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photos by Tim Griffin

DOWNLOAD: Box Elders - Hole in My Head (MP3)

Box Elders

Box Elders, the "garage punk trio" from Omaha, Nebraska (home of Saddle Creek), stole the show Saturday night at Market Hotel (1/10). I didn't catch Blood Romance. I liked Medications. Tyvek and Crystal Stilts were great, but Box Elders left a lasting impression and had the whole, sold-out, Brooklyn room going crazy.

First of all, the bassist/vocalist Clayton McIntyre, wasn't wearing any underwear. I know this from those standing close enough to get the occasional, accidental glimpse under his loin cloth (just thought I would get that out of the way). The guitarist/vocalist, Jeremiah, is Clayton's brother. Dave Goldberg is the drummer and his skills were part of the reason this band stuck out. Dave Goldberg simultaneously playing a keyboard/organ that was run through a Leslie speaker was another. Great songs can go on their list of achievements too.

It's been documented that Matador's Gerard Cosley is a fan of this band. I am now further documenting that Gerard was in attendance at Market Hotel on Saturday night. (Fun Fact: Pavement have a song called Box Elder. Pavement, who will eventually reunite probably, are signed to Matador.)

Bill Pearis was thinking of The Clean after listening to "Hole in My Head", and before seeing Box Elders live. Now he, who was also at the show, says "they're more bratty punk meets Nuggets-era garage rock". In that same vein, I think they would fit in on the Warped Tour, in Little Steven's record collection, and at the Pitchfork Festival. Most of all I think they were fun.

More pictures and tour dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Wavves - So Bored (MP3)


* WAVVES has a self-titled debut album out now on the Woodsist label
* WAVVES' second album is called WAVVVES (notice the extra "V")
* Both albums have very very similar covers
* WAVVVES by WAVVES is on the De Stijl label and is out on Feb. 03, 2009
WAVVES is from California. WAVVES will be in NYC to play Market Hotel with Blank Dogs, Woods, Nodzzz and Gary War on February 6th. The same exact lineup plays Less Artists More Condos the very next day. All dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Vivian Girls - Blind Spot (Daisy Chain cover) (MP3)

Vivian Girls @ the Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ (thepiratehat)
Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls, NYC & NJ 2009
Dec 31 (NYE) - they opened for Yo La Tengo
Jan 04 - they played the Court Tavern (see above)
Jan 11 - they're playing for kids @ the Living Room
Jan 14 - they're playing w/ Titus Andronicus @ Maxwell's
Jan 20 - they're playing w/ Fucked Up & Pissed Jeans @ MARKET HOTEL *
Feb 19 - they're opening for M Ward @ Apollo Theater $

* the MH show was moved from Danbro Studios
$ one of three shows they're playing with M Ward. Weird? yes.

All dates below...

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The band formerly known as Tyvke, TVK and Tyvek are back in NYC in a few days to play three shows in a row...

  2. Jan 10 - Market Hotel - Tyvjk w/ CRYSTAL STILTS, BOX ELDERS, MEDICATION, KID ROMANCE New York City
Their friends Psychedelic Horseshit don't have any any other shows listed. Crystal Stilts also don't have any other local shows scheduled.

Cause Co-Motion do have more shows listed. They're also opening for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Mercury Lounge on February 7th, playing Monster Island Basement on March 12th, and perrforming at Silent Barn on April 25th.

All Tyvjk dates below...

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photos by Michael Gruen

DOWNLOAD: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Me & Mia (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Colleen (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - A Bottle of Buckie (MP3)

Ted Leo

"this show was really special and really great performances all around, though oddly there were not very many people there.

general consensus was that a lot of the people who might usually make up Ted Leo's audience were terrified of Bushwick on a Monday night and/or just couldn't deal with the prospect of tickets you couldn't use your credit card to buy off the internet in advance.

Pussies! they missed out. Two hour Ted Leo set!"

That review refers to the show Ted Leo played solo at Market Hotel in Brooklyn last night (12/15) with Patrick Stickles and Cale Parks. The two hour Ted set included "Dancing in the Dark" and other covers, some Tej Leo, and other rarities. It's also possible this show was not super well attended because Ted just played a much more promoted show in the same general neighborhood a couple of weeks earlier. More pictures from Market Hotel below...

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DOWNLOAD: Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus (MP3)

photos by Michael Gruen

so, like I used to have this beard you see.. (Patrick Stickles @ Market Hotel)
Patrick Stickles

Titus Andronicus's Patrick Stickles played a solo show at Market Hotel in Brooklyn last night - he was opening for his friend Ted Leo who also played solo (and solo Cale Parks was also on the bill) (12/15). As you can see, Patrick is now without beard.

As previously posted, Titus Andronicus are playing a home-state show at Maxwell's on January 14th followed immediately by a national tour with Los Campesinos!, BUT FIRST: another NYC New Years Eve option:

Public Assembly & MEANYFEST USA present New Year's Eve Blow Out Party!

24 hour liquor license means party all night into the afternoon the next day!!!

Performances by:
*THE JOHNS @ 12:30
+ Plus DJ VHS (LADY GA GA)!!

$35 and/or $70 tickets are on sale for the show at Public Assembly which is the venue right next door to where Crystal Castles are playing twice that night. More pictures of Patrick playing Market Hotel, below...

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photos by Michael Gruen

DOWNLOAD: Cale Parks - Some Sew, Some Find (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Cale Parks - Wet Paint (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Wallpaper. Dio Remix) (MP3)

Cale Parks

Cale Parks (you know him from the band Aloha and his participation in the music of White Williams) just got done playing some solo shows with Ted Leo including the one that happened in Cale's home borough of Brooklyn at Market Hotel last night (12/15). In January Cale is going on tour with Passion Pit - tickets are still on sale for the February 4th show at Bowery Ballroom. All dates, and more Market Hotel pictures below...

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words by Andrew Frisicano, live photos by Ryan Muir, portraits by Zach Dilgard

Ted Leo Karaoke

Ted Leo showed up for Indie Rock Karaoke on December 3rd at Studio B with a set of both old and new R/X material - the new from the forthcoming unnamed record five - the old, his standards and classics: "Where Have all the Rude Boys Gone?," "Timorous Me," "Heart Problems," "Army Bound" and "Hearts of Oak" - the latter also melted the crowd's feet of oak, along with the complimentary vodka (I don't remember the brand, but if you're going to promote something, the drinks need to taste slightly better than mint leaf soaked in cleaning fluid).

Ted Leo's vocals have always ventured into the high falsetto range (especially for someone playing in front of such a loud band); here they held up, but I thought newer songs relied on them less. Material seems to focus more on rhythm and less on melody. I think Ted described one track as "dancehall meets death metal" - forever in Fred Perry, he seems a little more like Mark E. Smith every day..

Ted Leo Karaoke

The band took a break and the evening's emcee , the always entertaining Andrew W.K., gleefully instructed on how to properly sing karaoke by "destroying the ego," then proceeded to demonstrate on a "Louie Louie" punctuated by haymakers and headbangs. The audience karaokers were treated pretty mercifully - anyone who made at least a reasonable attempt was awarded with applause and accolades, with the audience singing along loudly to most everything. Highlights include the first two peformers ("Search and Destroy" and "When Eagles Dare" - the first a spot-on Iggy Pop, the second, a karaoke regular dressed in his Aquaman costume with a plastic trident prop), the impecable Minor Threat and Stiff Little Fingers renditions, and the two guys who, on "Me and Mia," took the guitar from R/X guitarist James Canty and played the chords too. I think only one person actually got booed.

Ted Leo returns, solo, to NYC for a visit to the Market Hotel tonight, Monday December 15th. Opening will be Patrick Stickles ("lead singer of TITUS ANDRONICUS") and CALE PARKS ("from Aloha & White Williams").

In case you haven't been to the Market Hotel before, it's magic requires that it remain somewhat "under the radar," so in order to ensure that no lines form outside the door (thus attracting unwanted attention), they will be selling tickets starting at 6pm, on the day of the show (today) only at Goodbye Blue Monday, 1087 Broadway, Bklyn. They will not be taking money at the door, you must go to Goodbye Blue Monday to get a ticket (it's only 3 blocks away)... - Ted
This will be the second time Ted and Patrick shared the Market Hotel stage this year. More pictures and all dates (including a benefit in CT on Tuesday night) below...

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photos by Leia Jospe


Despot is playing host at both of the Amazing Baby shows happening at Mercury Lounge this weekend. The Forms appear on the new Guilt by Association comp. Here's a set of pictures featuring the three bands that opened for Islands at Market Hotel earlier this month...

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Photos by Leia Jospe

No Age

Titus Andronicus

No Age, now on tour, headlined Market Hotel in Brooklyn on Monday night (11/10). Like they did one night earlier at Santos Party House, Titus Andronicus opened, except this time they were joined by special guest and fellow NJ resident Ted Leo for a cover of NJ band Misfits' "Where Eagles Dare". This is the same cover Titus played with NJ's Yo La Tengo during a NJ pride moment at Brooklyn venue McCarren Pool's final free show over the summer.

No Age's set got especially crazy towards the end as people started getting trampled and knocked over as other people were charging towards the stage. Soft Circle and Sisters opened the show.

Titus just announced a tour with Los Campesinos!. More pictures from Market Hotel, including one of No Age's setlist, below...

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photos by Leia Jospe


As advertised, Islands played a late show at Market Hotel in Brooklyn on Saturday (11/8) and another one the very next afternoon at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin. More pictures from the NY show below...

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Octopus Project @ Fun Fun Fun Fest 2008 (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Octopus Project

today in NYC
* Les Paul @ Iridium
* Neil Halstead @ Maxwell's
* Team B @ Union Pool
* Jim White @ Joe's Pub
* Jonah Matranga @ Europa
* Jason Anderson @ Pete's Candy Store
* Quintron & Miss Pussycat @ Santos Party House
* The Sea and Cake & Death Vessel @ Bowery Ballroom
* No Age, Titus Andronicus, Soft Circle & Sisters @ Market Hotel *

For No Age: "NOTE: for the above show, tickets'll be sold at GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY
1087 Broadway, Bklyn, on sale starting 7pm, nite of show -only-
you must walk to GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY & buy a ticket!!!! thanks!"

The Sea and Cake and Death Vessel are also playing MHOW on Tuesday. Twi the Humble Feather opens that show. Cloud Cult plays Bowery Ballroom tomorrow.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat Santos flyer below...

Spiritualized appeared on VICE's Practice Space. Video below...

What else?

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Islands @ NY Mag Highbrow BBQ (more by Chris La Putt)

Islands have three shows coming up this week. The second is at Market Hotel in Brooklyn on Saturday (11/8) and the third is at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin (less than 24 hours later) on Sunday afternoon (for which we're currently running a free ticket contest).

What does that mean? (nothing really). That means that those in NYC can experience Alden Penner (Unicorn 1) (Clues) on Tuesday and Nick Thorburn (Unicorn 2) (Islands) on Saturday. All Islands dates below...

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words by Andrew Frisicano, Photos by Zach Stern

Fucked Up

After missing out on Fucked Up's two previous night's of NYC fun, I dropped by their gig at Market Hotel (10/16).

I missed Canadian punks Inepsy, but caught Vivian Girls whose sound bounced nicely around the wedge-shaped room. Lately they've been reminding me of Electrelane (who I'm also secretly hoping they turn into).

It was my first time seeing Fucked Up, and from the pictures, videos, and constant write-ups I found it hard to anticipate what would actually happen. The Village Voice wrote, "It took all of no time at all for a moshpit to break out...there is, so far, nothing comfortable at all about this show. It's quite savage".

Maybe the vibe was way different, but the Market Hotel show was anything but uncomfortable (less uncomfortable too since they started requesting that people smoke in the backrooms, due to the space's one window of ventilation).

Fucked Up took the stage quickly (which is always appreciated) and went on to host the evening like a house party show. They took requests, handed the mic off to crowd-members and friends (see below), and thanked the crowd graciously afterward for coming. There were a couple references to the show the night before at Bowery Ballroom along the lines of, "Where were you guys last night?" - directed toward the twenty/thirty or so kids in front diving on each other to get their singalongs into the mic.

Some highlights were the the creepy interlude of "David Comes to Life" sang from the middle of the crowd, the transition from Hidden World opener "Crusades" to Chemistry of Modern Life opener "Son the Father," and "Crooked Head" with Vivian Girls on back-up vox.

To cap the night, a guy named Mike sang a cover, followed by a buy named Ian. Pink Eyes stood to the side with a huge grin on his face, announced that Ian's performance couldn't be topped, and the band closed with him singing another cover.

More pictures from the show below...

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Photos by Leia Jospe

Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus played a show with Abe Vigoda and Love is All at Maxwell's the other night (10/13). This Saturday night (10/18) they play Market Hotel in Brooklyn with the So So Glos. All tour dates and more Maxwell's pictures below...

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Dark Meat

Dark Meat have announced a tour that includes a NYC show on a boat with Vivian Girls on October 3rd. Tickets are on sale. They're also playing Market Hotel in Brooklyn one day later. All dates below...

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Parts & Labor @ Siren Fest 2008 (more by Leia Jospe)
Parts and Labor

Saturday August 30th @ HARKET MOTEL

:: a bill straight outta Tommy's Tavern!
:: bands'll set up in the round & play 1 song each at a time!

:::: Aa / BIG A little a
:::::: Pterodactyl

Round Robins are all the rage. The Baltimore Round Robin tour kicks off in Boston on October 2nd and tickets are now on sale for the two NYC shows.

by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: Patrick Bower - See Ya When We See Ya (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Amazing Baby - Head Dress (MP3)

a version of Amazing Baby
Amazing Baby

Wednesday (8/20) has so many good NYC show options it's criminal. Top of the list for me is probably Seattle's BOAT at Union Hall, who (as listed in last week's post) played a great show on Sunday at Cake Shop, one of the most fun shows I've been to all year. Add locals My Teenage Stride to the Union Hall bill and I would say it's a can't miss, but... there's also The Muslims at Union Pool; Vivian Girls/BFF at Death by Audio; and week two of Passion Pit's residency at Pianos (to which there are still tickets, so much for my own McGee-esque overblown hyperbole).

If you do go to Pianos, might I suggest you sneak upstairs beforehand to catch Patrick Bower. He fronts one of my favorite local bands, World Without Magic, but has also just completed a solo album, Beach Closed, which will be out in September. His solo band (at least at this show) will feature members of The End of the World, The Art of Shooting and Daylight's for the Birds. You can hear a couple tracks from Beach Closed on Patrick's MySpace and you can download an MP3 above, and watch a video for the song further down this post.

Grand Archives
Grand Archives

This Friday's Seaport Music Festival show should be a good one -- Grand Archives and Violens. Grand Archives' debut has been a real grower for me, one that I find myself listening to a lot. The CSNY vibe to the music really works, they put on a pretty good live show too and make room for choice covers. I like them more than their Sub Pop labelmates Fleet Foxes, but that's just me. And I'm anxious to catch Violens again, not having seen them play since May. I've worn out their three-song EP, though "Trance-Like Turn" (from a Green Owl Records compilation, video below) is their best song yet.

For those Brooklyn Vegan readers in the UK, Violens are opening for MGMT in November. Also playing those MGMT shows will be Amazing Baby, who remain my favorite new NYC band of 2008. That would be a hard tour to pass up if I lived over there, even though I'd say the headliner is the weakest live band of the three.

Amazing Baby also play this Friday (Aug 22) at Market Hotel where there is apparently open bar (Colt 45) all night long. I've seen them four times now -- each time a slightly different line-up but always good. Speaking of good and free, you should download Amazing Baby's Infinite Fucking Cross EP from their website. There's also an even newer song for download on top of this post. It's the same song they perform live in the video below (where you'll also find tour dates and other videos too).....

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by Black Bubblegum

Mookie Singerman of Genghis Tron in Belfort (Photo Rod | Le-HibOO.com)

Good News: Genghis Tron announced another tour of the US.
Better News: It's a headlining tour.
Best News: The band has lined up one NYC date, October 25th (during CMJ), at Schmarket Schmotel (where they have played before) with an absolutely killer lineup of DMBQ, An Albatross, Akimbo, and Monotonix with more TBA.

When Genghis Tron finishes with their previously mentioned dates with Baroness in Canada, the trio will hit the road with checkboard-obsessives Yip Yip playing dates with Black Cobra, Behold The Arctopus, and Lovepump United labelmates (Mookie Singerman's label) Clipd Beaks.

The band is currently on tour with The Faint (who recently played Terminal 5, but not with Genghis Tron) and Jaguar Love (who recently played Southpaw).

Monotonix are also playing Knitting Factory on October 24th (one night before Market Hotel & also during CMJ). Monotonix are also on tour as we speak. All Genghis Tron dates below...

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photos by Leia Jospe

Ponytail / crowd / The Mae Shi
Ponytail @ Market Hotel
The Mae Shi @ Market Hotel
The Mae Shi @ Market Hotel

Hot, sweaty, Market Hotel Monday night (July 21, 2008). More pics below...

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photos by Tod Seelie

F Yeah

F Yeah

F Yeah

F Yeah

July 12, 2008

  1. 3 pm @ The Yard - Crystal Antlers (not part of F Yeah)
  2. 6 pm @ Highline Ballroom - Circle Jerks, Dillinger Four, Matt and Kim, Team Robespierre & Monotonix
  3. 12 am @ Pianos - Crystal Antlers and Monotonix (21+)
  4. 11:30 pm @ Market Hotel - Bear Hands & Cut Off Your Hands, 1:30 am @ Market Hotel (same show) - Crystal Antlers & Monotonix (all ages)
That's right. Crystal Antlers and Monotonix are each playing three times today. Monotonix are also playing the final F Yeah show at Club Exit in Brooklyn on Sunday.

I have two pairs of tickets to giveaway for Highline Ballroom and two pairs of tickes for Club Exit. If you want to win them, email BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: F Yeah) with your first and last name and which show you want.

photos by Ryan Muir

Santos Party House

Duh. I forgot to mention that the Belaire show on Saturday at Market Hotel is being headlined by Vivian Girls (June 28, 2008). You'll also find them at Todd P's unamplified BBQ on Sunday. Their last NYC show was the infamous VICE party at Santos. More pictures from that and all tour dates below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Love is All @ Market Hotel

Love is All @ Market Hotel

caUSE co-MOTION! also played the Market Hotel show with Love is All and the Vivian Girls. More pictures below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

DOWNLOAD: Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To (MP3)

Vivian Girls

Henry Joseph Darger (April 12[?], 1892-April 13, 1973) was a reclusive American writer and artist who worked as a janitor in Chicago, Illinois. He has become famous for his posthumously discovered 15,145-page fantasy manuscript called The Story of the Vivian Girls, in What is known as the Realms of the Unreal, of the Glandeco-Angelinnian War Storm, Caused by the Child Slave Rebellion, along with several hundred drawings and watercolor paintings illustrating the story. Darger's work has become one of the most celebrated examples of outsider art. [Wikipedia]
Love is All @ Market Hotel

There are a lot of bands named after Darger's Vivian Girls. Brooklyn's Vivian Girls are the ones commonly found playing shows presented by Todd P like the one pictured here in which they opened for Love is All at Market Hotel on Saturday (June 14, 2008). Vivian Girls are also playing Santos Party House on Thursday with The Muslims. The Muslims are also playing Market Hotel on Tuesday. Vivian Girls play Market Hotel again on June 28th. More pictures from Saturday's show below....

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