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Deerhunter @ Market Hotel, Brooklyn, NY - April 11, 2008 (A Year of Hyperliving)
Deerhunter @ Market Hotel

Deerhunter opened their set Friday night with a cover of Pylon's "Cool". Video below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

Market Hotel

Crime Novels (above) & Knyfe Hyts played too. More pics below...

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Health (more)

==\/== HEALTH / DAN DEACON - ADVANCE TICKETS ==\/== this Tuesday 4/1's big show w/ HEALTH, Black Pus, Aa, & more, just got bigger w/ DAN DEACON now on the bill... so, we're going to sell advance tickets for this one. TICKETS --WILL-NOT-- BE AVAILABLE @ THE DOOR.

tickets go on sale @ 6PM TODAY, 3/28 @ CINDERS GALLERY [ 103 Havemeyer St @ Hope St - 718.388.2311 ] but... Cinders is closed on Mondays & Tuesdays, so tickets'll also be available starting Monday, 3/31 @ GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY [ 1087 Broadway @ Dodworth St - 718.453.6343 ].

Presuming it doesn't sell out in advance, you could just buy tickets @ GBM on the night of the show & then walk the 4 blocks or so to the showspace.

DOWNLOAD: Old Time Relijun - Daemon Meeting (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Old Time Relijun - Liberation (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Old Time Relijun - Indestructible Life! (MP3)

Old Time Relijun

Hello New York!

I (todd p) just got back home to NYC after a week & a half in Austin & traveling to / from there. The Austin stuff was a smashing success, lots of fun & lots of insanity - plus tons 'o love of music.

SATURDAY back here in Brooklyn - check out a huge homecoming show --> ONEIDA w/ OLD TIME RELIJUN, These are Powers, Citay, & Woods!

====> SATURDAY 3/22 @ HARKET MOTEL <====

:::: Old Time Relijun
:::::: These Are Powers
:::::::: Citay ---------> mems FĂșcking Champs
:::::::::: Woods -----> mems Meneguar

1142 Myrtle Ave @ Broadway | Bushwick, Brooklyn JMZ - Myrtle, L - Jefferson, G - Myrtle-Willoughby | 9:30pm | $8 | all ages


Old time Relijun is also playing Sunday (Easter) at Knitting Factory with The Vivian Girls, Lycaon Pictus and Dokkebi Q. All tour dates and more pics Ryan took at the SXSW Panache/Lovepump showcase, below.....

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Molly from Ponytail w/ most of Aa @ Market Hotel, March 1, 2008 (mercurialn)
Ponytail and Aa

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Showpaper show

Last night around 11:15 pm, I got to the Market Hotel--a/k/a the 20 day-old all-ages space where Todd P and other DIY-minded folks have been booking rad shows, the same tremendously rad space where I snapped these nifty No Age pics couple Mondays ago--only to pull open its metal door and find the lights on, total silence, and a NYPD officer standing at the top of the stairs. Then, a frustrated bark: "We're closed."

It was supposed to be a four-band benefit for Showpaper, topped off by Ninjasonik and Team Robespierre. But according to a couple kids who'd already been inside (one of whom was Crowd-Surf Girl--her name turns out to be Stephanie), the bill didn't make it past the Vivian Girls before the po-po showed.

No official word yet what this means for the stellar line-ups scheduled for the next two nights (High Places/Lucky Dragons tonight; Ghengis Tron, Aa, Ponytail, Shooting Spires on Saturday), but as of this moment all the dates are still on the Market Hotel MySpace page. [Village Voice]

I just talked to someone else who was there when it happened. They said it got shut down around 10:30 and there were around 100 people there. The Vivian Girls had finished playing and there was a DJ on at the time. Scary part: supposedly anyone with a Showpaper shirt was told to stand against the wall. Everyone else was allowed to leave. They don't think anybody was arrested, but tickets were issued. It all may have had to do with someone drinking on the street. Lots of rumors (including the show possibly starting back up at 1am?) and not many exact details at this point.

The Vivian Girls @ Market Hotel (pre-bust), Feb 28, 2008 (Tod Seelie)
Vivian Girls @ Market Hotel

Just last week a much more packed Black Dice show happened at the Market Hotel with no problems at all.

by Finger on the Pulse

DOWNLOAD: The Phantom's Revenge - For Those Who Came In Late (MP3)

The Phantoms RevengeEvery once in a while, something just comes across the headphones that is just so good, so amazing that it takes precedent over all your other songs. The ohmygodthisisthebestthingever feeling sweeps us in and nothing can top it. The current spot is held by French producer The Phantom's Revenge for his track "For Those Who Came In Late".

We were floored when we heard this on Solid Goldberger. From pounding bass to disco vocals to strings to a huge build for the end of the track that fools you at first then pays off. This track is and should be massive. We tried to get more info on The Phantom's Revenge, but to no avail. All we really know is that his plan is to save the world and that he is afraid of spiders. Get more tracks at SG.


P.S. Help Showpaper stay alive and have fun at the same time by stopping by the benefit show happening at Market Hotel Thursday night. Details below.....

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photos by Lori Baily

Gibby Haynes & Genesis P-Orridge @ Market Hotel
Black Dice @ Market Hotel

====> SATURDAY 2/23 @ MARKET HOTEL <====

:::: the Skaters
:::::: IUD ----> mem Gang Gang Dance

:: dj Gibby Haynes ----------> from Butthole Surfers
:: dj Genesis P-Orridge -----> from Throbbing Gristle / Psychic TV

Gibby also recently played Highline Ballroom. Genesis recently announced a Lady Jaye Memorial that will take place on March 8th. More photos from Saturday night's show below....

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by Nick Masi (No Age's biggest fan)

the crowd @ the Market Hotel - Feb 11, 2008 (CRED)
No Age in Brooklyn

Sometimes you leave a show and feel like you've witnessed something special. Such was the case for me at the No Age show at Market Hotel in Brooklyn last night. The place was packed, and unlike the show they opened for Liars @ Warsaw, this crowd was absolutely insane. From the very first note to the last, people did not stop dancing, swaying and slamming into each other. The music was fast and loud - the way punk rock is supposed to be played. Every song was performed with intensity and heart.

The space itself was also great - one of the most fun venues I've been to, though cold. After entering through a barely-noticeable door on a side street, you walk up a STEEP set of stairs. The triangular shaped performance area gave it an amphitheater like feel with the stage at the narrowest part and a wooden bleacher structure in the back. Lit only by a few candles and dim lights, the Market Hotel did a great job at setting the mood. The bar is in a separate room in the back, and that was tight and filled up quickly. The major complaint was the lack of heat, but everyone (myself included) seemed to forget about that problem once No Age took the stage.

DOWNLOAD: Shooting Spires - Right (MP3)

Shooting Spires @ Pete's Candy Store, Sept 2007 (Jason Glastetter)
Shooting Spires

Shooting Spires is the bedroom art-pop project of BJ Warshaw, bassist and vocalist for Parts & Labor. Retreating from the Brooklyn stalwarts and their extroverted noise-punk, his self-titled debut album is an agoraphobic mix of soaring choruses and tormented electronics, fueled on Brian Eno, Boredoms and Peter Gabriel.
Get an MP3 above. Listen to more good songs at MySpace.Go see Shooting Spires on his/their first-ever tour. There will be guitar (Mat Lynch), bass (Emily Varlas), and drums (Jeff Ottenbacher). There are shows at Bard College, shows with HEALTH, a show with Genghis Tron at Market Hotel, shows at SXSW, and more.....

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by Nick Masi

Liars in Portland, OR; 01/28/08 (P4K)
Liars yay

Not only has the Liars and No Age tour gone off without a hitch, it has finally reached NYC! The two bands will play Warsaw on Saturday and No Age will headline a show at Market Hotel on Monday with High Places.

Angus Andrew (Liars) gave his band mates and fans a scare last month when he injured his back and put the tour in jeopardy, but by the look of these pictures, he's getting the job done.

No Age is also scheduled to play SXSW (again). All tour dates and a video below....

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