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Refused & Sick of It All's Lou Koller @ Terminal 5 - 4/23/2012

Let's cut to it. I like Refused. The Shape of Punk to Come is a good record, though not quite the benchmark that its namesake suggests. I find it flabbergasting that the band, who allegedly sold 45 tickets for a show in a Long Island basement before they broke up, can pack out two nights at Terminal 5? Insane. It makes me wonder if Deadguy or Botch attract even a fraction of that attention? Why didn't hardcore legends like Youth of Today or Gorilla Biscuits? It is, as Sick of It All's Lou Koller would say later that night, an "Injustice System".

Ceremony opened the show last night (4/23) at Terminal 5. I'm a fan of their live show (and a sometime fan of their recorded output), and have seen them many times, mostly in dank DIY spaces like ABC No Rio. Unfortunately, I don't think Ceremony has figured out how to translate their live show to such a big stage and their set suffered for it, which doesn't bode well for Warsaw on the horizon. For every ounce of disappointment that I felt, I'm sure it was made up for tenfold when they played the infinitely smaller Mercury Lounge later that night when the band lit up twitter with positive reviews.

Speaking of lighting up Twitter with good reviews... I thought Refused's set was good enough, not great. Vocalist Dennis was high-energy and sashayed around stage with a Mick Jagger swagger, even doing his best Iggy Pop by standing in the middle of the crowd. The band was air-tight and played the bulk of their The Shape of Punk To Come, lighting and aesthetics were simple and tasteful, the sound was surprisingly decent... it just wasn't quite the spectacle that so many have raved about.

To make matters worse, the room seemed all be waiting for the Swedish band's admittedly stellar single "New Noise." Mosh-pits and crowd-surfing were nowhere near as omnipresent as when that memorable solo-guitar riff kicked in and then, predictably, the room exploded. Even an appearance from Lou Koller of Sick of It All to do classic NYHC material, for the second night in a row, was met with some of that disappointing indifference.

Suffice it to say, I skipped the secret Acheron show (announced that night). I'll skip Refused again when they're back with Off!. I'll go see Rorschach instead.

Check out more pictures from the second night at Terminal 5 (first is here), with video of the Sick of It All part from night one, below.

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words by Klaus Kinski, photos by Meghan McInnis

Trapped Under Ice would like to share a song with you...
Trapped Under Ice

You know the NYC hardcore scene ain't what used to be when it has to be emphasized as a main bullet point on the H2O show flier that the event will feature no barricades! When it comes to hardcore, I thought that went without saying. At least, it should. But I guess since our ever-wussified show-going culture evolves, lots of people expect to see barricades at a hardcore, metal, or just plain aggro-music show. But enough of my griping. H2O played two NYC proper 15 year anniversary shows. Night one was February 20th at Gramercy (pics adorn this post) and night (or should we say day) two took place at the Knitting Factory (on 2/21). The show at the Knit was a 3pm doors, all ages, sold out event. That is the one I attended.,

When I got there at 6pm sharp, H2O was literally walking on stage to perform what would end up being a 54 minute set. The set was packed with the classics and the crowd (which was hardly all ages) (unless 20 - 30 is considered all ages), was physically into the band from song one. A steady stream of stage diving and not-nearly-as-violent-as-the-old-days moshing stayed at a pretty consistent pitch throughout. The Gramercy crowd was lucky enough to get guests Lou Koller of Sick of it All as well as Anthony Civarelli (Civ), but sadly this was not the case at the Knit. Over all the show was a lot of fun, but now I have my sights set on the sold out Agnostic Front original line-up reunion happening at the Bell House on Friday 2/26.

More pics from the Gramercy are below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

7 Seconds
Seven Seconds

It's been an eventful time for shows at Webster Hall in NYC. Nine Inch Nails played there Sunday night, and the Bouncing Souls celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band with two shows there on Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday they played with Lifetime (and None More Black). On Friday it was with 7 Seconds and Tim Barry of Avail (who played on the floor). Rob Vitale from Black Train Jack helped sing a song with 7 Seconds. Bouncing Souls covered "Good Lookin' Out" by Sick of It All with Lou Koller from Sick of It All on vocals...

"i haven't seen so many stage dives in sooo long. 7 seconds put on a phenomenal show!!! it was like traveling through a time vortex to an 80's hardcore show! the crowd wasn't even super young or anything like that, i was kind of surprised!

i think this was one of the best new york crowds i've been a part of yet. i don't think i caught one cell phone in the air taking video or 'tweeting' which is a rarity. everyone was part of the pit and everyone wanted to be. amazing.

the bouncing souls totally delivered too, and tim barry [even though i came in not knowing what to expect] put on a super awesome show too! great!!!" [:: smo ::]

Then slightly modified Bouncing Souls lineups then moved to Philly. 7 Seconds and None More Black played with them at the Troc on Saturday. Lifetime and Tim Barry played with them at the Troc last night (Sunday, 8/23).

Kevin Seconds, who recently sat down and talked to Greg Attonito for us, is now on a solo tour that keeps him in the NYC area for a while. Tickets are still on sale for shows at Asbury Lanes, Maxwell's, First Unitarian Church, and Union Hall.

We posted some pictures of the first Webster Hall show HERE. More from the second night, and that BS setlist, below...

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