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by Bill Pearis

Downfall Shoegaze

There was a while there -- oh, 2009 or so -- when you could barely go a day without someone posting a new parody of the scene in Downfall when Adolf Hitler learns he's lost the war. If you missed that somehow, the subtitles were redone so that the scene was about Hitler finding out there'd be no camera in the iPod Touch, or that his friends aren't going to burning man, or him failing to get The Fall's RSD09 single. Then someone made one where Hitler actually finds out about the Downfall Meme, and the meme quieted down, but I just came across a new one where he finds out that The Cocteau Twins aren't actually reuniting this festival season. It works in Slowdive, Ride and a few other shoegaze bands as well. It's clearly from this year, and funny, and you can watch it below...

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by Bill Pearis


Not so much a reformation as a reconciliation. Reconciling the past with who we are now. That what we had to offer 20 years ago was actually worth making AND worth listening to. That all the frustrations, elations, regrets, and ambitious lustings are put behind us. Now it's time to say "Again!" Not as a gigging band, but as a creative unit.

Not sitting in a hot practice room playing music, planning gigs, being drunkly young, but rather talking over tea, over Stratocasters, and over and over about what happened then, and what happens now.

It started with an idea. That me and Julian would write some new music together. No more than that. Nameless. Just see if was possible, and also fun. And it was possible, and it was fun. We wrote and wrote, and played and played, and over the course of 2 years shaped up ten songs that we were happy with.

I worked on the words and singing at my studio in Derbyshire. Played piano, keyboards, bass, guitars, and programmed lots of stuff. Julian worked in his studio in Brighton, recording his guitars, his sitars, his cello and his Stylophone. We met up three times over the months to make the whole cohesive. Dan dipped in briefly to add his rhythmic advice and some beautiful cymbal playing. And it sounded like Kitchens. And so it was christened.

And suddenly it was done

Kitchens of Distinction were one of more successful original-era shoegaze bands and their first two albums, 1989's Love is Hell and 1991's Strange Free World, I think you could call classics. Julian Swayles' guitar style remains one of a kind. As singer/bassist Patrick Fitzgerald wrote above, the band are back after a 17 year absence. The new Kitchens of Distinction album, Folly, will be out September 30 via 3 Loop Music. That's the cover art above and you can stream the first released track, "Japan to Jupiter," in this post. Welcome back.

Track stream, and a few of their better-known singles, below.

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St. Vincent

In addition to everything else we posted, today, here's some more, and some reminders too...

Hope to see you at Pianos tonight, unless of course you're celebrating Yom Kippur which started at sundown (or under 21).

It's also National Voter Registration Day, as miss Annie Clark has so kindly reminded us above. Did you register to vote yet? We also would like to know, however, what's the deal with the Tiny Tim photo in the background?

That photo is actually part of a series orchestrated by HeadCount where over 200 celebrities, including Jeff Tweedy, were photographed with "Register to Vote" clipboards. You can see them all here.

Speaking of St. Vincent, it's David Byrne / St. Vincent Week here in NYC. Their first of three area shows together happens tonight at the Beacon Theater, as Kelly Pratt pointed out in the latest edition of his tour diary.

Neil Young has started a Twitter account and will be taking your questions via it in October. Right now, though, @NeilYoung seems to handled by a marketing intern.

Prince took a 40 minute encore break last night in Chicago.

Paper Bag Records just released the free David Bowie tribute album, Paper Bag Records vs. The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, with covers by Austra & CFCF, PS I Love You, The Luyas, Yamantaka/Sonic Titan and more. Download it for free HERE.

Speaking of Yamantaka/Sonic Titan, they performed at the Polaris Prize Gala in Toronto last night, but ended up losing to Feist.

Converge is back with "Shame In the Way" a new song from their forthcoming LP All We Love We Leave Behind. Stream that new track, coupled with an interview with vocalist Jacob Bannon in the latest Show Now Mercy at Pitchfork. Look for the LP on 10/9 via Epitaph.

Sweden's Terrible Feelings have released a new video for "Next Round's On You" from their Shadows LP. Check that out below.

Field Report visited the A.V. Club's HQ in Chicago and took on the Sufjan Stevens mainstay "Chicago" for their Undercover series. Check out the clip below.

You can also check out Thee Oh Sees' side of the new Famous Class' "LAMC" 7" series which they were selling last night at their very sweaty Death by Audio show. It's streaming below.

Main Mountain Goat John Darnielle talks (vegetarian) food - including pizza, popcorn and, yes, hummus over at FoodRepublic. He and the band will be in NYC next month.

More stuff below...

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