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Frightened Rabbit @ Bowery Ballroom in January (more by Natasha Ryan)
Frightened Rabbit

Frightened Rabbit are one of the bands playing both the Siren & Pitchfork festivals in the same weekend this year. They're also one of the bands playing a show at Maxwell's in Hoboken right before Siren happens. Tickets for the July 17th NJ show are on sale. It's an early show. Fellow Siren player Grand Duchy plays Maxwell's later that night. All dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Oneida - I Will Haunt You (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oneida - Saturday (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Oneida - What's Up, Jackal? (MP3)

Oneida @ The Yard 8/29/08 (more by Chris La Putt)

Welcome to Rated O, the triple album and second installment of Oneida's much-anticipated "Thank Your Parents" triptych of releases. In August of 2008 Oneida released the first installment, Preteen Weaponry, and now, Rated O, the centerpiece of the "Thank Your Parents" trilogy, has been bestowed upon us.

For the recording of Rated O the band expanded to five members, adding longtime brahs Shahin Motia and Barry London to the regular lineup. Motia has been performing with Oneida for several years; London is the sound engineer who has recorded the last several Oneida albums and is chief brah at the Ocropolis (Oneida's Brooklyn recording studio). [Jagjaguwar]

Oneida's Rated O comes out July 7th on Jagjaguwar. Three MP3s from that record are posted above.

The band will be touring North America in support of Rated O this summer. Those dates so far include a Friday, July 10th show at Maxwell's in Hoboken with This Moment in Black History and Dump (James McNew). Tickets are on sale.

Who is Dump?

Dump is a vehicle for releasing the four-track home recordings of Yo La Tengo bassist James McNew. His recordings occasionally feature guest performers such as Sue Garner and Fontaine Toups. For live performances McNew has been joined at various times by Ira Kaplan (who also plays with A-Bones when not playing with Yo La Tengo), Georgia Hubley, Todd Barry on drums, and Dave Ramirez on guitar. [Wikipedia]
Oneida's summer tour also includes a Todd P show Friday, July 24th in a venue tba.

The band is visiting Europe for Primavera Sound on May 30th, then again in August. All dates, album art, and track list, below...

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Ted LeoThere's the June 21st show in Kearny, the July 23rd show on a pier in Manhattan, and now a 3rd NYC-area show has been announced. Ted Leo & the Pharmacists will play Maxwell's in Hoboken on June 22nd. Tickets are on sale (@ noon) (thx rajohn).

words by Andrew Frisicano, photos by Lori Baily

Mike Watt

Mike Watt and the Missingmen (drummer Raul Morales and guitarist Tom Watson) played the first of two NYC-area shows Thursday, May 7th at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ. Tonight (Friday, May 8th) the group visits the Mercury Lounge.

At Maxwell's, Watt kicked things off with a terse "1-2-Surf's up" before launching into an opening group instrumental. Watson on guitar faced-off against Watt on bass, with Morales pounding out the measures between. But the drum kit was anything but neutral territory: on more than one occasion Watt egged on Morales by crashing the cymbals with his hands, and spent most of the 4-or-so Watson-sung tunes perched behind drum set before stumbling across stage toward his own mic.

Tom Watson's guitar playing was a definite highlight. He spanned a spectrum of styles, from the pop-punk of the band's Roky Erickson cover, "Sweet Honey Pie," to the closely comped funk of the Minutemen numbers (which included Double Nickels tracks "One Reporter's Opinion," "Anxious Mo-fo," and "Toadies"). Watson, like Watt, channels the free-wheeling ideals of punk into a musically divergent direction; most times his sound was more "downtown" guitar than Johnny Ramone. Solos and oblique noises squeaked over Morales' even-handed drums in starts and stops, while across stage Watt ratcheted up the neck of his short-scale bass.

Watt on bass was unhinged but on point as he alternately strummed and slapped through the setlist, which mixed new tunes, older Watt material (Ball Hog b-side "The Big Bang Theory") and copious covers. I didn't catch all the cover songs, but "Ex-Lion Tamer" (Wire) and "Little Johnny Jewel" (Television) were two, with many more tucked in. The band took few breaks, and the vocals came out till Watt was beat red.

In total, the gig was something of a career primer with a definite look toward the future. Watt closed the set with his usual -- an emphatic "start yer own band."

More pictures from the show below...

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words by Black Bubblegum, photos by Justina Villanueva

The Bronx @ Maxwell's
The Bronx

The Bronx was in Hoboken. No, not in some prehistoric-pangea-way - LA punks The Bronx (and Trash Talk) descended upon Maxwell's on April 22nd, one of two shows for the crew in the NYC area. Our esteemed photographer Justina was able to catch The Bronx, but missed Trash Talk. Fortunately, she caught up with the trio outside the venue, who at the time of their meeting, were not huffing paint, vandalizing buildings, or involved in hooliganism of any kind. We can't confirm their later activities.

Trash Talk outside Maxwell's
Trash Talk

The Bronx recently dropped two new videos: "Past Lives" (viewable here) and "Knifeman" (viewable here).

Trash Talk's new 7" featuring Keith Morris of Circle Jerks, East of Eden, is currently on pre-order here.

More Bronx pictures below...

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by Black Bubblegum


The Bronx are on tour with Trash Talk. You may have caught them at Bowery Ballroom on Monday (April 20), or the next day (last night) in Philly. If not, you have another NYC-area chance to see the LA crew at Maxwell's tonight (4/22, tickets here).

In celebration of their area appearance, the band hooked us up with their new video. It's for the song "Past Lives" from their latest LP. Directed by Johnny Bekevac, it may be the greatest video ever made that merges breakdancing and punk rock. Check it out, along with more pictures taken during their set at the BrooklynVegan party they played at SXSW, and all tour dates, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano


The A-Bones, a garage rock band that sometimes features Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan on keyboard, are releasing a new record, The A-Bones, Not Now!, on Norton Records.

The record release party for that disc will be a NYC boat cruise show hosted by Rocks Off on Friday, July 10th. Tickets are on sale.

Even sooner, the A-Bones play a show at NJ's Maxwell's on Friday, May 8th with Roddy Jackson and The Memphis Morticians. Tickets for that show are also on sale.

Tickets are on sale for other Rock Off boat shows too. Ska bands the Slackers (June 27) and the Pietasters (August 15) and UK punks the Business (May 15) are some of the bands on the schedule so far.

Down in New Orleans, the A-Bones are playing a show with the Condo Fucks (aka Yo La Tengo) on April 27th. That's followed by appearances at the Ponderosa Stomp Festival in the same town on April 28th and 29th. NYC's own mini version of that festival will happen at Lincoln Center in mid-July. The A-Bones aren't currently scheduled to be a part of that, but the full line-up won't be announced until April 22nd.

More info on the new A-Bones album, all tour dates, plus videos including one with Ira from YLT on vocals and guitar, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

The Old 97s

June is going to be an exciting month for Old 97's fans. "An Evening With Old 97's" will be on tour in June through the eastern States. Both Rhett Miller and Murry Hammond will perform solo acoustic sets before taking the stage with Old 97's. Old97s.com has tickets for many of these shows.
That tour visits Hoboken, NJ venue Maxwell's for four nights - tickets are on general sale for the shows on June 19th, June 20th, June 23rd and June 24th shows. The Old 97's will also play at Westchester's Tarrytown Music Hall (less than 1 hour from Grand Central) on Friday, June 26th. Tickets for that show are on sale, too.

And before those dates, Old 97's frontman Rhett Miller will play (Le) Poisson Rouge on Thursday, April 16th with Starling Crush. Tickets are on sale.

Miller's other Greater NY-area shows might be of interest as well. His May 30th show in Hunter, NY is part of the three-day Mountain Jam Festival. (Tickets are on sale - full lineup below.) And his May 1st show at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ is part of the Writers in the Raw series. Miller appears there with David Johansen (of the New York Dolls), Alec Ounsworth (of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah), and Ashton Shepherd. (Tickets are on sale.)

Miller's newest, self-titled solo album will be out June 9th on Shout! Factory Records.

All tour dates, with Rhett Miller track list and Mountain Jam lineup below...

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Crazy RhythmsLast July, The Feelies played some shows at Maxwell's followed by their big and official reunion appearance on July 4th at Battery Park. This year, The Feelies will play Maxwell's ON July 4th, and one day earlier on July 3rd. Tickets for both shows are now on sale.

After they reunited, the Feelies didn't stop. Most recently they played a few non-NYC-area shows, an R.E.M. tribute at Carnegie Hall, and a NJ show on New Years Eve with Yo La Tengo.. In September of last year, they played NYC shows at both Bowery Ballroom and Music Hall of Williamsburg. The timing on those was not ideal though, as many potential ticket holders were probably upstate at the first-annual ATP NY Festival.

This year, The Feelies, instead of competing with it, are playing ATP NY (11 Sep 2009 to 13 Sep 2009, Kutshers Country Club). But that's not all; The Feelies will perform their 1980 album Crazy Rhythms at the festival where Dirty Three, Suicide, and The Drones are also performing full albums as part of the Don't Look Back day (9/11). Flaming Lips, Jesus Lizard, Melvins & the rest of the ATP lineup so far, HERE.

A live "Crazy Rhythm" video below...

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by Black Bubblegum

DOWNLOAD: Kylesa - "Said & Done" (MP3)

Kylesa @ Full Metal Texas, SXSW (more pics here)

Kylesa have scheduled ANOTHER pair of shows in the NYC area: May 27th at Maxwell's (tickets here) and Cake Shop on May 30th (yeah you read that right). That makes FIVE total NYC area shows that the Savannah crew has lined up in the month of May if you count their sold-out shows with Mastodon & Intronaut at MHOW and Irving Plaza and the one with Coheed & Cambria at Starland Ballroom. You officially have no excuse to miss 'em.

Kylesa is touring in support of their kick-ass new record Static Tensions, which includes "Said & Done" (above). Pitchfork dug it too.

Meanwhile, Kylesa drummer (one of them) Eric Hernandez's other project, Capsule, (who we profiled last year) have released a digital-only release entitled Tape + Demo + Tour. Check out the song "Just Three Lines" from that release (originally found on a short run, tour-only CD-R) at their myspace and pick it up at iTunes.

In addition, dig on the below videos that Capsule put together chronicling their show at The Fest 7 in Gainsville, FL.

All dates below...

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mike watt & the missingmen
Mike Watt and the missingmen

I put the missingmen together in the summer of 2006 in order to bring forth my third punk rock opera "hyphenated-man" (the first two being 1997's "contemplating the engine room" and 2004's "the secondman's middle stand"). whereas "...engine room" dealt w/my pop's life in the navy as a metaphor for the story of the minutemen and "...middle stand" was a parallel to dante's "comedia" dealing w/an illness that almost killed me in 2000, this third opera will be quite different in that it has no standard narrative (libretto!) meaning no regular beginning-middle-end and will be as it were "simultaneous" in the way a mirror from just inside my head - right in this middle-age moment of mine - was then shattered into thirtynine pieces, each showing a piece of my state of mind (or out-of-mind) as of now. "thirty tunes?" yes, they're little ones. too heavy to really hear minutemen stuff for many years, I had to face myself and get the nerve up to hear it again when I agreed to let keith scheiron and tim irwin make the "we jam econo" documentary (many thanks to them and all who helped out on that). I even did a few gigs w/george hurley w/us as a duet doing the old tunes and it was trippy for me, like I was digging on how "econo" those tiny tunes were - no filler, right to point. a big influence was those little creatures in those old hieronymus bosch painting - I read a theory about them maybe being visualizations of proverbs or aphorisms and me, not knowing much about sixteenth century dutch/flemish culture, made up my own meanings! -Mike Watt
Mike Watt (of the Minutemen) has a bunch of shows scheduled over the next few months - some with the Secondmen, and some with the Missingmen.

UPDATE: All upcoming Mike Watt shows are Missingmen dates.

Dates includes May 7th at Maxwell's in Hoboken (tickets on sale now), May 8th at Mercury Lounge in NYC (tickets on sale at noon), a bunch of other headlining dates, and a bunch of shows opening for Dinosaur Jr. (J Mascis and Mike Watt together again).

There's a small gap in Mike's schedule at the beginning of May. I thought maybe new dates would show up, but according to an update I got from Mike himself after I first published this: "in the middle, may 3-4-5 has me three days in the studio w/them to record my third opera at tony maimone's studio in brooklyn (studio g)." Them = the missingmen. Also, Mike's calling the trip "'prac for the 3rd opera' tour 2009."

Dinosaur Jr's. tour starts not long after SXSW..

Having recently signed with Jagjaguwar, Dinosaur Jr will be hitting the road in April to road test new material in a town near you in cozier environs than you might expect. For the fortunate fans who score tickets to these select shows, they will also receive either a limited edition, tour-only 7" or a digital download code with the purchase of a ticket. The songs on this release were recorded live during a Pitchfork.tv feature at J Mascis' own Bisquiteen Studios.
You can watch those and other videos, and see all tour dates, below...

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by Andrew Frisicano

The Music Tapes @ a CMJ show (more by Kyle Dean Reinford)
Music Tapes

The Music Tapes played Maxwell's in Hoboken on Sunday (3/1), and for those who missed the criminally under attended show (maybe something to do with the weather), you're in luck - they'll be back in town on Tuesday (tonight, 3/3) playing the Bell House with the same lineup of opening acts: musical mad scientist Brian Dewan and upbeat Elephant 6-ers Nana Grizol. Tickets are still available, and we're giving away a pair of tickets. Details below.

For the show at Maxwell's, I trekked through the blowing snow to arrive in Hoboken, a place that seems to have frozen in time the most picturesque parts of every U.S. small town. Inside the show space, hidden past the club's front restaurant-bar area, 40-50 brave concertgoer gathered around the stage, where second-act Nana Grizol rocked with warming exuberance. (I missed opener Brian Dewan - more on him later, though.)

Nana Grizol's eight-strong lineup crammed the stage, which was crowded with 7-Foot Tall Metronome and Static the Singing TV standing at attention for the upcoming Music Tapes set. But first, the Athens, GA, band shared songs and swapped instruments, which included guitar, bass, and two drum sets. One member switched from clarinet to trumpet to melodica with ease. The horn section expanded into three trumpet harmonies, then contracted to a single euphonium. The bulk of the songs were fronted by Theo Hilton, who sang with a kind of Promise Ring innocence in his voice. The roaring, clanking sound convinced me to shell out for a copy of their 2008 Orange Twin recording, Love It Love It.

Between bands, opener Brian Dewan set up a projector and screened a short film so good it made me wish I trudged out sooner to catch his solo set. The hand-drawn animated slides that populated the film told a short history of civic pride, coyly poking fun at the structures of society by connecting scenes of Aztec ritual sacrifice, paying taxes, and odious parking meters into a modern parable that paid homage to archaic public service videos. Each frame change was announced with a studious "plonk."

Shortly after, The Music Tapes took the stage, borrowing most of Nana Grizol's members (or maybe vice-versa). Julian Koster, as always, fronted the band with a banjo and saw. Elephant 6-regular Nesey Gallons also played banjo - in all, a lot of the Elephant 6 holiday tour seemed to be on board. On "Aliens," Dewan even joined the band, playing one of his homemade Melody Gins, a knob-covered oscillator contraption.

Koster played many of the same songs he did at the band's Mercury Lounge CMJ show: "Freeing Song for Reindeer," "Majesty," "Song for Oceans Falling," "Orchestra's Orchestration" and "What the Television Tells Us" (the latter two with props). A number of the songs started with just Koster and ended in double-drums, double-distorted banjo noise. On "Song for the Death of Parents," Koster played percussion by bouncing a kickball on a soup kettle with a microphone hidden underneath in a perfect melding of theme and medium.

Julian came into the crowd to play a singing-saw version of "The First Noel" and a song on his tiny electric organ, before returning to the stage and closing the show with "Manifest Destiny." (He also promised to play a crowd game with bells on Tuesday at the Bell House.)

Live, The Music Tapes continue to be one of the most consistently entertaining bands around. The scratchy, distorted sound of its recordings (can a singing saw's sound actually be recorded?), while interesting, drastically understates the buoyant joy and enigmatic energy of Koster and Co. in person.

Besides at tonight's Bell House show, New Yorkers can catch Brian Dewan when he performs a free set with his homemade-instrument project, Dewanatron (with cousin Leon), at the opening of Pierogi Gallery (177 N 9th St, Brooklyn) on Saturday, March 7, 9pm.

Video and contest details below...

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Electric Six

Electric Six have announced yet another tour. That includes May 4th at Maxwell's in Hoboken (tickets on sale) and May 5th at Bowery Ballroom (tickets on Am Ex presale Wednesday). All dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Heartless Bastards - The Mountain (MP3)

Heartless Bastards

Erika Wennerstrom is the singer, guitarist and songwriter in a band that immediately gets your attention in two ways. She calls her trio Heartless Bastards, easily one of the best rock-band names of the last decade. And then there's Wennerstrom's voice, soul-deep yet never hysterical, tinged with vibrato. It sounds deeper than the earth and timeless, as if it could just as easily be found on a scratchy 78-rpm blues platter as it is on an MP3 file.

That voice has never sounded more potent than it does on the Heartless Bastards' third and best album, "The Mountain" (Fat Possum). Wennerstrom says she can't remember a day when she didn't want to sing, when she didn't feel that singing would be her life. [Chicago Tribune]

As Largehearted Boy highlighted, the new Heartless Bastards album was just released. Grab track #1 above. Catch the band live at Maxwell's in Hoboken TONIGHT (2/4). Catch them tomorrow in Philly, or Friday and Saturday at Terminal 5 when they (and Lucero) open for the Black Keys. Catch them all over the country as they continue to go on a tour that includes a stop at SXSW, shows with their Fat Possum labelmate Andrew Bird, and a lot of dates with the Gaslight Anthem that include the previously-mentioned gig at Webster Hall on March 27th (tix). Catch them February 10th on David Letterman. Listen to their recent Daytrotter session. All dates below...

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The Music Tapes @ Mercury Lounge (more Kyle Dean Reinford)
Music Tapes

The Music Tapes, aka Julian Koster, "the 7 Foot Tall Metronome, Static the Television and other human bandmembers", are hitting the road again in February. Julian was last here in NYC to sing some Christmas carols, and before that during CMJ, and before that for the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour. Next he'll be here on March 1st to play Maxwell's in Hoboken (TICKETS), and then two days later again at the Bell House in Brooklyn (TICKETS). All dates below...

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by Klaus Kinski

Max & Gabe D & friend @ MoMA - Jan 6, 2009 (by Fred Benenson) (via)

I don't get to see nearly as much comedy as I used to, but the scene is as vibrant as ever. If the mood strikes and I find myself wanting to get my yuck-on there is absolutely no shortage of one-off shows and recurring weekly shows. The Tribeca branch of the 92nd St Y has been booking some insane comedy shows recently. I caught Zach Galifianakis there a few weeks ago and was mightily impressed by the performance space and the insane, reasonably priced beer list at the bar. Sound Fix in Williamsburg has free comedy every Wednesday and Thursday. Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkle host Totally J/K every Wednesday at 9:30pm, while Max Silvestri, Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate host Big Terriffic at 8:00pm on Thursdays. These shows fill the void left by the demise of Rififi and its staples Invite Them Up and The Greg Johnson & Larry Murphy Show by attracting big names like Zach Galifianakis, Sarah Silverman, Janeane Garofalo, Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman, and zillions more. Speaking of Greg Johnson, he's got a free show every Sunday at Pianos. And speaking of Invite Them Up, former host Bobby Tisdale now has a semi-regular, RSVP only show happening in Greenpoint called Wards of Merkin. It's usually $10 and there's usually free booze and top shelf comedians. And don't forget that the UCB Theater and The Pit have calendars bursting with options as does Comix's underground lair Ochi's. And that's just barely scratching the surface of the goings ons. Below are some shows currently on my radar...

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Les ClaypoolPrimus's Les Claypool is calling "The Oddity Faire" a "A Mutated Mini Fest". You can also call it a tour with an interchanging set of openers that varies by date. In NYC the show is at Terminal 5 and the openers are Saul Williams, O'Death, and Secret Chief 3. The date is March 28th. Tickets are now on Am Ex presale, and go on regular sale on Friday.

Other openers for the tour are Mutaytor, Yard Dogs, and Devotchka. It's unfortunate that Devotchka is not also on the NYC date, but that makes sense since they can headline Terminal 5 by themselves and have their own show coming up at Webster Hall.

O'Death have also lined up a ton of other tour dates that don't include Les. They'll kick things off in Baltimore on January 29th and end up back in this NYC-area for a February 14th show at Maxwell's with Legendary Shack Shakers. Tickets are on sale. From there they go to Europe before meeting up with the Primus front-man back in the USA in March.

All dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Vivian Girls - Blind Spot (Daisy Chain cover) (MP3)

Vivian Girls @ the Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ (thepiratehat)
Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls, NYC & NJ 2009
Dec 31 (NYE) - they opened for Yo La Tengo
Jan 04 - they played the Court Tavern (see above)
Jan 11 - they're playing for kids @ the Living Room
Jan 14 - they're playing w/ Titus Andronicus @ Maxwell's
Jan 20 - they're playing w/ Fucked Up & Pissed Jeans @ MARKET HOTEL *
Feb 19 - they're opening for M Ward @ Apollo Theater $

* the MH show was moved from Danbro Studios
$ one of three shows they're playing with M Ward. Weird? yes.

All dates below...

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Masked men opened many of the YLT Hanukkah shows this year
Yo La tengo shows
Yo La tengo shows
Yo La tengo shows

Yo La Tengo Hanukkah 2008 @ Maxwell's in Hoboken

  1. Oneida and Paul F. Tompkins opened. Mix disc by Aesop Rock. Special guests = Janet Weiss & Britt Daniel.
  2. The Magnetic Fields opened and John Hodgman opened. Mix disc by Steve Shelley. Special guest = Doug Gillard & Ira's mom.
  3. John Zorn & Marc Ribot and Slovin & Allen opened. Mix disc by Gaylord Fields. Special Guests = Yoni Wolf & Smokey Hormel.
  4. Jennifer O'Connor and Jon Benjamin opened. Mix disc by Russell Maer.
  5. Antietam and Fred Armisen opened. Fred also played drums. Mix disc by Georgia. Special guest = Cyril Jordan.
  6. Lambchop and Jon Wurster (as Marky Ramone) opened. Mix disc by James.
  7. Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band and David Cross (as Rabbi Alan Sugarman) opened. Mix disc by Ira. Special guest = David Mansfield.
  8. Metal Mountains and Todd Barry opened. Mix disc by Zooey Deschanel.
That is the list of special guests and openers from this year's 8-night Yo La Tengo Hanukkah concert run at Maxwell's in Hoboken. The eighth night of Chanukah (aka the last show) was December 28th and three nights later The Feelies and Vivian Girls opened for Yo La Tengo at their New Years Eve show at Wellmont Theatre in Montclair (making their grand total nine shows this holiday season).

How was the New Years one? Did anyone go to all nine shows? Other thoughts? Memories? Best night? Anything?

Videos & stuff below...

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Lambchop w/ James McNew on bass @ Maxwell's - 12/26/08 (Dawn Sutter Madell)

"Having Lambchop on hand to open [Hanukkah] night 6 [at Maxwell's] was like having a holiday family reunion, minus the drama. There are multiple reasons why we've made record after record in Nashville, and one of them is certainly the chance to eat hot chicken with those guys. Their set was gorgeous, mixing songs from OH (ohio) with a few covers, some more aptly chosen (Bob Dylan's "You're a Big Girl Now") than others (Kurt's What State Is Hoboken In topical shoutout to Caroline with the Wedding Present's "Kennedy"). Were it not for the music stand in front of him, you would never have guessed that James was a fill-in on bass."
[Yo La Tengo]
Lambchop is headlining Bowery Ballroom in NYC on February 12th. Tickets go on sale Wednesday. All tour dates below...

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photos by Toby Tenenbaum

Yo La Tengo

As previously noted, Jennifer O'Connor and comedian Jon Benjamin were the openers for Yo La Tengo Hanukkah night four. Jon went by the name Mark Levinsky. According to the show poster, "Jon Glassner" (not to be confused with Jon Glaser) was also supposed to be on the comedy part of the bill, but according to "Mark", Jon had to call out sick. "Mark" then "read out a VERY funny letter from Glassner accompanied by numerous props including a foot long subway hero, a photo of Jon on a jet ski, and randomly distributed free samples of a well known pharmaceutical product." Mixtapes for the evening were provided by Russell Mael of the band Sparks. In honor of the mixtape Yo La Tengo played a Sparks cover. The whole setlist and more pictures below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

DOWNLOAD: Yo La Tengo - Beanbag Chair (MP3)


After an opening set by Marc Ribot and John Zorn, and a bit of comedy by Slovin and Allen, Yo La Tengo headlined their third Hanukkah show in a row at Maxwell's on Tuesday with some help by guests Smokey Hormel (on guitar for the whole show) and Yoni Wolf of Why? (for a song at the end). Yoni was last seen playing a few sets at Anticon-fest at Knitting Factory last week, including one with/as his old group cLOUDDEAD. More pictures, and the setlist from Hanukkah Night Three, below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

"It takes a Village" (Slovin and Allen)
Slovin and Allen

One more Christmas Eve entertainment option: Chanukomedy @ 92YTribeca. Todd Levin, Amy Schumer, Rachel Feinstein, Joe Mande and Leo Allen will all be there to entertain jou (get it? you + jew = ... that's why I'm not on the bill..).

It will be the second night in a row Leo Allen is part of a funny Hanukkah event. Last night (12/23), he and his partner Slovin were the comedian openers at the Yo La Tengo show at Maxwell's. They came on after Marc Ribot and John Zorn did their thing. To quote Tim, "Slovin and Allen discussed news of the day, gave synopses of two Hillary and two Obama books and were pretty funny."

You can catch Leo Allen every Monday night at the UCB Theatre in NYC. He hosts the show called Whiplash. More Hanukkah pictures below...

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Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band

Willie "Loco" Alexander (born 13 January 1943 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is an American singer and keyboard player based in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

He played with The Lost, The Bagatelle and The Grass Menagerie before becoming a member of The Velvet Underground in late 1971, joining fellow Grass Menagerie alumni Doug Yule and Walter Powers and replacing Sterling Morrison, who had gone off to pursue an academic career.[Wikipedia]

Brain Surgeons (Debbie Frost) - 2008/09 Tour Dates
Dec 26 @ ReHab w/ the Black Angels
Dec 27 @ Maxwell's w/ Boston's legendary Willie Alexander & The Boom Boom Band
Jan 02 @ Don Hill's w/ the Dirty Pickles

December 27th is also the seventh night of Hanukkah. It would be amazing if Lou Reed were also the special guest that night (although Lou and Willie were never actually in VU at the same time, so maybe not).

Metal Mountains are opening the eighth. John Zorn and Marc Ribot opened the third.

Boom Boom video below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

John Zorn and Marc Ribot

John Zorn (sax) and Marc Ribot (guitar), playing a set of free jazz, were the surprise opener at Yo La Tengo's third Hanukkah show at Maxwell's last night (12/23). It's the kind of music you'll find played regularly (often by Zorn and/or Ribot) at Zorn's downtown club The Stone. I talked to two Maxwell's attendees after the show. Both had the same sort of "I wanted to like it...I know they are amazing musicians..." kind of attitude about the 30 minute opening set. Next came a set of comedy by Slovin and Allen which came before Yo La Tengo's set which included the special guests Smokey Hormel and Yoni Wolf of Why?. More pictures of the openers below...

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