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Hood Internet

Remix gurus The Hood Internet will release their new album, FEAT, on September 18. This will be the band's first album of completely original material, free of samples. To fill sample void, the Chicago duo brought in a bevvy of guest stars for the album, including AC Newman, Class Actress, the Rosebuds, Hooray for Earth, Au Revoir Simone's Annie Hart, Cadence Weapon, Zambri, and more. Tracklist with all the guest performers is below.

Before the album comes out, The Hood Internet are going on a tour which includes a stop in NYC at Brooklyn Bowl on August 11. No on sale date has been announced yet. All tour dates are listed below along with a video teaser for FEAT and a stream of the duo's latest mixtape.

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photos by Sara Skolnick

DOWNLOAD: Del the Funky Homosapien - Get it Right Now (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Del the Funky Homosapien - Straight From The Big Bad West Coast

Gravy Train!!!!
Gravy Train!!!!

When the very good DJ Prince Paul came on, crowds gathered in front of the stage. His first number was the usual tribute to Michael Jackson, and then Prince, De La Soul, Brand Nubian, et al. followed. In addition to being a DJ, the Queens native Prince Paul is a crimefighter, an international man of mystery, and a well-known producer of lots of musicians you know well. He got the crowd moving and shaking; clearly, he's so good at this you feel he could do it in his sleep. Prince Paul is pretty funny, too.

After Prince Paul left the stage, there were some technical glitches, but finally onstage came Buku One, or Bukue One - spelling of hip-hop performers is about as standard as colonial American English; we've seen Del the Funky Homosapien also as Del tha Funkee Homosapien - who, like Del, is from the Bay Area. He's worth catching up with if you're not familiar with him; his DJing exudes intelligence and wit...

...Del joined Bukue onstage, and he was great throughout his set...."How many of you think the music industry is fucked up and full of shit?" Del asked the crowd. "Are you tired of buying an album that has only three good songs?" Yeah, we are. Who's got the cure? The doctor in the house, Dr. Bombay, of course.
[DUMBO Books of Brooklyn]

This past Sunday at the Williamsburg Waterfront (8/16) was not only the 2009 Pool Party with the most hip hop, but also the Pool Party with the most confusing band name spellings (Del tha? Del the? Funkee? Funky? Kenan? Keenan? !? !!? !!!? !!!!? DD/MM/YYYY?????). Sorry.

Del has two new albums. The first, from which the two MP3's above come from, is called Funk Man (The Stimulus Package) and is totally free. The second is a collaboration with Tame One that was produced by Parallel Thought and is called Parallel Uni-Verses. It drops October 13th, 2009.

Prince Paul and Kenan Bell were both also seen three days earlier at the De La Soul show at Nokia Theatre. Gravy Train!!!! pictured above was the best visual candy of the day. More pictures below...

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De La DMC @ Nokia Theatre, NYC - 8/13/09 (by Tim Griffin)
De La Soul

As Del La Soul told the crowd when they took the stage at Nokia Theatre in NYC last night (8/13), their show was not going to be all music from 3 Feet High & Rising. Why would anyone think it would be? Probably because the show was billed as "20 Years High and Rising" (and everyone and their mother is playing full albums these days) (including Buckshot who opened the show, but didn't play a full album at this one either). I was more than okay with them not playing the full thing, though it would have been nice to hear a few more songs from that album. Specifically, I wished they played "The Magic Number" and "Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge)".

I loved every second of the packed show, and the 10-piece backing band was an especially nice touch. That said, I was selfishly hoping for a few more special guests, not that there weren't any. I thought for sure that Q-Tip would show up, and the Jungle Brothers and Black Sheep, and maybe even Doom, and who knows who else. Ends up they sort of kept the guests to a minimum. Bumpy Knuckles performed a short unannounced opening set. Prince Paul was brought out for a second to say hello. Dres from Black Sheep and Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest were watching from the side of the stage and were brought forward to dance for a minute during "Buddy". And then, the big, and maybe only real special guest moment came during a cover of Run DMC's "Rock Box" which was completed with DMC himself on stage as part of the group. They covered Rakim too, but he wasn't there, maybe because he was downtown playing his own show at Highline Ballroom the same evening.

This Sunday (8/16) indie rock leaves the Williamsburg Waterfront for one week (Central Park Summerstage stole it for the day), and another big (mostly) hip hop show happens in NYC, courtesy of JellyNYC, and it's free (and/or $50). The Sunday Pool Party lineup includes Gravy Train!!!, DD/MM/YYYY, Kenan Bell (who also opened for De La Soul on Thursday), a DJ set by Prince Paul (Plug Four), and a headlining set by DEL the Funky Homosapien.

We have a full set of pictures coming from De La Soul (more tour dates HERE), and we'll have some from Sunday too. In the meantime, here's a few videos from the show...

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Dont bring these things

"The emails have been piling up and everyone's asking, "dude, what's up with the Pool Parties?" Well DUDE, so sorry to keep you waiting, but here at JELLY we've been working our asses off to bring you one of the greatest free concert series in history. The Pool Parties are going to be extremely crucial this year, "epic" or "amazing" as you people say these days. Seriously, eight weeks of FREE shows on the waterfront of Williamsburg? Does it get any better? You might be thinking "waterfront"? Yeah, in case you didn't hear the McCarren Pool's closed so get over it :) , and yeah we kept the name Pool Parties even though the East River's not at a pool, so what? We've still got DODGEBALL, basketball, DJ's, bands, burgers the works! We love you more than your parents ever could, and if you want to have fun and hang out with us this summer. [Full schedule below]. Bring your friends but please don't bring these things [pictured above]. As you can see below, underage drinking will not be tolerated. . You guys wouldn't do that though, so there's nothing to worry about. Thank you for visiting and stay tuned!!" -Jelly
The big news here is that they finally announced! As far as this year's lineup, well, we figured most of that out already. The Black Lips will also play the show with Trail of Dead, HEALTH, and Grupo Fantasma. Jemina Pearl is also on the bill of the first show on July 12th (Mission of Burma). Full lineup poster and a video below...

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