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by Fred Pessaro // BBG

Aaron Turner w Old Man Gloom @ Europa, 5/8/12 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Old Man Gloom

As announced some weeks back, Hydra Head has come to a difficult juncture in our existence and the future of the label is precarious... We've arrived at the conclusion that it is no longer possible for us to continue releasing new albums, but rather than shut the label down completely, we're hoping to be able to continue in a capacity that would allow us to preserve and perpetuate our catalog of works by the large cast of truly amazing and groundbreaking artists we've been lucky enough to work with over the years. In order to do this we're asking for help from anyone and everyone that would like to see the label continue and who is willing to support us in this effort. This is not however a request for charity - we would like to offer something in exchange for whatever level of funding our potential benefactors (that is you), are willing to bestow upon us.
Hydra Head is currently offering a plaethora of goods ranging from guitar heads to test presses to stickers to original artwork and everything in between as incentive to keep classic records by bands like BotchOxbowTorche, and many many others alive and in print. Head to the Hydra Head fundraiser page and pick up something, or you can just donate.

Meanwhile, Aaron Turner of Hydra Head / SIGE / Mamiffer / Old Man Gloom fame has dropped off his musings on music in 2012 in list form. Check that out below.

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Paul Birman

"When BB King started his NY Blues club... did he really envision Deicide playing there?" - thepenta


First of all, hewhohathaninvertedcrossinhisforehead, aka Deicide vocalist and co-founder Glen Benton, WAS present at BB Kings on July 5th (as you can see), one show on their short jaunt with Vital Remains (Benton has a history of no-show-ing or cancelling his appearance at the last-minute). The NYC show, which featured additional support from Regain the Hearth Condemned and Martyrd, followed the band's appearance at Philadelphia's Hostile City Death Fest which impacted on the 4th, with Absu headlining the following night.

Deicide has a few more dates lined up throughout September (check 'em below), and is currently working on new material for release at their new home, Century Media Records. According to a recent interview with Express Night Out, the material is almost finished, requiring Glen Benton to add his vocals and bass tracks for completion.

Vital Remains, which featured ex-bandmate Tim Yeung for the show, have another NY area show, having scheduled a show at the Crazy Donkey on Long Island on August 8th.

All tour dates and more pictures, below...

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