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The Wrens @ Sasquatch 2009 (more by Chris Graham)
The Wrens


Just dropping to our own electronic ghost town to say that we've added a third show for our 20th anniversary / mirthday shindig - an early show for Friday, Dec. 4th at 7:30. In keeping with our theme of...um, having themes, this show will be the Meadowlands record, top-to-bottom. We'd tried setting this up last year to put that baby to bed, but it never really came together. This will be the one time you'll probably ever hear '13 months in 6 minutes' or whatever it is and 'ex-grille confection', although I think we tried that one live once. Anyway, thanks to the folks that requested this - very flattering.

Tickets here. More info on the other two shows [below].

And if you come by, maybe we'll pour some sherry and regale you with the story of the time we walked one end of Hoboken to the other, handing out demo tapes to every bar & club in town - including Maxwell's - in the hopes of securing one of the many lucrative live concert bookings that seemed just a lucky break away in the big city (that's Hoboken in this story). And how we were surprised to find most of the bars closed.

It turns out both that it was the evening of January 1st - you know, the day after the busiest tavern day of the year - and that we were jackasses. (It was also New Year's Day 1990 but that part of the story is more about how old we are, not how dumb we were.) And come to think of it, that pretty much is the story. Gaston, my son, it's not much of a story, true, but hey...

And forgot to mention that if you'll be attending the Dec. 3rd show, that also happens to be Kev's special birthday (starts with a 'four', rhymes with 'sporty'). And hilariously or sadly, depending, he's the baby of the band. Tempted to say BYOCake but if we get it together we'll have some there.

As always, thanks,

the wrens

Wrens member Charles Bissell also has a show coming up in Brooklyn.

As it says above, tickets are now on sale for the third Wrens show at Maxwell's where they'll be playing "Meadowlands" from start to finish (Feelies style). The new show is an early show happening before one of the two previously announced shows (two shows in one night - Pixies style) which are now both sold out.

If you bought a ticket to one of the other two shows already, be warned that "one show will be all-request old wrens songs, one will be all new songs". That quote is taken from the letter the Wrens posted to their website last week. The letter also includes instructions on how to send in your your requests. You can read it below...

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The Feelies @ ATP NY Day 1 on 9/11 (more by Ryan Muir)
The Feelies

The Feelies played three NY shows on ATP weekend (9/11-9/13). At ATP they played Crazy Rhythms in its entirety. Two nights later they ended the run at Southpaw in Brooklyn where they played two sets and lots of encores. I thought maybe one of those sets would be an encore presentation of Crazy Rhythms, but it wasn't. NYC Taper has the audio.

They didn't perform the album at Southpaw, but they will do it again: at Maxwell's on Saturday, November 21st. Tickets are on sale.

The next night (9/22), the Feelies open for Sonic Youth in Boston. Sonic Youth is also playing Beantown on Nov. 23rd, with Cold Cave opening. At SY's (sold out) NYC show on November 21st, the openers aren't too bad either - Dinosaur Jr. and Cold Cave again.

And speaking of performing full albums in NJ, Bruce Springsteen just announced that he'll be doing that too.

Videos from the Feelies' September weekend and all tour dates are below...

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Screaming Females @ The Yard (more by Sarahana)
screaming females

Screaming Females kick off a tour tonight (9/23) at Maxwell's in Hoboken. The Measure and Mattress are also on the bill. Tickets are still on sale.

The NJ band's tour ends October 10th in Richmond. That gives them plenty of time to get back before CMJ when they'll probably next play some NYC shows. All dates below...

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photos by Oren Loloi

The Horrors

The Horrors and Crocodiles played a September 17th show at Bowery Ballroom. The Horrors also performed at a fashion week party while they were here. If you missed them, both bands will be back within a month - their tour together ends with an October 16th show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tickets are still on sale.

The Horrors' (post-Crocs) tour used to include a show at Maxwell's on October 17th, but that show has been canceled due to a newly-scheduled trip to Mexico that has the band playing in Guadalajara on October 18th.

The Hoboken venue now has Art Brut as that night's band. It's one of several NYC-area shows on Art Brut's tour. Tickets for the show are on sale.

Crocodiles shared a guitarist with Dum Dum Girls at their Woodsist Fest live debut, but that lineup doesn't look to be permanent. Dum Dum Girls' CMJ appearance and their late October shows with The King Khan & BBQ Show conflict with Crocodiles' upcoming European tour.

Updated tour dates for both the Horrors and Crocodiles and more pictures from Bowery Ballroom, below...

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Reigning Sound

It's been five years since Greg Cartwright's Reigning Sound dropped their last full-length studio album, Too Much Guitar. Not that Cartwright has been resting on his laurels. The Reigning Sound backed Shangri-La Mary Weiss on her critically acclaimed comeback album, Dangerous Game, which was produced and largely written by Cartwright. The band performed with Weiss on tour, including an appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Cartwright also produced, penned songs for, and played in The Detroit Cobras for a spell. All the while, the Reigning Sound toured the US on and off and released a couple of live albums, yet never managed to get into the studio to record. All the while, Cartwright stockpiled loads of new tunes.

Finally, late last year, the band entered Ardent Studios in Memphis and laid down a bunch of songs. Some months later, they went into Echo Mountain Studios in North Carolina and recorded a bunch more. In the end, the band had more than enough for two albums, and carefully whittled it down to the cream of the musical crop.

Love and Curses (title comes from Memphis TV horror host Sivad) is a return to the sound and style of the Reigning Sound's incredible Time Bomb High School. The band once again features a full-time keyboardist, Dave Amels, and has jettisoned the lo-fi approach used on Too Much Guitar in favor of a bigger, warmer studio sound. As with Time Bomb High School, Love and Curses strikes a balance between soulful rockers and beautiful ballads. The results are a rock 'n' roll album as near to perfection as any one is likely to hear this year. [Midhaven Mailorder]

Love and Curses came out on In the Red Records in August. I also recommend you pick up their new disc "LIVE AT GONER RECORDS" which is also out now. As Goner Records put it includes a "Blastophonic run through some great covers, some great originals from Greg Cartwright!". Greg Cartwright also just put out a live solo record, Live At The Circle A, on September 15th on Dusty Medical Records.

And the group is finally getting around to touring behind these new releases. They play Goner Fest in Memphis this weekend (9/24-9/26), then hit the road in November. They'll be at Maxwell's on November 19th and Southpaw on Nov. 20th. Tickets to both Maxwell's and Southpaw are on sale.

A teaser for the new record, with album art and tracklist, and all tour dates are below..

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DOWNLOAD: Almighty Defenders - Cone Of Light (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Almighty Defenders - Bow Down And Die (MP3)

Almighty Defenders

"The Almighty Defenders self-titled debut will be widely available on September 22nd at your favorite independent record store and digital service provider. But for all you awesome people/Black Lips/King Khan & BBQ fans you can pre-order it now off the Vice Records store. As reward for your undying loyalty to Vice we are throwing in a bonus track, "Ghost With The Most" (recorded live at the Practice Space) when you pre-order the album off us.

Like winning? New Practice Space, new album, and bonus track? Whose Tuesday just stopped sucking? Oh, we will send you "Ghost With The Most" as soon as your order goes through!" [VICE]

Two track from that supergroup's new album are also available above the cover art for free MP3 download.

Tickets are now on sale for a live Almighty Defenders show at Maxwell's on October 25th. The NJ date is right before King Khan and BBQ head out on a short tour with the Dum Dum Girls which brings them into NYC on October 30th and 31st. The Black Lips will be in NYC, opening for Yo La Tengo at Roseland, this Friday night (September 25th).

The above-referenced episode of VBS.TV Practice Space, can be watched below...

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Tickets are on sale now for shows on December 3rd and December 4th.

Art Brut's last night @ Mercury Lounge run (more by Chris La Putt)
Art Brut

Art Brut is playing Maxwell's in Hoboken on Saturday, Oct 17th. Tickets are on sale. No other NYC-area dates at the moment, but I'd be surprised if they didn't add at least one more.

Last time they were in NYC, the band played the similarly-sized Mercury Lounge...for five nights in a row. They just put out a digital-only single for their song "DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes" on August 24th. A video of that song live on KEXP is below.

All current tour dates and a new video interview with Eddie Argos, below...

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Electric Six

The following can be attributed to Dick Valentine [Electric Six singer]:

Hello everybody. We've needed an update for a while, but I am of the mind that you don't force things like that. You bring it when it's time to bring it. Yes, we've been recording and I suppose that's newsworthy. Our sixth album will be finished soon and it will be released in October. It sounds wonderful and I fully intend for this to be the first Electric Six album that sees each and every song being included in our live set when we tour this fall. Because you see, I am getting older and I have very little patience for bullshit.

Electric Six's sixth album, KILL, is set to come out October 20th on Metropolis Records.

The band has a short run of August dates before their not-yet-announced album-supporting tour this fall. The first of those takes place tonight (Aug 19th) at Maxwell's with Les Sans Culottes and Jemina Pearl (Be Your Own Pet). Tickets are still on sale.

The group also plays a Thursday, August 20th Rocks Off Concert Cruise show aboard the Temptress, again with Les Sans Culottes. Tickets are on sale for that too. The band played a similar boat cruise last year. A video of that gig with a brief introductory clip from Tragedy, the all metal Bee Gees tribute band, with all tour dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: The Black Heart Procession - Rats (MP3)

Black Heart Procession

The Black Heart Procession are hitting the road in support of their new album, Six, out October 6th on Temporary Residence.

Six is The Black Heart Procession's first album to be written and recorded simultaneously with a new album by Three Mile Pilot, the band that originally spawned Pinback and The Black Heart Procession. As both Three Mile Pilot and The Black Heart Procession now coexist for the first time ever, founding members, Pall Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel, have steered The Black Heart Procession into a darker, more adventurous direction, with an increased focus on rhythm and a more wildly eclectic instrumental palette.

The Black Heart Procession mainstays, Pall Jenkins on vocals and guitar and Tobias Nathaniel on piano and guitar, will be joined by Matt Resovich (BHP, Rafter, The Album Leaf) on violin, Jovi Butts (Mr. Tube and The Flying Objects) on bass and Jason Hooper (Goodbye Blue Monday) on drums. The five-piece band will perform songs off of Six, plus many selections from The Black Heart Procession's back catalog.

The Black Heart Procession hits the road this fall with a tour that includes a pair of NYC-area stops. They play a Halloween night show at Maxwell's in Hoboken, and then a gig the next night at Bowery Ballroom (11/1). Bellini and The Mumlers, who separately open the first and last half of Black Heart Procession's tour, will both be at both shows. Tickets to the Maxwell's show go on sale Friday, August 7th at noon. Bowery tickets are on AmEx presale now; general sale starts Friday at noon.

Pinback also has an October tour lined up that hits NYC just one day before Halloween. Tickets for that Irving Plaza show are still on sale.

Speaking of Halloween in NYC, King Khan will be here too, as will Mount Eerie (and Lez Zeppelin).

A track of the new Black Heart Procession record is posted above. Check out a video for another song, "Witching Stone," with the album art, tracklist, and all tour dates, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Grand Duchy

Village Voice: When's the last time you were at Coney Island?

Frank Black: The only time I was at Coney Island, I was filming an Electronic Press Kit. Remember those?

VV: Yeah.

FB: The record companies used to spend a few bucks on those. They hired a film director and everything. They had already begun to buy into the myth-well, it's not really a myth- it's the truth of my driving around in large automobiles. They rented us a van to drive around Coney Island. And that was my introduction. I don't think I've been back since.

VV: When was this?

FB: That would've been around 1993 or 1994.

That interview took place before Saturday when Frank Black and his wife Violet Clark introduced their new band Grand Duchy to NYC. The show was part of the Village Voice Siren Festival, in Coney Island 7/18). One night earlier they played a late show at Maxwell's in Hoboken. Fellow Siren-players Frightened Rabbit had played the early show. More dates HERE (and Pixies dates HERE, and Breeders dates HERE).

The Grand Duchy setlists have included the Black Francis song "Threshold Apprehension". The full Maxwell's setlist and more pics, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Frightened Rabbit @ the Siren Festival
Frightened Rabbit

"Before starting their encore, Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit admitted to the crowd, "We had such a crazy year of touring last year that it was like 'Oh fuck, touring again?' But you guys have changed our mind tonight." It was clear that he was being sincere. The sold out crowd at Maxwell's in Hoboken (7/17) was a rabid one. They cheered loudly after each song, listened intently to most, and sang along to a few. The band grew more comfortable as the set went on despite how hot the room got." [Blackraptor]
Scotland's Frightened Rabbit will continue touring North America, on and off, for most of July, August and September. Like Built to Spill, Frightened Rabbit played Maxwell's, the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago, and the Siren Festival in Brooklyn over the weekend (including Thursdaya)....
07.17 - Hoboken, N.J. @ Maxwells
07.18 - Brooklyn, N.Y. @ Siren Festival
07.19 - Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge w/ Headlights
07.19 - Chicago, Ill. @ Pitchfork Festival
The NJ show was also Oxford Collapse's 2nd-to-last show before breaking up. They opened, and Oxford's Michael Pace joined Frightened Rabbit on stage for "Keep Yourself Warm". More Siren pictures, with the Pitchfork and Maxwell's setlists, and some videos below...

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Siren photos by Chris La Putt, Pitchfork photos by Joseph Juechao Xu

Built to spill

"Even if you weren't a big fan of Built to Spill--and I was never converted by their postmodern updates of classic Neil Young and Crazy Horse guitar jams--you had to pity bandleader, guitarist, vocalist and Idaho native Doug Martsch for having the unenviable task of trying to follow the Jesus Lizard, headlining over that band in its home town.

Martsch and his bandmates tried their best, making impressive use of dramatic dynamics shifts with quiet interludes exploding into six-string rave-ups. But it was sort of like following a gourmet meal with a Twinkie for desert: It might have been fine as a snack at a different time, but after what had preceded it, there simply was no point." [Jim DeRogatis - Chicago Sun Times @ Pitchfork]

Built to Spill played the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago on Friday night (7/17). Saturday they headlined the Coney Island Siren Festival in Brooklyn. Sunday they played a much smaller show at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ (where they played for almost 2 hours). Pictures, videos and the setlists from the two festival shows, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Super Furry Animals - Inaugural Trams (MP3)

Super Furry Animals @ Maxwells 1/23/08 (more by Leia Jospe)
Super Furry Animals

Super Furry Animals have been added to the lineup of the Flaming Lips-curated ATP NY weekend happening September 11th-13th. Portland's Grouper has also been added to the fest (thx Brad).

ATP NY runs from Sept 11-13. SFA must be playing on the 13th, which is the Flaming Lips day, because the band is playing a show at the Highline Ballroom on September 11th and one at Maxwell's on the 12th. Tickets for both go on sale Friday, July 10th at noon.

The group's last record, Dark Days/Light Years, came out in April on Rough Trade. Check out a song from that, above.

Grouper's ATP date "isn't confirmed yet", but I wouldn't be surprised if it was September 12th which is the date their recent-tourmates Animal Collective are playing.

The Drones are another band (of several) who've recently added NYC gigs around their ATP NY date.

All tour dates for SFA and Grouper below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Roadside Graves

"Interweaving elements of The Band, John Prine, Townes Van Zandt and a dose of Bruce Springsteen, The Roadside Graves manage to produce a unique and coherent sound, pulsing with the energy of their large ensemble and anchored by the gritty and melodic vocals of lead singer John Gleason. My Son's Home is an 18-song comprehensive tour of quality American music. Deftly moving from folk, to rock, to back-porch country, the Roadside Graves have produced one of the best roots-Americana records of the past five years, hands down." [Stark Online]
The Roadside Graves played Pianos on Friday (6/26). We weren't there, but Tim did get this set of pictures from their show earlier in the month when they opened for Lucero at Maxwell's. Catch them this Friday (7/3) at Union Hall in Brooklyn. More of the Maxwell's pictures below...

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Ida Maria @ Webster Hall (more by Chris La Putt)
Ida Maria

Ida Maria just played two NYC shows on June 12th and 14th (Bell House & Hiro Ballroom). Sasha Frere-Jones from The New Yorker was at the June 14th show at the Bell House.

Some observations on Ida (pronounced "eee-DA") Maria's set on Sunday night at The Bell House.

1) Ida Maria stuffed smokeless tobacco into her mouth twice during the set.
2) She confessed to drinking champagne before the show but waited until the last song, "Oh My God," to pour water over her head. [video below]
4) The drummer played something suspiciously like a drum solo before "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked." It was really good.
6) I could probably watch Ida Maria scream for about fifteen minutes before getting bored. Actual words not necessary.

She's coming back this summer with shows scattered around the country in July and August including one taking place at Maxwell's on Thursday, August 13th with opener Franz Nicolay. Tickets are on sale now.

The above mentioned video, video blogs from Ida's June tour, and all tour dates, below...

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Malajube @ Oya Fest 2007 (more photos)

English Canada isn't exactly a model of tolerance when it comes to franco-pop, but here the intricate pop of [2006's] Trompe L'Oeil was taken to heart by a nation's worth of critics and indie-rock fans, scoring Malajube a nomination on the first-ever shortlist for the Polaris Music Prize later that year. Suddenly, Malajube found itself appointed ambassador for the "other" half of the Montreal underground, the half that conducts its rock `n' roll business in French and, as a result, rarely gets much mention in Anglo coverage of the city's recent, globally documented musical blossoming.

Frontman Julien Mineau concedes it was "really flattering" when U.S. organs like Pitchfork and Spin started singing Malajube's praises, and says he's still somewhat boggled that the band's latest album, Labyrinthes - out [February 2009] on Montreal indie label Dare to Care - is about to receive an official American release.

"It's strange. We're lucky to be listened to even though we're in an English-music world," [Mineau] says from his home in Ste-Ursule, a rural community on the north shore of the St. Lawrence. "But it's cool like that. I'm really happy that we get this kind of attention..." [Toronto Star]

Labyrinthes came out in the US on Dare to Care in March. In support of that, Malajube has been playing regular dates in their native Canada -- they'll be visiting the US for shows in July. Those include a gig at Maxwell's on Wednesday, July 22nd and a show at new Brooklyn venue Littlefield on Friday, July 24th. Tickets for the Maxwell's show are on sale.

A July 21st Mercury Lounge show was added too. Tickets on sale Thursday.

The band put out a video for the song "Porté disparu," off the new record. That's posted below with a making-of and a live rendition of the tune, and all tour dates...

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photos by Tim Griffin


"Lucero on the heels of four Hold Steady shows in a damn row? I may very well be far too old for these things. The weather is nice(r) and it only makes a man think that it's a good idea to ride the bike to Hoboken and post up at Maxwells. The boys are still touring behind Rebels, Rogues and Sworn Brothers, but they have a new record in the can and haven't been shy about playing the new material live. It sounds great.... No real surprises, save for Ben playing a bunch of the stuff from The Last Pale Light In The West as sort of a first encore, but pretty bad ass all around." [Jaded Scenester NYC]
It was three NYC-area shows in two days for Lucero over this weekend, and none of them had anything to do with the Northside Festival. It all started Friday night at Maxwell's (review and picture above), followed by the outdoor Big Apple BBQ on Saturday which was followed that night by a private party at Pianos with Hull. More dates and pictures from Maxwell's, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Mannequin Men - Massage (MP3)

Mannequin Men

Chicago's Mannequin Men visted NYC for two nights in May when they played Union Hall and the Cake Shop. The band now has a July tour planned in support of their new disc, Lose Your Illusion, Too, out now on Flameshovel Records. That tour includes another pair of NYC gigs: Mannequin Men play Southpaw on Friday, July 17th and the Studio at Webster Hall on Monday, July 22nd. Tickets to the band's July 22nd show are on sale.

Both show are with tourmates Davila 666.

Mannequin Men also have a tentative show in Hoboken, NJ, possibly at Maxwell's, but their MySpace says still says "TBA", meanwhile, it's the same night the venue is hosting Built To Spill.

The band recently recorded a video for "Massage," a song from the new record, posted above. Look for that, with West Coast dates, soon. All current tour dates are below...

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The Mummies @ Maxwell's in Hoboken - June 9, 2009
The Mummies

The Mummies played their first two of three NYC-area shows at Maxwell's in Hoboken last night (6/9). The third and final is tonight at Southpaw. A couple of videos from last night below...

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The Feelies @ Battery Park (more by Jason Bergman)
The Feelies

Feelies have added a 3rd Maxwell's show to the two that were already planned for the venue on July 3rd and 4th. The additional gig will happen at Maxwell's on Thursday, July 2nd. Tickets to that show are on sale. Tickets to July 4th gig are still available too. July 3rd is sold out.

Feelies are scheduled to play their 1980 album, Crazy Rhythms, in full at ATP NY on September 11th.

Before that, Feelies will open the Whitney's Dan Graham Retrospective music series on June 26th with a special acoustic set.

That Whitney series had a "TBA" listed for the Friday, July 24th show with YellowFever. The "TBA" band will in fact be Woods who fit in perfectly with rest of the bands playing the museum that month... Vivian Girls, Titus Andronicus, etc..

WoodsOther upcoming Woods shows include July 15th at the Bowery Ballroom with WAVVES', and the Woodsist/Captured Tracks Fest happening July 3rd and 4th at 979 Broadway Backyard in Brooklyn. Woods member Jeremy Earl is also head of the Woodsist label (whose roster includes WAVVES).

Woods will also be at the Saturday, June 13th Northside Fest show at The Shank. That Woodsist-friendly bill also includes Kurt Vile (and the Violators), who was on the label and recently signed to Matador, Grooms (ex-Muggabears) (also playing the Whitney), Pygmy Shrews and Blues Control.

Woods' own new full-length, Songs of Shame, was co-released in April by Woodsist and Shrimper Records.

Blues Control's 2007 disc Puff came out on Woodsist; their new LP, Local Flavor, is out July 14th on Siltbreeze. The record includes a guest contribution by Kurt Vile on trumpet and acoustic guitar. And the Northside Shank show isn't the only Vile/Blues Control show coming up. The two bands will share a NYC bill twice in August - at Cake Shop and Silent Barn.

More info on those gigs, plus all Woods and Blues Control tour dates, with album info, below...

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DOWNLOAD: Future of the Left - The Hope That House Built (MP3)

Future of the Left @ Webster Hall in October (more by Nathan Miller)
Future of the Left

Future of the Left is one of the bands that was recently added to the lineup of Siren Festival, which takes place Saturday, July 18th in Coney Island.

And like Built to Spill, Frightened Rabbit and Grand Duchy, Future of the Left have paired their Siren Fest spot with a show at NJ venue Maxwell's. Future of the Left will play the club on Monday, July 13th. Tickets are on sale.

The band's new album, Travels With Myself And Another, comes out June 22nd on 4AD. Pre-orders through the Future of the Left site come with a link to download the album now. The record's first single "The Hope That House Built" is posted above, and the video for the same song, and all tour dates are below...

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photos by Jacob Blickenstaff

Condo Fucks (aka Yo La Tengo) in NOLA
Condo Fucks (aka Yo La Tengo)

The above and below photos are from a show the Condo Fucks played with the A-Bones at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans on April 27th.

At that gig, the A-Bones were joined by Roy Loney of the Flamin' Groovies. The next night, at the Ponderosa Stomp Festival, the A-Bones played as the backing band for Loney and Cyril Jordan (also of The Flamin' Groovies). That reunited combo comes to Maxwell's in Hoboken on July 23rd and Southpaw in Brooklyn on July 24th. Tickets for the Southpaw show and tickets for the Maxwell's gig are both on sale.

Coming up even sooner, A-Bones will celebrate the release of their record, Not Now! on Norton Records, with a boat cruise show around NYC on July 10th. Tickets are still available for that show.

Yo La Tengo currently have three shows booked. The band plays Primavera Sound Festival tonight (May 29th) in Barcelona. The band opens for Wilco at Brooklyn's Keyspan Park on Monday, July 13th (tickets still on sale for that) and plays Pitchfork Music Festival's "Set List by Request" night on July 17th.

More pictures from New Orleans and all tour dates below...

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Built to Spill

Like Frightened Rabbit, Built to Spill are playing the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago and the Siren Festival in Brooklyn in the same weekend this July. And like Frightened Rabbit and Grand Duchy, Built to Spill will play a 2nd NYC-area show - at Maxwell's - while they're here on the east coast, except BTS's NJ date comes one day after Siren. Tickets for the intimate July 19th Jersey show go on sale Friday, May 29th at noon (thx qweebaroo). All dates below...

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Grand Duchy

"Frank Black is an unassuming monster. In between songs at Harlow's last Monday, he affectionately listened to his wife, Grand Duchy singer/bassist Violet Clark, as she recounted unfunny anecdotes. But Black nursed his red wine, eyes peering from behind neon-lens black sunglasses, and let her jaw. Nice husband.

When Black's took his turn on the mic, he first soothed up to it, coiling his portly build like a chunky cobra about to strike. And then he did, ripping into songs with that gentle, inimitable Frank Black baritone that pretty much every 16-year-old teenage poseur wanted to hear emerge from their pubescent throat back in 1989." [Sacramento News & Review]

Frank Black's new band Grand Duchy has already played a bunch of shows - just none in the NYC-area yet. That changes in July.

Like Frightened Rabbit, Grand Duchy will be playing the Siren Festival in Coney Island on July 18th, and Maxwell's in Hoboken one day earlier. Frightened Rabbit's show is early. Frank Black's show is late. Tickets are on sale. All dates below...

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