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The 2013 CBGB Festival is coming up next week (Oct. 8 - 13), and in addition to the many shows, movie screenings and panel discussions, there's also going to be a photography exhibit. The "Never Again" Photo Show will be on display at Wooster Street Social Club from October 9 - Nov 1 and explores "the lexicon of the New York music scene, documenting the moments that can never be re-created, and continuing the tradition championed by music-photographers of the past: creating new legacies of moments that might otherwise be overlooked." Photographers include many BrooklynVegan contributors: Chris La Putt, David Andrako, Dana (distortion) Yavin, Amanda Hatfield, Greg Cristman, Jason Bergman, Jacob Blickenstaff, Abbey Braden Raymonde, Guy Eppel, Jen Maler, Ryan Muir, Gabi Porter, Kyle Dean Reinford, Tod Seelie, Rebecca Smeyne, Loren Wohl, and Ebru Yildiz.

The opening night party (10/9) goes from 7-10 PM and features DJ Justin Collectorscum, complimentary beverages and "Rock n' Roll manicures by NQ."

Meanwhile, win some tickets to a film screening and don't forget My Morning Jacket and Grizzly Bear are playing for free in Times Square and that Judge will be at Saint Vitus.

photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Doug Gillard

Doug Gillard's new album "Call From Restricted" is out now on iTunes. "Actual CD copies will follow and be available shortly" - maybe by January? That's when Doug and band will be playing at Pianos in Manhattan every Wednesday night (7, 14, 21 & 28). Doug's last NYC show was (I think) the one he played at Knitting Factory on October 25th (the BV free during-CMJ day party). More pictures from that below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

DOWNLOAD: The Rosebuds - Life Like (MP3)

The Rosebuds @ the Merge CMJ showcase @ Mercury Lounge
The Rosebud

The Rosebuds are coming back to NYC to headline Bowery Ballroom on January 16th. Tickets go on sale December 1st at noon. Last time they were here was exactly a month ago to play a couple of shows during CMJ including one for their record label Merge at Mercury Lounge (10/25). Their new album Life Like is out now on Merge.

No openers have been announced for the Bowery show yet. Maybe they'll grab The Ladybug Transistor to play with them again, like they did at Bowery before, and like they did at the show they played at the Bell House during CMJ. ABC News was at that Bell House show. Video features are posted at their site called "The Mix". One video is of Wye Oak who also played that show, and who played with The Rosebuds again at the Merge showcase.

We already talked about the Merge show a little - The Music Tapes part anyway, and I gushed a bit about Wye Oak from one of their other CMJ shows at Pianos, but the rest of the Merge pictures were unpublished, until now... All of them and all Rosebuds and Oakley Hall tour dates, below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford


Howlies were one of the many bands that played a BV party during CMJ this year. Their set was downstairs in the Old Office of Knitting Factory on Saturday October 25th and was (I think) the 4th show the Georgians played in NYC that week.

Random-ass things that happened to me [Aaron from Howlies] in NYC [during CMJ]:

1. A dude yelled at me and a female friend asking if we wanted to f**k while we were walking down the street. We ignored him, walked past, and he continued to repeat the question, louder and louder. awkward. there are crazies everywhere but he certainly gets the craziest award of the month from me.
2. An Arabic store owner took 10 minutes to tell me that cigarettes in NYC cost $10 a pack because of the infidel U.S. government and its taxes. he clearly wanted to vent and chose me as the listener. His accent was so thick I couldn't understand shit besides taxes, outrageous cigarettes, and infidel gov't. Then he talked about a Swedish woman who bought unfiltered cigarettes and tried to return them after smoking one. Thats when I pretended to hit the "wrap it up" button from Dave Chappele show and blazed out. I think he continued to rant to thin-air after I left.
3. While waiting in line to enter one of three locked stalls and use a bathroom in a nightclub, a dude butted in front of me only to bash obnoxiously on every door a couple times, until everyone in each stall trying to handle their bizness was really pissed. Then he left abruptly so that everyone would think it was me that did the knockin. I decided to split too, after hearing a Scottish man yell from inside the stall, "Still f*cking busy! ya f*ckin cunt!"
4. a drunk crying woman asked to hug me randomly. I said ok and it lasted 10 minutes. then I tried to get her water and she disappeared.

ok thats it. We had fun. GOOOOOODBYE!
[Howlies Blog]

Now on tour again, Howlies will be back in NYC on December 4th (Mercury Lounge) and December 13th (Union Pool). Both shows, and most of their tour is with NYC band The King Left (who just played some shows with Rival Schools). More pictures from CMJ and all tour dates below...

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portraits by Kyle Dean Reinford, live shots by Chris La Putt

DOWNLOAD: Little Boots - Meddle (Baron von Luxxury's Technicolor Remix) (MP3)

Little Boots

Yesterday was the release date of Little Boots's Arecibo EP and to celebrate, we have a new remix! This is the Baron von Luxxury remix of Meddle, which is a slowed down disco-esque jam that you will love.

The Arecibo EP is out today on 12" vinyl and digital retailers, featuring "Stuck On Repeat," "Meddle," and remixes by Fake Blood and Ebola! This is her debut American release, you can buy the 12" here. Or on iTunes.

One of the shows Little Boots played in NYC during CMJ was the BrooklynVegan day party at Knitting Factory (10/25). More pictures from that day below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Crystal Stilts

Friday November 21st @ LESS ARTISTS, MORE CONDOS


:::: Cheap Time ----------------- In The Red records
:::::: German Measles

132 W 3rd St btwn 6th Ave & MacDougal | West Village, Manhattan
ACEBDFW-W 4th St, 1-Christopher St | 8pm | all ages | $7

[ curated by Mike Sniper ]

The above is one of three NYC shows Crystal Stilts have coming up. The pictures in this post are from a show they played at the Fader House during CMJ. Some more of those below...

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words & photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Iron & Wine

When Iron & Wine announced a NYC tour stop at Terminal 5, I was up in arms (I wasn't the only one). Just a year after playing the acoustically gorgeous Town Hall, their decision to play at T5 seemed pretty foolish. But Sam Beam has a certain way of wooing crowds, and he made Monday night (11/17) just as memorable as any show I've seen there. The sold-out crowd was completely silent as he worked (first acoustically, then with a band) through his repertoire, including a few new tracks and a 10 minute jam on "Woman King". As unfortunate as the venue was, Mr. Beam made the most out of the show. (but if you're reading this Sam, please play Town Hall again next time.)

Their Sub Pop labelmates Blitzen Trapper opened the evening. They were a more upbeat than I expected, but added a nice balance to the mellowness later on. More pictures below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

DOWNLOAD: Peasant - the Wind (MP3)


Peasant has announced a tour that includes stops to record for Daytrotter, WOXY, the new Laundromatinee (brought to us by the man behind My Old Kentucky Blog), and JamNow, as well as a few NYC shows. The last time I saw Peasant was his solo appearance upstairs at the BrooklynVegan party at Pianos during CMJ. Unfortunately it was during a crazy time, so I don't remember that much of his set... you kind of need to be sitting down and paying attention to his Elliott Smith-like jams. More pictures from that show, and all tour dates below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford, words By Black Bubblegum

Kool Keith

"Just 'cause you're underground doesn't mean you have to eat a bologna sandwich; I stay in five-star hotels!" Keith barks. "I hear a lot of people talking about the streets. What streets are they talking about? There are no streets. I respect someone who says, 'I'm coming out of the Wal-Mart with the shopping cart, and I'm gonna tear you apart!' If you want to talk about Kmart, Motel 6, and the Waffle House, then we might have a record."

Since his pioneering days with the oft-overlooked Ultramagnetic MC's, the Bay Area rapper's accused a long line of spitters of jacking his style.

"The only rapper I respect out there is Puffy," Keith concedes. "He sounds the best to me, and everybody else is straight garbage. I just listen to Puffy, and I throw everybody else's CDs out the window. He's the only one I want to do a record with."
[The Austin Chronicle]

The ever mysterious Poppa Large, aka Kool Keith, is back at it... and this time the halfsharkalligatorhalfman will play a show at Blender on April 3rd as "Dr Octagon vs Dr Doom"... presumably, that means material from his albums under those psuedonyms. Tickets go on sat Saturday 11/15 at noon here.

Kool Keith is scheduled for handful of other dates, including the upcoming ATP Nightmare Before Christmas (curated by Mike Patton and the Melvins). Hip-hop's favorite weirdo also recently played Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin (billed as "Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon"). More pictures from that, and all dates below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Pop Noise Release

The Journal of Popular Noise comes to Santos to celebrate their newest release! For this newest issue, the evening (Dec 15, 2008) will feature performances from
free with RSVP to first 100 who RSVP: rsvp@popularnoise.net
$10 for everyone else. Free Blood also plays a show tonight, Wednesday November 12th, @ 205. PWRFL Power was among those who performed (with Friendly Fires and others) at the BrooklynVegan day party at Pianos during CMJ. More pictures from that quirky-entertaining performance, and tour dates, below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

4AD is pleased to officially announce Dark Was The Night - a compilation album (double cd, triple vinyl) to benefit the Red Hot Organization. Red Hot is an international organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness for HIV and AIDS. This release marks the 20th anniversary of the Red Hot Organization, and is also the 20th Red Hot release! Dark Was The Night was produced by Aaron & Bryce Dessner of The National, and will be released by 4AD in February of 2009. "Dark Was The Night" is the title of an early blues song by Blind Willie Johnson, which is covered on this album. The album consists of 32 exclusive tracks by a multitude of today's most beloved and respected independent recording artists.

The National

As Aaron Dessner told us, Dark Was the Night will feature contributions from Sufjan Stevens, Feist with Grizzly Bear, Feist with Ben Gibbard, Grizzly Bear by themselves, the Decemberists, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, the National with Nico Muhly, David Byrne and Dirty Projectors, Bright Eyes, Spoon, the New Pornographers, Antony (with Bryce Dessner), Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch, the Books with José González (covering Nick Drake's "Cello Song"), Blonde Redhead, Bon Iver, Andrew Bird, My Brightest Diamond (covering "Feeling Good", famously interpreted by Nina Simone), Sigur Rós offshoot Riceboy Sleeps, and TV on the Radio's David Sitek. [Pitchfork]
More pictures from the National's Saturday set at Fun Fun Fun Fest below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Leftover Crack

Every other band at Fun Fun Fun Fest over the weekend made it a point to give the fest's co-headliner Bad Brains a shout-out - a respect kind of thing. It makes sense. That's kind of what you do when you're sharing a bill with a band that helped paved the way for your own sound. That said, it was also really refreshing to hear one band take a slightly different approach. Leftover Crack's Stza also gave Bad Brains, or more specifically HR, lots of shout-outs. They were even positive shout-outs, but they were to call out HR's questionable politics/alleged-still homophobia. They were positive because they started with a speech about equality for all people, and were said in a way as to educate HR (if he was listening), AND Stza even announced his cell phone number in case HR wanted to give him a call. You can hear that last part in the first video below.

So, as pointed out, NYC's anarchist ska punk band Leftover Crack (who I had no idea were so popular because I honestly don't follow punk music that much) love everyone, EXCEPT, notoriously,...

...Oddly, the visit from detectives came just after cops arrested Leftover Crack lead singer Scott Sturgeon [also known as Stza Crack] on Friday for--no kidding--throwing donuts at the police during a demonstration outside the 9th Precinct in the East Village. Sturgeon says he was pissed off that the cops wouldn't let the band play their music at a reasonable volume.

In the complaint, Officer Richard Labore wrote that Sturgeon's antic "caused people to express alarm." Labore also wrote that Sturgeon was chanting "kill the police, kill the police."... [Village Voice, September 2008]

...police. The other video below is the band performing their hit "Fuck the Police" at the Austin festival. The show was a ton of fun. There's more pictures down there too...

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words and photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

DOWNLOAD: Jens Lekman - Water Runs Dry (Boyz II Men) (live @ Googie's) (MP3)

Frida Hyvonen

Frida Hyvonen

I went to see the Frida Hyvonen show at Googie's Lounge last night (11/11). I was both looking forward to seeing Frida for the first time and secretly hoping Jens Lekman would be there - apparently I wasn't the only one. The places was packed, and I'm guessing Joe McGinty's Piano Parlour is not standing room only on many other weeks. Luckily I got there early and was able to grab a table. Jens was in the audience.

After a bit of waiting, Jens got up around 10:30 and introduced Joe McGinty and a woman playing recorder. Joe played piano while the woman played three songs on the recorder. Bizarre. Then Jens got up and sang three songs while Joe accompanied him. They played "Sipping on the Sweet Nectar," "Water Runs Dry," (yes, a Boyz II Men cover), and "The Opposite of Hallelujah." All three songs were absolutely brilliant jazz arrangements, and I'm suddenly craving a Sinatra-style album from everyone's favorite Singing DJ.

Then Frida got up. Unfortunately I was a bit distracted during her bit (my camera broke early in the set last night, and the stress of that was overwhelming), but man was she a performer. She played a set lined with guest appearances including - you guessed it - Jens Lekman. I'm not overly familiar with Frida's music - I knew "Once I was a Serene Teenaged Child" and "Science", but after last night I'm a convert. I believe most of the other tracks come off of Frida's recent release, "Silence is Wild," which came out on November 4th.

If given another chance, I would definitely catch Frida again. Though I'm busy tonight, I'd strongly suggest checking her out at the Church of Sweden and also picking up a copy of her record.

Grab the MP3 of Jens singing "Water Runs Dry" above, and check out a few more pictures below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Bishop Allen

I've never been super in to Bishop Allen, but what I saw of them at Fun Fun Fun Fest was pretty good. And if the fact that they recently added a 2nd show at Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn is any indication, I'd say they're also doing pretty good. Tickets are on sale for both November shows. All dates, and more pictures, below...

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words and photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Team B

Last night (11/10) I caught the first-ever performance of Team B at Union Pool in Brooklyn. I normally wouldn't try to hit a concert two hours after flying back from Austin, but the night was too tempting. Team B is Kelly Pratt (Beirut/Arcade Fire) 's brainchild, and the record features appearances from many great musicians including other members of Arcade Fire and Beirut.

I'm glad I made the effort. The group of multi-instumentalists played about half of the new album, along with a few other songs. "On My Mind," "Empty Hallways," and "Papa's Waltz" were personal favorites. Overall, I was overwhelmed with the amount of musical talent on the stage.

If you were there, you probably also remember the constant yelling of a drunken friend of the band in the front row. After they played "Hang Me", she yelled "Yay! Suicide!!!".... This spoiled some of the intimacy of the small venue, but, to accentuate the positive, I guess it also helped ease some of the tension of the band's first-ever-show and made for less awkward transitions between songs.

Kelly and band-member Jon Natchez are getting ready to hit the road with Herman Dune for a month or so (including 2 NYC shows this week), so don't expect to see any upcoming Team B shows soon, BUT Kelly told me he's trying really hard to make sure this band happens. Based on what I saw last night, I really hope it does. More pictures and the setlist below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Dead Milkmen

Blessed with perhaps the nicest weather in modern Austin music festival history (even with the early evening dust clouds), the first day of the third annual Fun Fun Fun Fest proceeded nearly hitch-free Saturday in Waterloo Park.

Touring acts such as Bishop Allen and the National shared four stages with Austin acts such as Latin psychedelic rockers Brownout! , grindcore band Mammoth Grinder and sometime Austinites And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead .

Far smaller and aimed at a more specific demographic than the Austin City Limits Music Festival, Fun Fun Fun focuses on club-level punk, indie rock, hip-hop and electronic music. Think of it as the bands one might see over a month in the Red River club district packed into one weekend.

The vibe couldn't be more different from ACL Fest in other ways. ACL Fest sells out 65,000 tickets a day every year, packing Zilker Park for three days. Fun Fun Fun producer and Transmission Entertainment partner Graham Williams said he hopes to break 7,000 a day. [Austin360]

As you know, the Dead Milkmen played Austin on Saturday. Towards the end of the set Rodney said something like, "I don't know why we ever stopped doing this shit". Hopefully that spark leads to more shows in the future. In the meantime, Milkman Joe Jack Talcum continues to play solo and even has a NYC show coming up (Dec 26th @ Rehab). All of Joe's dates, more Fun Fest pictures, another Fun Fest video and the Fun Fest setlist, below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Frightened Rabbit

Scotland's Frightened Rabbit's great performance at Austin's Fun Fun Fun fest on Sunday was also their last on their most recent North American tour with the Spinto Band. It won't be their last for long though. This band tours more than rabbits procreate, so after they spend the rest of November-into-December touring Europe with and without Death Cab For Cutie, they'll eventually make their way to Australia for New Years Eve and then back to the US for some January shows that include the 17th at Bowery Ballroom. Tickets are on sale. More FFF Fest pics and all tour dates below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Fun Fun Fun Fest

If not obvious by the 2008 Fun Fun Fun Fest coverage so far, I was having the most fun (fun fun) over the weekend with all the punk, metal and hardcore on stages 3a and 3b (two connected stages to avoid long times between sets). Highlights and pictures from day one are HERE. Highlights of day two (9/9) were DOA, Frightened Rabbit, the ska punk, politics and crowd of Leftover Crack, Cro-Mags (jam) (John Joseph w/ one of Cro-Mags' past drummers, AJ from Leeway on guitar and Craig Setari of Sick of it All on bass), what I saw of St. Vincent and Black Angels, the vegan sausage pizza, and Bad Brains. I managed to catch a few songs of Islands who sounded great, but totally missed Spinto Band and Annuals. Also saw pieces of Kevin Seconds, Chuck Ragan, and Ben Nichols's solo-frontmen sets. Saw Black Joe Lewis and most of Trash Talk, but neither lived up to my expectations in the daytime festival setting. I went back and forth between the pre-headliner sets of Minus the Bear and Bouncing Souls, and ran over to watch one song of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah during a Bad Brains reggae segment. Despite the competition, CYHSY still pulled in a respectable sized crowd. The stages were far enough away in general, but I could also still hear Alec Ounsworth's unmistakable voice at times between Bad Brains songs depending on where I was standing (I watched Bad Brains from various areas throughout their set). Clipse were headlining on the stage farthest away from Bad Brains so I totally missed them, and Kool Keith, who played that same stage earlier. Bad Brains ended earlier than curfew which meant I got to run over and catch about 20 minutes of Tim and Eric which was a great way (laughing) to end the hectic two day fest.

One unfortunate aspect of the weekend was the dust. It was a problem at ACL this year too. Dry dirt and wind meant you were constantly breathing it in. A signifigant portion of the crowd was wearing bandanas or other gas mask-like things on their faces. I didn't, but I should have because I think it made me a little sick. More pictures from day two below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

fun fun fun fest

Fun Fun Fun Fest (a music festival this weekend in Austin) successfully mixes punk, indie, singer-songwriter, hardcore, dance, hip-hop, metal, comedy, new and old. For instance, after blowing my mind to the thrash metal stylings of Municipal Waste, I immediately ran over to catch the end of Bishop Allen's family friendly indie rock set. I like that. One of the bad things, like most festivals, is how much overlaps. On Saturday I had to completely give up seeing The National, Z-Trip, Neil Hamburger, Yacht, and Hawnay Troof. Tonight (Sunday, November 9th), I'll probably have to miss all of Clipse, Tim & Eric, and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, in favor of seeing Bad Brains. I also have to decide between Bouncing Souls and Minus the Bear.

Highlights from day one (yesterday, Saturday) included Dead Milkmen, Municipal Waste (wall of death), Dead Milkmen, Walter Schreifel's solo set (Rival Schools was good too), Dead Milkmen, Killdozer (killed it), Dead Milkmen, Dan Deacon (camp counselor of the year), Dead Milkmen, and Krumbums (punk is not dead). What I caught of Octopus Project, Trail of Dead and Deerhoof was also great. If I say anymore, I'll be late for Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears and/or Kevin Seconds. For now, here are some more pictures from day one...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford


Phosphorescent closed out the day at the free BrooklynVegan day party at Pianos on Thursday, October 23rd. He played to a packed room upstairs right after Wye Oak who also tested that room's capacity limits. Unlike Wye Oak, Phos played played his set solo acoustic, and as always he sounded great.

Catch Phosphorescent, on tour now with full band band and opener Virgin Forest, at one of the many dates listed below. Catch Phosphorescent in Brooklyn at the Bell House on November 28th. All shows and more pictures below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Sharon Van Etten

Those lucky enough to be upstairs at the Thursday BV party at Pianos (10/23/2008) got to hear the sweet singing voice of Sharon Van Etten. Those who missed her have plenty more chances including a November 25th show at Glasslands with Luke Temple who is playing with Deer Tick this Saturday and who played one of the 2007 BV afternoon CMJ parties in the same exact room Sharon played in this year.

More of Sharon's upcoming songs and more pictures below...

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Photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Twi the Humble Feather

Our Thursday (10/23) day party at Pianos got a late start - the upstairs anyway. That ended up being a good thing for Twi the Humble Feather whose set time switched from 12:15 pm to the usually more-desirable 2:00.

Unlike the Mercury Lounge show where they had a full choir, Twi (rhymes with eye) played this one as a trio, each of them with a guitar. To quote L Magazine,

The exclusively acoustic three-piece come across as a live-action tape-loop of sorts, their chanting falsettos bleeding through cycles of finger strumming dwindles and swells. It's part Gregorian chant, part Christmas carol and part Panda Bear's Person Pitch unplugged.
One excited patron of the Pianos shows called them otherworldly.

Your next chance to see Twi is November 11th at Music Hall of Williamsburg when they open for The Sea and Cake. Death Vessel, another artist that utilizes a high voice (though unlke Twi I think his isn't falsetto), is also on the bill. More The Sea and Cake dates HERE. More Twi pictures and tour dates below...

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words & photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

The Blue Album Group

Last night, election night, I made my way to The Bell House in Park Slope/Gowaus for what was sure to be a nervously excited crowd counting down the minutes until the new president was announced. I've only been to The Bell House once, but I can't imagine that the new venue has ever been more packed than it was last night. People came out in masse for the election coverage - so much so that they even turned people away at the door. I think I heard 500 people. Watching an election in a large group of like-minded individuals like that was truly overwhelming - especially when they announced Virginia and a bunch of people jumped on stage and gave everyone a beer shower.

The Blue Album Group

After Obama gave his acceptance speech, things didn't calm down. Host Eugene Mirman said a few words congratulating our first "half-white president," and introduced The Blue Album Group, who rocked out, pretty much note for note, Weezer's Blue Album. Though a lot of people went home, those that were left drunkenly danced and celebrated. After the last note of "Only in Dreams" rang out, I grabbed a quesadilla from the Red Hook soccer field vendors - another big draw of the evening. It was delicious.

More pictures below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

DOWNLOAD: The Carps - Heaven's Gate Hell's Flames Remix w/ the Cool Kids (MP3)

The Carps

It was early, but it was fun. The Carps were one of the first bands to hit the main stage (12:45) at the Brooklyn Vegan Day Party at The Knitting Factory on Oct 25th, but that didn't mean they were, or left anyone else, half-asleep. The bass/drums duo brought their infectious R&B meets Gang Of Four meets DFA1979 funk keeping the early crowd enthused, and their storytelling interludes about homicides kept the crowd engaged. The thing that impressed me the most was drummer Jahmal Tonge's awesome ability as a singer, passionately crooning away like some sort of bastard child of Keith Sweat and ?uestlove, all while while blasting on his kit. More pictures below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford, words by Andrew Frisicano

The Music Tapes

I was running late to the Merge showcase Saturday night (10/25), but luckily caught The Music Tapes in the middle the fantastic rendition of "An Orchistration's Overture," a duet between frontman Julian Koster and a TV-headed robot (who appeared on stage across from a 7-foot wooden metronome). The Music Tapes songs sounded great live, with support from a 3-piece horn section, accordian, banjo and, of course, singing saw (featured exclusively on The Singing Saw at Christmastime). On "Song for the Death of Parents," Julian played a bouncing ball as percussion; other late-set tunes included "Aliens," "Songs for Oceans Falling," and, as the closer, a solo performance of "Manifest Destiny."

Julian mentioned afterward that the band might return to NYC in February. As of now, the Music Tapes are tentatively scheduled for a local December 12 stop on their Christmas caroling tour. The NYC date is listed as "game only," which may indicate some kind of secret show, like the one held in Central Park last year (as discussed on the Elephant 6 Message Board). See below for full info on how to get your carol on, or look for updates at Orbiting Human Circus.

The Music Tapes' last NYC show (before this CMJ one) was part of the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise tour at Knitting Factory. More CMJ pictures (and those caroling dates) below...

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