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photos by Tim Griffin

Les Savy Fav

Knitting Factory's move to Brooklyn is finally complete and the doors are open. After a friends and family performance-less soft opening on Tuesday, Les Savy Fav truly broke in the place with one of the band's trademark bonkers performances on Wednesday evening (9/9). Comedian and new SNL writer Hannibal Burress warmed up the attentive, approximately-250-capacity crowd with a solid 20 minute set. The room was full, but never too packed. Bill wrote a little bit more what it was like inside on the previous night.

Check it out tonight (9/10) when Boss Hog hits the Brooklyn stage (with Shilpa Ray opening). On Saturday, Boss Hog perform at ATP in Monticello. Full Knitting Factory schedule HERE.

More pictures from opening night, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Princeton - Calypso Gold (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Wild Beasts - All the Kings Men (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Sondre Lerche - Good Luck (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Marmoset - Peach Cobbler (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Marmoset - Florist Fired (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Marmoset - Winter (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Marmoset - Lemon Meringue Live (Zip)

Wild Beasts @ Joe's Pub, Tuesday night - 9/8/09
Wild Beasts

Even without All Tomorrow's Parties, this week is bananas with quality shows, so much so I'm dividing this week's column into two parts. (Which means more tomorrow.) I caught Wild Beasts' New York debut last night (9/8) at Joe's Pub and they were fantastic, wowing pretty much everyone in the room. I wrote over at Sound Bites...

Wild Beasts' magic is in the interplay between the four members, and it's best just to think of them as one slithering unit. Vocals trade lines between Flemming and Thorpe like twins, and the guitar lines snake around one another, bass pulses and ebbs, while drummer Chris Talbot (the band's secret weapon) gives most songs a tribal feel -- lots of toms, not so much cymbals. Nobody stood still for a second, bassists-guitarists-singers Hayden Thorpe and Tom Flemming swinging and swaying, hooting and howling. A bit more "rock" than the versions on new album Two Dancers (Talbot plays a little more four-on-the-floor live) but if it's subtleties are missing, it's made up in a mesmerizing group performance.
Wild Beasts have two more shows this week and you should really, really go see them. They play Thursday (9/10) at Mercury Lounge (tickets still available) and then Friday at Union Pool (no advance tickets). Video from Joe's below.

Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, Tuesday night - 9/8/09
Knitting Factory

After Wild Beasts, I bolted back to Williamsburg for the "soft opening" of the new Knitting Factory space which will get baptized officially tonight (9/9) by Tim Harrington and the rest of Les Savvy Fav. No bands last night, just drinks and a looksee around the place. It's nice. The Knitting Factory folks have completely transformed the Luna Lounge space which suffered from being one giant space with nowhere to go if you wanted to escape the noise. They smartly divided the space in half, with a bar room up front and the performance space in back. The front bar room has a number of booths and a nook where a small band could play. The actual bar is set against the wall that divides it from the performance space which is where the double-layer of super-thick soundproof glass windows are, so you can still see the bands play even if you'd rather be talking to friends. They'll pipe in a monitor feed to the bar room so you can still hear the bands, just at a much lower volume.

Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, Tuesday night - 9/8/09
Knitting Factory

The elongated Knitting Factory performance space looks to be about the same capacity as Mercury Lounge, with what looks to me like a slightly smaller stage than when it was Luna Lounge. There's a bar stage right so you don't have to go to the other room for a drink. The floor slopes down slightly from the sides of the room, like the world's gentlest half-pipe so the shorter among us might want to stay to the sides for a better view. There was no band playing last night, so I can't say how it sounds, but stage lighting looked really nice and they have built-in smoke machines for when Blacklist or Cold Cave play. It's a nice space and I'm anxious to actually see a band play there. Tonight will definitely be a trial by fire with Les Savy Fav, and the place should have a bit of that lived-in feel after they get done. Tomorrow night (9/10) is Boss Hog and Shilpa Ray, and Friday has Seattle's The Spits and Austin's Woven Bones, two bands who might just put those smoke machines to use. More on them tomorrow in TWII Pt2. More upcoming shows mentioned HERE. More pictures inside the new venue at Gothamist.

Sondre Lerche @ Bowery Ballroom, Tuesday night - 9/8/09 (more by Tim Griffin)
Sondre Lerche

Just a couple other reminders of shows I've mentioned before. Sondre Lerche played Bowery Ballroom last night (9/8), which was a record release party of sorts for his very entertaining sixth album, Heartbeat Radio. He does it again tonight, this time in his neighborhood at Music Hall of Williamsburg. You should be able to get tickets at the door. As I said last week, he's a funny, entertaining performer with lots of between-song stories.


Princeton play Union Hall tonight (9/9) which is kind of a record release party for their full-length debut, Cocoon of Love. It's not actually out till Sept 29 but you can get it via iTunes as of yesterday. It's a really nice bit of harmony-laden chamber pop (you can stream the whole thing at Spinner), with shades of Belle & Sebastian and Magnetic Fields. You can download the album's "Calypso Gold" at the top of this post. They're pretty good live too. After tonight's Union Hall show, Princeton head out on tour with Ra Ra Riot. All tour dates are below.


And Indianapolis' Marmoset hit town today for their first of two shows. Tonight (9/9) it's Cake Shop and Thursday is Bruar Falls. If you like your indie rock heavily influenced by the likes of early Creation records, Syd Barrett, and Swell Maps while being filtered through some sort of off-kilter David Lynch sensibility, well you probably already know and like Marmoset. In reviewing their 2007 album Florist Fired, Pitchfork wrote "Marmoset's previous full-length, 2001's 13-song, 33-minute exercise in Anglophilic indie Record in Red, quietly ranks among the best albums released by Secretly Canadian." Marmoset's brand-new album, Tea Tornado, is more of the same. And that's a good thing.

Tomorrow in TWII Pt2: Kings of Convenience, Super Furry Animals, The Intelligence, Woven Bones, The Spits and more.

Tour dates and appropriate video after the jump...

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Knitting Factory Brooklyn - May 14, 2009 (Aonghais MacInnes)
Knitting Factory

Knitting Factory is opening its Brooklyn location on September 9th. More info on the venue itself, below...

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Les Savy Fav @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple (more by Natasha Ryan)
Les Savy Fav


"The Knitting Factory, a leader in the New York arts scene for over two decades, is proud to announce that our new venue at 361 Metropolitan Avenue in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY will be opening September 2009. Brooklyn-based favorites, Les Savy Fav, will perform and host the opening night on Wednesday September 9th. Upcoming shows will feature performances by: Boss Hog, Rasputina, Mayer Hawthorne, Titus Andronicus, The Raincoats, The Spits, Mucca Pazza, Melissa Auf der Maur, cEvin Key, A Wilhelm Scream, Helado Negro, Maps and Atlases, No Neck Blues Band, Dub Trio, Smokey's Secret Family and much more to be announced. Upcoming special events include this year's Williamsburg Fashion Week's Fashion and Arts Premiere, the Miss LEZ Pageant and the Royal Flush Film Festival.
We've been waiting for this news since first finding out Knitting Factory was taking over the Brooklyn Luna Lounge lounge space in April 2008 (which was followed by official confirmation in July of the same year). Since then, Knitting Factory's Manhattan location closed and reopened (and closed again) and lots of people have been left wondering what the deal was.

Tickets for the September 9th Les Savy Fav show are on sale (thx Coma). They also play Fun Fun Fun Fest in November.

Boss Hog is September 10th (tickets). They play ATP NY on September 12th.

The Titus Andronicus/So So Glos show (tickets) is the last date on a long tour that also includes a show at Maxwell's.

Melissa Auf der Maur plays KF on October 17th as part of the Royal Flush Film Festival which makes sense since she made a movie. Tickets for that event are on sale.

And tickets and dates to all of the above mentioned shows are HERE.

More about the space, HERE.

Tim Harrington apologizes to his mom, in the video below...

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Titus Andronicus @ the Whitney Museum - July 10, 2009 (more by Leia Jospe)
Titus Andronicus

The art of Losing: You pay a lot of "homage" (for lack of a better word) to your hometown of Glen Rock. Suburbia is a lot different in Texas than the Northeast, or so I thought until I watched the video of the Streets of Glen Rock on your blog. But nonetheless, can you describe a little bit about New Jersey and how exactly it shaped you guys?

Patrick from Titus Andronicus: "Well, New Jersey kind of instills in it's residence that sort of underdog spirit. Just because so much of the identity of New Jersey is based around the flack that New Jersey receives from internal and external forces. When you tell people that you're from New Jersey, it's just like a big joke to most of America. They think that we smell bad and that we are all stupid. And even so much of the best art that has come out of New Jersey is about trying to get away. Like, Bruce Springsteen in particular. There was even a time, in New Jersey when they were campaigning to get "Born to Run" to be the official state song... which is sort of ridiculous in that it is about how hopeless New Jersey is... I mean, I love New Jersey. It is definitely very special to me... People from New Jersey have always got something to prove, know what I'm saying?"

NJ's Titus Andronicus are teaming up with the So So Glos for a fall North American tour that begins and ends in Brooklyn. The tour kicks off on September 2nd at Monster Island Basement, and closes on October 15th with a show at the new Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, which means that venue should be open by then. On September 19th they play a show in Portland that is part of Music Fest NW. On October 14th they play a show at Maxwell's in Hoboken. Tickets for that NJ one are on sale.

The So So Glos have a couple NY gigs beforehand, including an August 1st show that wraps up the summer North American tour of UK band Lovvers. Also on the bill are The Sundelles, Babies and That Ghost. You can also catch them tonight (7/28) at the Delancey.

Titus recently played a show at the Whitney museum. That honor goes to the Vivian Girls and These are Powers this Friday (7/31).

All Titus/So So tour dates below...

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by Black Bubblegum


U.K. anarchist punk collective Subhumans formed in the Trowbridge area of Wiltshire in 1980, comprised of vocalist Dick, guitarist Bruce, bassist Phil, and drummer Trotsky. The band enjoyed success as one of the more literate and musically athletic British punk ensembles between 1980 and 1985, occupying the middle ground between the Clash's political songcraft and Crass' experimental warfare. Through five full-length records on their own BLUURG label (The Day the Country Died, From the Cradle to the Grave, Worlds Apart, 29:29 Split Vision, and Rats) and six EPs (not to mention a bevy of D.I.Y. cassettes), the band challenged both the government and its people to not only rage against the world, but to improve it. - [allmusic]
Subhumans have reunited off and on since 2004 and are currently in the midst of a US tour with The A-Heads (their first US tour) which will take the band to the Knitting Factory in NYC on July 11th where they will team up with punks Witch Hunt. Tickets are still available. The next day, The A-Heads will play the same venue, but this time with a different headliner.... sort of.
OKAY, for the uninitiated, beginners, confused or curious, here's a quick explanation:

Citizen Fish = 2 members of Subhumans + Jasper + Silas (as of july 2006)
Subhumans = 2 current members of Citizen Fish + 1 ex member + Bruce
2 members of Citizen Fish were once in Culture Shock (Dick and Jasper)
Culture Shock contained one member of Subhumans + Bill, Nige and Paul (replaced by Jasper)
There yer go, simple innit. Clear as treacle. -[Subhumans bio]

Citizen Fish headlines Knitting Factory on July 12th, joined by The Ray Gradys (and The A-Heads). Tickets are still available for that too.

The Knitting Factory isn't the only NYC show for Citizen Fish either. They are also scheduled to be the secret guest (billed as "UK Punk Ska") with The A-Heads at "Phil & Erika's Wedding Bash" at Trash Bar on July 10th. Flyer for the show is below.

Subhumans are touring in support of the reissue of their entire back catalog via their Bluurg imprint. All remastered LPs are available through the band directly or via your favorite distro.

Full Subhumans and Citizen Fish dates, as well as a live video from earlier this year, are below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

Ear and Eye Festival

NY EYE & EAR FEST II - JULY 9 - 12, 2009!
Knitting Factory & 92Y Tribeca in Manhattan & Death By Audio in Brooklyn
Pendu presents: NY Eye & Ear Fest II ... a massive 4-day New Music and Arts Fete showcasing some of the most exciting bands, artists, and filmmakers currently living and working here in NYC. In addition, NYE&E assembles a Record Fair featuring NYC-based Record Labels and Vendors selling LPs, CDs, 7''s, cassettes, lathes, comics, zines, stickers, and art prints.
The fest is a part II to the December event of the same name. The Fest's four days of music kick off at the Knitting Factory on July 9th. The bands there include Grooms, Liturgy and Love Like Deloreans (to name a few) with headliners Nymph and Neg-Fi. The fest returns to the Knit on Friday, July 10th, for a show with Magik Markers, Child Abuse and more. In addition to the venue's two floors of music, its already-creepy basement will be turned into a "Video Art Installation and a 7-hour Continuous Drone Room."

The Fest then switches to the 92YTribeca on Saturday for a concert and a free record fair. Also at 92Y will be a program called "Women of NYCinema," with films and music from Sarah Lipstate (aka Noveller), Liz Wendelbo, Rachel Blackwell and Dirty Churches. The vendors range from big names like Matador Records to the recently featured Journal of Popular Noise to notable jazz label ESP-Disk.

The fest's final, fourth day moves to Brooklyn for a closing party at Death by Audio. That lineup includes Murdertronics, Team Robespierre, Talibam!, Total Abuse and Drunkdriver.

Tickets for Thursday, Friday, and a variety of Saturday packages are available.

Separate from the festival, on Thursday, July 9th the 92YTribeca will screen filmmaker Brendan Toller's I Need That Record, a documentary about the problems facing record stores around the country. It will be the NYC premiere of the movie that was getting some attention already all the back on Record Store Day 2008. The movie includes interviews with Thurston Moore, Ian Mackaye, Mike Watt, Chris Frantz and more. Toller will be on hand for the showing. Tickets are on sale.

More details on the film (with video trailer) and the Ear and Eye Festival, below...

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Since the closing of LES spot Tonic in 2007, The Stone has been one of the venues that's attempted to fill the void left by the experimental-music-friendly space.

Like Tonic did, The Stone frequently brings on guest curators (not coincidentally Stone founder John Zorn was one of Tonic's most regular hosts and played at Tonic's final show). Now, with guitarist Grey Gersten's monthlong May curatorial run ending Sunday, May 31st, former Tonic co-owner Melissa Caruso Scott comes out of booking retirement to take the reigns in programing the first two weeks of June at The Stone.

Speaking about her choices Scott said, "These artists played some of my favorite Tonic shows and I can't wait to see them again." Her picks include Japanese musician Yuka Honda, who's also playing a Summerstage show with Mike Watt, guitarist Charlie Hunter, Elysian Fields, Vernon Reid, Joan as Polcewoman, cellist Erik Friedlander, and more. Her full schedule is posted below.

Speaking of Friendlander, he plays on Yoko Ono's new DON'T STOP ME! EP (out June 9th Via iTunes Exclusive Digital Download), and you can also catch him live on June 5th along with saxophone player Colin Stetson at the Abrons Art Space Recital Hall. The show is presented by The Manhattan New Music Project, and tickets are on sale.

Before the time of both Tonic and The Stone, the original Knitting Factory on Houston Street featured an ecclectic mix of avant and experimental music (frequently with Zorn and others). The co-founder of that venue, show promoter and current owner of City Winery Michael Dorf, will curate the second half of the June at The Stone.

Acts on his schedule include Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers (who have completed their Pianos residency and are also playing Citysol), Ethan Iverson (of the Bad Plus) with saxist Tim Berne, and Marc Ribot, the guitarist who's had considerable presence at each of the aforementioned venues -- gigging regularly at the Knit on Houston St, getting arrested for protesting the closure of Tonic, and hosting several nights of his 55th-birthday retrospective at The Stone in mid-May.

Check out the full June schedule for The Stone, below...

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Luna Lounge Satellite Lounge

As reported earlier in the year, the Knitting Factory has plans to move from its Tribeca location into the ex-Luna Lounge space in Williamsburg. The Tribeca venue had a "final show" with Akron/Family on New Years Eve. Since then, it has reopened in the same spot, where it has shows scheduled through mid-summer when its Manhattan lease is up (including BLK JKS on June 2nd).

Some are speculating about the status of that move, which seems to have been stalled somewhat...

I was by [the old Luna Lounge / future Knitting Factory space] last weekend and it doesn't look like any work has been done and the exterior looked bad. A couple months ago, this place looked "kept up". There were flyers for shows at the Knitting Factory in the display cases, the building walls were clean, etc. The display cases are now gone and the walls are covered with graffiti. You have to wonder if this move is really taking place. The Knitting Factory has shows booked in the "old location" through July and this is completely contradictory to the "closing in January, reopening in Williamsburg in March" story that was going around last year. [Brooklyn Rocks, May 5th, 2009]
Back in January, Rob Sacher of the Luna Lounge described his plans to open another bar, Satellite Lounge, around the corner from the closed club. He wrote:
The Satellite Lounge will hold about 60-75 people. You'll be able to hear plenty of current indie rock as well as lots of favorite older stuff from many of the previous music scenes from the last twenty years. It will not have 'live' music...We will be doing CD listening parties, birthday events, and be open seven days per week.
This weekend, starting Friday May 8th, Satellite Lounge will have its grang opening celebration. Details below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: BLK JKS - "Lakeside"(MP3)

BLK JKS @ SXSW 2009 (maju646)

South Africa's BLK JKS have four NYC area shows scheduled for May/June. The first comes Wednesday, May 27th to the Bell House in Brooklyn. Tickets are on sale now.

The next is Tuesday, June 2nd at NYC's Knitting Factory, as part of that space's AfroBeat Festival. Tickets go on sale for the show Wednesday, May 6th at noon. Baja is also on the bill.

BLKS JKS then open for Femi Kuti at two Knitting Factory-presents nights at Irving Plaza on June 3rd and 4th. Tickets, including two-night passes, are still on sale for that show. Femi Kuti, it was also just officially announced, is playing a free show in Prospect Park this summer.

Earlier this year, BLK JKS played at least five SXSW shows. Those were preceeded by a pair NYC gigs - I caught one on March 14th at Santos, where the quartet's jam-heavy set stacked up layers of improv rock riffs over loose dub bass and frantic drums. Drummer Tshepang Ramoba made the band's frequent time signature changes and transitions seem second nature. Vocals and guitars were loaded mostly with echo and effects and added texture to the swaying grooves. Live, BLK JKS' dub plus angular rock approach reminded me at time of the Pilfers, not least in the subtle phrasing of vocalist Lindani Buthelazi.

Three SXSW videos of the band, with all tour dates, below...

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photos by Lori Baily, words by Andrew Frisicano

Flower Traveling Band

Flower Travellin' Band, the Japanese psychedelic rock band with nearly 40 years of history, played its first-ever US show Friday (3/13) at Knitting Factory (with Knyfe Hyts opening).

"Friday night I had the pleasure of heading over to The Knitting Factory (or what's left of it) and seeing Japan's Flower Travellin' Band play their very first US show. The killer opening set by Knyfe Hyts (Oneida, Ex-Models) lent the room a sort of dark, trippy tension that I rarely see anymore outside of metal shows. By the time FTB took the stage, I was ready to have my mind blown.

You see, FTB has been playing since the late '60's, and though they were set to open for The Rolling Stones during their 1973 tour, visa issues prevented them from entering the United Sates until now. Their particular brand of psychedelic rock is delightfully heavy and strange, emphasized by the fact that they have abandoned the electric guitar in favor of the hugely complex, wide-necked sitarla. Vocalist Akira "Joe" Yamanaka's voice is jarring and alien, but somehow suits the band's style quite well. I don't often think of this sound as having thrived across the world in Japan, but FTB's extensive discography says otherwise." [JDub Records blog]

The band's second-ever US show was Saturday (3/14) at the Studio @ Webster Hall - tonight Flower Travellin' Band plays Washington, DC, before heading to SXSW for a March 19th Knitting Factory showcase at Smokin' Music.

More pics from the Knitting Factory show below...

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"In early 1973, they were billed to open for the Rolling Stones, but Mick Jagger's visa was rejected from a previous drug conviction and all concerts were cancelled. Later that year the band broke up, with Yamanaka going on to release various solo albums." [Wikipedia]
The time is finally here, and it looks like it's actually going to happen. the Flower Travellin' Band will play their first-ever US show at the closed-but-temporarily-reopened Knitting Factory in NYC tonight (3/13). Knyfe Hyts open and tickets are still on sale, and it gets better... The Japanese band have added a 2nd NYC show. They are also playing the smaller Studio at Webster Hall in NYC on Saturday (3/14) with Endless Boogie! Tickets for that one are also on sale. From there they head to Philly, Washington DC, and then Austin for SXSW. The tour poster and all dates below...

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words by Andrew Frisicano, photos by Chris La Putt

Shout Out Out Out Out

"I was probably lit on fire six times," [Shout Out Out Out Out's frontman Nik Kozub] sighs.

He's talking about the local synth-bass-drum band's first and fiery video, "Coming Home," directed by Steven Hope.

With the help of a special-effects crew -- and an Aliens-style flamethrower -- the six Shout Outs and their gear erupt into a giant inferno as Edmonton rap hero Cadence Weapon [featured on the track] watches. -[The Edmonton Journal]

That describes the video for Shout Out Out Out Out's first single from new record Reintegration Time, out now in Canada and May 5, 2009 in the US, both on Normals Welcome Records. You can download one of the new songs for free at RCRD LBL.

The electo/synth band has announced a full April/May US tour plus SXSW dates, including what looks to be a nice day at the Terrorbird Media/Force Field PR party with Beach House, Vivian Girls, The Thermals, The Pains of Being Pure of Heart, Max Tundra, Wavves, and Loney Dear.

SOOO will arrive at New York's Le Poisson Rouge on May 1st. They last played the city in October for CMJ - BV day party at Knitting Factory included.

An unposted set of pics from that BV party, a video documenting the the making of their "Coming Home" video (the actual video is not out yet), and all tour dates, below...

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Knitting Factory (by LarimdaME)
Knitting Factory

Just when you thought you attended the final show at Knitting Factory's Manhattan location...




Those three shows are not in Brooklyn, and they're not at the Studio at Webster Hall where KF has been promoting shows since their own space closed on New Years Eve. Those three shows are at 74 Leonard St., the very space that's apparently just been sitting there empty, but still fully functional, since they chose to close on December 31st even though their lease isn't up until July. Knitting Factory's new president Morgan Margolis realized the silliness of that, and has decided to reopen the club on select dates for special shows.

Six shows total are now on sale.

by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Grails w/ Simeon of Silver Apples - Silk Road (MP3)

Grails at Knitting Factory, Nov 2008

Grails have posted a NSFW preview of their upcoming DVD, Acid Rain, due on April 7th via Temporary Residence Limited. Check it out below. "A year in the making", Acid Rain contains six music videos, video shot on their European tour, an entire live set recorded 11/16/07 at the Knitting Factory in NYC (when they toured with Om), and general weirdness like "vietnamese instructional videos of 'what to do in case of rat infestation'" (a direct quote from Emil Amos). Schweet.

Speaking of Grails live at Knitting Factory, the last time the band touched down here was during a collaborative set with Silver Apples as part of the Hallejuwah Fest. Their set was, to quote Kelly LeBrock from Weird Science, "a mind scrambler". Luckily, Radio23.org was able to capture the audio from "Silk Road" and make it available for download... check it out above.

Grails, along with Earth, Grey Daturas, and Tribes of Neurot (aka the experimental ambient nom de plume of Neurosis) were recently added to the Beyond The Pale Festival at Roadburn. For those counting at home, that officially tips the festival scale from stupid awesome to seriously-fucked-up-that-it's-sold-out.

"Acid Rain" DVD trailer below...

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Luna Lounge, Brooklyn, 12 March 2007 (sweetsycophant)
Luna Lounge

Hey friends of Luna,

Many people have written me asking about Luna Lounge. Basically, what happened is that when I opened the new club in Williamsburg, I was unable to get enough shows on a regular basis. When the Knitting Factory expressed an interest in working out an arrangement with me I decided to accommodate their interest.

I still own the name Luna Lounge (with my old partner, Dianne) and am interested in finding another space in which to work with bands. If I find an appropriate location, you guys will be the first to know.

In the meantime, I will soon be opening a new bar called The Satellite Lounge on Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg. My good friend, Dave Ellis is my new partner.

The Satellite Lounge will hold about 60-75 people. You'll be able to hear plenty of current indie rock as well as lots of favorite older stuff from many of the previous music scenes from the last twenty years. It will not have 'live' music... We will be doing CD listening parties, birthday events, and be open seven days per week.

2008 was a tough one. Let's make the new year more enjoyable.
I'll let you know when we have an opening date in the next few weeks.

Best wishes,
Rob Sacher
Luna Lounge
Satellite Lounge

Akron/Family played the final song at the Knitting Factory (Josh Haner/The NY Times)
Knitting Factory

"It was a particularly cacophonous performance of "Auld Lang Syne." But for the Knitting Factory's last night in Manhattan, it was appropriate, as the shaggy avant-folk group Akron/Family led a version of the Scots New Year's hymn on Wednesday night that mutated from a simple singalong to screeching feedback to a meditative one-note drone." [NY TIMES]
The NYC club is closed, but that's not the last of "Knitting Factory". In addition to the locations in Hollywood, Boise and Spokane that are still open, Knitting Factory Brooklyn is supposedly opening in March. Knitting Factory is also currently promoting/presenting some shows at The Studio @ Webster Hall - two at least:
  • Jan 09 - Bear Hands, Holy Hail, Atarah Valentine & Statehood
  • Jan 24 - Oxford Collapse, Suckers & Real Estate
They are also presenting tours.

Leonard Street, 3-floor location, RIP.

Browse the archives for memories. Leave yours in the comments.

Video from the Cro-Mags show there on Sunday, below...

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Akron Family

Gothamist: So you're curating this New Year's Eve show. What does curating a concert entail?

Miles Seaton of Akron/Family: Oh, man, you should ask my girlfriend; she's a curator. The Knitting Factory wanted us to get all the bands together for this last night at the club, and it's been a lot of back-and-forth during a really busy time for us and the club. But it means the opportunity to have Dirty Projectors and Deerhoof play, and also our friend Greg Davis and our other friends like Megafaun play. And also, to keep an eye on what the night looks like for people and the pacing of the night.

How is this going to work in terms of set times? Are people going to have to choose between Deerhoof, Dirty Projectors and Akron/Family?

You know, that's the thing that curating would normally entail but we haven't really had a chance to communicate with the club a lot about the production end of things. So I can't answer that, to be honest with you. But I imagine they'll try to stagger it a bit, you know; start one show on the hour and another show on the half hour. And we also just got two of the guys from Oneida to play; they call themselves Groover's Paradise.

also on New Years Eve in NYC....
* Crystal Castles are DJing a party in Brooklyn after their two shows @ MHOW
* Matthew Dear & Drop the Lime @ LePoissonRouge - doors @ 2AM
* The Bunker will go for 18 hours (10-4PM) @ Public Assembly
* The Damned have cancelled their show @ Blender Theater
* Knitting Factory's final Manhattan show flyer above
* Shilpa Ray & Wild Yaks are playing @ Monkeytown
* These are Powers are playing Cake Shop
* party @ Surreal Estate

P.S. I think the special guest at Santos Party House recently played Market Hotel

photos by Faith-Ann Young


The Manhattan branch of the Knitting Factory is soon coming to a close. Final shows this month have included an Anticon cLOUDDEAD reunion, a WNYU show with Pylon, a big benefit for NY Cares, and a night of bands curated by Quasi. The latter was this past Satuday night, December 20th. More pictures from Quasi's headlining set below....

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photos by Lori Baily


Michael of Pylon, to the Village Voice: The way it's been going this year is I don't think we really had any kind of a plan. And all of the six shows that we're going to end up doing this year were ones where somebody came to us and just kind of, you know, persuaded us to do the show. And the first one wasn't until August. In the spring and on into the summer Curtis was working on a TV show that was being filmed here in Athens, but he was working 14 hour days. And we practiced a little bit in there because we were getting ready to go play Winston-Salem for a show that Mitch Easter's wife had put together as part of a film festival. But that wasn't until August, and then we finally played in Athens at the place called the Melting Point where they wanted to record the show to play on a syndicated radio program. And we've been stalling on doing that show for four years. They've been asking us for three and a half years or so to please, please, please play it...

...We finally did that show and it was actually a blast. We had a really good time playing there and a really good show. And then the other shows have all been people calling us up and asking us to play.

Pylon headlined a WNYU-curated show at Knitting Factory in NYC on Monday December 15th. More pictures, and the setlist from it, below...

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Rakim @ Knitting Factory - Dec 19, 2008 (by msp188)

upcoming shows @ Knitting Factory in NYC

  1. Mon, Dec 22 - CLOSED
  2. Tue, Dec 23 - three assorted shows
  3. Wed, Dec 24 - CLOSED
  4. Thu, Dec 25 - CLOSED
  5. Fri, Dec 26 - CLOSED
  6. Sat, Dec 27 - two random shows
  7. Sun, Dec 28 - The Cro-Mags (jam) AND/OR Rocks Off presents Bustle in Your Hedgerow
  8. Mon, Dec 29 - Three floors of ska
  9. Tue, Dec 30 - CLOSED?
  10. Wed, Dec 31 - NEW YEARS EVE ("Akron/Family curates New Year's Eve! Performances by Deerhoof, Akron/Family, Dirty Projectors, Deer Tick, Megafaun, Talk Normal, Groover's Paradise (mems Oneida), Greg Davis, Infinity Window, tons more - a full-club farewell to the Leonard St. Knit!")
And that's it. Then the venue closes forever and a few months later "Knitting Factory" opens in Brooklyn.

The photo above is Rakim playing the venue's last hip hop show on Friday. More pics like it HERE.

Yoni and Doseone @ Knitting Factory - Dec 18, 2008 (just_remember_to_roll)

"On Wednesday December 17th, Doseone, Jel and the other founders of Anticon played an intimate show in the Tap Room of the Knitting Factory. Doseone [told] the history of how the label came to be. I can't believe I missed it... I saw the 10th Anniversary show the next night. My show ended with a cLOUDDEAD reunion. The kids got a little crazy, I almost punched a few people. Seriously." [Jeff Devine]
Videos below...

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DOWNLOAD: Why? - Close To Me (the Cure) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Why? - The Hollows (MP3)


"Oakland musician Why? (aka Yoni Wolf), performed a haunting solo set at the Independent [on December 10th]. He did a few songs acapella and played his Rhodes for the rest of the set.
The set was great, but nowhere near as long as I would have hoped. Probably around 25 minutes long. Then again, I just really wanted to hear him do a minimal version of Broken Crow again. This was the first Why? show I had seen in quite some time... maybe since the original Hymie's Basement show in Minneapolis (5 or 6 years ago)." [pictures and words by docpop]
Yoni performed solo again at Knitting Factory in NYC last night (12/17) (how was it?), and does it again tonight with many other members of the Anticon crew.