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DOWNLOAD:Noisear - "Endless Reincarnation" (MP3)

Unearthly Trance at Saint Vitus (more by Greg Cristman)
Unearthly Trance

Unearthly Trance shows are few and far between nowadays, but the band will awaken from their live slumber to play Acheron on March 1st as part of a bill that includes The Communion, Water Torture, and Syphilitic Lust. $8 gets you in the door. Check out the flyer below.

Horseback has completed their new LP Half Blood due via Relapse this Spring. Details are limited so far, but Roadburn has more details about the record and its "amalgamation of drone, doom, black-metal, psychedelia, post-rock, noise, and ambience recorded with a wide array of instruments including guitar, bass, drums, keys, piano, bells, contact mics, field recordings, drum programming, noise and various signal processors." Yep, sounds like a Horseback record!

Check out a new Noisear track from their upcoming three-way split with Antigama and The Kill above. The track features vocals by Mitchell Luna of ex-Maruta fame.

Perdition will join Varix, Murderer and Sad Boys at Heaven Street Records TONIGHT (2/3). Door entry will cost you zilch and beers will cost you a dollar. Sounds like a winning night of furious, crusty punk to me.

Drainland will share a split 7" with Crows due on Suburban Mayhem Records. Stream the material from that release below.

Slices are preparing their new LP Still Cruising for Iron Lung Records. Look for it in the coming weeks and stream "Greensleeves" from the LP below.

One interesting and important footnote to the upcoming Behold the Arctopus show at Saint Vitus on Feb 24th... Support will come from Mindless Blasting and Geryon, two bands which feature Mick Barr with Nondor Nevai and Nick McMaster with Lev Weinstein respectively. Basically, a night of Krallice-related projects... should be interesting. Tickets are on sale.

Like Flipper, a reunited Sleepytime Trio are playing a show at SXSW in Austin this year.

No NYC dates, but Ringworm, Cancer Bats & Primitive are touring from Ohio to SXSW and then back to Ohio together. OFF! were also recently announced on the SXSW lineup.

Mastodon/Opeth/Ghost tickets went on sale earlier today.

Saturday's Ceremony, Pissed Jeans, The Rival Mob, Hoax, Kim Phuc, Gods and Queens show @ Le Poisson Rouge is now sold out.

Converge announced a tour.

YOB recently visited NJ with Tool. Right before that, they headlined their own show in Chicago with Anatomy of Habit and an opening set by YOB's Mike Scheidt who is going to release a solo album this year on Thrill Jockey. BV Chicago has pics from the Chicago show.

If you missed it, check out my interviews we just posted with English Dogs guitarist Gizz Butt and Mark "Barney" Greenway of Napalm Death. (Pilgrim too actually.)

A list of suggested NYC shows with song streams, the "Beaten & Left Blind" video by Landmine Marathon, and a set of European SUNN O))) tour dates, below...

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Colin Marston with Krallice at Bell House (more by Greg Cristman)

Colin will pack away the six-string and dust-off the Warr guitar as part of a return of Behold... The Arctopus. The band, who have been dormant as of late, will return to play a trio of NYC shows at Death By Audio on February 6th with Seabrook Power Plant and Normal Love, February 16th at Public Assembly with Zevious and Child Abuse, and at Saint Vitus on Feb 24th with Mindless Blasting and Geryon ( tickets).

Colin also serves as a member of Dysrhythmia, who will also play Saint Vitus on March 22nd with Torrential Downpour, Cleric, and Pyrrhon. Tickets are on sale. Dysrhythmia recently signed with Profound Lore and are expecting to release their next LP this summer/fall.

Check out some video of the Behold... The Arctopus below.

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Midnight at Rites of Darkness (more by BBG)

2011 was a year that I spent delving deep into record bins, in the pit at shows, and searching for the most brutal of the brutal at festivals across the country including Maryland Deathfest, Chaos in Tejas, Rites of Darkness, SXSW, the A389 Anniversary show, California Discord Fest, and many others. It was also a year when I revisited my hardcore roots, and went further down the rabbit hole with DIY shows and independent records.

2011's choices for best of the year were tougher than I could have imagined, as opposed to my clear cut 2010 choice for favorite album of the year. That said, favorite records are about playability, and these are the LPs that wore out my needle and earned the most plays on my digital device (note: I made sure to remove a record that I was directly involved in because that would clearly be near the top of the list). I hope you enjoyed these records as much as I did in 2011 and if not, please share what you enjoyed below. I already can't wait for 2012.

My favorite records and shows of 2011 are below.

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Seven Sisters of Sleep at A389 2011 (more by BBG)
Seven Sisters of Sleep

Seven Sisters of Sleep (mems Tafkata) are two for two with releases in 2011, dropping both their excellent debut and their similarly crushing split with Children of God this year. Get both at A389. Though no full East Coast trek has been planned, Seven Sisters of Sleep will join the great All Pigs Must Die, labelmates Low Places, and NYC's Grudges for an NYC date at Acheron on 1/20, just a few days after the always awesome A389 Anniversary show at Sonar in Baltimore with Eyehategod, Gehenna, and many others.

All Pigs Must Die was recently given an "honorable mention" in Pitchfork's top metal of 2011 list (though no shout out for Seven Sisters of Sleep). Check out the full list, along with some streaming APMD material and a few videos below...

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Tombs at BV-Rocks Off Official CMJ Showcase 2011 (more by Jonathan McPhail)

Decibel released their list of the best LPs of 2011. The list features a few repeat offenders and not too many surprises. One record listed technically came out in 2010 (and made my list of favorites that year). You can check out the full thing below. What record do you think they left off?

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Kuxan Suum at Acheron (more by BBG)
Kuxan Suum

Though previously listed with the same lineup as the show they just played at Acheron, this Friday's 9pm Black Twilight Circle show at The Charleston will feature an almost entirely different lineup with Raspberry Bulbs, Volahn, Arizmenda, Shataan, and The Haunting Presence. Black Twilight Circle also visit WFMU that day (10/7).

The show is also one of two upcoming shows for Raspberry Bulbs who will also join Villains, Occultation and Skull at Saint Vitus on 10/18 (tickets).

Speaking of black metal, the.... New Yorker wrote a piece:

The fertile and fractious U.S. scene in the genre known as black metal can be understood through a familiar moment in rock history. In the sixties, British bands like Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones mined American blues, first copying their heroes and then creating something vivid and novel. In the nineties, a range of American acts began drawing from the work of Norwegian metal bands that were famous mostly for a look and for several unpleasant events. The Norwegians were largely faithful to the "corpse paint" costume, in which the face is covered in white makeup, with black circles drawn around the eye sockets. Upside-down-cross pendants and spiked bracelets were common accessories. The tabloid-worthy events centered on a musician named Varg Vikernes, of the one-man band Burzum, who encouraged and participated in the burning of churches. In 1993, while playing bass in a band called Mayhem, he murdered the guitarist, a man known as Euronymous.
Until recently, it was a legacy that the genre couldn't shake. But now American bands such as Liturgy, Krallice, Absu, Leviathan, Wolves in the Throne Room, and Inquisition have left a fair amount of the pageantry behind--not to mention the violence--and helped to create a community, as well as a musical moment that is rife with activity...
The article goes on to talk about Wolves In the Throne Room's recent show at The Bell House.

Wolves in the Throne Room, who premiered a track at NPR, have also since received 'Best New Music' from Pitchfork.

Speaking of Liturgy, The Quietus recently interviewed Aaron Weaver of Wolves in the Throne Room . They discussed, among other things, Liturgy and its place amongst the "black metal elite": Aaron Weaver says:

"Wolves in the Throne Room has absolutely received the same kind of criticism, because over the years I've said the exact same thing [as Hunter regarding black metal's ability to be positive and optimistic]. That's something that I believe very strongly. I think that maybe the difference is that I've always said that we don't play black metal. I refer to Wolves in the Throne Room as a black metal band just sort of out of convenience. But I've also been really clear over the years that I do think that true black metal, which is a worthwhile and very powerful thing, does need to be negative. It does need to be rooted in the darkest aspects of the human experience - bitterness, negativity, hatred, violence, tribal warfare, mass murder, these sort of things lurk in the human experience, and it's always been there. And true black metal channels that incredibly destructive and insane and violent energy."
Read the whole thing HERE.

Liturgy's tour with Boris hits Irving Plaza later this month.

photos by Greg Cristman, more Urfaust photos by Samantha Marble, words by BBG

Urfaust @ Union Pool

That powerful crooning voice and mid-tempo black metal reverberated Union Pool on Saturday (9/17), the second US date for Urfaust as part of their East Coast weekend with Black Anvil. Like some sort of maniacal Octoberfest, the Dutch pair had a good portion of the crowd swaying and singing along (in German!) to their headlining set with beers raised high, while another batch of fans moshed (albeit slowwwwwly) to songs like "Der Halbtoten Dichters Schein-Existenz" and "Dämmert, Gelähmt Und Mit Scheinbar Erloschenem Geist" from Auerauege Raa Verduistering (known to me as tracks two and four from their split with Circle of Ouroboros, ha). While the lyrics are indecipherable to most Americans, Urfaust's distinctive vocal melodies and mid-tempo delivery make their songs, and this band, instantly memorable.

Black Anvil was direct support for Urfaust, bringing out the NYDM contingent and tons of on-stage energy. It had been some time since I last saw Black Anvil (since Cake Shop with Trap Them/All Pigs Must Die), and either their live show has gotten wilder or bassist Paul Delaney was feeding off of the sold-out crowd. Either way, excellent set from the NYC trio.

The Saturday show was also the second of two dates with Krallice on said tour and possibly Krallice's final show of the year. I feel so privileged to have seen Krallice as much as I have these past few months, (with Wolves in The Throne Room, and for free with Converge) especially considering their somewhat sporadic live activity. Another great set from the Brooklyn band.

Ruin Lust opened the night, drawing from Revenge-style chaotic war metal with atonal and shapeless qualities. Brutal stuff, made all the more frightening by drummer Michael Rekevics wide-eyed maniac stares and evil grins. Frightening and incredible, especially considering that Ruin Lust are a relatively new band with only a cassette demo to their name.

More pictures from Union Pool are below.

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG

Thou @ The Bell House

As discussed, Wolves In The Throne Room played their first of two NYC dates with Thou on Monday night (9/12) at The Bell House. Pictures and video from the show are in this post, and the pair do it again TONIGHT (9/14) at Death By Audio with Mutilation Rites. Advance tickets are sold out, but additional tickets will be available at the door.

Krallice supported at The Bell House, and the band will play one of their final dates of the year at Union Pool on Saturday (9/17), when they join Urfaust/Black Anvil as part of a trio of dates.

9/16 @ Golden West in Baltimore w/ Krallice & Oak (!)
9/17 @ Union Pool in Brooklyn w/ Krallice & Ruin Lust
9/18 @ Kung Fu Necktie in Philadelphia w/ Endless Humiliation
Did anyone catch Endless Humiliation with Raspberry Bulbs at Lit on 9/12?

The Urfaust show is one of two BrooklynVegan presented heavy shows taking place this weekend, with 40 Watt Sun hitting Public Assembly on 9/16 with the recently added Woe. In related news, 40 Watt Sun was added to Roadburn Fest 2012 with Agalloch and Sólstafir. The bands join the already confirmed appearances from d.USK (aka diSEMBOWELMENT), Voivod, Sleep, Saviours and Om.

More pictures and video from The Bell House below...

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WiTTR last night @ the Bell House (photo by Greg Cristman)
Wolves In The Throne Room at Bell House

Wolves in The Throne Room played to a packed (sold-out?) Bell House last night with the utterly devastating Thou and similarly impressive Krallice. WITTR and Thou do it again at Death By Audio tomorrow (9/14) with Mutilation Rites.Wolves In The Throne Room, who has welcomed their new LP Celestial Lineage, is reportedly bringing their own PA rig to add to Death By Audio's system. Wow. Tickets go on sale at 11PM TONIGHT (they were on sale briefly at 11am yesterday but taken off sale).

Not only is Death By Audio their last NYC show on this tour, sources say that their current trek may be WITTR's last US tour ever... Confirmation on that is still forthcoming, but stay tuned. Check out some video from last night at The Bell House below...

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Wolves in The Throne Room (more by Paul Birman)
Wolves In The Throne Room

Wolves in The Throne Room are here, and will begin their campaign of NYC darkness with Thou TONIGHT (9/12) at The Bell House with Krallice. Tickets are still available. The fun continues Wednesday (9/14) at Death By Audio in Brooklyn with Mutilation Rites (who replaced Krallice when Krallice switched to the Bell House show). Tickets for Death by Audio, previously unavailable, go on sale at 11AM (UPDATE: either we're crazy or the ticket on-sale has changed to 9/13 at 11pm).

Those opting for the Wednesday show still have a great option for tonight if you still feel like hitting some black-metal induced madness. Prescious Metal will host Raspberry Bulbs (mem Bone Awl), FFH, and Endless Humilation at Lit Lounge, one of two shows scheduled thus far for Raspberry Bulbs before they take a timeout to work on new material. If you can't make it, head out to Raspberry Bulbs' CMJ appearance at Saint Vitus on 10/18 where they'll team with Villains, Occultation (mem Negative Plane) & Skull. Ticketing info for the CMJ show is still forthcoming.

Krallice will also play Union Pool on Saturday with Urfaust/Black Anvil/Ruin Lust. Tickets are still available. The show is one of two BrooklynVegan heavy events scheduled for this weekend, with a second taking place on 9/16 at Public Assembly with 40 Watt Sun and the recently added Woe.

Wolves in The Throne Room welcome Celestial Lineage this week via Southern Lord. Cop it.

All tour dates and some recent video, including a full Raspberry Bulbs set, is below.

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Boston Strangler You might have missed it, but Boston Strangler released an incredible demo with the ultra-limited Outcast cassette last year. The band, which is primarily the brainchild of vocalist Ban Reilly (also of the incredible Scapegoat) (get their latest now... highly reccomended), has enlisted members of Mind Eraser, Rival Mob, Social Circkle, and a few notable others to churn out some incredible early 80s-style negative hardcore. The band plays a rare show at Acheron on September 17th with Beware (mems of Mother of Mercy). check out some live video below.

The show cancellation count keeps growing. The previously discussed cancellations of shows at the Acheron (including Victims/Defeatist on Sunday), is joined by the latest victim of Irene, Vreid, Kampfar, Necronomicon, and Grafvolluth at Europa. As more shows cancel, we'll keep you posted.

Corrupted have released their previously discussed new LP, Garten Der Unbewusstheit. Look for it at your favorite distro like Aquarius or Crucial Blast.

Unsane is working on new music.

Yob is releasing Live at Roadburn 2010 via Burning World Records on CD/DVD on September 1st with vinyl to follow. Preorder it now. For those curious about the video, stream it in its entirety below.

Easy Action (with John Brannon of Negative Approach) will team with Kicking Spit (who we previously profiled) and Foster Care to play Acheron on September 26th. Negative Approach makes their return to Fun Fun Fun Fest in November.

Krallice played House of Vans on Wednesday, and in addition to their previously discussed show at Union Pool on 9/17 with Urfaust/Black Anvil, the band has added a show at Death By Audio on 9/14 with Wolves In The Throne Room and Thou.

DC's Give will headline Acheron on 9/9 with Devotion and Too Many Voices (mems of Kill Your Idols).

Karma To Burn are back on the road, and hit Saint Vitus with awesome Black Pyramid and Bezoar on Sept 8th. Full tour schedule is below. KTB's newest album, V, is out now.

Stream three new Speedwolf songs from their forthcoming LP on Hells Headbangers.

All Karma To Burn tour dates, more suggested NYC shows, and some video of Boston Strangler as well as classic video of Sulaco, Spazz, Crossed Out, and Neurosis, below...

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words & photos by BBG


Changes in alcohol policy at House of Vans last night (8/24) kept the free suds (and liquor) barricaded and out of the show area, but it doesn't really matter when you have a band like Converge on stage; people tend to migrate their way. The highly influential live juggernaut headlined the seasonal (?) venue with help from California screamo-ers Touche Amore and NYC black metal giants Krallice. The sound is never ideal at the concrete and steel venue, but it kind of doesnt matter.

"Guys, we haven't even started yet!" Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou snickered moments after taking the stage, reacting to the moshing masses before a single note was played. The Massachusetts band then tore through material from their landmark Jane Doe, as well as faves from No Heroes, Axe to Fall, and even their recent split with Dropdead (out now on Deathwish).

Touche Amore

Converge got the kids moving, but if there was a band that could prime them for the madness, it is Touche Amore. The band's heartfelt lyrics and post-hardcore spazz is highly energetic live and when vocalist Jeremy Bolm jumped into the photo pit to sing along with the audience, you could see the crowd get even more insane; the crowd surfing and climbing bodies increased tenfold.

Krallice opened the show at the XL venue, a stark contrast to recent experiences in intimate rooms like Union Pool (like they will play on 9/17), The Studio at Webster Hall, and many smaller rooms across the city. The four-piece adapted their pummeling live show appropriately despite any previously-mentioned sound issues.

Last night was the last of the six FYF-presented shows at House of Vans, capping off an excellent summer that ranged from the classic (Superchunk, Cro-Mags) to the cheeky (in the case of Big Freedia, literally). Free shows like these are exactly what makes summer in NYC great.

More pictures and video from the show, and Converge's setlist, below...

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Krallice at The Studio at Webster Hall (more by Greg Cristman)

Though Krallice plays with Converge and Touche Amore tonight (8/24) at House of Vans, Mick Barr won't take a moment to bask in the post-show glow before heading out the door. Directly following House of Vans, Mick Barr will head to Zebulon to play a show as part of Barr/Shea/Dahl (Kevin Shea from Talibam and Tim Dahl of Child Abuse), supporting Little Women with Stern.

The show is one of two for the frenetic guitarist, as he'll also hit Zebulon on 8/29 with Kevin Hufnagel (Dysrhthmia, Gorguts) and Andrew Hock (Castevet) just 5 days later (8/29).

Andrew Hock also plays as part of the Anthony Coleman/Andrew Hock Duo with Ches Smith and others at Cafe Orwell (Varet street) on Friday (8/26). For more info, head to the Facebook invite.

Krallice also play Union Pool on 9/17.

Mick Barr is currently prepping his new solo LP Coiled Malescence via Safety Meeting Records. Preorder it now and stream one track, "Vohvar", with the cover art and tracklist below. Stream the whole thing at Decibel.

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Krallice at The Studio at Webster Hall (more by Greg Cristman)

After a ton of lineup shuffles, the final House of Vans lineup for 8/24 has been solidified with the addition of Krallice! The addition follows the loss of All Pigs Must Die, the loss of Cold Cave, and the addition of Touche Amore. RSVP is still open.

The show is one of two NYC dates scheduled for Krallice, as they'll also join Dutch band Urfaust, Black Anvil and Ruin Lust for a show at Union Pool on 9/17 (tickets) as part of their weekend outing with Urfaust and Black Anvil. Additional dates include 9/16 at Golden West in Baltimore with Oak and 9/18 at Kung Fu Necktie with Endless Humiliation (no Krallice).

The last House of Vans show featured sets by Big Freedia, and Tokyo Police Club, and Against Me, Japanther, and Team Robespierre.

by BBG


The sound of the Netherlands' Urfaust is completely unmistakable; atmospheric black metal riffs colide with an operatic vocal that is tuneful yet powerful, and completely harrowing. We are proud to announce that Urfaust will hop the pond to bring their darkness on a set of dates with Black Anvil and Krallice, as part of a short BV-sponsored East Coast stint. After beginning on 9/16 at Golden West in Baltimore, NYC gets their date at Union Pool on September 17th. Brooklyn war metal destroyers Ruin Lust (mem Fell Voices) are also on that bill. Tickets are on sale. The trip ends in Philly, but without Krallice on the bill.

The three shows (Baltimore, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia) will be the band's only east coast dates for the forseeable future, and only US shows until they make the trek down to the Alamo to play Rites of Darkness in middle December.

All four bands on the Union Pool bill have recent releases under their belts. Urfaust released Der freiwillige Bettler via Van Records last year to much acclaim, despite its limited availability in the US. Black Anvil released Triumvirate via Relapse last year. Ruin Lust has a new demo that is currently available on CD-R (available at live shows). Krallice's Diotima was released earlier this year and is already garnering tons of year-end buzz. The band also recently released a Orphan covers EP.

All tour dates, the tour flyer, and some video/audio is below.

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DOWNLOAD: Krallice - Orphan of Sickness EP (ZIP)

Krallice at Union Pool for the Brendan tribute show (more by BBG)

One of the most alternately sad/uplifting/awesome shows this year was the Brendan Majewski Tribute show at Union Pool. That night, Krallice, Obits, Mira Bilotte, Brian Majewski, and Dope Body played sets that included material from Brendan's band Orphan. I remarked at how impressive said covers were live, and now Krallice has made those covers available in recorded form. Download a zipped MP3 version above, stream it below, or download a super high-quality (and substantially larger size file version) at Mediafire. Watch video from their entire set at Union Pool below.

In related news, Dope Body's noisy spazz-jams were similarly awesome at Union Pool, and you can catch them again next Saturday (7/30) when they ravage Death By Audio with Hume, The Dreebs, and Cloud Becomes Your Hand as part of a larger East Coast tour with Hume. Full dates are below.

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG


Black Sabbath's seventh LP and one of their last with the original lineup was called Technical Ecstacy, a thought that echoed through my brain during Krallice's incredible set on Monday (5/2) at The Studio at Webster Hall. Brooklyn's technical black metal crew, supporting their new LP Diotima, decimated the Studio space at the final date of their East Coast tour with Withered who were touring around an appearance at New England Metal and Hardcore Fest in April.

Atlanta's Withered were similarly impressive on Monday night, though it was their slower, sludgier moments that were the most powerful; their icy precision blast-beats were always well executed and on cue, but the slower riffs were the most resonating on the system.

Ipsissimus opned the show, like they did the previous night in New Haven, CT. The band is preparing to release their Metal Blade debut later this year.

Krallice recently performed a mostly Orphan set at Union Pool in support of Brendan Majewski.

More pictures and some video from from The Studio (where Peelander-Z played 5 days later), below...

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by BBG

Brian Majewski honors his brother @ Union Pool
Brian Majewski

The life and legacy of Brendan Majewski was celebrated last night (4/20) at Union Pool, as Krallice, Obits, Mira Bilotte, and Dope Body banded together to play a show in his honor. Though a somber tone permeated through the night, there were flashes of sheer beauty, the most powerful of which was when Brendan's little brother Brian "Bri Guy" stepped to the stage to perform a song he had written for his fallen brother. Emotion dripped through Brian's fingers and though the somber-yet-uplifting piano ballad was breathtaking on its own, with the added subtext it made for the most heart-wrenching moment of the evening.

Dope Body's spazzy post-hardcore stomp (the band shared a split with Brendan's band Orphan) started the evening with tons of on-stage energy. Following Brian Majewski's gorgeous piano composition, Mira Bilotte delivered eastern-influenced vocal/piano and vocal/percussion pieces that were delicate, emotional and gorgeous. Obits and Krallice's sets touched upon material by Orphan, with the latter devoting the majority of their stage time to blackened covers of the material before closing with the incendiary "Forgiveness in Rot" from their first LP.

Quite the lineup at the small stage of Union Pool, and all in tribute of one man who will definitely be missed. I didn't know Brendan personally, mostly just through his catchy LPs. But all of the love in the room last night made me wish I did.

More pictures and some video from the show, below...

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Hopscotch 2011

The second annual Hopscotch Festival will go down in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina, across 12 different venues with over 135 bands, from September 8th through 10th. The lineup this year runs the gamut of independent music... from traditional indie staples (The Flaming Lips, Guided By Voices, Superchunk) to southern-inflected rock (Drive-By Truckers) to noise (Prurient) to hip hop (Beans) to garage (Jeff The Brotherhood) to funk (Budos Band) to metal (Krallice), and everywhere in between (Swans, Rhys Chatham, etc etc). Tickets are currently on sale. Full lineup is below.

Hopscotch happens almost three months after Guided By Voices play a Brooklyn Northside Festival show in McCarren Park (tickets) which is one day after Beirut plays a Northside Festival show on the same McCarren Park stage with... Sharon Van Etten (though she may have been accidentally announced at one point, they officially kept her placement on the bill under wraps until after Saturday's Music Hall of Williamsburg show). Tickets for Beirut/SVE are still on sale, and another opener will be added too.

Guided by Voices (whose Brooklyn show also has more openers coming) are also playing Pitchfork in July with Animal Collective whose Prospect Park show is now on AmEx presale.

Swans' upcoming NYC show is now on AmEx presale too.

Hopscotch lineup below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Krallice - "Litany of Regrets" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Krallice - "The Clearing" (MP3)

Krallice (photo by Justina Villanueva)

Tickets are on sale for the Sleep show coming to Terminal 5 on June 22nd. Openers still haven't been announced, though Magrudergrind was added as support for the Floor show coming to Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 13th. Tickets are still available for that too.

Tickets are now on sale for the Converge, Trap Them & Dropdead show at Santos Party House on May 25th.

Tickets are also now on sale for the previously discussed Krallice/ Withered/Ipsissimus/ Cleric May 2nd show at The Studio at Webster Hall. It's one of two NYC dates on the calendar for Krallice (who play Union Pool on 4/20 in honor of Brendan of Orphan).

Ipsissimus killed it at Union Pool on 3/27 with The Funeral Pyre & The Secret.

The Krallice tour with Withered is in preparation for Krallice's newest marvel/LP, Diotima, which drops via Profound Lore on 4/26. Diotima is more of the dizzying, well-crafted, intelligent and complex black-metal that marked their previous two releases with Profound Lore. The Brooklyn now-veterans (three albums in three years? the Jay-Z of USBM, anyone?) have perfected the art of brutal technicality as you can hear in "The Clearing" and in the punky/powerful second track to be released, "Litany of Regrets" which premieres in this post. Download above. Stream below.

All Krallice tour dates and the song stream is below.

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Krallice - "The Clearing" (MP3)

Krallice at Knitting Factory (more by Greg Cristman)

Krallice are hitting the road with Atlanta black metal faves/BV SXSW alums Withered for a string of East Coast dates, and will tag NYC at The Studio at Webster Hall on May 2 with Ipsissimus (who played Union Pool last night with The Funeral Pyre/The Secret) & Cleric. Ticketing info is forthcoming. The show goes down less than two weeks after Krallice appear at the Brendan Majewski tribute happening at Union Pool on 4/20 with Mira Bilotte (of White Magic & Quix*o*tic), Dope Body and new addition Obits (who just played a BV SXSW day party). All bands on the bill have played with Brendan's band Orphan in the past, and both Krallice and Obits will be performing Orphan songs at the show. It's $10 to get in with all proceeds going to Brendan's family.

Obits play a regular set at the Bell House on April 2nd. Tickets are still available.

Krallice's new LP Diotima is due via Profound Lore on 4/26. Check out "The Clearing" above and the Diotima album art below, along with all tour dates and some video...

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DOWNLOAD: Krallice - "The Clearing" (MP3)

Brendan Majewski, R.I.P.
Brendan Majewski

A memorial show has been organized at Union Pool on April 20th in memory of Brendan Majewski of Orphan/Quix*o*tic who tragically took his own life in January. Come out and pay tribute to Brendan by enjoying perfromances by Krallice, Mira Bilotte (of White Magic & Quix*o*tic), Dope Body & "other special guests" with DJ sets by Bob Nickas & Jacob Kassay. All money raised at the show will go to Brendan's family to assist in expenses, so get out and see this great bill.

One thing that will ensure that 4/20 at Union Pool is a special celebration is that Krallice will perform "adaptations of Orphan songs" in honor of Majewski. You'll have to catch Krallice on their next go around in order to hear material from their new LP Diotima, due 4/26 via Profound Lore. Check out "The Clearing" from that just-announced LP above, and the tracklisting/art below...

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Dysrhythmia at The Charleston in 2009 (more by Samantha Marble)

One of the world's most easily misspelled bands, Dysrhythmia, will play Union Pool on 3/11 as part of a show with Zevious (featuring Jeff Eber of Dysrhythmia), Smother Party, and A Fucking Elephant. The party jumps off at 9PM and will set you back $8. Kevin Hufnagel recently posted an update on the band that drops tons of incredible news about his and the rest of Dysrhythmia's projects:

Dysrhythmia is about half way through writing the next record. We'll start demoing stuff in the Spring and perhaps share a track or two online... Otherwise, a new record won't be likely until 2012. The wait will be worth it, promise... One of the reasons for that is simply due to the number of other musical ventures we have happening.

Gorguts will be recording the new album in February, with a scheduled Summer release. Touring will follow.

Krallice will have a new record out in April.

Zevious will be doing their first full US tour in March/April.

I'll have a new solo record called Transparencies out in March/April.

They'll be a record coming Summer/Fall tentatively titled 'Night Sessions' which is a collaboration between myself and vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Costanza Francavilla...

I recently guested on a 20 minute track for long running Philadelphia-based experimental progressive metal/hardcore band Starkweather. This should be out sometime next year as part of a split release. It was an honor for me to play on this track. They've been one of my favorite bands for years.

In addition, Hufnagel's Vaura project has been playing some shows as of late, and Kevin will appear with the half of Vaura (Josh Strawn and Charlie Schmid) that isn't in either Dysrhythmia (Hufnagel) or Kayo Dot (Toby Driver) at the FREE record release party for their other project, Religious To Damn (a band that Zohra Atash is also a member of). As previously discussed, the show will go down at Glasslands on Jan 13th and will also feature an appearance from the great Tamaryn (who will NOT be playing a set of her own).

Gorillaz @ Coachella 2010 (more by Rachel Carr)

Slayer @ the Izod Center in August (more by Samantha Marble)

today in NYC
* NY Comic Con
* Iron Dog @ The Stone
* moe. @ Beacon Theatre
* The Subdudes @ BB King's
* James Hunter @ Joe's Pub
* Louie Belogenis @ The Stone
* Kraft @ Avery Fisher Hall
* Yann Tiersen @ The Concert Hall
* Bleu Edmondson @ Mercury Lounge
* Semi Precious Weapons @ Irving Plaza
* Lord of the Rings @ Radio City Music Hall
* Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 @ Living Room
* Ratatat, DOM, Bobby Birdman @ Terminal 5
* Gorillaz, N.E.R.D. @ Madison Square Garden
* Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax @ Nassau Coliseum
* Pierced Arrows, Tunnel of Love @ Mercury Lounge
* Kimya Dawson, Your Heart Breaks @ Knitting Factory
* Swans, Baby Dee, Ben Frost @ Brooklyn Masonic Temple
* Red Baraat, Javelin, Chances With Wolves DJs @ Southpaw
* A Frames, Pop. 1280, Nice Face, Imaginary Icons @ Cake Shop
* Teen Inc, SFV Acid, Blood Orange @ Monster Island Basement
* Revival Times, Teen Face Control, DJ Chris Anderson @ Zebulon
* Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs (DJ set) @ The Insound Design Store
* Wanda Jackson, The Lustre Kings, Jonny Corndawg @ Knitting Factory
* Bells (ex-Jawbox), The Caribbean, Video Daughters, Y/Y @ Bruar Falls
* Sharon Van Etten, Julianna Barwick, She Keeps Bees @ The Rock Shop
* I Love Lightning Bugs, Me You Us Them, The Prids, Grandfather @ Spike Hill
* Starfucker, The Octopus Project, Philip Seymour Hoffman @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Necro plus Q-Unique, Slaine of La Coka Nostra, NEMS, Skam Dust @ The Studio at Webster Hall
* Barbara Lynn, Vernon Garrett, Don Gardner, Eli Paperboy Reed (Brooklyn Soul Festival) @ The Bell House
* Kronos Quartet (music of Michael Gordon, Maria Schneider, Bryce Dessner, Missy Mazzoli, and Aleksandra Vrebalov) @ Le Poisson Rouge

An (((unartig))) video from last night's Krallice show at Shea Stadium, below...

New Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings video for "If You Call", below...

What else?

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Krallice (more by Greg Cristman)

A reminder, Krallice play Shea Stadium tonight, 10/7, with fantastic support from Infernal Stronghold (a must see) and Concussion. The show will be a prelude to the band's headlining appearance at the Fall Into Darkness Festival which kicks off on the same day in Portland, Oregon. Featuring headlining sets from Black Cobra, Fauna, and Earthless in addition to the previously mentioned Krallice, the festival will also feature appearances from Fell Voices, Worm Ouroboros, Wildildlife, Deadsea, and many many notable others. If you are fan of heavy music and will be anywhere in the Pacific Northwest next weekend, this is the festival to go to. Full sked is below, including ticketing info by day. A four-day pass is also available.

Meanwhile, Fall Into Darkness 2009 has made it's way onto DVD. The video, which contains footage of 2009 participating bands Earth, YOB, Agalloch, Ludicra, Saviours, Amber Asylum, Witch Mountain, and many others, is currently up for sale at the FOD site. Pick one up.

Festival sked and the trailer from the 2009 edition is below.

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