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I Break Horses
I Break Horses

When we first mentioned that Swedish duo I Break Horses were planning to tour with M83 this spring, which hits NYC at the now-sold out Terminal 5 on May 10, we hoped that they would also play a smaller show while they're here. Well, that came true. I Break Horses have announced four post-M83-tour headlining shows (all listed below), including one happening at Mercury Lounge on May 30. Tickets for the Mercury show are on AmEx presale now and go on general sale Friday (1/27) at noon.

M83 recently announced an August Summerstage show too, which, like the T5 show, is also now SOLD OUT (over 6 months in advance).

All I Break Horses dates and a video below...

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M83 @ MHOW in 2011 (more by Erik Erikson)

M83, who released one of our favorite albums of 2011 and sold out Webster Hall and MHOW this past fall, recently announced a tour with I Break Horses which will hit the much larger NYC venue, Terminal 5 on May 10. That show has since sold out too, and now M83 just revealed an even larger NYC show, which will happen on August 8 at Central Park Summerstage. Tickets for that show go on sale Friday (1/20) at noon with an AmEx and a Summerstage presale starting Wednesday (1/18) at noon.

The show is the fifth Summerstage show to be announced for 2012, whose schedule also includes a Beirut show and three Foster the People shows.

Updated M83 dates, including their appearances at the sold out Coachella below...

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Radiohead @ Roseland Ballroom in 2011 (more by Bao Nguyen)

Coachella which is taking place over the course of two weekends this year (April 13-15 and 20-22) revealed their 2012 lineup. Last week, Azealia Banks was the first artist confirmed, and earlier today they confirmed The Weeknd (maybe he found a band?), and before that, Jimmy Cliff, Breakbot, and Housse De Racket. The reunited Pulp then announced itself. The full lineup also includes headliners The Black Keys, Radiohead, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, not to mention, as predicted, the reunited At the Drive In and the reunited Mazzy Star (!), and Madness and Refused (!) and Jeff Mangum and many, many more that you can see below...

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I hate writing year-end lists, as might be obvious to many long-time BrooklynVegan readers. That said, I also like them. They help organize things, which is related to my problem though. I'm too unorganized and hectic to ever get around to making one! But this year a few of us (BrooklynVegan contributors) got together and decided to come up with a collective list of albums that we loved that we think most represented 2011 in BrooklynVegan land. Our indie rock-centric list purposely does not include metal (that's HERE) or hip hop (we should make a separate list). With that in mind, our top 26 albums of 2011, in alphabetical order, are listed (with some commentary and a list of honorable mentions too) below...

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The Terminal 5 show with I Break Horses is not surprisingly part of a larger tour for M83 who have now announced the full set of April & may North American dates along with a fan presale that is underway now. All dates are listed below...

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by Andrew Sacher

DOWNLOAD: I Break Horses - "Winter Beats" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: I Break Horses - "Hearts" (MP3)

I Break Horses

At first glance, Swedish duo I Break Horses (aka Maria Lindén and Fredrick Balck), who released their debut album, Hearts, earlier this year, do not give you what you expect to hear. They share their band name with a Smog song title and released their album on Bella Union, whose Fleet Foxes-referencing 2009 sampler 'White Winter Hymnals' put a large emphasis on the label's folk artists, which makes me almost feel the need to constantly remind myself that this is not a folk album. In fact, it's far from it. It's an electronic take on shoegazey dream pop (which is, of course, embraced by the Bella Union founders, both of whom were members of Cocteau Twins) with huge melodies suppressed by tiny arrangements.

Yet, after a minute of the looping synth on album opener "Winter Beats," Maria Lindén's breathy voice kicks in and is soon followed by exactly the kind of beats you want to hear when you're staring at the snow-tipped trees outside your bedroom window in mid-winter. After the dynamic shifts of that song die down and that same looping synth leads into the album's second track, "Hearts," the duo resorts to hiding under shoegaze gloss for the remainder of most of the album, only coming up for few more defining pop moments, and it's that mix of sounds which makes Hearts such a compelling listen. On "Pulse," the duo sound as big as this album allows them to, with Maria delivering her most confident melodies over a pulsating bass drum.

I Break Horses have only begun playing shows in the last month, and have not played at all in the US yet. But that will change when they open for M83 at Terminal 5 on May 10. The show should make for a good pairing, considering I Break Horses share M83's electronic interpretation of shoegaze and dream pop. Tickets go on sale Friday (12/9) at noon and AmEx presale begins Wednesday (12/7) at noon. There are no other US shows to report yet UPDATE: Full tour announced and listed below.... but hopefully they'll also grace us with a performance somewhere smaller than Terminal 5 while they're here.

You can download "Hearts" and "Winter Beats" above and stream them both below, along with the video for the latter. Also below is a Star Slinger remix of "Load Your Eyes."

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M83 @ MHOW (more by Erik Erikson)

M83 were just in NYC for two much-talked-about shows (Webster Hall and MHOW). They've already had a ton of other dates scheduled well into 2012, and they've since tacked on another NYC date which will (unfortunately?) take place, as predicted, at Terminal 5 on May 10. Tickets go on sale Friday (12/9) at noon. With the demand for Webster Hall and MHOW tickets close to those dates, it won't be surprising if tickets to this one go fast.

Updated dates below...

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photos by Erik Erikson, words by Klaus Kinski

M83 afterparty above Public Assembly

M83's show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on November 23, 2011 was, for me, one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year. And their album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, which came out on October 18th, was one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2011 for me. So much so that it has the distinction of being the only record I have ever illegally downloaded out of sheer impatience for the release date. Don't worry though; I bought the actual CD when it came out. Full price. In person at a retail outlet and not online. Sales tax and all. So, you know.

Active Child had been the opener for the entirety of the M83 tour, and Wednesday's Thanksgiving-Eve show was no different. As Rachel pointed out in her review of the show, Active Child went over really well with the packed room, though their energy and song structure was kind of anemic and the direct opposite of the sonic assault M83 would release upon the room later on. Though Active Child had moments of true sonic greatness, I felt that, overall, their sonic ripple didn't expand very far; whereas some bands have a sonic ripple like a boulder being dropped into a lake, Active Child were more like a marble dropped onto wet cement. There is no doubt that some of the aural textures they pulled off were incredible (and not without a hint of Vangelis), and there is no doubt that the harp playing was superior, but there was something about the monotony of the rhythms and chord patterns that almost put me to sleep. And I hate to say it but vocalist Pat Grossi came across as sounding like a cross between Jimmy Somerville with a dash of Herbert Pervert from Family Guy. Maybe it was the anticipation of M83's set that was making me impatient, but they were decent, just not my cup o' tea. But what do I know?


Moments after the clock in the town square struck 10:00pm (22:00), an alien being was summoned to a very dark Music Hall of Williamsburg stage to usher in the great M83. Top to tail, M83's 90-minute (too short!) set was an absolute feast for the senses. They kicked things off with their stellar Intro track from Hurry Up which set the tone sonically and visually for the rest of the evening's fare. Since it was the last show of the tour, I was really hoping that Zola Jesus was going to come out and crush the vocals for that one. No such luck though. Luckily Morgan Kibby was able to fill Zola's role with an impeccable set of pipes. The chest-poundingly high volume and stage lighting absolutely blew the lid off the place and got everyone's asses moving. They followed the intro with the truly anthemic and mesmerizing track Teen Angst, which is the first song I ever heard by them and essentially got me hooked right away. Prior to the album Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, M83 had already established a MASSIVE canon of incredible music and I could hardly stand still when they crushed tunes like Kim and Jessie, We Own the Sky, and Couleurs. However, with the addition of the near flawless 23-song epic Hurry Up, We're Dreaming to their catalog, they could have relied more heavily on their new album and I would have been happy. New tracks like Midnight City, Reunion, and Wait were absolutely deafening triumphs. But I would have killed to hear songs like Raconte-Moi Histoire, Soon My Friend, the bombastic Echoes of Mine as well as Klaus I Love You (for obvious reasons). But that's just me being a prig. (Maybe some day they'll follow the recent full-album performance trend and play Hurry Up, We're Dreaming from start to finish). My only complaint is that the show was over by 11:30pm (23:30). Too short! Being Thanksgiving eve, I was ready for a boozy, long-haul shindig at MHOW, and although a 90-minute set is generous (and exhausting for all involved), even another 30-minutes would have ruled, regardless of how hot it was in there.

M83 has had some serious success in recent years, but right now M83 are freaking huge. The sheer success of this recent tour coupled with the fact that Hurry Up, We're Dreaming is an absolute modern masterpiece of dance, shoegaze, dream pop and whatnot is no doubt going to launch them into a higher stratosphere of popularity. We were lucky enough to get Webster Hall and Music Hall of Williamsburg on this past tour, but I wouldn't expect such intimacy next time around. I'd wager that they are officially a Terminal 5 and larger act now. Without exaggeration, this M83 show was one of the most fulfilling and mind-blowing concert experiences this 34 year old sack of doodie has ever experienced and I am holding onto the experience like grim death because they simply don't cross my path enough.

I didn't go to the afterparty that was right next door above Public Assembly, but photogrpaher Erik Erikson did. His pictures from the show and afterparty, and the MHOW setlist I found on the floor, and a video, below...

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photos by Dominick Mastrangelo, words by Rachel Kowal

M83 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Riding from a wave of hype and good press surrounding their string of CMJ shows last month, Active Child showcased their unique sound to a decent crowd Wednesday night and no doubt played an integral role in making the show one of the most in-demand tickets of the month. Though backed by a drum machine and a couple of laptops, Active Child managed to achieve a sound that was surprisingly thunderous at times, but for me, it was the delicate touches - Pat Grossi' dynamic Owen Pallet-esque voice or the unexpected swipe of a harp - that set them apart from their R&B-influenced, laptop-wielding contemporaries.

When it was time for M83, they kicked off their lively set with the aptly named "Intro," wasting no time to showcase their bigger, more confident sound. Energy coursed through the venue both on stage and off, and the two groups fed off each other's fervor from the time the house lights dimmed to the rousing two-song encore. The crowd's ecstatic cheers became something of a challenge, and stepping into the mic, singer/guitarist-turned-motivational speaker Anthony Gonzalez responded to the call with a resounding, "Carry on! Carry on!" (No, there was no appearance by the LA-based Nika Roza Danilova aka Zola Jesus who lends her vox on the album, but of course singer/keyboardist Morgan Kibby easily filled the role.) From there, it wasn't long before Kibby pulled back her long, curly hair and everyone danced around in the barrage of blue flickering lights.

Without such excitement, M83 would hardly have been successful executing the ambitious sound of this year's double-album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, but everything about the Thankgiving eve show - the crowd, the lights, the knowledge that it was the final night of the tour - propelled it, making M83's bombastic sound soar. Though many bands exude confidence, few simultaneously rise to a comparable level of competence. Initially Kibby's vocals were hardly audible in the mix, but instead of stuttering or gesturing awkwardly to the sound guy, she grabbed the mic, pulled it closer, and powered through with poise. Even the drummer seemed to be somehow in control of his facial muscles and didn't suffer from the typical assortment of odd facial tics as he delivered propulsive beats.

As if taking a few moments to rest and recharge before the finale, M83 slid into a few slower songs toward the end of their set, starting with "We Own the Sky," which gave Kibby another opportunity to shine on vox. But by "Midnight City," which features the first of two extended sax riffs, they had returned in full force.
Though they opted to omit playing anything from the first two albums, they did throw in a couple from 2005's Before the Dawn Heals Us and a number from 2008's Saturdays = Youth, including one of my favorites, the dark 80s-influenced electro pop gem "Kim & Jessie."

Given their popularity, I confess I'm still surprised M83 didn't opt to play one show at a larger venue (like the dreaded Terminal 5), but I'm certainly thankful with their choice to play a couple of more intimate shows, Webster Hall included, instead. It was about time I heard their music as it deserved to be heard - not through a pair of headphones, but in a space full of sweaty, exuberant fans.

The full setlist and more pictures from the show below...

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M83 @ Webster Hall - 11/22/2011 (via balirsmith)

M83 is in NYC to play what are probably two of the most in demand shows (that are on my radar) since Radiohead at Roseland. Tonight (11/23) it's at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Last night was Webster Hall. That show's setlist with more Instagrams from the night, below...

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photos by Alexandre Bédard; words & additional photos by Bill Pearis

M83 (more by Josh Winkler InTheMO)

The final day of M for Montreal is traditionally the busiest, with an entire afternoon of Francophone bands and then the big show at the Metropolis theater. This year was even more packed, with a second tiny stage that was for "international delegates" only in Metropolis' Savoy Room to keep us entertained between acts at the main show.

Our badges also got us in to see M83 who were playing around the corner from the Metropolis at Société des arts technologiques (Le SAT) which was without a doubt the best show of the weekend. M83 play two sold-out shows in NYC this week: tonight (11/22) at Webster Hall and tomorrow (11/23) at Music Hall of Williamsburg. I'm a pretty casual fan of the band but the combination of great material, a fantastic live band (including keyboardist/vocalist Morgan Kibby), plus a killer light show and sound added up to one of the best shows of the year. The crowd was way into it and you couldn't not be swept along. If you can weasel yourself into one of these shows, I highly recommend doing so as M83 are firing on all cylinders right now. Not sure how much of the light show was M83's and how much was the venue's but it certainly made a giant impact for those of us who didn't force our way to the front.


There were a couple other bands who played the final night of M who are swinging through NYC soon so let's hit them first. Karkwa headlined the Metropolis event, which might have even been a small show for them. Even before winning the Polaris Prize last year for their album Les Chemins de Verre, Karkwa were selling out 3000 capacity venues in Montreal. Which makes the fact they're playing Rockwood Music Hall on December 8 all the more crazy. There has to be fans driving down from Montreal for the chance to see them in such a tiny space.

I saw Karkwa at M for Montreal three years ago when I dubbed them French-Canadian Radiohead but that tag doesn't really stick so much anymore. With Les Chemins de Verre the band have more easily digestible song structure but retain that soaring, widescreen sound. Yes, they sing in French which is the main reason why America has yet to care, but if you can listen to Sigur Ros and not worry about what they're saying, you can do it here. Karkwa are compelling live, absolutely worth checking out in such an intimate setting.

The Barr Brothers

The Barr Brothers were the other highlight of the Metropolis show. I was impressed last year, but the band have just gotten better as performers thanks to near-constant touring. That touring brings them to Joe's Pub on December 7 and Union Pool on December 8.

While not the type of music I normally listen to (KEXP/KCRW alt-folk), there is no denying they're skilled songwriters and a knockout live band. And clever arrangers too, prone to inventive instrumentation. In addition to a full-time harpist, Andrew Barr plays a "threaded" acoustic guitar which allows for a bowed-like sound, and homemade guitars and banjos. They really are great live and it won't be long before they are playing much bigger venues.

Random Recipe

The rest of the Metropolis show was filled with Big In Montreal acts: Stonesy rockers Galaxie, Random Recipe's crunchy hip hop, the lovely and talented Marie-Pierre Arthur (very Patrick Watson-ish), and Arianne Moffat.

Half Moon Run

In the Savoy Room, the "international delegates" got a second shot at seeing Half Moon Run who had wowed a lot of folks the day before. The room was packed for them and it's rare that a crowd of industry folk demand an encore but we did just that. Expect to be hearing a lot more about this trio soon.


The Savoy Room also had two sets for D'Eon who looked like Andrew WK but but whose music was an eccentric mashup of slo-jam R&B, mid-90s jungle, '80s New Beat and goth. It was weird, fun, most of the room was not paying attention but I kinda loved it. You can stream his album Palinopsia at the bottom of this post and D'Eon's got a split-12" out now with Grimes as well. Look out for this guy.

While I was at M83, the Savoy Room also hosted Elephant Stone and Leif Vollebekk, both of whom I caught last year.

Fanny Bloom

During the day Saturday was the annual Francophone showcase at Cafe Campus featuring eight bands, none of whom sang in English. Highlights were Fanny Bloom who fronts the kitschy, very French-sounding La Paterie Rose but whose solo material (the album's out early next year) was much to my taste. She's a real charmer.

Alclaire Ensemble

I also liked Karim Oullet who opened the show and brought a bit of world music flair to his set. We also got the kooky hip hop group Alclaire Ensemble who all wore silk masks; the Franco-Celtic sounds of Canailles; Alfa Rococco who are like a Montreal Roxette (sort of, less cheese though); Peter Peter who reminded me of The Gin Blossoms (a little dull);  Jimmy Hunt played Chanson-style folk (pretty good); and Alexandre Désilets whose set I missed due to a need for food. It's hard to pay attention on an empty stomach.

More photos from M for Montreal's Saturday showcases, a stream of the D'Eon album and tour dates for Karkwa and The Barr Brothers are below...

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photos, audio & video by Josh Winkler InTheMO

M83 @ M For Montreal

M83 arrived in NYC yesterday to perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and continue their NYC adventure TONIGHT (11/22) at Webster Hall and Wednesday at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Both shows are way sold-out. If you don't have a ticket and aren't up for scouring the secondary market for a pair (if you can even find/afford them there), you can at least watch their performance from Fallon last night. Check that out below.

The NYC dates represent the tail-end of M83's North American tour with Active Child, though the M83 will play a solitary show in Los Angeles in middle January (1/13). Maybe Zola Jesus will show up at that one like she did at a recent show.

M83 recently played Fun Fun Fun Fest and since then Chicago, and even more recently, M for Montreal. Pictures and a video from their Montreal appearance, as well as two live tracks recorded at that show, "Intro" and "Teen Angst" (both of which appear here for the first time), are below.

Speaking of M For Montreal, the rest of Bill's coverage is coming soon (M83 included). Meanwhile you can still check out what he saw on night 1 and night 2.

More M83 tour dates, those song streams and videos, and the video of their Los Angeles performance of "Intro" with Zola Jesus. below....

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by Bill Pearis

As I mentioned briefly yesterday, I'm heading out to the M for Montreal festival which happens tonight through Saturday (11/16 - 19). This is the 6th Edition of the fest, and the fourth that I've attended. Once a showcase for up-and-coming Montreal bands that the festival organizers deemed "export-ready" and that took place primarily at one club (the two-stage Juste Pour Rire), M4M has expanded to include other parts of Canada in the last few years.

Juste Pour Rire closed shortly after last year's festival, so this year has expanded to other venues while also widening in scope. They've partnered with other international festivals (Osheaga, CMJ, SXSW) and have more bands than ever (including a few not from Canada). Bands this year include M83, Karkwa, The Barr Brothers, Active Child, Bran Van 3000 (remember "Drinking in L.A."?), CLAASS, Misteur Valaire, Anoraak, Random Recipe and the debut of Absolutely Free, the new band from 4/5s of  DD/MM/YYYY. Full line-up is here.

In total there's nearly 60 bands playing, which might not seem like a crazy amount for a festival. But M for Montreal is designed with little to no overlap, so if you attend the whole thing you see all the bands. It's going to be a busy week.  Look for more coverage (including my lovely point-and-shoot photography) coming later this week.

Norton Records
Norton Records

today in NYC
* NY Comedy Fest
* Alash @ Barbes
* Kraak & Smaak @ Drom
* MGMT @ Guggenheim Museum
* Louis CK @ Beacon Theater
* Eclipse Quartet @ The Stone
* Furthur @ Madison Square Garden
* Michael Ian Black @ Bowery Ballroom
* Todd Sickafoose's Tiny Resistors @ The Stone
* Dub Trio, The Wicked Tomorrow @ Mercury Lounge
* Bosco Delrey, Cookies, Secret Music, Ropes @ Glasslands
* Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion, Winterpills @ Maxwell's
* Fitz & The Tantrums, Walk the Moon, Teachers @ Terminal 5
* White Laces, Pow!, Arches, The Numerators @ Death By Audio
* Girl in a Coma, The Coathangers, Noveller @ Knitting Factory
* I'm Turning Into, Conversion Party, The Thieves @ Union Hall
* Dive, North America, Daytona, Paiges @ Big Snow Buffalo Lodge
* Wooden Shjips, Birds of Avalon, Citay @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Celestial Shore, Miniboone, Bel Agosy, NY Funk Exchange, Miniboone @ Pianos
* Chaos Majik, Long Distance Poison, The Communion, Husere Grav @ Cameo Gallery
* Concussion, Worms In Women & Cattle, Syphilitic Lust, Sannhet @ Public Assembly
* Surefire Sound, Africa Hitech, Sepalcure, Mux Mool, DJ Kiva @ Le Poisson Rouge
* Red Wire Black Wire, Tiny Victories, The Dust Engineers, Empty Chairs @ Zebulon
* Night Manager, Life Size Maps, Heaven's Gate, The Fagettes, St. Claire @ Shea Stadium
* Sophia Knapp of Cliffie Swan, The Wooden Sky, This Frontier Needs Heroes @ Union Pool
* Les Rhinoceros, Kef, Toby Driver, Jeremiah Cymerman, Mario Diaz de Leon @ The Rock Shop
* Norton Records 25th Anniversary w. The's, Phantom Surfers, Dex Romweber Duo, The Alarm Clocks, The Gaye Blades & more @ The Bell House

Zola Jesus performed with M83 last night at the Music Box. Video below...

What else?

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photos by Tim Griffin

Spoon @ Fun Fun Fun Fest
fun fun

Spoon had nothing to promote and no surplus of new songs to unveil. This was just an Austin band -- Austin's biggest indie band ever -- playing an Austin festival for their only major show of 2011 (at least so far). As a live unit, the four-piece that recorded Transmission (augmented here by an additional percussionist) is as precise as Spoon has ever been, cranking out savagely controlled, often slow-building versions of such songs as "Written in Reverse," "Delicate Places" and the instantaneously applauded "I Turn My Camera On." "We got horns!" frontman Britt Daniel proclaimed, bringing out a six-man section for "Cherry Bomb," "The Underdog" and "Jonathan Fisk." By the four-song encore, the crowd had both increased in enthusiasm and decreased in size -- no doubt some people had wandered to another stage to see the Damned, which Daniel himself had said he wished that he could do. [SPIN]
Personally I started at the Damned (who were great) and finished Saturday with about 30 minutes of Spoon which felt like the perfect chill ending to a long first-two-days of the outdoor Austin fest (right after their set I went back to the hotel, skipped all afterparties and crashed for 12 hours straight which made Sunday great).

Our first set of pictures from Saturday, Damned included, are HERE. Our second set continues, more of Spoon included, below...

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DOWNLOAD: SBTRKT - "Wildfire" (Drumma Boy remix ft. Shabazz Palaces) (MP3)


Back in June, we announced the killer initial lineup for Moogfest 2011 (October 28, 29, 30). That lineup just got even better with additions including TV on the Radio, Special Disco Version featuring James Murphy and Pat Mahoney, St. Vincent, SBTRKT, Flying Lotus, YACHT, John Maus, Araabmuzik Baths, Zomby, Active Child and more. It was also announced that Brian Eno, part of the initial lineup, will be presenting Brian Eno's 77 Million Paintings and "Illustrated Talks" as part of this year's fest.

The initial announcement also included Suicide, Tangerine Dream, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Austra, M83, Little Dragon, Passion Pit, Toro y Moi, Moby (full band), The Flaming Lips, Battles, CANT, Brandt Brauer Frick (who will be on a US tour that hits Glasslands), and more.

Speaking of CANT (aka Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear), he revealed the song "Believe" from his upcoming debut LP yesterday. Stream the track below. The album comes out September 13 on Chris' own Terrible Records. He's also got an upcoming tour surrounding Moogfest which includes a show on October 25 at Bowery Ballroom. Tickets are still on sale.

Speaking of SBTRKT and Little Dragon, Drumma Boy remixed the SBTRKT song with Little Dragon's Yukimi Nagano on lead vocals. Shabazz Palaces is also featured on the remix (compare that to Drake's version). Grab the track above via Gorilla vs Bear. Shabazz wrote on Facebook today, "Besides the release of Black Up, I don't think I've seen one article on here create such a surge of activity as this Wildfire Remix has. Amazing."

Sampha, who sings live with SBTRKT and on his album, also recently released his own song, "Indecision." Stream the track below. Moogfest is one of the stops on SBTRKT's recently announced US tour that also hits Bowery Ballroom on October 31 (with Araabmuzik) and Music Hall of Williamsburg on November 1. Tickets for both shows are still on sale.

Little Dragon plays a BV-presented Record Release show at Music Hall of WIlliamsburg TONIGHT (8/16). The show is sold out, but if you don't have tickets you can catch them in NYC again on their headlining tour which hits Terminal 5 on October 14. Tickets are still on sale.

Song streams and full Moogfest lineup below...

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M83 at Sasquatch 2009 (more by Chris Graham)

M83 have added a few more dates to their fall tour in support of the upcoming album, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, which is due out October 18 via Mute. The new dates include a show at Music Hall of Williamsburg on November 23, the day after M83 plays the previously announced Webster Hall show (11/22). Check ticketmaster for updates on ticket info for the MHOW show. The fall tour also includes an appearance at Fun Fun Fun Fest. All dates are listed below.

M83 recently revealed the artwork for the album, which you can check out below. You can also stream the single, "Midnight City," below and grab an MP3 of the track over at M83's site.

The artwork, song stream, and updated dates are below...

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Slayer at Izod Center (photos by Samantha Marble)

Slayer, Thee Oh Sees, Public Enemy, Girls, Danzig Legacy, (Danzig + Doyle von Frankenstein playing Misfits, Samhain & Danzig), Hot Snakes, Diplo, Major Lazer, Henry Rollins, Ted Leo & The Phramacists, Spank Rock, Murder City Devils, Hum, Lykke Li, Passion Pit, Four Tet, Rakim, The Damned, Austra, Purity Ring, and Flynt Flossy are just a few of the acts announced today as part of the Fun Fun Fun Fest 2011 lineup. Another amazing year! Check out the full lineup below and stay tuned for more announcements coming in August and September.

The new additions to the Austin, Texas festival, which takes place from 11/4 - 11/6, are in addition to the the previous "lineup leaks" that included Brian Posehn, Odd Future, Okkervil River, M83, X (performing "Los Angeles"), Reggie Watts, Flying Lotus, Tune-Yards, Ra Ra Riot, Kid Dynamite and others

2011 is the festival's sixth year, but first at its new home Auditorium Shores (no more Waterloo Park). Tickets are on sale now.

Slayer also has a NYC performance coming up with Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth as part of the "Big Four" show at Yankee Stadium on 9/14. Tickets are still available.

Fun Fun Fun 2011 flyer and almost-full lineup is below.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest sort of revealed five of the artists playing the festival this year. The fest will take place from November 4-6 at Waterloo Park Auditorium Shores in Austin, TX. Watch this video to figure out who the five artists are, though You may want to use this guide for help. If you don't have the time to figure it out, we've listed the artists along with the embedded video below.

Also, all of Brian Posehn's (hint) tour dates are listed below, including a NJ show on September 30 at Starland Ballroom with Big Jay Oakerson and Bonnie McFarlane. Tickets are on sale now.

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M83 at Sasquatch 2009 (more by Chris Graham)

"It's a double album," Gonzalez tells SPIN, adding that it will have a conceptual element. "It's mainly about dreams, how every one is different, how you dream differently when you're a kid, a teenager, or an adult. I'm really proud of it. If you're doing a very long album, all the songs need to be different and I think I've done that with this one. Overall, it's pop -- and very epic. Anyone who loved M83 before, they'll love this album even more. People that hated me, they're going to hate this, too."

Sonically, Gonzalez says he's splitting the difference between the slick, synth-pop of Saturdays and the more ambient work of Before the Dawn. Short interludes will be interspersed among longer tracks, and Gonzalez is testing out new instruments like acoustic guitar. He hasn't quite nailed down song or album titles yet -- Gonzalez just wrapped up mixing the album two weeks ago -- but he does reveal that guests will include Zola Jesus and Brad Laner from Medicine, the cult noise-pop band who were once signed to Rick Rubin's American Recordings in the '90s. Beck and Nine Inch Nails' bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen is also contributing.

"The track that Brad sings on is just gorgeous -- he did incredible work on that," says Gonzalez. "And Zola's track is very orchestral and very big. It's almost like a duet." [Spin]

M83 plans to release the ambitious double album this October. A teaser video called "Echoes..." for the album was uploaded onto his website recently. Check that out below.

M83 will go on a North American fall tour in October and November in support of the new album. The tour kicks off on October 15 in Mexico, includes Moogfest and ends in NYC on November 22 at Webster Hall. Ticket presale is available on M83's site now. Check ticketmaster for updates on general sale.

M83 album guest Zola Jesus has her own new album on the way too.

All tour dates and album teaser video below...

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Suicide at ATP 2009 (more by Ryan Muir)

The initial lineup is out for this year's Moogfest, which is taking place in Asheville, NC on October 28-30. This year's lineup has some pretty impresive names including three pioneers of electronic music; Tangerine Dream, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Suicide, who are performing their highly influential 1977 self titled debut album in its entirety. The Flaming Lips, Crystal Castles, Little Dragon, Passion Pit, Toro y Moi, Chromeo, Austra, M83, Tim Hecker, and many others on there too. Tickets go on sale Saturday (6/4) at noon. Check out the full initial lineup and a video below.

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photos by Greg Cristman, words by BBG

Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains at Terminal 5
Alice in Chains

They're calling it Blackdiamondskye. Alice in Chains (new album Black Gives Way To Blue), Deftones (forthcoming album Diamond Eyes), and Mastodon (last album Crack The Skye) will team up for a string of dates this fall including MSG in NYC on Friday, September 24th. Tickets for all dates go on sale May 22nd.

Mastodon is currently on the road with Baroness, Between The Buried and Me and Valient Thorr, and played Starland Ballroom last week. Their setlist from that show is below.

Deftones are welcoming Diamond Eyes, their new album due on May 4th. Check out a pair of videos from this forthcoming LP below, both of which feature new bassist Sergio Vega, best known for his stint with Quicksand. Preorder the record from the band directly to get three remixes including an M83 remix of "Rocket Skates".


Chino Moreno: He's doing a little better and looks healthier. He has a brain injury, and with that you don't really know until he fully wakes up. Right now he's in a semiconscious state. So he wakes up and he sleeps, but he hasn't communicated yet. His eyes are open and he's looking at you. For me, looking into his eyes and standing there talking to him, I feel like he's in there and recovering. He's got to get his motor skills back and be able to communicate. He's got really good doctors working with him right now, trying some experimental therapy to get him to react. It seems to be working, so we're very hopeful that's the case.

The Deftones has been playing with a new bassist in Cheng's absence.

Alice In Chains, who also have May shows coming up in PA, NJ, and Glen Falls, played Terminal 5 on March 8th with Middle Class Rut as part of a two night sold out stint at the 3500-or-so capacity venue (so I guess even with a new singer, and with strong openers, they can headline Madison Square Garden?). Photogrpaher Greg Cristman wrote about that show...

Alice in Chains sounded amazing; every song was delivered with absolute perfection. They came on stage hidden behind a white curtain projecting the pumping heart that appears on the cover of their new album, Black Turns Into Blue. Jerry Cantrell's silhouette soon flashed onto the screen to a great uproar from the crowd and the other members followed. Flashing, shifting and pulsing the shadowplay created an excellent build up and when the curtain suddenly fell to the floor a minute later, revealing the band and the spectacular lighting, the crowd went wild. New singer, William DuVall, held sway over the crowd and there was never any doubt that he belonged and that he wasn't living in the shadow of the late, great Layne Staley. The band was clearly having a fantastic time and it seems they've finally found the stability that was long needed in their group and they looked very comfortable in their new skin. The crowd was one of the best NY crowds I've seen in a long time and they were seriously up for the show prompting Jerry to emphatically tell them they were the best audience they'd seen in days.
Pictures from that show adorn this post. The rest of them, with AIC's set list, the above-mentioned videos and all tour dates, below...

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photos by Joseph Xu

"Damn homeboy in M83 has the weakest slap I have ever seen...inviting the crowd on stage is almost as stupid as stage diving to watered down synth-pop" - Jay Reatard


Anthony Gonzalez of M83 played a free NYC show at the WFC Winter Garden on July 14th. He then traveled to the Pitchfork Fest for a set on July 19th (which is where the photos here are from). On the way, Gonzalez had a bit of trouble at his show in Columbus, OH.

Moments before M83's set came to a finish, during closer "Couleurs", Kibby invited the mainly docile crowd on stage to "bring down the house together." While 30 or so accepted the invitation (including myself), and one concert-goer even went so far as to knock over the glass shield in front of Maurin, all three members remained unfazed and continued through their dynamic jam. Unfortunately, not everyone held those exact sentiments.

Production staff at the Wexner Center started breaking it up. Fans were ushered off stage, then abruptly pushed off, to which it became a screaming jamboree. Although the fans followed orders, Gonzalez was not happy. He wasn't having it. Because 30 seconds later, he waved fans on stage again, all in the name of dance. This time, however, production staff became angry, violent, and irate. Immediately, they pushed oncoming fans off the stage and stood at the front blockading people from jumping back up. This didn't sit well with Gonzalez, who blew up, yelling "Fuck you" into the microphone at the production staff for messing up their set, all while the two accompanying musicians continued playing. You can only imagine the musical genius at hand.

While one member of their touring staff tried to quell the argument, it was too late. Gonzalez left his post and confronted the production manager for the venue head on, hitting him violently with the open palm of his left hand. The crowd, which continued dancing, appeared stunned as well. Strangers turned awestruck to their neighbors as if to say, "Did you see that?". What's more (and kind of, um, bad ass), the band actually finished its song, and Gonzalez jumped into the excited crowd, who threw him up jubilantly. Soon after, M83 exited and the fans dispersed, knowing they not only saw a great show, but saw their newfound hero (Gonzalez) kick ass in their name.[Consequence of Sound]

This morning (as reported by Pitchfork), Anthony issued an apology.

That apology, a video of the event and Gonzalez discussing it the next day at Pitchfork (as the Thermals play in the background), with more pictures from Pitchfork, below...

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DOWNLOAD: James Yuill - Over The Hills (Milberg remix) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: James Yuill - A Lighter Shade of Red (MP3)

James Yuill

Hello America!

It seems my album "Turning Down Water For Air" comes out today (26th May) on Nettwerk. Hurrah!

I'm currently doing a short tour with M83 across the west coast and then working my way to the east side...

Hope you like the album... I wrote and recorded it in my bedroom during many evenings and weekends after getting back from work...so basically it's very home made...

- James Yuill

James's M83-supporting dates have already past, but it's not too late for his three remaining US shows, which happen this week. He'll play Chicago June 3rd, then visit NYC for two shows on June 4th and 5th. On Thursday, June 4th, he'll be joined at the Music Hall of Williamsburg by Viva Voce and Cut Off Your Hands. Tickets are on sale.

On Friday, June 5th, Yuill plays the weekly Ruff Club party at NYC's The Annex with Field Recordings and True Widow.

After that, it's all summer dates around Yuill's homebase of London. The laptop whiz last visited NYC for a pair of shows in April. Cut Off Your Hands were here in May. Last weekend, James's tour partner M83 played Sasquatch...

M83 @ Sasquatch 2009 (more by Chris Graham)

James was at the festival too, but as a member of the crowd....

...this was effectively a day off for me and Paul we took in the sights and watched a few bands. Namely, The Walkman (who were amazing!), TV on the Radio (whose sound was less than amazing), obviously M83 (who in my unbiased opinion were on top form and gave a particularly special show. That's when I took this first video [below].

Then it was the highlight of my day when I got the chance to see Deadmau5. Oh my lord was it brilliant. That's where the second video comes in [also below]. I know the quality of these two videos is not great, but hopefully the mood of the what was going on translates. I haven't felt this good at a dance gig than when I saw Justice at the mean-fiddler in London when they did their album launch party. -James

On June 16th, Yuill will release his new Over the Hills EP in the US via Nettwerk Records. (It's already out on Moshi Moshi overseas.) Two tracks from that EP, the "Over The Hills (Milberg Remix)," featuring Lisa from the Concretes, and the b-side, "A Lighter Shade of Red," are posted above for download. Title track "Over the Hills" also has a new video, and we're premiering it. Check it out, along with the full EP track list, all tour dates, and the videos James shot at Sasquach, below...

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photos by Chris Graham

The Wrens
The Wrens

"Some major changes have been made to the lay-out of the [Sasquatch] festival. The medium-sized stage (Wookie Stage) had been moved, as had the small stage (Yeti Stage) to make room for the new Comedy/Dance Tent. It didn't take long to get used to that, though...

...[The Wrens] did most of the songs from "Meadowlands", their bassist/keyboardist Kevin Wheelan exhorted the crowd multiple times and climbed atop his amplifiers, and the guys played like their lives depended on doing the best they have ever done. Their approach to the music is, in a word, fierce. [VARIOUS ECSTASIES]

The 2009 Sasquatch Festival ran from May 23-25 (Memorial Day Weekend) in Gorge, Washington. Pictures from Day One, HERE. More pictures from Day Two, below...

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