The cover comes as part of a full album of Closer covers called Closer: The CVLT Nation Sessions, and also features covers by Rule of Thirds and Mirrors For Psychic Warfare ft. Scott Kelly. The CVLT Nation Sessions have previously released full covers albums of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasure, Sleeps Holy Mountain, Black Flag's Slip It In, Black Sabbath's Paranoid and Master of Reality and a few others. You can stream Closer: The CVLT Nation Sessions, below.

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Ian Curtis home

Ian Curtis' home in the Manchester suburb of Macclesfield, where he lived with wife Deborah till his suicide in 1980, is being turned into a Joy Division museum. Back in February, a group of Joy Division fans started a crowdfunding campaign to buy the house, but they failed to reach their goal. In stepped an angel investor, Hadar Goldman, who secured the home even after it had been sold to someone else, paying an extra £75,000 on top of the sale price:

"But it was not only to help," says Goldman, a Curtis fan himself. "It was also, I imagine, for my personal ego. Some people would pay for a Rembrandt painting; for me, Joy Division is the modern Rembrandt."

Goldman accepts that the house is not a piece of art in itself, but says that it possesses a "raw energy" that he can now harness for good. He wants it to act not only as a Joy Division museum, but also as a digital hub to support musicians and other artists across the world.

It's something that's caused a bit of conflict among the former members of Joy Division. Peter Hook is supportive of the idea, arguing that Manchester bands don't get enough credit for their achievements. But Bernard Sumner says he's worried the house could become a "monument to suicide", given that Curtis hanged himself in the kitchen. Goldman says he hopes he can change the latter's mind. - [The Guardian]

The papers are still being signed, so no other details have emerged yet.

Tony Wilson

Tony Wilson, who founded Factory Records (home to Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays and more), died on this day (August 10) in 2007 and in tribute, poet Mike Garry and musician Joe Duddell have recorded a single titled "St. Anthony: An Ode To Anthony H Wilson." Set to an orchestral version of New Order's "Your Silent Face," the video for it, directed by Mark Thomas, features a who's who of Manchester, including Steve Coogan (who played Wilson in 24 Hour Party People), New Order's Bernard Sumner, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris, Happy Mondays' Shaun Ryder and Rowetta, The Durutti Column's Vini Reilly, Factory Sleeve designer Peter Saville, punk poet John Cooper Clarke, actor Christopher Eccleston, plus Iggy Pop, journalists Miranda Sawyer and Paul Morley, Hacienda DJs Mike Pickering and Andrew Weatheral... and more. Watch it, a check out the full list of folks in it, below.

"St. Anthony: An Ode To Anthony H Wilson" is out as a 12" single August 14.

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by Andrew Sacher

Smashing Pumpkins at Barclays Center in 2012 (more by Dana (distortion) Yavin)
Smashing Pumpkins

You've already heard two songs from Billy Corgan's new Smashing Pumpkins album with Tommy Lee on drums, and now a third called "Tiberius" has come out, via Vice. It's the poppiest of the three, as you can hear for yourself below.

Meanwhile, Corgan and current Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder joined former New Order/Joy Division bassist Peter Hook at the Chicago stop of his tour playing New Order albums on Saturday. (The Smiths' Andy Rourke joined him in NYC for "True Faith.") They assisted him on lead vocals for a version of Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart." You can watch a video of that, via NME, below.

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Peter Hook

Mute signees New Order (who no longer count Peter Hook as a member) have now launched a Joy Division Twitter account, but apparently no one told Peter Hook and he doesn't sound too happy about that. As you can see above, New Order tweeted, "Just set up our new twitter page @joydivision," and Peter responded not long after, "Thanks for telling me.. As a member of @joydivision it would have been nice to have been informed." Drama! New Order have yet to reply to Peter.

New Order have a new LP in the works and Peter will be touring New Order albums soon.


"There was a certain amount of science to it. An entire week of work experience students left the office thinking that cutting-edge music journalism in 2014 mostly involves calculating which bands have been mentioned most in NME in the past two years, then hunting out references to the bands that influenced those acts online and finally adding up the number of times each influence came up. This gave us a rough list which our editorial team - heads swimming with all of the bands that Wolf Alice (or whoever) have raved on about over 4am ciders - then took to the pub, tore into shreds, fought and shouted about and finally reconstructed in the rundown of 100 you see in the mag today. The Beatles didn't make it. Sorry." [NME[
NME went ahead and listed who they think the 100 most influential musicians and bands are (their latest cover story). Radiohead topped the list. Read the rest with justifications at NME, or just look at their full list below...

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by Bill Pearis

peter hook

Peter Hook is continuing to work his way through the New Order catalog, touring two albums at a time. This fall he and his band The Light will be performing 1985's Low-Life and 1986's Brotherhood in full. They'll also be their own opener, doing a set of Joy Division songs to start the evening. Those dates include a stop in NYC at Irving Plaza on November 7. Tickets to the NYC show go on sale Friday (3/7) at 10 AM with a Music Geeks presale starting Thursday (3/6) at 10 AM (password is "musicgeeks"). All dates are listed below.

As someone who thinks Low-Life is New Order's best album, I have to admit getting to hear deep cuts "Sunrise," "Sooner Than You Think" and "Face Up" (and Brotherhood songs "Weirdo" and "Way of Life"), which New Order haven't played in eons, is kinda appealing. Hook's plowing through his ex-band's discography is getting weird, though. When he toured Movement and Power, Corruption & Lies last year, those were early records where the through-line to Joy Division was still obvious. But these mid-'80s records, New Order had fully established their own identity and it's really hard to think of these songs without Bernard Sumner, Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris.

To get a good look at New Order (who play the Tibet House benefit soon) in this mid-'80s creative peak, you can watch concert video Pumped Full of Drugs, filmed in Tokyo in 1985, which is pretty great. Stream it, with the list of tour dates, below...

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by Bill Pearis

new order

New Order's new album, Lost Sirens, consists of tracks from the same recording sessions as 2005's Waiting for the Siren's Call. The record was originally supposed to come out the next year, but bassist Peter Hook got in a tiff with the rest of the band and quit. Seven years later, the tracks will see the light of day on Tuesday (1/15). The eight tracks are likely the last New Order tracks to feature Hook's signature bass playing (and it's not on all of them). Musically, it's pretty good and more dancey than either of New Order's last two albums. For fans of frontman Bernard Sumner's unique lyrical gifts, there are some real gems to be heard here.

You can stream the whole of Lost Sirens over at Rolling Stone.

Peter Hook will be in town at the end of the month for two talks about his new book, Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division.

The rest of New Order were here in October.

Peter Hook

As mentioned, Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook is giving his book, Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, a North American release on January 29 and is promoting it with a book launch in NYC at DUMBO art space/bookstore Powerhouse Arena on January 28, where he'll be in conversation with PItchfork's Brandon Stosuy.

Peter has since added another book talk in NYC happening on January 29 at Strand Books, where he'll be in conversation with New Yorker music critic Sasha Frere-Jones. To attend you either have to purchase a copy of the book from Strand or buy a $10 gift card. The event runs from 7-8 PM.

Tonight (1/9) at The Strand, Ben Gibbard joins author Ron Currie, Jr. for an "evening of conversation and music."

Video of Peter Hook performing with Joy Division back in the day is below...

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by Bill Pearis


The demystification process starts with Hook's portrayal of himself as a laddish delinquent who, thunderstruck by punk rock, spontaneously decides to form a band with Salford schoolfriend Bernard Sumner, and only develops his distinctively high, melodic bass-playing style to counteract the shortcomings of a cheap amp. Even as he lays bare Curtis's juvenile side, Hook seems somewhat in awe of the singer: the charismatic highbrow with the arty Belgian girlfriend and the love of Ballard and Burroughs.

There's a lovely image of Curtis in the studio, assembling his brutal, beautiful lyrics by rummaging through a carrier bag full of scraps of paper. Hook and Sumner are cast as comic relief, constantly overruled by belligerent producer Martin Hannett ("a lunatic wizard") and forbidden from speaking in interviews by manager Rob Gretton. "He didn't do it to create a mystique around the band but because he thought we were a couple of cretins." - [The Guardian]

Peter Hook's Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, a first-person account of his first band, came out back in October 2012 in the UK but will just now see a North American release on January 29. The bassist will promote its release with a book launch at DUMBO art space/bookstore Powerhouse Arena on January 28 that will include a conversation with Pitchfork's Brandon Stousy, as well as "DJ Sportcoat will be on the turntables, and drinks will be served." The event starts at 7 PM and is free.

This is Hook's second book, the first was The Hacienda: How Not to Run a Club, an extremely entertaining account of the Manchester club the band co-owned with Factory records and became ground zero for the late-'80s UK rave scene. Meanwhile, Hook continues to regurgitate his musical past with his band The Light. Having toured the Joy Division albums, he's gearing up to bring New Order's first two albums, Movement and Power, Corruption and Lies, on the road as well. While this may seem even more ill-advised than touring the Joy Division albums, Movement actually features Hook on lead vocals on "Dreams Never End" and "Doubts Even Here." No North American dates as of yet. And as you may know, New Order are going on without him, having played NYC back in October.

Book launch flyer below...

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photos by Fred Pessaro // BBG; words by Bill Pearis

New Order @ Roseland Ballroom, 10/19/2012
New Order

New Order played NYC for the first time in seven years last night at Roseland Ballroom. The group, now minus iconic bassist Peter Hook but with guitarist/keyboardist (and wife to drummer Stephen Morris) Gillian Gilbert back in the fold, the show opened with "Elegia," the towering instrumental from 1985's indespensible Low-Life, which led into "Crystal" from 2001's comeback album, Get Ready.

With Gilbert back in the band, the set leaned a little more keyboardy/dancey than when they played Hammerstein back in 2005, with "The Perfect Kiss" and Power, Corruption and Lies deep cut "5, 8, 6," though it seems a missed opportunity for them not to merge directly into "Blue Monday" as that song always seemed like a dry run for what is their most well-known song (and still record holder for biggest-selling 12" single of all time). A song from Technique might've been nice ("Dream Attack" maybe?) but nice set selection, though, all-around. Hook's replacement, Tom Chapman, aped his signature style just fine (and even wore a leather jacket)... but slung his bass about a foot and a half higher.

"Temptation" closed out the main set, and the band came back for an encore of Joy Division songs, "Atmosphere" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart." New Order will do it again tonight at Roseland which is sold out. Setlist from last night's show and more pictures are below.

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by Bill Pearis

New Order, 2012 Edition
New Order

New Order have just announced a Fall tour of North America, including a New York date at Roseland on October 18. No on-sale date has been posted yet, but you can (like we will be) check Ticketmaster for updates.

This will be New Order's first NYC show since their Hammerstein Ballroom show in 2005. As you may be aware, this version of New Order does not feature bassist Peter Hook who is slightly irked that the band are getting someone else to perform his signature bass parts. However, this will mark the return of NO founding guitarist/keyboardist Gillian Gilbert who took a leave of absence from the group in 2001 to care for her and drummer Stephen Morris' child.

Hook is probably not too excited that New Order will play the 2012 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony alongside Blur and The Specials in London on August 12.

Check out a recent interview with Gilbert, Morris and frontman Bernard Sumner via YouTube below.

Meanwhile, despite saying how it's not the same New Order without him, he continues to tour with his band The Light playing Joy Division albums in full. He's also publishing a book about his years with the influential post-punk group, tilted Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, which will be out in October. Says Hook:

It's very strange. Over the years Joy Division has become a huge part of music culture. A lot of people think they know what happened. But they don't. Anyone who's ever written a book or made a film about Joy Division, unless they were sat in that van or car with us, they don't know anything about it. Me, Barney, Steve, Ian, Rob, Twinny, Terry and Dave. Only us lot know what really happened...I supposed in the end it's almost too easy to look back and say what you should have done, how you might have changed things. How you might have done things differently and ultimately stopped Ian from doing what he did. What's harder, what's much, much harder, is to accept what you actually did do. Accept what you did do, and live with it.
All New Order 2012 tour dates are listed below.

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John Peel

John Peel's record collection to be made into online museum Legendary DJ's collection to be part of Arts Council and BBC-backed interactive project

Peel's collection, which contains 25,000 LPs, 40,000 singles and many thousands of CDs, will become part of The Space, a new experimental digital service organised and funded by the Arts Council and the BBC.

The Arts Council will provide initial funding while the BBC will provide support and development advice. Further funding will be sought in the future to complete the project and make every record available online.

Tom Barker, Director, John Peel Centre for Creative Arts, said: "It is the first step in creating an interactive online museum with access to the entire collection, one of the most important archives in modern music history."-[NME]

John Peel passed away of a heart attack in 2004, and left a legacy of excellent music behind.

His "Peel Sessions" have featured everyone from Cocteau Twins to Belle & Sebastian to Napalm Death to Joy Division to ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead to Bolt Thrower, and pretty much serves as a who's who of some of the great bands of the 20th century and beyond. Watch Joy Division below...

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by BBG

Aaron Kenyon with a current project, Djam Karet
Aaron Kenyon

Aaron Kenyon, a founding member of Man is The Bastard, has weighed in on the controversial appropriation of the iconic skull logo by Akron/Family, and his views differ from that of his ex-bandmates. Check out Kenyon's statement below.

If you missed it, Man is the Bastard member Eric Wood initially made his thoughts known via Facebook which in turn led to ex-member Israel Lawrence weighing in and a public response from Akron/Family as well.

Joy Division

In semi-related news, Disney will no longer carry a highly-controversial t-shirt that molds the iconic Joy Division Unknown Pleasures album cover into a Mickey Mouse silhouette. Band members fell on both sides of the fence on this issue, with Peter Hook commenting to the LA Times that it was "flattering" and drummer Stephen Morris commenting that it was "horrible" and he was "quite angry".

Aaron Kenyon's statement on Man in the Bastard, below..

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by BBG

Crooked Necks

We typically don't like covers. And as much as we love Joy Division, we think the JD influence is overdone. Despite those two incredibly thwarting factors, the brutal reality here is that out of real life tragedy was born the most honest collection of covers we have heard. Crooked Necks leaves the spirit of Joy Division completely intact, while running it through their own highly innovative filter. -[Handmade Birds]
Though Crooked Necks contains Lurker, alumnus of a zillion bands of the blackened ilk, CN only utilizes that brooding atmosphere on their drug-hazed goth/shoegaze/post-punk/slowcore LP Alright is Exactly What It Isn't which is out now. Listen to "Taste The Sounds" from that album below.

Crooked Necks takes the same approach on the above-referenced Joy Divison covers EP entitled Something Must Break. It's five covers of classics by the UK post-punk godfathers that expand on the impending dread that marked the releases of the ultimately doomed band. The fascinating reimagination was quickly snapped up when released on limited cassette, but is now available on vinyl for the first time. Stream it in full below, and order your copy of the LP and the EP at Handmade Birds. While you're at it, check out their split with the eclectic (and awesome) Circle of Ouroboros as well.

Those songs and more below...

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East Village Radio

The above photo was taken of Peter Hook while he was just in NYC and visiting East Village Radio. The below video is Peter playing Joy Division song "Atmosphere" and STOPPING IN THE MIDDLE TO YELL AT AUDIENCE MEMBERS at his 'Closer' show at Gramercy Theatre. Setlist down there too...

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by BBG

1/4 of Joy Division (aka Peter Hook) performing as Joy Division in Brest, 9th March 2011
Peter Hook

"I first heard about this on Monday and it has taken me completely by surprise! Everyone knows that NEW ORDER without PETER HOOK is like QUEEN without FREDDIE MERCURY, U2 without THE EDGE, SOOTY without SWEEP!

On a more serious note, I do not understand the decision THE OTHER THREE have taken. I wish they had approached me first. I do not agree with the methods they have used and feel it would have been courteous and professional to have spoken to me in advance of the announcements. It is very sad.

Love PETER HOOK x Sept 2011

Maybe Peter Hook will comment on it on Tuesday (9/13) at Gramercy Theater as part of his tour playing songs by Joy Division. (irony?)

by Bill Pearis

Peter Hook

Despite a general consensus that it's a not the greatest idea or use of his time, Peter Hook and his current band The Light continue to tour the Joy Division catalogue and will be in New York next Tuesday (9/13) for a show at Gramercy Theatre, a show that was originally supposed to be at Irving Plaza. Where last year's tour concentrated on Unknown Pleasures, this time the focus will be on Joy Division's second, final album, Closer. Some dates on this tour will still get Unknown Pleasures, though, and all tour dates are below indicating which album Peter Hook & the Light will be performing.

Back in May, Peter Hook & the Light released an EP of new versions Joy Division songs, including the unrecorded "Pictures in My Mind" plus three other songs with lead vocals by Rowetta who sang with Happy Mondays in the '90s and later placed fourth on the first UK season of Simon Cowell's X Factor. Videos for The Light's versions of "Atmosphere" (with Rowetta) and "Pictures in My Mind" (with Hook taking lead vocals) are at the bottom of this post.

Meanwhile, the rest of New Order are reuniting without Peter Hook, and that includes keyboardist/guitarist Gillian Gilbert who hasn't played with the band since the '90s. Gilbert was a part of the recording of 2001's Get Ready but bowed out of touring to take care of her and husband (and New Order drummer) Stephen Morris' daughter. Replacing Hook will be Tom Chapman, who plays in Bernard Summner's Bad Lieutenant. I wonder how low he slings his bass? This version of New Order play October 17 at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels and October 18 at La Bataclan in Paris and both shows are benefits for ailing friend of the band Michael Shamburg who produced many of the band's '80s videos. Maybe they'll stick to songs from 1992's Republic which doesn't features much of Hook's signature bass style.

Speaking of Gilbert, she and Morris (who made records as The Other Two in the early '90s) have released a new EP, Swing, under the name Gillian and Stephen on their own Hard Cheese label, consisting of house-y instrumentals originally conceived and written as a soundtrack to Anna Blessman & Peter Saville's exhibition between October 2010 and January 2011 at the Gallerie Frac Champagne-Ardenne in France. Saville designed the sleeve.

You can stream a track off the Swing EP at the bottom of this post, which is also where you can find those Peter Hook & the Light videos and tour dates.

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Peter Hook

Much to the displeasure of many, Peter Hook and his band The Light performed Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures on tour last year. This year, they'll do the same with Closer, though they will still perform Unknown Pleasures in select locations. The North American tour kicks off in September and hits NYC on September 13 at Irving Plaza, where they will play Closer. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (7/8) at noon. All dates are listed below.

In May, Peter Hook and the Light released their debut EP 1102/2011 on Hacienda records. The EP features three Joy Division tracks with lead vocals by The Light member Rowetta, who Hook first collaborated with when she recorded vocals for his other band Freebass. The fourth and last song on the EP is an unfinished Joy Division track, "Pictures In My Mind," with lead vocals performed by Hook. You can purchase a download of the EP here

Check out the video for "Pictures In My Mind" below along the EP album art, tracklist, and all tour dates....

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Peter Hook @ the Philly show on 12/2/10 (King Taco)
Peter Hook

As a tour repeatedly billed as "Peter Hook Presents Unknown Pleasures," it wholly delivered on the premise.

The New Order track-free set featured note-nailing impressions of Joy Division's "No Love Lost," "Leaders of Men," "Glass," and "Digital," before covering their most famous LP from front to back. All the pleasures you'd expect of Pleasures were present -- the punchy, sumptuous intro of "New Dawn Fades," guitars searing during "Shadowplay," the jagged moves of "She's Lost Control." More fleshed out than the record, even.

Hook couldn't quite mimic Curtis' authoritative vocals, but his calls were crisp and competently matched each song's tone. He particularly savored the big repeated yells that close so many Joy Division songs. They show his animated side just waiting to break out.

"Transmission" was feisty, too, which is to be expected, but then the band filled "Love Will Tear Us Apart" with an ecstatic thunder the original never touched.

Hook warmly said, "Thank you and good night. God bless you all," before the whole gang left for good, removing any doubt that he shouldn't be taking this material on. Appearances from Sumner and Morris would have been nice, yes, but no cash-in would have been so devoted to its source material. Hook didn't try to be Curtis, which was the best path he could take. -[Spin]

That glowing review (?!?) comes from the 12/1 Peter Hook & The Light show at 9:30 Club in DC, part of the same Unknown Pleasures tour that hit Webster Hall two days later (12/3), and Boston the night after that. Was it actually that good? The eight-date tour continues in Portland tonight (12/9), and ends at Mezzanine in San Francisco on 12/10.

As Vice points out in a post entitled "SOMEONE STOP PETER HOOK" (a more popular opinion than SPIN's), a crowd member handled the vocals on "Ceremony" in Boston. Even worse, according to "Fuc 51" on Twitter, "Hook announced he had been paid $10,000" by the guy. We haven't fact checked the money transaction, but you can watch a video of the number, along with some videos from Webster Hall, below...

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by BBG

Peter Hook

After visa issues forced Bernard Sumner project Bad Lieutenant to reschedule their first Webster Hall date, followed by a forced cancellation of their US dates in April due to volcanos, it's looking more likely that ex-New Order/Joy Division bandmate Peter Hook will appear at the NYC venue first.

Peter Hook and his band The Light will hit the road for a string of US dates including Webster Hall on December 3rd to perform (much like Deerhoof/Xiu Xiu did recently) all of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures. Ticket info is forthcoming.

It's not the first time that Hooky has roped out the classic LP for a string of dates, as the 30th anniversary of Ian Curtis's death provided an impetus for a batch of UK dates:

"I went to see Ian's grave... - it was such a beautiful day I thought I'd go and say hello to him and see how he was," he explained. "It's really odd after all these years when you go and do something like that, you see all these tributes [at the grave] and it's really nice."

Hook added: "Now some people will say, like they did about this show, that you shouldn't do it and then a lot of people are thinking that you should do it. So it was nice that we had a club full of people tonight who think we should be doing it and the others can just fuck off." -[NME]

Full tour dates and a ton of video from their recent UK dates are below...

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"WHY? at the waterfront was absolutely fantastic. Best time I've seen them. Fang Island shredded too!" - The Tape

"Meet Senator Chuck Schumer" @ the July 11th Pool Party (Ruthie_FF)
Chuck Schumer

Pool Party champion Charles E. Schumer allowed people to ironically pose with him at the first of seven Pool Parties at the Williamsburg Waterfront on Sunday. Did you meet Chuck?

Eric White met Chuck Schumer (Erik White)

Sets of music were played by Why?, Fang Island, Pictureplane, and Xiu Xiu/Deerhoof combined to form a Joy Division cover band. Unfortunately there was no world cup viewing at the venue which definitely kept lots of people away. More photos and info on the show coming later. A few videos are below, and here's one more picture for now:

the scene backstage @ the Williamsburg Waterfront Sunday (bradwalsh)

July 18th's Pool Party will feature free sets of music by Murder City Devils, Obits, Jeff the Brotherhood and Silverghost. Some videos from July 11th below...

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Xiu Xiu + Deerhoof @ Donaufestival 2010 (armin r)
Xiu Xiu + Deerhoof

In April, Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu premiered their joint cover of Joy Division's Unknown Pleasures at a music festival in Austria. On July 11th (five days from now), the bands will again perform the album as joint headliners of the first Williamsburg Pool Party of 2010. Why?, Fang Island and Pictureplane all open that free show.

In the fall, Xiu Xiu and Deerhoof will be touring together in Canada and the North East. Also on the horizon is a new Deerhoof album in 2011.

Videos from that Austrian Xiu Deervision show and all tour dates, below..

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