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"These kids were the first to jump in the newly
renovated McCarren Park Pool"
- @NYC Mayor's Office

McCarren Pool

Yesterday was the last day of public school, so today NYC's public pools open, just in time for the second heat wave of the summer with temperatures in the 90s expected through Monday. That includes the highly-anticipated reopening of the McCarren Park Pool, which originally opened in 1936 but fell into disrepair and closed in the '80s.

Of course more recently the abandoned pool became the setting for the hugely popular Jelly NYC Sunday Pool Parties and other concerts, which spurned interest in the facility again... and the city decided in 2008 to turn it back into a pool again, a $50 million project that we'll finally get to see in action today. The McCarren Park pool will be open daily from 11AM - 3PM and then from 4PM - 7PM. Admission is FREE.

Learn more about McCarren Pool's opening from Williamsburg resident Pat Kiernan over at NY1.

Update: Check out the line!


Willifest kicks off with an opening night gala at Galapagos in DUMBO tonight (maybe they forgot it moved!), and then continues with a full schedule of events/movies happening in Williamsburg on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

One highlight of the fest (well, I haven't seen it) includes a new documentary about the McCarren Pool Parties. In it you'll see a bunch of photographs by Bao Nguyen that first appeared on BrooklynVegan.com. Bao writes:

"A documentary that features my concert photography will be playing this weekend at the first ever Williamsburg International Film Festival. It's opening the festival on Thursday night but all the tickets sold out so they added a second show on Sunday afternoon at 3 PM at the Knitting Factory. Let me know if you can make it. Unfortunately tickets can only be bought at the door."
More details on "Pool Party", below...

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OSA Presents @ The Williamsburg Waterfront (more by Chris La Putt)

Whoah. Earlier today I got a tip, from someone that would know, that the final (August 29th) Pool Party has been cancelled. While trying to confirm that tip, I got the below insane press release from the "Law Offices of Adam D. Perlmutter, P.C.". Adam also happens to be on the board of OSA

"The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn (OSA) is a nonprofit that raises funds and works with our community, elected officials and the New York City Parks Department, to improve existing parks and help create new parks in North Brooklyn."
There are some weird dates mentioned in the release (update: a fixed press release was sent out), but its consistent with my tip. The press release (which I confirmed with a 3rd source after it was sent) also says August 29th is cancelled. That's the day that was billed like this:
August 29th
Dominique Young Unique
Basically the press release says that OSA hates Jelly and so no more Pool Parties (except August 22nd with Chromeo which is still apparently happening). I wonder what Schumer thinks. Check it out in full below...

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McCarren Pool

[Monday] in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint buffer zone, Mayor Bloomberg & friends gathered to break ground--or should we say threw some finely placed dirt on astroturf--on the long-awaited McCarren Park Pool renovation. He may have referred to it as McLaren Park for the first three quarters of his speech, but Bloomburg still managed to build excitement for the $50 million project to get off the ground despite a rough spot for funding public projects in the city. Originally constructed under Fiorello LaGuardia in 1936 as a WPA project, the Pool fell under disarray by 1984 and closed until being converted into the world's most fashion-forward music venue a few years back. [Curbed]
That fashion-forward music venue moved to the Williamsburg Waterfront last summer, and (it seems) will return to the new spot this summer as well.

Patrick Henry McCarren
Patrick Henry McCarren

To: New York City Parks Department

We do not support the Parks Department's plan to sell the naming rights to McCarren Pool. Our pool was built and paid for by the taxpayers, not by a corporation. Patrick Henry McCarren is an important figure in local history, who helped build the Williamsburg Bridge and establish local parks. Both McCarren Pool and McCarren Park, named in his honor, should retain their historical names. We demand that the Parks Department take our landmark off the for-sale list.


The Undersigned (via)

Pool Parties

With Brooklyn's McCarren Park Pool ceasing to exist as a music venue in 2009, JellyNYC has moved their Sunday "Pool Parties" to the Williamsburg Waterfront. I believe the free shows will run for eight Sundays starting July 12th, and that the venue will be used for non-free concerts as well. The official announcements are probably coming any second. In the meantime, this is what we know so far....

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GM Park Pool

"The city is reportedly selling naming rights to some park facilities across the five boroughs.

The New York Post says city officials are looking to raise revenue by selling the naming rights to seven Parks Department facilities.

Prices start at $2 million and go to $5 million, but officials tell the paper the prices are negotiable.

The park facilities include the Central Park Tennis Center, pools at McCarren Park and Flushing Meadows, the Chelsea Recreation Center, ball fields at DeWitt Clinton Park, the sports facility at Mill Pond Park in the Bronx, and a track and field house for the proposed Ocean Breeze Park on Staten Island." [NY1]

Williamsburg Waterfront

"McCarren Park Pool, the crumbling, Depression-era public swimming pool on the border between Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, is set to become a swimming spot again, but the concerts that put it on the rock map over the last three summers are set to move to the Williamsburg waterfront. Stephanie Thayer, executive director of the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, a nonprofit group that coordinated last year's concerts, said that a strip along the East River between North Eighth and North Ninth Streets that was designated a New York State park a few years ago will have concerts this summer, with room for 6,000 fans. The news was confirmed by the office of State Assemblyman Joseph R. Lentol, who represents Greenpoint and Williamsburg. "This is the continuation of McCarren Park Pool," Ms. Thayer said. "It's different, but it has its own exquisite beauty, with the waterfront and the skyline of Manhattan." She added that she plans to work with many of the promoters who put on events at the pool, but that if enough sponsorship money comes through, she hopes to also put on classical and opera concerts as well. Ms. Thayer, who in addition to her role with the Open Space Alliance is an administrator with the City Parks Department, said that renovations on McCarren Pool were set to begin on schedule this summer." [NY Times]
The new location (where the Boredoms' 88 Boadrum took place in August) was being discussed as a possibility last summer, so this official confirmation is great news.

above photo by Ryan Muir

McCarren pool

The $50 million makeover of McCarren Pool that would turn it from a concert venue back into a swimming pool was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission yesterday by a unanimous 7-0 vote. The vote clears the way for work on the Rogers Marvel redesign to start. The new pool will cover about 70 percent of the area of the old one. There will be a new diving pool and a "resorty" look with umbrellas and tables. There will be cafes, possibly including something up in the arch. Also ice skating in winter and indoor community space, which might allow for some concert programming. [Curbed]
More futuristic pictures below...

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photos by Lori Baily

Sonic Youth @ McCarren Pool

Sonic Youth @ McCarren Pool

The poster says "McCarren Pool Bye Bye" because Saturday's show (August 30, 2008) was billed as the last show ever at McCarren Pool. If the city has their way, that statement will be true for McCarren Pool, to quote Thurston Moore, "as we know it". That may not be 100% true though because the current renovation plans include some type of "performance space" along with the water. More pictures below....

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Yo La Tengo @ McCarren Pool - Aug 24th (Ryan Muir/Metromix) (LOOK AT IT BIG)
McCarren Pool

today in NYC
* The Game @ Irving Plaza
* Bango Benefit @ Bowery Ballroom
* Billy Idol @ Hammerstein Ballroom
* Rushmore (movie) & bands @ McCarren Pool
* Scribble Jam w/ Junk Science @ Knitting Factory
* long, free sets by Anthony Jeselnik & Kristen Schaal
* Dr. Dog, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson & R Stevie Moore @ MHOW

I think the race is on to see who can play more NYC shows in 2008: Vivian Girls or Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson. It's a tight race.

Speaking of a tight race, Joe Biden and the RIAA = BFF and Madonna thinks McCain is like Hitler.

The above photo is another view of Sunday's final Pool Party.

What else?

photos (all but one) by Jason Bergman

NJ Ira (this photo by Paul Bachmann)
Yo La Tengo @ McCarren Pool

I'm always running late, so I unfortunately didn't get to the Pool on Sunday (Aug 24, 2008) until Yo La Tengo was about to go on. That was right around the time they also shut the gates for being at capacity. It was also when I saw Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz walk in. I heard he was supposed to introduce Yo La Tengo, but he got there a minute too late.

Yo La Tengo are such a great live band - from beginning to end, but the highlight of my 90 minutes at the Pool (which were also the final 90 minutes of JellyNYC's 3-year run of Pool Parties at McCarren) was, when during Yo La Tengo's encore, fellow NJ band Titus Andronicus joined them on stage to do a cover of "Where Eagles Dare" by Misfits (who were also from NJ) ("I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch, You better think about it baby"). Ira announced that now that Brooklyn was over (a joke referring to the end of the pool), NJ is where it's at. Titus' frontman also held up a NJ flag in Jersey's honor and then draped it over Ira's back (see above).

Obama was barely in the house. More of Jason's pictures below...

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McCarren Pool slip n slide - July 8, 2007 (more)
McCarren Pool

today in NYC
* Doomriders @ Europa
* Ruby Isle @ Union Hall
* Faun Fables @ Knitting Factory
* Sunday Best @ The Yard w /Joakim
* NY Turkish Festival in Central Park
* Bluetip & The Surrounding Areas @ Mercury Lounge
* Ebony Bones, Future Islands & Wallpaper @ Union Pool
* Roots of America Festival w/ Patti Smith @ Damrosch Park
* Yo La Tengo, Titus Andronicus & Ebony Bones @ McCarren Pool
* Heloise & the Savoir Fare, Project Jenny, Project Jan, Boy Crisis @ MHOW (free)

Today is the last free 'Pool Party' at McCarren Pool ever. In addition to the bands listed above, David Cross and Syd from Les Savy Fav are deejaying. There will also be people there collecting money for Obama.

After the show the party continues with a free show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The lineup is listed above. The party also continues in what appears to be JellyNYC's official afterparty at Union Pool. Ebony Bones will be playing their third NYC show in two days at that one.

This coming Saturday is the last-ever show at McCarren Pool.

There will be a movie at McCarren Pool on Monday night.

Keywords for the show at Mercury Lounge tonight are Dischord, Texas is the Reason, and Swiz.

Black Bubblegum's metal pic for the evening is the Doomriders show at Europa. For more in metal, check out this week's column.

Monday is the 2-piece AYWKUBTTOD show. Tuesday is the Frank Bango benefit at Bowery Ballroom. Wednesday is Passion Pit's last Pianos residency show (not sold out yet).

Video from the Meatmen show at Europa below....

What else?

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John Kerry, Richard Lugar, Bono and Joe Biden
Biden and Bono


A few points of clarification for Sunday's event (in response to this post)- not sure it matters this late in the game, but thought you should know:

1) There is a suggested donation of $20 that will go directly to Obama for America, but we will not be collecting donations at the door. There will be a tent/tables inside the venue where concert-goers can donate. Also, people can donate at any level.

2) We will have a list of people that donate $20 so that if they decide to give early in the day, they can come by the table at the end of the event to pick up their poster (so they don't have to carry it around).

3) As for those that donate beforehand, we are setting aside posters for them but because there is no guaranteed entrance (it's still a free, public show) we are encouraging everyone who donates early to make sure they arrive at an appropriate time to get inside the venue.

In addition, this is a completely grassroots-organized event (all volunteers). The campaign did not have any involvement.


Barack Obama

"On August 24th, Brooklyn for Barack is partnering with JellyNYC to co-host the Last Pool Party (ever) at McCarren Park Pool in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Held one day before the start of the Democratic National Convention, the event hopes to not only raise money for Barack's campaign but to celebrate the increased participation of youth in this election. The Pool Party is an all day concert, featuring Yo La Tengo, Titus Andronicus, Ebony Bones, and other special guests. Although the Pool Party is free to enter, there is a suggested donation of $20 that will go directly to Obama for America. There will be a free concert poster- designed by Jessica Hische- for the first 1000 people who donate $20 or more. Please donate by clicking on the image at the right of the screen!

Note: donating here does not guarantee your entrance to the concert! Please arrive early! When the event reaches capacity, they will turn people away." [BarackObama.com]

That's a conflicting message. Are they asking for $20 at the door which gets you the poster on the spot (which you then have to carry all day), or are they asking you to donate online which doesn't even guarantee you get in and may or may not get you a poster.... I'm confused.

Obama's addition to Sunday's lineup (not literally!) seemed to pop out of nowhere, but I think it was planned all summer. Various people sent me pieces of information about an "Obama fundraiser" at McCarren - possibly with Mos Def involved, possibly with a lot of arguing about who would play the show and possibly at a free Pool Party (which I didn't get). Nothing concrete ever showed up so I didn't post it. They seem to be downplaying it to the general Pool Party public (aka no mention of it at all on Jelly's website) while letting Obama's people do their thing.

BTW, DJ David Cross and Syd B (Les Savy Fav) are also on Sunday's bill. You'll probably recognize their familar faces at the DJ booth on the left of the stage.

photos by Jason Bergman

McCarren Pool

McCarren Pool

McCarren Pool

One more free Sunday 'Pool Party' show to go. More pictures from this Sunday (August 17, 2008), below...

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Regina Spektor & friends in Brooklyn - Aug 15, 2008 (roddyrick)
Regina Spektor

Is that Reggie Watts with a beard? Albert Hammond Jr. opened the show. How was it?

It's almost over - McCarren Pool - Aug 13, 2008 (more by Ryan Muir)
McCarren Pool


Wolf Eyes
Times New Viking
Vivian Girls

Saturday, August 30th
McCarren Pool
Doors: 4pm

Tickets available through ticketmaster.com, the Nokia Theatre box office (44th & B'way), and Earwax Records.

photos by Ryan Muir

Wilco @ McCarren Pool

Was Jeff Tweedy on edge last night at McCarren Pool (August 13, 2008)? Did he not like the crowd? I ask because of a few jabs he took during their approximately 2.5 hour mesmerizing (yes, I have a huge crush on them) set. I think he gave me a complex.

There was the "something is missing tonight" comment which after an awkward pause turned out to be about a gong that was on stage at their Cambridge Tanglewood show the night before. Jeff missed the gong, so drummer Glenn Kotche then did his best to recreate the sound of it.

Then there was the part when Jeff said something like, "Matrix [guitar tech] has heard that song we just played a lot of times, and he says we never played it that well. At least that's what I think Matrix meant when he said 'I cant wait to get out of here'. Just Kidding. He said he loved it". I can't remember the exact quote, but it was weird.

Jeff also criticized us for clapping the wrong beat to one song (which was pretty funny actually - not that the other stuff he said wasn't...) - he called the Brooklyn crowd 'free thinkers' - the term his father used for Bob Dylan (who played a show in a different section of Brooklyn one night earlier). Later Jeff told us to scream on his command because it made him feel powerful and helps him affirm what he is doing with his life (or something like that).

And last but not least there was the comment that definitely had only one meaning. That was the one when Jeff straight up dissed Brooklyn for not clapping in unison. He said something like, "Are you all too cool to clap?! Would it be better if we add the "Love Will Tear Us Apart" drum beat to it?!"" I realize Jeff is a comedian, but now there is also one person I know that considers him a mortal enemy for that one. Also, I mean, did he look at the crowd? It wasn't exactly a 'Pool Party'. This Brooklyn McCarren Pool show was definitely filled with the kind of (mostly male) people who like Wilco more than they like Joy Division (at least that's the generalization I'm going to make).

Great, packed show. Great setlist. 'Total Pros' is a good way to describe Wilco. It's also the name of Wilco's backing 3-piece horn/clarinet section that they had on tour and at this show with them. Jeff said Wilco would be back when they finished their next record. I can't wait for them to come back, and for the new record which I hope utilizes the full power of guitarist Nels Cline and drummer Glenn Kotche this time. They're working on the new album in between all this touring (that also included recent stops at the Baltimore Virgin Fest and Lollapalooza). (insert McCarren Car Pool jokes here). The Brooklyn setlist, and more of Ryan's beautiful pics below....

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Deer Tick @ McCarren Pool, NYC - Aug 10, 2008 (Free Williamsburg)
no tick

Dear Greater New York City Area,

I was really excited to perform at the McCarren Pool Party yesterday [August 10, 2008]. The plan was for me to fly from Memphis to NYC yesterday morning and head straight to the pool. My first flight was delayed, so I missed my connection, and my new connection was eventually cancelled. My guitar spent the night in Newark while I spent the night in Atlanta. Needless to say, this experience was not nearly as cool as playing with the incredible lineup at the pool would have been. I'm really sorry that all of this happened, but on a more positive note, I'll be back to NYC soon to play a show for all of you that were excited to see us. On an even more positive note, I'm excited to tell you that I've signed to a new label and "War Elephant" will be re-released on vinyl and CD very soon. More details to come.


John McCauley III
Deer Tick

"War Elephant" is one of my favorite albums of 2007.

Deer Tick didn't play the pool yesterday, but The Felice Brothers, Langhorne Slim, and Eli 'Paperboy" Reed still did.

half of the photos by Leia Jospe

Deerhunter @ McCarren Pool

I was all ready to see the Black Lips when I heard the band begin. That's when I noticed Bradford Cox on the stage and realized that it was Deerhunter playing, and that Black Lips were going to be the headliner of the day. Maybe Black Lips are bigger now, maybe it was because the Black Lips had just come in from Lollapalooza, or maybe it was just good planning on their part. The higher energy Black Lips set was a much more fitting end of the McCarren Pool day. Deerhunter could have even played before King Khan & The Shrines for that reason.

Anyway, I thought that listening to/watching Deerhunter was going to be a semi-boring way to stand out in the sun on a Sunday afternoon, but my mood changed a few songs in. At that point I really got into it and wasn't really thinking about my surroundings anymore. Moving closer and closer helped. That way it got louder and louder. They played a new song that "hasn't even leaked yet" and there was a guest appearance by Cole of the Black Lips (who also plays with Bradford as Ghetto Cross), and various onstage cameos by King Khan. The guests really helped the energy too.

King Khan (a true ham) then ended up creating the most (unfortunately) memorable part of the show. Right as Deerhunter were playing their final notes - right after Bradford and gang were making their dramtic-guiars-pushed-against-the-amps-and-over-our-heads-and-we-all-fall-down exit, King Khan pulls down his pants and slowly meanders across the stage with a flower stuck in his crack for all to see and photograph and photograph.... More pics (NSFW, NSFLUNCH, NSATALLREALLY) below...

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12 Ophelias @ McCarren Pool - July 14, 2008 (specialkrb)
12 Ophelias

Twelve Ophelias centers on Hamlet's Ophelia coming back to life, out of the water, to try to overcome her history and forge a new destiny for herself. She finds herself in an Appalachian Elsinore, Denmark by way of Deliverance--where Gertrude runs a brothel, Hamlet and Horatio slum it, and nothing is what it seems. In this squarely American and gritty interpretation of the Hamlet myth, Twelve Ophelias asks how it is possible to break old cycles and start afresh when the past so completely permeates your life.

The production follows on the heels of the Public Theater's presentation of Hamlet in Central Park, creating an inter-borough dialogue--Hamlet's in the Park, Ophelia's in the Pool.

Twelve Ophelias features a live and local roots/bluegrass band, The Jones Street Boys, performing new original music, and showcases a host of talented young performers and designers. The production also highlights the McCarren Park Pool itself as a fascinating part of our urban landscape by placing the performers and audience amidst an Appalachian shanty-town installed inside the empty pool. [Broadway World]

Twelve Ophelias performs the following days at 8pm: Monday, August 4, Wednesday, August 6, Friday, August 8, Monday, August 11, Thursday, August 14, Saturday, August 16, Wednesday, August 20, Thursday, August 21, Friday, August 22. Performances take place at the McCarren Park Pool, Lorimer Street, at Bayard Street, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tickets are free and may be reserved at www.theatermania.com.