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by BBG

Castevet at MDF (more by BBG)

Fresh off an appearance at Maryland Deathfest, Castevet will play June 5th at Secret Project Robot (389 Melrose St, Brooklyn) where the band will join a decidedly eclectic lineup. The show will be headlined by Icelandic band Muck, which bears resemblance to the spazz pummel of Dazzling Killmen, and will feature an appearance from Kria Brekkan (ex-Mum) and new metal band Vital Pains, which features Greg Fox (ex-Liturgy, Guardian Alien, etc) John Bohannon (Ancient Ocena, Dharana) and Evan Sobel (ex La Otracina). $7 gets you in to this all ages, 8PM event.

Castevet recently added bassist Nick McMaster (Krallice) and is currently working on new material for the follow-up to Mounds of Ash.

The show is one of a few scheduled for Muck, who also play in DC with Citizens Arrest and Ceremony a few days after the Brooklyn show. They're also scheduled to play the Sigur Ros-headlined Iceland Airwaves festival in their home country this fall. A list of all currently known dates, videos and a song stream of Muck, along with a video of Castavet are below...

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By Bill Pearis

DOWNLOADHeavy Times - Future City (MP3)
DOWNLOADBrain Idea - Oh I'm Free (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Los Campesinos! - By Your Hand (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Strange Boys - Me and You(MP3)

Noel Gallagher

I'm heading to the M for Montreal festival tomorrow which will keep me busy and entertained, but here's what I'll be missing this week while I'm there.

Like last night, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds are playing tonight (11/15) at the Beacon Theater and there are still (pricey) tickets available for the show. He'll then head to California for a few shows, and will be back in America in March (no NYC date yet). All Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds tour dates are at the bottom of this post.

As someone who gave up on Oasis about two songs into Be Here Now, I was a bit surprised by how much I like Noel Gallagher's new album, which debuted at #1 on the UK album charts. While nothing  strays very far from his wheelhouse, it sounds like he might have been saving up his best songs for himself. "Aka...What a Life!" is a dancefloor stomper that works surprisingly well, and the songs that revel in pomp and strings sound great loud. It's a good album. There are videos for "Aka...What a Life!" (featuring, um, Russell Brand) and "If I Had a Gun" at the bottom of this post and Spotify users can listen to the whole album.

Unlike Beady Eye, Noel has no problem playing Oasis songs (he did write them after all) so you're probably gonna get "Don't Look Back in Anger" and "Wonderwall" (and probably some deep cuts) along with the entirety of his new album. Actually, you can look at last night's setlist, and pictures too, HERE.

Los Campesinos!

Los Campesinos! release their new album Hello Sadness today and are here for two shows: tomorrow (11/16) at Bowery Ballroom and then Thursday (11/17) at Music Hall of Williamsburg. All tour dates are at the bottom of this post.

Their first album made since (amicably) losing vocalist/keyboardist Aleksandra, Hello Sadness finds LC! "maturing" a bit: code for being less manic and shouty than previous albums. Which is fine, you can't do that forever, and it suits the tone of lyrics. (It's a massive breakup album.) There's a fair amount of wallowing going on, but you also get some terrific singles too, like "By Your Hand" which has a giant, stick-in-your-head chorus and is downloadable at the top of this post.

Heavy Times

Chicago's Heavy Times and Brain Idea are here this week, playing Shea Stadium on 11/17 and Party Expo on 11/18. Both are worth checking out. Heavy Times just released Jacker on Hozac Records and you can check out "Future City" at the top of this post. As I said previously, it's one big snarl of an album and if you dig Obits and "I Wanna Live" era Ramones (or the HoZac label in general), this is right up your bowling alley.

Brain Idea

Brain Idea, meanwhile, make the kind of jangly guitar pop that was inescapable on college radio in the '80s. (Flying Nun and the paisley underground scene come to mind.) An MP3 for "Oh I'm Free" from this year's Mexican Summer-released Cosmos Factory EP is at the top of this post.

Cover to new Total Control/Oh Sees split 12"

The band I'm most bummed about missing this week is Australia's Total Control, whose album Henge Beat is one of my favorites of the year. They're here for three shows: tomorrow night (11/16) at St Vitus, and then opening for tourmates Thee Oh Sees on Thursday (11/ 17) at 285 Kent and Friday (11/ 18) at Le Poisson Rouge. All Oh Sees/Total Control dates are at the bottom of this post.

I'm just gonna quote myself here:

Although their web presence is minimal and enigmatic, Total Control's lineage is not: Daniel Young is in Straightjacket Nation, and Mikey Young spends time in Eddy Current Suppression Ring and both are also in UV Race. (Fellow UV Racer Alistair Montfort, plus Zephyr Pavey and James Vinciguerra round out the live line-up.) After a string of 7"s the band released Henge Beat back in August, a real corker of a debut album. It divides its time between motorik synth workouts, jittery post-punk and more Eddy Current style stormers, with a nice layer of repetition repetition repetition coating the whole shebang.
You can stream one of the album tracks at the bottom of this post. If you go to one of the shows, be sure to pick up the split Total Control/Oh Sees tour 12" too.

The Strange Boys

And finally, Austin's Strange Boys are here this weekend, playing Friday (11/18) at Mercury Lounge, Saturday (11/19) at Glasslands and then a free in-store at Generation Records on Sunday afternoon (11/20, 4PM).

The band's first album for Rough Trade, Live Music, came out last month and knocks a lot of the dust off the band's grubby, in-the-red twangy R&B but I don't think it's necessarily to their detriment. There is grub to spare, and if you like dive bar rock n' roll and can't get enough of things that sound vaguely like early-'70s Rolling Stones you'll probably dig. Check out an MP3 of "Me and You" at the top of this post. None of their records have really captured what they're like live, anyway, which is the best way to experience them for sure. So go check out a show this weekend.

That'll do it for this week. Some day-by-day picks follow for shows not mentioned above.


Hopefully you got tickets to Youth Lagoon's sold out show at Mercury Lounge tonight. Or did you go last night?

David Comes to Life comes to life tonight at Warsaw as Fucked Up perform the album in its entirety. Tickets are still available.

Not sold out and actually free is múm's Kría Brekkan who performs tonight at Church of the Advent Hope along with Julianna Barwick and Aaron Roche, with artwork by EyeBodega.

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Sam Amidon - Relief (R. Kelly cover) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Beth Orton and Sam Amidon - Thirteen (Alex Chilton) (MP3)

Footloose... coming to LPR

The new monthly Unsilent Film series kicks off Wednesday, April 7 with a free concert from Kría Brekkan (ex-Múm, Avery Tare & Kría Brekkan) as she debuts a live-improvisational score to Jean Epstein's 1928 horror masterpiece The Fall of the House of Usher. Then on April 25 Doveman will perform revised versions of tracks from his reinterpretation of the Footloose soundtrack and his album The Conformist to excerpts from the films Footloose and The Conformist. And on May 23 the series will feature jazz guitar luminary Marc Ribot doing his solo-guitar score to Charles Chaplin's 1921 slapstick comedy The Kid. [Le Poisson Rouge]
The screening tonight (4/7) is free - tickets to Doveman and to Marc Ribot are both on sale. The latter two are not new material - Doveman released a Footloose covers album in 2008 and his original The Conformist LP last year, and Marc Ribot performed with the same film as part of the NY Guitar Festival earlier this year.

Also coming up, Doveman will be opening for Patrick Watson on May 6th at the Bell House and May 7th at 92YTribeca. He'll also be performing with collaborator Sam Amidon at Sam's album release show at 92YTribeca on Saturday, April 10th. Tickets are still on sale.

Doveman also has a show on Thursday, April 15th at Barrow Street Theater with Uncle Monk (Tommy Ramone's bluegrass duo), Penny Arcade, Bandana Splits (a group that includes Dawn Landes) and Tyrone Cotton. That's being put on by NYC/Kentucky-based festival Motherlodge.

One of the songs on Sam's new record, I See the Sign, which is out now, is a dead serious cover of R. Kelly's "Relief" that's actually sort of affecting. The song is posted above. Beth Orton contributes to Sam Amidon's new album (and vice versa), and he joined her for two NYC shows in January. They also recently recorded a cover of Big Star's "Thirteen" with Dave Schramm and David Mansfield for Radio Free Song Club.

As we gathered on St. Patrick's Day to tape show number four, we learned of the death of Alex Chilton. Beth Orton and Sam Amidon were in the studio that night and worked out a version of Big Star's "Thirteen". Ted found the lyrics online, Sam picked out the chords and they sang it for the first time.
You can download that above too.

Marc Ribot will be performing in a trio with bassist Henry Grimes and drummer Chad Taylor at Rose Live Music on April 12th. And he'll do two sets at the Stone on May 6th (1st Henry Kaiser, Marc Ribot & John Zorn; 2nd Duo with Henry Kaiser & Marc Ribot).

The film screening tonight is the only announced upcoming date for Kría Brekkan. check out a video of her and Fall of the House of Usher, both pasted below...

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Winters Eve

Black Cobra @ The Charleston on November 18th (more by Chloe Rice)
Black Cobra

tonight in NYC
* Hannibul Buress @ Pianos
* Whiplash @ UCB Theatre
* Darmstadt: In C @ Galapagos
* Sloan, Magenta Lane @ Maxwell's
* Rev. Vince Anderson @ Union Pool
* Diane Birch, Jaymay @ City Winery
* Nar, War Cubs, Hank & Cupcakes @ Zebulon
* Les Paul Guitar Tribute w/ Mike Stern @ Iridium
* Antibalas @ Winter's Eve Festival at Lincoln Square
* Father Figures, Jason Anderson, Partyface @ Cake Shop
* Pelican, Black Cobra, Disappearer @ Highline Ballroom
* Brian Setzer Orchestra, Imeida May @ Hammerstein Ballroom
* John Hollenbeck plays Hollenbeck + Meredith Monk @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Kidrockers w/ Right on Dynamite @ Winter's Eve Festival at Lincoln Square
* The Gay Blades, Fake Problems, The Weight, Gabriel The Marine @ Mercury Lounge
* Small Beast w/ Bee & Flower, And the Wireman, Paul Wallfisch, Pharmacy and Gardens @ The Delancey

Hopefully you had a good Thanksgiving weekend. This week is kind of slow (or maybe not), but there's still plenty to see.

The Pelican show happening at Highline Ballroom tonight was originally scheduled to take place on December 2nd.

Russian Circles and Young Widows is still happening at Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday (tickets).

Magneta Lane make a rare trip out of Canada to tour with Sloan. They visit Maxwell's tonight, and will be in Brooklyn in a few days.

Jaymay pops out of hiding to open a show for Diane Birch at City Winery tonight.

Antibalas play free shows tonight at the Winter's Eve Fest at Lincoln Center at 6:30pm and 7:45pm. There's also a free Kidrockers show tied into this event.

Antibalas also have other shows coming up and can be caught multiple nights a week in Fela! on Broadway

Opening at Cake Shop tonight will be Partyface, a guitar duo made up of Indigo Street and musical Shahzad Ismaily, the latter of which has collaborated recently with musicians from Doveman to Yoko Ono to Marc Ribot.

Percussionist John Hollenbeck will play with three diverse groups (a big band and two small ensembles) at (Le) Poisson Rouge to showcase his own compositions and those of Meredith Monk. Video is below.

Janeane Garofalo, Reggie Watts, Chris Gethard & Bob Powers are part of the free lineup of comedy at UCB tonight. It's the weekly 11pm Whiplash show. For free comedy much earlier in the evening, check out Pianos.

Reggie Watts returns to UCB on December 17th as part of Stripped Stories.

The NY Times recently saw Seth Meyers at UCB.

Singer Susan Boyle's new album makes UK chart history.

A video of Kria Brekkan working the accordion at Glasslands on Saturday (11/28) is below.

Some mean people superglued iPhones to sidewalks and videotaped people trying to pick them up. Video below...

What else?

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Iceland Music: When did you start recording this album - and who was involved this time around?

Örvar Þóreyjarson Smárason of múm: I guess we started recording last summer, maybe before that. Actually one of the songs we wrote and started recording while doing Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy, we've been playing live for a couple of years. It's pretty much the same group of people as on the last albums. Róbert Reynisson, the son of beast who has been touring with us since Ólöf went on hiatus, plays a big part on this album with his guitar shreds. And who knows when Ólöf comes back? But the only real rookie on this record is Högni Egilsson from Hjaltalín. He toured with us for a bit and brought some fresh winds, arranged the choirs and got lost in an airport.

The Ólöf mentioned is Ólöf Arnalds, who's been busy with her own solo efforts (most recently a show at Prospect Park Bandshell on June 26th). She's still a kind of defacto member of the group, though she isn't on the new record and won't be joining múm as they tour North America in October and November. That tour includes a NYC show on Saturday, October 24th show at (Le) Poisson Rouge. Tickets are on sale.

múm will be supporting the new album referenced above, Sing Along to Songs You Don't Know, which comes out August 24th on Morr Music. Sing Along will be their first record since the band's 2007, Fat Cat released Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy.

Another múm alum (those don't rhyme btw) Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttire (aka Kría Brekkan) just played July 1st at Brooklyn spot Sycamore. It was the last show of a short NYC tour -- hopefully there'll be more on the way.

múm album art, track list and all tour dates, below...

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Jay Reatard
Jay Reatard in a LOVVERS shirt

Harlem Shakes @ Southpaw in February (more by Jonny Leather)
Harlem Shakes

tonight in NYC
* Vanilla Ice @ Iving Plaza
* The Roots @ Highline Ballroom
* Jay Reatard @ Music on the Oval
* Amateur Night @ Apollo Theater
* Todd Barry @ Carolines on Broadway
* Canada's Birthday Bash @ Joe's Pub
* Kria Brekkan & Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdótir @ Sycamore
* Leona Naess, Jess Harris @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Apollo Run, The Hard Lessons @ The Bell House
* MGMT, Kuroma, Suckers @ Prospect Park Bandshell
* Cheap Trick, Def Leppard, Poison @ PNC Bank Arts Center
* Ravens & Chimes, Soy Un Caballo, Rich Bennett @ Union Hall
* Trevor Exter, Steve Waitt, The NY Howl @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Harlem Shakes, Motel Motel, Superhuman Happiness @ Bowery Ballroom
* Clair Lynch Band, Missy Raines & The New Hip @ Madison Square Park
* Tift Merritt, Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion @ Stuyvesant High School
* A Big Yes and a Small No, Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers, Wild Yaks, Linfinity @ Southpaw

Vanilla IceVanilla Ice is playing Irving Plaza. True Story.

On the same night Def Leppard and Poison are co-headlining PNC Bank Arts Center. Decisions, decisions.

Happy Canada Day!

Tonight's free outdoor shows include Jay Reatard at the Stuy Town Oval, Clair Lynch Band and Missy Raines & The New Hip at Madison Square Park, and the formerly-outdoor show with Tift Merritt and Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion which was moved to Stuyvesant High School.

The Celebrate Brooklyn show tonight with MGMT, Kuroma and Suckers at the Prospect Park Bandshell is happening, but, like Gang Gang Dance and TV on the Radio, isn't one of the series' free concerts.

TV Smith won't be at the Mercury Lounge tonight because of visa problems. He is expected to make his Thursday gig at the MHOW with Jay Reatard and Screaming Females though. At the Mercury Lounge you can still catch Fake Problems, Kiss Kiss, Paper and Sand, and Alone at 3am.

Jay Reatard is wearing a Lovvers shirt in that picture up there. Lovvers are visiting the US later this month.

Keith Fullerton Whitman was supposed to play the Issue Project Room. The venue's website reads, "TONIGHT'S CONCERT IS CANCELLED. MANY APOLOGIES."

Original Múm member and Avey Tare collaborator Kria Brekkan will join Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdótir at Sycamore tonight.

Tonight's Amateur Night at the Apollo will feature a Moonwalk contest tonight.

Harlem Shakes headline the Bowery Ballroom tonight. See their brand new video, for the song "Strictly Game," below.

What else?

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Beach House @ the 2008 Siren Fest (more by Leia Jospe)
Beach House

The Carpark & Paw Tracks CMJ showcase will take place at (le) poisson rouge in NYC on October 22nd. Adventure, Beach House, Ecstatic Sunshine, Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, WZT Hearts, Dent May and His Magnificent Ukelele, Excepter, Kria Brekkan, Rings, and Tickley Feather are all on the bill. $10.00 tickets are on sale.

Beach House will also be playing (le) poisson rouge five days earlier as part of the Baltimore Round Robin tour (they are on the October 17th bill, not the one on the 18th, both now sold out). All non-round robin Beach House tour dates below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

Shahzad Ismaily & Ólöf Arnalds
Olof Arnalds

Ólöf Arnalds's set time was 2:30 at the East Village Radio Festival at South Street Seaport on Sunday (Sept 7). That's when I planned to get there, so naturally I arrived at 2:50. Luckily I was still able to catch a couple of her instantly-recognizable songs from her 2007 Sigur Ros-produced album Við og við.

The crowd watching her was small, and included many random passerbys including tourists and some homeless dudes with 40's (the crowd filled in later by the time the Vivian Girls took the stage). That didn't stop Olof from seeming excited to be there. She even introduced one of the songs with a story about her younger sister who she wrote the song for twelve years ago. The song urged her sister to be creative, and now at 20 years old, she was just accepted into graphic design school. She asked us to give her sister (who I don't think was in attendance) a hand. We all clapped for her sister.

Kind of an Icelandic Joanna Newsom, Ólöf has the kind of voice people either love or hate. The Seaport security guard in front of the stage definitely seemed to be in the latter category. I like it, but I didn't see enough of her live show to say she was amazing. That said, I never wanted to see Joanna Newsom perform outside, and Ólöf is probably also better off in a darker enclosed room with great acoustics. Luckily she is playing two such places before she goes home to Iceland.

Tonight she performs her entire album at a special show at (le) poisson rouge...

On September 9, Skuli Sverrisson and Olof Arnalds and will debut their respective albums, Seria and Vio og Vio in full at Le Poisson Rouge in New York City. Seen as brother and sister albums, each was voted Best Alternative Album at the Iceland Music Awards as well as Record of the Year at Iceland's biggest daily newspaper, Morgunblaoio. Olof played an important role on Skuli's album Seria, singing her own lyrics on three songs as well as playing guitar, viola, charango, koto, and glass. Skuli in turn was influential in bringing the various players together to make Olof's debut album, Vio og Vio.

With Skuli living in NYC and Olof in Reykjavik, the two have been unable to bring their albums together in the live domain. However, Olof's recent addition to the East Village Radio Festival lineup offered them one day (9/9) in their disparate tour schedules to make this happen. Joining them on stage for this historic show will be a glittering array of guests including Laurie Anderson, Peter Scherer, Okkyung Lee, Hilmar Jensson, Shahzad Ismaily, and Nico Muhly.

I don't know how she met all those cool Americans, but I do know that Nico Muhly is friends with Sam Amidon and that Sam and Shahzad Ismaily are both Doveman band members. If you haven't noticed already, that was also Shazad and Sam playing her at the Seaport, and Sam is billed to play solo at her 3rd NYC show next Tuesday in a church with Kria Brekken (who has a connection to Olof through Mum).

In June she opened for Sigur Ros and Bjork in Iceland. Shahzad also played with her at that show. Tour dates and more Seaport pics below...

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Gang Gang DanceTickets seem to still be available for the Gang Gang Dance show at Southpaw tonight. L Magazine 'band you need to hear' High Places and friend of Animal Collective Kria Brekken are opening.

According to Kria's website, she and Gang Gang Dance are also playing an art opening at the South Street Seaport in a couple of days too.

DOWNLOAD: Tickly Feather - Tonight is The Nite (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Rings - Mom Dance (MP3)

Paw TracksKria Brekken opens for Psychic Ills & Black Dice @ Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight (April 25).

Kria Brekken and Black Dice are both on the Paw Tracks label....

"Paw Tracks (formerly known as Soccer Star, then Animal) is an independent record label based in Washington, D.C. The label's website features artwork by Abby Portner (sister of Animal Collective's Avey Tare).

Although originally exclusively run by the members of Animal Collective, Paw Tracks is now co-owned by members of Carpark Records." [Wikipedia]

Kria Brekken is married to, and performs with, Avey Tare of Animal Collective. They put out one album together on Paw Tracks in 2007. Some people liked it.
Others DID NOT.

Animal Collective are playing Coachella this weekend. You can watch it online. They're also playing All Points West in August.

Kria is one of three female artists on Paw Tracks. The other two are Rings and Tickley Feather. Tickley Feather is playing the WBAR BBQ today (April 25). All three of them (the ladies) are playing Cake Shop on Sunday (April 27). All Paw Tracks tour dates and stuff below....

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There's a $5.00 show on 10th St. in NYC tonight (July 3, 2007) to benefit the St. Marks Church. "Performances by The Virgins, Car Clutch, Lissy Trullie, Kria Brekkan, Effi Briest, Mod Rocket, Young Lords, and Patrick Cleandenim and the Image". More info HERE. Who do you recommend seeing on this bill? The Virgins are also playing a $10.00 show at Mercury Lounge on July 31st.

by Deepak Mantena

DOWNLOAD: Panda Bear - Bro's (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Rusty Santos - Moving Time (MP3)

Panda Bear @ 93 Feet East, London - Mar 8th, 2007 (CRED)
Panda Bear

Panda Bear is playing some shows this week - two at NYC's Bowery Ballroom, and one in Baltimore, and one in Philly. Along with him at each of the shows will be a circus of friends of the band. Whether you scored a ticket to one of the sold out shows or not, here is a handy guide to the Panda Bear openers...

Rusty Santos (CRED)
Rusty Santos

Rusty Santos (June 18 @ Bowery) is a New York singer-songwriter whose most notable Animal Collective connection is helping them record their 2004 album Sung Tongs for Fat Cat Records. As well, he helped with production on several Panda Bear records, including the acclaimed Person Pitch.

Kria Brekken (CRED)
Kria Brekken

Kria Brekken (Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir - formerly of Múm) (June 18 @ Bowery) and Avey Tare of Animal Collective released this year's Pullhair Rubeye. She is also married to Avey. The duo previously played many live shows together.

continued below....

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