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by Rachel Kowal

DM Stith/Inlets/Silje's tour van (currently broken) (via DM)
Stith Van

In the wake of celebrating its one-year anniversary last month, Littlefield is beginning to host some pretty decent artists. Take Sunday night's show at the Gowanus venue. Only a modest crowd made it out, but the evening was filled with beautiful and haunting melodies.

First up was Norwegian singer-songwriter Silje Nes. On her debut album, Ames Room, Silje's soft and airy vocals are often overshadowed by the layers of sound she creates, but at Littlefield, they rang out against the gentle notes of a violin and and her guitar. As with other Scandinavian groups like múm and Seabear, shy stage banter and whimsical sound effects factor prominently into the mix. Lyrics of gardens, birds, the sun, and the sky only increase the charm value.

Silje Nes' sound is beautifully understated. Her percussionist in particular is a master of subtlety. He had at his disposal: a tiny xylophone, sleigh bells, wooden blocks, and a miniature accordion of sorts. At one point, he seemed to rub something against his own arm hair to create the scratchy sound characteristic of old recordings.

In addition to playing a handful of songs from her 2007 album, Silje played some newer songs, including "Crystals," which will be on an album her upcoming album, Opticks, due out in September.

Following such a quiet set by Silje Nes, the contrast of Inlets' opening song, "Canteen" was initially a bit jarring. The volume level in the room spiked, and Inlets seemed to possess more self-assurance-- even when, early in the show, front man Sebastian Krueger stopped mid song, saying, "I'm already upset with how out of tune that note is." Like Silje Nes, however, Inlets benefits from lovely group harmonies. The addition of Ben Lanz on trombone also helped to punch up the set.

As DM Stith settled in to play and introduced himself, he suddenly interrupted himself, saying, "I can still hear Gorillaz. Am I the only one?" After the faintly playing house music had indeed stopped, Stith began to set up his first song with a series of claps and snaps that he looped together to create the percussion.

The audience was quite respectful throughout the evening. The presence of seats and the relatively small size of Littlefield made for quite an intimate show. Besides the unintentional rumble of the snare drum during part of Stith's set, the only noise culprit turned out to be not the crowd, but the blasting A/C (though I suppose that's better than the oppressive heat that takes over many other Brooklyn venues in the summer).

Following a Sparklehorse cover, Stith invited the Osso string quartet to occupy the empty seats that were on the stage, and members from Inlets to share the stage with him. Given the fact that the quartet has also worked with fellow Asthmatic Kitty artist Sufjan Stevens, I guess their presence on Sunday shouldn't have been too unexpected, but it was still a welcome surprise. With the addition of all the extra musicians, DM Stith'a set took on a fuller sound for a couple of songs, though his haunting falsetto was still rightfully a major presence. Stith's vocals may be slightly off-kilter, but his voice is rich and eerily compelling.

Like Silje Nes, DM Stith also showcased a new song and revealed that he is working on an album that will be inspired by 50's pop and country music.

If you missed the NYC shows at 92Y Tribeca and Littlefield, you're in luck. The whole line-up will be back at Joe's Pub on July 21st following their tour. I'm already making plans to attend.

From now until that Joe's Pub show, you can catch the three artists on tour together. Their other stops include the NXNE Festival in Toronto, Spaceland in LA, the Black Cat in DC and many other places... but maybe not Portland.

Two new DM Stith videos, and DM's and Inlets' setlists from Littlefield, below...

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Sunday Best, Memorial Day Weekend 2010 (via)
Sunday Best

June 4th, 2010

To our Yardies...

Over the past four years, we have worked hard to create BKLYN Yard. You watched us grow from a small unknown independent venue into a space that hosted the best tacos in NYC, incredible talent (Lee Scratch Perry, Kaiju Big Battel, Dan Deacon & Jose Gonzalez to name a few), the Sunday Best dance series, the Gowanus Harvest Fest, the BK County Fair, Score! Pop-Up Mega Swap, Parked: Food Truck Festival, and countless lobster bakes, pig roasts, BBQs and more. This past Memorial Day Weekend, we were so proud to open our doors and display all the hard work we have been putting into the space to make this summer even better...from our new bar, to our atm, to our bocce court. Thousands of you came out and supported us and made it one of the most beautiful weekends we have had yet, so we are sad to announce, that last weekend was the final weekend of BKLYN Yard in our Carroll Gardens home.

Our landlord of the past four years, who used to share our vision for BKLYN Yard, notified us on Tuesday May June 1st, that they would no longer honor our lease which had been in place since early this year. They chose not to give us an opportunity to renegotiate, and requested that we take what we have built, and terminate all of our confirmed plans and schedule for BKLYN Yard this summer.

BKLYN Yard is a labor of love for MeanRed, rooted in our core company values: Love for artists, food, music and community. We are sad to see our passion project go in its brightest year, and are sad to let down all the people who have support and worked with us for the past 3 summers.

But if there is one thing we pride ourselves in, its our ability to think outside the box, to take a leap when there is no net, and to reach our highest visions. We wouldn't be who we are if we let hurdles keep us down. If we can turn a dim sum restaurant into a nightclub, a loft into a members-only club, and a toxic yard into a beautiful summer oasis... we can do anything.

Rest assured, our renegade spirit and love for pop-up spaces will come alive again this summer -- very possibly with the same collaborators and programming you see on our current schedule... And very possibly even better than we had planned before.

Doug Singer, Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter's Sunday Best series will continue on at another location, including this Sunday with DJ Koze. You can keep an eye on them at www.sundaybestnyc.com

In the meantime, we want to say:
Thank you for sharing in BKLYN Yard. We hope you'll continue on this crazy ride with us as we bring you what's next. Stay tuned, we will pop-up where you least expect it, with the words:

"Built by BKLYN Yard"

With love,
MeanRed Productions

That sucks. No word yet on where Sunday Best will move, but they will be at Littlefield this Sunday.

photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

Chew Lips

"Running through nearly the entirety of their debut offering, Chew Lips kept the crowd entertained while showing great appreciation for the support shown by a full room of fans. Lead gal, Tigs, amused the audience by playfully toying with the crowd, almost embarrassedly telling them to "Shut up!" through a coy grin, as the applause came heavily after each song." [Sheena Beaston]
More pictures, a couple of videos and the full setlist from Monday night's Chew Lips show at Littlefield in Brooklyn, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Chew Lips - Seven (MP3)

Chew Lips

Though they need to rethink that terrible name, up-and-coming Londoners Chew Lips are a likeable bunch - their aim is to make "music that sounds so dated it doesn't date", and on their debut they've fulfilled the brief. Unicorn is 32 minutes of the bippety-boppety electro sounds that defined 2009, making it feel both contemporary(ish) and retro, with the fleshy vocals of one-name singer Tigs comprising the selling point. [The Guardian]
Chew Lips are flying over from England to play their first NYC show this Monday, 4/12, at Littlefield. Rock bands Diehard and The Press open. Not the most congruous bill, but such is the world of showcasing.

You can download their track "Seven" above which is from their debut album, Unicorn, which came out earlier this year. It's a one-off show, as the band flies back for a UK tour. All dates are below, along with some of Chew Lips videos.

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DOWNLOAD: Damien Jurado - Arkansas (MP3)

Damien Jurado

"i am still awaiting the release of saint bartlett. soon. may 25th. i am excited and also anxious. it's wanting both, to go out and promote it and also stay at home. it's not how things work though. i'm going to be completely honest. over this past year, i wanted to hang this up. at least the going out into the world part. it was a lot that caused this. my deep growing love and devotion to my son, who is getting older. we have conversations all the time. he understands more. we teach each other new things daily. any day that i am not near him, is heart breaking. "the other part of me" is absent. he is encouraging in my pursuit of music.. well, so long as it's done at home. understandable. another thing that made me consider a change was the joy i felt being in the studio with richard swift. for the first time in my years of playing music, i felt able to really look at the songs for the first time. this is kind of vague. i am not even sure how i begin to explain it. picture a bird, for the first time walking on the edge of a tree limb and jumping. the bird's wings open as it is diving towards the ground, and just before it hits the ground, with the help of his own wings, he is taken to the sky. does this make sense? freedom. it's how i felt about the new songs. about the songs that i have still been writing. about my time in the studio with richard. about my time with him, talking about music and playing records. seeing his un dying devotion to his family and his music career. i left the studio no longer feeling "outside" or apart from other well known songwriters. i now see myself beside them. arm in arm. or at least near them. so here i am now. standing in this line. mentioned in the same breathe as those other musicians. considered a legend of my own time. i don't think that. some in the press said it. i'm fine with it. ...where am i going here? i guess it's to say, that i'm happy about my future and the songs. it's just getting out the front door first. or making it to the edge of the tree limb, to make a flying leap." [Damien Jurado]
Damien Jurado's new album Saint Bartlett will be released by Secretly Canadian on May 25th. Check out the sweet song "Arkansas" from that album above. And Damien will get out the door at least one more time. All tour dates still TBA, but tickets are now on sale for a June 17th NYC show at Mercury Lounge and for one the very next day (6/18) at Littlefield in Brooklyn. Both shows are with Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground. Caleb Engstorm is also listed on the Manhattan show. The new album's tracklist is below...

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photos by Kyle Dean Reinford

casiokids @ Littlefield

Casiokids played their 2nd of three NYC shows this week on Sunday (3/14), at Littlefield in Brooklyn. The all-Scandinavian day party at the venue also featured sets by "Denmark's synth-rock quintet" Spleen United, "Denmark's only surf/flamenco band" The Good The Bad, and The Megaphonic Thrift (who play Santos tonight - 3/15).

Casiokids play their their next NYC show tonight (3/15 @ 11pm) at Knitting Factory WITHOUT Let's Wrestle, but with Banjo or Freakout (8pm), The Wave Pictures (9pm) and WhoMadeWho (10pm). NOTE THE NEW SET TIMES (no new bands added, no more midnight set). More pictures from Littlefield below...

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16 CAndles

Kid Rock is playing the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function benefit at Terminal 5 on September 2nd. It's the show the Beastie Boys played last year. $100 tickets are currently on AmEx presale and go on general sale Saturday at noon.

Get well soon MCA.

Insound are celebrating their 10th Anniversary with a show at Brooklyn Bowl. The August 27th party will feature sets by Cymbals Eat Guitars, These Are Powers, Suckers, The Drums and Real Estate. $10 tickets are on sale.

The Drums and Suckers are both also playing shows at Littlefield that same week as part of "After the Jump Fest '09" - three days of shows at the new Brooklyn venue::

After The Jump Fest 09 (more bands TBA)
After the Jump

After the Jump tickets (single day passes $10, 3 day passes $25 - ALL AGES) and tickets for other shows at Littlefield are available at Littlefield's site.

TONIGHT @ LITTLEFIELD (8/7): Kaki King's Exhibition.

THE DRUMS TONIGHT (8/7): @ the Mondo Dance Party @ Don Hill's

Tickets are on sale for the Circulatory System show at Le Poisson Rouge.

Tickets for the Ray LaMontagne show at Beacon Theatre go on sale Saturday at 10am.

Tickets are on sale for the Pelican show at Brooklyn Masonic Temple.

Chairlift play Bowery Ballroom on September 5th. Tickets are on sale.

Tickets are on sale for the David Bazan show at Bowery Ballroom.

Tickets are on sale for the Mastodon/Dehtklok/Converge/High On Fire show at Hammerstein Ballroom.

Tickets are on sale for the No Age show at Le Poisson Rouge.

Tickets are on sale for the Jay Reatard show at Le Poisson Rouge.

Tickets are on sale for the King Khan Halloween show at The Bell House.

Leonard Cohen MSG tickets are currently on pre-sale.

Tickets are on sale for the Great Lake Swimmers shows coming up at Bowery and MHOW.

Tickets are on sale for the Polvo show at The Bell House.

Tickets are on sale for the Lou Barlow show at Mercury Lounge.

Tickets are on sale for the Soft Pack show at Bowery Ballroom.

Kings of Leon Izod Center tickets were released.

Tickets go on sale Saturday (@ noon) for the Sunset Rubdown show at Grand Ballroom.

Tickets are on "Radio Presale" for the Gaslight Anthem show at Terminal 5. General sale starts Saturday at noon.

Thursday, Mountain Goats, Final Fantasy, Besnard Lakes, Amy Millan, Black Heart Procession and other tickets also recently went on sale.

No tickets necessary for the Moshi Moshi show at South Street Seaport.

photos by Tim Griffin

Kaki King in Stuy Town
Kaki King

Hey everyone!

I set up this page as a forum for everyone to witness and provide (helpful) commentary on this art project I had in mind.

What I want to do is to meet twelve amazing artists, give them each a blank guitar, and let them go wild creating anything their heart desires. The theme of each piece would be the title of one of my songs, and my only artistic contribution would be to paint my fingers and 'play' the fretboard (wherever it ends up) as I would during the song so as to create a visual representation of where my hands travel.

Everyone tells me that my playing is best witnessed visually--so this is one interpretation of that statement. At the end of this project we're going to display all of the guitars in a gallery and throw a party with performances and perhaps the finalization of the last guitar.

Right now I'm extending an open call for artists to submit their websites/jpegs/etc. and ideas about how they could redesign/paint/burn/disembody/what have you a guitar. Those who have experience working with mixed media and found objects will probably do best with this. I will be honest--artists in the NYC area will be considered slightly more favorably due to the expense of shipping costs (and the fact that I like meeting people face to face), but I felt that it was unfair to limit the submissions to just my hometown.

If this is a project for you or anyone you know then please email kakiguitarart@gmail.com. Send any relevant links or materials, your basic bio, and if possible a song title that you'd be interested in. I will answer every single email personally and provide you with all of the relevant details that aren't already here.

For those non-visual artists, feel free to comment about the project, favorite song titles, and any other feedback you feel is relevant. I'll be updating this site and my own as the project progresses. And please, no haters. This is just supposed to be good creative fun.

Thanks for reading! Can't wait to see what y'all got!

love, kaki

That Facebook-based project will come to life on August 7th at the new venue Littlefield in Brooklyn. Last night (7/15), like Jay Reatard before her, Kaki King played a free NYC show in Stuy Town. More pictures from that show, and all tour dates below...

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Malajube @ Oya Fest 2007 (more photos)

English Canada isn't exactly a model of tolerance when it comes to franco-pop, but here the intricate pop of [2006's] Trompe L'Oeil was taken to heart by a nation's worth of critics and indie-rock fans, scoring Malajube a nomination on the first-ever shortlist for the Polaris Music Prize later that year. Suddenly, Malajube found itself appointed ambassador for the "other" half of the Montreal underground, the half that conducts its rock `n' roll business in French and, as a result, rarely gets much mention in Anglo coverage of the city's recent, globally documented musical blossoming.

Frontman Julien Mineau concedes it was "really flattering" when U.S. organs like Pitchfork and Spin started singing Malajube's praises, and says he's still somewhat boggled that the band's latest album, Labyrinthes - out [February 2009] on Montreal indie label Dare to Care - is about to receive an official American release.

"It's strange. We're lucky to be listened to even though we're in an English-music world," [Mineau] says from his home in Ste-Ursule, a rural community on the north shore of the St. Lawrence. "But it's cool like that. I'm really happy that we get this kind of attention..." [Toronto Star]

Labyrinthes came out in the US on Dare to Care in March. In support of that, Malajube has been playing regular dates in their native Canada -- they'll be visiting the US for shows in July. Those include a gig at Maxwell's on Wednesday, July 22nd and a show at new Brooklyn venue Littlefield on Friday, July 24th. Tickets for the Maxwell's show are on sale.

A July 21st Mercury Lounge show was added too. Tickets on sale Thursday.

The band put out a video for the song "Porté disparu," off the new record. That's posted below with a making-of and a live rendition of the tune, and all tour dates...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Little Girls - Tambourine (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Hundred in the Hands - Dressed in Dresden (Zip)
DOWNLOAD: The Hundred in the Hands - Undressed in Dresden (Zip)


Little Girls
Little Girls

We knew it was coming, but just realized that new Park Slope/Gowanus venue Littlefield opens this weekend with two nights of free shows! First a little info on the venue from their website:

littlefield is a new performance and art space in Brooklyn's Gowanus neighborhood nestled between Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. Housed in an old, 6200-square foot warehouse, littlefield merges the Gowanus' industrial past with an organic, eco-friendly future. Green elements include a landscaped interior courtyard, sound walls formed from recycled rubber tires, a bar constructed of salvaged bowling alley lanes, and energy supplied by wind power. Future projects include a greywater system and a landscaped roof, which will reduce littlefield's footprint to virtually zero.
I'm curious enough to go just to check out the space, but both of these free shows look pretty good and would actually be worth paying for. Tonight (5/22) features TWII-approved bands Golden Triangle and Sisters, plus Toronto post punks Little Girls. The latter have records out de rigur labels like Paper Bag, Mexican Summer and Captured Tracks, which might be enough to picque your interest. Personally, I dig that gothy, garage-y sound (more Blank Dogs than Crystal Stilts in this case) which you can hear for yourself -- there's a Little Girls MP3 above.

Cruel Black Dove
Cruel Black Dove

The Hundred in the Hands
The Hundred Hands

Saturday's (5/23) free show features Brooklyn duo The Hundred in the Hands who you may have seen back in March opening for Handsome Furs. THITH features former Boggs frontman Jason Freidman and Elanore Everdel who was a touring member of the Boggs and has sung with TV on the Radio. Their sole single to date, "Dressed in Dresden" was produced by Chris Zane (he did Passion Pit and Harlem Shakes' new albums) and sort of sounds to me like Au Revoir Simone being remixed LCD Soundsystem. It's a good track, and you can download it (and the dubby "Undressed" mix) via the link above. Sharing the Saturday night lineup are fellow Brooklynites Cruel Black Dove who swipe more than a little from early-'90s club/goth, and if you like Curve and/or Garbage you might find them appealing. You can download a couple tracks at RCRDLBL and watch a video, and check out the flyer (with more show details), below.

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This fall Gowanus gets another venue! Located at 622 Degraw Street, this one is called Littlefield and will be housed in an old, 6200-square-foot warehouse renovated with an eco-friendly touch. They tell us "Green elements include a landscaped interior courtyard, sound walls formed from recycled rubber tires, and a bar constructed of salvaged bowling alley lanes."

Expect live music, film screenings, and art installations from the owners, Julie Kim and Scott Koshnoodi, as well as talent buyers (who include FrictionNYC's Justin Carl and Nghia Nguyen). A moveable partition is designed to separate the main performance space from the bar/courtyard, to give each area an intimate feel. "When the partition is fully closed, the performance space can accommodate up to 200 people while the bar/courtyard can hold up to 100. For larger performances, the partition can be moved to one side and the warehouse can accommodate up to 300 people." [Gothamist]

See the floor plan HERE.

The Bell House is opening not far away in Gowanus too.