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LIt Lounge

East Village party palace and venue, Lit Lounge, will close sometime in the next two months after 13 years in business. EV Grieve noted last month that there was a big "FOR RENT" sign on the building and confirmation came Thursday (7/9) via Clubplanet.com who interviewed Lit owners Steve Lewis and David Schwartz:

Steve Lewis: What was the primary reason for closing and moving shop to Bushwick?

Erik Foss: The new East Village crowd and the flight of the creative types to creative Brooklyn . It was inevitable. NYC is an ever changing animal. I am just glad that I got to be here before downtown changed into what it is now.

David Schwartz: Ehh, not happy with the newbies in the East Village. Millenials don't go out and the artistic ones left for Brooklyn digs 4 yrs ago.

In addition to being a place to dance and indulge in some late-night hedonism, their downstairs venue used to be home of the much-missed Precious Metal nights, as well as hosting lots of hyped shows during the "free Sparks" mid-'00s years.

Lit's sister club in Bushwick is still not open but its restaurant component, Currant Cafe, is and has been for more than a year. Says Foss, "Lit Bk could open next week or in 3 months, it's really a mystery as we have no real control of this last step." Foss also told Clubplanet that Aaron Pierce, founder of Williamsburg's soon-to-close Trash Bar, is now a part of the Lit team.


Sad news from the NYC nightlife world: DJ Jess (aka Jess Marquis aka Jesse Immler), who organized, promoted, and DJ'd at parties like TRASH!, Motherfucker, MisShapes, Rated X, Tiswas and more, died earlier this week. From Next Magazine:

"He was always very upbeat and positive, and gave a lot of people their first breaks at Trash," DJ Mikey Pop says. "He literally gave me my first nightlife gig. People start in dive bars or shitty clubs. I started at Webster Hall. I'm forever grateful for that."

The L Magazine and Citysearch.com dubbed Marquis the city's "Best DJ" for three years strong, and Paper Magazine, The Village Voice, The L Magazine, and more have named his events "Best Party."

"His parties were alternative crowds, infused with gay, straight, lesbian, burlesque, male and female go-gos, drag queens, drag kings... He brought literally every walk of nightlife together in one party," Pop continues.

Igor from Driven By Boredom adds:
Jess' legendary party Trash was my favorite party in New York of all time. It was one of the first parties I went to and when it was at Rififi it was as good as any weekly party could ever get. Jess also threw Rated X which was probably the most insanely fun and debaucherous party outside of Motherfucker which of course Jess also DJd. His Thursday night party "in the seedy basement of Lit", NC-17, was one of the best placls to get people naked.

Honestly, now that I think about it Jess' parties are responsible for a massive amount of my sex life.

His parties were also responsible for lots of Last Night's Party and Cobra Snake content. Jess also dabbled in nightlife photography himself, and was in the band We Are Americana. Before that he was in Smiths cover band The Salford Lads, as Andy Shaw points out in another moving tribute.

DJ Jess was also a resident DJ at Webster Hall and did a lot of remix work recently. His last release was a reworked Smashing Pumpkins' "Bullet with Butterfly Wings" which you can stream below.

His last, non-promotional tweet happened on April 6th. Here it is:

Rest in peace, Jess. NYC won't be the same without you.

UPDATE: Jess's life will be celebrated at Webster Hall on 4/16. Flyer for the tribute, below...

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Lit's EV location

Just last week (2/19), EV haunt Lit Lounge celebrated 12 years of good times, live music and occasional debauchery with a birthday blowout featuring DJs Jonathan Toubin, Paul Sevigny and others. Now comes word that Lit is opening a second lounge, this one in Bushwick's McKibbin Lofts. Bedford & Bowery got the scoop:

The bi-level venue, about half the size of Lit but boasting 17-foot-tall ceilings, will consist of a small upstairs restaurant, open daily and run by artist Tessa Hughes-Freeland.
The upstairs restaurant, Currant Cafe, is scheduled to open Saturday, March 16 and the downtairs bar which will be called Lit is aiming for September. As for whether the new space will book bands, co-owner Erik Foss told B&B, "As of now we have no plan for live music. But that's what we said about Lit, haha."

The Flat

Since opening in March, the Flat has been a haven for edgy music and affordable drinks. "It's amazing how many people we know live within blocks away," said Max Brennan, the owner. A decade ago, he founded Lit, a bar, gallery and performance space on Second Avenue in Manhattan. "It's sort of how Lit used to be before all the 'shirts' invaded the East Village," he said." - [NY Times]
The Flat, owned by Lit's Max Brennan and The Deathset's Johnny Sierra, opened this spring at 308 Hooper St, just off the Hewes St stop on the J/M line. While it's mainly a bar they do hold the occasional show, like Azar Swan's live debut which happens Saturday night (11/10) and is the official afterparty to the Tamaryn show at Knitting Factory earlier that night (Tamaryn's tour meanwhile hits Mercury Lounge tonight).

On Wednesday (11/14) The Flat is hosting a show presented by Self-Titled, Mishka and Greedhead Music, with HEEMS, LE1F, Big Baby Gandhi, and Meyhem Lauren. It's early (7 - 9 PM) and is FREE. Flyer is below.

The day before that (Tuesday, 11/13) they've got the release party for Fat Tony's "BKNY" music video with DJ sets from the man himself, plus Tom Cruz, Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire, DJ Sicksentz, Kitty Pryde, Lakutis, Cities Aviv, and Dapwell from Das Racist. Also free, 9 PM start.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG


Canadians Vilipend aren't making any new friends with their vitriolic new LP Inamorata and that's the way they like it. Apparently the band isn't so chummy with landlords either, after bassist Michael J. Crossley was denied an apartment due to his "nefarious" associations. Quoth Crossley's potential landlord:

"I will be straight up with you both. We were quite ready to make a decision in your favour the other night.

However, upon investigation of the band Vilipend, it has brought forward some concerns for us. We are uncomfortable with the energy that this music manifests.

We really enjoyed meeting with you both and you have shown both professionalism and patience in this process. We thank you for that. However, we feel it is not the best fit for our house and our other tenants."

Inamorata isn't exactly unicorns and rainbows. The new LP, due via A389 Records on 8/16, carries on in the tradition of noisey hardcore like Converge and Botch with elements of sludgy misanthropy throughout. Check out "Last Stand of the Hopeless Romantic" which rears its ugly head for the first time below, alongside another three tracks from the record.

Vilipend are on the East Coast with NYC's Meek is Murder this August, and will swing through Lit Lounge on 8/20 to play a show with Tiger Flowers. All streams and tour dates are below.

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photos by Samantha Marble

The Melvins Lite at Lit, 6/30/2012

Melvins (in "Lite" formation) played the shoebox that is Lit Lounge on Saturday night (6/30), joined by Hammerhead, Gay Witch Abortion and Seawhores. Much like they did at the Am-Rep anniversary show two years ago, Melvins switched things up by playing first. Pictures from the art exhibition/show are in this post.

The show was filmed by The Color of Noise crew, who are currently seeking funding for their Amphetamine Reptile documentary. The Kickstarter is currently only $2,700 away from their goal, with 48 hours left until it closes. Contribute if you can, the crew recently added more "rewards" for contribution.

The show was one of two for Hammerhead (who played DbA on Friday, 6/29) and Gay Witch Abortion (who played Union Pool on Sunday, 7/1).

There are more chances to see Melvins soon: they'll will be in your state this fall as part of their World Record attempt at "Fastest U.S. tour by a band.".

More pictures from Lit Lounge are below.

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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Your ticket into Melvins at Lit Lounge.
Melvins at Lit

June 30th, its on. Melvins, Hammerhead, Gay Witch Abortion and Seawhores will take over Lit Lounge (not lying) for a rare and ridiculously intimate show at the space as part of the "Post Moral Neanderthal Retardist Pornography" art show.

ART SHOW @ TT Underground Gallery
LIVE MUSIC SHOW @ Lit Lounge (right next door)
- Occurring simultaneously - Saturday, JUNE 30 -

Melvins • Hammerhead • Gay Witch Abortion • Seawhores
Lit Lounge • 7pm • JUNE 30th/Saturday

1) Go to Lit Lounge on THURSDAY June 28th at 7pm
2) Buy a hyper-limited hand-made 12" ($50) to get your name on the list to attend the live show
3) Come back on Sat. and enjoy seeing the Melvins • Hammerhead • Gay Witch Abortion • Seawhores

Uber-rare vinyl pressing. Uber-rare show in a tiny shoebox (175 capacity at Lit Lounge seems a bit generous). Win-win. Flyer and more details on the show are below.

The Color of Noise crew will be at Lit Lounge that night, filming for their previously discussed documentary. The doc's Kickstarter is still ongoing and just added additional "rewards" for contribution. Whether you make it to Lit or not, contribute if you can.

if you miss the Lit Lounge show, Melvins ("Lite") also have PLENTY of other dates coming up including one at Maxwell's which is still on sale and one at Music Hall of Williamsburg too.

Full details on that Lit Lounge show are below.

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by BBG

Vattnet Viskar
Vattnet Viskar

Vattnet Viskar and Yellow Eyes teamed for a Broken Limbs Recordings showcase at Lit Lounge last night (5/14). Black metal was the theme of the evening, with Yellow Eyes shooting for Weakling/Drudkh-style grandiosity while Vattnet Viskar attacked similar influences with a distinctly punk rock ethos. Yellow Eyes, who were playing their first NYC show, were impressive, especially considering their minimal experience as a live unit, but Vattnet Viskar was downright venomous.

More pictures from the night are below, alongside streams from both of their recent releases.

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Blood Orange @ Converse FADER Fort SXSW 2012 (photo by thereal_lc_)
Blood Orange

Blood Orange (aka Dev Hynes), who was just in Austin for SXSW (picture above, video below), is back home in NYC and will play a local show at Justice's favorite club Lit Lounge TONIGHT (3/21) with Rewards and Shuga. Tonight's show is one of a few one-offs for Blood Orange before he heads out on tour with Florence & the Machine. That tour hits NYC on May 8 at Radio City (sold out).

Rewards, who open tonight's show, were also added as an opener to Tanlines' upcoming Bowery Ballroom show (4/12). Tickets for that show are still available. Tanlines were also just at SXSW for a limited amount of shows and released their album, Mixed Emotions, yesterday. Alon with that came a new video for song "All of Me", directed by Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh. Watch below.

Shuga, who are also on tonight's bill and were also at SXSW, are on Luv Luv Luv Records, who are presenting tonight's Lit Lounge show and who also manage Blood Orange and Florence, who as mentioned, are touring together. Shuga has another upcoming NYC show at Tammany Hall on Monday (3/26).

Kindness at SXSW 2012 (via)

In related news, Kindness (aka Adam Bainbridge), who, like Blood Orange, records for Chris Taylor's (of Grizzly Bear/CANT) Terrible Records, was also just in Austin for SXSW where he shared a bill with Blood Orange at a Windish party. Kindess also played a Gorilla vs Bear/Yours Truly party and the NME showcase, among others. Dummy Mag wrote about the GvsB/YT show:

Kindess slinked on stage like the consummate crooner: smooth, self-assured and safe in the knowledge his charm would woo the crowd. He was right, too. I was a little too tired to surrender to it entirely but there's no doubting the calibre of Kindess. Top of the pops.
Check out some videos of Kindness at SXSW below.

Speaking of Gorilla vs Bear and Florence & the Machine, GvsB just premiered a Clams Casino remix of Florence's "Never Let Me Go." Stream that below.

All dates, videos and streams below...

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Chavez play Lit Lounge Thursday (9/29), one day before they head to Asbury Park for ATP. That is all.

by BBG

David Yow with Jesus Lizard at Irving Plaza (more by Lori Baily)
David Yow

No offense to the enigmatic frontman of The Jesus Lizard, etc, but the first thought that comes to mind when thinking of the sweaty high-octane vocals of David Yow isn't fine art. Yet the great vocalist will showcase his fascinating work at "GLASS GAS MASK", his solo art show that opens at Fuse Gallery in NYC TONIGHT (8/24) with an opening reception at 7PM. The exhibition runs through September 21st.

David Yow

Working both digitally and by hand, artist and musician David Yow produces a body of work that has a keen compositional sensibility often combined with a dark sense of humor. He utilizes design elements of line, texture, and shape in conjunction with found images and objects to enhance, alter and create graphically bold imagery with an edge. In his digital works, Yow delineates images to exaggerate an emotion to absurdity; and in the paintings, he integrates acrylic, collage, charcoal, pencil, spit, hair, crayon, wood, etc. to craft a deviant somewhat biomorphic creation, that is, or was, living - whatever it is, is very difficult to discern.

While having an illustrious music career in the bands Scratch Acid and the Jesus Lizard, David Yow also has a long time passion for visual art. In his pre-punk college years, David completely submerged himself in painting and drawing, but music soon emerged as a form of creative expression he couldn't resist. He has recently returned to art-making. His work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally in Berlin, Los Angeles and New York.

Despite being previously featured in other exhibitions in the NYC area, tonight is Yow's first solo venture in our fair city. Preview some more of his work at his website.

In other David Yow news, we previously mentioned that Scratch Acid are getting back together to play ATP in Minehead this fall and other US dates TBA. Still no word on those.

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Lit Lounge

As the NSFW gallery on Nicky Digital confirms, Trash recently celebrated their ninth anniversary at Webster Hall in the same raunchy way Trash always celebrates, and with help from DJ Jess, Alex Malfunction, Twig "The Invisible" Wunderbarkid, Lady Valtronic, Shane Bella Lugosi, Sugar Caine, and Debbie Delirium with burlesque by Magdalena Fox and Hazel Honeysuckle,

If you were aware of Trash nine (or even 8, 7, 6 or 5) years ago, when I believe it was happening at Rififi, then you were probably also aware of and spending some of your time in the smokey basement of Lit Lounge which is celebrating its ninth birthday TONIGHT (2/22). Freshkills and Hussle Club are playing sets. The DJ's are Death Set, Paul Sevigny, Leo Fitzpatrick, and John Toubin.

Leave your drunken Trashy Lit Up memories in the comments...

words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble, BBG

Jesse of Tiger Flowers sings a lovely duet (pic by BBG)
Tiger Flowers

I was already beyond excited about the NYC return of Premonitions of War at Public Assembly with the unreal Tiger Flowers and Descender. That lineup alone is worth a Sunday night (4/25). But NOW, BrooklynVegan and 1000Knives present our latest addition to the show.... THE RED CHORD! Blame it on Volcanofail 2010. The Red Chord was scheduled to be in Europe with Rotten Sound, Aborted and Those who Lie Beneath but are obviously stranded(?) in the US for the time being. Their loss, our GAIN.

For Tiger Flowers it will be their second NYC show in six days. The Tiger Flowers/Khann tour hit Lit Lounge on 4/19, teaming with My America and Pharoah (ex-The Banner) for a well rounded night of dissonant hardcore, ebullition style spazzy screamo, and am-rep punk bludgeoning. Jarboe was also supposed to play the show, but she got stuck in Italy (tonight's show at Union Pool is also now cancelled).

Even though 2/3 of My America reside two states away from NYC (in Delaware), the band always seems well rehearsed and fantastic live. Start-stops are done on a dime, and My America's take on noise rock is absolutely essential for fans of Young Widows, Shellac, Black Cross, Lords, and many others. Check them out on 5/28 when the band plays Union Pool with Ken Mode, Engineer, and the newly added Rosetta (!!!) as part of a BV/1000 Knives Presentation.

Khann from Orlando have a new record on the way via Black Market Activities, and the band had some serious riffs to back their spazzy ebullition-style screamo. Vocalist Ben zigged-and-zagged around the basement, spazzing out and landing smack on the floor quite a few times - when he wasn't barreling his way through the crowd. Tons of intensity from these guys.

Tiger Flowers delivered their most brutal performance ever at Lit, absolutely pummeling the crowd with their dissonant, noise-ridden take on hardcore. Vocalist Jesse was a maniac: bleeding all over the basement, attempting to crowdsurf (Lit has some low ceilings - not a good look), swinging from ceiling pipes, screaming in audience members' faces, jumping off of tables/chairs/the kick drum, all while belting it out and not missing a beat. Behind Jesse, the instrumental portion of the band was tight as ever, showing that their recent stints on the road have made them a machine. Make sure and catch them on SUNDAY at Public Assembly (with The Red Chord - see above!).

Unfortunately, Samantha and I both missed Pharaoh, so no pictures of them, but more pictures of the other bands at LIT (warning, not for the faint of heart), below...

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The Department of Health is looking to shut down five popular nightclubs for ignoring the city's smoking ban.

M2 Ultra Lounge in Chelsea, The Box on the Lower East Side, Southside Nightclub in Little Italy, The Imperial in the Flatiron District and Lit Lounge in the East Village were fined in 2009 for allowing smoking indoors.

DOH officials say patrons were caught smoking during an undercover operation.

Health officials are taking the case to a tribunal today, to ask a judge to revoke the club's food and beverage permits, which would prohibit alcohol sales.

The judge will decide whether the DOH has enough evidence to pull the permits for willful and continuous disregard of the ban. [NY1] (thx danny)

by Bill Pearis


Almost 25 months to the day of their live debut, Obits return to Cake Shop on two consecutive nights: February 12 and 13. Says guitarist Sohrab Habbibion:

We've been wanting to play the Cake Shop again, but haven't since our first show there. This is our quasi two-year anniversary of that show, so we thought it'd be fun to do two shows and play a bunch of the new songs we've been tinkering with. We're working on a new record and have whittled down at least 40 songs ideas to about 20 more fully formed tracks. And of those 20-ish, we have a half dozen or more that should be ready to play.

Also, these shows are the first NY area ones we've played that are ours since our record release show in March. Everything else has been either an event like New Year's Eve or opening for Pinback or Polvo or random CMJ stuff. So we figured it was about time to headline a proper show and just have a good time with it, getting our friends to open and test out some new stuff before we head back to Europe.

Those friends opening the Feb. 12 show are Gray Goods and Rope. The Feb 13 show has Buenos Dias and Wrong Dots. Both shows are $10, no advance tickets. After the Cake Shop shows, Obits head to Europe and then return to play some U.S. dates opening for Ted Leo. All dates are at the bottom of this post.

In other Obits-related news, two members of the band have upcoming art shows. Drummer Scott Gursky (who designed the Cake Shop poster above) is part of "Vision Quest - A Group Show of Neo-Shamanic Art" which is running now through February 21 at the Observatory in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, singer Rick Froberg has a solo show at Fuse Gallery that has its opening reception the same night as the second Cake Shop show.

Sohrab also tells us, "Greg, our bass player, and I are recording a King Crimson-ish prog jam with Alexis from GvsB that I wrote for a project to celebrate the paperback release of our friend Jeff Rotter's really awesome and hilarious novel The Unknown Knowns. There's going to be a totally absurd video involving a complex underwater world and lyrics like, 'The parchment culled from lamprey gills / And with a waterproof kind of quill / The rhymes are writ in a font of yore / Unavailable at any store.'"

There's more. "The Forgery Series show I played [opening for That Petrol Emotion] was satisfying enough that I'm going to record a single. Phil Palazzolo, who's an old school NJ hardcore guy that's also worked with Okkervil River and on A.C. Newman's last record, is hopefully gonna produce it. It should be fun and, with a bit of luck, find a balance between pop melody and Kraut drone."

All Obits 2010 tour dates are below.

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by BBG

forgetters @ Lit Lounge (photo by Bill Shouldis)

"forgetters were the reason for the season for me. Seven songs in just under a half-hour, with no retreads from the Thorns material. They all sounded like fast Blake Schwarzenbach songs, so if you've liked any of his musical projects, you will not find forgetters to be a drastic departure. I recorded the show. If you'd like it, and you're not going to sell it or otherwise rankle them, e-mail me and I'll send you a link. forgetters actually have a collective web presence, so keep track of their upcoming shows (and Blake's political leanings) here." [Jaded Scenester]
forgetters (aka Blake Schwarzenbach's new project with Caroline Paquita. from Bitchin' & Kevin Mahon who used to drum in Against Me!) and The Bomb have scheduled an in-store appearance during the day at NYC's Generation Records on Sunday, 10/25. The show starts at 1PM and is FREE, while space is available. Videos from the Lit show below.

The show is one of two NYC shows for Chicago's The Bomb, who are also scheduled to play Europa on 10/24 with Used Kids & Basement Black. The Bomb is currently touring off of their new LP, Speed is Everything , which is out NOW via No Idea Records.

In semi-related news, the previously mentioned Iron Age day show at Generation Records is cancelled. Iron Age IS scheduled to make a pair of appearances in NYC though, including at Cake Shop on 10/16 with Mother of Mercy, War Hungry, and Thriller and at The Charleston on 10/17 with a killer diverse bill of Naam, The Banner, Brain Killer , Descender, and Dustheads. Flyer for The Charleston is below.

Naam was recently added to the FREE BrooklynVegan-BBG day party at Fontana's on 10/23.

Descender recently released their S/T EP for FREE download. Get that here, and get out to see them support Iron Age and/OR with Raise The Red Lantern/God's Revolver at Lit Lounge on 10/19.

Full tour dates for The Bomb, the Iron Age flyer and forgetters videos, below...

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Blake Schwarzenbach of Jawbreaker debuted a new band, Thorns of Life with Aaron Cometbus and Daniela Sea, late last year. That band has broken up and Schwarzenbach's new trio, forgetters (who may continue playing Thorns of Life songs), with bassist Caroline Paquita and Kevin Mahon (the first drummer for Against Me!) is already slated to play a string of shows. The first of those will be this Friday, September 18th at Lit Lounge with Golden City (Eric Richter of Christie Front Drive), Solar Powered Sun Destroyer and Thought & Memory. All tour dates are below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Lightning Swords of Death
Lightning Swords of Death

What better place to see the black metal attack of Liturgy (though some call them "white metal"), Lightning Swords of Death, Bastard Sapling, and Agrath than the dingy basement of Lit Lounge, where the bands squared off on August 17th as part of Precious Metal.

I arrived bright and early to catch Agrath, the only band of the four that I wasn't familiar with. The NYC band had some interesting discordant riffage and were tight/executed very well, but had little to no stage prescence- save for the moments in between songs when the vocalist croaked song titles in his best black metal screech. If Agrath can somehow channel the evil from their riffs into their live show, they could be something interesting.

Richmond's Bastard Sapling followed, whom I was previous familiar via their performance at the ABC No Rio in Feb with Tombs, Black Anvil, and Woe (helluva bill right?) back in February. Beyond intense performance from this thrashy black metal five piece which includes the ex-drummer from CR (who are reuniting in September). Killer band, and highly reccommended if you get the chance to catch them.

Lightning Swords of Death was the main attraction of the evening for me, and the Los Angeles band managed to be beyond amazing in what ranks as one of the greatest performances I have ever seen in the basement of Lit Lounge. LSOD played with a fog machine (set to maximum, I am guessing?) which, when coupled with the Lit Lounge house light rig, clouded the basement and recalled a Zoroaster live show. Each member contributes a vital piece to LSOD: Roskva's (who also does time in Endless Blizzard) thundering guitar tone recalls that of a doom band and not one more conducive to tremolo picking. Reverend Black snarls, crouches low and plays bass like an unhinged barbarian, complete with a freakout noise session that would have made Thurston Moore proud. Lead vocalist Autarch vocals are fantastically diabolical, and he is comfortable in the role of blasphemous ringmaster. And drummer Thrudvang... he is talented and all but I pretty much can't guarantee much more than that because the fog was so damn dense.

LSOD were unbelievable live and I cannot reccomend them enough. I find it somewhat shocking that a major like Metal Blade would sign a band of this style (although Century Media did sign Nachtmystium), but I am beyond excited to see it. Random question though... is this band's name a reference to the great Lone Wolf and Cub series of kung fu films? If so, my appreciation for that moniker jumps up considerably.

It was a tall order for Liturgy to top LSOD, and the four piece did their best. Drawing heavily from their to-be-lauded LP Renihilation, the band were tight, focused, and muscular. I have seen Liturgy many a time, and it seems that this relatively young band is experienced beyond their years and keep getting better. During their second to last song, guitarist/vocalist Hunter broke a string and instead of having the audience wait until he replaced that string, said "that's it, sorry guys". A few in the audience started to trickle out, but screams of "one more" eventually led the band to make a deal: if they could wait until the string was changed and the band would play on. The audience did, and Liturgy did. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

More pictures from the show below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

Unearthly Trance - July 13, 2009
Uneathly Trance

"Thankfully, when Unearthly Trance come crashing through a howling wall of feedback into their sludgy doom metal riffing, we are back in the land of physically pulverising heaviosity. With a technical deftness that could easily be lost beneath the dark distorted extremes of their sound, they shift seamlessly from their sludge beginnings to heavy-as-hell crust punk scorchers and then back all the way to full-on epic doom, showered with slow slow riffs and funereally paced stick-shattering drum crashes. This expert combination of dynamics, progressive experimentation and sheer brutal heaviness leaves the crowd stumbling from the Notecave's sweaty depths with suitably ringing ears and clawing fists." [an April 2009 review]
Unearthly Trance headlined a night of otherwise mechanized heaviness provided by Chi-City's Harpoon and Casket Architects at Lit Lounge on July 13th as part of the weekly Precious Metal party. The show was one of a pair for Harpoon, who also hit up The Charleston the following night.

Unearthly Trance, who recently played the BV-BBG showcase at the Northside Festival, is scheduled to play another BV-BBG event... Show No Mercy at Public Assembly on August 2nd with Keelhaul, Minsk, STATS, and Defeatist.

Harpoon, who we originally profiled here, is touring off of Double Gnarly / Triple Suicide which was released earlier this year.

More pics, and a video of Harpoon, from the show are below....

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photos by Paul Birman, words by Black Bubblegum

Trap Them

Trap Them

"Much like label brethren Trap Them (oft believed to be of Swedish origin), Victim's power lays in their earthy roar and their direct, fat free apocalyptic barrage that is built on the simplest of elements, i.e. rattling beats, pounding bass, stabbing riffs and, most importantly, raw, raw vox, frantically bellowed without respite. Unlike Trap Them, there appears to be no urge to push their sound forward into the 21st century, no, no, no, Victims seem content on raging as if it was 1989 against everything and everyone." [Teeth of the Divine]
Victims, Trap Them, and Black Breath teamed up with Black Anvil to play Lit Lounge last night (5/25) as part of the previously discussed Precious Metal 3rd Anniversary Party. If you missed out, then save June 11th on your calendar, because all three (sans Black Anvil) will be in Brooklyn at The Charleston on that date. Tons of pics from last night's assault are below...

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by Black Bubblegum

Trap Them @ Knitting Factory (more by Zach Dilgard)
Trap Them

Three years of any kind of party in NYC is a milestone. TONIGHT (5/25), Swedish crusties Victims, BV faves Trap Them, upstart badasses Black Breath, and the recently added Black Anvil will be at Lit Lounge to help celebrate the third anniversary of Precious Metal. The show is part of a larger tour for Victims, Trap Them, and BB, that will conclude in Philadelphia on 6/12 and includes another date at The Charleston on 6/11.

Trap Them are coming off of a triumphant tour with Napalm Death (photos from NYC here) including one stop at Maryland Death Fest with the mighty Bolt Thrower.

Decibel Magazine recently ran a piece on Precious Metal's three year anniversary, and the man behind it, Curran Reynolds (who we interviewed last year).

All dates below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

Karma to Burn

Karma to Burn is a desert rock/psychedelic rock band from Morgantown, West Virginia comprising guitarist William Mecum, bassist Rich Mullins and drummer Nathan Limbaugh (later to be replaced by Rob Oswald for Wild, Wonderful Purgatory). The band were noted for their uncompromising instrumental sound, echoing that of such desert rock bands as Kyuss and the Obsessed, although the band's preferred genre is "malternative". The band unofficially disbanded sometime in mid-2002, when bassist Rich Mullins joined Speedealer. Currently, Mullins is playing in the Los Angeles based band Year Long Disaster, Oswald is playing drums in Nebula, and Will Mecum is playing guitar for Treasure Cat. -[Wiki]
Karma to Burn played their first NYC show, since reuniting earlier this year, at Lit Lounge on April 20th. They were joined by Mabus, and the awesome Tiger Flowers. I unfortunately got to the show moments before Karma To Burn, missing both openers, but I am a fan of Tiger Flowers' discordant take on hardcore.

The threesome blasted through their numbered setlist (all of their "number" songs, that is), concentrating on later, post-Roadrunner/post-vocalist material. These guys definitely still have it, and I assume that if they had some more lead-time and some PR, these boys would have (and should have) been playing a venue twice the size (not that I'm complaining.... just meant a more concentrated dose of stoner-y metal for those of us in attendance). Hopefully they'll come back again. In the meantime, Karma To Burn have a couple dates on the West Coast, including one with Year Long Disaster, before they hit Europe in June and part of July.

All tour dates and more pictures from the show, below...

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photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum

Landmine Marathon

Her name is "Grace" and she has it... when she isn't on stage I mean. On stage, Grace Perry of Landmine Marathon will unleash the most unholy bellow within two inches of your face. And she did at Lit last Monday night (4/13), one of Landmine Marathon's two NYC shows, supported by the dark sorcerors Wizardry, the filthy perverts in Villains, and the hyper-costumed Seizure Crypt.

I arrived moments before Villains, though by all accounts and judging by the photos, I truly missed out on Wizardry.

I've seen Villains (who we profiled here) many times, but Monday was undoubtedly my favorite set from the crew. Vocalist Desecrator spat at the crowd, pelvis-thrusted his way through "Crazy for Blowjobs", and proclaimed "only vinyl is real, fuck CDs and fuck blogs". Well fuck you too Desecrator! ...but I still think you guys rule, and so does Lifecode of Decadence.

I was not prepared for Landmine Marathon; vile and revolting riffage combined with crazed-mama Grace Perry on vocals will most likely slide easily onto my short list of best shows so far this year. If you like any of the following bands, Landmine Marathon is a MUST: Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Misery Index, Assuck, Carcass, early 90s death metal/grind and pretty much anything in the early Earache stable.

More pictures and a video from the show below...

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DOWNLOAD: Villains - "Life Code Of Decadence" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Villains - "Scumbag Preacher" (MP3)

Villains Live At Santos Party House (more by Justina Villanueva)

As previously noted, Landmine Marathon will team up with Villains, Wizardry, and Seizure Crypt TONIGHT (4/13) at Lit Lounge as part of their "East of Arizona" tour which will conclude in an appearance at the New England Hardcore and Metal Fest. The show marks their first appearance in NYC in three years and the band has doubled up on NYC to compensate, adding a second show at The Charleston on April 17th with Kavorka and Mutant Supremacy.

Bullet belts and/or six-inch-nail-adorned wristbands aren't required for Villains, but maybe they should be. Those who kneel at the altar of Bathory, Hellhammer, and Slayer will dig the Brooklyn crew's nod to the early stages of black metal and thrash. Villains recently dropped their second LP, Life Code of Decadence, on Nuclear War Now! Productions (pick it up here) which includes the title track and "Scumbag Preacher" which are both available for download above.

Before tonight's live metal debauchery, Lit Lounge will also host a listening party for the new album by Karl Sanders of Nile. Get there early (7- 9PM) to hang with Sanders and check out his new album Saurian Exorcisms due on 4/14 via The End.

Landmine Marathon released their LP Rusted Eyes Awake in 2008. Pick up the track "Bile Towers" here. Full tour dates, including a 4/16 in Bloomfield, NJ with Wetnurse, below....

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DOWNLOAD: Gods & Queens - "Untitled 3" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gods & Queens - "Untitled 2" (MP3)

photos by Justina Villanueva, words by Black Bubblegum

Gods and Queens

Gods & Queens played the eensy weensy Lit Lounge on Monday 2/2 along with My America Is Watching Tigers Die, Ain't Rights (mems Pollution, Battletorn), and Praqtiss. The occasion was the weekly 'Precious Metal' party that Curran Reynolds does at the East Village venue.

Gods & Queens is currently gearing up for a European tour in April, but have a pair of shows before that, including one with Ghastly City Sleep (ex-pg.99 & City Of Caterpillar, Gregor Samsa) at Union Pool in Brooklyn on March 26th.

The band dropped their untitled LP filled with untitled songs on Robotic Empire in the tail end of 2008. Decibel went apeshit over it and named it as their 19th fave of the year.

Jamie Getz of G&Q also played in Versoma with Mike Hill. Mike Hill and his new(er) band Tombs play Union Pool TONIGHT (2/4) with Dysrhythmia. Check out our new interview with Mike if you didn't already.

All tour dates, and more pictures from Lit Lounge, below...

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