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Shoot To Thrill

We're proud to present the first-ever BrooklynVegan photo show in conjunction with the first-ever Northside Festival.

The photo show will take place at Music Hall of Wiliamsburg in Brooklyn (the north side). Forty-nine photos that were taken for, and have appeared on, BrooklynVegan.com will be blown up and on display at the Williamsburg venue from Friday, June 12th through Sunday, June 14th. That time-frame encompasses four live shows:

You can check out the photos @ these MHOW shows
June 12 - BrooklynVegan showcase (Vanderslice/TMOE/Olof/TBA)
June 13 - O'Death + The Extraordinaires + Shellshag (afternoon)
June 13 - Asobi Seksu + Cymbals Eat Guitars + Elika (night)
June 14 - Bill Callahan + Sir Richard Bishop

All four shows can be entered with a Northside badge and/or a general admission ticket. Northside badge holders who didn't plan on coming to any of the Music Hall shows, but want to see the photos, should feel free to use their badge to stop by the venue just to see the pictures before moving on to their next Northside destination.

The cheapest and guaranteed option for seeing the pictures will be Saturday afternoon. For $10 at the door, you get three bands (O'Death, The Extraordinaires & Shellshag) and the pictures. This is also during the time when Bedford will be closed to cars - even more reason to visit the neighborhood over the weekend.

The very cheapest way to see the pictures is to win a ticket to one of the shows. We'll be running contests all this week.... starting now with THREE FREE Northside Badges for three lucky winners (who are 21+ - badge rules, not ours). Each badge is valued at $45. Details on winning one are at the very bottom of this post.

Appropriately, our Friday night music showcase (one of two we're doing for Northside - the other is the metal one) will coincide with the kick-off of the photo show:

Friday, June 12, 2009 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
BrooklynVegan Northside Festival showcase
7-8:00 - photo show reception. $3.00 drink specials.
09:00 -- TBA band
09:40 -- Olof Arnalds
10:15 -- The Tallest Man on Earth
11:20 -- John Vanderslice
$15.00 tickets are still on sale for this show, and of course you can get in with your Northside Badge (capacity permitting) (P.S. it will be one badge out, one badge in throughout the night).

Photographers represented in this show are Ryan Muir, Chris La Putt, Leia Jospe, Lori Baily, Tim Griffin, Bao Nguyen and Natasha Ryan. If your favorite BV photog is missing, it's only because we wanted to keep this first effort relatively small. Stay tuned for future events, more pictures, and more photographers.

Photo printing was made possible by AdoramaPix.

A sneak peak at some of the photos appearing in the show, the flyer, and contest details, below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DEP @ Irving Plaza (more by Lori Baily)

Surprise, surprise:

Some of you may have seen October tour dates posted for a tour we were to take part in. Due to circumstances beyond our control (no we're not breaking up so don't believe anything that might start floating around on the internet) we will not be taking part in that tour. We wish every other band on the tour well, and hope that it is a great success for them and for the people behind the scenes working hard to make it a great tour......

Don't worry, we'll definitely still play some shows while we're writing the new album. We'll get another US run in at some point as well as another UK run and some off the beaten path places like Mexico and South America. We'll let you know....

Yep. That said "new album":

We have a lot of exciting things happening. The best of which is writing for the next album, which we'll record sometime next year. We have a good amount of ideas in the initial testing stages, and we're about to really dive in. We also have a DVD of early years Dillinger in the works for all you old heads or people interested in a history lesson...

The bad news is that means DEP are not playing Irving Plaza on October 10th anymore. The good news is that means DEP are not playing with those bands.

Ben Weinman of The Dillinger Escape Plan recently played a solo set at John Zorn's club The Stone.

Lori Baily shot DEP when they played Irving plaza. Lori can still use a little help.

Thurston Moore by photographer Lori Baily (more)
Thurston Moore

It pains me to have to write this post.

BrooklynVegan-contributing photographer (and friend to anyone that has met her) Lori Baily's parents were murdered in their Nebraska home this past Sunday. It was a completely random act of violence by a suspected psychopath who is now in custody.

Lori Baily is an asset to the entire music community in NYC. Whether it's checking out Thurston Moore, the 'world music' of Extra Golden or even a metal show, you'll find Lori out watching and photographing bands almost every night of the week. You saw her pictures of Iggy & the Stooges on this website yesterday. I know that her plans for this month included spending a lot of time at John Zorn's club The Stone, seeing the Melvins and checking out fellow Nebraskan Conor Oberst at Bowery Ballroom tonight.

She is also constantly helping out bands, photographers & friends in any way she can

"Lori is one of those people who will go to any means to help out a struggling artist or struggling musician. She has put us up numerous times, for free. Anything we've ever needed help with, Lori has always been a sure bet. She does a lot for free for a lot of people in the NYC music scene. We'd love to be able to return that generosity to her in this time of need."
- Brooklyn/Chicago band These Are Powers
Lori's parents were the same way. Now Lori needs our help.
You can and should send stuff to the following address:
Jennifer Lori Baily
c/o Scott Kathol
701 J. St
Lincoln, NE 68508
We also setup a Paypal account to provide donations to help Lori and her sister Heather during this terrible time in their lives. Currently on a leave of absence from her day job, her expenses will not be limited to funeral costs, lawyers, travel, rent and living. PayPal to bailyfund@gmail.com or use this button:

Speaking of her friends, she counts many musicians among them and a benefit concert is being talked about. If you're interested in helping out in any way in additon to the options above, feel free to contact us using the info on the top right of this website.