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by Bill Pearis


German techno/house musician Justus Köhncke released his new album, Justus Köhncke & The Wonderful Frequency Band, today (11/12) via his longtime label Kompakt. Though the title might lead you to think otherwise, Köhncke (as the cover art implies) is remains a one man band, with his breezy, fun take on house still very much in the same vein as early '00s singles "Timecode" and "Elan." The title track, which features Mouse on Mars' Andi Toma, heads into heretofore uncharted Bacharachian territory. You can stream the whole thing -- including its terrific single "Tell Me" -- in this post.

No North American live dates at the moment but hopefully he'll head our way soon. Album stream below.

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Fainting by Numbers

German electronic artist Justus Köhncke (of "Timecode" fame) has known Hot Chip since almost their inception, having been drafted to remix their 2005 breakthrough "Over and Over" and has toured with them in Europe. It was during thier joint treks that Köhncke Hot Chip singer Alexis Taylor started doing "sing-jay" gigs together. Out of that came an official pairing, Fainting by Numbers, and their debut single will be out on Moshi Moshi on April 15. The double a-side features a cover of John Lennon's "Watching the Wheels" and an original, "A Stone in the Ground," on the other. The latter which is country-ish in a Kraftwerk/Eno kind of way is streamable below.

Meanwhile, Hot Chip will be in NYC on April 9 for a show at Roseland Ballroom with Tanlines and Crystal Ark and tickets are still available.

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I haven't gone out yet this week. Last weekend I was out of town and missed Joakim's deejay set at the Tribeca Grand (among lots of other events), but have since managed to get a copy of his new album, Milky Ways which I strongly recommend.

While I found his last album Monsters & Silly Songs a bit inaccessible overall in comparison to the singles "Lonely Hearts" and "I Wish You Were Gone", Milky Ways is much more listenable while still being interesting. Over the course of just 10 tracks, Joakim manages to at times channel Radiohead, Talking Heads, hints of noise rock, both modern & retro disco, and robots, to create his own unique sound. Milky Ways is scheduled for release on September 15th in the US, 14th in the UK, and August 31st internationally. !K7's set up a website dedicated to the release where you can find out more about the album, stream some tracks, and get a free download of "Watermelon Bubblicious" after signing up for the !K7 newsletter.

Moving on to this weekend, here's what's happening starting with Saturday (8/29):

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Bklyn Yard
Despite rumors to the contrary, the outdoor Brooklyn venue on the Gowanus canal (at the Issue Project Room's former address) will be open again this summer. Last year it was called The Yard. This year its new name is The BKLYN Yard (388 Carroll St., Brooklyn, NY).

A few events have already been announced (below), and that includes the return of Sunday Best - the dance party happening at the venue every Sunday from Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend. As an added bonus, this year they've secured the Bell House as a rain location. Full schedule and more details below...

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