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photos by Andrew St. Clair

Cy Barkley & fans
Cy Barkley
Cy Barkley

"Since the unfortunate passing of Jay Reatard, there has been a void in the hearts of scumfucks everywhere. Enter Cy Barkley, a man straddling the line between garage and punk with a black Gibson in hand. Rock Together showcases a more accessible side of Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders' dirty punk music that could put a wistful tear in Keith Morris' eye. "When you say you don't know, please tell me, I'll follow you," Barkley shouts over glammy riffs, pounding bass and unrelenting drums in "Rock Together", the EP's Single. The four track 7" is surely not the height of what this band could be - or will be - but this album marks the beginning of an era for Cy Barkley and the Way Outsiders as they expand beyond Nashville's city limits." [Get Bent]
Jeff The Brotherhood did in fact play Matchless last night (8/22) with their friends/collaborators/city-mates/label-mates Cy Barkley & The Wayoutsiders. It was the first of three NYC dates for Cy. Catch them at Death By Audio TONIGHT (8/23) and Cake Shop tomorrow. Jeff played LPR with Pentagram one night earlier.

JEFF's Jake told the sold-out show's crowd that it would be the last time Jeff would play NYC "for a while" while the band records a new album. More pictures from Matchless, including some shots of a few partying Titus Andronicus-ians, are below...

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Holden is a French duo who began recording in 1997. Band members are Armelle Pioline (vocals) and Dominique Dépret (aka Mocke, guitar). With Pierre-Jean Grapin (drums), Evan Evans (clavier) and Richard Cousin (bass), they released 'L'arrière monde' in 1998. In 2001, they met the producer Senor Coconut aka Atom aka Uwe Schmidt, who mixed their second album, 'Pedrolira' (2002). They recorded their last album, Chevrotine, in Chile, 2006
Holden's newest album Fantomatisme was released in 2009. The four songs streaming at their MySpace are great. Time Out describes it well: "Parisian duo Holden offers wistful, transporting folk-pop, accented with bossa nova and jazz. Armelle Pioline's yearning French vocals make us feel like we're inhabiting an early Godard film." The slower / bossa nova songs remind me of Keren Ann or Astrud Gilberto, though in some videos (below), they also rock out a little more.

Supposedly the band is big in France, but nobody knows about them here. That means we get to see them in intimate venues while they're visiting NYC for five shows this week. The first was Saturday night at Zebulon (did you catch it?). Sunday (11/15) the show is at Sycamore. Monday is at Matchless. Tuesday at Barbes (as well as a WNYC radio session with David Garland earlier that day), and then Wednesday they end the run at Pianos (they play right before Violent Soho who play before... Group Sounds?!). All dates and some videos below...

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photos by Ryan Muir

The Rapture

So we played a few shows over the weekend. We hadn't played shows for a long time and it felt GREAT! We really wanna thank everyone that came out. [below] is a clip of House of Jealous Lovers at the Prada Store from last Thursday.

On our way down to Jersey and Baltimore we had a lot of great music to listen to. One of the albums was The Idiot by Iggy Pop. I hadn't listened to this album for quite a while and I forgot how amazing it is. It was his first solo album and was produced by David Bowie, along with his second solo album, Lust for Life. It got us all talking in the van about what a cool motherfucker Iggy Pop is and what an amazing career he's had (actually that part was mainly me ranting in the van and everyone else kinda listening) We were talking about some of the amazing bands that he played with and videos of different performances over the years. Harris who is playing bass with us mentioned a video I'd never seen that was Iggy playing on the Dinah Shore Show in 1977 (which was the roughly the equivalent of todays Martha Stewart Show). It features David Bowie and one of my all time favorite rhythm sections, the Sales Brothers. - The Rapture

Wyld Stallyns aka The Rapture played a show at Matchless on Thursday (9/17) (one week after the Prada store show). More pictures from that Brooklyn show, with the above-mentioned videos, below...

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