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Monster Island

Williamsburg DIY spot Monster Island has been closed since October 2011 but today it's really gone -- the building on Metropolitan Ave at the river (which also held Secret Project Robot which found a new home) is being demolished as we speak. The intsagram above was taken by OJ of XRay Eyeballs and you can still see the SPR art on the walls. Sad.

by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOADAnika - Yang Yang (MP3)
DOWNLOADAnika - Terry (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Soft Moon - "Total Decay" (MP3)
DOWNLOADThe Soft Moon - Breath the Fire (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Mikal Cronin - Get Along (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Mikal Cronin - Apathy (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Howler - I Told You Once (MP3)


Hello and welcome to the ATP Runoff edition of This Week in Indie. (Aka ATPTWII.) Yes the big news is the Portishead-curated All Tomorrow's Parties which is happening this year in Asbury Park, NJ which looks to be super cool. (I would like to see The Pop Group.) There are still tickets available for most of it -- it gets a little confusing what with "Three Day Jeff Magnum" passes and other variations but this column will not get into that. We're talking bands/artists who are also playing NYC shows while here. And some other stuff too.

First and foremost, for me, is Anika who is making her North American live debut tonight (9/27) at Le Poisson Rouge and tickets still seem to be available. Her debut album snuck in late last year but made my Best of 2011 with it's mix of post-punk and dub, and I've been waiting to see her live ever since.  As I wrote before:

Recorded in 12 days, live with no overdubs, it sounds like the missing link between The Slits and Lilliput. Portishead's Geoff Barrow -- his other band BEAK> is the backing band here -- gets the claustrophobic vibe just right. A lot of people have tried and failed to recreate that Martin Hannett Sound... Barrow nails it. And the material -- a mix of girl group covers and politically-charged originals -- suits Anika's Nico-esque delivery perfectly.
You can download two tracks at the top of this post, cover's of Yoko Ono's "Yang Yang" and obscure British girl group singer Twinkle's "Terry." Anika is here on a limited North American tour and all her dates are at the bottom of this post. Anika's live band is a 5-piece that includes two of the three members of BEAK> (Geoff Barrow is the one who doesn't play with her live).

Opening for Anika is local act Slowdance who you may remember made L Magazine's "8 Bands You Need to Hear" list and whose debut EP, Light & Color, was just released last week. It's a "name your price" download at their Bandcamp site. The whole thing is pretty good but I especially dig the opening track "Cake" which is kind of like early B-52's minus Fred Schneider but in French.


I mentioned BEAK> who, in addition to sharing members with Anika, will also be performing their own set at ATP and have also just released a split EP with Toronto's proggy, mathy DD/MM/YYYY who are playing Friday night at Cameo with like-minded noisemakers Yvette and Bambara. DD/MM/YY are on short East Coast tour while here for ATP and all dates are at the bottom of this post.

If you like DD/MM/YY or have been curious about seeing them live, you should go to this show... because they're breaking up at the end of October and the Cameo show is their last NYC show before doing so. I last saw them at M for Montreal two years ago, where I wrote:

Also impressive live are Toronto's DD/MM/YYYY who have clearly gotten much tighter than the last time I saw them (Don Pedro's, like three years ago). It's proggy-mathy, but bordering on chaos too. I'm not that crazy about their records -- a little too much going on at one time for my poppier tastes -- but I'd go see them again, no question.
Don't get too sad about them calling it quits, as four of the five are regrouping under the name Absolutely Free and will make their live debut at M for Montreal this year.

Factory Floor
Factory Floor

More ATPTWII action: London trio Factory Floor play two NYC shows this week: tomorrow (9/28) at Knitting Factory with Apache Beat and FAN-TAN, and then Thursday (9/29) at Mercury Lounge with fellow Londoners Walls.

Factory Floor get a lot of Joy Division comparisons and JD/New Order drummer Stephen Morris is a fan, remixing last year's "Wooden Box" single. But apart from looking sad in their press shots, Factory Floor are more in the minimal wave camp with drone and repetition being their weapons of choice. Their new single "(R E A L L O V E)" is basically a goth/industrial/techno/Krautrock ode to Donna Summer/Giorgio Moroder's "I Feel Love" and is pretty awesome.

The band's next release will be on DFA in November. Judging from live clips on YouTube (like them performing "(R E A L L O V E)" at Rough Trade which you can watch below), Factory Floor are intense live and you might want to rearrange your show schedule to see them.

The Soft Moon
The Soft Moon

And rounding out the ATP-related shows are San Francisco's The Soft Moon who were supposed to be opening for Mogwai (who had to cancel) but will now play 285 Kent on Saturday (10/1) with White Ring and Beige (video flyer below), and the Wierd Party next Wednesday (10/5). Their new EP, Total Decay, is out on Halloween via Captured Tracks and you can download a track from it (and one from their debut album) at the top of this post. If you like '80s 4AD goth (Clan of Xymox, Xmal Deutchland) you're probably already going.

Veronica Falls
Veronica Falls

Speaking of goth, in a totally different way we've got Veronica Falls in town for two shows: tonight (9/27) at Glasslands and tomorrow (9/28) at Pianos. Their debut, out last week on Slumberland, is one of my favorite albums of the year so far. I wrote about it over at Sound Bites which I will quote here:

The band get the C-86 tag a lot but, apart from The Velvet Underground (which has inspired 95% of all indiepop), New Zealand seems to be a bigger influence anyway. "Misery" and current single "Bad Feeling" could both be Bats songs. (The Verlaines are a clear influence too, and I bet someone in the band loves The Chills' "Pink Frost.") But this is not a band you really sit around playing "spot the influence" to, as you're too busy swooning to the gorgeous melodies and Roxanne Clifford's truly lovely voice.

There's not a dud in Veronica Falls' 36 minute running time. New songs ("Misery," "Bad Feeling," the effervescent "The Box") are equals to early singles "Found Love in a Graveyard" and "Beachy Head" which appear here in newly recorded versions that might actually improve on the original versions.

When I said "goth" above, I mean more in an old school romance kind of way. Love and death, often intertwined. If you're on Spotify you can listen to the album here. They're great live, do go see them. Tonight's Glasslands show is with German Measles, Tanks Amigo and Darlings; the Pianos show is entirely TWII-endorsed, with McDonalds, Heaven's Gate and The Hairs.

Mikal Cronin

Ty Segall plays Bowery Ballroom on Thursday (9/29) and we've given him a lot of love over the last few years. He's awesome. If you're going, do get there early and see opener Mikal Cronin who plays in Ty's band and used to front Charlie & the Moonhearts. I liked the Moonhearts just fine, but playing with Ty seems to have done wonders. Mikal's self-titled LP on Trouble in Mind (produced by Ty) is far and away the best thing he's ever done, is one of my albums of the year, and I like it more than Segall's Goodbye Bread to be honest.

The album has great song after great song, killer hooks and harmonies -- SoCal garagey surf-pop at it's finest. You can download two tracks from the album at the top of this post.

Total Slacker
Total Slacker

Friday is the last night of Monster Island Basement and the DIY venue is going out a big show featuring Regal Degal, Total Slacker, La Big Vic, Hume and Royal Baths. It's the record release party for Total Slacker's debut album, Thrashin', which got a 6.7 on Pitchfork today:

Total Slacker's sense of humor is the album's driving force, and it's both overt and weirdly specific. The lyrics, for the most part, are a goofy celebration of the slacker caricature. Between the references to weed and various snack foods, and the record's languid pace, Rountree perpetuates the archetypal slacker character with his nasal whine. The track "Thyme Traveling High School Dropout", for example, is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-style branding for a guy who goes back to the 18th century because marijuana isn't illegal then. And the title "Stealing From Salvation Army" says it all-- he plans on doing just that after he wakes up in the afternoon. That's pretty much the whole album. Thrashin' largely depends on buying into that character and thinking it's funny, or at least interesting, for 40 minutes.
With Total Slacker's propensity for instrument-destroying, this last night at Monster Island could be a doozy.


And finally, Minneapolis band Howler are playing their first NYC shows this week: Thursday (9/29) at Glasslands and Friday opening for Tapes n' Tapes at Bowery Ballroom. The band just signed with Rough Trade who put out their EP, This One's Different, not too long ago. They're getting more UK press than here in the States. NME gave the EP 8/10 saying:

Howler are musical pizza. They're not a band you define yourself by. They're a band you dance to. Which is not to say that Howler are stupid, or people who like Howler are stupid. They just don't feel the need to prove that they're clever.

The title of this first EP by Rough Trade's most recent signings is both misleading and spot on. There's nothing much different about these Minneapolis boys at all, with their sexy bedhead hair, skinny limbs and small-child-romping-at-a-family-wedding goofy energy. Their bratty guitar pop is as familiar as skin, but also as warm and lovable. But then, how many flat, formulaic takes on this same sound are also-running around out there? Howler are different because they make commonplace components fly with a brilliant nonchalance.

Everybody likes Pizza, right? The review goes on to make a Razorlight comparison, so this pie must have extra cheese. You can download a Howler track at the top of this post.

And that's the big stuff for this week. Slightly smaller stuff is below, day-by day:


Portland duo Viva Voce are at Mercury Lounge tonight. They don't get enough attention -- apart from just being two of them there's no "angle" per se, besides good songs and great musicianship -- and their new album The Future Will Destroy You is pretty good.


Reptar, Savoir Adore at the Neon Gold TV launch party at Tammany Hall. Tickets are $5 in advance, $10 at the door.

Somebody is playing Roseland tonight, can't remember who.

continued below...

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by BBG

Monster Island Block Party (photo by Johnathan Percy)
Monster Island Block Party

Cult of Youth (who played the recent final Monster Island block party) will return to the space to join forces with King Dude (aka the goth-y folk project of TJ Cowgill of Book of Black Earth) and Alice Cohen to play 9/22 at Live with Animals, one of the last shows scheduled for their current space, 210 Kent Ave. But don't worry, Secret Project Robot has already secured their future:

Following the end of their lease, Secret Project Robot will be moving to 389 Melrose Street. The art gallery and peformance space's new home will be smaller than its current location, but is adjacent to a 4,000-square-foot lot, which will probably be quite nice come next summer. Moving with them are experimental art rock band Oneida and the Live With Animals gallery. Venue Monster Island Basement will be closing. -[BushwickBK.com]
The new space has a few events coming up, including 10/20 with KNYFE HYTS, 10/24's "Allison Awesome Birthday Party" featuring Call of the Wild (ex-Awesome Color), a 10/28 Pterodactyl Record Release party, "The most insane scary Halloween Art Installation and Party" on 10/29 featuring Jonathon Toubin, and 11/19 with Section 25 and Stereograph.

There are still a few other shows left at the old space, including TONIGHT (9/19) with performances from Dan Friel, Alexico, Netherfriends as part of a FREE show that kicks off at 8PM. The final dates for the old space go down on 9/30 and 10/1, with Regal Degal, Royal Baths, Total Slacker, Hume, and Quilt hitting on 9/30 and a tentative "MONSTER ISLAND REQUIEM AUTUMNAL UNAMPLIFIED ACOUSTIC BBQ" scheduled for the following day.

Cult of Youth will also play Saint Vitus on 10/1 with Lost Tribe, Anasazi, and Dead Reich. The show is the record release show for Lost Tribe's LP which is out now on Sean of COYouth's label Blind Prophet Records. Stream some material below.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs at Monster Island (more by Leia Jospe)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Monster Island, Williamsburg's landmark center for the arts home to, Live With Animals, Secret Project Robot Art Space, Kayrock Screenprinting, Todd P. Practice Spaces, Mollusk Surf Shop, Oneida and a multitude of studios and rehearsal spaces would like to say goodbye in style.

Over the last 7 years we have always thrown an annual Block Party where we invite the entire neighborhood in to listen to live bands on the street, tour the building and host 2 giant art installations; as that this is our last block party ever (the building is slated for demolition in November), we'd like your help.

This year's block party will entail over 12 live music performances from building bands and members of bands such as Golden Triangle, Oneida, Man Forever, Soldiers of Fortune, DudknowDub, Cult of Youth, Vaz, K-Holes, Knyfe Hyts, Divine Order of the Blood Witch, TrycryTry and many more. It will host 2 art installations themed "Outer Space the Final Frontier" and "Liquid Gold." It will also host open studios, an all day BBQ, DJ's, a video installation in the basement by Robot Death Cult and live music in several practice spaces.

Monster Island aims to keep the Block Party FREE and is seeking donations via kickstarter. "It will go towards paying performers, printing T-Shirts and totes, setting up a killer PA system on the street, purchasing supplies for 2 art shows and securing the proper permits." They are more than halfway towards their goal. Monster Island's end is looming, but there's still time to go out in style.

The block party will take place September 10th, 2011 from 2pm until 10pm. Monster Island will be closed by October 1st.

Secret Project Robot said back in January that they'll be moving to a new space. That is still true according to their website.

Oneida played Secret Project Robot in June. NYC Taper just posted a live recording.

In related news, Todd P recently wrote, "My show schedule this summer is very reduced, for happy personal reasons. More than ever, I recommend you check out SHOWPAPER for show listings (big announcements coming soon from that organization!) and also follow the list of links to independent, all ages venue/organizer folks on this page."

And the Silent Barn Kickstarter is now over $31,000!

photos by Matthew Eisman

DOWNLOAD: Grass Widow - Fried Egg (MP3)

Grass Widow @ Prospect Park
Grass Widow


Monday September 27th @ OLD FIREHOUSE aka DCTV
:: "WHAT, NO HELLO?" - a SHOWPAPER pop up gallery opening/closing
:: curated by GABRIELLE SHAW
:: video by Alaina Stamatis, G Lucas Crane, Jesse Hlebo, & Sean Berman
:: sculpture by Olga Miasnikova
:: Beach Fossils
:::: Grass Widow
:::::: Oberhofer
:::::::: Ovens
87 Lafayette St @ White St | Chinatown, Manhattan
NQRW6JZ to Canal St | 7pm | all ages | $10


Tuesday September 28th @ MONSTER ISLAND
:: the Babies ------ mems Vivian Girls, Woods, Bossy, Stupid Party
:::: Grass Widow
:::::: Ovens
:::::::: Web Dating
:::::::::: Red Romans
128 River St @ Metropolitan Ave | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L-Bedford, G-Metropolitan, JM-Marcy | 8pm | all ages | $tba


The above two-Todd P listings include all the info you need to know about the Grass Widow dates happening in NYC on Monday and Tuesday night. Each show has other great bands on it as well. Last time the California band was here was when they played Prospect Park with Sonic Youth. A second set of pictures from that show, the band's new video fro "11 of Diamonds" and updated tour dates, below...

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Nick Zinner @ Monster Island - Sept 22, 2010 (by Jenn Pelly)

As NME reports:

Following the finale of 'Y Control' [at Monster Island Basement last night], the [Yeah Yeah Yeahs] returned with a rare run through 'Modern Romance'. The singer also added to the celebratory feel of the evening by showering the front row with confetti, before saluting the crowd by declaring: "It's fucked up how sweet you guys are!"

This show follows another secret performance at Manhattan's Don Hills venue last week - Yeah Yeah Yeahs are due to continue their low-key tour of their hometown's smallest venues with a strongly rumoured show for friends and family, believed to be taking place at the Mercury Lounge on Friday (September 24).

As the article implies, it doesn't seem like they'll make any tickets available to the public for the Manhattan show. Some videos of last night's show, shot by Jenn Pelly (who was also at Pavement earlier in the night), below...

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camera phone photos by Leia Jospe

"apparently there was a secret Yeah Yeah Yeahs show tonight in Brooklyn.
If you went, I hate you" - Matty Aye


Yeah Yeah Yeahs played about an hour, starting around 10:40pm, on Wednesday night at Monster Island to the select few who were able to land themselves a ticket. It was hot and sweaty (the fans didn't help) and people were going nuts. As advertised, the band stuck to mostly older and more obscure material (though they did play the-always-crowd-pleasing "Maps") in celebration of their 10th anniversary as a band playing shows in NYC.

Leia Jospe was one of those who got a ticket to the Todd P-presented show. She left her camera at home, but managed to get a few snaps on her phone. Those, along with a shot of the setlist sent in by special agent PP, below...

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photos by Ryan Muir, words by Rachel Kowal

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

When I saw a man wearing skin tight gold lamé leggings, a sports jersey, and a jean jacket mingling in the crowd at Monster Island Basement Sunday night, I didn't think too much of it. But as it turns out, the wildly dressed mystery man was John O'Regan, the man behind Diamond Rings, the evening's first opener.

After taking copious notes on John's appearance, I was pleased to hear that the Toronto-based glam pop artist seems to take his music fairly seriously. Sure, he's working with prefab beats and samples, but he also juggles guitar and keyboard duty, which makes his songs more relevant in a live setting. Then there's John's voice, which is surprisingly sonorous. His appearance may be over-the-top and flamboyant, but his smooth, deep vocals level out his music nicely.

Next up in Todd P's bag of tricks was the Sierra-Leonean musician Janka Nabay and his spirited group of musicians and back-up singers. Janka's set triggered an instant dance party both on stage and in the audience. The two women on stage left the bulk of the vocal responsibilities with Janka, but their energetic dancing complimented the tribal beats and celebratory music well.

Following Janka Nabay's lively set, Owen Ashworth, the man behind the moniker Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, walked on stage and began to methodically unpack a series of keyboards, samplers, and mixers. After he had finished assembling his one-man-band, he leaned into the mic. "I'd be happy to start if we want to do the changeover," he said over the din of the house music.

"Thanks so much for coming folks. I really appreciate it," he said as he warmed up. "I really like playing in Brooklyn. I'm not just saying that. Do not tell Albany that. [...] I just basically booked this short tour as an excuse to come visit friends and hang out in New York for a few days." And with that, he launched into a couple of newer song from last year's Vs. Children.

Unlike a number of artists who rely on laptops to generate significant portions of their songs, Owen builds most of the layers on stage, by navigating through a mass of wires, knobs, and keys - his arms often crossing to get the job done. There are definitely perks to seeing an artist who has been creating music for the better part of thirteen years. Owen has an impressive body of songs to pull from, and constantly finds ways to rework them in a live setting. Casiotone songs often fall between the 2 and 3-minute mark, but Owen manages to pack a story into each song thanks to his creative, humorous, and candid lyrics. Owen makes music akin to the heartfelt and often painfully (but endearingly) awkward mumblecore films Mark Duplass and Andrew Bujalski make.

Then, about midway through his set, Owen dropped the bomb. "Thanks to Todd for making the show happen. This is my first time here [at Monster Island] and I'm going to be playing here again in October and that's actually going to be the last Casiotone show in New York. I'm going to stop this in December... and I'll do something else after that."

After this big announcement, Owen began to take requests, and he was immediately met by an avalanche of song titles. "Cold White Christmas!" "Grandmother's Pearls!" "We Have Mice!" "Parthenon!" "When You Were Mine, please!" After just a few seconds, Owen jumped back in. "Alright, alright. Those are good suggestions, thanks." The crowd may have been relatively small, but there's something to be said of fans who actually care enough about the music to have an arsenal full of requests to call out when prompted. "Grandmother's Pearls," ended up winning this time. After each song, audience members called out more and more requests, and Owen usually obliged - even with "Young Shields," which he initially claimed was too bass-heavy to play. Owen closed out his set with "White Jetta" before stepping off stage and making his way through the crowd, receiving pats on the back as he went.

Be sure to check out Casiotone for the Painfully Alone while you still can. The last New York show is on October 15th at Monster Island Basement (all dates on that "final tour) still TBA).

More pictures and Casiotone's setlist from Monster Island, below..

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photos by Anna Scialli

Akron Family

Akron/Family and guests ("Xtended Family") that included William Parker and Hamid Drake played a special collaborative set at (Le) Poisson Rouge on June 30th to close the 11-day Vision Fest XV. Before, William Parker led his own band Southern Satellites.

Akron/Family also played a semi-secret show at Monster Island Basement the next night (July 1st). NYCTaper recorded their set from that, which you can download.

More pictures from LPR are below...

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photos by Erin Kilkenny

Fresh & Onlys...
Fresh and Onlys

The place cleared out a bit for Golden Triangle the last band on the bill, and I'm glad they were. This gave them plenty of time to get rip-roaring drunk to prepare for the madness that ensued. They are a 6 piece with 3 guys and 3 gals that seem to like to party. The 2 singers are full of energy and apparently went to the Joel Gion school of tambourine. Every single part of this band is catchy, the vocal melodies, bass lines, lead guitar parts will all stick around with you for a while. They play loud and sloppy, the way rock was meant to be played. At one point during the show one of the guitarist climbed from the stage monitor onto the window seal and outside the window and finished the song out there. He tried once again at the end of the show and ended up falling on his ass. Grade A entertainment. I had heard great things about this band's live shows and I was thoroughly entertained and am waiting for my next chance to see them again, which lucky for me is regularly. [Sound of Confusion]
Bay area garage rockers the Fresh and Onlys played along with Golden Triangle, the Babies and Coasting at Monster Island Basement on Friday, May 14th. The Fresh & Onlys played the next night at Cake Shop too, and will be back in June for the Northside Festival.

Golden Triangle play next on May 29th at Glasslands with Psychic Ills, Sunburned Hand Of Man and Hopewell (and have plenty more after that). The Babies are touring the West Coast currently. Coasting play Shea Stadium on May 21st with Baby Birds Dont Drink Milk.

Monster Island next hosts an indie-celebrity-DJ dance party with a live set by Blissed Out tonight (5/19). More pictures from the GT show below...

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Real Estate

Real Estate have a full schedule of shows coming up in multiple countries throughout April and May. Three of those shows are in NYC in the nest 10 days. Tonight (4/16) they headline Monster Island. On Saturday, April 24th they play a MoMA PopRally event. On Sunday, April 25th they do a Kidrockers "Earthrockers" show with Apollo Sunshine at Bowery Ballroom. Tickets are on sale (make sure you have a kid to take with you). More details on all of those shows and all dates below...

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DOWNLOAD: Bonnie Prince Billy - Play, Guitar, Play (MP3)

photo by Shawn Brackbill

Bonnie Prince Billy

At the eight o'clock early show, [Bonnie "Prince"] Billy showed up in all-yellow in the darkened stony room, accompanied by collaborator Emmett Kelly of the Cairo Gang, who played guitar and carried high-pitched, sinuous harmonies. For the duration, our "Prince" performed sans microphone, or any instrument besides the occasional melodica, singing mournful ballads from his newly-released album, The Wonder Show of the World. It was transcendent. Oldham has the commanding presence of a stage actor; his movements are evocative, animated, and precise. A lot of the time last night, he looked like he was performing a monologue rather than singing a song. Meanwhile, the jam-packed crowd sat shoulder-to-shoulder on Monster Island's concrete floor, but, from what we could tell, the room was too busy being enthralled by Oldham to really mind.[Village Voice]
Bonnie "Prince" Billy and the Cairo Gang (Will Oldham and guitarist Emmett Kelly) played three shows in two nights at the intimate Monster Island on April 1st and 2nd. Really nice videos of the unamplified show are posted below.

A song from the new record, The Wonder Show of the World, out now on Drag City, is re-posted above. Their tour, which stopped at New Orleans' famous Preservation Hall, has a few more West Coast shows left. Videos from the Monster Island gig ("I See a Darkness" as an encore, and more) are below...

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words & photos by Erez Avissar

Monster Island

MNDR (aka Amanda Warner) opened the Brooklyn show at Monster Island on Wednesday night (11/18). Shouting, singing and rapping over techno-centric beats, she showed respect to tour-mate Juiceboxxx as well as a strong influence by him. She fared better than her mentor though, who played a super-brief, possibly truncated, set of less than 20 minutes. Opening with his most well-known tune/statement of intent, "Thunder Jam #5", Juiceboxxx positioned himself in sort of a "me against the crowd/world" way, alienating himself from the audience. It was unfortunate, because a basement show like this one could have been the ideal place to see him.

Even without their signature boomboxes, Javelin brought much-needed positive energy to the room with highlights like expanded versions of "Mossy Woodland" and "Vibrationz", as well as their skewed "Into The Groove" interpretation and some worldly tropical beats that turned the place into a dance party. The energy stayed with the crowd, who were more than happy to stick around after and dance to pop hits, ranging from Olivia Newton-John to Jay-Z, courtesy of Todd P's iPod.

Javelin live is not to be slept on. Catch them Friday (TONIGHT) with Sleigh Bells (who played Le Poisson Rouge last night) at a new DIY all ages venue in Manhattan called "Under 100." Get there early - Javelin goes on first (9pm). More details about that show and pictures below...

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Monster Island


| Golden Triangle
|| K-Holes
||| Knyfe Hyts 81
|||| Cult of Youth
||||| Oneida Jah Division Ensemble
|||||| Georgiana Starlington
||||||| X-Ray Eye Balls
|||||||| DubbKnowDubb
||||||||| Trilateral Commission
|||||||||| Buckets of Blood
||||||||||| Bezoar
|||||||||||| Psychothriller

|| dj Hairwaves

Oneida is playing the block party as/with Onieda Jah Division Ensemble. Jah Division is a dub/reggae Joy Division cover band that has released an EP on Social Registry, who even when not in "Ensemble" format, share drummer Kid Millions with Oneida. Next weekend, Oneida visit ATP NY, where their Oneida present The Ocropolis is set to run all day Sunday.

Another of the mysterious bands on the bill is Knyfe Hyts 81. The band tweeted that "KNYFE HYTS 81: ZARG and SHHA (Knyfe Hyts, Ex Models) + LUUUK BRODY (Yeasayer, Ex Models)....Think Blade Runner!".

The final lineup for this is in the comments...

More info on Monster Island, and live clips of Oneida playing Dublin this August, are posted below...

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DOWNLOAD: Box Elders - Hole in My Head (MP3)

Box Elders @ Market Hotel in January (more by Tim Griffin)
Box Elders

Box Elders are heading out on a late summer tour that'll run through September. The trip includes NYC stops at the Cake Shop and Monster Island Basement on September 15th and 16th, respectively. The band just completed a tour with Cursive. That included one show at the Glass House in Pomona, CA...

"But unlike the thrashing, epic moodiness bandied about by Tim Kasher and gang, Box Elders had a tendency toward the lighter side of life. Offering a no frills mixture of bass, guitar and a drummer/keyboardist (I must admit, that was a pretty neat trick), Box Elders entertained the crowd with a puree of punk, pop and surf rock vibes (a bit odd for a band from Omaha, Nebraska but maybe that was the point). Bassist/vocalist Clayton McIntyre and his bro, guitarist/vocalist Jeremiah McIntryre attacked each tune with doubled, sing songy vocals that offered a bit of force behind Dave Goldberg's heavy handed drumming on songs like "One Foot in Front of the Other". All-in-all, their vaguely second wave brand of pop punk induced plenty of sweat amongst their biggest P-Town fans which seemed to bop up and down in the center of the crowd. The majority of us were pretty content with just standing there." [OC Weekly]
The band's debut LP, Alice and Friends--"named after the band's favorite cult run vegan Korean BBQ"-- is set to come out August 4th on Memphis's Goner Records (which, along with Matador Direct, is one of the labels that's distributing Jay Reatard's Shattered Records imprint which also has plans to work with Box Elders) (cover art and more here).

The A-side off the band's debut 7-inch is above. Some videos of the band that Bill took live at Bruar Falls in April, with all tour dates, below...

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by Bill Pearis

DOWNLOAD: The Fresh & Onlys - Fog Machine (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Fresh & Onlys - Love & Kindness (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Ganglians - Hair (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: Bachelorette - Mindwarp (MP3)


It used to be Independence Day weekend was dead in NYC, the city emptying out, leaving only tourists and those unfortunate enough not to have some sort of beach hookup. There was nothing to do but barbeque with fellow left-behinds and see whatever Will Smith movie had just been released. (Actually, I like it when the city is empty.) And the only show would be whatever was at Battery Park on the 4th. Not this year.

The Woodsist/Captured Tracks Festival is two days of just about every band on the two label's roster and also manages to be one of the best collections of reverb-lovin' lo-fi/pych/garage bands you're likely to see, including many names you may recognize if you read this column on a regular basis. You can buy a two-day pass for $25 or buy individual $15 tickets for Friday or Saturday.

As both Woodsist and Captured Tracks are Brooklyn labels, a lot of the bands are local and chances are if you're into this kind of music at all you've probably managed to already see some of these bands, probably more than once: Crystal Stilts, Vivian Girls, Blank Dogs, The Beets, caUSE co-MOTION, Kurt Vile, and Woods.

The Fresh & Onlys @ SXSW 2009
The Fresh & Onlys

But there's also a bunch of great West Coast bands who have yet to hit NYC, which is what makes it most exciting for me. First and foremost are San Francisco's Fresh & Onlys who I caught at the Todd P/Woodsist party during SxSW and have become one of my favorite new bands. They play the Saturday (7/4) which is definitely the more essential line-up of the two days. The band features members of Skygreen Leopards and Black Fiction, and have also spent time recently backing up Rodriguez and Ty Segall (though not on the East Coast.)

The band's first album of 2009 came out in April on John Dwyer's Castle Face label, with a sound not that far off from what you might expect from cohorts of The Oh Sees (who headline the Saturday show), though The Fresh & Onlys are definitely more pop and less psychedelic freakout. Their second album of 2009, Grey-Eyed Girls, is out in August and they've also got 7"'s out or out soon on Chuffed, Dirty Knobby, Hozac and Captured Tracks. If you like 13th Floor Elevators, The Chocolate Watchband and other Nuggets era bands, I think you're going to dig them. I interviewed bassist Shayde Sartin a couple months ago on my blog if you'd like to know more.

If you can't make the daytime show, The Fresh & Onlys also play a post midnight show that same day at Market Hotel that also features Babies (members of Woods, Vivian Girls and Bossy) (does anyone know which members?) and Pink Reason, and maybe a solo performance from Crystal Stilts drummer Frankie Rose. And The Fresh & Onlys will be here again in October when they'll be on tour with fellow San Franciscans Thee Oh Sees.

Thee Oh Sees are also playing Siren in July, and playing maybe the best of the Woodsist fest's offshoot shows on Thursday night (7/2) at Glasslands. They're headlining the Glasslands show and Saturday night of the fest, and are definitely worth seeing twice, or even thrice. Also playing Glasslands: Golden Triangle who are working on their debut album for Sub Pop offshoot Hardly Art; The Beets who, the last two times I've seen them, have had Crystal Stilts' JB Townsend filling in on drums for an absent Jacob Warstler; and German Measels which features half of caUSE co-MOTION wearing fake moustaches.


A little earlier at Woodsist Fest on Saturday (3:45 if they keep to the posted schedule) are Sacramento's Ganglians, who just released an EP and an album on Woodsist. Not all that far off from The Fresh & Onlys, Ganglians have equal worship for solid songwriting and trippy arrangements/production. I think both records are worth picking up: the self-titled EP shows off more of their rocking side (which they favored when I saw them at SxSW), like the surfy, Kiwi-esque "Hair" of which there's an MP3 at the top of this post. The album, Monster Head Room, is more acoustic and owes a lot to Brian Wilson. If you can't make the July 4th show, they'll be playing the next night (7/5) at Monster Island basement with Psychedelic Horseshit.

In between Ganglians and Fresh & Onlys on Saturday (4:30PM) are San Francisco's Brilliant Colors, an all-girl trio who play short, scratchy pop with a definitely New Zealand vibe. They also play the late show that night at Market Hotel, and will be on WNYU on July 8.

Dum Dum Girls, who play after the Fresh & Onlys at 6PM, are from L.A. and owe much to the C-86 scene that has been an influence on Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Vivian Girls. Actually, Dum Dum Girls is just one girl, Dee Dee, who may or may not have a band with her when she plays. Dee Dee is also in The Mayfair Set, a collaboration with Blank Dogs (and Captured Tracks domo) Mike Sniper, who will make their live debut (I think) Friday (7/3) at 6:30.

I've got MP3s for most every band playing the Fest over at my blog.

Brilliant Colors
Brilliant Colors

A couple non-Woodsist/Captrax Fest recommendation for the Fourth weekend. New Zealand's Bachelorette is back in town, playing the kickoff show of this year's Seaport Music Festival, opening for Here We Go Magic. I saw Bachelorette at Cake Shop a couple weeks back and was so smitten I bought everything at the merch table. There was a fair amount of laptopping going on, but Annabel Alpers' breathy, fragile voice was definitely live and the three-piece oozed unassuming charm. Bachelorette also play the sold-out Rooftop Films Fourth of July party Saturday night which happens on the roof of the Chelsea Art Museum.

And Thursday (7/2) starts The Feelies' three-night run at Maxwell's. Friday's show (7/3) is sold out but you can still get tickets for Thursday and for Saturday (7/4). Bring comfortable shoes -- they're doing two sets each night. The excitement of their reformation may have faded a bit since this time last year, but their great songs -- and still-awesome guitar interplay -- have not.

Full Woodsist/Captured Tracks Festival schedule and other tour dates after the jump...

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Psychedelic Horseshit @ Less Artists More Condos (more by Tim Griffin)
Psychedelic Horseshit

TooCoolToDie: I've heard rumours that you've now signed with Woodist. If so, why the change up from Siltbreeze?

Matt of Psychedelic Horseshit: The funny thing, at this level, is that there is no actual 'signing' per se. It's just an agreement usually made in person or via the phone/net. I ordered some stuff from Woodsist like a year ago and Jeremy (the boss), who is super nice and awesome, offered to do a 7" for us. Over the course of 9 months it grew into a 12" and came out a couple weeks back. We aren't exclusively 'signed' to Woodsist though and will release our next proper full length on Siltbreeze, which is our real label 'home' if we have one. If anyone out there wants to actually 'sign' us though, for real, with money and stuff, then we are totally down. Not opposed to 'label' labels at all.

Psychedelic Horseshit are coming back to NYC to perform at the Woodsist / Captured Tracks Festival on July 3rd. Advanced tickets for the fest are still on sale, both two day passes, as well as single day tickets: July 3 & July 4.

PH will also stick around at least 2 more days after the fest, to headline their own Brooklyn show on July 5:

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Kylesa @ Irving Plaza earlier in May (more by Chris La Putt)

tonight in NYC
* Diane Cluck @ Sycamore
* Forro in the Dark @ SOBs
* Dub Is a Weapon @ Zebulon
* Mountain Jam in Hunter, NY
* I Was A King @ Permanent Records
* The Hood Internet @ The Bell House
* Tortoise, Bird Show @ The Bell House
* Ravens & Chimes, Mia Riddle @ Joe's Pub
* KRS One, Kool Herc @ Santos Party House
* New York Ukulele Festival @ Baruch College
* Carlos Giffoni/Okkyung Lee @ Issue Project Room
* David Amram @ Brooklyn Conservatory Concert Hall
* Pelle Carlberg, The Drums, Las Palabras @ Union Hall
* X, Steve Soto & The Twisted Hearts @ Bowery Ballroom
* They Might Be Giants, Mixel Pixel @ (Le) Poisson Rouge
* Secret Chiefs 3, Kayo Dot @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Moderat (Modeselektor + Apparat) @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
* Black Star, 88 Keys, Black Violin @ Nokia Theatre Times Square
* Kylesa, Stinking Lizaveta, Unearthly Trance, Darsombra @ Cake Shop
* Screaming Females, Shellshag, Pregnant, Mimi & Christian @ Maxwell's
* Rural Alberta Advantage, I Was A King, Elevator Fight @ Mercury Lounge
* Todd Barry, Eugene Mirman, Matthew Caws (Nada Surf) @ Highline Ballroom
* Roosevelt Live w/ Alex Battles and the Whiskey Rebellion @ Roosevelt Island
* J.A.C.K., Coin Under Tongue, Kill Kill Kill, Plowing Mud Forever @ The Cameo
* Willie Mae-Ra-Thon w/ Pterodactyl, Grass Widow, Taigaa!, Querent @ Bruar Falls
* Earth Crisis, Crown of Thornz, Indecision, Killing Time, Bold, many more @ Studio B
* Little Wings with Kath Bloom, Bow Ribbons, Little Gold, Stallion Juice @ Monster Island

1990s were supposed to play Southpaw tonight.

Tickets are on sale for some special Steely Dan shows at the Beacon Theater.

Rock & Roll Hall of Famers Walter Becker and Donald Fagen have announced that STEELY DAN will bring their 2009 U.S. Tour to the Beacon Theatre for four nights of special setlist engagements.
The first three performances will be "Classic Album (Plus)" Nights where three landmark albums will be performed in their entirety along with selected additional favorites each night.
July 28 - Aja
July 29 - Gaucho
July 31 - The Royal Scam
The fourth night is an Internet Request Night where the setlist will be determined by internet votes from ticket-holders for the show.
August 1 - "Takin' It to the Seats"
Tickets are also now on sale for a similar type of Cult show at Terminal 5.

Mos Def and Talib Kweli perform as Black Star tonight for two sets at the Nokia Theatre Times Square.

Amanda Palmer & Neil Gaiman, who have a show coming up together at Housing Works, are performing a very short set together tonight at the Highline Ballroom show.

No Fun Fest curator Carlos Giffoni unwinds from the three day fest with a set at the Issue Project Room, performing with cellist Okkyung Lee.

WAVVES freaked out.

There's an afternoon BBQ at Monster Island today, which segues into "the final Animal Train party ever at Glasslands."


Paul Metzger, Elaine Evans, Colin Langenus and Marc Orleans, Perfect Weiners and Butts, Amen Dunes, Kyle Swick, Chef Kyle Hepp


DJ jon spencer, DJ Jonathon Toubin, GoGO dancing, Preacher and the Knife, Try Cry Try, Secret Project Robot A/V, Live With Animals Circus Set

New York composer/multi-instumentatlist/raconteur/institution David Amram plays tonight and Sunday at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music Concert Hall. Part of tonight's program celebrates Amram's ties to Jack Kerouac (which include appearing in and scoring the '59 Beat film Pull My Daisy) with "Readings from On the Road: John Ventimigilia of "the Sopranos" reading the poetry of Jack Kerouac with Amram's music." Pull My Daisy, and Amram discussing the film, below...

What else?

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photos by Tim Griffin



:: the Homosexuals
:::: TYVEK
:::::: caUSE co-MOTION!
:::::::: Imaginary Icons

128 River St @ Metropolitan Ave | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L-Bedford, G-Metropolitan, JM-Marcy | 8pm | all ages | $7

I just realized that not only are Tyvek back in town with dates we never posted yet (the first of which is tonight as you can see above), I also have this nifty set of unpublished pics from when they opened for Asobi Seksu at Bowery Ballroom that were also never posted. More of those pictures, and all dates (3 NYC shows included), below...

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DOWNLOAD: Abe Vigoda - Don't Lie (MP3)

Abe Vigoda @ South Street Seaport 7/11/08 (more by Chris Tuite)
Abe Vigoda

LA punks Abe Vigoda are going on tour across North America this July. That includes three NYC shows: Friday, July 17th the band plays an early set at the Whitney Museum, then a late set at the Cake Shop. The next night, Saturday, July 18th, the band is at the Monster Island Basement. All those NYC gigs are with tourmates Talbot Tagora, who, as we recently mentioned, are one of the Seattle bands that recently signed to Hardly Art.

The Whitney show is part of the museum's Dan Graham retrospective running from June 25th to October 11th. As we previously wrote, the museum is planning shows on July 10th, 17th, 24th and 31th, during its weekly pay-what-you-wish Friday 6-9pm slot. Those performances are to feature "young bands that have inherited the New York rock scene from bands that Dan Graham has written about and/or worked with, such as The Feelies, Television, and Sonic Youth."

The Feelies are one of the band's playing the museum -- they have an acoustic set scheduled for Friday, June 26th.

The newest Abe Vigoda release was the band's Reviver EP, which came out in February on Post Present Medium. "Don't Lie," from that record, is posted above.

All Abe Vigoda tour dates, with clips that include "Don't Lie" live with the Vivian Girls and more, below...

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Last night on Kent Ave (Photos by i'mjustsayin.)
Monster IslandMonster Island
Monster Island

"Around 1:30 a.m. alerts came in about a "fire in a factory/restaurant" on Kent Avenue (map) in Williamsburg. Word is coming in now that the "early morning fire gutted a landmark Northside diner, causing damage to an adjacent arts collective at Kent Avenue and Metropolitan." The establishment suffering extensive damages is the former Miss Williamsburg Diner (more recently 718), with the two-story building next door getting less scathed.

While the diner may be a long time fixture in the neighborhood (even making a cameo in Charlie Kaufman's Synechdoche, New York), the neighboring building known as "Monster Island" has recently drawn crowds through promoter Todd P. It also houses the Live With Animals and Secret Project Robot galleries, Mollusk surf shop, and possibly some band practice spaces". [Gothamist]

Hopefully nobody was hurt - doesn't seem like they were.

Todd P, shortly after I posted, added the good news that "through a stroke of very good luck, Monster Island survived this fire unscathed. Thanks everyone, especially the FDNY, for your help and your concerns!" He also told me that the damage was even just limited to a kicked in door and a broken window.

The Brooklyn music gods aren't happy right now. Just yesterday came the news that Sound Fix is closing their bar and stage.

by Andrew Frisicano

DOWNLOAD: MV & EE and the Golden Road - Anyway (MP3)

MV and EE

The New England psych-raga rockers MV+EE and the Golden Road are playing tonight (1/20) at Cake Shop (set at 11pm, $7, 21+), and tomorrow (1/21) at Monster Island Basement with Spectre Folk, Kurt Vile, Pink Reason, and Christian DeRoek of Little Gold (8pm, $7, all ages). After a Jan/Feb tour down the East Coast, MV+EE will then get back to NYC for a February 27 gig at Lutheran Church of the Messiah in Greenpoint with Marissa Nadler and Mountainhood (a.k.a. Michael Curtis Hilde who's hosting the gig as part of his The Story series - this one is Chapter XII: Blisses).

Today, MV+EE and the Golden Road dropped a new duo-and-friends LP/CD, Drone Trailer, this time on San Francisco's Dicristina Stair Builders label. The band, fond of recording and releasing albums, worked with Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label on 2007's Gettin' Gone and last year's Astral Bleachers/Big Moment limited-edition live bootleg. The band's blog also reports that "[MV+EE] got some deep live archives being waxed for heroine celestial agriculture[EE's label] for the jan/feb tour as well as a sweet deluxe C.O.M. - all heads be united." I'm not really sure what that last part means...

Thurston Moore recently gave his Top 10 of 2008 - listing MV Carbon's The Dislodged Parahelion CD at No. 7. MV Carbon, a Brooklyn multi-instrumentalist, is a similarly dubbed, but totally different person than MV+EE's Matt Valentine. All tour dates and a video below...

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Puffy Areolas

Tyvek just played three NYC shows, three nights in a row (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). And I just realized that Damon from Tyvek (who apparently didn't actually play with Tyvek at any of those shows) is now here with his other band Puffy Areolas, who played Cake Shop last night (1/12), are on WFMU today (1/13) ("For the uninitiated, Toldeo, Ohio's Puffy Areolas bring to mind the blasted, parental hope one would get from combining the DNA of The Germs, Hawkwind, Drunks With Guns, and Brainbombs. Tune in to Brian today to hear the Areolas sew some serious lysergic oats, and have a glimpse at what kinda world we'd live in if Dame Edna was in charge of putting DMT into the water supply."), and play again in Brooklyn tonight with Drunkdriver, Golden Error, Predator Vision, and a mysterious "Chinese Restaurants" ("Loy's band. "We'll bring the ugly. All Doors covers." - LOY HQ")...


:: Golden Error
:::: Puffy Areolas
:::::: Drunkdriver
:::::::: Predator Vision
:::::::::: Chinese Restaurants

:: dj Kevin Failure --------- from Pink Reason

128 River St @ Metropolitan Ave | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L-Bedford, G-Metropolitan, JM-Marcy | 9:30pm | all ages | $7



Pics from Tyvek's show at Less Artists More Condos, HERE.


The band formerly known as Tyvke, TVK and Tyvek are back in NYC in a few days to play three shows in a row...

  2. Jan 10 - Market Hotel - Tyvjk w/ CRYSTAL STILTS, BOX ELDERS, MEDICATION, KID ROMANCE New York City
Their friends Psychedelic Horseshit don't have any any other shows listed. Crystal Stilts also don't have any other local shows scheduled.

Cause Co-Motion do have more shows listed. They're also opening for The Pains of Being Pure at Heart at Mercury Lounge on February 7th, playing Monster Island Basement on March 12th, and perrforming at Silent Barn on April 25th.

All Tyvjk dates below...

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