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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG


Let it be known, Batillus was officially the heaviest band in Brooklyn on Saturday night (4/23). The band's earth-shaking volume forced a premature ending to their record release set at Union Pool due to a "neighbor's noise complaint". It was fun while it lasted (they finished most of their set) and, once again, a guest appearance from the always incredible Kat (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, ex-Salome) was a welcome/unholy addition. I've said before that Batillus is a band that improves with every outing, and I thought Saturday night was their crowning achievement.

Co-headlining were the always malicious Morne, whose crusty prog-sludge set of over an hour was fantastic. The band played material from their forthcoming LP Asylum. Their set was amazing, and definitely topped their last NYC performance at Studio B with Tragedy.

Belus, featuring members of the once-great Curandera, opened the show and were an excellent way to set off the night.

Saturday was a disappointment and a huge triumph in equal measure, but that just makes room for an exciting set at Batillus's next appearance, May 14th at Acheron as part of a one-year-anniversary celebration of the venue with Trenchgrinder (pretty much Atakke sans Chloe and avec a new vocalist), Mutant Supremacy, Mortals, Defeatist, Tournament, Bad Dream & Beer & Cable.

More pictures from Union Pool below...

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photos by Markus Shaffer & Greg Cristman, words by BBG

Kat (ex-Salome) joins Batillus on stage

With the upstairs packed to the gills (and a few of hardcore stragglers making their way downstairs), The Studio at Webster Hall had a party of their own on 3/26 with the convergence of the homecoming show of the Hull/Batillus tour (which previously hit SXSW) and the NYC debut of Horseback with NC breathren Caltrop. As usual, Hull & Batillus's pyrotechnics were impressive, with Batillus getting the extra-nod for inviting the awesome and now band-less Kat (ex-Salome) to guest on stage (awesome stuff). If you haven't seen either band, you are missing out on some of the finest metal bands that NYC has to offer.

Horseback was a revelation though... though their set only consisted of only three tracks - "Invokation", "The Invisible Mountain", and a cover of The Stooges' "TV Eye"- the songs traddled the lines between western, post-rock, stoner, and black metal. Caltrop, who shares members with Horseback, brought a technical, yet southern swing with touches of big riffs. Caltrop opened the show, but probably should be playing to much bigger crowds; these dudes smoke.

More pictures and video from the show, below...

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by BBG

Salome at Union Pool (more by kolored)

"I'm no longer in Salome because of personal conflicts within the band. I wish them well if they decide to continue on, and I hope they're successful with all their projects. I'm continuing with Agoraphobic Nosebleed and will hopefully be forming another project in the future.

Thanks for everyone's support over the years. I greatly appreciate it." - Kat

No word on the future of Salome, but the departure of vocalist Kat Katz from the band is sad news. Salome released one of my favorite LP's of last year, not to mention killed live like at a 2009 BV CMJ show, and a 2010 BV SXSW one as well.

As Kat pointed out in an interview in 2009, Salome started playing together in 2006.

by Black Bubblegum

Who has the gnarliest throat? The answer may suprise you...

Scion Rock Fest in Atlanta is just a couple days away (Feb 28th) and until the opening tones of Kylesa's guitars, we'll present a series of discussions with some of the key artists taking one of the four stages at the Masquerade. Tuesday we spoke to CT of Rwake, yesterday we spoke with Jacob Bannon of Converge, and on Monday we spoke to Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. Today, we speak with Scott Hull's ANb band mate Kat (pictured above, top left, with long blonde hair).

Turns out the whole "big things, small packages" thing is not just a way for your family to cheat you on birthday gifts. Case and point: Kat from Salome. This pint-sized terror could scare the "grrr" off a tiger with the ferocious voice showcased on two recent releases, Salome's self-titled debut and the coming Agorapocalypse by ANb (due via Relapse on April 14th). A few weeks ago, Salome scared the pants off us at Show No Mercy and as a result, we felt it necessary to confer with said instigator using a few choice interrogatives. Check 'em out below.


How long has Salome been in existence? What were the circumstances behind the formation?

We started playing together in 2006. I met Aaron at a music store and we started talking about music and realized that we liked a lot of the same stuff. We were both interested in doing a doom type project. Rob and Aaron had played together in other bands before Salome, so we started jamming and the fit was really natural.

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