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Ed Shrader & Dan Deacon @ Ridgewood Temple (April 17, 2008 (Jonny Leather)
Ed Schrader and Dan Deacon

....Moments before Deacon's exhilarating performance--which got someone as tightly wound as myself to dance--four Hispanic dudes entered the venue. Before that moment, I had felt like my companion and I were the ones who didn't fit in, but these guys in their expensive baggy clothes obviously weren't part of the intended clientele or demographic for this event.

Naturally, I was prejudiced against them, suspect of their motives for entering into this hipster Temple party. With the crowd, in tight, circled around Deacon, the party began, with everyone in the place dancing along. Even these "thugs" were dancing and seemed to be enjoying it.

Of course they were into it. We were easy prey. The geeky, scrawny white kids--many of which looked ridiculous--had their backs were turned, allowing these "thugs" to easily rummage through our bags that we naively expected to be safely stashed. My lady and I had let down our guards, in order to loosen up and have fun, but also because of our unwillingness to hold prejudiced feelings towards people based solely on how they looked. Though we were naïve enough to set down our bags, we kept a watchful eye on the culprits. Those watchful eyes watched those young assholes steal all of her cash (leaving her without a dime for food for the entire rest of the month) and a credit card. We acted just in time to grab our bags before they made with the big heist. The thief who had stolen my friend's money had his hand on my camera bag, while we plucked it away without confrontation.

We quickly made our way to security to warn of the theft that had been taking place. The culprits were fully aware that they had been caught, and quickly made their way to an escape. While the security staff could have easily taken action and saved a lot of kids from the disappointment of losing a lot of money and valuables, they decided to let the thieves pass by unquestioned..... [Jonny Leather - NY PRESS]

I missed all of that because I was at the Cloud Cult show at Union Hall instead. As far as I know, nothing was stolen from there, but I did overhear some stock tips that turned out bad, and I almost got hit in the toe with a bocce ball (just kidding).

Akeelah and the Bee and coffee

Critics in the music industry say the company squandered its cachet by mismanaging the effort to broaden its music mix......Its sliding reputation in the music business represents a setback in its efforts to build cultural credibility, which have also included promotion of a handful of films like "Akeelah and the Bee," books like Mitch Albom's "For One More Day" and an in-house magazine called Joe. [NY TIMES] (via)
Related video below....

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words by Jon Roren, photos by Marianne Ways

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Karin, Bobby and the time capsule @ Rififi, Feb 25, 2008
Invite Them Up

Invite Them Up has been a mainstay on the Downtown comedy scene for about six years, and has played host to many great talents. This week sees the end of ITU's run as a weekly show, with shows on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night to celebrate more than a half-decade of fart jokes and fireballs. If you're coming on Wednesday, bring something for the fancy time capsule.

John Oliver
Invite Them Up

Host Bobby Tisdale got night one-of-three underway with his patented rubbing of the microphone on some dude's balls before bringing up opening comic Greg Johnson - the co-host of the ECNY award-winning Rififi variety show 'Greg Johnson and Larry Murphy Show'. Johnson was followed by Michael Showalter whose set consisted of one of his trademark "showbiz rants" - this one about how he was only 3rd-to-last-night material and that he clearly wasn't good enough for Wednesday night before trying to tell jokes about shows nobody in the audience had seen.

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photos by Chris La Putt

Stella Hosted, Nina Persson, Alberta Cross, OK Go & Joan as Policewoman played

Shudder to Think setlist

Get Up and Vote

Paul Rudd also showed up at the event. More photos & videos below...

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The Rosebuds @ Bowery Ballroom

Merge posted Ivan's 2007 Top 10 list yesterday. Here are some excerpts....

10.) Selling out the Bowery Ballroom in NYC on our US Tour in May. You have to understand that our first ever show as The Rosebuds in NY was at a place called the Sidewalk Cafe on Avenue A, that held about 15 people all of whom were friends of the band we were playing with. Well, I should not say it was a real show because it really was an "Open Mic" night where everyone in the audience got in for free. The only catch was they had a two drink minimum!

2.) Watching Bon Iver's" first show ever at our Rosebuds' show at the House of Rock in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. We drove all night from Chicago to get to the afternoon show on time, and Justin (aka Bon Iver) who was our guitarist on tour kept telling us about how awesome his hometown was and about this place called The Joynt down from the venue where his parents met. Well what was awesome was the Bon Iver set. That was the first time any of us ever saw Justin play those songs. When he played "For Emma, For Ever Ago" and dedicated it to Kelly and me, it was all I could do to even watch the song it was so good. If I would have been more of a man I would have just balled my eyes out like I wanted to right there in front of everyone. But I kept it together that time.

The Rosebuds have some shows coming up. Bon Iver has some shows coming up. More below....

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I am a Wonderful ManFor fans of The State, there is some good news and some bad news floating about. The bad news is that the highly anticipated State DVD has been put on hold by our friends over at MTV. This truly pisses me off. From the official State website:

* * * NOTE (Nov 1, 2007): We are sorry to report The State DVD is now NOT being released this fall. We worked closely with MTV to make a great DVD set with lots of extras for the show, and the DVDs are completed, but they has chosen not to release the set at this time. We don't know why.
The fact that the DVD project is done makes me hopeful that MTV will snap out of it and get this stuff in stores at some point in time. Until then, shame on you MTV.

There's plenty of good news to off-set the bad. First off, The State is reuniting for a new sketch movie. For reals! Michael Showalter and Michael Ian Black have been touring (and I don't just mean blogs). They'll be at Irving Plaza on December 1st (tonight). The Michaels also recently released CDs that you should buy because they're really really funny. Also, The Ten DVD is coming out on January 15th. Also, read this. -Klaus

DOWNLOAD: Michael Showalter - Erotica (radio edit) (MP3)

The State will always be near and dear to my heart. For that reason alone (not that there aren't other reasons), Michael Showalter is pretty much welcome at BrooklynVegan.com any time he feels like stopping by - even if the only reason he came over today was to promote his new CD.....Only when he needs something.....Always him, him, him....

Sandwiches & Cats

Hi guest blogging all day and I'm getting that weird typing disease where you have to wear a wrist brace. I want to say it's called Rosacea but I'm pretty sure that's not it. I've been told to introduce myself: I'm Michael Showalter (I live in Brooklyn.) I was on The State, and Stella, and Wet Hot American Summer and The Baxter. I have a comedy record out today that is called, "Sandwiches & Cats." Two of the things that I love the most. Here's a video of me recording dialogue for a song that's on the record about "how to make a sandwich." Is it weighty subject matter? That depends on who you ask. Some people take sandwiches very seriously. -Michael
Check out the video Michael is talking about, below.....

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David Cross @ UCB Theater, NYC - Oct 19, 2007 (CRED)
David Cross @ UCB

Some Fred Armisen news y'all. Drag City Records has finally released Fred Armisen Presents Jens Hanneman: Complicated Drumming Techinque. I mentioned this DVD in a previous Canon, but have a look at the trailer at the end of this post. Fred will be at Sound Fix Records in Brooklyn on October 27th @ 8:00pm - performing, taking questions, and signing the DVD.

In the time that has elapsed since my last Canon, not only was the Sarah Silverman Program Season 1 DVD released, but the second season began airing on Comedy Central. So far, season two has been phenomenal and I just can't get enough of Jay Johnston, Brian Posehn, and Steve Agee's characters. In honor of a stellar-so-far Season 2, we're having a contest! To win, simply email BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: Silverman!). A grand prize winner will receive a shirt, season 1 DVD, and a condom. Two runners up will get the season 1 DVD. Don't forget, Season 2 airs Wed. nights at 10:30 pm EST on Comedy Central.

Oh, and don't forget to see Sarah Silverman, Todd Barry, and Doug Benson at Carnegie Hall as part of the New York Comedy Festival.

Some Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter news too! Michael Ian Black released a CD on September 25th entitled I'm A Wonderful Man. Michael Showater recorded a CD at Union Hall back in July for JDub Records. It doesn't come out until November, but it's called Sandwiches and Cats and you can totally pre-order it right this very second. The two Michaels will also be touring together! Dates below.

Nick Swardson released a CD too! Check it out.


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part 1, part 2...

Michael Showalter & Janeane Garofalo @ Union Hall - July 15, 2007 (CRED)
Michael Showalter & Janeane Garofalo @ Union Hall

I attended one of the Michael Showalter CD tapings at Union Hall (which took place a week after the Union Hall anniversary show you see above), and besides some technical difficulties that had Michael going a little nuts, the show was great. Oh yeah, and as usual with a seated UH show, the only problem is that their seats are so uncomfortable. My junk literally went numb at one point and I think the base of my spine is broken. Other than that it was hilarious!

I was supposed to see the NYC premier of The Ten (not the 'show' at Gramercy Theatre, the actual movie), but because of a mix-up ended up on the red carpet between OK Magazine and InTouch Magazine. I wasn't supposed to take pics, but took some anyway. Pics from that chaotic and scary scene HERE (warning: I'm no Henri Cartier-Bresson).

Comedy Central Presents is gearing up for some live tapings here in NYC at the end of August. Highlights include performances by Eugene Mirman, Leo Allen (Friday August 24th, time TBD), and Hard n Phirm (Sunday August 26th, 5:45pm check-in). I am really super excited for west coasters Hard n Phirm's show. I can't praise them enough. Their flawless displays of stand-up, video, and music are the best there is. If you can only make one of these tapings, I urge you to go to that one.

Speaking of Eugene Mirman... He's about to embark on a nice little east cost tour. He'll also be at Bumbershoot.

Check out all Eugene Mirman tour dates at the end of this post, and more comedy, below.....

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Michael ShowatlerThe first two Michael Showalter CD-tapings @ Union Hall sold out, so they added two more a day earlier. Get your tickets. Also, one lucky person who e-mails BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM and tells me the last comedy show they saw will get a pair of free tickets to the taping of their choice. One winner will be picked at random and contacted.

David CrossIt is also important to note here that this Sunday's (7/15) "Tearing The Veil Of Maya" anniversary edition show at Union Hall features "Michael Showalter + Eugene Mirman + David Cross + Janeane Garofalo + special musical guests > doors at 6pm, whole building, first come first served." All Union Hall anniversary shows HERE.

BONUS: Below you can watch a SXSW panel featuring David Cross (Arrested Development, Mr. Show), Zach Galifianakis (Comedians of Comedy, Dog Bites Man, Bad Art Auction), Jon Wurster (Superchunk, Best Show on FMU),.....

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David WainThe more I read the reviews and the more I rewatch the trailer, the more I'm beginning to think that former Statesmen David Wain and Ken Marino might have created a classic with their upcoming film THE TEN. The film is basically 10 short films about each of the ten commandments. Many film twats are quick to remark that this concept has been done already in Krzysztof Kieslowski's supreme masterpiece Dekalog, but being that this film is from the geniuses that brought you The State and Wet Hot American Summer, I can assure you that the approach in this film will be much different, and much, much, much, MUCH funnier.

The film will have its nationwide release on August 3rd with some festival dates (including a July 21 Hamptons Film Festival screening), but New Yorkers will have a chance to attend a big "An Evening of Comedy & Music Celebrating the Release of The Ten" in New York on August 2nd at the Blender Theater at Gramercy. The shinding will be hosted by director David Wain, and will feature Michael Ian Black, Michael Showalter, Craig Wedren (a longtime State collaborator), Mr. Blue, Rashida Jones and Peter Salett (who is also playing The Living Room on July 18). Tickets to the event go on sale TODAY AT NOON.

Which reminds me, Michael Showalter's CD-taping shows at Union Hall are already sold out. More comedy shows that hopefully aren't sold out by the time you read this, BELOW....

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Dave Hill & John Hodgman @ UCB, NYC - June 21, 2007 (CRED)
DAve Hill & John Hodgman

It was almost a year ago that I said "Union Hall | a new Brooklyn music venue in Park Slope", and so it's time to celebrate:

"Union Hall presents our 1st anniversary week!"
July 09: MATTHEW CAWS (of Nada Surf) + THE RAVEN MAYHEM + guest MC Sara Schaefer
July 10: JONATHAN COULTON + special guests + MC Dave Hill
July 11: SECRET SCIENCE CLUB with Nobel prize winning neuroscientist ERIC KANDEL
July 12: TIM FITE + THE MUGS + guest MC Reggie Watts
July 14: 8pm: ENON + special guests
Tickets for these shows will go on sale on Ticketweb 6/25 at noon.

Nada Surf @ Brooklyn Ale House - June 3, 2007 (CRED) (post-Domino)
Nada Surf in Brooklyn

Related facts

  • Matthew Caws was recently spotted at the White Stripes show, and was last seen at Union Hall on stage with John Vanderslice.
  • MC Sara Schaefer hosts a (weekly?) game of "Name that Tune" at Union Hall - the next one is June 24th.
  • Jonathan Coulton and Dave Hill were last seen on stage together LAST NIGHT! Dave Hill will be on stage again with his band Children of the Unicorn at Mercury Lounge tonight!
  • Dave Hill once MC'd a show that The Mugs played at.
  • Reggie Watts is hosting ROFL at Joe's Pub TONIGHT
  • Gabby Glaser of Luscious Jackson is playing Union Hall on June 28th.
  • Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals is playing Union Hall on September 22nd.

Michael Showalter @ Sasquatch - May 29, 2007 (CRED) (Develop Don't Destroy!)
Michael Showalter brings the fight to Gorge, Washington

Michael Showalter, co-host of the weekly "Tearing the Veil of Maya" comedy show at Union Hall, star of the State, Stella and other stuff - is recording a CD - to be released on JDub records. He'll do it @ Union Hall Thursday July 26th at 7:30pm and 9:30pm. Tickets go on sale today at noon.

Tim Fite is going on tour. Dates below...

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Flight of the Conchords

We hosted a Flight of the Conchords (FOTC) contest. Some winners won passes to a screening of the first episode of the new HBO series. Now EVERYONE - even those who don't have HBO (like me) - can watch the first episode thanks to the kind folks at HBO.com. Look for appearances by UCB, Rififi and Union Hall regulars Arj Barker, Eugene Mirman, and Kristen Schaal.

Kristin SchaalSpeaking of Kristen Schaal who was also a guest on the 24 Hour Human Giant Marathon on MTV, we asked all those entering the FOTC contest to tell us who their favorite stand up comedian was. We got something like 50 comedian names total, but these were - by a small margin - the top seven:

your favorite comedians
1) Demetri Martin
2) David Cross
3) Mitch Hedberg
4) George Carlin
5) Aziz Ansari (tie)
5) Brian Posehn (tie)
5) Kristen Schaal (tie)

That's right - you like Kristen Schaal as much as you like Aziz Ansari who you like just as much as Brian Posehn WHO LOVES METAL.........

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@#@ damnit. Friday night was a late night. Saturday was a long day. I got home and slept right through karaoke...

Of Montreal karaoke @ Studio B, Brooklyn, NYC - Apr 14, 2007 (CRED)
Of Montreal Karaoke

More below....

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