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Marnie Stern at Santos in 2011 (more by Andrew St. Clair)
Marnie Stern

Looks like it's unofficial math rock day on BrooklynVegan. After we just posted that Tera Melos and TTNG are touring together, Marnie Stern (who's also toured with Tera Melos) announced a tour too. Hers is in support of her new album, The Chronicles of Marnia, which is due out on March 19 via Kill Rock Stars. The tour hits NYC on April 11 at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tickets for that show are not on sale yet but check ticketmaster for updates. The tour also includes a Chicago date, which BrooklynVegan Chicago is presenting. Many of the shows are with Roomrunner, but no opener has been announced for the NYC show yet. All tour dates (via Pitchfork) are listed below.

Marnie also just revealed a third track off of The Chronicles of Marnia called "Nothing is Easy." It starts off with Marnie's trademark math-rock-meets-Van-Halen tapping, but quickly turns into a subtler art rocker. You can stream that song below, and revisit the two previously revealed cuts, "Year of the Glad" and "East Side Glory," HERE.

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by Andrew Sacher

Marnie Stern at Santos in 2011 (more by Andrew St. Clair)
Marnie Stern

The February 2013 taping of the "Beginnings" podcast at UCB East (2/5) is set to feature a pretty stellar lineup with musicians Andrew W.K. and Marnie Stern, comedians Opus Moreschi (The Colbert Report) and Chris Gethard, and "special unnameable guest." $5 reservations are available now.

Besides "Beginnings," Andrew WK has his Superbowl halftime show at Santos and Skate and Surf.

As for Marnie Stern, she doesn't have too many dates coming up, but she will release her new album, The Chronicles of Marnia, on March 19 via Kill Rock Stars. The album is her first without drum maniac Zach Hill (who is now occupying his time in Death Grips) and was instead recorded with Kid Millions of Oneida behind the kit. Two of the tracks, "Year of the Glad" and "East Side Glory," have been revealed from the album, and while they don't sound as mathy and all over the place as her previous material, they're just as characteristically weird in their own way. You can listen to both, check out the album art and tracklist, and see a list of upcoming shows below.

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Obama hugs Bruce Springsteen (pre-election night)
Obama and The Boss

A selection of tweets reacting to Obama's big win last night....

":)" - Grizzly Bear

"YES" - Amanda Palmer

"yeah!!!!" - Laurel Halo


"fuck yeah." - Colin Meloy


continued below...

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Marnie Stern at Santos Party House (more by Andrew St. Clair)
Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern and No Joy, who coincidentally shared a bill at one of the BrooklynVegan day parties during CMJ, are heading out on a North American tour together in September. The dates haven't been announced yet but a few of them have been revealed, including September 29 at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tickets for the NYC show are on sale now.

Marnie and No Joy both have some other upcoming dates this summer too. Though they won't be at the same show, they'll both be in Chicago on July 8, when Marnie Stern hosts a guitar clinic before she opens for the Flaming Lips at Aragon Ballroom. No Joy play the Empty Bottle that night.

Speaking of the Flaming Lips, they played multiple shows last weekend in Atlantic City

"On June 23rd and 24th The Flaming Lips played in Atlantic City - including on the latter night their new arrangement of The Dark Side of the Moon in its entirety with highlights from The Wizard of Oz. The next day they were scheduled to travel seven hours northwest to play in Rochester, New York. That show however - a late addition to The Flaming Lips Peace and Punk Rock Summer Tour - was postponed. Its promoters needed more time, so Wayne flew to his home state Oklahoma - where he is shooting a role in a new movie with Melanie Griffith." [psych explorations]
Some videos from AC are below. The Flaming Lips play TWO NYC area dates this month, both with Weezer and Yeasayer.

All tour dates and some other videos too, below...

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photos by Andrew St. Clair

"it is only basic human decency that is keeping me from bum rushing the stage and hugging marnie stern." - Lindsay Hood

"Marnie Stern at Santos Party House. Holy Holy Holy Shit." - mattroiberger

DOWNLOAD: Marnie Stern - Transformer (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Marnie Stern - Every Single Line Means Something (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Marnie Stern - For Ash (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Marnie Stern - Transparency is the New Mystery (MP3)

Marnie Stern

The Marnie Stern & Tera Melos train hit Santos Party House in NYC last night (3/4). After the show Marnie and friends headed to Chinatown for some karaoke at Winnie's. More pictures from the party and the afterparty, below...

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Marnie Stern at the BV Day Party @ Public Assembly (more by Andrew St. Clair)
Marnie Stern

"With the advent of punk, epic, virtuosic music was seen as both formally pompous and politically élitist. But instrumental prowess is no more or less primal than a three-chord crunch. Stern and her inspirations, like the drums-and-guitar cascade of the nineties indie-rock band Don Caballero, have rescued the exuberant excess of progressive rock by filtering it through punk's dissonance and speed. It was an elegant leapfrog--now bands like King Crimson are more relevant and widely referenced (by musicians as unlikely as Kanye West, who sampled Crimson on "Power") than formerly dominant post-punk figures such as Elvis Costello and Paul Weller." [Sasha Frere-Jones]
Finger-tappin' Upper-East-Sider Marnie Stern will link up with Tera Melos to play a string of US dates that include Santos Party House on March 4th. Ticketing info is forthcoming.

Tera Melos are prepping a new six-song EP, Zoo Weather, due via Sargent House in February. The cassette/digital release will feature a three new songs alongside three remixes, including a remix from Japanese noise greats Melt Banana.

Marnie Stern released her self-titled LP in 2010 and celebrated with a show at Rock Shop, She called Tera Melos's Patagonian Rats her favorite LP of last year. Stream it below and decide for yourself, and check out all other tour dates while you're at it...

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most photos by Andrew St. Clair, Jamie Lidell photos by Leia Jospe
videos by Bleary Eyed Brooklyn

Jamie Lidell / Marnie Stern
Jamie Lidell
Marnie Stern

"As a sucker for daytime events, I headed to Williamsburg's Public Assembly around noon for a show curated by BrooklynVegan. First up (and by "first", I mean, "the first artist I woke up in time to see") was Ted Leo. Performing skeletal, solo versions of his Pharmacists material, Ted more than compensated for the sparse arrangements with furious strumming and hilarious banter. It was nice to see an older, established artist opening a free show designed to showcase rising stars; it sort of set the tone for the rest of the day. His hit-heavy set spanned the full-duration of career, touching on high-water marks like "The High Party" and "Bottled in Cork", and closing with a cover of Euro-dance phenom Robyn's "With Every Heartbeat". This was a perfect set to open the day, and my only recommendation is that the next synth jam he covers be "Chewing Gum", by Annie...

...Closing the show, metal prodigy Marnie Stern dominated stage two, directly opposite neo-funkster Jamie Lidell headlining the main room. While she reveled in the loose atmosphere, dropping hilariously lewd stage banter and slamming PBR's, Lidell tried a throwback set reflecting his early, robotic Warp Records catalog." [MTV Music Blog]

Thanks again to everyone for an amazing extended CMJ weekend that started Thursday night at Music Hall of Williamsburg, continued Friday afternoon at Public Assembly followed by a loft party followed by the free Converse-presented show at Public Assembly on Saturday afternoon, 10/23 (the subject of this post), and which ended on a high, and heavy, note at Union Pool later that night.

Hopefully you got there early on Saturday to catch Morning Teleportation who went on when we opened the doors around noon. If so, you may have also grabbed one of the free EarPeace earplugs we gave out, and grabbed a free V-Spot empanada. Hopefully you also had your fill of the free Firefly Vodka + Bourbon and Magic Hat beer we were giving out, snacked on free Raw Revolution bars, bought a free t-shirt or poster for charity (email if you still want one - we have more left). If you weren't there, maybe you caught the live stream (if we can ever make it available for podcast, I will let you know).

Thanks to Line 6 and Vinny's Music for providing gear. Thanks to Vinnie's Pizza for helping feed our bands!

Speaking of the bands, hopefully Titus Andronicus's short set didn't bum you out. And if it did, hopefully Big Freedia cheered you right back up.

Like for the Friday party, there are two sets of pictures for this one. The second one is on its way. The first one, along with a bunch of videos, continues below...

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by Andrew Sacher

CMJ (pic by thewildhoneypie)

The 2010 CMJ Music Marathon took place in NYC from Tuesday, 10/19 through Saturday, 10/23. Here's what I did, broken down by day...


I started day one of CMJ, my first-ever CMJ, at the 'Future of the Music Business, Really?' panel. It was really interesting and I learned a lot. The panelists discussed potential ways to keep the industry of recorded music alive, and from what I gathered, most of them agreed that if there was some way to pay a fee for unlimited music downloading, it would probably result in the most positive reception.

From there I hit the 'American Hardcore and the Rise of Modern Rock' panel. This was probably the most interesting panel I went to all week. It was moderated by American Hardcore: A Tribal History author Steven Blush and the panelists talked about how so many aspects of modern rock really are directly influenced from the early '80s hardcore scene, especially regarding the relevance of indie record labels, street teams, and samplers.

They also discussed how the American hardcore movement really is an art movement, not just a style of music. Among the panelists were Vic Bondi from Articles of Faith and Jack Rabid from the magazine, The Big Takeover. It was great to hear things about the movement from people who had really been there when it was prevalent. The event was one of many recent promotional appearances for Steven Blush. You can catch him again in NYC at The Strand at 7pm on 12/15.

Then I made my way over to the Ground Control showcase at Irving Plaza which was headlined by Jenny and Johnny (who I couldn't stay for). I really enjoyed Times New Viking - my first time seeing them. The drummer has the band move from one song to the next so quickly. I also enjoyed Wild Nothing's set a lot, especially now that I knew their album. I had actually seen them over the summer open for The Morning Benders but wasn't really familiar with them at the time.

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photos by Chris La Putt

Marnie Stern

""Nobody's been in my vagina for sooo long!" If you haven't been made aware of Marnie Stern's monotone hollers and fiercely angular guitarwork by now, then maybe you've just been purposely ignoring her. Again in the Cake Shop's sweaty, packed, and miserable basement Stern and her two bandmates gave the supportive crowd her thing just so - blast beats and rapid-fire guitar taps meet in perpendicular, with plenty of raunchy between-song banter from the infamously dirty-mouthed and adorable Stern." [City Pages]
We already posted a few pictures from Wednesday's Terrorbird day party at Cake Shop. Now here is a more complete set, complete with Baths, the busy Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. , and headliner Marnie Stern who has also been keeping busy at CMJ. Catch both Marnie and Dale at the BrooklynVegan day party Saturday. Check out more pictures from Cake Shop, below...

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For those keeping count, BrooklynVegan will be at Music Hall of Williamsburg Thursday night, Public Assembly on Friday day, and Sunday night at Union Pool. Add to that list (as previously mentioned): Saturday day at Public Assembly. And for this one we teamed up with Converse to bring you the following stellar 100% FREE SHOW....

The date: Saturday, October 23rd, 2010
The time: noon-6pm
The place: Public Assembly (70 North 6th St)
the bands:

12:00 Morning Teleportation
01:00 Ted Leo (solo)
01:45 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
02:30 Wild Nothing
03:15 Titus Andronicus
04:15 Big Freedia
05:00 Jamie Lidell
DJ sets by SUNCELEb

12:15 Evan Voytas
01:00 S. Carey
01:45 The Crayon Fields
02:30 Heavy Cream
03:15 Dominique Young Unique
04:00 No Joy
04:45 Reggie Watts
05:05 Marnie Stern

That's sixteen kick ass (yes, Big Freedia is performing) artists (including the DJ) in six free hours (yes, Ted Leo plays at 1pm). But that's not all... We'll have free alcoholic beverages (sorry, this event is 21+) and free food. And free EarPeace ear plugs to the first 50 people through the door (a $14.95 value). Get there for:
* free EarPeace (while supplies last)
* free V-Spot breakfast burritos & empanadas (while supplies last)
* free Firefly Vodka + Bourbon (while supplies last)
* free Magic Hat beer (while supplies last)
* free Raw Revolution bars
No ticket or RSVP necessary. No badges. Just get there early and get inside. You won't need to spend any money, though we will have some schwag for sale to help raise some cash for Music Has Power (The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function). Moby talks more about what that is in a video we posted in our Friday party announcement.

Can't make it? We'll be streaming select sets live on Converse Radio. Tune in.

Converse is doing a lot lately to help support music, and has especially hooked up Brooklyn. You might have heard about this:

"Converse announced details for an unprecedented initiative that directly supports artistic creativity and the music community in a unique way through the opening of a new, state-of-the-art recording studio in Brooklyn, NY later this year. Converse Rubber Tracks will provide emerging artists with the incredible opportunity to record music in a high-quality studio alongside a team of experienced local engineers at no cost. Converse Rubber Tracks will provide a platform for new musicians and directly help them overcome one of the biggest hurdles in their career-affording studio time."
Musicians should apply for free studio time at the Converse Rubber Tracks site.

Stay tuned to @bvCMJ for even more CMJ news and updates than you'll find on BrooklynVegan.com.

Oh, and if you oversleep, you can also catch Ted Leo later that day at the WFMU Record Fair or in December at Terminal 5 with the New Pornographers.

Thanks to: Zach Jaeger of Tonally Dude Productions for the sweet flyer you see above, and to Vinny's Music for providing us with some sweet gear, and to Underground Press (who have their own day party on Thursday) for getting us some merch printed to help raise money for charity including screenprinted versions of the above poster that we'll have available at the show.

Some videos below...

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Matthew Dear @ MHOW in 2008 (more by Bao Nguyen)
Matthew Dear

As mentioned, Pitchfork will be hosting three days of shows at Brooklyn Bowl during, but-it-looks-like/probably completely unaffiliated with, CMJ this year (Thursday/Friday/Saturday CMJ week). "Brooklyn Bowl is located at 61 Wythe Avenue between N. 11th and N. 12th streets. The festival starts at 2 p.m. each day, with doors opening at 1 p.m. Tickets are $10, both in advance and day of the show." They're calling it the #OFFLINE Festival.

Based on the lineups and start time, it looks like each #OFFLINE day will be about a 12 hour show. No set times yet though, but the full lineups and ticket links are below...

Matthew Dear is one of the biggest names on the list (he plays Saturday), and it will be one of three CMJ week shows for Matthew. His first is Friday night at Webster Hall with Jamaica and Dominique Young Unique. His third is later on Saturday at Public Assembly for the FIXED/Making Time Party with Matthew Dear, Crocodiles, Holy Ghost!, Javelin, Gold Panda, Jamaica, and Kisses.

The FIXED/Making Time party starts after the BrooklynVegan party which is also happening at Public Assembly that same day. Just to be clear:

* BrooklynVegan @ Public Assembly 12-6pm (free - more details TBA)
* FIXED/Making Time @ Public Assembly 9pm-late (tickets)
* Pitchfork @ Brooklyn Bowl 2pm-late (tickets)
* BrooklynVegan metal @ Union Pool 7pm-late ($5.00 or CMJ badge at the door)

We (BrooklynVegan) will also be at Public Assembly all day on Friday, October 22nd (details TBA), and at Music Hall of Williamsburg on the Thursday night.

All Matthew Dear tour dates (many of which we previously posted including a November show at MHoW), and the Pitchfork #OFFLINE Fest info, below...

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Marnie Stern @ the Rock Shop on 10/5 (more by Amanda Hatfield)
Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern @ CMJ 2010
Oct 20 2010 6:00P - CMJ Terrorbird @ Cake Shop
Oct 20 2010 11:00P - CMJ Stereogum/PopGun @ Santos Party House
Oct 21 2010 10:30P - CMJ Kanine Records @ The Pyramids
Oct 22 2010 3:30P - CMJ Redeye/Village Voice @ Bowery Electric
Oct 22 2010 5:30P - CMJ Pitchfork @ Brooklyn Bowl
Oct 23 2010 12:00A - CMJ NME @ The Delancey
Oct 23 2010 ?:00P - CMJ Brooklyn Vegan @ PUBLIC ASSEMBLY

(Pitchfork will apparently be at Brooklyn Bowl for Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

(I'll be at Public Assembly, both stages, all day Friday and Saturday)
(and at Music Hall of Williamsburg Thursday night)
(and at Union Pool Saturday night)

(save the dates!)

PREVIOUSLY: Marnie Stern played the Rock Shop w/ Little Scream & the Forms (pics, setlist), playing CMJ & touring (dates)

photos by Amanda Hatfield

Marnie Stern shredding
Marnie Stern

"[A the Rock Shop, Marnie Stern] told us she's started a new blog called the Vagina Monoblog, which, jesus, she really has. She instigated a drinking game, even, where each time she mentioned her or your or anyone else's lady-part, it was bottoms up for everyone. "No wonder you like her so much," I heard one woman say to her very much in-the-bag male companion.

But of course there are many reasons to like her so much, not the least of which is the very good self-titled album she released yesterday. It's a sprawling, noisy affair that's immediately mesmerizing for its displays of technical proficiency, but it grows more and more likable with each listen, too, as you realize it's the first time her vocal melodies actually qualify as melodies. It adds an element of playfulness to an album that's otherwise just relentlessly pummeling." [L Mag]

Marnie Stern played the sold out Rock Shop (10/5) last night with support from Little Scream and The Forms. The show was a lone date in celebration of Marnie's now-released self-titled LP, and not part of her larger US tour that kicks off in Philly on 10/25 (after CMJ) and runs until mid November before Marnie hits the road in Europe.

During CMJ, Marnie will play at least two NYC shows. Marnie is also on the bill of the just-mentioned Stereogum/PopGun show happening at Santos on 10/20, and Marnie is playing a TBA BrooklynVegan party too. Stay tuned for more details.

Little Scream has more shows coming up too including one at Bowery Ballroom.

All Marnie Stern tour dates, with more pictures from the Rock Shop, including the Marnie Stern setlist, below...

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Boys Noize @ Terminal 5 in April (more by Zachary Alex Stern)
Boys Noize

today in NYC
* Gina Leishman @ Barbes
* Kermit Driscoll @ The Stone
* Thomas Morgan @ The Stone
* Bill Frisell @ Village Vanguard
* Mose Allison Trio @ Jazz Standard
* La Pompe Manouche @ Zebulon
* Black Francis (solo acoustic) @ Joe's Pub
* Stone Temple Pilots @ PNC Bank Arts Center
* Lord Warddd (DJ Set), Marnie Stern (DJ set) @ Brooklyn Bowl
* Florida, Far-Out Fangtooth, The Spooks, Behavior @ Cake Shop
* Ralph White, Susan Alcorn, Meg Baird, Pure Horsehair @ Zebulon
* Doppleganger, Des Roar, The Mission Creeps, Dead Sparrows @ Pianos
* The Suzan, Madeline, Miwa Gemini, Don McCloskey @ Bruar Falls
* Cloud Nothings, Psychobuildings, Slow Animal, La Big Vic @ Glasslands
* The JeanMarie, Apollo Heights, Afuche, Ex Norwegian @ Mercury Lounge
* DJ Evil Dee, Mr. Wait, The X-Factor Boogie Blind, New Beatminerz @ Brooklyn Bowl
* Electric Zoo Festival w/ Armin Van Buuren, Bassnectar, Moby (DJ set), Boys Noize, A-Trak, Aeroplane, Diplo, JDH & Dave P & much more @ Randall's Island
* ATP NY @ Kutschers w/ Sunn O))) & Boris (Altar), The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions, Raekwon, Girls, Fucked Up, Dungen, Wooden Shjips, The Black Angels, Vivian Girls, White Hills

today is ATP NY Day Three. LISTEN ON WFMU.

today is Electric Zoo Day Two.

today is the third day in row that Black Francis is playing Joe's Pub.

Marnie Stern is DJing Brooklyn Bowl tonight, and performing live at the Rock Shop in October.

Monday is Labor Day. There isn't much going on that day, though there are four NYC shows featuring artists that played ATP over the weekend.

What else?

DOWNLOAD: Marnie Stern - "For Ash"

Marnie Stern

Marnie Stern has a new self-titled LP on the way via Kill Rock Stars, and as such the uptown girl will hit the road for a short string of dates. The five day tour hits Portland on October 1st before scooting back east for a string of dates that will conclude at a record release party at The Rock Shop on October 5. Tickets are on sale now.

Marnie's self-titled LP features the recently released "For Ash", which is available for download above. The LP will feature spazz-drummer extraordinaire Zach Hill, as well as Matthew Flegel of Women across it's 10 tracks. Full listing and tour dates are below...

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Marnie Stern will be one of the bowlers (but not one of the performers) at a Stereogum "Gumbowl" charity event tonight at Brooklyn Bowl. You can't watch her bowl yet, but you can go to the concert afterwards (that she is not playing)....

"While the doors have to be closed during the tournament in order to film it all for charitable posterity -- and be sure we'll present you with the footage -- we're celebrating afterward by throwing open the gates for a FREE CONCERT, headlined by Woods, and featuring an opening set from the 'Gum-beloved rising sextet Effi Briest, DJ magic from Ms. St. Vincent Annie Clark, and loitering by our celebrity bowlers, who may or may not still be wearing the sweet-ass bowling jerseys we're throwing on them. We want you there (if you're 21 or older (sorry, kids!))." - Stereogum
They had an RSVP for the concert part, but now they just say "THERE WILL BE SOME "TICKETS" AT THE DOOR! COME EARLY IF YOU WANT IN. DOORS OPEN AT 9PM". Brooklyn Bowl is a big place. The flyer is below.

Other charity bowlers include The Blow (who has a show coming up at Joe's Pub), Nick Islands Thorburn Diamonds (who has 3 NYC shows coming up), Alan Neon Indian Palomo (who has multiple NYC shows coming), and Tim Les Savy Fav Harrington (who has a scheduled Brooklyn show too). The full list of bowlers is also below.

If you want to catch Marnie Stern play live, her next show will be at Glasslands on Friday, June 18th along with White Hinterland, Anni Rossi, Translations and True Womanhood. It's not free, but you get a discount if you RSVP to that here.

Anni Rossi will also be playing Pianos the night before (6/17).

More info on the Gumbowl and flyers are below...

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Pop Montreal 2009 (more by Ryan Muir)
Pop Montreal

POP Montreal, sort of like the CMJ of Montreal, but less industry-like, returns for the 9th time from September 29th to October 3rd. Check out the sneak peak of their intial lineup below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Surfer Blood - Swim (MP3)

Surfer Blood @ Market Hotel in February (more by Dominick Mastrangelo)
Surfer Blood

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart will be at Other Music for Record Store Day. It's their only NYC date at the moment. Their tour with Surfer Blood and Hooray for Earth doesn't start til June (and doesn't have an NYC date yet). All of those dates are below.

Before then, Surfer Blood will play a show at Princeton on Thursday (tonight) and SUNY Purchase Friday (4/16) for Culture Shock.

For Record Store Day, Surfer Blood will be dropping a split single with Holiday Shores. One side is Surfer Blood's "Take It Easy (live)" featuring Marnie Stern, and the other is Holiday Shores' "Your Motion Says," an Arthur Russell cover. Russell's disco-burner original is below along with video of Marnie performing with Surfer Blood at Cameo on New Years Eve.

Surfer Blood was recently featured on the web show Dirty Laundry. Video of that show and all tour dates (plus details on Hooray for Earth's Cinco de Mayo show at LPR) are below...

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Surfer Blood & Marnie Stern @ Cameo on NYE (by Abbey Braden /PunkPhoto)
Surfer Blood

Surfer Blood played the Cameo with We Are Country Mice, Beach Fossils, Frankie & The Outs (who played in their swimsuits) and others on New Years Eve. As you can see in the picture above, Marnie Stern (who's been quiet recently show-wise) joined Surfer Blood on stage at the party.

Surfer Blood has quite a bit of tour dates (with interesting tourmates like Monotonix) scheduled between now and SXSW. On Wednesday, January 13th, they'll play a sold-out Bowery Ballroom show with The Drums and Depreciation Guild. They'll also play Brooklyn's Market Hotel on February 27th with Beach Fossils and Grooms, and New York's Mercury Lounge on Sunday, February 28th with We Are Country Mice and Radical Sons. Both NYC shows are also with Turbo Fruits who they'll continue on the road with for a bunch more dates. Tickets go on sale Friday, January 8th at noon for the Manhattan show.

Video of Surfer Blood playing with Marnie Stern, other songs from their NYE set, and all tour dates are below...

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The summer series of Adult Swim Presents free shows at Santos Party House in NYC continues tonight (8/6) with a kick-ass Aqua Teen Hungerforce/Squidbillies lineup that includes music by Oakley Hall, Marnie Stern, Drink Up Buttercup, and Jason and the Scorchers, and comedy by Dave Willis (voice of Carl and Meatwad) and Dana Snyder (voice of Master Shake and Granny on Squidbillies). Flyer below...

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The Great Pumpkin solves the mystery of why Northside Badge holders were not being let into Shea Stadium last night...

Last night was the first night of the North Side Festival. It started off really well with a great set by Ducktails at Cameo. We then headed over to Live at Shea Stadium to catch Marnie Stern and Magic Markers.

When we got to the show the guy at the door said that they were not accepting North Side Badges, and there was a sign saying that Marnie Stern canceled. He also handed me this flier...

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photos by Fresh Bread

DOWNLOAD: Think About Life - Paul Cries (old MP3)

Think About Life

I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but I'll stand by my statement that without Marnie Stern, the "Ponytail / Think About Life show at Music Hall of Williamsburg" is/was "still exciting, but slightly less interesting". Real Estate were good, but pretty much any bill will become less interesting when Marnie Stern drops off it.

That said, the highlight of Saturday night's show for me was Think About Life. As the Montreal three-piece (drums, vocals, and Graham Van Pelt on guitar/keyboard/sound effects) pointed out from the stage, it was [almost] three years since the last time they played NYC. I hope they don't stay away so long again.

It was unfortunate that Think About Life played first, but everyone who got there in time to see their 9:30 pm set seemed to be having a good time. And TAL frontman Martin Cesar (aka Dishwasher) was ESPECIALLY having a good time. He let everyone know it, more than once, and it rubbed off. He would occasionaly come into the crowd, and people were actually, even dancing.

Think About Life's set featured a lot more of Martin actually singing than I remember from their sets in the past. It's not that he didn't sing before, but I remember it being heavier with more speaking/screaming than singing. I liked the band a lot before, but this was even better than I remembered. Can't wait to hear their new album, Family (and see them again soon. hopefully).

Ponytail, who TAL are currently still on tour with (updated dates below), also "killed it" (as usual). More pictures from the show below...

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Marnie Stern

Tonight's Ponytail / Think About Life show at Music Hall of Williamsburg is still exciting, but slightly less interesting (4/25). I'm not sure when it happened, but Marnie Stern was replaced by Real Estate on the 3-band Brooklyn bill. Tickets are still available.

Marnie Stern is instead now scheduled to open for Blonde Redhead at Old Dominion University in Virginia tonight, and her next NYC show is instead May 3rd at the Bell House where she'll share a bill with Tera Melos. Tickets are on sale. All tour dates below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: Ponytail - Celebrate The Body Electric (It Came From An Angel) (MP3)

Ponytail @ Bell House (more by Jonny Leather)

Ponytails are no longer the surrender flag waved by the fashion maladroit, the new mom, the soccer mom, the hungover mom, the shirking celebrity, the gym enthusiast or the roots-showing victim of a bad hair day.

The ponytail is a nod to our more tousled and casual American roots (think of Marilyn Monroe in ''The Misfits'' or Ali McGraw in ''Love Story''), an impromptu style born not of beauty anxieties, but of industry. Why do you pull your hair into a hasty ponytail? Because you're about to do something. The hair must be out of the way so you can pore over that international torts tome. You are tousled because you have better things to do than detousle yourself: you are working.-[NY Times]

Baltimore's Ponytail will be working this summer, with plenty of dates in the US and Canada, and the previously announced April 25th show at Music Hall of Williamsbug will feature Marnie Stern and Think About Life as openers! Tickets are still on sale.

Think About Life @ SXSW 2008
Think About Life

The Brooklyn show will bring Montreal's Think About Life back to NYC - possibly for the first time since 2006, though in 2008 they did visit Austin for SXSW and Graham Van Pelt's other band Miracle Fortress were here in September. Their upcoming tour includes multiple dates with Ponytail and some with Ratatat. All dates below.

Think About Life has a new album, Family, coming out in Canada on Alien8 on May 26th. Check the video for new track "Wizzzard", and the full tracklist, below.

Marnie Stern played NYU earlier this month, and is playing at least two dates with Ponytail and Think About Life.

All tour dates, and everything else mentioned above, below...

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photos by Chris La Putt

A Place to Bury Strangers

"New York -- Longtime PETA supporter Judith Yeargin fought hard not only in her long battle with breast cancer but also against the use of animals in laboratory experiments. That's why Yeargin, who died on March 2, left her body to the New York University Langone Medical Center (NYUMC)--a notorious violator of the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA). Yeargin hoped that if her body were used for cancer research, it might spare countless animals from having tumors implanted in their bodies and from being maimed during surgeries and abused in painful, deadly, and wasteful experiments. She knew that the progression and treatment of cancer in humans cannot be effectively studied in animals because of the vast differences in physiology and disease development between humans and other animals.

"Throughout her entire illness, she always maintained that, had she been given the option of accepting any kind of cure based on animal research, she would never, ever accept it," wrote Yeargin's husband to PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk. "The enormous pain so often found in animal research rarely mitigates the 'devil's bargain,' and its concomitant suffering, that cancer treatments frequently bring." [PETA]

A Place to Bury Strangers and NYU alum Marnie Stern shared a bill with Apache Beat and Ra Ra Riot at NYU's now-riot-free Kimmel Center in NYC last night (3/5). More pictures below...

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