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Randall's Island

There will be a presale for the NYC show @ Randall's Island, and for a few other announced dates. Details below...

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the 2007 Coney Island Siren Festival (CRED)
Siren Festival 2007

If you were at the 2007 Village Voice Siren Festival in Coney Island yesterday, you may have noticed 'Bowery Presents'-sponsored messages connected to a plane that was flying over the beach. One of them advertised Interpol @ Madison Square Garden. Another I saw mentioned Modest Mouse @ McCarren Pool, and a third was the first announcement that LCD Soundsystem and Arcade Fire are playing together in NYC on October 6th. They left out the venue, but I can assure you that this show will in fact be at Randall's Island. Other known tour dates below....

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ScannersWow. As reported by everyone, LCD Soundsystem will be touring this fall with Arcade Fire. There's a presale right now for just one date in Colarado. They're also both playing September 20th at the Hollywood Bowl (One of the largest natural amphitheaters in the world, with a current seating capacity of just under 18,000), and at Austin City Limits. Where will they play in NYC? MSG? More TBA soon.

All known tour dates for both bands below....

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Franz FerdinandIt's true. The small NYC show Franz Ferdinand promised, will take place at Bowery Ballroom on June 13, 2007. No ticket info yet. Interpol is supposedly going on at 10 tonight with just a DJ as opener. The video by Anna McCarthy of Franz Ferdinand covering LCD Soundsystem, below....

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DOWNLOAD: James Murphy - DFA Radio Mix 2005 Cd1 (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: James Murphy - DFA Radio Mix 2005 Cd2 (MP3)

I just woke up from a much-needed nap that was the result of non-stop moving that went something like: LCD @ Studio B --> not-much-sleep --> family --> Monday blogging. Now I feel better, so it's time to say that, once again, LCD brought the house down (@ Studio B Saturday night)....

LCD Soundsystem @ STudio B

How was Webster Hall?

I never saw Studio B that packed - especially when LCD started (an hour after they were supposed to start which made it impossible for me to get to Manhattan to also see Dan Deacon) - it was PACKED. I started in the back, but eventually made my way up front where the dance floor resembled a mosh pit. My clothes quickly turned from dry to (sw)wet.

James made two things very clear:
1) He was drunk
2) The three songs at the end were not an encore. They were merely LCD Soundsystem going upstairs for a short break to ensure that they/he do/does not puke on stage.

LCD Soundsystem played Bowery Ballroom in NYC on Friday and Saturday (March 30th & 31st). I went Friday, and I wish I went Saturday too, and I wish they were playing there every single day because I think that was one of my favorite concerts ever - definitely one of the best I've seen in Bowery Ballroom - definitely-possibly the most people I've ever seen dancing and friendly-dance-moshing at Bowery Ballroom. Must go to Studio B and/or Webster Hall. Here's a picture from Bowery:

LCD Soundsystem @ Bowery Ballroom

Last time I saw LCD at Bowery I wasn't AS into it - I can't really remember why. This time I loved it. Read more reviews at Qbertplaya, Music Slut, and Pop Tarts.

Planningtorock opened, but I missed them/her.

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