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There will always be a segment of a popular punk band's fanbase maintaining their debut will never be topped, based on its "rawness" and "honesty." For Thursday, this cohort appears to be smaller than most. In fact, the overwhelming consensus is that Waiting is their least potent work, an opinion that's less uncomfortable to hold knowing that it is also Geoff Rickly's. But that's more a reflection on the overall strength of their catalog and how every Thursday record managed to be superlative in its own way: Full Collapse is the most influential; War All the Time the heaviest; A City by the Light Divided remains their most melodic, A Common Existence their most brutal; and No Devolución their most comprehensive. Waiting simply stands as Thursday's most promising and earnest album. [Pitchfork]
The now-defunct Thursday reissued their 1999 debut, Waiting, for its 15th anniversary on frontman Geoff Rickly's Collect Records earlier this year. It comes with three bonus tracks, new artwork and liner notes, and more. They also made two new videos, including one with old footage of the band for "This Side of Brightness" and a lyric video for "Where the Circle Ends." You can watch both below.

Geoff is currently playing in two bands, United Nations and No Devotion, and he's still keeping his solo career going too. His next solo show is in Thursday's home state of NJ on May 29 at Maxwell's, which recently re-opened with new owners and is actually getting a few cool shows. This one is with Meghann Wright, Gatherer and Help Me | Help You. Tickets are on sale.

That show's a throwback to old Maxwell's, which booked Thursday on more than one occasion. Watch a video of them playing "Dying In New Brunswick" at the NJ venue, along with those new Waiting videos, below...

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by Bill Pearis


Montreal duo The Muscadettes' new EP, Side A, is out next week and we're premiering a stream of the whole thing. It's full of bright, inventive, fun guitar pop -- check it out below.

As mentioned, the band (which includes members of Les Breastfeeders and Malajube live), will be playing Brooklyn's Baby's All Right on April 30 with Raccoon Fighter and Dances. Tickets are still available. They've added a few more US shows since we last posted, including a show on May 1 at Maxwell's (which recently re-opened with new owners). Tickets for that NJ show are on sale All dates are listed below.

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by Andrew Sacher

Trophy Scars

Some of my fondest memories of my 11+ years of playing live were at Maxwell's. Trophy Scars has toured the US and Canada countless amounts of times, and there are some truly spectacular venues out there. But sincerely, I can't think of a venue that provides hospitality, dynamic sound, and heartfelt good vibes quite like Maxwell's. The amount of consideration paid to the artist by Maxwell's staff is not only a rarity - it's almost unparalleled in the hundreds of venues Trophy Scars has played over the years. Above and beyond the hospitality, Maxwell's was never lacking in the food and beverage department either. Savory eats and reasonably priced brews added to that good-vibe atmosphere. It wasn't just a place to see fantastic music - it was a wonderful spot to meet with friends and share more than a barrel of laughs.

My favorite memory would be playing two back to back sold out nights at the club. This might be my favorite memory of my musical career thus far. It wasn't that the shows were sold out, it wasn't that the sound was killer, it wasn't the delicious food both evenings; no, it was that Maxwell's became a beacon of camaraderie and hope in a scene that has long since passed its golden era. Everyone on both nights were elated with passion and saudade. Even when the crowd would get out of control, the Maxwell's staff handled the situations professionally and courteously. Drinks were drunk, smiles were smiled, hugs were had, and I've never felt more proud to be a musician in my life. [Jerry Jones to Fake Walls]

Legendary Hoboken venue Maxwell's re-opened with new owners and hosts live music again, and though the booking is mostly not what it used to be, they've got one exciting show coming up. NJ experimental post-hardcore band Trophy Scars sold out two consecutive nights at the venue the year before it closed, playing their great 2006 album, Alphabet. Alphabets., in its entirety. (Singer Jerry Jones gave the above quote about it.) Now they'll return on March 21 with Long Faces and Gatherer. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

Sooner than that, you can catch Trophy Scars in NYC at Arlene's Grocery on Valentine's Day with Pour The Pirate Sherry and Reese Van Riper. Tickets for that show are on sale now too. No other dates announced at the moment.

Trophy Scars' most recent album is the proggy Holy Vacants, a much different (but also great) album from Alphabet. Alphabets. Stream that and watch a full set video from their 2012 Maxwell's show, below...

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Maxwell's in 2013 (more by Matt Schiels)

Hoboken venue Maxwell's closed as a music club in 2013 only to be sold and re-opened as a bar/restaurant earlier this year. When we last posted, we mentioned the new owners aren't ruling out live music, and now Jim Testa at The Star Ledger (via NJ.com) reports that there will in fact be live music. It's a little different than the stuff Maxwell's used to have though:

"We definitely want to have music back in Hoboken," said [new co-owner Pete] Carr. "We're trying to engage the local community and offer a stage for the town's local indie bands to play." And with an initial spate of concerts that includes veteran NJ cover band the Nerds next Thursday, an Eric Clapton tribute band on Nov. 7, and DJ nights on Halloween weekend, Carr and [Evan] Dean seem enthusiastic about making original live music a staple at the venue again.

...Dean and Carr then reached out to some of the people driving Hoboken's current music, including musician and promoter Dave Entwistle, restauranteur and blogger Stephen Bailey, and producer/musician Chris Gibson. Because Entwistle and Bailey have been responsible for the Hoboken Music Awards since their inception, they'll be using their new role as curators for Maxwell's Tavern's back room to do a monthly HMA Indie Night and bring the best local bands to the venue's back room.

"I don't care what the naysayers say about this not being the old Maxwell's," said Bailey.

"This is a chance to start a brand new venue, and create a whole new Hoboken scene."

...The new team will launch their first Hoboken Music Awards Indie Night on Friday, Dec. 5. "We have a really good feeling about this," said Entwistle. "The first Friday of every month will be locals night. If you play a HMA Night at Maxwell's, you'll be eligible for the next year's awards." It's a fresh approach, and we'll have a new logo, new ideas, new music," he said.

The venue's first concert is tonight (10/24) with American Idol singer Elise Testone. More info on other upcoming events and tickets at the Maxwell's website.

Ex-Maxwell's booker Todd Abramson can now be found at the Bell House in Brooklyn.

Maxwell's farewell block party, 7/31/2014 (more by Ken Bachor)

Six months after the iconic Hoboken rock club and restaurant commemorated its "closing" with a gala block party and concert, the business has finally been sold. Word spread quickly on social media and Maxwell's found itself packed with familiar faces on Sunday, the last night in its current incarnation, for a final, farewell wake.

The new owners will retain the name Maxwell's but reconfigure the space to be a family restaurant specializing in thin-crust artisanal pizza.

"It's not a wake to me, it's a joyous celebration," said Dave Post, who with his wife Jackie decided to renew the lease and took over the restaurant after co-owner and booker Todd Abramson bowed out last July. - [NJ.com]

Maxwell's has been operating as a bar and restaurant pretty much since it closed as a music club, and Sunday had their last night in the space with a party featuring Tom Vincent and "Tommy's Talent Show," a "freeflowing hootenanny of Hoboken musicans," in the front room, and a band of Maxwell's employees playing in the back.

That back room of the new version of Maxwell's will become a dining room, though the new owners are not ruling out some music. New Maxwell's co-owner Evan Dean told NJ.com, "Obviously it won't be a rock club anymore but we'll definitely be open to the idea of having live entertainment."

inside of Maxwell's (more by PSquared Photography)

We thought it was the end of Hoboken club Maxwell's for good after the venue held two final shows and a farewell block party on July 31, but then were thrown for a curveball when Justin Timberlake performed at the venue to film a Target commercial. It seemed for a minute like JT would then be Maxwell's final memory, but now NJ.com is reporting that the venue will temporarily reopen as a bar and restaurant:

According to co-owner Dave Post, Maxwell's will reopen as a bar and restaurant only -- and will remain open until a buyer for the club is found. Post isn't sure when Maxwell's will begin serving food again, but it will likely happen in the next few days.

"Hopefully, it won't take too long to make a sale," says Post, who has played the club many times with Swingadelic, his energetic, imaginative jazz and blues band. "But even if I sold Maxwell's tomorrow, it would take 90 days for the license to transfer."

While the return of the restaurant is good news for the hungry and thirsty in Hoboken, those about to rock will have to look elsewhere. Although Maxwell's still has the capacity to host live music -- as Justin Timberlake proved -- Post has no plans to book bands into the space. Todd Abramson, the co-owner whose bookings gave Maxwell's much of its character, is not involved in the reopening.

Justin Timberlake

Last night (8/28), Justin Timberlake tweeted "Join me & @Target tonight for just one song. Let's "Take Back the Night." First 150 get in. See you there!" with a picture of a microphone, a clock with 30 minutes on it, and Hoboken venue Maxwell's, which closed its doors at the end of last month. According to NJ.com, it's because last night JT was filming a video for Target (where he has a clothing line) at Maxwell's:

There are thousands of people in front of the club at Washington and 11th streets, according to news photographer Joe Shine. Throngs of media are on the scene.

Timberlake's wife, actress Jessica Biel was spotted near his trailer.

Police are using loudspeakers to try to keep the streets clear, but it is of little use, according to Journal staff writer Michaelangelo Conte.

There are people on every corner, people are standing in the streets 10 feet from the sidewalk, Conte said.

There is a big trailer parked outside. Inside Maxwell's is dimly lit and the star cannot be seen, Conte said.

So The Bongos and "a" wasn't the last show at Maxwell's after all? Will his video be as fondly remembered as "Glory Days?"

This all happened just after JT was in Brooklyn for the VMAs at Barclays Center. Video of his VMAs performance (in case you missed it) below...

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photos by Ken Bachor

The Bongos w/ Glenn Mercer / Todd Abramson, Steve Fallon & Ira Kaplan / block party
Maxwell's Last Stand - 8/1/2013
Maxwell's Last Stand - 8/1/2013
Maxwell's Last Stand - 8/1/2013

"I think Todd said it best," the Bongos guitarist James Mastro said during the block party, referring to Mr. Abramson. "It's like a Mardi Gras funeral. It's sad, but it's also a celebration. The Bongos must have played a couple of hundred shows here, more than any place we've ever played."

Gaylord Fields, a disc jockey for WFMU-FM, who was spinning discs at the block party, evoked the funeral-celebration dichotomy as well.

"It's like any departure," Mr. Fields said. "You don't feel it until afterwards. I don't miss Maxwell's now. I'll miss it a month from now." - [NY Times]

We already did a wrap-up of Hoboken club Maxwell's final night (7/31) and here we have a set of pictures, including both the farewell block party outside and the two shows inside with Delicate Steve and The Individuals (early), and "a" and The Bongos (late). The pics also include shots of original Maxwell's owner Steve Fallon, Todd Abramson, Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley, The Feelies' Glenn Mercer, WFMU's Gaylord Fields and more.

In related news, NYC Taper has posted his recording of Mission of Burma's late show at Maxwell's on Sunday night which you can download.

More pics from Maxwell's final night, plus a few videos, are below.

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by Andrew Sacher

The Bongos @ Maxwell's 7/31/13 (via Stephen P. Marsh)

Once the Bongos were on stage, Richard Barone introduced the group the way he did back in the Eighties - "We're the Bongos from Hoboken, New Jersey" - and got a rousing cheer from the capacity crowd. Guitarist Jim Mastro (now the owner of Hoboken's Guitar Bar and Guitar Bar Jr.) looked dashing in a cowboy shirt and straw boater, while Barone changed into a black button-down shirt and tie for the set.

After ripping through the bouncy power-pop tunes that helped the Bongos gain national attention and a major label record deal, Barone announced that JEM Records would be releasing a hitherto-unheard Bongos album, recorded but never released back in the late Eighties, on October 1.

As the set started to wind down, the band brought owner Todd Abramson and his mentor and predecessor, Steve Fallon, to the stage, along with Ira Kaplan and the Feelies' Glenn Mercer. With Mercer at the mic, everyone in the room sang along to a spirited version of the Velvet Underground's "Rock And Roll." [NJ.com]

Legendary Hoboken rock club Maxwell's officially closed its doors last night (7/31) after being open for over 30 years. It did go out with a bang though. After hosting a number of great shows from artists who came to bid their farewells over the last couple months, yesterday there was a closing block party (which Ira and Georgia from Yo La Tengo DJed) outside and two shows inside. The first was an early show with one of the first bands to play Maxwells, The Individuals, and Delicate Steve. Then the very final show was another of the first bands to play the venue, The Bongos, and the actual first band to play, "a" (whose lineup included members of The Bongos and The Individuals). The above review is from The Bongos' set. Pictures from that show are coming soon.

As mentioned in that review above, the newly-reformed Bongos will release a previously-unheard album on October 1 via JEM Records. It's called Phantom Train, and was initially recorded as the followup to 1985's Beat Hotel, but never finished. They just released the first single from the album, "My Wildest Dreams," which certainly sounds like it was written in the '80s, but also sounds very fresh (and pretty damn awesome). Listen to it over at SPIN.


Like Nirvana did once and Yo La Tengo did around 123 times, Neutral Milk Hotel played Maxwell's in Hoboken. it happened on July 26, 1998 to be exact, one day after they played Bowery Ballroom. That's apparently the original poster pictured above. The setlist can be seen below.

Today (7/31), Maxwell's' last, Neutral Milk Hotel announced a tour that includes their first NYC-area shows since reuniting, not to mention a bunch in Texas and two in Chicago. Too bad they'll never get the chance to play Maxewll's again.

Check out the 1998 setlist below...

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photos by Kenneth Bachor

Lee Ranaldo & the Dust @ Maxwell's - 7/30/13
Lee Ranaldo @ Maxwell's - 7/30/2013

The second to last show ever at legendary Hoboken rock club Maxwell's happened last night (7/30), headlined by Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo and his current band, The Dust, whose lineup also includes Sonic Youth drummer/Maxwell's co-owner Steve Shelley. The night began with a set from Houndmouth (who had just played Newport Folk Festival), and direct support came from a "secret" band, Single Dynamite, which ended up including Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan and Quasi/Wild Flag's Janet Weiss. Pictures of last night's show (unfortunately none of Houndmouth) are in this post.

Maxwell's farewell block party just began (4 PM), and the final two shows tonight are an early one with The Individuals and Delicate Steve and a late one with The Bongos and "a" ( both sold out). And just a heads up that if you planned to use the Lincoln Tunnel to get to Maxwell's today, it was apparently closed due to a debris spill but just reopened, reports ABC News.

Lee Ranaldo & the Dust will be heading out on a full tour around the time of their new album that hits NYC on October 25 at The Bell House. Tickets for that show are still available.

More pictures from last night below...

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Lee Ranaldo & The Dust / Single Dynamite (via @countfeed / @everydayanothersong)

This is it, the last day for iconic Hoboken rock club, Maxwell's which is shutting it's doors tonight (or the wee hours of Thursday) after 35 years. Last night's penultimate show at Maxwell's was headlined by Lee Ranaldo & The Dust. One of the openers was a mystery group, Single Dynamite, which turned out to include Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan and Quasi drummer Janet Weiss. Did anyone go last night? How was it?

UPDATE: Check out a full set of pictures from the Lee Ranaldo/Single Dynamite show.

Meanwhile, today's Maxwell's closing block party starts at 4 PM on the street outside the club. In addition to the already-announced line-up of The Bongos, The Individuals and "a", Delicate Steve has been added to the bill. NJ.com reports that thing may be broken up into two separate shows inside the club: Delicate Steve and The Individuals at 6 PM; and then The Bongos and "a" at 9 PM.

The block party is free but the shows are notTickets ($10) for those final two shows (Individuals, Delicate Steve and The Bongos and "a") go on sale at 2 PM today.

photos by Matt Schiels

Real Estate @ Maxwell's - 7/29/13
Real Estate @ Maxwell's - 7/29/2013

Hoboken rock club Maxwell's is on its last day ever today (7/31) with a farewell block party and a show inside from The Bongos and more. One of the final shows was Monday's (7/29) late show with Real Estate (joined by The Feelies' Glenn Mercer), which we recently posted the setlist, a video and a recap from. Now, we've got a set of pictures from that show in this post.

Cassie Ramone (Vivian Girls, The Babies) opened the show. Regarding her set, Speak Into My Goodeye writes:

Always a good songwriter, her new material showed that her songs have gotten even smarter, sharper with experience. Ramone also seems much more confident in her unconventional singing voice. She pointed out that, like the members of Real Estate, she'd been to many shows at Maxwell's while growing up in New Jersey and that she was grateful for the opportunity to participate in the send-off.
More pictures of Cassie and Real Estate below...

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In Utero

Like they did in 2011 with Nevermind, Nirvana will be giving their final studio album, 1993's In Utero, a 20th anniversary deluxe reissue this year. The reissue will include the original album (remastered), unreleased demos and b-sides from the era, and a full live concert (audio and video) of their December 13, 1993 concert on Pier 48 in Seattle. It will be released as a "super deluxe" version with three CDs and a DVD, a regular version (double CD or triple LP), and the concert DVD will also be released on its own. They all come out on September 24 via Universal.

Meanwhile, in slightly related news, here in the NYC-area (specifically Hoboken), we've been commemorating rock club Maxwell's, which closes this Wednesday (7/31). Many of the bands who played there back in the day, have returned this summer for a final show, but one band that played there and can't do that (for obvious reasons) is Nirvana. They played a show there in 1989 (that NY Mag discussed in their recent oral history of the club), and thanks to a good samaritan YouTube user, we can watch (almost) that entire show. A 20+ minute video from the Bleach-heavy set (with only a few songs missing) is below.

The second to last show is tonight with Lee Ranaldo, and it closes for good on Wednesday after a block party outside and indoor sets from The Bongos, The Individuals, and more. Earlier this week, Mission of Burma played, followed by Real Estate and The Feelies' Glenn Mercer.

Video below...

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Real Estate @ Maxwell's, 7/29/2013 (via @BrooklynVegan instagram)
Real Estate

New Jersey real estate may have something to do with Hoboken icon, Maxwell's, closing for good tomorrow, but Real Estate (from New Jersey) were welcomed with open arms last night (7/29) for the venue's third-to-last show ever. In reciprocation, the band told the crowd they have "nothing but love for the Tri state area." Singer Martin Courtney also told the crowd they came to see shows when they were in high school.

Real Estate also blessed the Maxwell's crowd with a whopping nine new songs, making up the bulk of their set and offering a preview to their new album which they've been working on in Chicago this summer. In addition to new songs (and a few favorites like "Beachcomber"), The Feelies' Glenn Mercer joined the band (a role reversal from Independence Day Weekend) for two Feelies songs, "Only Life" and "The High Road."

Only two nights at Maxwell's left. Tonight is Lee Ranaldo & The Dust, and tomorrow is the free closing block party with The Bongos and more. Real Estate setlist, plus a little video of "Only Life" with Glenn Mercer, below.

UPDATE: Cassie Ramone opened the show too. Check out a full set of pictures of her, Real Estate, and Glenn Mercer.

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photos by P Squared Photography

Mission of Burma @ Maxwell's - 7/28/13
Mission of Burma @ Maxwell's - 7/28/2013

Boston indie rock vets Mission of Burma, who have played Hoboken rock club Maxwell's many times over the years, returned on Sunday (7/28) for their last two shows at the venue (early and late). Like many of the bands playing one (or two, or three) last shows at the venue, the MoB guys had some kind stuff to say about Maxwell's on stage. Boston Globe reports:

"It was always such a welcoming place for Boston bands," said Burma bassist Clint Conley, who thinks MOB played at Maxwell's three times between 1979-1983. "It was a place for dedicated listeners. You'd play a big room in New York, like Danceteria, and that was a tremendous honor, but it was filled with trendy scenesters. You'd play Maxwell's and the people were there to hear you." He said the experience was no different Sunday. "There's no question love was in the room," said Conley. "Love was on stage, blasting at 110 decibels, and love was in the audience."
NJ.com adds that on stage Conley said, ""We liked coming here because this was always a safe place for weirdos."

We caught the late show (Moby caught one too), and pictures from that show, including one of the setlist, are in this post.

They continue below...

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The Individuals (circa early-'80) who play Maxwell's final night

As we've mentioned more than a couple times, we are really in the final days of venerated Hoboken rock club, Maxwell's, which closes its doors for good after 35 years on Wednesday (7/31). The run-up to their farewell has been a great string of shows, most recently with Mission of Burma on Sunday (7/28, pictures soon) and Real Estate last night (7/29). Tonight's show (7/30) is headlined by Lee Renaldo & the Dust whose line-up features his onetime Sonic Youth bandmate (and Maxwell's co-owner) Steve Shelley on drums. There are also sets from Single Dynamite (we're told it's one of Ryan Sawyer's many projects) and Houndmouth as well. Sold out.

Tomorrow is the last day in business and the club is throwing a free block party starting at 4 PM. Later that night, the inside of the venue will host performances from three bands from Maxwell's early days who've reformed just for the sendoff: The Bongos, The Individuals, and the first band ever to play Maxwell's, "a" (which, coincidentally, shares members with The Bongos and The Individuals). That show is free.

The New Jersey Star-Ledger has put together a nice mini-documentary on Maxwell's, featuring interviews with owners Todd Abramson and Steve Fallon, members of The Feelies, The Bongos, Titus Andronicus, Screaming Females, and more. You can watch that below.

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Outside Maxwell's, March 2013 (more by PSquared Photography)

Jon Langford, the Mekons: Unusual things always happened at Maxwell's. One night, I fell asleep onstage. I was tired and drunk, and in the middle of a long jam, I laid down for a nap. It was very restful. I was comfortable there--too comfortable.

Bob Mould: After Hüsker Dü broke up, I moved to Hoboken in the summer of '89, because that's where Steve lived. And the first post-Hüsker Dü show I played was at Maxwell's. I started hyperventilating before the show, because I was so nervous. Steve brought me an oxygen mask.

Steve Shelley, Sonic Youth: I saw ­Nirvana as a four-piece in 1989, not long after I'd seen Mudhoney. I remember thinking, "These guys are pretty good, but they're no Mudhoney."

David Cross, comedian: You want the pee story, right? I was at Maxwell's with my then-girlfriend, Sarah, enjoying myself, when somebody spilled something on the back of my leg. But they kept spilling it. And I realized it was warm. So I turned around, and there was a guy peeing on me.

Legendary Hoboken indie rock venue, Maxwell's, is in its final week and, as tribute, New York Magazine this week offers up a very entertaining oral history of the club.

Here's the rundown of shows for Maxwell's last seven days in existence:

Tonight (7/25) at Maxwell's it's The Muffs, and on Friday (7/26) it's Wild Nothing. Both of those shows are sold out.

Saturday (7/27), in the afternoon there's a live broadcastWFMU's Cherry Blossom Clinic at 3 PM featuring a live performance from late-'60s cult band Hackmore Brick, whose 1970 album, One Kiss Leads to Another, owes more than a little to the Velvet Underground. That show is FREE.

Then Saturday night its Bambi Kino, a very high concept Beatles tribute band, dedicated to the band's formative days when they were living in Hamburg, Germany. They do the covers that The Beatles did back then. Making things a little more interesting is who's in the group: Doug Gillard (Ex Guided By Voices), Mark Rozzo (Maplewood), Ira Elliot (Nada Surf), Erik Paparazzi (Cat Power). Tickets are $5 and still available.

On Sunday (7/28), Mission of Burma are doing two shows: the late show is sold out but you can still get tickets to the early one (6 PM).

Monday (7/29) has an early show (8:30 PM) with Bern and The Brights, and Val Emmich (tickets); and then the just-announced late show (11:30 PM) with Real Estate.

Tuesday (7/30) is Lee Ranaldo & the Dust.

And the final night of Maxwell's (7/31) is the farewell block party with a live performance from The Bongos inside.

Real Estate at Crest Hardware in 2012 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Real Estate

We're less than a week away from the official closing of Hoboken rock venue Maxwell's, and still more shows are being added to the club's final schedule. Another NJ band who has gone on to achieve higher levels of success, Real Estate, will play a late show (11 PM doors) on Monday (7/29). It's the second show members of Real Estate will have played there this month, considering Martin Courtney joined The Feelies a few weeks ago. Tickets for Monday's show are on sale now.

Other upcoming shows at the venue include The Muff's tonight (7/25), Wild Nothing, Mission of Burma, Lee Ranaldo & the Dust, and The Bongos.

You can also catch Real Estate side project Ducktails at MoMA tonight (7/25). Then they play more shows in August, including a free NYC show with another NJ band who just played Maxwell's, Titus Andronicus on August 8 on Pier 84 with Juan Wauters (of The Beets). That show is part of the River Rocks series, which hosts Foxygen, Thao & the Get Down Stay Down, and The Aves tonight. All Ducktails dates are listed below.

Another Real Estate side project Alex Bleeker & the Freaks open for Woods at Bowery Ballroom on Saturday (7/27), and after touring the US and Canada for the next month, return home for a show at Cake Shop on August 28. All Freaks dates are listed below.

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photos by Michael Dubin

Texas is the Reason @ Maxwell's 7/22/2013
Texas is the Reason

Goodbye, Texas is the Reason.. from the USA at least. The reunited post-hardcore band is currently in the EU to bid adieu to the band, playing dates as part of their final stretch of shows. Thankfully, they left us with a parting gift in the form of their Maxwell's appearance on Monday (7/22). We already posted the setlist and now here are photos from that show -- including ones of opener Dave Hill.

While you're down there, check out the video interview with the band where they nerd out on gear, discuss the reunion and the reason (Texas is, of course) why they decided to have their big send off overseas.

More pictures from Maxwell's, which closes forever in a week (but not before Mission of Burma play there twice), and that video are below.

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"It's almost 2 AM and you all might be asleep, but Maxwell's and audience: You made us bonkers happy tonight. Love you. x" - Texas is the Reason

"Last time seeing Texas is the Reason. Last time at Maxwell's. Last time in Hoboken. So many feelings!!!" - Meghan Galewski

Texas is the Reason's drums at Maxwell's (via Terrance Pryor)

Post-hardcore vets Texas is the Reason are about to end their reunion with a short European tour which begins this week. But after some speculation and strong hints, the NYC band decided to squeeze in one last hometown-area show at Hoboken's soon-to-close Maxwell's last night (7/22), a venue they played multiple times during their initial run as a band. They did mention on stage that they've always considered themselves a New Jersey band by way of New York because they used to practice in a Long Valley basement all the time.

The band came out to "Do You Know Who You Are?," the title track off their only full length album, playing through the PA, and proceeded to perform the rest of that album (not in order), in addition to some other deeper cuts from their career. During their set, they also mentioned that they didn't expect do the show, but Maxwell's asked them and it was a fitting closing for the band ending and the club (which they all grew up going to) closing. The full setlist and a vine from the show are below.

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Texas is the Reason

First, we were wondering if reunited post-hardcore vets Texas is the Reason (whose reunion is soon to end) would squeeze in another NYC-area date before calling it quits. Then the band dropped a pretty strong hint, followed by one more (pictured above). And now it's officially confirmed that Texas is the Reason will play one of the last-ever shows at Hokboken's Maxwell's on Monday (7/22)! They'll be joined by special guest Dave Hill. Tickets for the show go on sale today (7/21) at 3 PM.

Meanwhile, today Maxwell's hosts shows from Screaming Females & Nuclear Santa Claust (early) and Ted Leo & Shellshag (late). Other upcoming shows include Trail of Dead and Ume, The Muffs, Mission of Burma, Lee Ranaldo, The Bongos, and more.

The band also wrote a letter regarding their decision to play. Read that, along with the show flyer and a recent TITR live video, below...

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Mission of Burma at Strawberry Fest 2013 (more by Lukas Hodge)
Mission of Burma

We recently mentioned that Boston indie rock vets Mission of Burma would be playing one of the final shows at Hoboken venue Maxwell's on July 28. That show quickly sold out, but if you missed out on getting tickets, or just wanna pull a double header, they've since added an early show happening that day (6 PM). Tickets for the early show are on sale now.

In related news, Texas is the Reason are playing Maxwell's too.

Updated MoB dates are listed below...

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Mission of Burma at Strawberry Fest 2013 (more by Lukas Hodge)
Mission of Burma

We were just wondering if Maxwell's would be announcing any shows in the empty spot this Monday, but we know for sure that they announced a show in the previously empty Sunday, July 28 spot. That day, Boston indie rock vets Mission of Burma will headline one of the venue's final shows. Tickets for that show are on sale now.

Mission of Burma are also playing Chicago's Riot Fest, which just expanded its lineup to include Pixies, Joan Jett, and more.

All upcoming MoB dates are listed below...

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UPDATE: Texas is the Reason confirm Maxwell's show!

Texas is the Reason

Hey, what do you know. Just yesterday we were wondering if Texas is the Reason would play another NYC-area show before they leave for their final tour in Europe, and today they posted the above pictures to Facebook with instructions to return to their Facebook on Sunday morning.

In possibly related news, I wonder if Maxwell's will announce any shows in that empty slot they have on Monday. Meanwhile, Bosnian Rainbows play a sold out show at Maxwell's tonight. And Mission of Burma just announced a show there too.

UPDATE 2: Texas is the Reason confirm Maxwell's show!