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photos by Amanda Hatfield

Tits of Clay (w/ guest Stephen Trask) @ Mercury Lounge - 10/27/14
Tits of Clay

Tits of Clay played small NYC club Mercury Lounge three times already. The first show completely slipped my radar until I heard afterwards that Neil Patrick Harris performed multiple Hedwig songs on stage with them in the very small space, to warm up for his role as Hedwig on Broadway (watch video below). That was when Neil was still rehearsing for the role which which he went on to win a Tony for. He was since replaced by Andrew Rannells (Girls) who was replaced by Michael C. Hall who continues in the role until January 18, 2015. Michael was originally scheduled to end January 4th, and...

The extension announcement comes hot on the heels of [NOW COMFIRMED] rumors that John Cameron Mitchell, who created and starred in the original off-Broadway production, might return to the role on Broadway.

"We are exploring multiple options beyond Michael C. Hall's run in the show," said Hedwig producer David Binder, who recently chastized the fan who swiped one of Hall's wigs from the stage. [Advocate]

John Cameron Mitchell returning as Hedwig!!

Bob Mould w/ Stephen Trask & 1/2 of Tits of Clay backstage on Broadway - 8/9/14
Bob Mould and Hedwig

The cast of Hedwig & the Angry Inch is small. It's basically a one-person show, though Hedwig's husband Yitzhak also has a notable role. Both actors are backed by Hedwig's four-piece rock and roll band whose Broadway version has an off-stage alter-ego Tits of Clay. That's the name they use when they sometimes play Mercury Lounge with special guests, including the time Neil showed up, and the time we took the pictures which are in this post. Tits of Clay play mostly covers at these shows, but also do an original or two from the PledgeMusic-funded album they're recording.

Tits of Clay's members were cast by Hedwig co-creator and composer Stephen Trask, and some of those musicians have appeared on the pages of BrooklynVegan before they landed this sweet job. That includes Justin Craig who plays the role originally played by Trask in the off-Broadway Jane St Theater production. Justin is also a member of These United States. Tim Mislock is a sometimes-member of the Antlers and plays as Holly Miranda's guitarist, and solo as Abandoned Lighthouse. Drummer Peter Yanowitz you'll recognize from Morningwood, The Wallflowers, Natalie Merchant's band, Exclamation Pony, and more. The fourth member is Matt Duncan (who also makes his own music).

Tits of Clay
Tits of Clay

Tits of Clay's next not-Broadway performance is TONIGHT/Sunday (12/7) at the venue formerly known as Don Hill's where Hedwig all started, and lots of guest are lined up for the pricey ticket benefit...

On December 7 Hedwig and the Angry Inch composer/lyricist/co-creator Stephen Trask and punk rockers Tits of Clay (the off-stage alter ego of the band performing as the Angry Inch in the current Broadway production of the show) return to the site of the show's genesis--the world famous Don Hill's, soon to re-open as The Hills NYC--to play a special Hedwig-themed tribute to legendary booker, promoter and club owner Don Hill. Special guests will include Broadway's current Hedwig, Michael C. Hall, Broadway's current Yitzhak (and frontwoman of The Deafening) Lena Hall, rocker David Johansen, The B-52's Fred Schneider and Hedwig's original Yitzhak, Miriam Shor, plus an opening set performed by OURS. The show benefits Road Recovery, a New York-based nonprofit dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities by harnessing the influence of entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar crises and now wish to share their experience, knowledge, and resources.
Tickets and information available HERE.


As mentioned in that blurb, Lena Hall also plays in the Deafening who have their own show coming up at Highline Ballroom on January 26..

You also could (and should) get tickets to see Hedwig on Broadway.


Tits of Clay have played Mercury Lounge three times. The first one was the time Neil showed up and sang eight Hedwig songs. The second one was less-star-studded, but included guest vocals by Shannon Connelly of Lez Zeppelin who is Yitzhak understudy on Broadway, original Yitzhak Miriam Shor, current Yitzhak Lena Hall (who also won a Tony for the role), and Stephen Trask. At that one they played a set of covers (Lou Reed, Roxy Music, Gang of Four, Joan Jett, etc), a great original, and two Hedwig songs in the encore, most notably "Random Number Generation" with the original and current Yitzhaks singing together (video below).

The third Mercury Lounge show was a Lou Reed tribute and featured Lena Hall, Shannon Conley, and Stephen Trask, but added Chantal Claret (Morningwood frontwoman) and Theo Kogan (Lunachicks) to the mix. More pictures from that, along with the above-mentioned videos and stuff, below...

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Kill Hannah

Chicago's nu romantics KILL HANNAH woke up on the eve of wrapping their fall tour with Jet, Papa Roach and Morningwood to a find their 15-passenger van and 14-foot trailer stolen. Taken between 4am and 11am today, Wednesday, November 11 from the front of the Holiday Inn on 900 Packer Ave, Philadelphia, PA-the same location that rock trio Mae had their van stolen from just a week earlier-the band lost over $120,000 in gear and merchandise, including one-of-a-kind vintage custom guitars and vintage custom effects. The theft comes just over a year after a devastating fire in Europe destroyed everything on the band's bus.

Lead singer Mat Devine says, "We're devastated and speechless. We've been touring so hard around the world for the past seven years and this is the most evil thing we've witnessed. Special Crimes say this was a coordinated heist."

The band regretfully has to cancel their remaining tour dates, scheduled for the Electric Factory in Philadelphia [Wednesday] and the Nokia Theatre in New York City [tonight]. Their seventh annual "New Heart For Xmas" weekend of shows and events are still scheduled in Chicago on December 18 at Reggie's Rock House and December 19 at Metro.

Police believe the perp may not be a fan of emo. Seriously though, that sucks. List of stolen gear below...

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"NEW YORK - Capitol Records rock band Morningwood (Chantal Claret, Pedro Yanowitz), much-admired champions and torchbearers of the downtown New York scene, are returning with a new four-track digital EP to be released on August 12, 2008. The long awaited release will please fans including Alternative Press who included the group in their 'Most Anticipated Releases of 2008' issue earlier this year."

NME | OCT 7, 2006
The Klaxons

Klaxons are coming back to the States. On November 1st they're playing one of those super-hard-to-get-into-late-night VICE CMJ-afterparties at Cake Shop in NYC. Then they go to Philly, and on November 4th they come back to play Galapagos in Brooklyn (also during CMJ). Then they go to Cali.

The next NYC Motherf*cker party happens on Halloween at the Roxy (flyer). NYC's own Morningwood (the band everyone loves to hate even more than the Klaxons) are playing. Plus there's a "'laid back' performance by secret band" @ 1:30 am. All I know is the 'secret band' is from the UK, and it's during CMJ, so it could be anyone.

All tour dates below...

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Morningwood Bikes "Haters seeking a new target for bilious, fire-bellied screeds are going to love Morningwood: They're yet another NYC retro-rock retread, their bassist used to drum for the Wallflowers, and, yes, of all the possible bandnames in the whole entire world, they chose 'Morningwood.' If taking swings at them seems easy, it ought to. In the aftermath of late-70s garage-rock hangovers, they sound exactly as you'd expect-- hints of new wave crossing paths with uninspired power-pop and jackleg dance-rock. And yet, despite their readymade niche, their hype's been tepid in a post-holiday indie rock market blue-balled by a disappointing Strokes album...." [The rest of the review @ Pitchfork]

'This is awesome!' Ms. Claret yelled as she circled past Mr. Yanowitz. [NY Times]

Stream Morningwood's Morningwood
Morningwood & We are Scientists | About to Blow Up?

MorningwoodBurnside Project

- their song, "cue the pulse to begin", was the theme song for the last two seasons of "queer as folk"
- gerald, their guitarist, works at other music and djs at supreme trading (crashin in)
- Richard is vegan (paul loves meat and gerald is one of those kinda-vegetarians (fish))

Morningwood are playing Bowery Ballroom on Wednesday January 11th with The Exit & Army of Me (tix). Burnside Project are playing Northsix in Brooklyn with Eiffel Tower, The Diggs and The Debutantes on Friday January 13th (tix).

I have a pair of tickets to giveaway to each show. Keep reading to find out how to win them...

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You can listen to Morningwood's new album @ AOL Music.

I made a few corrections to the earlier Morningwood / We are Scientists post.

1) Pitchfork did already review We Are Scientists

2) Morningwood do not have an album out in the UK. (When I saw an "import" on Amazon, I shouldn't of assumed it was from the UK. It's from Japan.)

MorningwoodWe Are Scientists

Two majorly catchy, major label rock 'n roll bands from NYC are releasing CDs on January 10, 2006. Despite potentially bad Pitchfork reviews (UPDATE: Pitchfork already gave We are Scientists a 6.7), both Morningwood and We are Scientists will likely rise to fame in 2006.

* Get Morningwood @ Insound or @ Amazon
* Get We Are Scientists @ Amazon


They'll probably land at least one SPIN cover each, and they'll likely graduate from Bowery Ballroom to, at least, Webster Hall. We are Scientists probably already have.

1/11/06 - Morningwood w/ The Exit & Army of Me (tickets)
1/12/06 - We are Scientists w/ Oxford Collapse & Bishop Allen (SOLD OUT)


* Pink is the New Blog declares "Morningwood is coming ... and you're gonna love them!"
* Stereogum is "Waking Up To Morningwood"
* Morningwood video was playing between bands at the MTVu Awards

We Are Scientists

* Indie Rock bloggers love them
* Headlined SPIN's recent "Year in Music" party @ Rothko (see here, here, here, & here)
* Already popular in the UK

This isn't a contest (nor a scientific evaluation), BUT if I was betting....I'd put my money on We are Scientists. Though sometimes accused of changing their sound to match what's hot, they're more often accused of not taking themselves too seriously. The cool kids like them like they like Franz Ferdinand and not the Killers. Girls like them. Brits like them. Most importantly, they're fun live and they write hits.

Morningwood seems less of a sure thing. Though they haven't released anything in the UK (meaning we don't know what the Brits think yet), I think girls like Morningwood. Unfortunately, you more often hear boys making fun of lead singer Chantel because she doesn't look like Gwen Stefani (or something like that). The 'take off your clothes' shtick won't last forever (especially when you're marketing to teenage girls), but I doubt image will be their problem; look at the CD cover and their pretty videos.

Someone in the comments wrote that Morningwood are already getting a lot of mainstream press. That's good news. I've always been a fan of their entergetic live show and was excited for them when they got signed. It wasn't until their publicists left a bad taste in my mouth by leaving phony comments that I lost some faith. My favorite comment reads, "...anyway, time to pick up where I left off and drink a bloody mary and get my day started. M-O, M-O-R, M-O-R-N-I-N-G, W-O-O-D! Sing it!"

(root root root for the home team...)

We Are Scientists Tour Dates | Morningwood Tour Dates

We are Scientists & CYHSY on Late Night - Videos
Morningwood | Take off Your Clothes @ Siren, NYC | Pics
WAS, Mixmas, Editors, Munich, YANP, Kwyjibo
The 2005 Village Voice Siren Festival | Pics
We Are Scientists @ Rare, NYC | pics | MP3s
Morningwood | NY Girls
We Are Scientists @ FADER Lounge, NYC | CMJ | pics
Morningwood Touring w/ The Music, Kasabian
Morningwood's Dog Needs a Home

Morningwood (as seen taking off clothes at Siren) are playing with Elkland and The Star Spangles at a Paper Magazine party on July 21st in NYC. This was actually first posted in the comment section of my Siren Festival post (aka the Morningwood fan forum):

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Morningwood @ Siren

Those familiar with Morningwood's small club shows know they usually get an audience member or two or three to take off their clothes during one of their more popular songs called... "Take off Your Clothes" (video at their site).

Morningwood @ Siren

Morningwood prepared for the inevitable impossibility of getting an audience member near the stage at Siren with a "take off your clothes" girl waiting backstage.

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The 2005 Village Voice Siren Festival in Coney Island went down on Saturday July 16th, 2005. It didn't rain.

Siren Festival

I got there in time to see the last few songs of the Dears on the main stage then ran to catch the second half of Morningwood's set followed by all of Diamond Nights on the Stillwell stage. Then it was back to the main stage for the first half of Dungen, and then back to Stillwell for the second half of Saul Williams before going back to the main stage to see most of Brendan Benson followed by the first 30 minutes of Spoon afterwhich I ran back to Stillwell to watch some of Mates of State. I ended back at the main stage to finish off Spoon's set.

Siren Festival

Saul Williams' incredibly powerful performance was my highlight of the day, though Spoon was definitely the right choice for headliner.

Put your experiences in the comments.

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Saints & Lovers are opening the Aloke/Pagoda show advertising VERY SPECIAL guests. A peak at at their tour dates reveals:
"06.22.05 Pianos, NYC | With Morningwood and very special guests | Click here for advance tickets"
Morningwood isn't on the bill. You do the math.

I love Morningwood, but for $10 (+ charges) more than the other Aloke/Pagoda shows, I was thinking it might be Oasis (playing MSG the same night).

Speaking of secret lineups, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ARE the previously unannounced band at the Gothamist show.

Morningwood is back from recording in London with Gil Norton, and are on the road with the Music and Kasabian. After two shows at SXSW next week (the Capitol showcase on Friday afternoon w/ the Doves and Shout Out Louds, and a set at Eternal at 8pm with Goldie Looking Chain, Ash and others), the band is headed for a quick stop in LA to play with The Kaiser Chiefs at The Troubadour and then back to NYC to play Bowery Ballroom on March 25th. April tour dates to be announced soon, but in the meantime...

Here's your first preview of Morningwood's upcoming debut album. Listen to "NY Girls" by clicking on the links below:
windows media [low] [high]
real player [low] [high]

Morningwood on MySpace

A review and pics of the Irving Plaza show by someone Chantal (singer) went to high school with.


Morningwood Touring w/ The Music, Kasabian


Starting on February 17th at Irving Plaza (tickets), in their hometown of NYC, Morningwood begin a U.S. tour with UK bands, The Music & Kasabian. Like The Bravery, Scissor Sisters, The Strokes, and many others before them... Morningwood are sure to gain greater success overseas before they do in their own city & country.

In fact, their U.S. tour is the second half of a tour that starts with twelve UK dates. They'll end the tour in Texas in March, which works out perfectly with the appearances they'll be making at SXSW. (more on who will be appearing at SXSW)


Cult band Kasabian surge forward

The Music & Kasabian Join Forces

Listen to the New Music Album in Full

Listen to the Kasabian album

Watch and Listen to Morningwood

All tour dates, and related posts, below the fold...

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Pedro's Dog

hi! my name is emma. i am an 8 year old border collie. I live with pedro who plays bass in morningwood. come november 1st, I'll be looking for a new home because my friend pedro is getting really busy with his band and will be out of town for most of the year. I am looking for someone who would like to throw balls to me, pet me, and give me some good food. I'm in perfect health and would love to find a home out of the city. If you're interested in becoming my roomate-playmate.....email HERE.