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Fake Blood is not Soulwax
Fake Blood

I took two nights off after my early start Wednesday night, leaving me eager to hit the B Saturday night for a party that featured a nice mix of deejays that were both familiar and new (to me). I arrived in time to catch the tail end of Van Scott's set which featured a dancey Lykke Li remix, a super-voded mix of Little Boots' "Meddle" (which I later found out was by Treasure Fingers), and lots of other recent tracks.

Franki ChanFranki Chan followed with an excellent mix of some tracks I didn't recognize along with some new favorites including Whomadewho's "TV Friend" (one of the remixes that just came out at the end of last month) and a lovely hybrid version of the Soulwax remix of the Chemical Brothers' "Hey Boy, Hey Girl" that featured the original "super star deejays" vocal sample instead of "2manydj's" but as far as I could tell, retained all the instrumental parts from the Soulwax remix.

Franki ChanPrincess Superstar took the evening in a highly dancey meets retro direction, dropping some current stuff mixed with some updated, oldie but goodie classic 90's tracks. Her set segued into Larry Tee's with the pair performing a live version of their hit "Licky" that's had dancefloors freaking out since last winter. Larry's set had everyone getting down and remembering what an innovator the pioneer of electroclash was and continues to be.

The night ended with a bang that unfortunately, hardly anyone was left to see: Nadastrom absolutely killed it. I'm not sure what specifically was great about their set ...it might have been the song selection, excellent mixing, just the right amount of wobbly bass...but one of the most satisfying elements of their set was the enthusiasm the pair maintained as the not too big to begin with, Studio B crowd dwindled down to a few handfuls of people:

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photos by Zach Dilgard

host Tony Conrad
Tony Conrad

"After winning a bid for a 20 year, rent-free lease in downtown Brooklyn, ISSUE Project Room celebrated its victory [on Tuesday] with a benefit at Santos' Party House in Chinatown. A crowd of electronic music connoisseurs took in the sounds of David Linton, Alex Waterman, Charles Cohen, Fair Use Trio, Moby plus many others. The evening was hosted by all-round genius artist and avant-garde pioneer, Tony Conrad.

Since 2003 Project Room has provided a leading-edge performance art space dedicated to experimental music, filmmaking, reading, and sound installation. Currently located at The Can Factory in Gowanus, it will soon take over a stunning 4800 square foot landmark theatre at 110 Livingston Street. [Barely Brooklyn]

More pictures from the benefit below...

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Photos by Tim Griffin

DOWNLOAD: Valley Lodge - All of My Loving (MP3)

Dave Hill

Guided By Voices' Doug Gillard filled in as Dave Hill's "Paul Schaefer" at last night's 'Explosion' at the UCB Theater in NYC (Oct 16). Phil Costello who usually plays the part was off playing with his heavy metal Bee Gees tribute band Tragedy. Trivia time: Dave Hill (comedian AND musician) and Doug Gillard both played in the Ohio band Cobra Verde, but at different times. At last night's show, Doug and Dave played part of "Jessica" by the Allman Brothers (at the same time).

Dave Hill

Moby, complete with "cock saddle" moustache, was the first to join Dave and Doug on the stage. They chatted and then Moby played a version of "Dust in the Wind". Next up was Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand and Rival Schools fame (P.S. Rival Schools are playing the BrooklynVegan party at Knitting Factory on October 25th). Walter spoke to Dave, Doug, and Moby. They all talked to each other and Walter played "Cats and Dogs" by Gorilla Biscuits.

There was a Chihuahua (which oddly wasn't the only dog in the room) (no cats though).

More pictures below...

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Photos by Ryan Muir

Fucked Up

Ryan's official shift at the 12-hour Fucked Up show was really only 4-6, but he got there a little late and stayed much longer. John Joseph did two Cro-Mags songs with Fucked Up ("Malfunction" and "Life of My Own"). Tim Harrington sang "Over the Edge" by Underdog, "Victim in Pain" by Agnostic Front, and then moshed while someone grabbed the mic and sang Agnostic Front's "Last Warning" F'd Up played "Blitzkrieg Bop" by the Ramones twice. First with Moby singing and then later with Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend singing. Moby also did "12XU" by Minor Threat and "Nervous Breakdown" by Black Flag. Ezra also sang "Parents" by the Descendents and a Blitz song. J. Mascis did "Chunks" by Last Rites (a song D Jr often covers) with them while Matador's Gerard was on guitar and then J. played drums while Fucked Up played "I Saw It" by Deep Wound. Fucked Up of course played lots of hardcore and punk covers on their own too, and even some originals. Pictures of it all below...

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by Klaus Kinski

Moby, Phil, Ira & Dave
Moby and Dave Hill

The next installment of the Dave Hill Explosion is happening at the UCB Theater on Thursday 10/16/08 at 9:30pm. Dave might want to consider moving the show to Burger King because it sure is gonna be a whopper*. His guests this week include Moby, Walter Schreifels (Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Rival Schools) as well as guitar hero Doug Gillard (Guided By Voices, Richard Buckner, the Oranges Band, Cobra Verde). Add to the mix Dave's own comedy, performance, and videos, and you've got a show so overwhelming your health may be in jeopardy. And tickets are only $5.

Walter SchreifelsWalter's band Rivals Schools recently reunited. They have sold-out gigs at Maxwell's (11/4) and Mercury Lounge (11/6). Stoked.

Doug was seen enjoying Robert Pollard's band The Boston Spaceships at the Highline Ballroom on 10/1. If you missed him there and end up missing the Explosion, fear not. You can see him and his full band at the Alphabet Lounge on 10/22 at 7:45pm and then later that night at Southpaw, also with a full band. The Southpaw show is billed as Reef Madness: The Surfrider Foundations NYC Annual Funraiser. They save our reefs. More info on that here

And in case you missed it, Moby appeared at a Rock & Rescue Benefit on October 6th at the Highline Ballroom. And in case you miss the Explosion, keep in mind that Moby's doing a DJ set at Le Royale on 10/22 as part of some CMJ Week party AND Moby's band The Little Death NYC is playing a different CMJ show at Public Assembly in Brooklyn on 10/23.

* so lame.

Video of Rufus Wainwright and Dick Cavett at a past Dave Hill Explosion below...

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Photos by Lori Baily

Rock and Rescue

On October 6 Rational Animal hosted the 3rd annual Gimme Shelter: Rock & Rescue benefit concert at NYC's Highline Ballroom. Debbie Harry, Moby, Jessie Malin, AdRock, and more came out to show their support for the cause. The event raised money and media awareness to help end euthanasia of healthy and treatable animals in NYC Shelters. Fundraising for the cause continues with the Rockstar Online Auction. Rational Animal is the leading advocacy group for at risk animals in NYC. More pictures from the event below...

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Richard Barone

Richard Barone with Special Guests and Legendary Friends
Frontman: A Musical Reading

Benefit Concert for WFUV 90.7 FM Public Radio from Fordham University

Zankel Hall, Wednesday, October 1, 2008 at 7:30 PM

Tickets from $28.50 - $48.50
Student Discount Tickets Available at the Box Office

Program Details
Richard Barone
With: Nick Celeste, Vocals and Guitar; Anthony DeCurtis, Joyce DeWitt, Terre Roche, Suzzy Roche, Vin Scelsa, and Mick Rock, Spoken Word; Ryan Geller, Jimmy Vivino, and Carlos Alomar, Guitar; Steve Holley, Drums and Percussion; Rob Norris, Bass; Janice Pendarvis, Vocals; Jane Scarpantoni, Cello; Randy Brecker, Trumpet; Johnny Rodgers and Garth Hudson, Piano; Marshall Crenshaw, Spoken Word and Guitar; and Moby [of course]
Special video performance by Lou Reed
Special appearance by The Bongos
Additional guest artists to be announced

Tickets are still on sale. Flyer below...

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Moby @ Hiro Ballroom - Sept 18, 2008 (By Nicky Digital)
Moby @ Hiro Ballroom

the week in Dance continued from Friday..

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Rock Benefit

with Guest Hosts: Adam Horovitz (Adrock of the Beastie Boys) and Gina Gershon Performances by: Debbie Harry, Lissy Trullie, Jesse Malin, Goonsquad , Bloody Social , Earl Greyhound, Adam Green and DJs: Moby & J.D. Samson (Le Tigre)
The 3rd annual Gimme Shelter Rock & Rescue takes place October 6th at Highline Ballroom in NYC. Tickets are on sale.

TibetSongs for Tibet - The Art of Peace is a two-CD compilation album featuring a variety of mainstream and indie artists. It includes tracks by Regina Spektor, Imogen Heap, Moby, Damien Rice, Garbage, and others. Proceeds from the album will go toward supporting peace initiatives and Tibetan cultural preservation projects important to the Dalai Lama.

Other albums I have heard and can recommend this week include the Portland Cello Project's self-titled album, the Jesu/Battle of Mice EP, Rilo Kiley bass player Pierre de Reeder's solo album The Way That It Was, Ben Weaver's The Axe in the Oak, and the Widow Babies' The Mike Watt EP (a song cycle that pits Mike Watt against a vampire that looks like Abe Lincoln).

Road Runner: The Chess Masters 1959-1960 collects Bo Diddley's complete 1959 Chess studio recordings (and half of his 1960 recordings) on two discs and contains many previously unreleased songs as well as alternate versions.

Alkaline Trio is reissuing 1500 vinyl copies of its 2003 album, Good Mourning tomorrow.

Have I left anything notable off the list? What can you recommend?

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DOWNLOAD: Harvard Bass - Go To School Mixtape (zSHARE MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Spitzer - Yacht Club (MP3)

Crookers at Webster Hall - June 21, 2008 (Phil Xander)
Crookers @ WEbster Hall

LA Riots at Hiro - June 19, 2008 (Nicky Digital)
LA Riots @ Hiro

With Crookers, Green Velvet, and many other deejays in town, I'm sure a lot of dancing went down in New York this past weekend. Regrettably I wasn't around for most of it, but managed to make it out to the Youpi party at Studio B Wednesday night. Unfortunately the party did not live up to its name. I arrived with some friends around 12 or so and Studio B was maybe one quarter full (which was probably in part due to the $18/$23 cover). I am un chien!! began just after we walked in. Their sound was more rock/guitar-based with some electronic beats in the background. Unfortunately the rock overtones were on the abrasive side and made the whole experience rather unpleasant - sort of an inferior version of the Rapture at times. The lead vocalist, David Fontao, put a lot of energy into his dance-move laden performance, but ultimately his frustration with the less than enthusiastic crowd became apparent. The highlight of the show was definitely the length - at just about 30 minutes I don't think I could've taken much more.


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Little Death NYC

Has anyone seen Moby's band The Little Death NYC yet?

The Little Death is: Moby on Guitar and Bass; Laura Dawn on Vocals; Daron Murphy on Guitar, Bass and Harmonica; Aaron Brooks on Drums. The Death Threats are: Cherie Martorana and Luci Butler on backing vocals
Tickets go on sale at noon for a June 25th show at Mercury Lounge.

UPDATE: The Little Death are also playing a private party on May 6th at Eyebeam with the Misshapes (DJ) and John Mulaney (host). The party is in honor of Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. (John Mulaney is also playing the next Rock n ROFL at Pianos).

MusicSnobbery's 3rd Anniversary @ Maxwell's - April 11, 2008 (Abbey Braden)
Music Snobbery

Greg (DJ NF) wrote in,

I am pretty impressed with Moby at the moment. After watching him kill it as a dj in SXSW, I felt like he was pretty unstoppable. Then when he stepped in for the The Teeth last night, I thought wow this dude just really likes to play. Then he did a lot of fan requests and dedicated a song to a fan and her family who had recently passed. I kinda am beginning to believe that Moby is really just all about the music and the people. I mean the dude is unflappable.

The night included covers of The Boss, Joy Divison, a 40s do wop song, Mission of Burma and 'Walk on the Wild Side', we he said when he hears it "makes him want to go to the bus station and take drugs." He was backed by three singers, keys, drummer and a possibly wasted guitar player, but who can really tell cause everyone was having a really good time. Overall, it was an awesome night in Jerz and I think I might try to hire Moby to play at my wedding.

Moby @ Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ- April 11, 2008 (Abbey Braden)

A full, detailed writeup of Thursday night's show is @ MusicSnobbery's site. More pics @ Flickr.

PREVIOUSLY: Moby took MusicSnobbery's offer! playing Maxwell's


Monday, April 07, 2008

ok, so on friday i saw a video link from musicsnobbery.com
Category: Parties and Nightlife

ok, so on friday i saw a video link from musicsnobbery.com
in said link mr. music snobbery. com admitted that he was having a party at maxwells and his
headliner had cancelled.
he then asked a few people(me being one of them)to play at his party.
so, as i spend way too much time on the aforementioned internet and i have free time on april 10th and i love to play if there's an audience and/or beer involved, saw his
request and i emailed him and said, 'i'd be happy to play at your party'.
then he wrote back and, to paraphrase, said, 'great'.
so i'm playing at his party.
at maxwells.
in new jersey.
if you want to come you can get tickets at here.....

continued below.....

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here's part 1 (Thursday) of this 'week in dance'. Part 2 (Friday and Saturday) coming soon....

DOWNLOAD: Moby Guest Mix N'Joy (3/21/08) (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ed Banger Menage A Trois (ZSHARE)


Spring is finally (maybe?) here in New York - up to a whopping 65 degrees on Tuesday! Warm weather makes me want to do nothing more than go out and get down. This week there is no shortage of opportunities to do so:

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photos by Ryan Muir

Playboy party

Unlike last year's semi-swanky, semi-outdoors, semi-conventient location, this year's SXSW Playboy party (Thursday night, March 13, 2008) felt more like a rave in a big abandoned (yet conveniently located) warehouse (which ended up being the same location as the late night VICE party that happened later in the week). LIKE last year, there was a bunch of Playboy models running around in blue bunny outfits, and there was plenty of free alcohol available all night....well past Austin's 2am bar closing time.

Playboy party

I got there right before Moby started (around 1?), and left almost before Justice finished (around 4). I'm a big fan of classic techno, and especially classic Moby, so Moby's classic techo-heavy set kept me more than happy - especailly when he closed with "Thousand". Justice's DJ set was good too, and the visuals were definitely entertaining, but I was really just a zombie by that point. I was thinking, "this would be really fun if I could do more than just stand here". Up until then my SXSW went something like this.....

Tuesday: last minute preparation all day, fly to Texas, arrive at midnight, check into hotel, sleep.

Wednesday: wake up early --> change hotels & run errands --> my Wednesday day party ---> run more errands real quick --> my official showcase till 2am.

Thursday: wake up early ---> get to Emo's by 10:30 for Thursday day party ---> dinner & short break ---> see Jens Lekman @ the Mohawk (which was as good as always) ---> Playboy Party ---> collapse

Ryan was not only more awake than me, he got to the Playboy party earlier, stayed later, danced a lot, and thought it was pretty much the best party he went to all last week (unless you count the all day Mess With Texas festival on Saturday). More of Ryan's photos (which also include openers The Rub, MGMT and The Heavy), below.....

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photos by Bao Nguyen

Speak Up!

"We wanted to make some statement from New York City -- the center of the universe," said Lou Reed in a hallway press conference for Speak Up!, an anti-war benefit held last night (March 18) at intimate Brooklyn theater St. Ann's Warehouse. While the 65-year-old NYC icon isn't in any shape to be chaining himself to a recruiting station, he certainly can gather a who's who of the lefty art-rocker geekerati: David Byrne, Moby, Blonde Redhead, Scissor Sisters, Damien Rice, Norah Jones and co-organizers Laurie Anderson and Antony, who helped conceive the event in Anderson's living room. It was a night where every song felt like a protest anthem -- even when the Scissor Sisters sang "I ain't got nothing but your seed on my face/You'll put them babies to waste." That could be about sending kids to war, right? [Rolling Stone]
Speak Up!
Reed, Anderson, Antony and Moby opened the show with a broken version of "The Star Spangled Banner." Lou's feedback never quite nailed the notes and he mangled the words a little bit ("home of the free and the home of the brave"), but it all made perfect sense. On the fifth anniversary of a war that has been pushed off the headlines in favor of an election, our national anthem was given an appropriate luster of unease and trepidation. Norah Jones performed slinky versions of her "My Dear Country" and Randy Newman's "I Think It's Going To Rain Today." David Byrne, armed with a four-person choir, led an art-gospel sermon full of huge choruses. Damien Rice was on hand to add harmonies (and the shittiest tambourine playing since Tracy Partridge), but Byrne's mesmerizing presence kept his pair of originals spiraling heavenward. The perenially chilly Laurie Anderson pulled out the snarky electrofunk of her recent "Only An Expert," vivisecting corporations and Oprah and weapons of mass destruction and global warming in that arch, scientific, matter-of-fact Laurie Anderson way. [Rolling Stone]
More below.....

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