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Fred & Toody of Dead Moon
Fred & Toody

That summer, I went to an all-ages show at The Long Goodbye. The band came on. Four girls. Wow, two of them were THE girls. The redhead went to the microphone, the blonde picked up a bass. They even had a girl drummer.

How did they do that, start a band with other women, three of them not the singer? Maybe they thought the rules were stupid too. No, that hope was too big. I pushed it down. I watched them tune up, waited for them to be terrible or act campy.

But they weren't, and they didn't. The Neo Boys had a strong pop energy, but Kim's hard-edged voice was never too sweet. KT wove her basslines around Pat's solid beat, while Jennifer played a twangy, clean guitar.

The lyrics were real poetry. None of their songs were about boys. THEY weren't about boys. They were a band. Four equals, up there on stage in their regular clothes, being their regular selves. And kicking ass.

Their regular selves kicked ass...

- Lesley Reece (aka Suzi Creamcheese): bassist, The Braphsmears, Jungle Nause, The Redheads, 1980-84.

All-female Portland, OR punk band Neo Boys, who existed from 1978 to 1983, have compiled early live recordings through later studio recordings for a new collection, Sooner or Later, which just came out last week (10/15) via Calvin Johnson's label K Records. You can stream six songs from the compilation below, and the whole thing is on RDIO. The compilation is being celebrated with a release show in Neo Boys' hometown on November 10 at the Crystal Ballroom with Cold Beat (Hannah Lew, of Grass Widow), Newman/Schonberg/Reyna, The Vandies, Toody Cole (of Dead Moon), The Ghost Ease, Monica Nelson, Busy Scissors, Crimson Typhoon, and more.

About a month after that, Toody teams up with her ex-Dead Moon bandmate/husband Fred Cole for an unplugged tour. Dead Moon has been an underground staple since their inception in the late 80's, having been called "truly one of the most independent and revered Northwest underground bands of all time" by Sub Pop. They were highly influential on the "Seattle sound," having made fans out of Nirvana, Mudhoney, and Pearl Jam, who have been known to cover them. Newer bands have covered them too, like A Place to Bury Strangers (video below) and Grouper. Fred and Toody were also in other bands, like The Rats, who recently reunited for Chaos in Tejas and were covered by Veronica Falls, and Pierced Arrows (who are playing a Portland Halloween bash soon).

Fred and Toody's unplugged tour hits NYC for two shows before they cross the Atlantic for a European tour. Those shows happen at Knitting Factory on December 8 and Mercury Lounge on December 9. Tickets to their show at Mercury Lounge and tickets to their show at Knitting Factory are on sale now.

All Fred + Toody tour dates are listed, along with some videos, below...

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by Bill Pearis

Math & Physics Club

NYC Popfest 2013 is in full swing, with a host of Friday (5/31) goings-on. This afternoon at 5 PM at Williamsburg bar/videostore/screening room Videology, there is a free showing of K Records documentary The Shield Around the K with a post-screening Q&A with director Heather Rose Dominic.

After that, a few blocks away at Knitting Factory will be tonight's showcase featuring headliners The Monochrome Set who are playing their first NYC shows in 30 years this week. Truly one of most underrated bands of the postpunk era, their legacy can be felt in Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand and more. The band, which features original members Bid and Lester Square as well as longtime bassist Andy Warren (who was an original member of Adam & the Ants), sounded great on Monday at Bowery Electric and they're promising to mix up the setlist too. Not to be missed. Tickets are still available.

The rest of the line-up at Knit is strong too. Seattle's bookish Math & Physics Club haven't played here in ages and their 2010 LP, I Shouldn't Look as Good as I Do, is a great example of the group's gentle, acoustic-y jangle. You can stream it at Spotify. Their singer was suffering from a bout of laryngitis last night, apparently, so hopefully he's spending today sleeping and drinking Throat Coat tea.


There's also Florida's Cassolette who make breathless, buzzy pop (stream some songs below); and Boise, Idaho's The Very Most who bring a welcome touch of glitchiness (and minor chords) to the proceedings.

After the Knitting Factory show, you can head over to The Loft above Public Assembly (70 N. 6th St) at midnight for an afterparty featuring the folks behind Los Angeles' Hungry Beat indiepop party. The School, who played last night, will DJ too. That goes from midnight to 4 AM and is free and open to the public.

Flyer for the afterparty, set times for Knitting Factory and videos/stream, below...

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K Records magnate Calvin Johnson (of Beat Happening, Dub Narcotic Sound System et al) has a few East Coast/Midwest dates this week, including a show on Wednesday (5/22) at Ran Tea House with labelmate Ian Svenonius' Chain & the Gang, and Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa, and the NYC live debut of Erin Earthling. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat dan Singa also play another NYC show on Friday (5/24) at Secret Project Robot with Aye Aye Rabbit (featuring Greg Saunier of Deerhoof), Many Mansions, and The Drunken Foreigner Band.

In other K Recs news, as mentioned, Heather Rose Dominic's 1998 documentary The Shield Around the K will screen next Friday (5/31) at Videology in Williamsburg as part of 2013 NYC Popfest. Screening is at 5 PM and free.

All Calvin Johnson tour dates are listed below.

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The Hive Dwellers
Hive Dwellers

The show scheduled to take place at the Flatiron Hotel Rooftop Patio tonight (4/6) was moved due to a cell phone tower being still located there (aka fear of cancer). Where was it moved? To Market Hotel!


====| FRIDAY 4/6 @ @ THE MARKET HOTEL <-venue-change!- |====
:: HIVE DWELLERS --------- feat CALVIN JOHNSON - unamplified acoustic performance
:::: Hamish Kilgour & Leila Adu -- mem THE CLEAN
:::::: the Curious Mystery
:::::::: Katie Eastburn --- x Young People

959 Broadway @ Myrtle Ave | Bushwick, Brooklyn
JMZ - Myrtle Ave, G-Myrtle-Willoughby | 8pm | $8 | ALL AGES
no alcohol will be served at Friday's event

This is a big step for Todd P and the Bushwick venue that is working its way toward being legit. In fact, this will be the first public show at Market Hotel in almost two years, and a rare chance to see the old space before renovation begins.

Tonight's Brooklyn show is also just one stop on a larger tour for the Hive Dwellers who also play Staten Island, Hartford CT, SUNY Purchase and Bard by Wednesday. Some of their dates, including tonight, are with their separately touring K Records labelmates The Curious Mystery whose other upcoming shows include a residency at NYC's Ace Hotel. All dates for both bands are listed below...

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DOWNLOAD: Chain & The Gang - "Why Not" (MP3)

Calvin Johnson (photo by Sarah Lee)
Calvin Johnson

For those of you looking for a little adventure on a Thursday night, you're in luck:

K Records founder Calvin Johnson and indie rapper Astronautalis will join in baritone-voiced harmony in Montauk on February 10. This is a once-ever opportunity to watch Calvin and Astronautalis perform individually and collaboratively against the backdrop of sunset in Montauk.

Tickets for a round-trip bus ride from Brooklyn to Montauk are only $30, only 40 are available.

The Montauk date kicks off a round of Calvin Johnson tour dates that continue with a Brooklyn show at Dead Herring the next day (141 S 5th St #1E between Bedford Ave & Driggs Ave) with Chain & the Gang (with Ian Svenonius), Girls in Trouble, and E-Prhyme. His full slate of Northeast/Midwest dates are below.

Calvin Johnson doesn't currently have any new musical wares (outside of K releases in general), but his K Records brethren Chain & The Gang do, as they just released their new LP, Music's Not For Everyone. The LP features the new track "Why Not" available for download above/stream below. Order a copy at K Records, and check out the song stream, art/tracklisting, and all Calvin Johnson dates below.

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The Bundles
The Bundles

Like Dan Deacon, a band called the Bundles are playing the Cake Shop anniversary celebrations this month. Their show is on Wednesday, May 12th.

The Bundles are fronted by the anti-folk dream-team of Jeffrey Lewis and Kimya Dawson, and include drummer Anders Griffen, Jack Lewis (Jeff's brother and band-mate) and K Recs' Karl Blau. Their debut self-titled record came out on K Records in April.

Also on the Cake Shop bill are the controversially-named Sidewalk Cafe staples Ching Chong Song and Only Son (ex-Moldy Peaches guitarist Jack Dishel), as well as a mysterious "Secret Guest". Who could that be? Well, two members of the Moldy Peaches are listed on the bill already, Kimya headlining would sort of be a bigger deal than her new band, Moldy Peach Adam Green is sort of big (he just did two nights at Bowery), so my guesses are:

1) Moldy Peaches (seems unlikely though right?)
2) Kimya Dawson (but why be secret when you're already on the bill?)
3) Adam Green (bigger, but does he need to be a secret?)
4) Beck (just kidding)
5) Regina Spektor
My last guess, Regina Spektor, also got her start at places like Sidewalk Cafe and has toured with Only Son more than once. I have no idea really. What do you think?... UPDATE:
hey guys, andy cakeshop here...just so theres no confusion, its not adam green.. i was throwing the idea around with his management, but it was really just an idea. the bills really strong on its own, and i should really take off the 'secret guest' thing, its been a weird week and sorry it got to this level. jeff and kimya need to play at 8 to make it to a prior commitment...anyway we're working on something cool for the 11pm, but as of yet, truthfully, its not booked! sorry for the mixup &
thanks everyone.
love, andy
"SECRET GUEST!" has now in fact been replaced with "TBA". It was fun while it lasted.

Before then, Jeff Lewis plays Happy Ending Music Series at Joe's Pub tonight (5/5). Tickets are available.

The Bundles tour the UK and Europe later in May. Those dates and videos are below...

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photos by Tim Griffin, words by Andrew Frisicano

Death By Audio Maze

You Are Here (The Maze) is underway at Death By Audio. Last Friday (9/11) featured music from A Place to Bury Strangers, The Sian Alice Group, Nine 11 Thesaurus (pictured above and below), Experimental Dental School and Reading Rainbow. Tim stopped by early, before heading to Wild Beasts at Union Pool followed by The Intelligence at Market Hotel. Tim liked Nine 11 Thesaurus and appreciated the art, but wasn't a huge fan of The Maze from the point of view of someone actually wanting to see the bands who are playing. As you can sort of see in the picture above, you walk through a maze which ends at the stage where just a few handfuls of people can actually see what's going on... but maybe that's the point.

You can see more of the new setup in the pics below, or you can head over there yourself. Tonight (9/14) features music from a collection of K Records artists - label founder Calvin Johnson, Arrington de Dionyso and Desolation Wildnerness - with Regattas and City Center (who, with Desolation Wilderness, played at Cake Shop Sunday with the Intelligence). City Center, re-figured somewhat recently into a duo, is on tour (dates below).

Arrington de Dionyso, whose new record ,Malaikat dan Singa, comes out on the label November 3rd, plays two sets at Bowery Poetry Club's ESP Disk Live, with Calvin Johnson doing the other, on September 15th. He's also at Santos's Musicka Mystica Maxima Fest on September 21st and returns to DBA for a collaboration with co-curator Sam Hillmer on September 24th (full Maze schedule).

More pictures and tour dates are below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

Mirah + No Kids @ Highline Ballroom (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
No Kids

Mirah will play a show at NYC's Market Hotel on Sunday, May 3rd with TJO (aka Tara Jane O'Neil), Tall Firs, and Air Waves. Mirah's latest record, (a)spera, came out on K Records on March 10th. O'Neil's own K Recs release, A Ways Away, is due out May 5th.

Market Hotel is a considerably different venue than the Highline Balroom, which Mirah and O'Neil played when they last visited NYC during last year's CMJ. In May, Mirah will tour across Europe with Tara.

Mirah, Tara and No Kids all also meet at What the Heck Fest in Anacortes, WA, which runs July 17th-19th. The line-up for the three-day fest is posted below. Passes are on sale.

No Kids, who also played that Highline show, have their own NYC dates coming up in May. Singer Nick Krgovich will play two shows with To Bad Catholics, his side-project with No Kids singer/synth player Julia Chirka. They'll visit the Cake Shop on Tuesday, May 19th with Skeletons. Then, they'll perform at new Ditmas Park venue Sycamore on Wednesday, May 20th. Katie Eastburn (from Young People) opens both shows.

Nick Krgovich recently gotten into writing musicals (which seems to be a something of a trend). Perfomances of Krgovich's "In The Yard, Havin' Fun," commissioned by Vancouver's PUSH Festival, took place in early February. The show included contributions by Parenthetical Girls, Juana Molina, and others.

On No Kids' Myspace is a remix of the band's "For Halloween" done by "Robby from the terrific PDX [a.k.a. Portland] group WHAT'S UP?...for an upcoming 12"."

"In The Yard, Havin' Fun" poster, all tour dates and full What the Heck Fest line-up, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: City Center - Open House (MP3)

City Center @ Nakamura House Party 3/14/09...
City Center

[Fred Thomas of City Center/Saturday Looks Good To Me]:

I leave tomorrow morning for Olympia to get it together for 2 months or so of touring with The Hive Dwellers and Chain & The Gang. Hive Dwellers is Calvin Johnson's new band/new songs and I play drums for the band. C&TG is Ian Svenonius' (Make Up/Weird War/Soft Focus talk show) new jam. I play bass in that one. After the last two months of playing lots of shows, recording all the time and hanging so hard with Ryan all in the name of playing some fucked up music with City Center, I'm really sad to be taking off for so long and putting the CC on hold. Luckily we're gonna play a few shows on this tour, and we also have a ton of things we're working on that will come to light soon... [City Center blog, 4.1.09]
One of those "things we're working on" (or maybe "worked on") is most definitely the forthcoming self-titled debut record from City Center. Fred announced the disc, to be released by Type Records, on his blog a week earlier: "The record will be released on LP and CD, with a UK release date of May 25th and a US release date of June 8. It will be distributed by Forced Exposure and available directly from Type or by getting in touch with us directly here or on Myspace, etc. There will be some sort of digital media for it as well, just not sure what yet." New track "Open House" is available for download above.

The Hive Dwellers + Chain & the Gang tour dates mentioned above include two NYC shows: Friday, April 17th at 92YTribeca and Sunday, April 26th at the Market Hotel. Tickets are available for the 92YTribeca show, which also includes City Center on the bill.

Svenonius-led Chain & the Gang's debut Down With Liberty... Up With Chains! is coming out via Calvin Johnson's K Records on April 7th. Art and press release for that album below.

All tour dates, and City Center art and track list - also below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Asthmatic Kitty, K Records, Tomlab SXSW 2009 All Star Revue Mixtape (MP3)

Tomlab Mixtape

Tomlab SXSW Mixtape Tracklist (mixed by Rafter)
No Kids - Prisoner of Desire
Fol Chen - Cable TV
LAKE - Blue Ocean Blue
Jeremy Jay - Gallop
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone - Old Panda Days
What's Up - Seasonings Greetings
Grampall Jookabox - The One Thing
Parenthetical Girls - GUT Symmetries (Deerhoof Remix)
Rafter - No Fucking Around
Desolation Wilderness - No Tomorrow
DM Stith - Thanksgiving Moon
Tara Jane ONeil - Believe
Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (Owen Ashworth) just finished playing a bunch of shows at SXSW this past week (his "HELL WEEK" TEXAS TOUR). If you're in Austin, you may have caught him last night (3/19) at Ms Bea's free Todd P patio party.

In April, Cftpa will tour Europe on the "'VS. CHILDREN VS. EUROPE' FULL BAND TOUR" in support of new album Vs. Children, out in early April on Tomlab. The record will be Ashworth's first new-material LP since 2006's Etiquette (see art and track list for the new record below). The label also just released a Casiotone "singles, covers, collaborations, & other rarities" record, Advance Base Battery Life, in early March.

Cftpa returns to the States in June/July for dates that include a Friday, July 3rd, Market Hotel show with Cryptacize.

The Donkeys, who sometimes tour as Casiotone's backup band (not sure if that's the case on any of the upcoming dates), played the BV day party on Thursday.

All tour dates, and Vs. Children artwork (by Heidi Anderson) and track list, below...

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Kimya Dawson and Whoopi Goldberg

Everything you ever wanted to know is in Kimya's message below....except the location of her April 6th NYC show. That's at Webster Hall! (which makes sense)......

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Calvin Johnson mural @ Dept of Safety, Anacortes, Washington (K Records)
Calvin Johnson mural

Feb 14, 2008 - New York, New York
New York University, Shorin Hall - w/ Karl Blau 8PM All Ages

Feb 17, 2008 - New York, New York
Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery - 4PM

Feb 18, 2008 - Brooklyn, New York
Lutheran Church of the Messiah, 129 Russell St (at Nassau, Greenpoint, Brooklyn G-Nassau or L-Graham) -w/ Karl Blau & Fred Thomas (Saturday Looks Good to Me) 8:00PM $7.00 All Ages

All tour dates below....

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DOWNLOAD: Saturday Looks Good To Me - Make A Plan (MP3)

Saturday Looks Good To Me

After three years of relative silence, warped indie-pop collective Saturday Looks Good To Me return triumphantly with their fourth studio album Fill Up The Room which will drop on October 23. Following two critically acclaimed releases with Polyvinyl Records, this marks the beginning of the band's work with K Records, and a dramatic progression from their 60's tinged retro-pop sound to a more textured, experimental and colorful breed of pop music.
Whatever it is, I like it. One MP3 above, and two more new songs streaming at their MySpace. See them...

SLGTM in NYC, 2007
Oct 05 @ Gramercy Theatre w/ The Blow & High Places (TONIGHT!!!)
Oct 16 @ CMJ Day Stage, 3pm (CMJ badges only)
Oct 17 @ Luna Lounge (K Records CMJ showcase) (TIX)
Oct 19 @ R Bar (BrooklynVegan free day party w/ The Black Kids, Yo Majesty, etc...)

All tour dates below....

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