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by Andrew Sacher

Human Eye
Human Eye

Rackety Detroit garage punks Human Eye, whose past albums have come out on Sacred Bones and In The Red, returned earlier this year with a new album, Human Eye 4: Into Unknown, out now via Goner Records. The new album's a bit less spastic than some of their earlier work but still sounds like out-of-this-world fuzz punk, and is absolutely worth a listen. You can hear the whole thing over at SPIN, and listen to the opening track, "Getting' Mean," below.

Human Eye have a few shows scheduled for this August, including a NYC show on August 17 at Death by Audio, where they'll be part of a great bill that also includes Toronto's The Soupcans, Sacred Bones-signed Medication, and HoZac-signed Shocked Minds (who also play DbA on 7/25 with OBN IIIs, Ex-Cult, and Pampers).

All tour dates are listed, along with song streams, below...

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by Bill Pearis

Wedding PresentWedding Present

There's a lot going on this weekend but the show I'm most excited about this weekend is The Wedding Present who are in town performing their 1989 classic Bizarro in its entirety. They'll do it at Maxwell's on Saturday night (4/10, Sold Out) and then Bowery Ballroom on Sunday (not sold out) (4/11).

I won't lie: you're looking at a Wedding Present superfan. Like a lot of Americans, Bizarro was the first album I heard and is near and dear to me for that reason. (1991's Seamonsters is my all-time fave, though.) Bizarro is the peak of their early sound -- jangle pop played hard and very fast -- ten bashers that climax with the nearly ten minute "Take Me!" that might be the band's most manic song ever. Magnet asked frontman David Gedge, who turns 50 on April 23rd, a question I was wondering about.

Magnet:There's a lot of frantic guitar strumming on Bizarro, songs like "Kennedy" in particular. Twenty-plus years later, how worried are you that you might need frequent breaks during the shows?

David Gedge: I'm not going to deny that it's a challenge! With Bizarro, we took the original idea of the Wedding Present--namely, to play songs as fast and for as long as possible--to its logical conclusion. As a result, it's a collection of fairly extreme recordings, and obviously, we've never played them back to back like this before. Rehearsals have been more like training sessions for a marathon, but I have no doubt that we'll get there in the end.

A little clarification: the band are doing the original 10-song UK version of Bizarro, not the 14-track U.S. CD version so don't expect them to play their cover of Pavement's "Box Elder." They are, however, playing about seven songs from throughout the band's career (and a couple new ones) before launching into the album.

White Mystery
White Mystery

Guitar-bass garage rock duos are a dime a dozen, but White Mystery from Chicago stand out and not just because siblings Alex and Francis are flaming redheads. (If they ever need to change their name, may I suggest Firecrotch?) Alex, formerly of Red Orchestra, has a soulful wail that she lets belt out at top register. They're also less blues-y than many of their brethren -- even without the singing nobody's gonna confuse them with The White Stripes, Thee Oh Sees, etc. Their self-titled debut is a lot of fun. And you just know -- you just know -- they're gonna be good live.

White Mystery play Don Pedros on Friday night (4/9) with Girls at Dawn, Medication, Lil Daggers, and The Psyched. They'll also play Cake Shop on Saturday with QXBXRX, Zbornak, and the Richie White Orchestra.

In addition to Serena Maneesh, Here's a few more picks for tonight and Friday...

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DOWNLOAD: Nerve City - The Armory (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Nerve City - The Creek (MP3)

Nerve City

Richmond, Virginia's Nerve City [are] another impeccably morose, yet captivating home-recording outfit that has also made the leap into performing live shows. With a brand new 10" EP entitled I Fucked Death, released [in May] on Kill Shaman Records, Nerve City already have the rare ability to crawl under your skin with their gloomy yet humanizing songs that echo with the cold jangly chills of death's imminent arrival, and it's never felt so good. Like the soundtrack to watching a funeral parade slowly drive by, Nerve City nail their simplistic songs with the grace of a black angel falling from the sky, yet never come off as contrived. Sharing a sound and execution similar to their friends/cohorts Medication from Connecticut, Nerve City channel an indescribable eeriness that devolves and reemerges with each stirring song, creating such an atmosphere of sonic paralysis that is nothing short of hypnotic. Look for a new Nerve City 7" EP on HoZac [out now], as well as their debut LP on Sweet Rot soon. [Victim of Time]
Nerve City's new HoZac 7" is pictured above. A bunch of songs are streaming at their MySpace and you can grab two for free download above.

Nerve City play a free show at Bruar Falls in Brooklyn tonight (1/18). Erostratus, Datus, Future Lives (ex-Band of Horses), and Quickly Quietly are also on the bill.

photos by Chris La Putt

DOWNLOAD: The Dutchess & The Duke - Living This Life (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Dutchess & The Duke - Hands (MP3)

The Dutchess and the Duke

The Dutchess & The Duke's CMJ week shows included an appearance at the Sub Pop/Hardly Art showcase at Mercury Lounge on Saturday, Oct. 24th and a set at the Brooklyn Vegan loft party the night before (10/23). The pictures here are from that party.

The band tours soon with Greg Ashley into December. For their 2010 dates, they'll tour with Medication, and that trip includes a pair of NYC shows. The Dutchess & the Duke play Union Hall on January 7th and Mercury Lounge on January 8th. Tickets for Mercury Lounge are now on AmEx presale. General sale starts Friday, Nov. 6th at noon. Union Hall tix TBA.

More pictures and all tour dates are below...

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photos by Tim Griffin

Crystal Stilts

Crystal Stilts, Tyvek, Box Elders, Medication, and Kid Romance played a sold out show at Market Hotel in Brooklyn on Saturday night. I walked in to the second floor venue a fan of Crystal Stilts and Tyvek, and left with a crush on Box Elders.

The Box Elders were one of those bands that caught everyone by surprise last year, and with their one little miraculous self-released 7" EP making the rounds and winning over everyone in it's path, they even one up themselves in the live format, which is always a nice touch. [Victim of Time]
Medication, who are from CT (and not the nu-metal band from LA), were good too...
If you've checked out and absorbed their debut 7" released on HoZac last fall, you'll know the eerie vibes and echo-soaked mantra that Medication disseminates so well, and how quickly it gets under your skin. Although the recordings tend to be a one-man job, Medication's brain, Mr. Hyde is joined onstage by a few others for the full effect, and should snare you into a trance of ghostly guitar reverberations and gypsy drum beats that will split your mind wide open. [Victim of Time]
I unfortunately missed Kid Romance.

People were crowd surfing during the Crystal Stilts set, which, if you know their music, is a little weird, but the rowdiness fit right in since the previous bands, and the crowd in general, were just full of (possibly drunken) energy. Crystal Stilts sounded great, but were plagued by technical difficulties that included a crackling coming from the speakers, and at the end, a broken string... which caused them to quit one song (and possibly an encore) early.

More pictures from the night below...

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