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by BBG

Despise You

As previously discussed, Despise You will embark on their first ever East Coast tour with Magrudergrind, hitting nine cities with their unrelenting powerviolence attack. The tour will include a stop in Brooklyn at Shea Stadium on 9/11 with Chainsaw To The Face, The Communion, and Defeatist (thats a lineup). Full tour schedule is below.

Despise You and Magrudergrind are also scheduled to play the California Discord Festival in Los Angeles on September 24th and 25th, where they will team with Rattus (in their first US show and last show ever), Dropdead, Ghoul, Mange, Lack of Interest, and many more notables. Full festival listing is below, and tickets are still available.

Despise You and Agoraphobic Nosebleed released a split on Relapse earlier this year.

All tour dates and show flyers are below.

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photos by Samantha Marble and Jason House, words by BBG

Cripple Bastards @ Public Assembly (by Sam Marble)
Cripple Bastards

Before the shitstorm that was Maryland Deathfest (pictures of day 1 HERE, day two HERE, day three HERE, and day four HERE), another Shitstorm was brewing in Brooklyn. Shitstorm (the band) played an NYC MDF pre-party at Public Assembly with Italian grindcore band Cripple Bastards, Magrudergrind, The Kill, and Noisear on May 25th. Pictures from that show adorn this post.

All mentioned bands except Magrudergrind played MDF. Cripple Bastards, Shitstorm and the Kill also played secret MDF after-shows in Baltimore on Friday & Saturday, both of which eventually got shut down by the cops. Dropdead, Lack of Interest, DOC, Coke Bust, Triac, Mammoth Grinder, Extortionm and others were scheduled to play the after-shows.

More pictures from Public Assembly below....

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by BBG

Despise You / Magrudergrind tour flyer
Despise You

While we prepare for the ONSLAUGHT of pre/post MDF destruction, prepare for some incredible news that Despise You and Magrudergrind will team up to play NYC in September as part of the former's first East Coast tour! No news on the whens/wheres or even the other whos, but we'll keep you up to date.

Ruin Lust has been added to the previously discussed Wolvserpent/A Story of Rats show at Acheron on June 4th.

Unfortunately, KEN Mode has dropped off of the previously discussed Deafheaven show at Cake Shop on 6/17 with Gholas. More details are forthcoming.

More suggested NYC shows, a new Engineer track (!) and a stream of the entire Weekend Nachos album Worthless is below...

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Floor @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

A shade more than a year after their return which has included a Brooklyn show at Europa, Floor made their way back to Brooklyn to play Music Hall of Williamsburg last night (4/14) (the same venue that TV On the Radio, who were headlining Radio City at the time, played one night earlier). The Floor show was part of a tour with Hawks that hits Philly tonight.

Floor's genetic makeup last night was the same as their recent touring lineup (Steve, Anthony, Henry), and the band played a similarly crushing setlist comprised of faves like "Scimitar", "Trangle Song", "Tales of Lolita", and "Iron Girl" among countless others. The reunited Floor-ida band was supported by Atlanta's Hawks (not the basketball team), who churned out Am-Rep-faithful noise rock that featured a David Yow-sound-alike in front who took cues from Eugene Robinson in the wardrobe department... slowly, but surely stripping down to his underwear.

Magrudergrind opened the show to a meager crowd, and dependably delivered their grind-y hardcore with vigor. Small crowd or no, you can't keep some kids from going apeshit during songs like "Heaviest Bombing".

Floor's Steve Brooks will be back in NYC and at Music Hall of Williamsburg on July 20th with Torche, who will be on the road as part of a string of dates with Big Business and Helms Alee. Tickets are currently on AmEx presale and go on regular sale Friday (4/15).

And, heavy music invaded the whole block on N6th lastt night, as right next door The Ocean was teaming up with East Of The Wall and Flourishing at Public Assembly. Those pictures are on the way. Check out more pictures from Music Hall of Williamsburg below.

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DOWNLOAD: Krallice - "Litany of Regrets" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Krallice - "The Clearing" (MP3)

Krallice (photo by Justina Villanueva)

Tickets are on sale for the Sleep show coming to Terminal 5 on June 22nd. Openers still haven't been announced, though Magrudergrind was added as support for the Floor show coming to Music Hall of Williamsburg on April 13th. Tickets are still available for that too.

Tickets are now on sale for the Converge, Trap Them & Dropdead show at Santos Party House on May 25th.

Tickets are also now on sale for the previously discussed Krallice/ Withered/Ipsissimus/ Cleric May 2nd show at The Studio at Webster Hall. It's one of two NYC dates on the calendar for Krallice (who play Union Pool on 4/20 in honor of Brendan of Orphan).

Ipsissimus killed it at Union Pool on 3/27 with The Funeral Pyre & The Secret.

The Krallice tour with Withered is in preparation for Krallice's newest marvel/LP, Diotima, which drops via Profound Lore on 4/26. Diotima is more of the dizzying, well-crafted, intelligent and complex black-metal that marked their previous two releases with Profound Lore. The Brooklyn now-veterans (three albums in three years? the Jay-Z of USBM, anyone?) have perfected the art of brutal technicality as you can hear in "The Clearing" and in the punky/powerful second track to be released, "Litany of Regrets" which premieres in this post. Download above. Stream below.

All Krallice tour dates and the song stream is below.

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photos by Jonathan McPhail & BBG, words by BBG

Ringworm @ Lovejoys (by BBG)

Ringworm headlined the BrooklynVegan/1000Knives Day Show at Lovejoys on 3/18, the third of four BV-BBG metal shows at SXSW this year. Kicking off a little after noon, the show featured nine bands that mostly were of the hardcore/grind ilk, with the exception of doom overlords Cough.

Owen Hart was the first band of the day and could have been the band of the day. Their furious riffy hard-grind was an excellent way to kick things off, and was one of my favorite sets of the week. Owen Hart fucking rules, so get out and catch 'em at a local house show before they start playing bigger stages.

Salvation left the Lovejoys floor bloodied and battered with their furious hardcore, and were followed up by the always incredible Kill The Client. Vocalist Morgan spent as much time shredding his throat as he did crowdsurfing during the Dallas grinders' killer set. They're an incredible live band propelled by the great Bryan Fajardo (Phobia, Noisear, etc) behind the kit.

KEN Mode's set mirrored the set they played two days earlier at Emo's in intensity and power, and slowed things up a bit before Richmond's 10-ton doom monster Cough. Primarily focused on their latter material, Cough is never anything less than impressive, and the walls shook outside the venue with their high volume doom riffery. Magrudergrind was on tour with Cough and sharing backline, so their slower parts packed an extra umph on Cough's (considerable) gear. Another quick and ballsy set from the always awesome Magrudergrind.

Gaza arrived a bit later than the rest of the gang due to their set at New England Metal & Hardcore Fest, and their off-time, dissonant hardcore was a big hit to the capacity Lovejoys crowd. Inciting gang chants of "He! Is! Never! Coming! BACCCCK!", vocalist Jon Parkin paced back and forth in front of the crowd as his Salt Lake City backing band concentrated their set on latter material.

Wormrot is one of the hardest touring and most impressive grind bands on the scene, and for good reason. Drummer Fit and his lightning fast feet clobber the bass drum and propel the tunes forward with unbelieveable precision and velocity. Meanwhile, guitarist Syid matches Fit's pummeling timing, but does so with a calm/collected manner; at these speeds you'd think Syid would be huffing, puffing and drenched in sweat. Amazing live set.

Ringworm's setlist was focused on Birth is Pain, the band's LP released in 2001 and were every bit as blistering as they were a few months earlier at Fun Fun Fun Fest. Pitting began, Human Furnace's drenched hair whipped about, and the band bruised the crowd past the 7pm curfew playing on an awesome full set. Cleveland's finest, indeed.

In all, I'd like to thank Lovejoys for being so accomodating, Left Hand Brewing for fueling the mayhem, all of the incredible bands, Andy, Merrick, Ron, my partner 1000Knives, and most importantly, everyone who came out to the show! More pictures & some videos, below...

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by BBG

Ringworm at FFF Fest 2010 (more by BBG)

I've been super busy booking bands for FOUR upcoming metal shows in Austin, TX. Let's recap what's announced so far. You know about the free show with Profound Lore on 3/19 at Lovejoys (with Tombs, Dark Castle, The Body, many others) and the free Full Metal Texas (with Trap Them, Hull, Rwake, and more.. stay tuned for the rest of the lineup, including one last addition to our stage).

Now I'm happy to announce the third party which is happening 3/18 at Lovejoys! BrooklynVegan/1000 Knives are proud to present eight more bands including Ringworm! The gods of Clevo-core who will headline an unfucwitable day of 10,000 MPH speed and destruction! Well, destruction for sure. Speed? For the most part.

3/18 at Lovejoys (noon -7pm)
KEN Mode
Kill The Client
Owen Hart
As if the door price wasn't great enough (FREE), Left Hand Brewery will provide gratis suds while supplies last. More details are forthcoming, but if you're headed to Austin (or already there), for now make sure and block off noon - 7PM on 3/18 for this (21+) event!

Check out some videos of some of the bands below...

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photos by Samantha Marble, words by BBG


The Eyehategod / Misery Index / Magrudergrind / Strong Intention destruction train came into Europa station on Friday night (2/18) bringing along a sold out crowd (and quite a few fresh faces). If you're familiar with Eyehategod live in their last few rounds, then Friday's setlist wasn't much of a surprise except for new matieral like "New Orleans is The New Vietnam". Watch one of the new songs in a video from the Philly show at the end of this post.

Mutilation Rites also opened the show at Europa, and would later join Woe and We Are All Savages (but not Magrudergrind) for a late-night show at The Charleston.

More pictures & video from Europa below...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Magrudergrind - Crusher EP (ZIP file)
DOWNLOAD: Pulling Teeth - "Whisper" (MP3)

2/3 of Magrudergrind, slaying Cake Shop (more here)

Magrudergrind's mix of blindingly fast/punishing grind peppered with hip hop interludes returns for their new EP Crusher. Featuring six tracks and appearances from Richard Johnson (Agoraphobic Nosebleed/ex-Enemy Soil) and Dom Romeo (Pulling Teeth), the new record officially drops on Monday (11/22), but you can download it for free (above) and stream it (below) NOW! The EP, being released on 10" wax and CD, is currently on pre-order and the price is FREE (but shipping is $6.00). Order your copy.

The reason the EP is "free" is the source of some controversy though...


As you can see, "Scion Audio Visual Presents" and the Scion logo are clearly displayed - an out-of-the-ordinary choice in an overtly anti-capitalist music scene (grindcore). Magrudergrind have commented on said controversy and you can check out their thorough and articulate statement below.

Speaking of Dom Romeo, his incredible band Pulling Teeth have completed their new album Funerary, set for release in March 2011 as a 2xLP on A389 Recordings and on CD/Digital via Firestarter Records. Check out the new song, "Whispers" available for download above and streaming below. No solid touring plans for PT so far, though they recently played LA with Integrity and Ceremony (video of that appearance below).

Streams, Pulling Teeth's album art, Magrudergrind's statement, and some recent video is below...

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words by Kim Kelly, photos by BBG

Mel has a few choice words with the audience
Fuck The Facts

Summertime is the perfect time of year to crawl into a dingy, poorly-ventilated basement, shove up against a couple dozen long-haired dudes, and take in the aural splendor of a down'n'dirty grindcore show. Spend too much money on beer (or sneak in some forties), forget your earplugs, scream along, then leave slightly sore and soaked in a sure-to-be-unhealthy amount of other peoples' sweat. At least, that's what the fine folks of 1000 Knives and Brooklyn Vegan thought when they summoned up this unholy lineup and unleashed it upon the Lower East Side on Saturday (Aug 7th).

Hometown hellraisers Atakke stormed the stage with a characteristically furious thrash/death assault, battling through some slight technical difficulties and bringing the mosh, hard.

I've somehow never seen Defeatist before, but am kicking myself for not making a point of doing so earlier. They absolutely slayed, dealing out raw, chaotic grindcore interlaced with shards of noise and broken glass, seething with hate, and buried by grime and crust. Do not miss their next show (w/ Black Army Jacket at the Cake Shop on Sept. 4th).

Magrudergrind were on their grind as usual, busting out a short'n'nasty collection of up-tempo, bottom-heavy punk rock beatdowns. Their music is a thrashing crusty filthy mess, and god do kids love it - the entire venue erupted into chaos upon every manic exhortation and wicked bass drop. Killer.

Fuck The Facts are a strange, unruly collective, and a force to be reckoned with in a live setting. As the crowd collectively lost its shit, the Canadian quartet sweated through a head-spinning set of twisted, off-kilter grind. Frontwoman Mel Mongeon stalked the stage like a caged lion, guttural roars and all. She also showed herself to be much cleverer than the average metalhead, as her summery ensemble of tank top and paisley skirt was undoubtedly a sight more comfortable than the filthy black t-shirts and jeans the rest of us were stewing in. The sound at the Cake Shop did the band plenty of justice, and Fuck The Facts played just long enough to drive their point home. Fucking rad.

Tons more pics and some videos below...

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Rick Smith of Torche at MHOW (more by Justina Villanueva)
Rick Smith of Torche

Torche closed out the room with an assist from a fill-in drummer in the absence of Rick Smith (who broke his hand while touring with his side project Shitstorm). Although Smith's theatrics were missed (you rarely ever see anyone standing and jumping down TOWARD the kit, save for Rob Shaffer of Dark Castle and a few others), the band played a well-executed set of bubblegum pop which contained one song from their upcoming split with Boris, and a ton of thundering but sugary classics. [BV at SXSW 2010]
When Torche played the BV show at SXSW (and again at Beerland) sans drummer Rick Smith, it was all because of his pummeling work in Shitstorm, a grind side project. Now said grind venture that once shared a split with Magrudergrind (who are playing NYC on August 7th) and who now also feature Jonathan from Torche and Eric of Capsule/ex-Kylesa fame, will hit the road for a string of east coast dates.

Look for the band to brutalize NYC at The Acheron on September 1st alongside the fantastical Pollution (also see them at Acheron with Megasus and The Love Below!), Syphilitic Lust (playing another show with Coffinworm and Unearthly Trance), Curandera (who just played with The Body), and Divorce Money.

Meanwhile, Rick Smith will be in NYC next week with Torche at Music Hall of Williamsburg on August 6th. Tickets are still available for the show which also includes Boris and Russian Circles.

Full Shitstorm dates, and some video is below...

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Fuck The Facts at Public Assembly (more by Justina Villanueva)
Fuck The Facts

What's summer in NYC with out a brutal, sweaty matinee? BrooklynVegan and 1000Knives are happy to do our part by announcing that Fuck The Facts will play Cake Shop on August 7th (a saturday) with special guests Magrudergrind, Defeatist. The show is all ages.

Fuck The Facts recently released a digital only EP, available NOW for free download.

To help celebrate St. Jean Baptiste This year, we offer a compilation specially concocted for the occasion, free download. This comp includes all the French songs of Fuck the Facts.
Warning, this download will only be available on 23 and 24 June
Shouts to the Google-bots for the rad translation. (Je ne parle pas francais bien)

The band also recently dropped the Disgorge Mexico DVD, the incredible Unnamed EP, and most recently dropped the "Wake" video from that EP. Pick up that limited DVD and limited EP via the band.

Check out our interview with Fuck The Facts guitarist Topon Das. Check out the "Wake" video and dig on tour dates for FTF below...

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words by BBG, photos by Keith Marlowe

Capitalist Casualties
Capitalist Casualties

The trail to Maryland Deathfest is blazed by a ton of bands, four of which populated the Europa show on Saturday night (5/22). Fang headlined Europa with an assist from hardcore old schoolers Verbal Abuse, powerviolencers Capitalist Casualties, the killer Magrudergrind, and Strong Intention part of an overall campaign that will see the bands (not SI) crash land at MDF 2010.

Speaking of MDF bands in NYC, Europa will ALSO host MDF'er DRI on Sunday 5/30. Tickets are still on sale, or you can try you hand at winning one of TWO pairs. Details on how are at the bottom of this post.

Sunday at Europa was the Inquisition & Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult show. More pics from Saturday's show are below...

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by BBG

Magrudergrind at Scion Rock Fest (more by Christopher Mumma)

This weekend begins the onslaught of pre-Maryland Death Fest and Chaos in Tejas madness, in addition to ongoing general NYC metal-insanity. And for those of you who are looking to take it the hard way (i.e. go to 10 shows instead of one looong one) there are tons of chances to check out some interesting young bands in heavy music. We talked about quite a few shows on the way already, including the FREE and ALL AGES Trash Talk show TONIGHT (5/21) at Acheron.

Czech death-grinders Ingrowing (their second NYC show in a week) will play The Charleston TONIGHT (5/21), and it's a rager. Featuring Buckshot Facelift, Flourishing, Backslider, the show also marks the return of The Communion, who will soldier on in the wake of the loss of guitarist Lee Altomare:

...after all this, we will be hunkering down and working on new material. we will also be operating under a different name. Lee and I always said that if the Communion ever did a full length, we would call it Kanalbrigade. so as a tribute to Lee, we will be known as KANALBRIGADE. add us on Myspace. also Facebook
Orphan, Dope Body, Child Abuse will terrorize Union Pool TONIGHT (5/21) as well, with the latter playing a show shortly after the release of their new LP.

Zona will host Beau Finley, DBCR, Something About Death or Dying (which includes members of Chambers, The Gaslight Anthem and Spiro Agnew) and Paranoid Critical Revolution for it's monthly shindig at Zona. The Public Assembly show kicks off on Sunday (5/23) at 8PM.

That same night at the Charleston, Tyrhombus Rex will team up with Richmond's Balaclava (who have a killer new release on Forcefield), Elks (who are playing with Cough at Cake Shop) and Mortals for a show at the Charleston.

In other news, Sodom has cancelled their US tour, which affects all US dates including 5/26 in Hollywood, MDF on 5/29, and NYC on 5/28:

"Due to solid problems with our local tour promoter and getting our Visa in time, we are forced to cancel the upcoming shows.... We are deeply disappointed by this situation, but in the end there's the awareness, that not everything is done to our entire satisfaction... We owe this to our fans, even more because we made ourselves scarce in the US since the foundation of this band, of course through no fault of our own... We surely will catch up on these shows as soon as possible, which we especially owe to our fans."
As previously mentioned, Europa will host not only the Inquisition show on Sunday (5/23) but also the whopper of a show in Verbal Abuse, Capitalist Casualties, Fang, and Magrudergrind on Saturday (5/22). Want to go to Verbal Abuse? I have THREE pairs of tickets available to giveaway. Details on how to win are at the bottom of this post. The VA show will take place at the same time that Municipal Waste is packing out Fontana's across town.

Some videos and details on the upcoming MADNESS (AKA a list of shows) are below...

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photos by Jessie Barber, Christopher Mumma

Matt Martinez of Landmine Marathon belts it out (by Jessie Barber)
Landmine Marathon

While BBG and Kim Kelly were trolling about the blackened stage at Bernie's, getting southern-fried by the Louisiana frighteners Thou, and checking out the thundergods known as YOB, Chris and Jessie were on the case at the other Scion Rock Fest on 3/13 in Columbus, Ohio. Pictures from their travels which include some (more) shots of Landmine Marathon, as well as Shrinebuilder (right before they played NYU), Pelican, D.R.I., Black Tusk, Voivod (who then made their way to SXSW), Magrudergrind, Saviours, and so much more, below....

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words by Ilya Blokh, photos by Samantha Marble

Misery Index
Misery Index

You can judge the intensity (and quality) of a show by what remains on the ground after the crowd clears. Usually there are beer bottles- sometimes a stray shoe or a cell phone. After Concussion, Mutant Supremacy, Magrudergrind and Misery Index tore apart The Union Pool on Saturday, February 20th there were two items of note: a bullet and a tooth.

Local act Concussion opened with a short but sweet set of pummeling thrash - I was psyched to finally see them play with a decent sound system. They have a good mix of fast riffs and technical guitar lines, but shine especially when they find a moment to slow things down and build up tension. They recently added two new members (Dan from Haunted Castle/Mutilation Rites and Matt from The Dip), have been playing a ton of shows, and are planning to record new material soon.

Mutant Supremacy were up next, with a straight-forward, conservative take on old-school death metal. It was a bit too wall-of-sound for me, though I dug the alternating high/low pitched vocals. There was even an appropriately cheesy band/fan exchange (all of it growled): "Thank you." "You're welcome." "No one is welcome here."

Magrudergrind tore through a blistering set of short, nasty, delicious songs that finally got the crowd moving. These three unassuming looking dudes have the grindcore/powerviolence thing down to perfection - nothing too techy or melodic, just blindingly fast grind that only lets up for a brief moment here and there. They've got great stage presence, and their banter and bizarre sound-samples are a welcome breather between songs.

Misery Index finally took the stage and, despite the intensity of the preceding acts, raised the bar all the way to the fucking roof. Constantly shifting from chugging, groovy riffs to breakneck speed, all of it backed up by unrelenting blast beats and chunky growled vocals, they are the sonic equivalent of swinging a wrecking ball around a room. Several minutes into their set the crowd virtually exploded and didn't let up until the last discordant note dropped out of the air. Things got surprisingly explosive for The Union Pool - a place where crossed-arms and flaccid head-bobbing are the norm - and much of the audience ended up seeking refuge on top of the bar.

In short, an amazing performance - Misery Index could easily be playing Gramercy, Irving, etc, so I'm glad they stick to smaller venues. Magrudergrind and Misery Index will be touring for the next month and putting at least a few dentists to serious work.

More shots of Misery Index and Magrudergrind (none of Mutant Supremacy or Concussion, sadly) are below.

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words by BBG, photos by Samantha Marble

Avi of Magrudergrind avec dudes going apey

Few genres of extreme music necessitate the technical proficiency and stamina required to play grindcore music. It features brief, violent bursts of blast-beat drumming accompanied by chugging, down-tuned guitars and vocals that are screeched, barked, growled, and always incomprehensible. The differences between acts are indecipherable to the uninitiated (twelve-tone music and Corsican polyphony present the same problem), but for the masochistic grind enthusiast, few groups reach the brutal purity of the Washington, D.C., band Magrudergrind. -[The New Yorker]
Magrudergrind headlined Sunday's early show at Cake Shop along with local grind faves Defeatist, Ramps, special guests Psychic Limb, and Black Kites. It was the first of two BV/1000 Knives productions over the weekend. The first was Tombs + Rosetta @ Union Pool one night earlier.

Magrudergrind and Defeatist delivered positively blistering sets (as expected - they both destroy), but the biggest surprise to me was Psychic Limb. Fronted by NYC artist Brian Montouri, the band played a spazzy-pummeling grind that was beyond fun, though a little on the way-too-short side (10ish minutes). Catch them if you get the chance, but don't blink.

PL shares a member with Ramps, who was sandwiched in between them and Defeatist. If you missed Ramps, then you're in luck; the band will hit The Charleston on 2/6 with Sourvein (but not Bezoar).

Magrudergrind will be back in NYC on 2/20 with Misery Index at Union Pool (tix), one show of a greater tour between the pair. Magrudergrind is also confirmed for MDF 2010.

Tons of pics, and some must-see Magrudergrind and Psychic Limb video below...

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by BBG

Shrinebuilder at LPR (more here)

Atlanta no more! Scion Rock Fest 2010 will take place in Columbus, Ohio on March 13, 2010. The show will officially expand its reach from one to FOUR venues in Columbus: Circus, Newport Music Hall, Skully's, and Bernie's Distillery. 2010's lineup contains zero return bands from the 2009 festival but does contain sets from bands that released my favorite albums of last year (namely Magrudergrind, Yob, Absu) and played my favorite shows of last year (Lightning Swords of Death, Landmine Marathon, Trap Them, Black Tusk, Ludicra) in addition to sets from headliners Cannibal Corpse, Voivod, Shrinebuilder, Brutal Truth.

The rest of the lineup, the show flyer, and RSVP info is below...

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by BBG

Misery Index at BV-BBG CMJ (more by Samantha Marble)
Misery Index

In lieu of my forthcoming Short Wave Warfare column (formerly known as This Week in Metal), I figured I would present a short blast of interesting shows coming up - for the dark side in you.

The biggest news of the pack is that Death metal greats Deceased will team up with the defenders of the filth, Superchrist, for the Slaves To The Grave tour which includes Union Pool on April 17th. Deceased is scheduled to make an appearance at MDF this year, while Superchrist is recovering from the release of Defenders of The Filth last year.

All Deceased tour dates and many more upcoming shows, continued below...

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by BBG

Dave Verellen of Narrows (more by Samantha Marble)

Another year gone, but not without lasting memories! Eyehategod (x2). Akitsa. Rorschach (x2). BV-BBG @ CMJ. Ludicra. BV @ Northside. Keelhaul... Not to mention the tons of memories jogged by my turntable and iPod. Estimates place the number of albums released in 2008 at 115,000, and while similar data for 2009 is scarce, I think that number seems on the low side. With so many to choose from, you can imagine that it was tough to sift through 20 (22 actually) that represented my year...

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by BBG

DOWNLOAD: Magrudergrind - "Excommunicated" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Magrudergrind - "Lyrical Ammunition For Scene Warfare" (MP3)


We are proud to announce the latest in the ongoing BV series of heavy music (this time in conjunction with 1000 Knives): Magrudergrind will team up with Defeatist, Black Kites, and Ramps to decimate Cake Shop on 1/23 as part of our first hardcore matinee. $8 will get you in the door, although you may need a stretcher to get out.

Magrudergrind are also on board for Maryland Deathfest 2010, which recently added a pre-party featuring greats like General Surgery, Birdflesh, Iron Lung, PLF, and many others. Tickets are available here. The full lineup for MDF is below.

Magrudergrind's new S/T full length was recently named one of Decibel's top 40 albums of 2009. The band is also scheduled to play Hellfest with Godflesh as well as team up with Pulling Teeth when DRI hits Baltimore on 12/13. DRI was originally scheduled to impact Gramercy Theater on 1/17/10, but tickets were taken off sale.

Full MDF lineup, and flyers for the BV/1000 Knives show as well as the MDF Pre-Fest are below.

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Baroness @ Bowery Ballroom - 11/20/2009 (more by Tim Griffin)

BBG will publish his own list of the best metal albums of 2009, but in the meantime here's what Decibel Magazine had to say:

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Minsk - "Three Moons" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Magrudergrind - "Excommunicated" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Magrudergrind - "Lyrical Ammunition For Scene Warfare" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Afgrund - "Klinisk Digital Kyla" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Afgrund - "Borja Fran Noll" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thou - "Into The Void" (Black Sabbath cover, MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thou - "Sweet Leaf" (Black Sabbath cover, MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thou - "Lord Of This World" (Black Sabbath cover, MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Thou - "Black Sabbath" (Black Sabbath cover, MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Black Pyramid - "Visions of Gehenna" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Gnaw Their Tongues - "Rife with Deep Teeth Marks" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Complete Failure - Heal No Evil (ZIPPED MP3 Album)


Lots of ground to cover, since we missed ya last week, so lets get right to it with the mighty Minsk! The Chicagoan's new album With Echoes In The Movement Of Stone is out now, and it definitely delivers on the promises of The Ritual Fires of Abandonment. Highly recommended, as evidenced by the monstrosity "Three Moons" available for download above!

At The Charleston on 5/29, I managed to catch the pummeling Magrudergrind along with the equally awesome powerviolence of The Endless Blockade. The pair are touring surrounding their MDF appearance, and while TEB doesn't have a new album out, Magrudergrind DOES; a self-titled LP available now via Willowtip! Cop that here, and cop a pair of songs from the record above!

Also up at Willowtip, the new LPs by Defeatist and Afgrund! The new Defeatist LP, Sharp Blade Sinks Deep Into Dull Minds, is actually a compilation of previous EPs and other releases, but definitely provides a good preview as to what these grinders are about before their new LP drops (soon). Meanwhile Afgrund's new LP, Vid Helvetets Grindar, is also on preorder. Check out the band's deathgrind-y groove on tracks like "Klinisk Digital Kyla", "Borja Fran Noll", both downloadable above.

Check out two noteworthy streams... Khanate's Clean Hands Go Foul and Xasthur's All Reflections Drained. Both albums are out NOW via Hydra Head Records. In the meantime, check out an awesome interview with James Plotkin of Khanate and make sure and buy that Khanate hunting knife too!

Goes Cube are finally home from their tour promoting the massive Another Day Has Passed. Their "homecoming show" is scheduled for tonight (6/5) at Union Hall with The Detachment Kit amd The Thin Man. Tickets are still available.

Ancestors have completed recording their follow-up to last year's Neptune With Fire. Featuring four songs, and three interludes, I had a chance to preview a few tracks which are definitely as epic as their previous material, and just as compelling. Look for Sera Timms from Black Math Horseman and David Scott Stone to make an apperance on the as-yet untitled LP, and look for more news very soon!

A member of Pelican and a member of Tombs have agreed to a "bro tat" commemorating their current tour together. So what you say? YOU can decide what it is! Pictures from their recent show together at Irving Plaza are HERE in case you missed them.

Iron Age and Sex Vid are in town this weekend. More info, dates, and an MP3 from Iron Age's Tee Pee Records debut, HERE.

Liturgy have been added to our Northside Festival showcase. Howl have been added to the roster of Relapse Records, and we just got word that so were Black Anvil!

Black Pyramid has released their new self-titled LP on the doom stable Meteor City Records. While vocalist Andy Beresky comes off sounding like J.D. Cronise at times (NOT a bad thing), these Massachusetts boys definitely are in a whole different category than The Sword. With an ability to balance their bombastic blues riffs with stylistic touches of the greats (ie Electric Wizard, Sleep, Pentagram, etc) without sounding derivative, check out a video for Black Pyramid's "And The Gods Made War/Visions of Gehenna" below and download "Visions of Gehenna" above! Full BP tour dates are below, including their appearance at the Stoner Hands Of Doom Festival.

That video and Thou, Indian, Ulver, Brutal Truth, Wolves In The Throne Room, Municipal Waste, and Narrows as This Week In Metal Continues...

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DOWNLOAD: Iron Age - "The Way Is Narrow" (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Mind Eraser - "Teenagers" (MP3, Meat Puppets cover)
DOWNLOAD: Altar of Plagues - "Gas In Veins/Amesoeurs" (MP3 Excerpt)
DOWNLOAD: Amesouers - "Earth" (MP3 Excerpt)
DOWNLOAD: Old Wainds - "Cold Twilight of the Worlds" (MP3)

Bloody Panda

Brooklyn's own Hull will release Sole Lord via The End Records on May 26th. Spanning ten tracks over 44 minutes, and boasting art work by Josh Graham, look for the the band to kill it TONIGHT (4/16) at Union Pool when they open for the mighty Withered joined by Book of Black Earth and Hallux.

Withered's OTHER touring partners, Marduk, will enter Endarker studios in early May to record the follow-up to Rom 5:12, or their eleventh studio album. Look for it to drop in September, followed by the Funeral Nation World Tour 2009 and into 2010. Marduk will be at Irving Plaza on May 21 with Withered and Mayhem. Tickets are still available.

It a stroke of awesome luck, KARMA TO f'n BURN will be in NYC next monday (4/20) at Lit Lounge along with the mighty Tiger Flowers. Clear your schedules.

Landmine Marathon who I to NYC tommorrow (4/17) to slay The Charleston, are currently taking a break from writing their new album for Prosthetic. No word on when that record will show its ugly face, but in the mean time, make sure to... get. Your ass. To. The. Charleston!

Ringworm are currently writing their new album, The Ninth Circle, hoping to hit the studio this summer for a fall release on Victory Records. Ringworm dropped The Venomous Grand Design on Victory in 2007.

Saint Vitus LIVE (more by Firebaugh)
Saint Vitus

Over the past weekend (April 11), Saint Vitus played a single US date in New Orleans, where they were joined on stage by Pepper Keenan (Down, COC), Jimmy Bower (Down, Eyehategod), and Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down). Luckily there was a camera in attendance, and you can watch the entire show here. Saint Vitus will headline at Roadburn this weekend. Me jealous.

Municipal Waste have announced completion of Massive Aggressive, their new album recorded with Zeuss. Look for it August 24th on Earache. Meanwhile, you can face the Waste at Roseland with Lamb Of God, Children Of Bodom, and As I Lay Dying. Tickets are still available.

Victims have added Raging Speedhorn guitarist Gareth Smith, and will drop a new 7" entitled Lies Lies Lies on Deathwish. Meanwhile, make sure to catch the Swedish crew on tour with Trap Them and Black Breath!

The previously announced Buried Inside date as part of Show No Mercy (5/3), will serve as one date on a four stop New York state tour. Show No Mercy at Public Assembly is scheduled for 5/3 with headliners A Life Once Lost, Rosetta, and repeat offenders Wetnurse.

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