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Post-hardcore-leaning post-rock legends Slint haven't performed live in six years, but that will change this year when they play ATP End of An Era Part 2 at Pontins Holiday Camp in Camber Sands, UK. The festival runs from November 29 to December 1, and is being billed as the "last ever" UK Holiday Camp.

As mentioned, this year's festival is being co-curated by Loop, who are also performing, along with Mogwai, The Pop Group, Fennesz, Goat, Superchunk, Comets On Fire, Om, Girls Against Boys, Michael Rother (presents the music of Neu! and Harmonia), Ty Segall, Dirty Beaches, Hookworms, Balam Acab and more. Tickets for the fest are on sale now.

Updated lineup, flyer, and a Slint video below...

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Lower Dens @ Chicago's the Riv, 10/1/2012 (more by Grant McAllister)
Lower Dens

Baltimore's Lower Dens went into new, motorik directions on their second album, Nootropics so it makes sense that tracks from the record might work well in the remix world. Hence, the Nootropics Remixed EP which takes three cuts off the album and puts them into the hands of Trentemøller, Cex, and Steve Moore. You can stream Trentemøller's excellent recrafting of Nootropics standout cut "Brains" below. You can buy it directly from Ribbon Music, and if you buy any Lower Dens title, you'll get Nootropics Remixed for free.

Meanwhile, Lower Dens shared with us their picks for Best of 2012. All four current members contributed lists and none of them were straight LP lists, mixing media with inclusions for live shows, books, food, film and ephemera. Check them out below, along with that "Brains" remix.

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by BBG

Kurt Vile at Brooklyn Masonic Temple (more by Lori Baily)
Kurt Vile

It's almost final and official, ATP New York is ruling. The best Hudson Valley festival to ever be held in a 1960s time capsule has announced the "final additions" including two comedians chosen by Syd Butler of Les Savy Fav (more to come... that's all "so far"), as well as a few new and interesting additions to the Jim Jarmusch curated date. Behold:

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Hallogallo 2010 @ Lincoln Center (more by Benjamin Lozovsky)

Two streams are embedded below. The first is the complete Hallogallo performance from Lincoln Center via WNYC. The second is the appearance Michael Rother made on Brian Turner's show on WFMU yesterday. The latter includes interviews with Rother, Steve Shelley & Aaron Mullan, and segments of their Primavery Sound show along with a bunch of Rother's recorded material (Harmonia, Neu and solo stuff included). Check it out....

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photos by Benjamin Lozovsky, words by Andrew Frisicano


Michael Rother and friends performed an entrancing set of music by Neu! and associated acts at Lincoln Center Damrosch Park Friday night (8/6), after a Maxwell's set earlier that week. With support from Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and Tall Firs bassist Aaron Mullan, both dependably on track, Rother's buzzy guitar cut through the atmospheric haze, as the pieces, each about 10 minutes, entered slowly, built up and faded. The maestro worked with a number of sounds, from a shred-worthy roar to subtley layered harmonics. Under that, a backbeat of laptop clacks and synths (and something that sounded like a gurgling faucet) drove along the pieces. Only a few minutes into the opening number Shelley burst into the late Klaus Dinger's trademark 'motorik' beat, to cheers from the crowd.

With the rhythm up front, the music was infinitely danceable. But nearing the one hour mark, frankly, the scene was a bit dire. The crowd, many of whom were just passing by, or attending for the night's curious opening act, Brazilian jazz fusion bandleader Hermeto Pascoal, seemed to be leaving in swarms. And many that stayed were vocal about their ambivalence ("And now for something completely different" heckled one senior, in reference to the Hallgallo's steadily-paced songs. "It's not unpleasant," said another before shuffling off into the night. Others just conversed loudly on about their day, or the Arcade Fire show the night before. Before the show, Steve Shelley explained to one clueless inquirer: "Neu! is this band from Germany...they were very influential to what would become indie rock, and bands like Sonic Youth and Stereolab." [pause] "Oh maybe, I'll stay," she said, clearly not intending to.)

It was also right around the one hour mark, during the set's extended last jam, that a small crowd started gathering near the front of the stage and down the aisles. A few pogoed, some bounced around, and even more just joined the group to make their presence felt, an appropriately warm gesture to end the night.

Michael Rother and band are done with this round of shows (until ATP NY in September) but they'll be on WFMU Tuesday (today), 3-6pm on the Brian Turner show. Guitarist Bill Orcutt visited the same show on August 3rd, and performed in WFMU's 4th Floor bathroom. His full set is up at the Free Music Archive, and a video of it is below.

More Neu!/Hallogallo 2010 pictures are below too...

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photos by Greg Cristman


"Hallogallo 2010 was formed by Michael Rother, a guitarist who was a prime mover in the postpsychedelic German rock that was crudely but durably labeled Krautrock. The music's metronomic beats, drone crescendos and embrace of noise have echoed through art-rock (and hip-hop) ever since, up to the latest generation of indie-rock. Hallogallo 2010 also includes Aaron Mullan from Tall Firs on bass and Sonic Youth's drummer, Steve Shelley, repaying a debt to Mr. Rother's pioneering band, Neu! "Hallogallo" was the opening song on Neu!'s self-titled 1972 debut album.

From 1971 to 1975 Mr. Rother and the drummer Klaus Dinger, who died in 2008, teamed up as Neu! and explored an experimental, sometimes proto-punk style of Krautrock. It was largely instrumental and drew on sampled ambient sounds as well as Mr. Dinger's distinctive "motorik" thump-a-thump-a. (Although Krautrock was determined to reject American influences, that beat recalls surf music.) As new fans discover Krautrock, the complete Neu! catalog has just been reissued by Groenland in a vinyl boxed set.

Although the Lincoln Center Out of Doors concert was billed as "Michael Rother and friends perform the music of Neu!," the only Neu! composition in the set was "Hallogallo" itself. The rest came from Mr. Rother's solo career -- "Neutronics 98" and "Aroma Club B3" -- and from Harmonia, Mr. Rother's mid-1970s collaboration with the electronic-music duo Cluster." [NY Times]

That NY Times article refers to the August 6th show at Lincoln Center (which we'll have more about later). The pictures in this post are from the Hallogallo show two nights earlier at Maxwell's. More pictures from the NJ one, below...

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Michael Rother (Neu!) / Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) (crlsblnc)

The wealth and breadth of musical treats on offer at Barcelona's annual Primavera Sound Festival hit home with a suckerpunch on Saturday May 29th at 7pm, when I was forced to choose between live sets by The Clean, Michael Rother's new project "Hallogallo 2010", playing the music of NEU! and Harmonia, and Van Dyke Parks. After much deliberation I chose The Clean. My consolation prize for being forced to reject other such riches came during the walk over. The seaside stage The Clean were playing on was only accessible by first walking past another stage, where Michael Rother and pals Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth, drums) and Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs, bass), were playing what is perhaps the definitive piece of motorik Krautrock, "Hallogallo", by Rother's legendary '70s Düsseldorf duo NEU! I hung around for a few minutes, then headed over to see a few songs by The Clean, one of which ("Tensile") drummer Hamish Kilgour dedicated to Rother. Heading back to the WFMU tent to begin our broadcast day, I stopped to linger in the sweet spot where the sounds of both bands collided, then procrastinated more at the Rother stage again to soak up the melancholy majesty of the Harmonia track "Deluxe (Immer Wieder)".

In an age where "heritage" acts are propped up to play their catalog on-demand for crowds ravenous to devour them in order to chalk up some bogus experience, a cynic might find something crass in the presentation of this music today; a purist might consider Rother's longtime partner, the late Klaus Dinger, irreplaceable. And it's right for a fan to always be on guard against the creep of hired-hands, or an artist's alienation from the art s/he created many years ago. I was prepared for disappointment; I got transcendence. Shelley and Mullan showed a sympathy to the music worthy of the people who created it. The power of this music filling limitless space and spreading outward to the Mediterranean Sea bordered on the religious. Give thanks and praise to Rother, Shelley and Mullan for allowing us to share their set with you. [WFMU]

WFMU's review of Hallogallo 2010 at Primavera Sound also includes the audio from the set, which is streaming at the link.

Hallogallo 2010 will be in NYC for Lincoln Center Out of Doors Festival on August 6th. Their other US shows currently include Philly, ATP NY, Columbus, Ohio, and a newly added date at Maxwell's on August 4th, where they perform as performing as "Michael Rother and Freunde." Tickets are on sale.

Videos from Primavera and all tour dates are below...

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ATP NY, happening over Labor Day weekend (Sept 3-5), continues to expand its lineup.

To complete the line-up for [Saturday, Sept. 4, the fest's second day] our new additions are headed up by HALLOGALLO, a very special new project headed by Michael Rother and featuring Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth), Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs) and Ben Curtis (Secret Machines, School of Seven Bells, and whose brother is now a touring member of Interpol). Hallogallo will perform the music of Rother's 1970s Krautrock legends Neu! - their recent debut show in Barcelona was rapturously received. Also confirmed are cult heros SHELLAC who appear as ATP's House Band, FURSAXA, SIAN ALICE GROUP and TEXT OF LIGHT (featuring Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo). Steve Albini of Shellac is also confirmed to host his Card Games Room over the weekend.
Tickets to all days are on sale.

Both of Neu!'s founding members, Rother and now-deceased Klaus Dinger, were also members of Kraftwerk. "Hallogallo" is the name of track #1 on Neu!'s debut Neu...

"The legendary German group NEU! released only 3 albums between 1972 and 1975, but these albums had an influence wildly disproportionate to their modest commercial success; praised by and influential to David Bowie, Hawkwind, Iggy Pop, DEVO, Sonic Youth, Stereolab, Autechre, Radiohead, U2, Wilco, Primal Scream, and beyond. In May 2010 Gronland Records [released] a box including these three LP's and an incredible batch of bonus material. Also this year will be the first live presentation of this music in more than 35 years as 'Hallogallo 2010.'"
Hallogallo 2010 is also playing a free show at Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park Bandshell on Friday, August 6th. They play International House of Philadelphia, in Philadelphia, PA on August 8th.

The new Saturday additions join Friday's Don't Look Back lineup (Friday will also feature a Comedy Stage, details TBA) of Iggy & The Stooges, Sleep, Mudhoney and The Scientists (doing their first US show), Saturday's Sonic Youth, Explosions In The Sky, The Breeders and Tortoise, and Sunday's Jim Jarmusch-curated lineup (which just added the Greenhornes, but dropped Brian Jonestown Massacre who were previously announced for the festival but canceled).

The current lineup for all three dates is posted below...

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